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Lachlan's Gambit

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"Lachlan's Gambit"
Lost Girl episode
The Garuda strikes down Ciara as she protects Bo and Kenzi
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 20
Overall Episode 33
Directed by Steve DiMarco
Written by Steve Cochrane
Produced by Wanda Chaffey
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by David Greene
Editing by Mike Lee
Production Code 220
Original Air Date March 18, 2012 (2012-03-18)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Vincent Walsh - Lachlan / The Ash
Lina Roessler - Ciara
Raoul Trujillo - The Garuda
Martin Julien - Alastor

Episode Chronology
← Previous
"Truth and Consequences"
Next →
"Into the Dark"

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Secrets are unraveling, The Garuda strikes at Bo and her friends and losses are felt by all.

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Lachlan's Gambit was the twentieth episode of the second season of the series, and the thirty-third overall episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on March 18th, 2012 at 9 PM Eastern time.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 2
  • Episode Number: 20 (33rd Overall)
  • Episode Title: Lachlan's Gambit
  • Directed by: Steve DiMarco
  • Writing credits: Steve Cochrane
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: March 18th, 2012 on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 1.29 million[1]


A promotional image of the Season Two cast of Lost Girl from the official website at lostgirlseries.com From left to right: Richard Howland as Trick, K.C. Collins as Detective Hale, Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson, Anna Silk as Bo, Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, and Zoie Palmer as Lauren

Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Ksenia Solo Kenzi
Richard Howland Trick
K.C. Collins Detective Hale
Zoie Palmer Lauren
Vincent Walsh Lachlan / The Ash
Lina Roessler Ciara
Raoul Trujillo The Garuda
Greg Bryk Cleasby
Martin Julien Alastor
Glenn Cross Berserker #2
Vincent Rother Berserker #3
Jack Sansome Lachlan's Guard

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
No Music Listed In Episode Credits


Short Summary

Trick tells Bo about some odd events that are happening to animals in the city and that they are hiding because The Garuda is coming soon, but Trick has no idea where The Garuda is. Trick is attacked by a gang of Berserkers, sent by The Garuda, but they are repelled by Bo, Hale and Ciara. Trick figures out there is a mole in their midst and learns through the mole where The Garuda might be. Dyson returns from being away and explains that the Wolf spirit told him that he will kill The Garuda, but in truth it didn't explain exactly what he must do except in a riddle. Dyson tells Bo he must do this in order to have his love for her returned to him. The Ash calls Trick to a meeting where he tells Trick that his blood could stop what is happening and demands that he use it to write a new future, but Bo and Dyson manage to stop him from doing so. Ciara comes to Dyson and asks for one more night with him before the battle begins and he agrees, during which he learns from Ciara some truths about himself that he wasn't aware of. Bo returns to Lauren in the aftermath of killing Nadia and finds that Lauren is very cold to her as a result of what happened. Bo and Lauren talk finally, Lauren asking Bo if she can spend the night with her, Lauren telling Bo that she wants to leave the Fae forever, and Bo tells Lauren that she will support her. Trick meets with Hale and tells him that no matter the cost, he must bring Bo back to him alive after the coming battle is over. Bo, Dyson, Hale, Kenzi and Ciara go to confront The Garuda, but find themselves captured instead. The Garuda then taunts them all before striking Ciara down. Dyson sacrifices himself to allow the others to escape, falling to The Garuda's Beserkers. While this happens, The Garuda attacks The Ash and kills him while Trick watches, but Trick manages to force him away when The Garuda attempts to kill Trick. When Bo and Hale arrive, they learn that although The Ash is dead, his venom was taken by Lauren and they have a slim advantage now. Kenzi does not escape with Hale and Bo, and Bo searches for Kenzi. She finds that Kenzi went back to save Dyson. Dyson is alive, but close to death and Bo finally accepts that she is the one to face The Garuda for the lives of her friends and everyone else.

Detailed Summary

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) arriving at Trick's (Richard Howland) home in the Dal Riata. Trick tells Bo of several events involving animals in the city that concern him. An entire team of horses electrocuted themselves, bats flying out of their cave in the middle of the day, and every snake at the local zoo has vanished. Trick explains that the snakes are hiding because they can sense that The Garuda is close by and that it is only a matter of time before it strikes. As they pause for a moment in their conversation, part of the floor disappears and a Fae crawls out of the floor. Bo, thinking that it is attacking Trick, draws her knife and defends Trick, but he tells Bo that everything is alright. Bo asks: "This thing with all of the lovely smells is a friend of yours?" Trick tells Bo that he wouldn't call this person a friend as such, but nonetheless he needs to speak to him alone. After Trick adds that this person works for him, Bo releases the intruder and tells Trick that she will be waiting in the bar. After Bo leaves, Trick asks: "What news mole?" The mole claims that The Garuda is nowhere to be found, but Trick does not believe him and says that he must be lying. The mole tells Trick that he isn't lying because he has a debt to the Blood King that he must repay. Trick presses the point that he needs to know where The Garuda is so that Trick can attack first. Trick then forces the mole to leave by blowing a whistle that repels the mole back underground again.

Trick enters the bar moments later to find Bo waiting there. There is a loud noise outside of the Dal Riata and immediately afterwards a trio of men enter. They look around the bar and then one of them picks up a chair and asks Trick if it is of good quality before breaking it into pieces over the back of a customer in the bar and then, holding one of the pieces in his hand tells Trick that it is "crap." The man then tells Bo in response to a question that they are there to "fetch" someone, and then he points at Trick. Bo moves to defend Trick and from the shadows Ciara (Lina Roessler) moves to help Bo. Hale then appears and tells the intruders that "At this way station there is a three ass-whooping minimum." Trick then announces that anyone that does not want to join the fight should leave and several customers do so before the fight begins in earnest. Bo battles in hand to hand combat with one, Ciara is attacked by another, but she uses her powers to shift away from him and then thrusts a blade into her opponent's eye. Hale uses his Siren voice to disable the third attacker, but is then knocked out before Bo uses a part of the broken chair that Trick gives her to take out the leader of the attackers herself.

After the opening credits, Bo is giving Hale an ice pack for his injuries as Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) arrives. Kenzi asks what happened and Trick explains that they had been attacked by Berserkers, who and minions of The Garuda. Kenzi tries to comfort Hale, telling him that she did warn him to protect his face, but only manages to have Hale scream in pain when she touches Hale's chin and cheek. Kenzi then looks at Ciara and comments that she is back, Ciara's reply being that she heard that a war was brewing and she wasn't one to pass up a good fight. Bo thinks that the Berserkers tired to kidnap Trick because they thought he was vulnerable, Kenzi wonders if "we have a rat" but Trick answers "Not a rat. A mole." Next we see Bo and Ciara holding the mole from earlier in the episode down in a chair while Trick attempts to get answers from him, including where The Garuda is. At first the mole refuses to tell Trick anything, but Trick uses a device on the mole that Trick calls his version of the Archimedes Heat Ray. It burns the mole with a bright light and begins to harm him. Bo confronts Trick about what he is doing, telling Trick that it isn't right. Trick tells Bo that the war is coming, they have little time, and that in the coming days there will be a lot of hard choices to be made and that Bo needs to find a thicker skin to deal with it. Eventually the mole tells Trick that The Garuda is located at the old abattoir. Trick then releases the mole telling him that this wasn't the first time he had betrayed Trick before using the whistle again to send him away. Moments after this happens, a trio of The Ash's guards arrive to escort Trick to him. Bo protests this, but Trick tells her that it is alright before warning the guards that next time they can wait upstairs and not enter his home. After Trick leaves, Ciara asks if Bo is alright, and Bo tells her that The Garuda was seeing through Nadia's eyes and spying on them. Ciara asks if Nadia is alright and Bo only manages to say no. Ciara just says "You?", Bo nods in shame and then Ciara tells Bo that they have to find out what Nadia has learned for their own protection.

The next scene begins with Bo entering Lauren's home and calling out to her, but Bo receives no answer. She walks further inside and finds herself standing over the spot where she killed Nadia in the previous episode. As she looks at the blood stain on the floor, she hears Lauren's voice and relives what happened there. Bo then hears a noise behind her and spins around, drawing her knife and finds Lauren (Zoie Palmer) standing there in a dishevelled mess. Bo apologizes for drawing her weapon on Lauren and puts it away. Lauren is obviously in shock and acts very cold to Bo brushing off all of her concerns and questions about her. Lauren tells Bo that she is leaving to help Hale and Bo asks if she is really up to doing so, but, again. Lauren is abrupt and cold towards her. When Bo tells Lauren that she is worried about her, Lauren turns ice cold and just says: "Yeah. I appreciate it." Lauren tells Bo that she doesn't want to talk about what has happened, that she just wants to go back to work and be useful. Bo then confronts Lauren and asks her if she told Nadia anything about them. Lauren is defensive and angered by Bo's question. Lauren does not answer Bo's question, tells Bo that she needs to get ready, and then opens the front door motioning Bo to leave. Bo walks past Lauren, but Lauren refuses to talk any longer with her or even look at her before Bo leaves, Lauren closing the door when Bo is outside.

Bo returns to the Dal Riata to find Kenzi, Hale and Ciara there. A loud noise again occurs outside and Ciara believes that the Berserkers have returned, Bo commenting that it is: "the best day ever." Bo, Ciara and Kenzi prepare to fight, but then Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) walks in. Dyson stops short and looks at the three women before saying: "Missed me?" Kenzi runs over and embraces Dyson telling him that she is happy to see him. Bo looks at Dyson for a moment before turning away, leaving Ciara standing there facing Dyson. Dyson tells her that he is glad she is there, her answer is: "that sentiment is a bit late don't you think?" Dyson is taken aback by this for a moment before Ciara tells Dyson that she: "is joking you dumb wolf. I had to come back. You know that." before the two embrace.

Trick has arrived in The Ash's compound, The Ash commenting that The Garuda finally made a serious move against the Blood King to which Trick just answers that he is fine. Lachlan tells Trick that they need to have a serious talk, to which Trick tells him that they did so already. Lachlan tells Trick that they have been ignoring their most powerful advantage, and when Trick asks what that is, Lachlan tells Trick that it is his blood. Trick turns to leave, but Lachlan's guards stop him from leaving as Lachlan tells Trick that he won't be going anywhere.

At the Dal Riata, Dyson talks to Hale, telling him that he has looked better, Hale response being: "that's what happens when your partner skips town." Dyson tells Hale that he didn't run out on him or anyone else, he left to find answers that he needed. Bo and Kenzi then guide Dyson away from Hale, telling him that Hale needs some time as Lauren enters. She looks at Bo and the others for a moment before going over to Hale and starting to work on him. Dyson comments to Bo: "Is it just me, or are things tense around here?"

Trick is having an argument with Lachlan over the plans they have made to defeat The Garuda. Lachlan tells of their plan, to bring The Garuda to him and then Lachlan will use his venom to stop him. Lachlan attempts to convince Trick that they cannot ignore the powers of the Blood King, but Trick refuses saying that if he did so, then they would have to face something worse as that is the cost of his power, telling Lachlan that he has no idea what he is asking. Lachlan then kicks the lockbox containing his severed head to Trick's feet and opens it. He tells Trick that he has no idea what Trick is asking him to ignore. Dyson asks where Trick is and Bo tells Dyson that Trick is with The Ash but he should have been back by now. Bo then talks about all of the odd things that have been happening of late until she has a sudden realization and tells Dyson to drive her to The Ash. Trick is refusing all of Lachlan's demands to use his power and tells Lachlan that his power only works when he does so with free will, but will not. Lachlan tells Trick that knowing that he could end everything, can he live with not doing so when The Garuda arrives. Trick tells Lachlan that he is playing into their enemy's hands and that the last time he wrote with his blood, Trick awakened The Garuda and he feels the weight of that on his shoulders. Lachlan demands that Trick prove this to be true, but he refuses again. Lachlan then draws a knife which glows with power from behind his back. Moments later he takes hold of Trick's hand and tells Trick that he is a coward before he begins to cut into Trick's hand with the knife. However, before he can do so, Dyson and Bo arrive, Dyson taking out one guard while Bo places a knife to Lachlan's throat stopping him from harming Trick.

Returning from commercial, Dyson removes the knife from Lachlan's hand. Lachlan asks Bo what she is doing and she asks him the same question. Lachlan's answer is that he is trying to kill The Garuda, and Trick's blood is the only way to do so. Dyson tells Lachlan that he is wrong and that Dyson will be the one to kill The Garuda. Dyson explains that the Wolf Spirit came to him when he was away and it told him that he would be the one to do the deed, but does not explain this further except to say that it is foretold. Lachlan tells Bo that what Dyson is saying is nonsense and that she is his champion. Bo asks him why he tried to do what he did and Lachlan tells her that he is not himself because The Garuda is nearby. Bo comments that he is like all of the other snakes in the city, and Lachlan admits that he was the cause of the snakes vanishing to force Trick into doing something. Bo confronts Lachlan asking what happens if he makes another mistake. Lachlan reminds Bo that there has always been only one way to stop The Garuda and that is with his venom and he discounts what Dyson has said. Trick defends Dyson saying the that Wolf Spirit does not make up stories, so whatever she said must be true somehow. Dyson then announces that in the morning they will attack The Garuda. Lachlan begs Bo not to attack, but she tells him that she will go into battle because she trusts her friend and that she is not sure that she can trust Lachlan. Bo, Dyson and Trick then leave Lachlan behind.

Dyson and Bo arrive at Dyson's home, Bo demanding to know how it is that Dyson is the chosen one. He tells her that the Wolf Spirit has no reason to lie to him. Bo asks if the Wolf Spirit is an ex-girlfriend which does, for a moment, make Dyson smile. Dyson then tells Bo that: "The clash between the Wolf and the Eagle has been foretold. Dyson then has a flashback to the moment when the Wolf Spirit talked to him deep in the woods as he stood in front of a fire. It asked him: "What do you seek?" His answer was: "Enlightenment." The Wolf Spirit told Dyson that enlightenment would not fill his void, that being the love that he lost to The Norn, but his future actions might. Dyson asks what he must do and is told that: "A great darkness is falling. It cannot happen. The Garuda must be destroyed." Dyson asks if he is the one to lead them into battle and the answer is: "Wolves are born to lead. Your role in this fight will be significant." Dyson then asks how to defeat The Garuda and is told: "The Garuda is a strong enemy. But his pride clouds his reason. His omnipotence makes him vulnerable. The time to strike is when he believes that he as already won." Dyson then comes out of the flashback and turns to Bo who tells him that she really wants to believe him, but she can't bring herself to do so. She tells Dyson that she can't handle all of the pressure of being Lachlan's champion and the idea of Lachlan being wrong about everything it making it worse for her. Dyson tells Bo that he could hear the Wold Spirit talking to him within his mind. Bo tells Dyson that they must be absolutely sure before they attack because there cannot be a mistake made. Dyson tells Bo that hs is positive about what he knows. Dyson tells Bo that what he gave up for her will be filled up by his actions and he can love her again, and that he has to do this. Bo doesn't say anything more to him but instead nods and then leaves Dyson's home.

Bo returns home and there is a knock on her door. She answers it with a knife in her hand and discovers Lauren waiting there who asks if she can come in. Bo allows Lauren in, and she asks for a drink, but Bo and Lauren stare at each other for a time before Bo tells Lauren that it might be under her bed before going there to check. Dyson still at home working out on a punching bag when the door opens and Ciara walks in using the key she still holds to Dyson's home. He apologizes for running out on her but she tells him that it is okay. Dyson asks if she is alright and she admits that she isn't. Ciara tells Dyson that they are rushing into battle and that if this is her last night, then she wants to spend it with him. Dyson tells her that he does not want to confuse things, but she tells him that she isn't confused and isn't taking no for an answer before she begins to kiss him.

Bo and Lauren are sitting on the couch, Bo saying nothing as Lauren has a drink. Bo refills Lauren's glass and tells her that life hasn't been fair to her and that Lauren is the strongest person that she has ever met. Lauren is quiet for a moment and then tells Bo that she went home to do her hair, Bo tells her it looks great and Lauren thanks Bo for saying so, but continues and explains that she knows that she is going through the stages of grief at this moment, going into "doctor" mode as she does so, telling Bo that having sex is a common response to grief. Meanwhile, Dyson and Ciara are in the midst of their sexual encounter, stripping the clothing off each other. Lauren then tells Bo that it's better to transfer the pain into something else to get over it.

Ciara is on top of Dyson riding him as they continue to have sex together, but in the middle of doing so, Ciara pulls a small knife from her boot and begins to trace the tip of the blade against Dyson's skin from waist to neck, pressing it down, but not cutting into him. We flash back to Bo who tells Lauren that she can see how intimacy would do what she is describing. We then return to Dyson and Clara, Ciara taking the blade away from Dyson's throat and the two of them continuing to have sex together. Lauren tells Bo that transferring the pain is very much like how the human mind takes the pain from a heat attack and places it in someone's left arm to distribute the pain. Bo smiles and tells Lauren that she loves it when Lauren, "totally geeks out." Lauren then blurts out: "Can I sleep with you?" Bo say yes and then Lauren adds that she wants to sleep in Bo's arms and Bo says of course. Lauren then tells Bo that since she knew that The Garuda had been seeing through Nadia's eyes, that since Nadia died, she hasn't been able to sleep. Bo tells Lauren that she is always welcome in her home and Lauren allows herself a small smile and nods in understanding.

Dyson and Ciara finally finish having sex and Dyson realizes that morning has almost arrived. Ciara asks Dyson why there is sand in places that there shouldn't be any sand and he tells her that he was in the desert. Ciara seems to accept this, knowing that Dyson meant the Wolf Spirit, telling Dyson of the time that her late husband Stephan went in search of the Wolf Spirit before he married her, but he only managed to eat some mushrooms and talk to a trees for several days. Dyson tells Ciara that he misses Stephan and she tells Dyson that Stephan loved him and believed in him. Dyson tells her that Stephan believed in someone that Dyson hasn't been in a long time and tells her that he wished Stephan was alive because he could use the faith. Caira tells Dyson jokingly that he had better deliver in the coming battle. She tells Dyson that they have all put their faith in him because he is worth putting their faith in. Lauren and Bo are in bed together. Lauren tells Bo that with Lachlan's attention on the coming battle that perhaps she should try to escape him. Lauren tells Bo that Lachlan told her that she would have an important role to play but never explained what that is. Lauren tells Bo that she has had enough of the Fae controlling her life and wants out. Bo tells Lauren that whatever she decide to do, she will support Lauren in it. They look at each other for a moment and then Bo expresses the wish that Dyson is the Chosen One.

At the Dal Riata, Trick has called Hale to a meeting and tells him that no matter what happens in the coming battle, he must return Bo safely back to him alive, no matter what the price may be. Hale agrees to Trick's request before Bo, Dyson, Kenzi, Hale and Ciara arrive for their final meeting before the battle. Trick explains that Berserkers can only be filled by blunt force trama and that using a knife or blade will only slow them down a little bit as he hands out various maces to them all. Trick then offers a map to The Garuda's lair and both Bo and Dyson reach for it, but Bo relents to Dyson allowing him to take it. Trick continues to explain that: "War is upon us. The Garuda can sense your greatest fears and he will manipulate them. He will try to turn you against each other. The Garuda is not a god. But he is the closest thing to the devil that you will ever face. I wish you the best of luck."When Trick finishes talking, Dyson slams one mace on the bar top and Bo startles in surprise for a moment, but continues to look at Trick.

After another commercial, Bo is seen lifting out a sewer grate and then the entire group is shown walking down some very dark corridors. Hale leads with Bo behind him, then Kenzi behind her, then Ciara, and finally Dyson. Kenzi comments that: "this place creeps me out!" Bo tells Kenzi that she can still turn around, but Kenzi refuses to do so, although she hears a noise and yells out that she is "too cute to die!" When everyone looks at her, she simply says that it is true. After coming around a corner, they come face to face with the leader of the Beserkers who taunts them before running away, Bo and everyone else in pursuit.

Meanwhile, Lachlan is in his lair, sealing a piece of parchment with wax and handing it to an assistant with the words: "You know what to do." Around him, other Fae are taking down his command centre and moving it elsewhere as Trick arrives. Trick asks where Lachlan's guards are and why Lachlan's aide are removing all of the information they have collected. Lachlan explains that he sent all of the guards away to help Bo. Trick is confused by this as Lachlan thinks that the mission she is on is a mistake. Lachlan tells Trick that he can understand why he put his faith in the Wolf Spirit's words as a devine being isn't one to eexaggerate, like the Nain Rouge and tells Trick that she told him that Bo was to be the champion, not Dyson. Lachlan wonders if Bo has been visited by the Nain Rouge and what she told Bo about the coming battle. Trick has a flashback to when Bo told him of the vision the Nain Rouge gave her of killing him and is unsure of what he should do next.

As this happens, Dyson is leading everyone else after the Berserker, Bo telling them all that something isn't right, Kenzi saying that it is the smell most of all. The Berseker appears once more and they give chase, but find themselves in The Garuda's lair cornered by it and the Berserkers that it commands and a group of Lachlan's guards. The Garuda then appears laughing at them all and telling them that he has been waiting for a long time to meet them all.

Lauren is at home packing her things as if she is leaving when her phone beeps with a text message that reads: "Incoming Message - The Ash: Throne Room. Now. It's important." Lauren considers the message while looking at the dried blood from Nadia on her floor.

The Garuda begins to walk in front of Bo and the others, commenting on each of them. He starts with Bo: "The Succubus. Who killed her lover's girlfriend." Bo's answer is that she didn't kill Nadia, she saved her from The Garuda. He then stands in front of Ciara and says: "And stole the Fairy Warrior's boyfriend and ripped his heart out before she had a chance to do it herself." Ciara says nothing in response to this. He then moves on to Hale: "The little rich boy. Who has forsaken his family and his partner." Turning to Kenzi he says: "The human. With all of her little quips and jokes and... well is nothing more than a liability." Finally he comes to Dyson with: "And you. The Wolf. No morals or loyality. Guess that's what happens when you lose your heart." Dyson replies: "You know what you problem is?" When The Garuda shrugs and says: "Do tell." Dyson tells him that he has already won and then tries to attack him. However, The Garuda forces everyone back by spreading his flaming wings into the air behind him and knocks them to the ground. Dyson is confused and Hale confronts him about this, Dyson swearing that it was foretold, Hale telling Dyson that his ego will get them all killed. Dyson calls Hale an "errand boy and throws Hale back, Ciara then comes between the two and beings to rant at Dyson. Bo sees that The Garuda is watching all of this from a short distance away and yells at everyone to stop fighting. Ciara however calls Bo "little miss perfect" and tells her that she is responsible for what has happened to Dyson. She also asks Bo if Nadia was a bigger threat to Bo than she was. Dyson pushes Ciara away, telling her to leave Bo alone, but Hale comes back at Dyson using his Siren song to knock him to the floor. Bo turns around to face The Garuda and sees Kenzi taking a club and hitting The Garuda over the head with it. This distracts him and he focuses his attention on Kenzi, gripping her by the throat and raising her into the air before throwing her aside. The Garuda then creates a sword of flame and then as Bo tries to protect Kenzi moves to strike her. However, Ciara shifts around between The Garuda and his target, taking the death blow instead. Dyson screams, Bo and Kenzi rush over to Ciara, and The Garuda roars in anger.

Back from yet another commercial, Lachlan is in his throne room with Trick as Lauren enters the chamber. Lachlan tells Lauren that he didn't think she was coming and Lauren tells him that she almost didn't. Lachlan then shows Lauren a series of test tubes and needles in his hand before telling her that they should start while Trick asks what they are doing, but does not get an answer.

Ciara is dying as Bo and Kenzi look on in shock. Dyson races to her side and begs her to stay. Ciara tells Dyson to: "Be true to yourself Dyson. You'll never truly love anyone if you don't." Ciara then dies in Dyson's arms moments later. Bo stands up and looks around a moment before asking where The Garuda went. Bo quickly realizes that if The Ash's guards are with them, the he is undefended.

Trick confronts Lachlan telling him not to do what he is planning, but Lachlan tells Trick to leave, but before he can, the roar of The Garuda is clear. Lachlan tells Trick to hide, but Trick refuses. Lachlan tells Trick that it is very clear now that Bo is the champion and she will need his guidance to win. Trick wishes Lachlan good luck and then rushes off in search of a hiding place as Lachlan awaits The Garuda. He arrives and greets Lachlan with: "Hello old friend." Lachlan simply stands defiantly and clears his throat once.

Meanwhile, The Ash's guards have been defeated by the Berserkers. Bo frantically tries to gt Dyson's attention but he is devastated by Ciara's death and does not seem to hear her. A Bersker begins to attack Dyson, who does not react, but Bo manages to strike the attacker and disable him. Dyson finally stands up and sees the oncoming attack, but makes no mover to stop it.

Lachlan and The Garuda face each other, slowly circling before their fight begins. Trick watches from a nearby hiding place as they continue to look at each other and circle.

Dyson tells Bo and the others to leave and that he will fix the mistake that he made. Bo refuses to leave, saying that it was her mistake. Dyson then tells Hale to get Bo out of there. Bo pushes Hale away and Dyson tells Bo that they have lost this fight for today but they will need her to lead them tomorrow. He tells her to protect The Ash and to keep fighting. Hale tells Bo that they must leave, Dyson tells Bo that he will hold them off until she is safe and that Bo cannot die. Finally Hale. Bo and Kenzi leave, Bo promising to return for Dyson. After they leave him, Dyson faces all of the Berserkets alone, the assembled mass of them slowly but surely breaking through his protection and starting to injure him. From a distance, Bo, Hale and Kenzi stop to watch this unfold before continuing to run away. However, as Bo and Hale continues to run, Kenzi stops and turns around, going back to Dyson.

The Garuda and Lachlan are still circling each other, The Garuda comments that he thought there was more of Lachlan, but he might be mistaken. Lachlan replies that: "This may be my final head, but it only takes one head, one bite and one dead Garuda." The Garuda answers him with: "Or one swing of my sword." before making his sword appear. Lachlan attacks, but misses and falls to the floor. He looks at Trick for an instant before The Garuda strikes with his sword and cuts off Lachlan's head while Trick watches. Immediately afterward, The Garuda smells Trick and turns towards him. Trick leaves his hiding place and confronts The Garuda telling him, while holding two knifes in his hands: "Let's end this." The Garuda laughs at Trick, but in the next moment, Trick uses his whistle to call the mole who collapses the floor causing The Garuda to fall into the earth before sealing up the hole once more. Trick then announces to the empty room: "Alastor Cornish, I hereby release you, your debt paid in full." Bo and Hale rush in moments later to see Lachlan dead. Bo falls to her knees and whispers that she should have listened to Lachlan. Bo admits the Lachlan told her that she was the champion, but she wanted it to be someone else, and that she needed to give it away. Trick tells Bo that she is the champion and that Lachlan gave his life to prove it to her. Lauren then arrives and tells Bo that The Garuda thinks the venom from Lachlan is gone, but in fact she drew out of him two test tubes of the venom to use which gives them a small advantage. Bo then asks where Kenzi is as she is not with them. At first Hale tries to tell Bo that he doesn't know where Kenzi is, but then admits that he saw Kenzi go back for Dyson. Bo is incensed over this and demands to know why Hale didn't go back for Kenzi. Trick then tells Bo that he gave Hale orders to return her to him no matter what the cost. Bo then pushes her way past Hale and Lauren, leaving to find Kenzi.

Back from another commercial, Trick is pacing in the throne room muttering that they cannot lose Bo as well. Lauren tells Trick that Hale will find Bo, but then she looks at the venom she drew from Lachlan and realizes that something is wrong. The venom is coagulating and if they cannot stop it then Lachlan's sacrifice was for nothing.

The final scene of the episode begins with Bo back in the old abattoir looking for Kenzi. She finds Kenzi pushing a shipping cart with Dyson in a heap on top of it. The first thing that Kenzi says to Bo is: "Man, he's heavy." Dyson is alive, but unconscious. Bo tells Kenzi never to do what she did again, and Kenzi admits to Bo that she had to hide under the bodies of dead guards before the Berserker left and she was safe. Bo looks at Kenzi and says: "I really have to do this don't I? This is on me, isn't it?" Kenzi tells her that: "Yes. It is. But we all have your back Bo. From a very very safe distance." This brings a smile to both of the women and Kenzi apologizes saying that she couldn't resist saying it. They embrace, Bo telling Kenzi that she is not a liability and that she is just the thing Bo needs. Kenzi returns to Dyson to check on him and Bo stares off into space as she says the final words of the episode: "Alright. Bring it on."

Questions in this Episode

  • Are all of the actions of the animals that Trick noted actually caused by Lachlan? While Trick assumed that the actions were caused by The Garuda, Lachlan admitted that he was responsible for at least the disappearance of the snakes from the zoo. Could all of the events be his attempt to fool Trick into doing something rash?
  • How many Berserkers are in The Garuda's employ?
  • Just how much information does The Garuda have on Bo and everyone else?
  • Nothing is explained about the Wolf Spirit, save that it is female in nature. However, is it possible that Dyson never actually talked to the Wolf Sprit and instead the events of the episode Fae-nted Love are coming back to haunt him?
  • Is dying or being severely injured a requirement of being The Ash? One has died in this series and the other was blown up.
  • What precisely was Lachlan told by the Nain Rouge about Bo?
  • Why or what is the purpose for The Garuda to hold a sword of flame?
  • Will the Ash's venom be saved from becoming useless?
  • How will the venom be delivered?
  • We assume that Lachlan only has five heads as a Naga. We also have to assume that he is now dead. However, is he the last Naga in the Lost Girl universe?
  • What happened to Ciara's body?
  • What happens to all of the businesses that she owned?
  • Now that the Ash is dead, again, who is the new Ash?
  • What was written in the sealed parchment that the Ash gave to an aide?

Answers in this Episode

  • As a note, the newspaper that Bo reads telling of the snakes disappearing, has only the headline of the article being correct. Nothing else in it has anything to do with the story.
  • Apparently, in the Lost Girl universe, there are Mole Fae. They appear to live underground for most of their lives and have the ability to cause the earth to disappear and reappear in order to allow them to move freely underground. Nothing else is known about this kind of Fae, nor is it clear if these are Fae or UnderFae in nature.
  • The Garuda employs Berserkers as his henchmen. They are brutish, have little control, and seem to be angry all of the time. They seem to be based on the Norse warriors called Berserkers (or berserks) who were reported in the Old Norse literature to have fought in a nearly uncontrollable, trance-like fury, a characteristic which later gave rise to the English word berserk. Berserkers were attested to in numerous Old Norse sources. Most historians believe that berserkers worked themselves into a rage before battle, but some think that they might have consumed drugged foods. You can learn more about them here.
  • Ciara returned because she sensed that a war was about to start and she wanted to be part of it. Whether it is part of her abilities as a Fae, or simply a means to an excuse to return, is unknown.
  • The Archimedes Heat Ray is a legendary device created by the Greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor, and astronomer Archimedes of Syracuse. He was credited in legend that during the Siege of Syracuse (c. 214–212 BC), Archimedes destroyed enemy ships with fire. Centuries later, Anthemius of Tralles mentions burning-glasses as Archimedes' weapon. The device, sometimes called the "Archimedes heat ray", was used to focus sunlight onto approaching ships, causing them to catch fire. You can find out more about this legend here.
  • Bo states that The Garuda was seeing through Nadia's eyes and spying on them.
  • Trick's power of blood writing only works if he does so by his own free will.
  • Apparently the Wolf Sprit came to Dyson, but whether it did, or did not to Stephan is unclear.
  • The Garuda, when it is close to Lachlan, apparently effects him as being a Naga, he is its enemy.
  • Lachlan was told by the Nain Rouge that Bo would defeat The Garuda.
  • It appears that The Garuda is omnipotent, but this does not mean all powerful.
  • Ciara is killed in this episode by The Garuda. She takes a sword slash to her chest and dies almost instantly.
  • The Garuda's weapon, beside his ability to cloud the judgement of others and enrage them, is a sword of flame.
  • Lachlan is killed by The Garuda in this episode by having his head cut off.


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