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Land Of Chaos Online
Land of Chaos Online Logo
Developer(s) Danal Entertainment
Publisher(s) Alaplaya
Platform(s) Windows XP / Vista / 7
Release date(s) 2011
Genre(s) MMO / TPS / RTS
Media/Digital distribution Download
Land Of Chaos Online character
The Succubus Lacrimosa from the Land Of Chaos Online role playing game
The Succubus Lacrimosa from the Land Of Chaos Online role playing game
First appearance May 31, 2011 Patch
First game Land Of Chaos Online
Fictional profile
The last of the Succubi

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Land Of Chaos Online, also known by its acronym LOCO, was an online massively multiplayer real time strategy game set in a world where myths and magic are real. Developed by Danal Entertainment, the game was released in 2011 and had a strong player base. In late 2013 the game server was taken down and the game was no longer available.

Early in the games development, the Succubus Lacrimosa appeared. She was described as being the last of the Succubi in this universe and opposed her opposite in the game called Nosferatu who had killed all of the other Succubi in existence.

Character Outline

Lacrimosa is a Succubus, a rare creature that enters the dreams of humans and turns them into nightmares in order to eat the fear that they create. They are one of the scariest beings besides vampires in this universe. Mankind has always feared Succubi as they are a condemned species, born from the corruption of the Heaven’s Apostles which had to struggle with extreme fear during the war between Heaven and Purgatorium. A war that has taken place more than a thousand year’s ago, and in which fleeing Apostle’s chose to eat the enormous fear they had to deal with instead of dying from it. To eat fear, as ironic and absurd as it is, was the only way to survive, and thus it is the destiny of a Succubus to eat fear to subsist.

Nosferatu finally brought the era of Succubi to an end as he killed the whole Succubi family one by one in a single night. The whole family except for Lacrimosa who had to watch her family die by Nosferatu's hand. She wasn’t strong enough to fight against Nosferatu alone, so she had to hide and plan her revenge. Since the supposed succubi extinction, humans have regarded the supernatural beings as nothing more than fables.

While Nosferatu applies Holy Power, Lacrimosa applies demonic power, its natural counterpart. For a long time Lacrimosa was in search of an ally of the same power until she finally decided to create a new ally on her own. Countless animals and humans gave their lives for Lacrimosa's cruel experiments. The end result however was successful.

Too successful as it turned out. The creature managed to escape, which drew the attention of Nosferatu. He attacked Lacrimosa's lair and forced her to flee. Nosferatu doesn’t know that Lacrimosa is still alive, but someday he will find out.

Lacrimosa knows that she must not lose the fight which is sure to come. She has to win, to have her revenge. Lacrimosa is now determined to finish the job herself and entered the Land of Chaos to put an end to Nosferatu once and for all.

Related Characters

  • Nosferatu: Nosferatu has always tried to kill corrupt creatures and Lacrimosa is his oldest enemy. He is searching for her with the aim to kill her and remove the last of the Succubi race.
  • Laair and Minity: As soon as Laair and Minity left Euclid's manor, Lacrimosa's goal was to make them her apprentices, she has been following them wherever they go and watching their abilities grow stronger. She is trying to place them under her control.
  • Aakbah: Aakbah returned to the place he was transformed and found it was Lacrimosa's actions that transformed him. Aakbah declared that if he doesn’t get his true body back, he will find Lacrimosa and kill her for what she has done to him.

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