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Like Father, Like Daughter

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"Like Father, Like Daughter"
Lost Girl episode
Bo and Kenzi confront Hades
in search of answers
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 10
Overall Episode 71
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Written by Alexandra Zarowny
Produced by Wendy Grean
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by Craig Wright
Editing by Paul Day
Production Code 510
Original Air Date September 13, 2015 (2015-09-13)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Ksenia Solo - Kenzi
Rachel Skarsten - Tamsin
Paul Amos - Vex
Eric Roberts - Hades
Luke Bilyk - Mark
Amanda Walsh - Zee
Noam Jenkins - Hera
Lisa Marcos - Alycia Welles
Hannah Anderson - Persephone
Julian D. Christopher - Heathcliff Santiago

Episode Chronology
← Previous
"44 Minutes to Save the World"
Next →
"Sweet Valkyrie High"

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Kenzi returns seeking help from Bo to find a stolen painting while Lauren discovers the truth about her powers as Hades' plans begin to unfold

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Like Father, Like Daughter was the tenth episode of the fifth season of the series, and the seventy-first overall episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on September 13, 2015 at 9 PM Eastern time.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 5
  • Episode Number: 10 (71st Overall)
  • Episode Title: Like Father, Like Daughter
  • Directed by: Paolo Barzman
  • Writing credits: Alexandra Zarowny
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: September 13, 2015 on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 411,000[1]


A promotional Image of the Season Five cast of Lost Girl from the official website at showcase.ca/lostgirl From left to right: Anna Silk as Bo, Zoie Palmer as Lauren, Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson and Rachel Skarsten as Tamsin
Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Ksenia Solo Kenzi
Richard Howland Trick
Zoie Palmer Lauren
Rachel Skarsten Tamsin
Paul Amos Vex
Eric Roberts Hades
Luke Bilyk Mark
Amanda Walsh Zee
Noam Jenkins Hera
Lisa Marcos Alycia Welles
Hannah Anderson Persephone
Julian D. Christopher Heathcliff Santiago
Olunike Adeliyi Suri
Samantha Michelle Astrid
Andrew Butcher Patient
Lorne Hunter Security Guard

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
Baby, Hold On The Wooden Sky Written by G. Gardiner, A. Kekwich and S. Walker
Wazabi (Kolombo Remix) Soldout Written by Charlotte Maison and David Baboulis
Holding On (Instrumental Version) The BelleRegards Written by Matthew Kingsley
Fare Thee Well The BelleRegards Written by Matthew Kingsley and Melanie Hilmi


Short Summary

Lauren survives her accident, Bo assuming she saved Lauren while Lauren is not so sure. Vex returns and seeks help from Lauren, but in doing so, discovers that she seems to have Vex’s power after touching him. Lauren speaks with Hades, explaining that she thought she was only extending her life by injecting herself with the serum she created. Hades tells Lauren that she is gaining the powers of any Fae she touches. Kenzi returns, asking for Bo’s help because of a theft of a special painting from her estate which may be capable of removing the Ancients. Alycia discovers Dyson’s files and confronts him over it, assuming he is a believer in the paranormal. pushing her further into despair until Mark reveals the truth while suffering over the death of Iris. Dyson takes Alycia to see her husband’s body, but forces Alycia away. Dyson meets with Alycia later and he takes her to the Dal Riata where Dyson tells Alycia he is claiming her.

Kenzi joins up with Bo to investigate an art house auction where the painting is being held which results in Bo stealing the painting and encountering Persephone. Bo confronts her, but Bo releases Persephone in exchange for her knowledge about the painting. Bo, Kenzi and Trick discover that the painting holds a song which can banish the Ancients. Bo asks Persephone to help banish Zee but Persephone double crosses Bo. However, Lauren takes the powers of a Siren, sings the song and seems to banish Zee from Earth which reveals what Lauren is now capable of. Lauren and Bo discuss their future, Lauren unsure of what her changes mean, she also telling Bo that she has been examined, but not by whom. Kenzi tells Bo not to trust her father, also deciding to stay for a while. It is then revealed that the painting was false, Zee was not banished, and Hades now possesses the painting, his plans unrevealed.

Detailed Summary

The episode opens with scenes from the previous episode including Bo opening the box her father gave her, Hades assisting in saving Mark and being thanked by Dyson just before Bo exposes Hades as her father. Iris encountering Trick in his lair and killing the Fae Elder that was with him. Hades warning Bo that to stop Iris, she will have to be killed, but Bo refusing to do so. Iris declaring she carries darkness, Hades then exclaiming he is darkness before clutching Iris by her neck, Bo using the box to trap the Nix, and then Iris being killed. Lauren and Bo talking about it being good they are back together, then Lauren being struck by a car, Bo rushing to Lauren's aid, and then Lauren feeding on Bo's Chi.

The episode opens with Bo (Anna Silk) and Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) sitting in a car on a stakeout. As Bo looks through a camera she comments that "something moved" and Dyson replies: "Just like something moved the last five times we checked Zee's condo?" Bo asks if Dyson thinks she is "off my game" and Dyson replies: "Zee's missing, Lauren almost dying, your father. It's a lot." Bo replies: "Even if he's my father, I summoned the devil Dyson." Dyson promises Bo that they will find a way to send Hades back and when Bo wonders what they will do if Hades hurts someone, Dyson reminds Bo "He's contained." Bo answers: "So was Hannibal Lecter. Didn't last." Dyson wonders if that is Bo's nickname for her father and she replies: "Add it to the pile. Hades, Jack, BF." Dyson is puzzled, wondering if BF means Best Friend and Bo responds: "Birth Father. And Lauren's lab rat."

Bo's phone rings and she then speaks with Lauren (Zoie Palmer), answering the phone with: "Hey! It's the girl that likes to play in traffic." Lauren attempts to talk to Bo about what happened, but Bo brushes this off telling Lauren that she doesn't need to thank her, then asking about her father. Lauren is confused about Bo calling Hades 'BF', thinking it means 'Best Friend' as Dyson did. After Bo explains the real meaning, Lauren tells Bo: "Still here. Locked up. Polite." Lauren then asks Bo if she felt that the "Chi suck" felt weird. Bo replies: "Yea, but what doesn't now? I wasn't in control of it, but it worked. That's all that matters. It's a perk to having a succubus girlfriend." Bo then ends the call, telling Lauren she is on a stakeout and will call Lauren later. After Lauren hangs up the phone she comments: "Yeah, except I think I was the one being the succubus."

Back at the stakeout, Dyson comments that the last time Bo "breathed life into someone" that being himself, that Bo "needed to do a group suck to do that." Bo replies: "Who doesn't love a good group suck." Dyson reminds Bo that to save him took the Chi of many people which makes Bo wonder if, because her father has returned to Earth and is nearby, that she is somehow stronger. Dyson wonders if Bo's love of Lauren was the catalyst but Bo then begins to second guess herself over not being able to save Hale, Dyson telling Bo not to do so, reminding her: "If you could have, you would have."

Back at Lauren's clinic, Hades (Eric Roberts) comments from isolation: "It could have been temporary transference, Bo gave you the power subconsciously to heal yourself. Or, did you apply the benign virus we discussed? I couldn't help but overhear. Hope you don't mind." Lauren has a shocked expression for a moment, then tells Hades: "I mind. I very mind." Hades tells Lauren he's sorry and notes "It appears you are in some need of guidance." Hades then offers to help Lauren by examining her, but Lauren refuses as she leaves the room.

Dyson in the meantime offers Bo some "Perks of being on stakeout. Salty snacks." When Bo asks when Dyson started bringing snacks with him, Dyson explains that Alycia was the one that gave them to him. Bo laughingly asked if Alycia is "teaching a Zumba class out of your gym." Dyson explains: "I'm keeping her close until I find a way to... clear her memory of all things Fae." Bo teases Dyson a bit over how close he and Alycia are, but Dyson replies in a serious tone that Alycia "knows too much and could endanger the colony. And herself." After adding that Alycia is human, Dyson sighs: "It's complicated." Bo replies: "Yeah. Tell me about it. Sometimes the worst feeling is not knowing how to feel."

A long black stretch limousine then arrives at the lobby of Zee's condo. Bo assuming that Zee is arriving and she and Dyson rush towards the limousine to confront whomever is arriving. The door facing Bo and Dyson then opens and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) is revealed to have arrived in the limousine, smiling at Dyson and Bo.

After the opening credits, we return to Bo, Dyson, Kenzi and Mark (Luke Bilyk) at Bo's place, Kenzi walking around and commenting about all that has happened while she has been away, starting with commenting on the sheer curtains that Bo has put up in her home. Kenzi then rants: "Guys! I've been gone for five minutes and Dyson's turned daddy, Bo's daddy got the welcome Magneto cell and Dyson has a hunky, yummy, hold no pecks son?" Bo smiles: "You said that already." Kenzi replies: "It bears repeating." Kenzi then flirts with Mark for a moment before Dyson steps in and tells both Mark and Kenzi: "Ah... No." Kenzi then continues on, adding: "You all's been busier than Bo's tinkle flower huh? And you're fighting gods. Climbing the evil ladder I see." Bo explains to Kenzi: "Not gods. Fae." and that they were only seen as gods, but are not actually gods. Kenzi sighs: "Got it. Gods. And your father is one of them. Frickin' Hades. What does that make you?" Kenzi takes Bo's hands and whispers: "For real. Are you okay?" Bo replies: "Once I know you are, I'll be better." Dyson then asks Kenzi what she was doing at the condo and Kenzi replies: "Well look who's all business up in my business." Bo adds that Kenzi "pulled up in a limo. The only thing missing was the paparazzi" and Kenzi explains: "Santiago money stretches far. As in stretch limo, airport pickups. I know, tacky. But oh god I love it." Kenzi then explains she arrived at Bo's place first, didn't find them there and then went looking for them." Bo smiles, hugs Kenzi tightly and adds: "Welcome back." Kenzi then tells Bo that something happened to her in Spain and that she needed to see Bo. When Bo asks why, Kenzi replies: "To warn you. There's someone I want you to meet."

The scene then shifts to the Dal Riata where a distinguished Fae gentleman explains to Bo and Tamsin what happened in Spain to Kenzi, how he arrived at Kenzi's estate to find the lights out and then discovering Kenzi tied to a chair. Kenzi claims that she was moments away from freeing herself which makes the Fae gentleman roll her eyes as Kenzi continues to use the word "castillo" which Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) explains means 'castle' and the Fae gentleman explains it is "Kenzi's word of the week." When Bo asks what the thieves were after, he explains: "A painting I gave to my grandson over 200 years ago, known as The Vanishing." Tamsin explains that the painting has rarely been seen, never been on display and also that "the painting was an urban legend at Valkyrie school." He continues to explain that the painting is real and is supposedly very dangerous. He continues: "No one knows how the Ancients disappeared from Earth. I was told that my painting holds the key." When Bo comments: "Find your grandson, find the painting" but when he answers: "Sadly an impossiblity Carina" Bo startles, knowing that Hale used the same word often and the Fae gentleman introduces himself as Heathcliff Santiago (Julian D. Christopher), Hale's grandfather which makes Bo smile gladly as he tells of Kenzi telling stories about Hale and in return Heathcliff tells Kenzi about Hale's childhood. Tamsin wonders why the painting was stolen and Kenzi mentions that the thieves spoke about "a succubus that slayed the Una Mens, and really, how many of those are there? I'm going to say less than fifty." Bo and Kenzi agree that they need to find the painting first, Bo assuming that if Zee was looking for the painting, "then the legend must be true." When Bo asks where the panting is, Kenzi suggests that Hale most likely had the painting given to a charity auction, Tamsin then going off in search of which auction that might be. Bo comments: "Then we can use it to send Zee back to where she came from before she tries to end the world." Tamsin sighs: "Again." When Kenzi asks who is in Bo's "love triangle" Tamsin looks at Kenzi, tells her "You look good" and then leaves as Bo and Kenzi watch. Kenzi then asks Bo: "Did you two?" and Bo just replies: "We have a lot to catch up on."

Back at Lauren's clinic, Vex (Paul Amos) is telling Lauren about the pain he is feeling in the hand that Lauren reattached for him concluding with: "I can barely yank my own junk let alone anyone else's." Lauren answers: "METH." Vex asks: "Have you gone mad?" Then Lauren explains: "Movement. Elevation. Traction. Heat. It was part of your physiotherapy. I wrote it down." Vex snarks: "So many stickies, so little time." Lauren then tells Vex she has real patients to look after but after Vex asks for "a quickie" Lauren takes hold of Vex's hand and begins to manipulate his arm in the air. As Lauren does so. behind Vex a patient's arm raises into the air in the exact same way. Lauren sees this, lowers Vex's arm, and in response, the patient's arm moves in the same way again. After a few more times of doing this, Lauren then waves her arm around wildly which causes the patient to throw himself around on the bed until Lauren stops doing so. Lauren then tells Vex she has to go to look after real patients, but Vex then asks: "Speaking of real patients, how's Mark?" Lauren replies: "Fully recovered, you just missed him." As Vex leaves, Lauren calls out: "Remember. METH." Vex replies: "Oh yeah. Movement. Evacuation. Titties. Head." After Vex leaves, Lauren comments to herself: "First a Succubus, now a Mesmer."

The scene then moves to Dyson's gym where Alycia (Lisa Marcos) confronts Dyson, telling him: "I know who you are." Dyson replies: "Detective. Lives in a boxing gym. All around ordinary guy." She calls Dyson a liar and then reveals Dyson's folder on her husband which she has read and then reads from the file which tells of what has happened to Kevin, her husband. Dyson attempts to explain, but Alycia rants about how the information in the files tells her that Dyson knew of her husband before she asked for help and then she demands answers, telling Dson she knows he is a believer in the paranormal. Dyson then attempts to use what Alycia believes to his advantage, to muddy things for her further when Mark enters the room. Dyson comments to Mark that Alycia knows they are investigators of the paranormal and Mark, clumsily, continues with the charade when Dyson asks him to assist Alycia in her research. As Alycia looks through some of Dyson's thing she comments on a number of creatures, including werewolves. which causes Dyson to comment: "They don't like being called that. Or so I've heard." Dyson then leaves, warning Mark to be careful what he says to Alycia as he does so.

Bo and Kenzi are then seen at an art gallery, walking among the art and talking. Bo asks Kenzi about Spain and she answers: "It's incredible, it's beautiful, it's life-changing. I realized I don't need the bells and whistles." Bo replies: "Because you are the bells and whistles." Kenzi snaps her fingers: "Boom. There it is baby." Bo then continues on, commenting that Kenzi is a shadow thief, Kenzi telling Bo: "I pride myself, but that painting is going to be hard to lift." Bo wonders, as they haven't seen the painting, if Tamsin has the right place, but Kenzi comments: "Maybe it's out of sight" Bo sighs: "Or Zee has it." Then they are interrupted by a tour group passing through being led by a guide. Bo comments they need an inside man, Kenzi replies: "Or an inside Kenzi. That came out wrong." Bo asks Kenzi what she knows about art and Kenzi replies: "Only everything. There's Banksy... Banksy... Girl, five minutes home and we're already undercover." Bo smiles as they walk on: "Bells and whistles baby. Bells and whistles."

After a commercial break, Bo is meeting with the art gallery curator, Suri Middleton (Olunike Adeliyi) who is aghast at Bo's comments about "not being happy with their current collections" and that they are "from the period of been there and done that." As the conversation continues, Bo attempts several times to touch Suri, in order to use her powers, but in every case Suri recoils from Bo's attempts as they become progressively more desperate. At one point, Suri uses hand sanitizer and then puts on rubber gloves to protect herself. After Suri gives Bo a book of the gallery's undisplayed works, Bo finally comes out and asks about "The Vanishing" but Suri tells Bo that it is "reserved" When Bo asks: "For who?" Suri replies: "For whom." But then refuses to give Bo any further information noting that Bo does not seem to be a "serious bidder" and, as well, mentioning that a serious bidder would be arriving the following day to see the painting. Suri then ushers Bo out of her office, but Bo sneezes at Suri, then apologizes with: "Allergies. Such a bitch." as she leaves. Once out of Suri's office, Bo calls Kenzi and tells her that the painting is at the gallery somewhere.

Kenzi is then seen leading a tour of the gallery and brings her group to a pause in front of a painting which Kenzi then attempts to describe, but as she does so, she is challenged by one of the art lovers. Kenzi then pushes them into the painting which sets off the alarms as a laser grid appears in front of the painting. As the art lover is escorted out by security, Kenzi calls Bo and warns her: "Hey BoBo? We got lasers."

Meanwhile, back at Dyson's gym, Alycia is pacing around the room, ranting about the supernatural and then throwing a book across the room. When Mark asks Alycia to be careful or "Trick will lose his shit." Alycia demands to know who Trick is and Mark explains: "Old guy, owns a bar, he's really into all of this stuff." As Mark talks to Alycia, he drops part of the contents of a folder he is carrying, one of the items being an image of Iris in the morgue. When Alycia sees the picture, she tells Mark: "Dyson said she was sick. She was possessed wasn't she?" Alycia continues to rant about her experiences as Mark looks at Iris' picture until Mark lets slip that the Ancients are involved. Alycia then begs Mark to tell her everything that is going on as the scene ends.

Back at the art gallery, Bo arrives, dressed all in black and wearing dark glasses. She passes through the gallery, past a series of locked doors and then arrives in a vault which holds The Vanishing. As Bo prepares to go after the painting, Kenzi calls Bo over a radio and asks: "Are you sure you don't want me to take this one? Shadow Thief here, kind of my thing." Bo explains to Kenzi that if Zee is coming for the painting then she cannot put Kenzi at risk. Kenzi gives in, telling Bo: "Well, all right. While you go all all nineties, I'll be here with a stick of Big Red." Bo replies: "So we can heist a little longer?" Kenzi then asks: "Should I call Catherine Zeta-Jones?"After setting up a device to show her were the lasers are that protect the room, Bo answers: "Please. Other than a thinly disguised Welsh accent, that chick's go nothing on me." Kenzi chuckles: "Ninety-nine problems coming at you from all directions in your life and here you are standing. That's my girl." As Bo ties up her ponytail she answers: "Ninety-nine problems. Let's hope balance ain't one." Bo then slinks her way through a laser grid, from one side of the room to the other, until she is finally standing in front of The Vanishing. Bo then sees a dove on the other side of the room and whispers: "Oh no. no. Do not Fae this up for me bird." The dove then flies across the room, darting behind Bo and then she hears a women's voice which says: "Of all of the galleries." Bo turns to see Persephone (Hannah Anderson) standing beside it. Bo replies: "When doves cry. Persephone." Persephone then warns Bo: "Keep away from the painting. I got here first."

Back from still another commercial, Persephone warns Bo: "You don't want to dance with me", but Bo replies: "Somehow I seem to remember that we perfected the box step. You tricked me into lighting the Artemis Candle and releasing the Ancients." Persephone claims that Hades wanted Bo to take the candle back, but she didn't know it would release the rest of her family. When Bo asks if Persephone didn't know that the painting could send them back, Persephone looks away from Bo. When Bo asks how Zee freed Persephone, she explains that she is bound to Hades and when he returned to Earth, she came as well. She also tells Bo that she promised Hades to bring the painting to him. When Bo tells Persephone that Hades is imprisoned, she replies: "According to lore, this makes me your prisoner." Bo explains that she does "not roll like that" and when Persephone asks if she can "just walk out", Bo answers: "I believe you can fly." Persephone thanks Bo for her mercy, then when Bo asks Persephone to reveal what she knows about the painting, she tells Bo: "I heard it contains the first song. Your father might know more."

Meanwhile, back at Lauren's clinic, Lauren confronts Hades about what has happened to her and he replies: "The Trojan Horse worked." Lauren agrees, adding: "I thought I was extending my life span to Fae years and instead I turned myself into something I didn't quite expect." Hades answers: "Spoken like a true scientist with no guinea pig." Lauren tells Hades: "I injected myself. I got hit by a truck. Bo held me, I sucked her Chi and I survived." Hades smiles, touches Lauren's hand, and then Lauren's other hand glows for a moment. Lauren then whispers: "I'm a Conduit." Hades explains: "You are taking on the Fae powers of those you touch. Dr. Lewis? You have found the key to ultimate power." Lauren replies: "That could be very bad" but Hades replies: "Or very good." Lauren is concerned about how what she is capable of effects other Fae, but Hades comments: "But you like it." Lauren replies: "I can do anything, but there are still unknowns. How long will it last? What are the side effects? What are the dangers?" Hades tells Lauren: "Like all power, it needs to be under control." Lauren considers this, then replies: "I need to work on that." Hades then comments: "You think you don't deserve to be Fae. Being born Fae doesn't make you special. It makes you different. And you as human, if you actually found a way to turn Fae? Oh Lauren, my Gods, you'd be more than all of us put together. And just imagine how thrilled Bo will be." Lauren does not reply, but only smiles.

Dyson returns to the gym to find Alycia and Mark sitting quietly. When he approaches Alycia, she strikes him before revealing that she knows about the Fae, about the Ancients as Mark has revealed everything to her. Dyson claims that he hid information from Alycia to keep her safe, she retorts that he did so to keep themselves safe and not her. She then demands to see her husband Kevin. Mark then enters into the argument, telling Dyson he has no idea what Alycia can, or cannot, accept. Dyson tells Mark: "You have no idea what I know." Mark tells Dyson: "Iris is dead. She's dead and I can barely stand it", Mark then demanding that Dyson do the right thing for Alycia. Dyson curtly tells Alycia: "Come." When she asks why, he replies: "I'll show you."

The next scene has Dyson and Alycia arriving at Lauren's clinic and visiting Kevin who remains in a coma. Alycia asks what is happening, and Dyson replies: "Waiting." Dyson tells her that Kevin still exists, but is buried deeply and they have no idea if he will ever come out of the coma, or be Kevin again. Alycia then touches Kevin's cheek and then pulls away, adding: "I don't know how to feel." Dyson replies: "How could you? Don't lose hope." She then asks Dyson if he ever lost someone and he replies that, in a way, he has. When asked how long it took him to get over it, Dyson replies: "I'll let you know when I do." Alycia then leaves, telling Dyson not to follow her as she does so.

At the Dal Riata, Bo has shown Trick the painting and he exclaims: "Incredible. A depiction of the last time the Ancients were seen on Earth before they vanished." Bo comments that Zeus and Hades are enemies, then they must intend to use the painted to banish each other once more using the painting. Bo then comments: "We have the power to banish both Zeus and Jack." Kenzi asks who Jack is, and Bo explains that is the name they are using when referring to Hades.Trick points out: "We have the painting, but we don't know how it works." Bo replies that Persephone said it was the key while Trick comments: "The Odyssey speaks of a melody so seductive that the ships were carrying to their own demise." Bo wonders if this is also enough to send the Ancients to their ends as well as Kenzi wonders: "So where's the play button?" Bo stares at the painting for a long moment then asks for liquorice. Kenzi returns with a jar of candy, which Bo then takes some liquorice out of, placing it on the painting. Bo comments to Trick: "Your candy jar is being put to good use." While Kenzi replies: "Finally. Usually it's your candy jar that comes to the rescue." Trick sighs and asks: "Can we please for once not talk about my granddaughter's candy in front of me?" Both Bo and Kenzi reply: "Eww!" which makes Trick answer: "Oh now I'm crossing the line?" Bo places several strands onto the painting which reveals that each figure's head in the painting is a note, the song now revealed. Kenzi then hums the song and when Bo and Trick look at her, Kenzi replies: "Nate taught me how to read music." Bo believes that Kenzi could have the singer they need, referring to Heathcliff Santiago.

After yet another commercial break, Bo and Kenzi approach Hades to seek out answers. When Kenzi sees Hades, she comments: "Thought he'd be taller." Hades replies: "And you must be MacKenzie. It's a pleasure. I'd shake your hand but..." Kenzi responds: "I'll hold off on any reciprocation for the moment, thank you." Hades comments: "And you're funny. That's your gift" which seems to make Kenzi uncomfortable. Bo then shows Hades the painting and he adds: "The Vanishing." Bo replies: "A little birdy told me it contains the first song." When Bo asks how the painting works, Hades answers: "A true Siren sings the first song at the one they intend to banish." Bo is shocked as she asks: "It's that easy?" Hades replies: "I see a painting. I do not seen a Siren." Kenzi taunts: "Oh, we're covered." Hades then adds: "The Siren's song needs to come into contact with the one you are banishing. Putting them in that line of fire may prove difficult." Bo smiles: "Difficult is my middle name." Hades tells Bo that isn't true, and she agrees, adding: "I don't have a middle name." Hades asks: "Is that what you have been told?" After a moment's silence, Hades continues: "A warning if I may. The first song can work on you too." This being the reason why, according to Hades, he sent Persephone to retrieve it. He then asks Bo what happens if Zee directs the song at her and Bo answers: "I'll sidestep." Hades points a finger at Bo, then she and Kenzi leave. Bo then asks Kenzi where Zee would go, Kenzi replies that she would go into hiding so Hades couldn't banish her. Bo thinks that using the painting is too suspicious and Zee would not appear, but then Bo realizes that what they need to attract Zee is "family. And I know just the person."

Bo and Kenzi meet Persephone at Bo's home where she refuses to do as Bo asks. Bo and Kenzi warn her that Zee will try to control her and the only means to free herself from Zee is to banish her. Persephone warns them both that they have no idea what Zee is capable of, but Kenzi presses on, asking where Persephone's rebellious nature is, as: "In God years you are still a teenager! Where's the snarky-tood? The rebelliousness?" Don't you want to lock her up like she did to you?" Persephone does not answer, but Bo comments: "Even after everything she did to you." Persephone agrees, but Bo tells her: "I get it." and also warns that if she does not go after Zee, Zee will come for her. When Persephone asks if one of them is hurt, Lauren appears and answers: "You'll have a medic standing by." Bo greets Lauren, but Lauren continues: "I came here to talk to you. Looks like we have a mission to take Zee down first."

At the Dal Riata, Dyson is meeting with Trick and explaining there is a security breech. Trick comments: "The same human that is bunking in your boxing gym. That is a problem." Trick reminds Dyson: "You know the rules. She is at risk and she is a risk." Dyson explains to Trick that he doesn't want Alycia harmed, Trick then offers "there are ways to make her forget" but Dyson will not accept them,saying that she has been through enough. Trick replies: "Then I think you know what you need to do" before leaving Dyson to his thoughts.

Elsewhere, Persephone meets with Zee (Amanda Walsh) who comments: "I haven't heard your dove call in ages." After seeing Persephone, Zee tells her: "My, you've grown." Persephone answers: "One has to when one is banished to Hel." Persephone asks Zee how she could allow Hades to take her and is told that she had negotiated a release for her, but Persephone "was always a snacker." Persephone sighs: "So it's my fault. I ate the seeds, I sealed my fate." Zee tells her: "I've made mistakes and my mistakes have left me alone. Forgive me?" The two then embrace, but as they do Persephone whispers: "It's a trap." Zee replies with a smile: "Of all of the people that want to screw me, I never thought it would be my little girl." Persephone answers" Like you said, Tartarus has been good to me." Bo, Kenzi, Lauren and Heathcliff then appear with the painting, Bo asking Heathcliff to sing the song. But before he can, Zee and Persephone separate which allows Zee to throw a bolt of lightning to Heathcliff's neck, damaging his voice. When Bo moves to confront Zee, she is warned: "Don't move or I'll turn you all into dust." Zee then demands Heathcliff, adding: "There's a song I've been dying to hear. It's called... Succubus go bye-bye."

Following another commercial break, Zee has hold of Heathcliff and demands he sing, but Kenzi reminds her that she damaged his voice. Zee then tells Heathcliff to sing or: "I'll have to put you down for good." Heathcliff replies: "I've lived a long time. Retirement's not so bad." Kenzi turns to Bo and tells her: "I can't see him. Not like Hale, not again. Please." Bo then offers herself in exchange for allowing everyone else to live, but Kenzi does not like this either. Bo then asks Lauren to restore Heathcliff's voice and she approaches him. After a moment of touching him, Zee asks: "What's the diagnosis?" and Lauren answers: "A serious case of bitch." Lauren then sings the song like a Siren which causes Zee to vanish into nothingness. Both Bo and Kenzi look at Lauren in shock, Bo asking: "What the hell was that?" Lauren answers: "That is the thing we have to talk about."

Elsewhere, Dyson meets with Alycia, who tells Dyson she "doesn't have a lot of time." Dyson tells her that he will not apologize for protecting "his kind" and when Alycia tells Dyson that she thought he trusted her, Dyson responds: "That's something hard for me to do." Dyson asks to "make it up" to her and then they enter the Dal Riata. Trick then pours them both a drink, telling them to "enjoy" before walking away. Alycia comments: "That must be Trick." Dyson is surprised for a moment, then realizes that Mark told Alycia about him. After Dyson tells her that everyone in the Dal Riata is Fae, she says it is "creepy" as "some of them are staring at me, and they look hungry." Dyson explains that some Fae do not like humans as much as others do. Dyson explains that nothing will happen, nad as well that he wants her to be part of the Fae world. When Dyson explains that he is claiming her, Alycia is enraged, then begins to leave, but Dyson explains that claiming her means that he will "be responsible" for her which Alycia takes as meaning she will be "a burden" to him. As she attempts to leave, Dyson explains: "I've never done this before." When she asks why, Dyson replies: "I've never had reason to. Until now." Dyson goes on to explain that: "Claiming means you are part of us." When Alycia mulls that it sounds like a commitment, she wonders if Dyson will "get down on one knee" and he tells her: "Not quite" as the two return to the bar and share the drink that Trick poured for them both, Dyson's last comment being: "But it does mean you get one hell of a drinking buddy."

Lauren, Bo and Vex are meeting at Bo's place where Lauren touches Vex's hand to show what she can do. Vex does warn Lauren that the last time she did so, he was weakened for hours afterward. Lauren then makes Bo put both of her hand in the air, which convinces her of what Lauren can do. When Lauren releases Bo, she says in shock: "Whoa." When Lauren asks what Bo thinks, Bo replies: "I did say 'Whoa.'". Lauren explains to Bo: "That's how I sucked your Chi and survived the accident." Bo whispers: "You can be whatever kind of Fae you are touching." Vex adds: "And you can weaken them while you are at it." He then looks at Bo and continues: "You've not feeling this." When Bo asks why Vex is weakened, but not herself, Lauren explains it is because of Bo's succubus healing ability. Vex then interrupts with: "Apologies if I am going to kill some buzz here but if you think your Fae to human serum was a threat, this is a million times worse. What happens when the colony finds out? What happens when Evony finds out?" Bo tells Vex: "Why would they find out? You're not going to talk. Are you?" Vex warns: "I'd better get a prize for this." before he leaves.

Lauren then tells Bo: "If you are wondering how I can read music, Grade Four band. Recorder. Top of my class." After Bo gives Lauren a long look, Lauren comments: "You aren't happy about this are you." Bo then explains that she loves Lauren for who she is, not what she is, adding: "As long as you are you." Lauren asks: "What if this is me? But with benefits. I get to help people for longer. The Eternal Healer. Yes, I've coined myself a little name. And the most obvious Bo? I get to be with you forever." Bo asks: "Are you a Fae or a Conduit? I don't understand." Lauren explains: "I haven't figured that out yet. Let's just say it's a step in the right direction." When Bo worries about the effects of taking on so many powers, Lauren assures Bo that she has been examined and "I show no signs this is effecting me negatively." When Bo asks who, Lauren continues: "It doesn't matter. I want this. For me. For us. Don't you want it too?" Bo smiles, telling Lauren: "Of course I do" as the pair embrace, but Bo is seen with a troubled expression as she does so.

After the final commercial break, Bo is watching Kenzi pack her things, telling Kenzi that she is sorry about everything that has happened, adding: "Back only a few days and your life already has been in danger." Kenzi smiles: "I wouldn't have it any other way." Kenzi then tells Bo that she is going to "stick around for a bit" but Bo tells Kenzi that she has her own life and should get back to it. Kenzi then insists that it will only be until things are settled between Bo and Hades, but this only makes Bo again tell Kenzi to go, saying that her father is dangerous and she doesn't want anything to happen to Kenzi. Kenzi then asks Bo why she didn't use the painting to get rid of her father and Bo replies: "I don't know. I don't know how I feel about all of this." Kenzi sighs and walks off, telling Bo: "It's complicated. Yes, I know." Bo asks: "You don't think it's crazy I want him to stay?" Kenzi replies: "Not at all. He's your father." Bo insists that Hades will be on Earth only until she gets the answers she wants from him. Kenzi then warns Bo: "You get what you need, but you do not trust him. He's smart and dangerous. Promise me you will be careful." Bo promises Kenzi she will be careful and the two embrace. Bo tells Kenzi: "With everything so crazy right now, having you back, even for a bit, it helped." Kenzi then tells Bo something her mother told her: "Don't try and be too smart darling. It might get you killed." Kenzi then picks up her bag, tells Bo she loves her, and then leaves, leaving Bo to her thoughts about what is happening around her, and what her father wants.

The final scene of the episode begins with Hades telling someone: "You owe me." And then it is revealed that Zee was not banished, telling Hades: "Nice magic trick." as he rewrote the first song which Bo and the others fell for "wrapping it up with a Bo." When Zee asks why, adding that Hades did not hesitate when he banished Zee, Hera and Iris in the past, Hades replies: "Your time will come. When it's just." As Hades gazes upon the painting, Zee asks: "What are you doing here Jack?" He answers: "What. Are you going to try to stop me? In that body? Whatever you do, you leave my daughter alone." Zee replies: "Mine turned on me, so what makes you think that Bo won't do the same thing to you?" Hades replies: "Controversial I know, but I believe father knows best and Bo will come to believe it too." Zee then turns and begins to walk away, Hades calling out: "Brother? There is no point in resisting me. It has begun." Zee then leaving in the next moment.

The final images of the episode begin with Hades looking at the painting once more before ripping off the false painting to reveal the painting of the The Pyripuss which Trick has a copy of. Hades then is seen smiling as the episode ends.

Questions in this Episode

  • Considering that for the entire series to this point, anytime that Bo had taken Chi from another, or given it back, the person giving or receiving the Chi never had their eyes glow, why is it that Bo ignores this as she was looking at Lauren when this happened?
  • What happened as a result of the accident? Did Dyson have to cover it up?
  • Mark seemed to get over losing Iris really fast when he saw Kenzi at Bo's place. Considering events later in the episode, that might have been a brave front., but what if it has something to do with his Fae abilities coming out?
  • Kenzi's comment about loving her new life tells a lot about how much she's changed. But how much has she changed with regards to her relationship with everyone?
  • Has Kenzi been completely accepted by the Santiago family or is Hale's father still not accepting her?
  • Who stole the painting from Kenzi's estate? That is never really explained.
  • How did they know where the painting was?
  • We never see what happened when Kenzi and Tamsin met after Kenzi returned, only in the Dal Raita. Was there anything said between them? Any anger? Happiness? Something?
  • We see Vex at Lauren's clinic. Did he ever visit Mark when he was there?
  • How did Tamsin find the painting when it was so hidden and secretive?
  • How did Bo figure out where the painting was, what the security was, and who gave her the equipment to see the lasers?
  • Persephone, as a dove, was not in the laser room when Bo entered. How did she get in there?
  • How did Persephone, and Bo for that matter, get out of the gallery with the painting?
  • What is Hades purpose in stroking Lauren's ego? Is he subtly trying to influence her to do his bidding?
  • As Alycia knows about the Fae and has been claimed by Dyson, does that mean her marriage is over?
  • Alyica touched Kevin who may, or may not, still have Hera inside of him. Could Hera have transferred into Alycia's body and is now impersonating her, or at least existing in her?
  • What is the significance of using the name Jack for Hades? What does it refer to?
  • What exactly tipped Bo off that the heads of the figures in the painting represented notes?
  • Hades told Kenzi her gift was she was funny. Was this just a means to tick Kenzi off?
  • Trick mentions ways of making someone forget about the Fae. What are they?
  • What happened to Persephone after she left Zee's embrace? Did she just run?
  • Zee must have known that the painting did not show the right song to banish her. So why did she go along with events?
  • As Dyson has claimed Alycia, what does that mean going forwards? Considering the track record of those that are close to him, save for Bo, how long will it be until something happens to her?
  • How much does Lauren take out of a Fae when she uses their powers?
  • What is the price to keeping Vex quiet about Lauren's power?
  • What happens when the colony finds out?
  • What happens when Evony finds out?
  • How is Lauren going to keep her power a secret?
  • What would happen if Lauren was in contact with Trick? Would his powers shift over to her?
  • Considering that Lauren called herself the Eternal Healer, are her abilities changing how she thinks and who she is?
  • If Hades examined Lauren, and lied when he claimed that nothing was effecting her, why?
  • Where is Kenzi staying, if she is staying nearby?
  • Why did Zee call Hades... Jack?
  • How did Zee get in to see Hades anyway? Isn't anyone watching him?
  • How is Hades going to "convince" Bo that he is right?
  • What does the actual painting do?
  • Why is Hades remaining where he is?
  • Who gave Hades the painting? Wouldn't Bo keep it?
  • How does Hades get rid of the false painting?

Answers in this Episode

  • Lauren survived her accident, and at the beginning of the episode Bo believed that she was the one to save Lauren while Lauren was unsure of what happened exactly.
  • Bo did note that she was not in control of her giving Lauren Chi, but thinks nothing of it.
  • Bo and Dyson have been searching for Zee, at one point staking out her condominium.
  • The exterior scene where Kenzi appeared in a stretch limousine was shot at 225-235 Sherway Gardens Road, which is close to the Sherway Gardens shopping mall in Etobicoke. You can see an image of the location here. The shoot was exterior only and lasted for one day.
  • Bo listed the nicknames: Hades, Jack, BF (Birth Father) and Lauren's Lab Rat, which she has for her father.
  • It is notable that at the end of the episode. Zee calls Hades 'Jack.'
  • Kenzi returns in this episode, having a new look for herself.
  • Kenzi has been well looked after through what Hale left for her and, one assumes, by the Santiago family as well.
  • Hale's grandfather is named Heathcliff Santiago.
  • Apparently Kenzi lives in a castle in Spain and "castillo" was Kenzi's word of the week.
  • Hale's grandfather gave him the painting called "The Vanishing" over 200 years ago.
  • The painting apparently holds the key to how the Ancients disappeared from the Earth, but Heathcliff did not know the entire story.
  • Apparently, Bo's killing of the Una Mens is well known.
  • Kenzi went undercover as a tour guide, but didn't quite manage it well.
  • To cover up her lack of art knowledge when challenged, Kenzi pushed one of the art lovers into a painting which set off alarms and allowed Kenzi to warn Bo that the gallery used lasers to protect the paintings.
  • The laser beam heist scene is a homage to actress Catherine Zeta-Jones and her scene in the 1999 heist film Entrapment.
  • Big Red is a type of chewing gum available in Canada. You can find out more about it here.
  • Bo encounters Persephone in the laser room for the first time since she saw her in Valhalla during Like Hell, Part II .
  • Persephone is bound to Hades and when he returned to Earth, she came as well.
  • Persephone claims that Zee, as Zeus, was the one that imprisoned her.
  • Because Bo imprisoned Hades, Persephone claims that she is then also imprisoned by Bo. Bo however releases her.
  • Persephone tells Bo that the painting: "contains the first song."
  • Lauren explains that she injected herself with the serum, expecting to extend her life span to that of a Fae, but instead she turned herself into what she calls a Conduit.
  • A Conduit takes on the powers of the Fae they have touched for an unknown period of time, but seemingly with a limit.
  • Lauren is confused and concerned about this, and Hades plays upon her thoughts, telling Lauren that she could be "more than all of us put together."
  • Mark revealed the existence of the Fae to Alycia.
  • Mark admits that the loss of Iris is eating him up inside and he cannot stand seeing what Alycia is going through.
  • Dyson took Alycia to see her husband, who remains in a coma at Lauren's clinic.
  • Dyson told Alycia that he has lost someone: "in a way" and that he isn't over it.
  • According to Trick, the painting depicts the last time the Ancients were seen on Earth before they vanished. Oddly there are echoes in the art of the painting The Last Supper.
  • Later in the episode, Bo tells Kenzi that they are calling Hades, Jack.
  • Trick's comments about the painting, specifically the story about the song, seems to refer more to Sirens than the painting.
  • When the painting is marked in a similar way to sheet music, it is then revealed that each figure's head represents a note, which then gives the song.
  • The song must be sung by a Siren for it to have any effect.
  • According to Kenzi, Nate taught her how to read music.
  • Hades commented to Kenzi: "And you're funny. That's your gift."
  • Bo seems to believe she has no middle name, but Hades suggests that she might.
  • Hades reveals that a Siren must sing the song in the painting at the person they wish to banish.
  • Hades also warned Bo that the song would also banish her, if she was caught in it.
  • Dyson has claimed Alycia in much the same way as Bo claimed Kenzi so long ago in the series.
  • Lauren has used her power to become a Succubus, a Mesmer, and a Siren.
  • Vex is aware of what Lauren can do.
  • Bo, Kenzi, Heathcliff, and one presumes, Zee and Persephone, are aware of Lauren's abilities as well as Hades.
  • Lauren notes that Bo did not feel any effects of Lauren's powers because of her rapid healing ability.
  • Vex has warned that Lauren's new serum is "a million times worse" than the Fae to human one she created.
  • Vex also warned both Lauren and Bo about the colony, or Evony, finding out about what has happened.
  • Vex has been asked to keep Lauren's secret, his answer being that he wants a prize for doing so.
  • Lauren learned to read music in Grade Four band. She played recorder and was, according to her, the top of her class.
  • Lauren referred to herself as the "Eternal Healer"
  • Lauren told Bo that she has been examined, but not by whom. It can be assumed that Hades did so.
  • Kenzi tells Bo that she will be around for a while.
  • Kenzi warns Bo not to trust Hades.
  • Kenzi's mother told her once: "Don't try and be too smart darling. It might get you killed."
  • Zee was never banished, her disappearance was a "magic trick" by Hades by rewriting the first song.
  • Hades possesses the painting and has it with him.
  • Hades claims to have a plan to make sure that Bo agrees with him.
  • Zee called Hades, Jack, even though she never heard him referred to as such.
  • Hades seems to be unconcerned about Zee being a threat to him, making a comment about the body that Zee possesses.


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