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Like Hell, Part II

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"Like Hell, Part II"
Lost Girl episode
Kenzi wishes Bo well as she leaves Bo
and the world of the Fae behind
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 2
Overall Episode 63
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Written by Emily Andras
Produced by Wendy Grean
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by Craig Wright
Editing by Paul Day
Production Code 502
Original Air Date December 14, 2014 (2014-12-14)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Ksenia Solo - Kenzi
Rachel Skarsten - Tamsin
Kate Corbett - Stacey
Hannah Anderson - Persephone
Alex Appel - Puca
Amanda Walsh - Elizabeth Helm

Episode Chronology
← Previous
"Like Hell, Part I"
Next →
"Big in Japan"

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Bo encounters her Stepmother, finds her way back to Earth and then has to say goodbye to Kenzi once more

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Like Hell, Part II was the second episode of the fifth season of the series, and the sixty-third overall episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on December 14, 2014 at 9 PM Eastern time.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 5
  • Episode Number: 2 (63rd Overall)
  • Episode Title: Like Hell, Part II
  • Directed by: Paolo Barzman
  • Writing credits: Emily Andras
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: December 14, 2014 on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 610,000[1]


A promotional Image of the Season Five cast of Lost Girl from the official website at showcase.ca/lostgirl From left to right: Anna Silk as Bo, Zoie Palmer as Lauren, Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson and Rachel Skarsten as Tamsin
Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Ksenia Solo Kenzi
Richard Howland Trick
Zoie Palmer Lauren
Rachel Skarsten Tamsin
Kate Corbett Stacey
Hannah Anderson Persephone
Alex Appel Puca
Amanda Walsh Elizabeth Helm

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
Cold Sweat Band Of Skulls Written by Emma Richardson,
Russell Marsden
and Matt Hayward
Dance To The Bassline Courtesy of APM Music
Never Going Back Carmanah Written by Laura Mina Mitic


Short Summary

Bo arrives in her Father’s realm and encounters her Stepmother, Persephone, who is the wife of Hades. Through her Bo finds that she was born in Hel, and some of the truths about her mother Aife. Bo confronts her Father, but after a brief shadowy encounter, escapes to the Gates where Dyson helps her return to Earth. Kenzi is rescued from her grave by Lauren and Dyson. Lauren and Kenzi perform a seance, attempting to contact Bo and bring her home, but find the spirit they contact is not Bo. Stacey, the Valkyrie from the previous episode, encounters Dyson who attempts to distract her by diverting her attention towards Vex, calling him Bo’s lover, but she finds Kenzi and Lauren, seeking Lauren’s soul, but her attempt is thwarted by Tamsin. At the end of the episode, Kenzi tells Bo that she needs to leave, and a gift from Hale allows her to leave for Spain, leaving Bo and the Fae behind. It is revealed that Evony is no longer The Morrigan and it seems that the Fae are losing their Light or Dark alliances as there seems to be no Ash as well. Bo lights Persephone’s candle which she brought to Earth with her, which seems to draw to Earth a dark spirit that possesses someone elsewhere.

Detailed Summary

The episode opens with a recap of the previous episode including: Bo discovering Kenzi in her hotel room in Valhalla, The Helskor merging with Bo's feet, then Bo vanishing in front of Lauren as Dyson reads from Tamsin's diary about what the one wearing the Helskor will be able to do. Bo arriving in Valhalla, then accompanying Kenzi to her wedding as Trick explains that souls are sent to different realms and Bo wondering if she and Kenzi where in Heaven rather than Hel. Freya telling Kenzi that she belonged to Bo's father, Bo taking her place and then being sent away, Bo seen in the elevator as she travels to her father and Trick commenting that someone wants Bo to bring Hell on Earth. Dyson is shown forcing open the Gates to Valhalla as Lauren's possessed voice tells of Kenzi being sent back to her body, then Kenzi is shown lighting a match, trapped in her grave.

The episode begins with an image of Kenzi's grave marker and the sound of Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) screaming for help. Kenzi is then seen in her coffin, banging on the lid and continuing to scream for help, adding: "What the fudge man! I was a beautiful bride enjoying unlimited wealth and bar privileges and now I'm stuck in my own grave!" After banging on the lid a bit more, Kenzi begins to hyperventilate and she tries to calm herself down by telling herself: "It's okay, you can do this K-star, this is cosey." Then the match she is holding goes out and as darkness falls she begins to whisper "No… no… no…" Kenzi lights another match and continues: "It's okay. You love to lay down. It's a nap. A dirt nap! For ever and ever! Oh for the love of.... HELP!" and then Kenzi bangs at the lid of the coffin again as the match goes out again, but at the same time there is a scratching noise that begins nearby and the voices of Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) can be heard calling out her name and Kenzi screams back in answer to them.

Lauren and Dyson are then seen rolling Kenzi on a stretcher into the clinic that Lauren had been seen working in the episode before. Kenzi is delirious as Dyson and Lauren tend to her, Kenzi telling Lauren that: "I've never been so happy to see your stuck-up mug in all of my life." Kenzi looks at Dyson's fingers which are covered in dirt and tells him: "Did you bother to get a man-mani like I taught you? Just cause i died… God do I even want to look at your feet?" Lauren looks at a piece of broken pottery and then returns her attention to Kenzi as Dyson tells Kenzi: "It's good to have you back" and Kenzi asks Lauren: "You dug? With a shovel. Dyson on the other hand…" Kenzi makes digging motions with her hands as Lauren continues: "Took me back, you know I used to have a Schnauzer…" Dyson helps Kenzi up and then asks Kenzi where Bo is. Kenzi explains that Bo "traded herself for me" and when Lauren asks to who Bo traded herself to, Kenzi does not answer as the scene ends.

Bo (Anna Silk) is seen laying on the elevator floor as the door opens, Bo then leaving the elevator to find herself in a dark world of shadows. Stepping out of the elevator, Bo finds Kenzi's wedding bouquet and calls out Kenzi's name as she looks around to find that she is beside a old fountain that has no water in it and a series of doorways and passages in front of her. Bo calls out, but there is no answer save for the echoing of her voice and she wonders: "What the hell is this?" As she approaches one of the entrances to what seems to be a maze she calls out: "I never was any good at mazes. Maybe because you never taught me how. Let's make up for some lost time… Shall we?… Dad." Bo then chooses one of the passage and enters, the area then being revealed to be a vast endless maze in front of her.

After the very brief opening sequence theme, the episodes continues with Lauren examining Kenzi. Kenzi complaining as Lauren checks her eyes: "Seriously, how bright does that have to be? They're eyeballs move on!" Lauren asks Kenzi if she has any idea where Bo is but Kenzi explains that she was taken by the Valkyries well before she could see exactly what happened to Bo and asks what they should do to help Bo. Lauren tells Kenzi that she wants to be sure that Kenzi is okay first, telling Kenzi that Dyson is "likely already back at the Gates by now making sure they stay open for Bo." Lauren then walks over to a counter to take another device to check Kenzi and then complains that a new nurse has put some of her equipment in the wrong places. Lauren then returns to Kenzi and when Kenzi sees what Lauren has in her hand warns: "Touch me with that and you'll need a new nose." Lauren explains that all she has is a tongue depressor to which Kenzi replies: "My tongue is perfectly pressed. I've gotten maj compliments about it. Seriously, I'm fine! Do I need to prancersize around your fancy office to prove it?" Lauren begs Kenzi: "It's only a checkup could you please… just… please?" as she motions for Kenzi to get back on the examination table again, but warns Lauren: "You can check me up all you want but without the Doctor Giggles tools." When Lauren takes Kenzi's hand, Kenzi exclaims: "Crikey! Your hands are colder than a Yeti's snow nads!" Lauren replies: "If it sounds like Kenzi and it looks like Kenzi… Your heart, it's racing." Kenzi then begins to shake which worries Lauren, but Kenzi exclaims: "I'm Russian! I shake!" and then Kenzi tells Lauren she needs a drink and starts looking for some in Lauren's lab, asking Lauren if she has any "Prescription Vodka set aside for courage?" Lauren removes a flask from a cabinet with the comment: "Do Yeti's chill their nads on ice?" and Kenzi replies: "Did I mention how happy I am to see you?" As Lauren opens the flask she replies: "Twice." Kenzi thanks Lauren for not removing her liver for science and Lauren replies: "Science couldn't take the hangover." Lauren asks Kenzi if she knew that Bo never stopped looking for a way to get to Kenzi and Kenzi tells Lauren that Bo will be fine, that she can feel it inside and it's like Bo is right there in the room with them. As Kenzi and Lauren take a drink, across the lab a beaker slides off a countertop and falls to the floor with a crash. This makes them both pause and look around in confusion, wondering if Bo is there in the room with them, Kenzi adding that the room has suddenly become very cold. There is a squeaking noise which draws their attention to a glass cabinet door on which the word help is written. Kenzi exclaims that Bo is a "MotherFae'n ghost" and Lauren in confusion agrees, then Kenzi adds: "More vodka" as they both down their drinks.

Meanwhile at the Gates to Valhalla, Stacey (Kate Corbett) arrives and makes her way to the Gates, intending to close them, but Dyson intervenes and stops her, warning: "I wouldn't do that." Stacey looks at Dyson and comments: "Unless you are some kind of bearded Valkyrie I haven't heard of, you shouldn't even be seeing this." Dyson replies: "I've seen a lot of things I shouldn't have. But if you close this gate you might not see anything again." Stacey is unimpressed by this and warns Dyson: "I think you are confusing who can hurt who here." Stacey then threatens to call the other Valkyrie, and Dyson replies: "If they look anything like you. be my guest." Stacey introduces herself, and as Dyson kisses her hand, he reveals his name to her. Stacey then reveals that this is the first time she has been away from Valhalla in decades and when Dyson asks what her assignment is, Stacey reveals that she needs: "a soul to replace this pocket Russian human." Dyson is confused as asks how it is that Stacey can take just any soul to which she replies: "Since the unaligned Succubus upset the balance of Valhalla." When she sees that Dyson reacts to this, Stacey comments: "You know her don't you?" Dyson replies: "Everyone knows the unaligned Succubus." Stacey then reveals to Dyson that she needs to find a soul that is close to Bo's heart at Freya's request. When Stacey asks: "Where is your heart? Do you love her?" Dyson replies: "I don't even know her. Not really. But I know who does." Stacey tells Dyson that she didn't want to kill him anyway and after Dyson thanks her, Stacey adds: "Holy Odin, your jawline is insanely distracting." When Stacey starts to leave, Dyson offers to help her noting that he "knows this territory inside and out." Stacey agrees and the two leave, the Gates left open by Dyson as they do so.

Bo is seen walking through the maze and as she does so, there is the sound of Kenzi crying around her. begging for Bo's help. Bo yells that there was a deal and that Kenzi was supposed to be safe as she darts around looking for Kenzi. Kenzi's crying turns into laughter and then a mix of voices surrounds Bo, they being of Dyson, Lauren and others which all play upon Bo's fears and concerns. The voices still for a moment and Bo hears something move past her, she calling out: "Who's there?" Bo realizes that the voices are all a trick to confuse her and she comments that it will not work, but then something strikes her in the leg and when she looks to see what has happened, she is bleeding there. When Bo looks up, a creature is there with her that taunts: "You just got bitchsnacked."

After the first commercial break, Bo confronts the creature, taunting them: "You are the one responsible for all of this? Funny, I thought you would be scarier." The creature's voice changes as they reply: "I thought you'd be hotter." The two argue for a moment, then there is the sound of a bird cooing and landing nearby Bo glances at it and turns away, but then looks in that direction again when a woman's voice gets her attention. The new woman tells Bo to ignore the words of doubt or she will be trapped there, the creature using Dyson's voice to tell her to give up at the same time. The woman explains that Bo has to choose what and what not to hear in order to escape, Bo commenting: "I don't need a life coach bird-girl I need a way out." The woman tells Bo: "The true voice is the key." When the creature tells Bo that she was never loved by Lauren, Bo replies: "Okay, now you are just making me mad." before kicking the creature which makes it run off. The woman tells Bo that she has conquered her doubts and defeated the maze, which reveals the path out. Bo comments: "What a welcome" and the woman replies: "It is the way of Tartarus." Bo is then told that "a prisoner can go one of two ways" and when Bo asks the woman which way she went, the woman does not reply, but notes that Bo is injured. When Bo asks where her father is, the woman tells Bo that her father must never know that she helped Bo and then guides Bo away from where she arrived.

The scene then shifts to the lobby of the hotel where Bo first arrived which is in darkness, no one else in the area besides Bo and the woman, and it seems to be almost abandoned, the furniture covered and disused. The woman tells Bo that her father would: "never allow you to perish, he would never afford you that sweet release." Bo tells the woman that she has been here before, but the woman explains: "This is Tartarus, a prison, a hell. You came from Valhalla didn't you?" Bo explains that she seems to remember the place from somewhere else, but she cannot remember where. The woman warns Bo that she must find a way out before Tartarus finds a way to keep her, and warns Bo that Tartarus will because it always does. Bo presses on, explaining that she needs to see her father but the woman refuses to allow Bo to see her father in her injured condition as they continue to walk through the lobby.

Elsewhere, Kenzi is at Bo's place and looking around at the knick-nacks and items that are laying around. Trick (Richard Howland) enters and welcomes Kenzi home and the two embrace as Kenzi replies with a lot of hesitation in her voice: "Trickster! Right. Home. it's… good to be back." Trick asks Kenzi is she was sure that the spirit that Kenzi and Lauren had contact with was Bo and Kenzi replies that it communicated with them and Kenzi insists that she knows a familiar ghost "when she sees one." Trick asks if Kenzi has considered if it could be something else and Kenzi replies: "Ghost Dad? Ghost Swayze?" Trick explains that there are Fae spirits that "become angry when they are improperly entombed or disturbed." Kenzi reminds Trick: "Bo gave up her soul to save mine and now she could be trapped in some netherworld with daddy dearest, it's worth the risk. It won't go Baba Yaga I promise."

Trick then opens a bag and reveals the Ouija board that he and Hale had used during the webisode Prophecy and as he gives it to Kenzi, he asks where Lauren is. Kenzi explains that Lauren is "Upstairs washing dirt out of places that she didn't even know she had and she's a doctor and she knows all of her places." Trick then tells Kenzi that he is returning to his lair and will try to find out more a bout what is going on, but begs Kenzi to be careful what she does next as "conjuring spirits is never simple." Kenzi replies: "Nothing we do ever really is, is it?"

Returning to Bo, she is being looked after by the woman, but to little effect as her injuries are more than what a bandage can deal with, mentioning that she might "have to this my way." The woman is surprised and asks Bo if she can heal herself, which Bo admits that she can do, but: "It takes two. You want to help?" The woman nods in agreement and then she and Bo kiss which then allows Bo to take some Chi from the woman as well. Bo then strengthens and the pair then begin to share an intimate moment together. Elsewhere, Lauren has come from the shower and lays down in Bo's bed, commenting: "Shovel plus vodka equals woozy." Lauren then closes her eyes and seems to fall into a light sleep. What follows are two scenes that run in parallel to each other. Whatever Bo does to the woman, for example tugging down clothing, is mirrored on Lauren as well. The two scenes mixing and merging together as they unfold until Lauren is awoken by Kenzi entering the room and exclaiming: "Got it!" Lauren is confused for a moment, tugging her clothing back into place as she realizes that Kenzi has the Ouija Board they need in order to try to contact Bo. Kenzi tells Lauren: "This is seriously spiritual shit that is not to be messed with." and tells Lauren that they must be sure they are talking to Bo because other spirits will do anything to cross back over to Earth through the board. Lauren insists that it is Bo, but can't, stumbling over her words until Kenzi realizes what happen and says: "Oh. Ew. Well at least you weren't getting it on with a decorative pillow." Kenzi tells calls out into the air" Vagmission received BoBo!" and then tells Lauren as she walks away: "Let's get Gypsy!"

Meanwhile, Bo thanks the woman for helping her heal and the woman replies: "One is always starving in Tartarus. The key is knowing what and what not to eat." Bo comments that she "remembers this myth" adding "My history teacher was this pro rugby player with thighs like…" Bo then realizes what the myth is, exclaiming: "The girl that ate six pomegranate seeds. There's no way…" The woman (Hannah Anderson) replies: "I am Persephone. Daughter of Demeter. Wife of Hades. And I am your Stepmother."

After another commercial break, Bo is running away from Persephone, seeking her father to confront him and not listening to Persephone's warnings. Persephone tells of Hades stealing her from her mother and bringing her to the underworld and that Bo does not want to meet him. Bo is beside herself realizing that she had sex with a member of her family and continues to run from door to door, trying each one in her search. Persephone tells Bo: "Six thousand years I must dwell in the darkness for six weeks above ground. You do not want to be here." Bo questions this, and Persephone continues: "When my time comes the Artemis flame is my way out." She also adds that Hades took the flame and she has not seen it since then. Bo demands to know where her father is, but Persephone insists that she does not know, but she has heard that Bo's father is very angry with her. Bo becomes incensed and as she continues to try various doors she exclaims: "He tried to trick me into ending the world. He lured my best friend into a portal so that I would go after her. And now he sent his child bride to seduce me? It never ends does it?" Persephone insists that Bo's father did not send her, but Bo does not care to listen to her. Persephone then tells Bo: "When you get angry you look exactly like him." Bo demands that Persephone help find her father, insisting that she is not scared, but Persephone tells Bo: "You should be. He's King of the Underworld. A Fae that is perceived as a god." Bo replies: "He's an asshole, perceived by me as an asshole." Persephone begs Bo to leave before she is trapped forever, but Bo refuses: "No. Not until I've had my say." Bo then pauses in front of a strange door that is unlike any of the others, commenting: "What's behind door number spooky?" Persephone tells Bo she cannot enter, but Bo replies: "All I heard is that my father is on the other side of that door."

Meanwhile, Dyson and Stacey are at the Dal Riata drinking. When Stacey asks what they are celebrating, Dyson replies: "The end of the Una Mens and that Evony is no longer The Morrigan." Dyson adds that the Dal has become: "Ground zero for our flirtation with DemocroFaecy." He also adds that "everyone wants to follow in the footsteps of the unaligned Succubus." After Stacey comments that the Dal smells better than her normal bar, Trick approaches and asks: "Have you seen her?" Dyson replies that he hadn't and then introduces Stacey saying that she's in town "for some hearts and souls", Trick replying that if there is anything he can do to help to let him know. After Trick leaves, Stacey asks which "her" Trick was talking about, but Dyson brushes that off saying that everyone is curious about where Bo is at the moment. Stacey comments: "Looks like he cares. Might do for Frejya. Nobel barkeep Heart of gold." Dyson diverts her attention by referring to Trick having a "heart of a drunk" and that Trick "lives up to his name, he's a liar. He's into some very unsavoury things. Pixies." Stacey is a bit shocked as she replies: "At his age?" Dyson's phone rings as Lauren calls him, but Dyson turns off his phone instead of answering. Stacey then demands to know who's soul she will have and Dyson suggests: "Her lover. Her confidant. He fought by her side, she fed off him when she needed it most. Even gave his love to The Norn for her." Stacey replies: "Sounds like a tool. Where is he?" Dyson then answers: "He's the last of his kind. A Mesmer. Goes by the name Vex." When Dyson suggests that the go get Vex, Stacey kisses Dyson deeply and then afterwards explains: "I just had to make sure you weren't that huy that loved Bo." Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) then arrives and tells Dyson to: "Step away from the skank." Dyson and Tamsin greet each other and then comments about Dyson "playing tonsil-hockey with…" and Stacey finishes "your successor? Just cause you couldn't finish the job." Dyson asks what job Stacey is talking about and Tamsin replies: "The job to return Bo to her father" and Dyson then drags Tamsin away from Stacey where he rants over Tamsin betraying Bo again, but Tamsin insists that she was trying to help Bo, but something happen and she was "activated like some sort of sleeper cell." Tamsin then calls Stacey her: "Very evil sister" which Dyson is shocked by, commenting: "Oh that's not right." When they turn back to look at Stacey, she has left and taken Dyson's phone with her. Tamsin insists that Dyson return to the Valhalla gates to keep them from closing as they are Bo's only way out. When Dyson asks what Tamsin is going to do, she replies: "Don't worry about that one. I've been wanting to school her since Valkyrie High."

Bo in the meantime has entered the room and finds it to be very familiar, having a flashback to what she saw during her Dawning when she encountered what seemed to be her father and the events that happened to conspire to free her from him. Bo tells Persephone: "I know this place. During my Dawning this is where I was… I was born in Hell." Bo then walks towards a large cage in the room as Persephone explains: "They only let her hold you to feed you. I remember when he brought her here. I used to hear her wails through the vents. Hades used to gloat over what his daughter would become. A Queen capable of dominion over life and death. There were guards then. A midwife, lots of people. But they fled when Hades began to lose his power." Bo promises: "I won't stop until he's as powerless as she was." Bo then walks into the cage and peels off a section of wallpaper, then another, until a crude drawing is revealed of what appears to be Aife holding Bo and escaping with her which makes Bo whisper: "Oh Mom." Persephone tells Bo that Aife intended for them to leave Hel together but she realized that only one of them could and she, according to Persephone, "let you go." Bo whispers: "She loved me." and Persephone replies: "My mother did too. Before Hades took me away from her." Bo then warns Persephone: "If this is another trick, I will pluck out every single one of your pretty little feathers." Persephone is unimpressed, saying that Bo's father would do worse if he knew that she had allowed Bo to see what she had. Bo muses: "Thirty years of lost birthdays? I think he can pony up one candle." Persephone tells Bo she has to find another way out and that her father "takes no company" Bo refutes this with: "I am not company. I am the one he has been waiting for."

Leaving the room and continuing down a hallway, Persephone explains: "The Artemis Moon Candle was the last thing my mother gave me before the Earth swallowed me whole." Bo comments: "Like in Tremors. Kenzi's second favorite Kevin Bacon movie." Persephone continues: "Demeter knew that Hades abhors light and it could illuminate my way home." Bo jokes: "Where does Pops keep it? A junk drawer? Toolbox in the garage?" They arrive at the elevator and Persephone calls the elevator for Bo, after Bo enters she tells Persephone that she is sorry about what happened before and that: "I'm not sure that I could have been as brave as you were in this place." Persephone tells Bo: "I heard tales of your courage. Your bravery. Battling all that you had to face. I figured… So could I." The elevator doors close and Bo is alone one more in the elevator, looking at all of the buttons on the walls. Bo clutches her chest as her father's mark glows brightly and then the elevator bell sounds and a different button begins to glow blue which Bo presses, the button marked PH for Penthouse.

When the doors open again, Bo is in another darkened space and Bo calls out into the room: "I can hear you breathing Dad." As she walks further into the space, Bo continues: "Dad. I've waited so long to say that. To talk to you. Wondering who you really are." Bo moves further into the darkness, calling out: "Are you going to come and face me? You've been hiding all these years. Why would that change now." Further into the darkness, Bo continues: "You aren't my family. You're nothing. You're darkness and I'm not walking into it. Keep hiding. I don't want to meet you. I never want to meet you. I'm not going to jeopardize the people I love back home just to meet you. I know need to know who you are to know myself. If you want to see me, it'll be on my terms. With my true family who would never abandon me."

Bo then emerges from the darkness to find a candle covered in spiderweb and approaches it. Bo continues: "I will never be what you want me to be.: Bo then takes hold of the candle and removes it from where it sits, continuing to speak: "What I am going to do, is take everything you have. You don't like it? Come and get me." Bo then turns and walks away, next being seen rushing into the elevator and pressing a button to make the doors close. The doors begin to close and almost do, but a man reaches his arm through the gap and grasps Bo by the throat.

After another commercial break, Bo is seen clutching at the hand at her throat, but nothing is seen of the man himself save his arm, which is in black, and his hand at Bo's throat. Bo exclaims: "No. Not like this. Not from you." Bo's eyes glow blue as she continues: "You're not a god. You're a coward. But not me because my mother taught me how to fight." Bo then breaks free and the doors close, Bo gasping for air and then slumping to the floor of the elevator and crying.

Back at Bo's place, Kenzi asks Lauren: "So are you going to swallow the ritual blood sausage willingly or am I going to have to hold you down?" Lauren thinks a moment, then answers: "You are going to have to hold me down, yeah." Kenzi looks at Lauren: "Are you kidding me? Dude I grew up sandsing the shit out of spirits. Right now Bo's all spiritually and invisibly once we're done she'll be back to her fully formed Chi gravity defying sex maneuvering self." Lauren suggests they wait for Trick, but Kenzi insists there is no time and "gets her shit" together, beginning the seance. Kenzi then calls out to the spirits in Russian looking for Bo to answer her. As Kenzi continues the chant, the Ouija board begins to move, a wind blows through the room and the candles start to flicker until a chest opens by itself and Kenzi asks: "Bo?"

Meanwhile, Bo and Persephone are rushing through the hallways. Persephone asks what Bo did and she replies: "Exactly the opposite of what he expected me to do. We're leaving. Now." Persephone tells Bo that she cannot leave because this escape is only meant for Bo alone. Persephone also reveals that she is bound to the centre of the maze, which is the hotel, and she cannot leave until "my six thousand years are up. Only you have the Helskor, only you are the one." Bo hesitates and explains that she leaves no one behind, but Persephone insists she go, but tells Bo: "Light my candle when you are home, for my family, so they know that I am safe. That I never stop thinking of them." Bo promises that she will, somehow, release Persephone from her fate, but Persephone tells Bo she must leave as the darkness begins to fall around them both. Bo asks what will happen to her and Persephone replies: "Your father lost interest in me a long time ago. Besides, I've gotten very good at hiding." Bo promises to light the candle and Persephone tells her: "It's important to let the light in Bo, sometimes that's all that keeps the dark at bay." Bo then glows with a bright light as the scene is overpowered by it.

Lauren and Kenzi in the meantime are hiding behind a couch, Kenzi asks if Lauren might have disturbed a Fae spirit when they were freeing her which makes Lauren think a moment and then looks at the shard of an urn she has with her, realizing that they are being haunted by an Edimmu. Kenzi freaks out over this and then the two argue over what happened, Lauren explaining that he hoped it was Bo, Kenzi commenting that Lauren had sex with it, and Lauren yelling back: "It kissed my neck!" Lauren then tells Kenzi that the spirit is caught in Trick's Oujia board and they have to destroy it. Lauren then starts to make a move for the board, but then pulls back when things are thrown at her.

Meanwhile, at the Gates to Valhalla, Dyson is fighting to keep the gates open as Bo appears. Bo comments: "Nice grip Hercules" and Dyson replies: "Glad you could make it." Bo ducks past Dyson and then he follows Bo out of Valhalla as the gates slam shut behind them both. Bo thanks Dyson for waiting for her, and he replies: "Always" as they leave.

Back at Bo's apartment, Lauren gets her nerve together and races out from behind the couch, screaming as she does so. Grabbing the board, Lauren takes it to the fireplace where Kenzi sets it on fire with an improvised flame thrower which seems to end the threat at last, the two high-fiving each other afterwards. Lauren comments: "That definitely was not Bo." Kenzi asks where Bo is, but before Lauren can answer, Stacey enters the room calls out: "Hello Bo-friends. I need to feast on one of your souls. Any volunteers?"

Following another commercial break, Stacey rants over Dyson trying to "sell Vex as a soul that Bo gave a shit about." Lauren comments: "Yeah, well, they have shared undergarments." Stacey then reveals that Dyson's texts reveals Bo's love for Lauren and then offers: "I can make this fast or I can make this slow, I'm in no hurry to get back to my shift in Valhalla. Tips are shit." Lauren offers herself to Stacey, but Kenzi offers herself adding that she "hasn't lost my lady balls." Stacey then reveals that Bo and Frejya made a deal and she cannot take Kenzi's soul. Stacey then teases Lauren with the necklace that she gave Bo saying: This is better, you hold a particularly special place in Bo's heart." Lauren exclaims: That was a gift!" and when Kenzi demands Stacey return the necklace, Stacey uses her powers to cause Kenzi to fall unconscious, but before she does, Kenzi manages: "Or whateves, good luck 'Lo." Lauren reminds Stacey that she cannot have her soul unless she is dead, but Stacey answers: "That can be arranged" as she grabs Lauren by the hair. Tamsin enters the room and tells Stacey to let go of Lauren, Stacey's answer being: "I beg your pardon?" Tamsin tells Stacey that she's going back to Valhalla with nothing and to "find out what it's like to be in Frejya's bad books for once." Stacey reminds Tamsin that Valhalla's books will not be balanced, and Tamsin replies: "Well, so are my boobs but I make do." Stacey then taunts: "Oh Tamsin, on your last life are you sure you want to pick mortals over your Valkyrie sisters?" Tamsin comments: "Oh Stacey, do you really consider those girls your sisters? Maybe you should ask who coined the term 'brace face Stace' in high school." Kenzi asks what's going on and Lauren replies that it is a "Valkyrie on Valkyrie doubt-off." Stacey tells Tamsin: "I'm just trying to be a good friend here, but I think you should know they call you the doormat at Valhalla's Gates. Don't you think you should stand up for yourself?" Tamsin hits back with: "And I want to be an equally good friend and tell you that you need to look in the mirror because 'The Rachel' is so last century. Plus your roots are showing." Stacie's voice trembles as she accuses Tamsin: "You know the rules! A Valkyrie's hair is off limits!" Then drops Lauren's necklace and rushes away, crying, and telling Tamsin: "I'll be back!" with Tamsin calling out after her: "I'll be here." Kenzi asks: "Tamsin-Tamsin or Tamsin-from-the-Shining?" Tamsin smiles and replies: "Tamsin-Tamsin" and then she and Kenzi hug each other.

The next scene begins in the Dal Riata where Bo, Dyson, Lauren, Trick, Tamsin and Kenzi are celebrating. Trick toasts: "To Kenzi and Bo and all of your brave warriors that helped to bring them home. I've never met a stronger, more united force." Bo asks: "And now we drink?" and Trick agrees. Dyson turns to Tamsin and asks for a truce, saying: "I was alone with a Valkyrie, I improvised." Tamsin replies: "Yeah. All over Stacey's mouth. Good job. Plus I'm not jealous. Trust me." Dyson asks: "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Tamsin offers: "Friends?" and Dyson agrees, the two pinky swearing.

Trick welcomes Bo home and then comments: "Two thousand years.Ten thousand books and yet the afterlife remains a mystery to me. What's it like?" Bo considers this a moment, then answers: "It's… um… personal."

Dyson tells Kenzi he has something for her, Kenzi joking: "Oh please be a hoverboard." Dyson gives Kenzi a folded sheet of paper, telling her that it is from Hale. Dyson explains that Hale "left it for you in his will." Kenzi looks at the paper a moment, then folds it up again. She then tells Dyson: "I felt close to him for a second and Dyson he was happy." Dyson cannot bring himself to answer and the table falls silent for a moment before Lauren comments about getting some wine from the wine cellar and Bo goes along to help.

In the wine cellar, Bo comments to Lauren: "I can't believe you had ghost sex" which Lauren brushes off with a laugh: "Well it had some patented Bo moves." Bo asks how Kenzi is doing, and Lauren replies: "She's good. Her vitals are in check" but Bo shakes her head: "No, I mean Valhalla, an almost wedding to Hale, it's a lot. I just… don't know." Lauren asks if Bo has talked to Kenzi, but Bo asks: "So you burnt the Oujia board once the spirit became trapped." There is a ghost-like sound as Bo continues: "Since when can you burn a ghost?" Lauren says "I don't follow" and Bo answers: "No, it's following you!" The two turn around as a asian-like woman creature moves to attack Lauren, but Kenzi appears from behind and kills the ghost. Lauren gasps: "I thought we burned it. I guess we gave it corporeal form." Lauren asks Kenzi: How did you know it wasn't over?" Kenzi tiredly replies: "That's the thing with the Fae. It's never over."

The next scene begins at Bo's home, Kenzi walking towards Bo as she tells Kenzi that they have: "Chardonnay, Liquorice, Tremors, your second favourite Kevin Bacon movie and Footloose your number one favorite, well it's everyone's number one favourite." Kenzi looks at the floor and tells Bo: "I can't." Bo asks: "What's going on" and Kenzi explains: "I can't keep being a lost human in the Fae world trying to be Fae. I'm not Fae." Bo tells Kenzi: "That has never mattered to me." Kenzi tells Bo: "But it does to me. I have learned so much from you, from everyone. But I just lost the love of my life Bo." For a moment there is a flashback to the wedding chapel in Valhalla with Hale standing, waiting for Kenzi, his back to her, the scene running in reverse with Kenzi walking backwards away from Hale. Kenzi continues: "I… died." Bo tells Kenzi that she is there, right now, but Kenzi continues: "Which is why I have a second chance and I need to try something new. Something for me. Something human. And for the first time in I don't ever remember, I'm okay with that. I need to go." Kenzi then embraces Bo, Bo hesitates for a long moment, then also embraces Kenzi in return before starting to break down and cry. Kenzi steps away, pauses, looks at Bo, then turns away. Bo walks after her, calling her name, Kenzi replying: "Hale left me some Santiago land off the coast of Spain." Bo smiles: "Wow. You've never been out of the country." Kenzi replies: "Never even had a legitimate passport. Seems like a sign." Kenzi then picks up her bag and two suitcases, Bo taking one of them as Kenzi walks to the door. Kenzi opens the front door and turns back to Bo who tells Kenzi: "We're sisters. We're in each other's lives for good." Kenzi answers with a smile: "Hell, I couldn't keep you out of my afterlife." Bo smiles, bravely as she hands Kenzi her suitcase. Bo's last words to Kenzi are: "I love you Kenzi. Sometimes I think it's the only thing I am completely sure about." Kenzi nods once, and her last words to Bo are: "Goodbye Bo." as she leaves Bo's life and Bo closes her front door, leaning against it and whispering: "Goodbye Kenzi."

After the final commercial break, Bo is seen standing in her home, looking into the space around her and saying nothing. She then walks towards one of her windows which has boards across it and then removes several of them with her bare hands. Elsewhere a woman (Amanda Walsh) enters an elevator which a number of people are already inside waiting. She talks on her phone idly about her day and how bad it was. She asks about dinner, making the joke: "Tell me you ordered salads for dinner and by salads I mean of course two all meat pizzas?" At that moment, Bo is standing in front of the window, flicking a lighter in her hands and looking at the candle she brought back, and thinking about her promise to Persephone to light it. The scene switches back to the elevator again which shows the woman holding the same candle in both of her hands with a strange smile on her face. Bo's lighter goes out and the woman returns to normal, a confused expression and looking at her now empty hands. Bo then lights her lighter and then lights the candle, setting it on the windowsill. After closing the lighter, Bo continues to stand at the window looking outwards. The final scene is of the woman in the elevator, the strange expression upon her once more and holding the now lit candle in her hands. The lights in the elevator flicker, go out, and then there is screaming as the episode ends with a black screen.

Questions in this Episode

  • Was the cemetery that Kenzi was buried in a mixed human and Fae one or was it a Fae only cemetery?
  • Obviously the grave was dug up, so who fixed it?
  • Was the gravestone removed?
  • How is is possible that the Gates to Valhalla remained open if Dyson was not there to keep them open for the many occasions that he was not there to do so? What kept them open? Shouldn't have they closed? Why didn't they?
  • How is it that Bo overcame her doubts by simply fighting out of them when, in the moment before, she was told to figure out the truth?
  • As it seems to be revealed that Bo's father is Hades, at least according to Persephone and those events in this episode. how is it that Bo travelled from Hel to Earth, as a baby, then grew up to a young adult, and then became the women she is now without being discovered? This seems unlikely and if it is, then that means the events were constructed by her father from the beginning.
  • If all Fae want to follow in Bo's footsteps, does the foretell her possibly becoming the Queen of the Fae?
  • If Stacey hasn't been on Earth for decades, how is it that she figured out how to use Dyson's phone and read his texts?
  • Are all Valkyrie so self-absorbed as Stacey is? Especially about their hair?
  • If Stacey is right and Dyson doesn't love Bo, then who does he love? Will we see a Tamsin/Dyson relationship go to the next level?
  • How many sisters does Tamsin have anyway?
  • Assuming that Bo does become a Queen, then does she rule on Earth or Hel? More importantly, who is by her side as she does so?
  • Bo may be oversimplifying a bit, but she mentions "thirty years of missed birthdays" So, does that mean that Bo is thirty at the time of this episode?
  • So why didn't Bo's Father confront her? What is the point to lurking in the shadows? Is it all to manipulate Bo and nothing more?
  • So what did come to Earth through the candle being lit? It doesn't seem to be Persephone, unless of course it was all a game and she is really quite evil which would match with her myth and her purpose.
  • Will Stacey be returning over the rest of the season to try and claim Lauren's soul over and over again?
  • Kenzi told Bo: "I can't keep being a lost human in the Fae world trying to be Fae. I'm not Fae." Does this mean, in truth, that Kenzi was the real Lost Girl in the series as many have thought?
  • With Kenzi gone, what happens to Bo's connection to her humanity?
  • Is Kenzi actually free of the Fae?
  • What happens with the deal that Kenzi made with The Morrigan? That was never resolved.
  • How does Kenzi deal with being in Spain? Did Hale also provide Kenzi with some wealth to sustain her?
  • Can Kenzi actually manage to survive on her own? Will she be the target of the Fae now that she isn't claimed by Bo?
  • So who is the woman in the elevator, and was everything that Bo was told by Persephone a lie?
  • What's next for the Fae and for Bo?
  • Is this truly the last we've seen of Kenzi? Is she ever gonna come back? At least to visit?
  • Will Kenzi still keep in touch with Bo by phone or email?

Answers in this Episode

  • Lauren and Dyson dug up Kenzi's grave to free her.
  • Lauren, some point in the past, owned a Schnauzer.
  • Lauren is extremely picky about where her medical equipment goes in her lab and examining rooms.
  • Kenzi does not like medical examinations… at all.
  • Kenzi is… apparently by her own exclamation, Russian.
  • It seems that flattery will get one anywhere with a Valkyrie.
  • According to Stacey, she had not been away from Valhalla in decades.
  • Dyson didn't exactly lie to Stacey when he said that he didn't exactly know Bo as, in truth, no one really knows everything about Bo.
  • Tartarus, in ancient Greek mythology, is the deep abyss that is used as a dungeon of torment and suffering for the wicked and as the prison for the Titans. You can find out more about this myth here.
  • The last time Trick's Ouija Board was seen was in the Season 3.5 webisode Prophecy where Trick and Hale used it to answer some questions, and at the end of the episode, Hale was possessed by a spirit for a short time.
  • Persephone declares herself to be the wife of Hades and as well Bo's Stepmother. By this admission this means that Bo's Father is Hades himself.
  • The Artemis flame is the means for Persephone to return to the Earth for six weeks every six thousand years according to her.
  • According to Persephone, Bo's father is very angry with her.
  • Hades, in the Lost Girl universe, apparently is Bo's Father. Hades was the ancient Greek god of the underworld. You can learn more about this myth here.
  • According to Persephone, when Bo gets angry she looks like her father.
  • According to Persephone, Bo's father is: "A Fae that is perceived as a god."
  • It appears that everyone is happy that Bo killed the Una Mens.
  • Evony is no longer The Morrigan according to Dyson.
  • With the ending of the Una Mens, Dyson calls the Dal Riata "Ground Zero for DemocroFaecy"
  • According to Dyson: "Everyone wants to follow in the footsteps of the unaligned Succubus."
  • Dyson attempted to divert Stacey's attention towards Vex by relating his own relationship with Bo and then attributing it to Vex instead.
  • According to Stacey, Dyson does not love Bo, but loves someone else.
  • Stacey is, according to Tamsin, her "very evil sister."
  • It appears that Bo was born in Hell and spent at least some time there as a child.
  • Persephone explained about Bo and her mother that: "They only let her hold you to feed you. I remember when he brought her here. I used to hear her wails through the vents. Hades used to gloat over what his daughter would become. A Queen capable of dominion over life and death. There were guards then. A midwife, lots of people. But they fled when Hades began to lose his power."
  • Artemis Moon Candle may refer to “cakes brought to the temple of Artemis that were adorned with candles to make them glow like the moon. ”
  • According to Bo, Tremors is Kenzi's second favorite Kevin Bacon movie.
  • The close up of the elevator buttons reveals that they are not in order, seemingly random, and only one is marked PH, likely for Penthouse. All others are a series of numbers.
  • Bo promised to light Persephone's candle for her and did so when she returned to Earth.
  • An Edimmu is a type of utukku in Sumerian mythology, similar in nature to the preta of Vedic religion or the kiangshi of Chinese mythology. They were envisioned as the ghosts of those who were not buried properly. You can learn more about this legend here.
  • Apparently, there is such a thing as a "Valkyrie on Valkyrie doubt-off."
  • Tamsin seems to be making a move on Dyson again.
  • Tamsin claims not to be jealous over Dyson kissing Stacey.
  • Kenzi likes Chardonnay and Liquorice.
  • Kenzi's all time favourite movie is Footloose.
  • Kenzi received from Hale property in Spain as part of his will, Dyson delivering the deed to Kenzi.
  • Kenzi decided to leave the Fae as she had enough of their world.
  • Kenzi told Bo: "I can't keep being a lost human in the Fae world trying to be Fae. I'm not Fae."
  • Bo's last words to Kenzi are: "I love you Kenzi. Sometimes I think it's the only thing I am completely sure about."
  • Kenzi's last words to Bo are: "Goodbye Bo." as she leaves Bo's life.


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