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Lost Girl character
Lachlan, The New Ash
Lachlan, The New Ash
First appearance

I Fought the Fae (And the Fae Won)
Last appearance

Lachlan's Gambit
Portrayed by

Vincent Walsh
Aliases The Ash / The New Ash
Species Nāga
Gender Male
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Relatives Unrevealed
Appeared In 15 Episodes
+ Many References
Aligned Light Fae
Fate Deceased
Killed by The Garuda
in Lachlan's Gambit

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Lachlan was the name of a character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series who took the position of The Ash, generally referred to as The New Ash, in the Second Season of the series. He was not Fae in nature, but was a Nāga and the enemy of The Garuda. The role was played by the actor Vincent Walsh. He first appeared in the Second Season episode I Fought the Fae (And the Fae Won) where he was involved in the competition for the position of The Ash which ended in his being the winner and proclaimed to be The New Ash.

His final appearance in the series, was in the second season episode, Lachlan's Gambit. In this episode, he was in a final confrontation with The Garuda and after a short battle was killed by it when his head was cut off. This event marked the end of Lachlan's appearances in the series, but the after effects of his actions still haunt Bo, Trick, Dyson, Lauren and the others that were involved. Besides his numerous appearances in the Second Season, he was referenced in almost every episode between his first and last appearances. With his death and that of The Garuda, it is unlikely that he will return to the series in any form.

Character History

Second Season

Lachlan's first appearance was in the Second Season episode I Fought the Fae (And the Fae Won). He was not named in this episode and Bo referred to him as "Mr. Green Band." He was one of the candidates for the position of The Ash in the aftermath of Aife's attack at the end of the first season in Blood Lines where she killed or injured most of the Light Fae leadership to provoke a war. With the apparent severe injury or death of the previous Ash, a contest was announced and Lachlan took part in it. After making it through the first round of the contest, he won The Stag Hunt which involved hunting a Fae. He shot the Fae with a bow and arrow, seemingly killing her and claiming the position of The Ash. Through this episode he came in contact with Bo for the first time and their strained relationship began.

His next appearance was in Scream a Little Dream where he had been installed as the New Ash and began changing the position to his liking. He came between Lauren and Bo, severing their relationship and forbade them from seeing each other again without his permission which only served to anger Bo further. He informed Bo that he was the new Ash and was a stickler for protocol as well. Bo learned that everything that the old Ash owned has become Lachlan's and that included Lauren's lab and Lauren herself which resulted in his treating Lauren like chattel. He offered Bo the chance to work for him in a freelance capacity, but with the condition that she would do what he told her to, however Bo refused this offer.

In Mirror, Mirror, Bo and Dyson see Lachlan, Bo asked for his help to save Kenzi when she was taken by Baba Yaga. His comments of if it was him he would just go and find another human to replace her, angered Bo. However, Bo offered to accept the deal Lachlan made in the previous episode on the condition that Bo was able to get Kenzi home alive. Lachlan provided a means to do so and Bo began to work for Lachlan and continued to do so through the rest of the season.

In BrotherFae of the Wolves, Lauren told Bo that Lachlan was placing all humans that are not working in their living quarters and sealing them there. Bo gives Lauren sanctuary at her home which Lachlan does not know about or so Bo and Lauren believe. Bo delivered a Fae who was a Mongolian death worm to Lachlan and asked him to protect her after the events of the episode. Lachlan gloated over the arrangement that he had with Bo, but Bo refuted this saying that she didn't do it because of any arrangement. When Lachlan dismissed Velma, the Fae that Bo brought him, as a thing, Bo chastised Lachlan for what he did saying that Velma was a person and should be treated as such. Lachlan questioned what he would get in return for treating Velma well, and Bo's answer was that it would make Velma's friends happy and that she was a friend of Velma's. Lachlan grudgingly agreed to treat Velma like a person. But when Bo did not say thank you immediately, Lachlan prodded her to, and Bo does so curtly. As Bo left, the Ash asked how Lauren was, Bo replied that she hadn't heard from her in days. Lachlan seemed unconvinced, but lets her answer pass, however it was evident that he was aware where Lauren was.

Original Skin found Lauren possessed by a Fae prisoner who threatened Lachlan's life. Dyson, who was in Kenzi's body, confronted them and saved Lachlan's life. Afterwards Lachlan opened a lock box containing various items. After removing some, he opened a section in the bottom of it to reveal what appeared to be his own severed head, the skin grey and lifeless.

Raging Fae gave rise to a conflict between Dyson and Lachlan when Dyson asked for permission to close an illegal fighting ring down. Lachlan refused and told Dyson to drop the investigation or he would find things unpleasant for him. Dyson acknowledged the Ash's orders, but in the end Bo and Dyson do end the ring. Afterwards, Lachlan visited the Fae who was running the ring and when Lachlan learned from him that he has been feeling a darkness within him, and it seems to be growing, Lachlan attacked the Fae showing his mouth having jagged teeth and apparently killing the Fae.

In Can't See the Fae-Rest, Lauren was ordered by Lachlan to discover why a particular kind of Fae was dying, but does not tell her the reason why he wants to know. Lauren's report on the deaths indicated they were all killed by electrocution, and she had a theory to why. When Lachlan demanded that she reveal what she knew, Lauren refused. She then showed him the African cursing nail that The Morrigan gave Lauren and Bo and asked for his help to save Nadia. When Lachlan refused to help her, Lauren tore off the locket she wore that marked her as the Ash's property and swore that she would not help him any longer. Lauren was imprisoned by Lachlan as a result of her actions. However, Lachlan did begin to investigate what happened with Lauren and Nadia without Lauren's knowledge.

In Masks Lachlan discovered the reasons behind Nadia being cursed. It was the actions of the previous Ash that caused this to happen in order to force Lauren to work for the Light Fae and find a cure for a plague that they were suffering. He ordered Bo to find the solution to end the curse, but demanded that she never tell Lauren what she had done. Bo did free Nadia from the curse and she awoke, but in doing so Lauren assumed that Lachlan had saved Nadia and as such was obliged to reaffirm her commitment to the Ash forever.

Barometz. Trick. Pressure. found Bo at odds with Lachlan and confronting him. She discovered the cache of Lachlan's severed heads and then came to blows with him over his actions with Lauren. Lachlan and Bo then battled each other until Bo had the chance to kill Lachlan, but she refused to do so when Lachlan admitted that he had been testing her. He then revealed to Bo that he was a Nāga and told Bo about The Garuda and its threat. Lachlan then asked her to battle The Garuda for the Fae explaining that she is the only one who could possibly destroy it and save the world. Lachlan asked Bo to be his champion, but she did not answer his question at that moment in the series, but was considering it.

At the time of Midnight Lamp, Lachlan asked Bo to locate a Djinn named Sadie for him so that he could obtain more information on The Garuda. This also resulted in Bo meeting Ryan and beginning a relationship with him. After Bo completed her mission, Lachlan asked Bo if she had decided to be his champion, but Bo offered to be his his partner instead, to which Lachlan seemed to agree.

During The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire, Lachlan directed Bo to investigate Hale's family during an event called the Inverell which was a meeting of the three most important Light Fae clans. Through this, Hale and Dyson come to odds over Val, Hale's sister. However, Bo did stop the threat to the clans and revealed the threat of The Garuda to them all, but to little effect.

In Fae-nted Love, Lachlan ordered Dyson to interrogate an UnderFae to find out if they were responsible for the deaths of several Fae which were ruled as being suicides. Through this, Dyson was made to doubt himself but in the end the truth was found out and Dyson survived the encounter.

Truth and Consequences had Lachlan reveal to Bo that one of the most powerful Fae, The Glaive, might have an alliance with The Garuda and he asked her to remove that threat, dead or alive. Bo instead captured The Glaive and brought her to Lachlan. Trick asked Hale to help gather information by spying on The Ash to find out what he knew. Hale then saw Lachlan who ordered him to spy on Trick as well. As a result, Hale brought Trick and Lachlan together and they began to share information about The Garuda.

Lachlan's final appearance was in Lachlan's Gambit where he called Trick to a meeting and demanded that Trick use his blood to write a new future. However before this could happen, Bo and Dyson managed to stop him and free Trick. Soon afterwards Bo, Dyson, Hale, Kenzi and Ciara confronted The Garuda and failed miserably in trying to stop it. After it killed Ciara, The Garuda attacked Lachlan and killed him in the presence of Trick. Soon after that battle ended, Bo and Hale arrived and learned that although Lachlan was dead, his venom was taken by Lauren and with it they had a slim advantage as The Garuda would assume that no one could stop it from carrying out its plans.

With Lachlan's death his arc came to an end, but the effects of his actions were still to come. In the Second Season finale Flesh and Blood, Bo used Lahlan's venom to kill The Garuda when it possessed Trick. This resulted in Trick's death but she was able to revive Trick by using an ampul of life energy he had given Bo for her own protection. The impact of this decision was felt though the Third Season of the series in the changes that Bo was suffering throughout the season as a result.

Lachlan's death brought an end to the character appearing in the series. It is unlikely that he will return to the series save for possible flashbacks, but this is unlikely.

Powers and Abilities

Lachlan was a Naga, but his precise abilities and powers were not made very clear in the series. It was seen at several points that he could transform his teeth and mouth causing sharp and jagged fangs to appear at will. It can be assumed that when this happened it was possible for him to strike like a snake and deliver his poison through his teeth. There was evidence of his having a total of five heads, four of which Bo discovered in a lock box that Lachlan held. It is unclear if Lachlan appeared with all of his heads at once, or if as each was cut off another appeared in its place. Lachlan did state that his fifth head was his last and if that was removed it would mean the end of his life.

Lachlan's venom was one of the only substances that could kill The Garuda. Apparently his other heads were removed in order for the venom to be used in the past. It is unclear if this was to kill other Garuda or for other purposes.

It was also shown in the series that Lachlan was very skilled at using a bow and a sword. He also was very manipulative, held strong opinions and did not have a very positive view of humanity as a whole.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

Second Season

Information revealed in the series

  • He is a Naga.
  • He had five heads, but at the time of his appearance in the series had one left.
  • His body produces a venom that is deadly to Garuda.
  • That venom cannot exist for long outside of his body.
  • He was crowned The New Ash when he won a contest called The Stag Hunt.
  • He has a tendency to bring others to anger with his comments.
  • He has a poor view of humans calling them chattel.
  • For the most part, he remained in the shadows to hide from The Garuda, ordering Bo to perform tasks for him.
  • He seemed to be more interested in gathering information and giving it out when it suited him.
  • Nāga refers to a group of serpent deities in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. The great nemesis of the Nāgas in the Mahabharata is the gigantic eagle-king Garuda. You can learn more about this legend here. In the Lost Girl universe, Lachlan is described as a Nāga, and according to what he reveals to Bo, he had five heads upon his body, calling them his brothers. It is possible that Lachlan could be more accurately described as a Hydra, but this is unclear. It is also possible that Lachlan is meant to be the representation of the Vedic religious God known as Varuna.
  • The Ash asked Bo to be his champion against the Garuda, and she agreed to do so on her terms.
  • Lachlan used Ryan as a source for rare and special devices when he was The Ash.
  • Towards the end of his arc, Lachlan and Trick joined forces to oppose The Garuda through the actions of Hale
  • The Garuda, when it is close to Lachlan, apparently effects him as being a Naga, he is its enemy.
  • Lachlan was told by the Nain Rouge that Bo would defeat The Garuda.
  • Lachlan is killed by The Garuda by having his head cut off.
  • His venom is saved by Lauren who gives it to Bo. She then uses it to kill The Garuda when it possesses Trick.

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