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Lilim (Heroes of Might and Magic VI)

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Heroes of Might and Magic VI character
Lilim from Heroes of Might and Magic VI
First appearance Heroes of Might and Magic VI
First game Heroes of Might and Magic VI
Fictional profile
Core creature of the Inferno Faction

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Lilim in the Heroes of Might and Magic VI computer role playing game by UBSoft are a Core creature of the Inferno faction, it is the upgraded version of the Succubus.


Official Heroes of Might and Magic VI artwork of a Lilim


A Lilim is a Succubus that has become a battlefield specialist. She is a welcome addition to many of the legions of Sheogh. Her powers of seduction have been honed into disarming weapons that make fighting them extremely difficult. A Lilim sees a battle as a prelude to a passionate death, and one might find her kissing a fallen foe as the last glimmer of light leaves their enamored eyes.


Faction Inferno
Tier Core
Upgraded Yes
Hit Points 24
Might Attack 3
Magic Attack 6
Might Defense 16%
Magic Defense 9%
Damage 2-4 (Might)
5-7 (Magic)
Initiative 30
Speed 6
Range Full
Morale 5
Destiny 18
Dwelling Hall of Forbidden Desires
Cost Per Unit 150
Growth Per Week 11
Size Small


  • Enthrall: Many a soldier who was lucky enough to survive an encounter with a Lilim on the battlefield, tells the same story. The creature has a mesmerizing power, and its sulfurous perfume seems to contain a hidden promise of pleasure, if its assailants would simply throw down their weapons.
  • Target enemy creature cannot move, attack or use any abilities for 1 turn. Enthrall is dispelled if damage is dealt to the target.(Active Combat, 3 Cooldown)
  • Rapture In Agony: A battle with a Lilim is an exhilarating experience that has given even the most faithful warriors pause for reflection. Each successful attack against the beautiful creature comes with a dose of delicious pain. The tale of Lord Harris who left his young bride to battle the Lilim Frissona a thousand times is told at wedding parties all over Ashan. It is politely considered a warning for the groom, but most brides consider it a warning for them to assure that their wedding night becomes an unforgettable experience for their new husband.
  • Melee attackers deal only 80% of their normal damage to the creature. The remaining 20% is dealt to themselves.


The basic shooter for Inferno. Her fire magic attacks wont deal any bonus damage to any creature but does not suffer any range penalties. The inferno army should fight the enemy on their side but if one gets across the battlefield the Lilim can handle her own thanks to her abilities. Remember too not place her and the breeder so close that they booth can be blocked by the same creature.

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