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Lost Girl character
Lauren, Former Human Doctor of the Light and Dark Fae
Lauren, Former Human Doctor
of the Light and Dark Fae
First appearance

It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World
Last appearance

Portrayed by

Zoie Palmer
Nickname(s) Dr. Lauren Lewis
Aliases Karen Beattie
Species Human
Conduit (formerly)[1]
Gender Female
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Relatives Edna (Aunt)
Unnamed Brother
Appeared In 69 Episodes
Aligned Light Fae (currently)
Dark Fae (former)
Fate Active
Last seen in Rise with Bo and Dyson at the Dal Riata

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Lauren, formally known as Doctor Lauren Lewis, and previously being named Karen Beattie, was the name of a character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series who was the primary doctor to the Light Fae, served The Ash, and is now Bo's lover and girlfriend. She is human but transformed herself into a "Conduit" during the latter part of the fifth season, but later went back. She is extremely knowledgeable in the existence of the Fae and their world.

The role was played by the actress Zoie Palmer. Lauren has appeared in a total of nine First Season episodes, eighteen Second Season episodes, thirteen Third Season episodes, twelve Fourth Season episodes and sixteen Fifth Season episodes. She first appeared in the series premiere It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where she first met Bo and became enamored by her. As the series progressed, her relationship with Bo became more involved until in the third season she and Bo became a couple. This relationship faced many hurdles but survived until Lauren broke off their relationship during the third season of the series. They got back together in the fifth but then Lauren broke it off again until they got back for the third time in the series finale.

It was also revealed through the second season that Lauren had a girlfriend named Nadia who was seemingly in a coma for an extended period of time. Bo discovered that in fact Nadia was under a curse and removed it, reuniting Lauren and Nadia. Bo was then forced to kill Nadia in self-defense when she was possessed by The Garuda at the end of the Second Season.

During the third season, it was revealed that Lauren's real name was Karen Beattie and she was wanted by the authorities for questioning over her actions in the past as a political protestor among other possible reasons. This drove Lauren from serving The Ash to joining with Doctor Isaac Taft in his plans to become Fae. Lauren was blamed for what were claimed by The Morrigan to be terrorist actions and she was isolated from the Fae, becoming a wanted human facing death if captured. Her final appearance was in the season finale of the third season, Those Who Wander. Lauren discovered that Aife, Bo's mother was alive and being held by Doctor Taft. She also discovered the lengths to which Doctor Taft would go to in order to complete his plans which included torture and mass killings of Fae. Lauren succeeded in making Doctor Taft Fae, but managed to trick him, allowing Dyson to eventually kill Doctor Taft.

She returned in the Fourth Season, her current whereabouts unknown and uncertain at the beginning of the season. It was revealed that she had taken on a false identity and was working as a waitress in a diner before having to run when she was discovered, but being kidnapped and held with Crystal, the waitress she befriended by persons unknown. It was then revealed that Lauren had been taken by the Dark Fae and given to The Morrigan. She then joined the Dark Fae as she felt the Light Fae did not help her when she needed them. Having gained the trust of The Morrigan, she managed to obtain a sample of The Morrigan's DNA and with it created a drug which turned The Morrigan human. After doing so, Lauren fell into the clutches of Massimo, a human Druid, who then transformed himself by consuming the powers of the Una Mens and becoming a threat. Lauren was present when Bo fought Massimo, eventually killing him. The Morrigan was also present and Bo used her as the means to defeat Massimo. When Lauren was safe, she reconciled with Bo before attending to The Morrigan who she said needed assistance after becoming human. At the end of the Fourth Season, Lauren's whereabouts were not clear, though it can be inferred that she is looking after The Morrigan and is somewhere nearby.

During the Fifth Season, Lauren's relationship with Bo went through some rough patches and Lauren found that Tamsin was attempting to compete for Bo's attention. Lauren had also opened her own clinic with the financial assistance of Evony in exchange for Lauren's efforts in finding a means to return Evony to being Fae again. Lauren was also involved with the arrival of the Ancients over the course of the season as well. In the latter part of the season, Bo and Lauren rekindled their relationship, and Lauren injected herself with an experimental serum which transformed her into that she called a "Conduit." Through this change, Lauren's life span was to be increased to that of a Fae, but instead she gained the ability to take the power from any Fae she came in contact with and use that power as she saw fit. But Lauren later realized she was losing herself and took an antidote and then broke up with Bo, as she didn't want her to suffer when she (Lauren) passes on. Later, at the final episode of the series, Dyson tells Lauren that a relationship with Bo will be complicated, but worth it. Lauren then asks Bo to spend the rest of her life with her, promising not to break her heart a third time. Bo then kisses Lauren, renewing their relationship for good. Lauren was present in the final scene of the series along with Bo and Dyson when they made a promise to Dagny that whatever the future held, they would be ready to face it together.

Character History

First Season

Lauren appeared in the series premiere episode It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where she was introduced as being the doctor to the Light Fae. No background information was given on her at that time, but the episode marked the first meeting between Lauren and Bo. Lauren examined Bo under the orders of The Ash and during the examination, Bo used her powers to obtain information and try to influence Lauren, but she was interrupted in doing so by Dyson. One of the questions that has not been examined over the course of the series was if Bo's use of her powers had a permanent influence on Lauren in some way with regards to her future relationship with Bo. However, as Lauren was aware that Bo was a Succubus, and as such she would have been aware of what Bo's powers were, it seems unlikely.

During Where There's a Will, There's a Fae, Lauren gave Bo an injection which was supposed to help Bo control her need to feed on others. As well, Lauren suggested to Bo that she join the Light Fae, but Bo was not inclined to do so. During this conversation, the first beginnings of a relationship between Lauren and Bo began to appear. Through the episode Faetal Attraction, Lauren's interest in Bo was noted by Kenzi, as well Lauren had to deal with a insane Harpy in her care who died after being questioned by Dyson.

Food for Thought showed Lauren acting in her role as doctor to the Light Fae when she went to the aid of a sick Aswang. The situation became worse when Kenzi ate some soup that made the Aswang ill and became gravely ill as well. With Bo's help, Lauren managed to discover the source of the illness which was a Basilisk being held captive in a medical facility and create a cure which saved Kenzi's life. It is conceivable that this episode marked the first indication of the future threat in Season Three of Doctor Isaac Taft and his desire for revenge against the Fae and becoming one himself. Also during this episode, Lauren and Bo have an encounter at the Dal Riata where they talk about Bo's powers and what she can see in others, Bo noting that she can see in Lauren curiosity, but not all of it scientific in nature.

In ArachnoFaebia, Lauren, Dyson and Bo had an uncomfortable moment together at the Dal Riata during which some sexual innuendos were passed among them, but it was very obvious that both Dyson and Lauren were uncomfortable with the other being there. This marked the beginning of the friction that developed over the series between the two over their relationship with Bo. Lauren also assisted Dyson in dealing with a Djieiene who caused paranoia in Kenzi, Bo and Hale. Lauren was responsible for locating the Djieiene's weakness and exploiting it to kill the Fae creature.

Vexed was a difficult moment in Lauren's relationship with Bo in that Lauren was ordered by The Ash to divert Bo's attention from Vex who Bo was focused on making pay for what he did to another Fae. Lauren and Bo have their first intimate moment in the series in this episode. Afterwards, Bo realized through Lauren's attempt at holding her back from seeking revenge, that the only reason Lauren shared a bed with her was because The Ash ordered Lauren to do so. This turned Bo against Lauren, shattering their relationship for a time.

During The Mourning After, the breakdown of Lauren's relationship with Bo continued with Bo moving closer to Dyson as a result. While Lauren met with Bo, their once warm relationship had become very formal and business-like, reverting to a doctor-patient relationship more than anything else. Lauren did attempt to apologize to Bo at one point, but Bo could not bring herself to forgive Lauren at that time. Lauren made a short appearence in Faetal Justice where she examined evidence that Dyson was responsible for the death of a Dark Fae. She encountered Bo again, but again was rebuffed by her over Lauren's actions for The Ash.

Lauren also appeared in the First Season finale Blood Lines where after Aife attacked Dyson, Bo visited Lauren to try and find out how to fight Succubi. Following this, Lauren asked Bo for time to explain to her why she did what she did to Bo in the past. Bo did agree to this and planned to see Lauren thereafter. However, after Aife attacked the Light Fae leadership and gravely injured The Ash, Lauren's focus turned to dealing with the disaster and the injured and dead in her lab. Lauren does tell Bo of the Koushang, a talisman which is proof against the power of Succubi and where she can find one in the storerooms of The Ash. Before Bo leaves to fight her mother, she and Lauren have a moment where they mend their relationship slightly, Following this, according to the episode, Lauren joined the survivors and the Noble Families in a secure place with Hale.

At the end of the first season, little was known about Lauren's background save that she was a human owned by The Ash. The reason for her being involved with the Fae had not been explained and would not be until the latter half of the Second Season. It had been made clear that she was a talented doctor and seemed to be extremely knowledgable about Fae. There were signs of Lauren and Bo's relationship starting to form, but it did not progress at any great speed until the Second and Third Seasons.

Second Season

During the Second Season, more of Lauren's background was revealed including that she had a girlfriend named Nadia who had been in an apparent coma for five years. Her relationship with Bo became closer but did have many stresses upon it including Bo having to kill Nadia in self-defence when Lauren was attacked. Cracks also began to appear with regards to Lauren being under the control of The Ash which would climax during the events of the Third Season.

Lauren appeared in the Second Season premiere Something Wicked This Fae Comes where she was seen trying to keep The Ash alive and help Trick with his injuries from the previous season finale. She also assisted Bo. Hale and Dyson in investigating the actions of a group of travelling Fae who were scheming against The Ash. Lauren had a pivotal role in

I Fought the Fae (And the Fae Won) where she had to deal with the coming of The New Ash and what that event would mean to her life and her relationship with Bo in the future. She also saved a Fae from being killed in a Stag Hunt by neutralizing a poison that would have killed her otherwise.

In Scream a Little Dream, Lauren's relationship with Bo suffered another setback when The New Ash severed their relationship and forbid them from seeing each other again without his permission and begins to put more and more pressure upon Lauren herself making her doubt her allegiance to The Ash and the Fae.

In BrotherFae of the Wolves Lauren sought sanctuary in Bo's home from The Ash when he proclaims that all humans he owns will be locked in their quarters when not serving him. As well Lauren helps Bo and Dyson to deal with locating a Mongolian Death Worm. At the end of this episode, Dyson was with Ciara and Lauren was with Bo their relationship beginning to mend and progress forward.

It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away contained major revelations about Lauren in that the first clue was given for her reason being connected to the Fae and The Ash in particular. The Ash appeared at Bo's home and after threatening Kenzi's life, demanded that Lauren return to serving him. Soon afterwards Lauren did so and was seen talking to what appeared to be her girlfriend, who was encased in a pod-like capsule in a laboratory, but was not named at that time, but would be revealed as being Nadia later in the season. The episode also marked where Lauren and Bo's relationship turned from simply platonic towards a deeper, more meaningful one that would find many stumbling blocks and issues going forwards.

In Fae Gone Wild more is revealed about Lauren's past and her girlfriend Nadia. Lauren was being watched constantly by others that worked for The Ash to make sure she was not overstepping her bounds. In spite of this, Trick asks Lauren about a problem with the Fae where many of them are falling into a blind rage and attacking others. At the end of the episode, Bo revealed to Lauren the gift that The Morrigan gave her in a previous episode. Bo tells Lauren that she knows about Nadia because The Morrigan told her. Lauren explains that Nadia has been in a coma for the past five years since they were in the Congo on a research grant. Five months into their excursion, a disease attacked nearby villages and Lauren went to help. In doing so she discovered the Fae as they were the only ones being killed by the disease. Nadia became the only human to be attacked by the disease, falling into a coma as believed from it. The Old Ash was present and offered Lauren assistance in finding a cure for Nadia, but at the price of her complete servitude to him. When they open the gift, they discover a strange object which, according to The Morrigan, was the answer to why Nadia had been in a coma for so long but neither Bo nor Lauren has any idea what it meant.

During Death Didn't Become Him, Bo and Lauren see a Lich to try and find out what The Morrigan's gift represents. However, Bo is forced by the Lich to make a choice, to die or to feed on Lauren so that he can experience what Bo feels when she does so. Bo refuses and seems to die from the wound she has suffered, but comes back to life and draws the Chi from everyone in the room save for Lauren, proving to be fatal to the Lich and those under his control. Bo speaks in a strange voice and declares that she can make everyone obey her, but then collapses and returns to normal. Afterwards, Lauren does not tell Bo what she saw Bo do or say. Before the Lich dies, he reveals that Nadia, is not suffering from a disease, but that she has been cursed and to save her they need to find the copy of the nail The Morrigan gave them to remove the curse.

During the events of Original Skin, Lauren's body was possessed by a criminal Fae who attempted to kill The Ash, but failed when Dyson, possessing Kenzi's body, stopped him. At the end of the episode, order was restored and Lauren was returned to her own body. Lauren tells Bo that while in Limbo, she saw her aunt Edna who gave her a recipe for cheesecake. But it was revealed that Lauren had a deep dark desire is to be rid of the Ash and this is what drove the criminal in Lauren's body to do so.

In Raging Fae, Lauren attempted to help Bo deal with a ghost from her past when she had to confront the sister of her human boyfriend that she had killed by accident. In doing so, their relationship strengthened once more, but there was still a distance between the two mainly over Lauren failing to reveal Nadia to Bo in the past.

During Can't See the Fae-Rest the strife between Lauren and The New Ash came to a head when she demanded The Ash help her to solve the mystery of Nadia's curse. When her request was refused, Lauren attempted to defy The Ash by not carrying out his orders which resulted in her being imprisoned in The Ash's compound.

Masks changed Lauren's life in many ways, not the least being that Bo, given information and assistance by The Ash managed to free Nadia from her curse thus reuniting Lauren with her girlfriend. While this ended, at least for a time, Bo's relationship with Lauren, it did bring Lauren happiness for a time at least. However, as Bo was told not to tell Lauren what happened, Lauren believed that The Ash ended the curse and returned herself to the Ash's control and pledged herself to him and the Fae once more.

During Barometz. Trick. Pressure., Lauren appeared only long enough to borrow Bo's car so that she and Nadia could leave on a road trip, promising to return at a later point. But she shocks Bo when she explains that the Ash saved Nadia and that she gave herself back to the Ash again as a result which draws Bo into a confrontation with The Ash that answers many questions.

School's Out gave hints that there was something wrong with the relationship between Nadia and Lauren. After returning from their trip, Lauren did not tell Nadia about the Fae or what she does. Nadia suspects that Lauren is keeping secrets from her and begins to try to figure out what they might be. She also becomes very possessive of Lauren when near Bo. As the episode progresses, Bo meets with Lauren on several occasions, but keeps her distance out of respect for Lauren and Nadia's relationship, but this does not stop the friction between Lauren and Nadia.

In The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire, Lauren and Nadia visit Bo at her home, and Nadia searches through Bo's home to find clues about what Bo's relationship with Lauren is. Bo confronts Nadia and tells her that she has nothing to worry about, but Nadia doesn't seem to believe Bo. At the end of the episode, Lauren finds Nadia cutting herself with a knife, but Nadia has no memory of doing so. As they embrace, Nadia's face changes as if she is possessed by something or someone but Lauren does not see this.

Truth and Consequences brought Nadia's arc to an end when Lauren tried to figure out why Nadia was sick and finds that the cure may well be the one she created for the Fae, but Nadia will not take the cure. Lauren is then attacked by Nadia and then Nadia attacks Kenzi as well. When Nadia returns to Lauren she says she no memory of what she has done but demands that Lauren tell her everything that she has been hiding from her, and Lauren does so, including telling her about the Fae, The Ash and Bo. Bo confronts Nadia and discovers that Nadia was possessed by The Garuda. When Nadia attacks Lauren, Bo is forced to kill Nadia, leaving her dying in Lauren's arms.

During Lachlan's Gambit, Bo returned to Lauren in the aftermath of killing Nadia and finds Lauren very cold towards her as a result of what Bo did. Bo and Lauren talk finally, Lauren asking Bo if she can spend the night with her, Lauren telling Bo that she wants to leave the Fae forever, and Bo telling Lauren that she will support her and that Lauren is always welcome in her home. Lauren however goes to help Lachlan to remove venom from his body before he was killed by The Garuda as a last ditch attempt to defeat it through Bo confronting it.

Through Into the Dark, Lauren had to attend the funeral of Lachlan and attempt to preserve the venom she collected from him as it begins to deteriorate. She also attempts to mend her relationship with Dyson as he grieves over the loss of Ciara. As well, Bo and Lauren's relationship is rekindled, the two admitting to each other that they do, in fact, care about and love each other.

In the Second Season finale Flesh and Blood, Lauren joined Bo, Dyson, Hale, Kenzi, Vex and Hale's sister Val to confront The Garuda and end its threat. Lauren helped Bo to complete her plan to defeat The Garuda by injecting everyone that would be facing it with Bo's blood to bind them to her. She tried to save Kenzi when she was gravely injured, managing to do so with the aid of Hale. In the end, the group defeats The Garuda after it possesses Trick with the venom that Lauren saved. At the end of the episode, Dyson suggests to Lauren that since it will take some time for a new Ash to be chosen, this would be a good time for her to escape the Fae, but she does not make a choice to do so, focusing her attention on regaining Bo and their relationship.

At the end of the second season, Lauren had regained her girlfriend Nadia, but then lost her when Bo was forced to kill her due to the actions of The Garuda. This event had lasting effects on Lauren and drove her towards making a better and stronger relationship with Bo. However, she also knew that Dyson held a relationship with Bo as well and this would cause strife between herself and Bo in the future. The actions of Lachlan placed some doubt in Lauren's mind about the world she lived in and would come to cause her to make a decision in the third season with lasting effects on her relationship with Bo and with the Fae in general. However, there were still secrets about Lauren that were not revealed that would change who and how she was seen by those that were her friends and the Fae in general.

Third Season

During the Third Season, Lauren's relationship with Bo became very intimate with her becoming Bo's girlfriend and lover for a time. However the cost of that relationship was physically and emotionally tolling upon herself and Bo which eventually caused Lauren to push Bo away for their own good. In doing so, Lauren was contacted by Doctor Isaac Taft who used her in his plan to become Fae. Through this event it was revealed that Lauren's real name was Karen Beattie, and she was a fugitive from the law. Lauren gave up her connection to the Light Fae which in conjunction with events around Hale being named The Ash. lead to Lauren being declared an enemy of the Fae by The Morrigan. Lauren would break her ties with Bo, discover that Bo's mother Aife was alive and was being held by Doctor Taft, and then vanish without a trace at the end of the season.

Lauren's first appearance in the Third Season was in the season premiere Caged Fae where she went undercover with Bo in a Fae prison for Hale who had become the Acting Ash. Lauren disguised the fact she was human by using the scent of a Skunk Ape to do so and this would come back later in the season as an important plot point. By the end of this episode, Bo explains to Lauren that it is time that they give their relationship a real chance to work and the two commit to each other, this having many consequences for the pair.

During SubterrFaenean Lauren and Bo's relationship continues to grow, the two becoming more and more intimate. There are side effects for both however in that Lauren is losing energy, and becoming lethargic and ill while Bo, now trying to be monogamous, is not healing from her injuries well as she is attempting to survive by feeding as little as possible on Lauren.

Through the episode ConFaegion, more of Lauren's past is revealed. While trying to mend her relationship with Kenzi, Lauren reveals that she went to Yale and was in Afghanistan for a time. She also hints at her own insecurities about Bo. She also attempted to help Vex with the loss of his powers, but did not succeed in doing so. Vex suggested to Lauren that she cannot keep her relationship with Bo because she is human which drove Lauren onwards with new purpose. Lauren also deals with a parasite which infected Bo, Dyson and Tamsin that The Morrigan planted on Vex in an attempt to remove Bo as a threat to her.

Fae-de To Black was a difficult moment in Lauren's relationship with Bo. Bo being monogamous to Lauren caused Lauren to become weaker and Bo’s hunger grew stronger while being unable to heal herself as Bo did not have enough Chi to feed on until, after being injured severely, she was forced to feed from Dyson. Bo told Lauren what happened, and Lauren told Bo she can feed on others, but made Bo promise her that she would never feed on Dyson again.

During Faes Wide Shut, Bo and Lauren attempted to find a way to satisfy Bo's needs by looking for sexual partners at the Dal Riata, Bo eventually taking a female Fae home with her to feed upon. That Fae was then found dead soon afterwards and Bo was accused of murder by Tamsin. Bo and Lauren investigated an adult club that was owned by a Bacchus and when Lauren is threatened, Bo lost control of herself, but Lauren manages to bring her back with some difficulty. Dyson continues the investigation of Bo being a murderer as the evidence seemed to point to her killing Fae and Lauren covering for Bo's actions.

The Kenzi Scale turned Bo against Lauren when she would not believe that Kenzi had been replaced by a Kitsune that was impersonating her. However after the Faux Kenzi is killed by Dyson, Lauren was the one to discover the truth. Lauren also discovered that Bo's biology was changing as well, which was the first indications of Bo approaching her Dawning. She was present when Trick explained to Bo what The Dawning meant to her, but Bo did not accept Lauren's apology for not believing her which left some strains on their relationship.

Lauren appeared briefly in There's Bo Place Like Home to provide a means for Bo to overcome the biological effects of The Dawning for a short period of time, but could not provide Bo with a cure. It also seemed that her relationship with Bo had improved from the previous episode there being less tension between the two.

Fae-ge Against The Machine marked the point in Bo and Lauren's relationship where it began to break down. It also marked the beginning of Lauren being involved with Doctor Isaac Taft and would drive Lauren's story for the balance of the season. Lauren won an award for her work and asked Bo to go with her to accept it. Bo was unable to do so as she was deeply involved in a game who's purpose was to give her access to The Dawning. Lauren instead went out with Doctor Isaac Taft when he arrived at Lauren's home with her award and they went out together, Bo arriving too late to do anything about it.

Lauren was present during The Ceremony when Bo faced her Dawning, giving permission for Dyson to accompany Bo and protect her. When they return Bo changes as she did in Season Two when Lauren’s life was threatened and took the Chi from everyone around her and used it to revive Dyson, Bo taking Chi from Lauren as well. In the aftermath of this, it was plain to by Lauren that Bo's love for Dyson was at least as strong as Bo's love for her.

During Delinquents, Bo, Kenzi and Dyson investigated a series of deaths in a troubled youth camp. Lauren suffers when the Fae's human mate attacked Lauren in revenge, but Bo managed to save her. Tamsin plants doubt in Lauren about Bo and as a result of this and the attack on her, Lauren tells Bo that they need a "break" in their relationship. This marked a major change in Lauren's life and was the source of much of her decisions going forward as she seemed to see that she could not have Bo in her life any longer.

Adventures In Fae-bysitting marked a major reveal about Lauren's past and forced her to make a choice about her loyalties. Doctor Isaac Taft pushed Lauren to leave The Ash and work for him instead, apparently not knowing that Lauren is the property of The Ash. Lauren initially refuses his offer, but events would change her mind. A confrontation with Hale, who is now The Acting Ash places doubt in her mind about what she is doing. Soon afterwards Doctor Taft reveals that he knows Lauren's past which includes that her real name is Karen Beattie and she wanted by the authorities. He offers Lauren what he calls a "fresh start" and by the end of the episode, Lauren makes her choice. She accepts Doctor Taft's offer and severs all of her ties with The Ash, breaks her contacts with all of her Fae friends including Bo and after removing the pendant she wears marking her as being owned by The Ash, leaves her life behind.

All of Lauren's choices came to haunt her in Hail, Hale when she was betrayed by Doctor Taft and as a result, was marked as a terrorist by the Fae and made to be a fugitive from them. Hale’s inauguration began but Dyson was kidnapped by a group of humans who used the same scent Lauren used to hide the fact she was human in an earlier episode in the season. This, along with Lauren's handwriting on vials containing compounds which incapacitated Dyson and killed another Fae allowed The Morrigan to discredit Hale because evidence indicated that Lauren was involved in the attack and she was missing, her whereabouts unknown. Through this, The Morrigan forced a vote which declared that all humans held by the Fae, or connected to the Fae, were terrorists, Lauren becoming an enemy of the Fae. Lauren discovered that she was deceived by Isaac who had been hunting Fae and experimenting on them for years. Lauren was imprisoned along with Dyson and they discover that Aife, Bo's mother, is also being held by Doctor Taft.

In the Third Season finale Those Who Wander, Lauren made several fateful decisions which completely broke her relationship with Bo, made her a fugitive from the Fae and left many questions about her future unresolved. Doctor Taft convinced Lauren to use Dyson’s stem cells to turn himself into a Wolf-Shifter, but only if Doctor Taft allowed Bo to go free. Lauren performed the operation on Dyson and Taft, the procedure seeming to be a success. However Lauren switched Dyson's stem cells for another Fae's, thus tricking Doctor Taft and allowing Dyson to kill him, ending his threat. Lauren however vanishes soon after, her whereabouts unknown.

At the end of the Third Season, Lauren was a fugitive from the Fae and human authorities, her whereabouts unknown and unclear. She seemed to have lost much of her reason to live, had lost her relationship with Bo and her future seemed to be very dark. One question that remained was what happened to the stem cells that Lauren took from Dyson and what that might mean for the Fourth Season of the series.

Fourth Season

Lauren's first appearance was in the premiere episode In Memoriam where she appeared at the end of the episode, having lost her memories of Bo as a result of persons unknown. She had changed her hair color to red and appeared to be working as a waitress somewhere, exact location unknown. She regained her memories of Bo through the actions of Kenzi and Dyson as the episode ended.

In Sleeping Beauty School, Lauren was still hiding out as a waitress in a diner, calling herself Amber. She had started to have a relationship with one of the other waitresses there, but was trying to resist doing so and at one point called Dyson telling him she wanted to return. However Dyson told Lauren it was unsafe and she needed to remain where she was. She had to save the life of a Fae when they were choking in the presence of the other waitress. Having no other choice, Lauren begged her to delete the video of the event in order to keep her from being discovered and after the video was deleted, she revealed her real name to the waitress.

During Lovers. Apart., Lauren stated to create a relationship with Crystal, one of the waitresses at the diner and at one point spent the night with her, the two becoming intimate during a drunken evening together. When Lauren returned to the diner the next day, someone had been calling there looking for Karen, Lauren's other name. She then ran but encountered Crystal again while hitchhiking which then resulted in her being kidnapped.

In Turn to Stone, Lauren found herself imprisoned with Crystal by unknown persons. Lauren revealed that she and her brother, who's name was not revealed, were responsible for the deaths of 11 persons when they placed a pipe bomb on an oil pipeline. This event was the catalyst for Lauren running and changing her name. After coming to terms with Crystal, who revealed that she had been paid to keep an eye on Lauren, Lauren was then told by persons unknown to discover why a Fae Elder was dying. After doing so, she demanded to know who was holding them and why, assuming it was Hale. However, upon their reveling themselves, Lauren saw that it was not Hale's doing, but who was responsible was still unknown.

Let the Dark Times Roll found that the ones who kidnapped Lauren and Crystal were Dark Fae. Lauren was returned to The Morrigan, but Crystal's whereabouts were not known. Upon being placed into the care of The Morrigan, Lauren was reunited with Bo and then joined her to find Vex at the orders of The Morrigan. They did find Vex for The Morrigan, but did not take him to her. Afterwards Lauren told Bo that she had decided to join the Dark Fae as they were the only ones to look for and help her in the aftermath of the incident with Doctor Taft and the arrival of the Una Mens in the city. Upon learning this, Bo's relationship with Lauren took a turn for the worse.

During Of All the Gin Joints, Lauren was in the process of moving from her apartment which was owned by the Light Fae when The Morrigan appeared to help her move. They had a long moral discussion over what the Dark Fae represented and as well what Lauren was and not willing to do for The Morrigan, being clear that she would not sign anything or trust The Morrigan. When The Morrigan left, Lauren kissed her, The Morrigan commenting that Lauren 'tasted' Dark and then left. Afterwards Lauren was seen removing a film from her lips which might have contained some of The Morrigan's DNA and saved it as the episode ended.

In La Fae Époque, Lauren monitored Bo and Cassie, an Oracle Fae who made it possible to Bo to enter Dyson's memories and discover the truth about a crime he was accused of by the Una Mens. When Cassie left Bo within Dyson's memories, Lauren risked herself in order to make Bo leave Dyson's memories and save herself. Bo then kissed Lauren and in doing so also released her from Dyson's memories. Lauren was present as well when the truth about the crime was revealed, that being an attempt by the Una Mens in the past to locate a pair of shoes known as the Helskór.

During Groundhog Fae, Lauren and Dyson argued over whether they should give Bo a case that was addressed to her in her own handwriting. Vex became involved as the discussion devolved into a drunken debate over the case and as well the relationship between Bo, Dyson and Lauren. Eventually Lauren and Dyson came to terms with each other, but did not solve the question of whether or not the case should be given to Bo. At the end of the episode, Lauren left with Vex intending to reattach Vex's severed hand.

Lauren next appeared in Destiny's Child where she joined Dyson in a search for Bo when Bo left to confront The Wanderer. After locating Bo, Lauren helped Dyson to overcome two brothers that were confronting Bo before she watched Bo leave to find The Wanderer. Lauren was present when Bo returned to the Dal Raita and was shocked when Bo declared that The Wanderer, now known by his true name Rainer, was her "destiny".

In Waves, Lauren assisted Kenzi and Dyson in their investigation of why a Fae's legs were taken from her. Upon discovering that merfolk were involved and having Dyson, Kenzi and her own life threatened by a trio of merfolk, Lauren defeated them by spraying tap water at them, turning them into sea foam and ending their threat.

Lauren's plot against The Morrigan came to fruition in Origin. Lauren initially was seen in the Dark Fae archives looking for information on Rainer and found a book there which gave a troubling prophecy about him. Also at that time, Lauren overheard The Morrigan plotting to kill Bo, but she did not see who The Morrigan was speaking to or the result of that conversation. After meeting with Bo and having Bo clearly tell Lauren that her love was for Rainer, Lauren then left Bo and was intimate with The Morrigan. In doing so, Lauren was able to use a drug which transformed The Morrigan on a molecular level. This removed her Fae powers, abilities, and biology and made her, in Lauren's words: "100% human." After being tricked by Massimo that Bo wanted to talk to her, Lauren returned to see The Morrigan being called "mother" by Massimo. Lauren was then imprisoned by Massimo and was forced to bear witness as he ate the Origin Seed which contained all of the powers of the Una Mens. Whatever the effects were, Lauren was horrified by them, but no details were shown.

Lauren appeared in the season finale Dark Horse where she was held by Massimo through most of the episode. She was present when Bo attacked Massimo in an attempt to free her and gain revenge for Massimo killing Hale. At one point The Morrigan appeared and Bo used her to gain the upper hand on Massimo. Lauren freed herself using lessons she picked up from Kenzi's Shadow Thief training and stole the Twig of Zamora from Massimo that had been protecting him which allowed Bo to kill Massimo. Afterwards, Lauren and Bo reconciled, Lauren telling Bo that she was hers from the moment they first met, Bo warning Lauren that her being able to make Fae human would make her a threat, but Lauren seemed not to be afraid of that possibility. Lauren then went to help The Morrigan as she needed assistance since she was now human, but otherwise no other information was given about her future plans.

As of the end of the Fourth Season, Lauren's whereabouts are not clearly known, though it is likely she is with The Morrigan in some capacity.

Fifth Season

Lauren's first appearance in the Fifth Season was in the season premiere Like Hell, Part I where she attempted to watch over Bo as she used the Helskor to travel to Valhalla. After seeing Bo vanish into thin air when she puts on the Helskor, Lauren demanded answers from Tamsin, but instead of answering her questions, Tamsin gave Lauren a book of her experiences there which explained the purpose of the Helskor, that being for the wearer of them to bring a dark army from Valhalla to Earth. After some discussion with Dyson and Trick, Lauren attempted to cause the Gates to Valhalla to appear by using a lock of Tamsin's hair and reading a passage from Tamsin's diary. Lauren succeeded, but upon her and Dyson entering Valhalla, Lauren was possessed by one of the Valkyries, warned Dyson that he had trespassed, and then fainted into Dyson's arms.

In Like Hell, Part II, Lauren helped Dyson free Kenzi from her grave and afterwards attempted to give Kenzi a medical examination, but with little success. While sharing a drink in Lauren's medical room. the two were haunted by a spirit which both Lauren and Kenzi took to be Bo who was in Hel, they believing that Bo was sending a message that she needed help. Lauren went to Bo's home with Kenzi and after having a shower to remove the dirt from her body, Lauren seemed to have a sexual encounter with Bo. Following an attempt by Kenzi to contact Bo using a Ouija board that Trick loaned her, they discovered that Lauren was being haunted by a Edimmu which was disturbed from its rest when she and Dyson freed Kenzi. Lauren threw the board into Bo's fireplace and Kenzi destroyed it using an improvised flamethrower. Soon afterwards, a Valkyrie named Stacey appeared and attempted to kill Lauren in order to take her soul to Valhalla in an attempt to rebalance "Valhalla's books" as a result of Kenzi being returned to Earth and Stacey needing a soul that was close to Bo's heart. Tamsin stopped the attempt and Lauren was saved. During a celebration at the end of the episode, Lauren was attacked again by the Edimmu, but Kenzi killed the creature and saved Lauren's life.

During Big in Japan, Lauren was investigating a strange elevator accident in which several bodies survived without any physical damage, noting that there was something odd about their blood to Dyson, but not having the reason why. Lauren also revealed that she had been receiving death threats since she made The Morrigan human and eventually asked Dyson to teach her self-defence. While Lauren was not apt at boxing or other similar physical fighting methods, Dyson eventually focused on Lauren using throwing stars at first. When Lauren was asked what she would do if she was attacked at her clinic, her ability to list various medical methods to incapacitate her attacker drove Dyson to focus Lauren on using her scientific knowledge and apply it to her own protection. Lauren was forced to operate on Bo when Bo was not able to feed and heal herself, and was present when the reason for Bo not being able to feed was revealed. Lauren promised Bo that she would never leave because Bo had her heart and contributed to Bo reigning her power to heal again. Lauren also fended off an attack in her clinic by throwing a syringe with a knockout agent at her attacker, striking them in the neck and rescuing her assistant who was being held by the attacker. At the end of the episode, Lauren told Dyson that she had dealt with "a problem by using my gut" which impressed Dyson. Following this, Lauren joined Bo, Dyson and Tamsin for a movie night at Bo's place.

In When God Opens a Window... it was revealed that Evony was funding Lauren's new clinic in exchange for Lauren continuing to develop a means for Evony to become Fae again. When it became clear to Eveny that Lauren was dragging her feet in that research, Evony placed what she called "an insurance policy" in Lauren's clinic of a Fae Doomsday creature to force Lauren to work faster. Lauren also assisted Bo when a Hunter of Fae Shifters shot Bo with an arrow tipped with what Lauren called "Fae Kryptonite", removing the substance from Bo's body and allowing her to heal once more. Lauren was present when Bo set a trap for the Hunter and Lauren shot him multiple times with a dart gun before also shooting the Hunter's target as well when he tried to kill the Hunter. Lauren also revealed that she was president of her high school's PETA chapter in the past at that time. Lauren assisted Dyson in investigating a trio of strange murders only linked by a mark placed on the bodies. When the Fae being hunted attacked the Hunter, in an attempt to kill them, Lauren was present, but could not stop the attempt, only Dyson's appearance being able to do so. Lauren was also present when Dyson threatened to kill Vex, coming to the point of putting a gun to Vex's head, and Lauren defending Vex to Dyson, emphasizing that the events which led to Hale's death were not Vex's fault.

During It's Your Lucky Fae, Lauren loaned Tamsin $75 to buy a stuffed cat for Bo's birthday which was cursed. The cat gave Bo good luck and exchange gave Lauren bad luck. Through the episode, Lauren suffered through having her cake burn, hand cramps and several dozen balloons popping at once in her car. Lauren and Tamsin also had a confrontation over their relationship with Bo, Tamsin telling Lauren she intended to replace Lauren in Bo's life. Lauren was present with Tamsin when Bo drove blindfolded, found a trio of missing Oracles and rescued them as well. Lauren was seen at her clinic, attending to Cassie, one of the Oracles that had lost her eyes. Lauren also learned from Dyson that one of the dead bodies from the elevator crash that had been stolen from her lab appeared to be very much alive and had been seen with Bo during the search for the missing Oracles.

In Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts, Lauren was seen still looking after Cassie the Oracle who remained in Lauren's clinic. Bo contacted Lauren to help in discovering if a football player was Fae or not and through that effort, Trick was able to provide Lauren and Bo with the information that the player was a Heraclid, a human descended from Hercules. Also during the episode, the ongoing strain in Lauren's relationship with Bo came to light during a conversation they had. Later in the episode, Lauren was at a meeting with Bo, Tamsin, Dyson and Trick where she learned of the existence of the Ancients and what they were capable of, but not why they had returned or how.

During Here Comes the Night, Lauren was dealing with the aftermath of the Ancients sending a tornado through the city in her clinic. When the power failed, Lauren and Bo attempted to find a way to stop Evony's device from releasing the creature that Evony claimed was held within it. They could not do so and when the device opened and seemed to be empty, Lauren cursed Evony for lying. Lauren then spoke with Bo and after expressing her feelings to Bo, the two of them were intimate, being seen by Tamsin at one point. Afterwards, Lauren found one of her doctors dead and realized that there was a creature and it was invisible. When Evony appeared at Lauren's clinic, Lauren and Bo confronted her and then forced Evony to act as bait to try to trap the creature. When the creature was revealed, Lauren discovered with Bo that Evony had trapped the Ancient Fae known as Eros because Eros had chosen another over her. Lauren was present when Eros was killed by what seemed to be a lightning bolt from Zeus. Later in the episode, a vision of Lauren appeared to Bo, provided by the Oracles to trick Bo as well.

In End of Faes, Lauren attended a party held by the Ancient Fae for Bo. During the party, Lauren gave Dyson a syringe to use on Hera to limit her powers and collected some blood as a result of Dyson punching Hera during the episode. Lauren was with Tamsin when they learned from Hera that the most powerful of all of the Ancient Fae was Iris. Earlier in the episode. Bo expressed to Lauren that she wanted them to be together again. Lauren surprisingly just says, "Oh Boy". After talking with Tamsin, Lauren makes up her mind and says to Bo, "Oh Boy Yes". Bo smiled and started to look forward to them rekindling their relationship. At the end of the episode, Lauren, with Dyson's help, was trying to save Mark's life after he had been stabbed in an attack caused by Iris' actions.

In 44 Minutes to Save the World, Lauren came close to losing Mark, but an intervention by Hades after his release from imprisonment, helped Lauren to manage to save him. Lauren revealed her research to Hades, who gave some clues to a problem she was trying to solve. Lauren then became aware who Hades was when Bo confronted Hades in front of her and Dyson. At the end of the episode, Hades was being held in an isolation room in Lauren's clinic. Lauren and Bo were out on the town when Lauren was struck by a car. Following this, it was seen that Lauren's eyes glowed in a similar way to Bo's and she then fed on Bo's Chi in an attempt to heal the damage she had suffered. How Lauren managed this was not explained in this episode.

During Like Father, Like Daughter, it was seen that Lauren had survived her car accident, Bo assuming that she had pushed Chi into Lauren in order to save her life, but Lauren felt that something was different about how this happened and was unsure. During an encounter with Vex, Lauren manipulated one of Vex's arms and as she did so, the same movements were seen on another patient nearby. Seeing this, Lauren investigated further and in the process of doing so had a discussion with Hades. He demonstrated that Lauren had changed her biological makeup through an injection she had administered to herself, at one point touching one of Lauren's hands and making the other glow with a dark power. Lauren called herself a "Conduit" as a result, which seemed to explain what her newfound power was. Instead of extending her life to that of the Fae, which was her intention, Lauren had changed herself to have the ability to take the power from any Fae she touched and use it herself. At another point in the episode, Lauren came into contact with a Siren and then used that power to seemingly banish Zee. By doing this, it was apparent to Bo and Kenzi, who were present, that Lauren had changed in a significant way. Lauren met with Bo and Vex soon after to give a demonstration using Vex's powers against Bo. It was noted by Vex that when Lauren did so, he felt weaker as a result, but Bo did not feel this effect because, according to Lauren, Bo's succubus healing ability was enough to overcome it. After being warned by Vex that her life was now is more danger as she had a serum to make Fae human, and possibly another to make a human Fae-like, Lauren attempted to explain to Bo that she had taken the risk she had so they could be together, but Bo remained concerned.

In Sweet Valkyrie High, Evony approached Lauren and demanded that she use her serum to make Evony once again Fae. In the midst of an argument with Evony, it was revealed that Evony had been feeling ill for some time. After some tests, Lauren informed Evony that she was suffering from a fatal disorder which precluded her from allowing Evony to take the serum as it would likely kill her. Lauren then took Evony to see Hades in an attempt to save her, but Hades refused, claiming that his powers could not work on a human. Eventually Evony put her faith in Lauren to find a cure, calling Lauren her friend and only hope. At the end of the episode, Bo left Lauren and Evony to have a discussion, possibly in which Lauren revealed her current abilities as a Conduit, but this was not clear as it was not shown in the episode.

During Judgement Fae, Lauren was seen with Bo showering together and being intimate. Following this, she and Bo had a discussion over Lauren being a Conduit and when Lauren revealed that Hades was partly responsible for this, their relationship started to strain. Once back at her clinic, Lauren's memory seemed to be uneven and when she examined some tests on a "Patient X" it appeared that Lauren was suffering from early stage Parkinson's disease. Following another confrontation with Bo, Lauren then vanished, Bo's phone calls not being answered. Lauren did not reappear until Bo was in Hypha's forge where it was revealed that at some point recently Zee had taken over Lauren's body. Following an extended encounter with Zee, it was clear that Lauren's body was dying and in order to save her, Elizabeth, Zee's original human host, was repossessed by Zee. Tamsin then escorted Lauren to safety while Bo continued her encounter with Zee. After Lauren had recovered from the events of the episode, she met with Bo. After Bo told Lauren she would support her in being Fae, for that is what Lauren wanted, Lauren revealed that she had taken an antidote and was once more human. When asked why Lauren had become a Conduit in the first place, she explained that being human was the barrier to their relationship, thus being Fae "fixed" that. The cost however was that Lauren "lost" herself to her new-found abilities. She then broke off her relationship with Bo, explaining that she could not allow Bo to love her, and then have to watch her die and then Bo to live on for the lifespan of a Fae. After one last kiss, Lauren did express her love for Bo before walking away.

In Family Portrait, Lauren reported that Hades had escaped to Bo, Tamsin and Dyson, blaming herself for not being able to stop him and when Tamsin pointed out she was "only human" only served to push Lauren further down emotionally. Later in the episode, Lauren discovered that Tamsin's hair was falling out and began an attempt to understand why it was. The two spent some time together talking over a beer, Lauren coming to terms with Tamsin's being with Bo as well as that Tamsin believed that she had been with Bo on the night that Lauren broke up their relationship. Lauren assisted Bo and Tamsin in examining various tapes of Aife, Bo's mother, and what happened to her in the institution she had been held in. By doing so, it was made clear that Trick helped Aife, but it also revealed that Hades had been impersonating Bo. Following Bo, Tamsin and Dyson attacking Hades, Lauren operated on the wound that Dyson suffered and was present when Bo attempted to cut Hades' mark from her chest. Lauren continued to examine Tamsin, eventually performing an ultrasound where she discovered that Tamsin was carrying a child, possibly that of Hades.

During Follow the Yellow Trick Road, Lauren attempted to find an answer as to why Bo was in a coma, but all of the normal scientific methods she used did not work. Following the discovery of evidence by Dyson as to the source, Lauren turned to Trick's library which Vex and Mark had brought. After Kenzi appeared, and a Fae moth, which had been the source of Bo's coma, Lauren admitted to Kenzi that science could not find the solution and using Trick's information, Lauren brought Bo out of her coma. Following this, Lauren was present at the reading of Trick's will. The will stated: "To Lauren, my tomes of the Occult. There is a happy marriage between science and magic. I hope you find it one day." Lauren then held hands with the rest of the Family in a moment of remembrance for Trick.

In Let Them Burn, Lauren dealt with Vex's injuries as a result of Hades' attack. Lauren explained that Vex survived because Vex's vocal cords had been cut which saved his life, but caused him not to be able to speak. In order to allow Vex to communicate, Lauren gave Vex a small whiteboard to write on. Lauren appeared later in the episode when she, Dyson, Kenzi and Mark were summoned to the Clubhouse by Bo in the belief that Bo had a plan to share with them. Lauren was then trapped with the others in the fire that Bo set at the urging of Hades. The last seen of Lauren was she and the others being surrounded by fire, the Clubhouse falling apart around them.

Lauren made her final appearance in the series finale Rise. At the beginning of the episode, Lauren escaped the fire with Bruce's help and then traveled in Vex's motorhome in an attempt to mislead Hades as to they still being alive. During this time, Dyson and Lauren had a discussion over their relationships with Bo, Lauren revealing that when Bo was with Dyson, she didn't worry about Bo and Dyson admitting the same when Lauren was with her. During Hades' final battle with Bo, Lauren, with Kenzi's assistance, helped Tamsin to give birth to Dagny, her child. Lauren was present when, shortly after, Tamsin passed on. Later on, Lauren then asked Bo to spend the rest of her life with her. Lauren promised Bo that she would not break her heart a third time, the two kissing and renewing their relationship for good. Lauren was present in the final scene of the series when Dagny was brought to the Dal Riata to meet her Fae family. Lauren was still acting in the role of a doctor, taking a sample from Dagny, but nothing else was revealed about what else she was doing.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

First Season

Second Season

Third Season

Fourth Season

Fifth Season

Information revealed in the series

  • Lauren is a brilliant doctor with a great deal of information and experience with the Fae.
  • She has apparently changed her name at least once, her previous name being Karen Beattie.
  • At one point in time she had a girlfriend named Nadia who fell under a curse from The Ash in order to draw Lauren into helping a group of Fae who were being killed by a seeming disease.
  • Lauren went to Yale.
  • Lauren has traveled the world, mentioning that she had been in Afghanistan in the past.
  • She has a wide range of knowledge about all kinds of medicine including those that might be seen as unconventional in nature.
  • She is known in the world of the Fae as being aligned with the Light Fae and being owned by The Ash, serving the role of the primary doctor to them.
  • It has been shown that Lauren will make house calls to ill Fae patients.
  • Through her association with the Fae, Lauren operated a medical facility with a large staff of assistants. It also allowed her a means to place Nadia on life support for an extended period of time.
  • In her role as the Light Fae doctor she came in contact with Bo and began a long term relationship with her.
  • Lauren gave Bo a series of injections which were designed to control her need to feed. In doing so, Bo was able to learn how to control her powers and feed without killing others. However, over time the injections became less useful and eventually were no longer of any use to Bo by the Third Season of the series.
  • Lauren has strong opinions and willpower tending to look before she leaps into situations at times.
  • She has shown that she can bake exceptionally well, especially cookies.
  • She has had a long term relationship with Bo which has been strained at times emotionally.
  • She has been at odds with Dyson over Bo several times and is very protective of Bo.
  • Lauren learned lock-picking skills from Kenzi.
  • Lauren and her brother were responsible for eleven deaths when she provided a pipe bomb to her brother who used it to destroy a pipeline.
  • Lauren was kidnapped by the Dark Fae under the orders of The Morrigan.
  • Upon being reunited with Bo, Lauren joined the Dark Fae noting that they were the only ones that had gone to look for her and help her in the aftermath of the events with Doctor Taft and the appearance of the Una Mens.
  • Following her joining the Dark Fae, Lauren's relationship with Bo suffered as a result.
  • Following her joining the Dark Fae, Lauren gave up her apartment with the Light Fae and moved to a new one which was given to her by The Morrigan as she was now Dark Fae.
  • Lauren has access to the Dark Fae scientific and medical facilities courtesy of The Morrigan.
  • Lauren has a sample of The Morrigan's DNA.
  • The Morrigan gave Lauren permission to use her real name, Evony.
  • Lauren entered Dyson's memories to save Bo who had entered them to prove Dyson was innocent of a crime.
  • Lauren was present when Bo proved the murders Dyson had been accused of were the fault of the Una Mens.
  • Lauren was not aware of Bo being marked by The Wanderer until the events of the episode La Fae Époque.
  • Lauren has problems walking and eating.
  • Lauren can perform neurosurgery.
  • At the end of Groundhog Fae, Lauren intended to reattach Vex's hand.
  • In the same episode, Lauren and Dyson came to terms with each others relationship with Bo.
  • Lauren was present when Bo returned in the company of The Wanderer and declared him to be her "destiny".
  • After the arrival of Rainer, The Wanderer, Bo locked Lauren out of her life.
  • Lauren explored the Dark Fae archives and found a book which had references to Rainer. It stated: "Behold the demon beast. Evil pure. Fang teeth. Horned. Him they call Rainer. A thousand years shall be ended. He shall be unbound. To wreak torment beyond comparison and betray the Fae. The warrior shall escape the curse. The Valkyrie shall be reborn. The blood of Zamoran shall be spilled. The women of the horse shall rise. Between the warrior and the Queen one of the two shall die."
  • Lauren overheard The Morrigan planning to kill Bo with someone that she did not see. This was revealed to be Trick that The Morrigan had been speaking to, but Lauren did not hear the entire conversation and assumed that The Morrigan was planning to kill Bo.
  • After being in a confrontation with Bo over Rainer, Lauren took action against The Morrigan. The sample that Lauren took of The Morrigan in the episode Of All the Gin Joints was used to create some kind of drug which transformed The Morrigan on a molecular level. This removed her Fae powers, abilities, and biology and made her, in Lauren's words: "100% human."
  • Lauren was watching to see the results of her experiment when she was fooled into leaving by Massimo who came to help The Morrigan. However, Lauren returned and was then imprisoned by Massimo who then made Lauren watch as he consumed the Origin Seed. Lauren was unable to do anything to stop Massimo and was the only one to see the effects of the Seed on Massimo when he was transformed by it.
  • Lauren was present when Bo first wore the Helskor.
  • Lauren was seen working in a medical clinic called the Marquise Medical Clinic.
  • Lauren took a lock of Tamsin's hair from Massimo's collection of items after he was killed by Bo.
  • Lauren had possession of Tamsin's diary after an argument with Tamsin.
  • Lauren preformed a ceremony and opened the Gates to Valhalla with Dyson present.
  • Lauren seemingly had been possessed by a Valkyrie at the end of the episode Like Hell, Part I.
  • Lauren and Dyson dug up Kenzi's grave to free her.
  • Lauren, some point in the past, owned a Schnauzer.
  • Lauren is extremely picky about where her medical equipment goes in her lab and examining rooms.
  • Lauren was haunted by an Edimmu who's rest she ended when she helped Dyson free Kenzi from her grave.
  • Lauren apparently had "ghost sex" which she thought was Bo, but told Kenzi that they only kissed, though the event seemed to suggest that a bit more than that happened.
  • Kenzi saved Lauren from an attack by the Edimmu when it became corporal, ending the threat finally.
  • Lauren has been receiving death threats since she turned The Morrigan human.
  • Lauren took some self-defence training from Dyson which eventually made it clear that she needed to use her medical abilities and the training Dyson provided to protect herself.
  • She has operated on Bo once, saving Bo's life when Bo could not bring herself to feed on others to heal.
  • Lauren has told Bo: "You stole my heart and I'm never going to ask for it back. You will never be alone."
  • Lauren has defended herself at least once from an attack by throwing a syringe filled with a knockout agent at her attacker.
  • Lauren's ability to call up medical knowledge at an instant is vast and complete to the point where Dyson could ask how she would respond to a threat in her clinic and Lauren was able to casually list off a series of drugs she could use to incapacitate or kill her attacker.
  • Evony is providing the financial support for Lauren's clinic in exchange for Lauren working on making Evony Fae once more.
  • Bo was injured by a arrow which had a substance on it which acted like a tracking device. It also overcame Bo's healing powers, Lauren calling it "Fae Kryptonite" after removing it from Bo.
  • Apparently in high school, Lauren was president of the chapter of PETA there.
  • According to Lauren, the bone that one of the Hunter's knifes was made from could be dated to the Mesopotamian era.
  • All of the bodies from the elevator crash were no longer in Lauren's clinic having vanished by unknown means, Dyson believing that the source of the killings and mystery is a Fae cult.
  • Evony left what can be called a Fae Doomsday Device in Lauren's care as a means to encourage her to create the serum Evony needs to become Fae once more.
  • The creature is contained in a device that needs electricity to contain it. Should power be lost, the creature will be released, the same if something should happen to Evony and she perished.
  • Lauren gave Tamsin $75 to buy a stuffed cat for Bo's birthday which was cursed. The curse gave Bo good luck and Lauren back luck as it also began to transform Bo into a cat-like being.
  • Lauren had Bo's birthday cake burn due to bad luck.
  • Lauren was pushed face first into a cake at the Dal Riata by the same bad luck.
  • Lauren suffered a hand cramp from bad luck.
  • Lauren suffered having three dozen balloons pop at the same time in her car.
  • Tamsin has told Lauren directly that she intends to be part of Bo's life as well, if not taking Lauren's place with Bo.
  • All of the Oracles were imprisoned, their eyes removed, and seemingly left abandoned and trapped in a dark cave until Bo found them and rescued them with Lauren and Tamsin's help.
  • Cassie is being treated at Lauren's clinic, but the location of the other two Oracles was not revealed.
  • Lauren and Dyson are both aware that Heratio is using one of the bodies from the elevator crash, but not the reason why.
  • According to Lauren, Cassie has been "recapping the apocalypse" over and over again while she has been under Lauren's care.
  • Lauren was called in by Bo to test a group of football players to see if they were Fae and instead discovered the existence of Heraclids, which are not Fae, but are a kind of human who have exceptional genes and are descendants of Hercules.
  • Lauren had to deal with a disruptive football player who confronted her about the testing to no avail.
  • Bo, Tamsin, Lauren, Dyson and Trick are all aware of all of the information they have gathered, that all three stolen human bodies are alive and pose a threat.
  • When the blackout occurred, Evony's device failed and at first it seemed that nothing was in the device, but it was soon clear that something had escaped.
  • Tamsin saw Bo and Lauren together in bed.
  • According to Lauren the deaths of Lisa and Sam have placed a guilt on her that hasn't been so bad since her "Karen Beattie days."
  • Lauren tells Bo: "It was a long time ago, people died it was my fault." Bo replies: "I guess we have more in common than I thought."
  • Lauren was present when some of Evony's past was revealed and also witnessed the death of the Ancient known as Eros at Zeus' hand.
  • The Oracles used a vision of Lauren in an attempt to trick Bo.
  • During End of Faes, Lauren attended a surprise party for Bo held by the Ancient Fae.
  • Lauren gave Dyson a syringe of "bug spray" to use on Hera to "reduce the possibility of bug showers."
  • Dyson obtained a sample of Hera's blood for Lauren by punching Hera in the face. He also injected Hera with Lauren's bug spray which seemed to have some effect, but how much was unclear.
  • It was discovered by Tamsin and Lauren that Zee and Hera had been tying up Iris every night. Through this it was discovered that Iris was, in fact, more powerful than either of Zee or Hera.
  • Lauren expressed to Bo that she wanted them to be a couple again.
  • At the end of End of Faes, Mark was close to death, Lauren attempting to treat him with Dyson's assistance, Vex having gone for help moments before.
  • Lauren has been continuing her research on turning humans into Fae genetically, some of her work being out in the open in her lab on a whiteboard.
  • Both Dyson and Lauren are aware of whom Hades is because of Bo confronting him in Lauren's Clinic when all were present.
  • Hades gave Lauren a hint with regards to her research on making humans Fae and vice versa.
  • Hades is being held in what seems to be an isolation ward in Lauren's clinic.
  • It appears that Lauren is now Fae, most likely a succubus like Bo as of the end of 44 Minutes to Save the World. but this was proven to be incorrect as in the following episode it was revealed she was now a "Conduit", able to take a Fae's power by touching them and using it as she saw fit.
  • Lauren survived her accident, and at the beginning of the episode Bo believed that she was the one to save Lauren while Lauren was unsure of what happened exactly. Bo did note that she was not in control of her giving Lauren Chi, but thinks nothing of it.
  • Lauren explains that she injected herself with a serum, expecting to extend her life span to that of a Fae, but instead she turned herself into what she calls a Conduit.
  • A Conduit takes on the powers of the Fae they have touched for an unknown period of time, but seemingly with a limit.
  • Lauren is confused and concerned about this, and Hades plays upon her thoughts, telling Lauren that she could be "more than all of us put together."
  • Lauren used her power to take Siren ability of Heathcliff Santiago and seemingly banish Zee.
  • Lauren has used her power to become a Succubus, a Mesmer, and a Siren.
  • Vex is aware of what Lauren can do.
  • Bo, Kenzi, Heathcliff, and one presumes. Zee and Persephone, are aware of Lauren's abilities as well as Hades.
  • Lauren notes that Bo did not feel any effects of Lauren's powers because of her rapid healing ability.
  • Vex has warned that Lauren's new serum is "a million times worse" than the Fae to human one she created.
  • Vex also warned both Lauren and Bo about the colony, or Evony, finding out about what has happened.
  • Vex has been asked to keep Lauren's secret, his answer being that he wants a prize for doing so.
  • Lauren learned to read music in Grade Four band. She played recorder and was, according to her, the top of her class.
  • Lauren referred to herself as the "Eternal Healer"
  • Lauren told Bo that she has been examined, but not by whom. It can be assumed that Hades did so.
  • Lauren has been seen feeding on Bo at least twice, whether this is common or not since she became a Conduit is not made clear.
  • Lauren has not told Evony about being a Conduit.
  • Lauren informed Evony that her tests indicate that she is dying.
  • Lauren has told Evony that she did not use her serum to make Evony Fae again because she wanted to test it to be sure of it being safe.
  • Lauren discovered that Evony has, among other symptoms, nuclear DNA damage which is accelerating her cellular senescence. Cellular senescence is the gradual deterioration of function characteristic of most complex lifeforms. In the case of Evony, it might be more accurate to say that her body is aging at an accelerated rate.
  • Lauren suggested to Bo that they take Evony to Hades in an attempt to save her life.
  • Evony has told Lauren that she hates Lauren's false modesty.
  • Evony has called Lauren her friend and her only hope to overcome what's happening to her.
  • Lauren told Bo that Hades assisted her in solving her medical equations, which upset Bo and made Lauren defensive.
  • According to the test results Lauren was looking at, Patient X was suffering from early stage Parkinson's disease and it was getting worse quickly. Patient X was Lauren herself.
  • Hades claimed that he only gave Lauren the clue she was looking for and did not make her use what she created on herself.
  • Zee took over Lauren's body after learning about Lauren's abilities as a Conduit and thinking that she would make a far better host than Elizabeth was. Zee also knew that Bo would not attack her in Lauren's body which would give her time to talk to Bo and explain what she needed to.
  • Zee's extended stay in Lauren's body began to do real harm to her.
  • After Zee returned to Elizabeth's body, Tamsin helped Lauren to leave.
  • Following her possession by Zee, Lauren used an antidote to return her to normal, thus making her no longer a Conduit and once again human.
  • Lauren claimed that she became Fae because it was the thing that was holding back their relationship, she knowing that she would pass on, having a human lifetime, and Bo continuing on without her.
  • Bo believed that Hades was behind the events that caused Lauren to leave her again, but Lauren insisted that he had nothing to do with her decision.
  • Lauren did tell Bo that she loved her before she broke off their relationship at the end of Judgement Fae.
  • Lauren blamed herself for Hades' escape.
  • Lauren tended to make everything about science in some way, from beer to relationships.
  • Tamsin told Lauren her deal with Trick was for seven extra lives, not naming Trick.
  • Lauren believed that she made herself Fae for the sake of her and Bo's relationship, not for herself alone.
  • Lauren told Tamsin that she could always count on her to be real.
  • Tamsin admitted to Lauren that she slept with Bo the night she and Bo broke off their relationship. not realizing that it was not Bo, but Hades at the time.
  • Lauren was present when Bo examined the information Trick gave Bo about her mother. Through viewing this information, Lauren indicated that Trick had looked after Aife, but also that Hades had impersonated her and visited Aife and this drew the conclusion that Tamsin had not slept with Bo.
  • Lauren was present when Tamsin swore to: "I'm going to kill him. I'm going to rip him into a million pieces and feed him to dogs."
  • Bo, Tamsin and Dyson attacked Hades at his condominium, but to no effect. Tamsin struck him, Bo plunged the Amethusto Dagger in his chest, and when Dyson moved to attack, Hades threw the dagger at Dyson, wounding him severely, Lauren having to apply first aid.
  • Lauren was present when Bo attempted to cut out her father's mark on her chest with the Amethusto Dagger.
  • Lauren did an ultrasound examination on Tamsin where she discovered that Tamsin was pregnant, her child in an advanced state of birth and having a heartbeat. The child possibly being Hades'.
  • Lauren noted that Tamsin's pregnancy had moved to an advanced state at the beginning of Follow the Yellow Trick Road, also being present when Tamsin noted that her baby's movements felt like an eel.
  • At the beginning of Follow the Yellow Trick Road, Bo was in a coma, unresponsive to Lauren's attempts to wake her.
  • Lauren explained at one point that Bo was going to starve if they did not wake her so that she could feed in her normal way.
  • Apparently the reason why Bo was in a coma was because she was bitten by a Shtriga moth. To save Bo, the Shtriga had to spit Bo's blood into Bo's mouth or, in some manner, the blood from the moth had to be placed inside Bo's mouth. Lauren give Bo the cure, Bo convulsed wildly and it was necessary for her to mentally accept the cure within herself, in spite of how evil and dark it seemed to be.
  • Lauren was present when Trick's will was read.
  • The will stated: "To Lauren, my tomes of the Occult. There is a happy marriage between science and magic. I hope you find it one day."
  • Lauren apparently received Trick's complete library.
  • Vex survived Hades' attack, having lost a lot of blood, but not enough to kill him. However, Vex's vocal cords were cut which, according to Lauren, saved Vex's life.
  • Vex could not speak, but used a small whiteboard that Lauren gave him to communicate.
  • Bo set the Clubhouse as a trap for Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren and Mark, setting it on fire to Hades' approval when they were all inside.
  • Bruce rescued Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren and Mark from the burning clubhouse.
  • Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson and Mark were protected by Bo's horseshoe which set up an apparent forcefield between them and the fire as it did when Bo had confronted the fire breathing stallion.
  • Lauren and Dyson admitted to each other that when Bo was with the other, they didn't worry so much about Bo.
  • When Lauren sees Bo's feeding on the city she comments: "Her group suck. We're seen this before, but now it's the entire city. She's gone full Dark Queen."
  • Lauren asks Bo: "Why didn't you kill us? What made you come back?" Bo replies: "All of you. I remember how each of you taste. Your love brought me back. You guys are my family and I love you all very much."
  • Tamsin was assisted in giving birth by Lauren and Kenzi.
  • Dyson, Mark, Vex Lauren and Kenzi were present when Tamsin first held her newborn child.
  • Lauren and Bo rekindle their relationship at the end of the episode: Lauren tells Bo: "I, human, Lauren Lewis, want to spend the rest of my life with you, Succubus, Bo Dennis." Bo asks: "I always thought that because of who I am that I couldn't have a relationship, let alone with a human... and then I met you... and you broke my heart..." Lauren sighs: "A mistake I made twice and one that I would never make again." Bo tells Lauren: "We are messy, we're complicated, that hasn't changed." Lauren nods: "I know. And I hope that it never does. Do you think we can do this?" Bo is silent for a moment, then smiles: "I do." Then the two kiss.
  • Lauren noted that Dagny had aged in an accelerated manner similar to that of Tamsin when she was reborn.
  • When Dagny whispers to Bo: "God you're beautiful." Lauren chuckles: "Famous words to a Succubus."
  • Lauren was at the Dal Riata when Mark brought Dagny there, it can be assumed she is still running the clinic.


  1. As of 44 Minutes to Save the World, Lauren became a Conduit, but at the end of Judgement Fae, she had taken an antidote and became human once more

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