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/ MacKenzie "Kenzi" Malikov
Lost Girl character
Kenzi, Bo's Human Sidekick, Best Friend and Shadow Thief
Kenzi, Bo's Human Sidekick, Best Friend and Shadow Thief
First appearance

It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World
Last appearance

Portrayed by

Ksenia Solo
Nickname(s) Kenz
Bo's Heart
Aliases Shaman Czigany, Kenzi Williams, Kenzi McAdams, Kenzi Rogers, Rhino Levine, Toni Soprano, Meow Meow, Ninotchka Alexandrovich, Kenzi Sommersby
Species Human
Gender Female
Spouse(s) None
Hale (Husband To Be)[1]
Children None
Relatives Galina (Mother)
Bodgen (Stepfather)
Ludmila (Aunt)
Sima (Cousin)
Yura (Cousin)
Pavel (Cousin)
Dima (Cousin)
Dimitri (Cousin)
Appeared In 64 Episodes (Technically, 63)[2]
Aligned Unaligned
Fate Active
Last seen in Rise taking Tamsin's daughter Dagny with her into hiding

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Kenzi, proper name MacKenzie "Kenzi" Malikov, and also known as Kenz, along with a series of aliases, was the name of a character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series who was Bo's best friend and sidekick through the series. Kenzi has appeared in a total of thirteen First Season episodes, twenty-one Second Season episodes, twelve, though technically eleven, Third Season episodes[3], twelve Fourth Season episodes and six Fifth Season episodes. Kenzi was human in nature and like Bo, considered herself unaligned with the Fae. The role was played by the actress Ksenia Solo. She first appeared in the premiere episode of the series It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where she came into contact with Bo. Kenzi had gone to a bar and was the victim of an attempted date rape, but Bo rescued her before this could occur. Following the intervention of Dyson and Hale in bringing Bo to The Ash, Kenzi became aware of the Fae, moved in with Bo, and the two became inseparable.

The First Season of the series established that Kenzi was very intelligent, but also was a con artist and thief. As the series progressed, Kenzi became more aware and involved with the Fae through her friendship of Bo. The one constant being that Kenzi supported Bo regardless of what anyone else thought of her. The Second Season revealed much more about Kenzi's background, including the appearance of Nate, who became Kenzi's boyfriend for a short time. As well, Kenzi's desire to protect her friends, regardless of the cost, came to haunt her in several ways including Kenzi making a deal with The Morrigan and Kenzi's attack on The Norn. Kenzi also provided help when Bo faced off against The Garuda with her friends. The Third Season focused on Kenzi dealing with the aftermath of her confronting The Norn, being impersonated by a Kitsune and coming to a decision that the only way for her to help her friends was to risk becoming Fae herself in some way.

Through the first three seasons of the series, Kenzi acted not just as Bo's friend and sidekick, but in a way she became Bo's connection to her humanity. Bo confided in Kenzi about many parts of her life, including relationships. her fears and concerns. Kenzi was described by Bo at one point as her "sister". In spite of this, Trick once told Kenzi she was Bo's greatest liability because of her being human, but Bo only cared about one thing that was important to her. No matter what may come, Kenzi was someone that she could always depend on.

Trick has came to regard Kenzi as one of his family, helping Bo to protect Kenzi from others in the Fae world, sacrificing an item he owned to acquire a cure for a fatal disease that was killing Kenzi, and providing her with many insights about the Fae.

Kenzi's relationship with Dyson initially was very tenuous, but over time Dyson has come to respect Kenzi and regard her as important in his life even if he displays an attitude that he found her to be annoying. Dyson did note that he admired Kenzi's strength after an incident where the two swapped bodies and Dyson was forced to use Kenzi's body to stop an insane Dark Fae who attempted to kill The Ash.[4] Kenzi risked her life for Dyson when they were confronting The Garuda[5] Kenzi also confronted The Norn and forced her to return to Dyson his love which he had sacrificed for Bo at the end of the First Season.[6] Possibly the most devastating moment Dyson's relationship with Kenzi was when Dyson killed Inari, a Kitsune who had taken Kenzi's form. Dyson was visibly distraught at the possibility that he had killed the real Kenzi until Lauren confirmed that the body was Fae and therefore not Kenzi.[7]

Kenzi became friends with Hale as the series progressed, the two of them seeing themselves as "sidekicks" to Bo and Dyson initially, but over time a strong relationship emerged between them, hints of this becoming more appearing by the end of the Third Season. Hale has said that he appreciates Kenzi's courage and loyalty to her friends.[8] By the end of the Third Season, it was clear that Hale had romantic feelings towards Kenzi.

Kenzi's connection with Lauren was mainly in that they both cared deeply about Bo's well being, Kenzi at one point threatening Lauren's life if she hurt Bo. However during ConFaegion Kenzi and Lauren seemed to come to an understanding with each other that settled many of their differences.

Nate was an old friend and neighbor of Kenzi's who appeared during the Second Season of the series who knew Kenzi when she was young.[9] They had a romantic relationship, but Kenzi was forced to severe their relationship to protect Nate from the Fae and The Garuda.[10] During their relationship, Kenzi also made a deal with The Morrigan in which she promised The Morrigan a favor if she spared Nate's life after Nate was introduced to The Morrigan by Ryan.[11]

Kenzi also had a somewhat friendly relationship with Vex after he was forced to move in with Bo and Kenzi at the beginning of the Third Seaaon[12] and Kenzi grew to like Vex in spite of their previous dealings and confrontations.

In the third season finale Those Who Wander Kenzi was held prisoner by The Morrigan. She escaped with the help of Bruce, one of The Morrigan's henchmen who had a crush on Kenzi, in search of a means to become Fae.

She returned in the Fourth Season her memories altered and living a different life than she had with Bo. However her memories were restored and she went in search for Bo. She also appeared to have made a deal with Massimo, a Druid, to gain the appearance of Fae powers, but was not actually Fae. She eventually lost this ability soon after Bo returned from being missing.In the aftermath, Dyson trained Kenzi to be a Shadow Thief. Kenzi finally expressed her love for Hale and was intending to accept his marriage proposal, but was unable to do so when Hale was killed by Massimo. With the imminent arrival of Bo's Father, Kenzi found that she was not mentioned in any prophecy about the coming events and asked to be freed from Bo which she was granted. However, soon after Kenzi found a reference which seemed to indicate that her sacrifice would be needed in order to save the world. Kenzi made the decision to do so and died closing the gate between the Earth and Hel. She was then claimed by Tamsin and taken to Valhalla by her. Afterwards, Bo was seen at Kenzi's grave marker mourning her loss, but promising to return Kenzi somehow back to the living. At the end of the Fourth Season, it appeared that Kenzi had died and whether or not she would return was uncertain.

She returned in the Fifth Season where she was found by Bo in Valhalla. Hale sent a note to Kenzi which indicated that they were to be married in the afterlife, but that event was stopped at the last moment and Kenzi was returned to Earth, once more alive. After her return, Kenzi was given the deed to land in Europe by Hale in his will, and she came to the decision to leave Bo and the world of the Fae telling Bo that she could not: "keep being a lost human in the Fae world trying to be Fae. I'm not Fae." Kenzi then departed Bo's life, her future unknown save that she looked forwards to a "human life" that awaited her. Kenzi returned in the second half of the season for a short period to help Bo in dealing with Hades, seemingly more settled with who she was and dealing as she could with the loss of Hale.

Kenzi returned for the end of the series, being present when Bo confronted her father Hades as well as assisting Lauren in helping Tamsin to give birth to Dagny, her daughter. Following the defeat of Hades and Tamsin's passing, Bo gave Dagny to Kenzi so that she could keep Dagny safe from the Fae. The final image of Kenzi in the series was her driving away with Dagny with Bo watching from afar.

Kenzi's ultimate fate in the series was not revealed, it not being clear if she returned to her home in Europe or if she remained close by while Dagny grew up. However, it was made clear that her relationship with Bo remained strong.

Character History

First Season

The First Season of the series established that Kenzi was very intelligent, but also was a con artist and thief. As the season progressed, Kenzi became more aware and involved with the Fae through her friendship of Bo. The one constant in the season being that Kenzi supported Bo regardless of what anyone else thought of her.

Kenzi made her first appearance in It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where she was the victim of a date rape attempt, but was rescued by Bo. She becomes more involved with Bo when Dyson and Hale kidnap Bo, leaving Kenzi to her own devices to attempt to locate where Bo had been taken. Discovering that location, she goes there in an attempt to help Bo and is present when Bo wins her freedom and declares herself to be unaligned with either of the Light or Dark Fae. By the end of the episode, Bo and Kenzi had become fast friends and faced their future, and the Fae, together.

In Where There's a Will, There's a Fae, Bo and Kenzi found a place to live and moved in there together. When Bo became involved with a Will O' The Wisp, Kenzi helped Bo to solve that mystery. It was also the first time that Kenzi had been to the Dal Riata and the first time that she came in contact with Trick. Kenzi also killed a Fae in this episode, a Dullahan.

In Oh Kappa, My Kappa, Kenzi suggests that Bo become a private investigator for cases that "no one else will believe". Bo is initially annoyed at this idea, but agrees to try out one job. That is investigating a disappearance of a college girl. Kenzi goes undercover as a college student and joins the sorority, Kappa Theta Xi. She tries asking about the missing girl, but the others think that she moved on to another sorority. At some point, Kenzi tried investigating the basement, but was stopped by the girls, making her suspicious. To Kenzi's surprise, the initiation is nothing sinister at all. When Bo goes missing, Kenzi enlists Dyson to help look for her. This is when Kenzi discovers that he is a wolf-shifter. After the case has been solved, Kenzi convinces Bo to tell Dyson what Bo feels about him.

Faetal Attraction found Kenzi trying to help Bo get over being rejected by Dyson in the previous episode. She also came to the realization, in her first meeting with Lauren that Lauren was in love with Bo. Kenzi also had her first experience with Bo having sex with another Fae, being covered by plaster being knocked off the ceiling, dealing with loud screams of passion, and eventually Kenzi opened a bottle and drank it as quickly as possible. Kenzi helped Bo deal with a Fury who was jealous over a human's relationship with her husband. Kenzi was knocked out at one point, but survived. Trick confronted Kenzi about a missing 300 year old bottle of mead, which Kenzi took.

In Dead Lucky, Kenzi is trying to accept a job from a client about her possessed cat. But because Bo fails to show up, having been captured by the Dark, the potential client leaves, calling Kenzi the sidekick. For the whole episode, Kenzi is treated much like the sidekick to Bo. Hale advises that if she wants to not look like a sidekick, she needs to not act as such. She had attempted to solve Bo's case on her own, only to be captured and put in the trunk of a car. She is rescued by Dyson, who promises not to tell Bo.

During Food for Thought, Kenzi came close to death as a result of her and Bo's inexperience with Fae culture. Bo and Kenzi helped Lauren as she tended to a sick Aswang. Kenzi ate some soup that made the Aswang ill and became gravely ill as well. Over the course of the episode, Kenzi became progressively sicker. Trying to help Kenzi, Trick gave up a valuable item he possessed in an attempt to make Kenzi feel better. This marked the point at which her relationship with Trick began to change. As well, Dyson's relationship with Kenzi changed when he went to bring her back to Bo and her friends when Kenzi left to be alone, expecting to die. Dyson comforted Kenzi, eventually promising Kenzi that he would take her somewhere safe to stay and in doing so, Kenzi began to trust him more than she had in the past. Lauren and Bo found the cure and saved Kenzi who began to recover at the end of the episode to Bo's relief.

In ArachnoFaebia, Kenzi was the victim of an Djieiene, an UnderFae creature that was similar to a giant spider. She was bitten and came to believe that Bo and her other friends were trying to kill her. She, along with Bo and Hale were rescued by the actions of Lauren and Dyson and recovered from the effects of the poison.

During Vexed Kenzi was at Bo's side as she attempted to save a Fae that seemed to have information about Bo's mother. Kenzi also at one point in the episode was seen playing a video game called Robot Hookers. In Fae Day Kenzi became romantically involved with a Fae who was marked for death by a Banshee. She consoled him through the episode and made him believe that he would survive and the Banshee was wrong. However, in the end, he was killed and passed away in Kenzi's arms. This was the first time that Kenzi had any kind of romantic relationship in the series, if only briefly. She also learned about one of the Fae's most important holidays and more about Fae life.

In the The Mourning After Kenzi's relationship with Bo was strained when a Succubus named Saskia appeared and interjected herself into Bo's life. By doing so, Kenzi found herself pushed away from Bo during the episode and Saskia displaced Kenzi in Bo’s life. While this occurred, Trick asked for Kenzi's help when a business associate arrived to claim an item from Trick which seemed to have vanished. Kenzi agreed to help Trick locate the missing item by helping to summon a Lightning Bird for him. They struck an agreement that Trick would forgive Kenzi's bar tab and she would have free drinks for life, as long as it was nothing "top shelf." When Kenzi did so, the Lightning Bird told her that Trick could get whatever he wanted if he wrote in his book of blood again, but the powerful were the most stubborn. At the end of the episode, Kenzi told Trick that the Lightning Bird told her that Trick was powerful and that he had a book of blood. Trick claimed not to know what Kenzi was talking about, but Kenzi replied that “it takes a con to know a con”, and that he had secrets. Afterwards, Kenzi returned home to find Bo devastated and Bo told Kenzi that she missed her.

In Faetal Justice, Kenzi claimed that she once ran a con posing as a chef, but when her cooking was tried by Bo and Kenzi it was awful. Kenzi then helped Bo solve a mystery over Dyson's seeming responsibility for the death of a Dark Fae. Kenzi also made a friendship with a woman named Portia who was at the center of the mystery, the two agreeing to keep in touch in the future.

In (Dis)Members Only a friend from Kenzi's past, Neville, asked for her help in finding out what happened to a missing relative. To do so, Bo and Dyson posed as a married couple to investigate a country club while Kenzi worked as an employee there. Kenzi also received a foot massage from Dyson during the episode. Kenzi also teamed up with Hale to investigate the club where the missing relative was last seen. During this time, the pair seemed to become closer in their understanding and acceptance of each other. Eventually Kenzi found that a Land Wright was responsible for the deaths, almost becoming a victim herself. Neville also revealed that Kenzi's past streetname was Meow Meow.

In the season finale Blood Lines, Kenzi was the only one of Bo's friends she could trust when she discovered that everyone else had been lying to her about what they knew about her past. It was also revealed that Kenzi enjoyed romance novels. Kenzi was present when Bo came into possession of the Koushang, an amulet which was proof against the powers of Succubi. Kenzi also was present when Bo fought Aife, her mother, and saw Aife fall to her seeming doom.

At the end of the First Season, Kenzi had become Bo's most trusted friend and "bestie." She also came to represent Bo's connection with her humanity. Through the events of the season, Kenzi also had gained the respect of Hale, Dyson and Trick though she did not have a good relationship with Lauren. Her life had been threatened because of her lack of knowledge about the Fae several times, but in spite of some setbacks, she remained at Bo's side. She had begun to learn some self-defense and weapon skills during the season, having killed Fae in self-defense.

Second Season

The Second Season revealed much more about Kenzi's background, including the appearance of Nate, who became Kenzi's boyfriend for a short time. As well, Kenzi's desire to protect her friends, regardless of the cost, came to haunt her in several ways including Kenzi making a deal with The Morrigan and Kenzi's attack on The Norn. Kenzi also provided help when Bo faced off against The Garuda with her friends.

Kenzi's first appearance in the Second Season was in the premiere episode Something Wicked This Fae Comes where she was first seen helping Bo and Hale collect one of The Ash's UnderFae pets that had escaped after Aife attacked the leadership of the Light Fae at the end of the First Season. Kenzi then helped Bo deal with a group of Fae who were attempting to take control of the lands that The Ash held. Kenzi also had been providing Bo with emergency feeding opportunities since Dyson vanished at the end of the previous season.

During I Fought the Fae (And the Fae Won), Kenzi prepared herself to deal with Dyson dumping Bo, expecting to have to deal with an enraged Bo, but did not have to do so. Kenzi was unable to help Bo and Hale deal with the choosing of a New Ash as she was human, but she was present when Bo learned of what was involved with the choosing of a New Ash. Kenzi also discovered in this episode, along with Bo, that Hale's family was one of the Noble Fae clans. When the actual contest for choosing the New Ash occurred, called the Stag Hunt, Kenzi was present to help the other in their plans. Kenzi also talks about what she calls the "Tim effect" with Bo when she is suffering over the loss of Dyson's love.

Scream a Little Dream found Kenzi hiring a Brownie to look after the home she shared with Bo. However, after she forgot Trick's warnings about how to look after a Brownie, things fell apart soon after, the Brownie departed to help another Fae. Kenzi also helped Bo deal with a Mare who had been harming humans and attacked Bo as well.

Mirror, Mirror was a Kenzi-centric episode where Kenzi, while drunk, accidentally invoked the witch Baba Yaga to put a curse on Dyson for breaking Bo's heart. Kenzi tried to lift the curse by seeking out her aunt, Ludmila, a fortune teller. When this went wrong, Kenzi sacrificed herself to protect Bo and was trapped in Baba Yaga's realm. Eventually Kenzi managed to defeat Baba Yaga and free her other captives. Afterwards Kenzi promised to be more careful in the things she did, also telling Bo that she needed to keep fighting for Dyson and Lauren and for what made her happy.

In BrotherFae of the Wolves, Kenzi was present when Lauren left The Ash and asked to stay with Bo and Kenzi. Kenzi also had a moment when she tasted some of Lauren's baking and it was, apparently, delicious. Kenzi went undercover with Bo, posing as a pair of Romanian sisters who were arms dealers, in an attempt to win an auction and recover a missing Mongolian Death Worm.

During It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away, Kenzi was attacked by The Ash when he confronted Lauren and demanded she return to him. Kenzi also learned about The Morrigan from Trick as well as having to deal with Tryst, an artist that was infatuated with Kenzi. When Vex attacked Bo, Kenzi stopped him by threatening him with a knife placed between his legs. Kenzi also warned Lauren that if she hurt Bo, Kenzi would kill her for doing so. Kenzi also discovered during the episode that Hale's voice had the ability to cure hangovers when he took pity on her and helped Kenzi with hers. Bo informed Kenzi that, according to the Morrigan, Lauren had a girlfriend named Nadia and asked Kenzi what she should do. Kenzi's answer was that she should allow Lauren to explain.

In Fae Gone Wild Kenzi talked with Bo about the item The Morrigan indicated would be the solution to Lauren's issues with The Ash. When Bo suggested that she could be underhanded and selfish, Kenzi replied "it's good to have dreams" in a teasing way. Kenzi helped Bo deal with a group of Fae who were being held against their will, eventually freeing them. Kenzi was hypnotized by the Fae women, but did recover from their effects on her.

During Death Didn't Become Him Hale and Kenzi had to deal with a precocious teenage Fae who complicated their lives while Hale was placed in charge of looking after her on a night on the town. Kenzi made fast friends with Tori, the Fae she was helping Hale to look after, although at one point Kenzi seemingly caused Tori's death. However Dyson helped Tori to recover from her allergy attack. Misunderstanding the relationship between Hale and Kenzi, Tori offered to buy Kenzi from Hale but Hale refused saying that Kenzi held a special place in his heart.

Original Skin found Kenzi and Dyson switching bodies due to the actions of an escaped insane Fae prisoner. Dyson, while in Kenzi's body was the only one able to leave the Dal Riata and manage to stop the Fae prisoner from killing The Ash while in Lauren's body. Kenzi, while in Dyson's body drinks like a fish, amazed that she isn’t getting drunk and when Dyson leaves to save The Ash, Kenzi begged him to look after her body, noting that she was deathly allergic to peanuts. At the end of the episode, Kenzi was restored to her body. Dyson had gained new respect for Kenzi, telling her that “You very well may be the strongest person that I have ever met.” Kenzi replied that she found “You felt very empty and missing something.”

Raging Fae found Kenzi dealing with the arrival of Mel, the sister of the first person Bo killed, when she met with Kenzi and told her of what happened and how finding Bo and making her pay for her brother's death. Kenzi involved Hale in trying to protect Bo, which did not work, but eventually through Trick's request to Hale, Mel was turned away from Bo. When Bo was in a panic during the episode, and told Kenzi that she would have to leave, Kenzi insisted that she would go with Bo no matter the cost after Bo told Kenzi the entire story of how she killed her first love. When Bo was fighting a boxing match, Kenzi was there in Bo's corner to encourage her.

During Can't See the Fae-Rest Kenzi and Bo went undercover with Ciara's help to investigate a series of murders. At one point Kenzi became a suspect when she was seen with a murder victim and her police rap sheet was referenced with some of her aliases being listed. They included: Kenzi Williams, Kenzi McAdams, Kenzi Rogers, Rhino Levine, Ninotchka Alexandrovitch and Toni Soprano. However Hale managed to get Kenzi out of the situation before it turned badly for her.

In Masks Kenzi planned a surprise birthday party for Bo and this brought her into contact with Nate, a neighbor she had a crush on in her childhood. Based on Kenzi telling Nate that it had been sixteen years since she last saw him, and she was six at the time, this meant that Kenzi was 22 years old at the time of this episode in the series. At the party Kenzi and Nate were the band. When Kenzi introduced Nate to Bo, he told her that Kenzi said Bo was the big sister that Kenzi never had but always wished for."

During Barometz. Trick. Pressure. Kenzi and Nate's relationship continued to grow, with Nate eventually asking Kenzi to leave town with him on a tour which Kenzi agreed at the end of the episode.

Table for Fae was an important point in Kenzi's relationship with Nate and also caused Kenzi to agree to a request from the Morrigan to save Nate's life. Kenzi and Nate returned from their trip to discover Bo in bed with Ryan. After this awkward moment passed, they all spent time together at a restaurant, but it did not go well. Ryan attempted to do something good for Nate’s career, he thought, by contacting The Morrigan, who recognized Kenzi at their meeting. The Morrigan offered Nate a recording deal but Kenzi made a deal with The Morrigan to save Nate’s life, which would have been the price for his success. The deal was that Kenzi would owe The Morrigan a favor whenever she wanted to collect it. Afterwards, Nate blamed himself for not getting the deal and Kenzi felt guilty for destroying Nate’s dreams. Kenzi also demanded that Bo end her relationship with Ryan and Bo agreed to do so.

In School's Out, Bo was still in a relationship with Ryan and trying to hide that fact from Kenzi who believed that Bo dumped him. Dyson, while investigating odd occurrences at at high school, drew Bo and Kenzi in: Bo as a teacher, Kenzi as a student. Kenzi's time undercover did not go well with her getting into a fight with other students and being in detention at least once. Kenzi also became the target of one student's attentions which resulted in Kenzi becoming effected by what claimed two other students in the school so far. Bo solved the mystery and Kenzi recovered from the affliction.

During The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire, Hale asked Kenzi to pretend to be his girlfriend in order to attend an upcoming event where the Noble Fae families would be attending. Kenzi agreed to do so, but as a result Nate believed that something was going on and Kenzi was not telling him about it. When Hale introduced Kenzi as his girlfriend to his family, they rejected Kenzi and expressed their hate of humans in general, as well as their racial views of anyone not of their own family. Nate confronted Kenzi at the event about what was going on and they reconciled their relationship, Kenzi expressing her love for Nate and explaining why she was acting as Hale's girlfriend.

Fae-nted Love found Kenzi helping Trick when Bo lost her memory due to the effects of another Fae. Trick also uses Kenzi's blood in order to free Ryan from her influence, something that neither Bo or Ryan was aware of. Kenzi also confronted Bo about lying to her about Ryan and they reconciled their relationship as Nate left Bo's life.

Truth and Consequences was a pivotal moment in Kenzi's arc in the series. Kenzi and Nate's relationship continued to grow, Nate at one point asked Kenzi to take it to the next level, meaning for them to become a real couple. Kenzi met with Trick and he told her that the coming fight with The Garuda was not her fight and she should live her own life. Trick explained to Kenzi that Bo's love for her was a weakness and she must leave with Nate to remove that weakness. Kenzi talked with Bo and explained that as a result of all of the threats they face she could not continue to lie to Nate or have him come to harm because of Bo's life. Bo told Kenzi that she wanted Kenzi to leave with Nate because she could not allow anything to happen to Kenzi when The Garuda attacked. After all of this, Kenzi lied to Nate and told him that they could not be together in order to protect him. She told him that she did not love him in order to send him away. This crushed Nate's heart and he left, Kenzi being heartbroken for what she did. Afterwards, Kenzi told Bo what she did and that where she belonged was with Bo, and Bo's answer was that she needed Kenzi more than ever after Bo was forced to kill Nadia, Lauren's girlfriend.

In Lachlan's Gambit, Bo, Dyson, Hale, Kenzi and Ciara confronted The Garuda, but did not succeed. Ciara was killed and Dyson covered for the rest as they tried to escape. Kenzi however did not escape with Hale and Bo, instead she turned back to save Dyson and succeeded in doing so, which proved her bravery once again.

Kenzi made some life altering choices during Into the Dark. Kenzi confronted Dyson and made him understand that he could not give up for everyone's sake, and Bo's in particular. Dyson saw The Norn with Kenzi and demanded his love to be returned, but was rejected. Kenzi then took things into her own hands and attacked The Norn's sacred tree and began to cut it down with a chainsaw. This forced The Norn to agree to Kenzi's demands and she gave Kenzi a bottle which contained Dyson's love. As this happened, One of the gifts The Norn collected fell on Kenzi's hand by accident, which may have given her a Fae power. Kenzi then returned Dyson's love to him, but the consequences of the accident she suffered are not known. As well during this episode, Kenzi learned that Trick was in fact Bo's grandfather. At the end of the episode, Kenzi stood with Bo and her friends to confront The Garuda once more and also had to deal with Vex moving in with her and Bo.

The season finale Flesh and Blood had Kenzi find the location of The Garuda when Trick was kidnapped. The group confronted The Garuda, who was holding Trick in an insane asylum. In the course of doing so Kenzi is severely injured but Hale manages to use his powers to stop Kenzi bleeding to death. Partly recovered, Kenzi demanded to be taken to Bo. When Bo began to slip away into darkness and insanity after winning the battle against The Garuda, Kenzi performed a ceremony to unbind everyone from Bo and stopped it from continuing. In the aftermath, something was effecting Kenzi causing her arm to glow with power, the source of this being the liquid spilled on her when she confronted The Norn.

At the end of the Second Season, Kenzi had found Nate and lost him again, made a deal with The Morrigan to save Nate's life and still found herself owing The Morrigan that favor. She overcame The Norn for Dyson, returning the love he lost. Kenzi also suffered from the effects of something being spilled on her as a result of her confronting The Norn, the effect of which were still to be discovered. She had gained more respect for her abilities and further had cemented her relationship with Bo and the others in the series, becoming close to all of them.

Third Season

The Third Season focused on Kenzi dealing with the aftermath of her confronting The Norn, being impersonated by a Kitsune, and coming to a decision that the only way for her to help her friends was to risk becoming Fae herself in some way. Her relationship with Hale ebbed and flowed through the season, culminating in Hale revealing his feelings for Kenzi.

Kenzi's first appearance was in the season premiere Caged Fae where she was part of an undercover investigation launched by Hale as the Acting Ash. Kenzi visited Bo in prison and used the name Kenzi Von Clare while posing as Bo's pet human in order to smuggle an item Bo needed to protect herself. Dyson confronted Kenzi over what happened with The Norn, but she did not reveal what happened or that she was suffering from the effects of the liquid that was split on her.

In SubterrFaenean, Vex and Kenzi attended an art festival underground and witnessed Kenzi's friend Aussie vanish in the middle of a show as an actor was killed. Kenzi also revealed that after she ran away from home, she lived in the sewers and other underground places because she had nowhere else to go. Some street people told Kenzi of an abandoned subway line and the tent city that sprung up there and that is where she met Aussie, who saved Kenzi when she was suffering from pneumonia. While searching for Aussie, both Bo and Kenzi were mesmerized by a Fae who at one time was known as the Pied Piper for a short time.

During ConFaegion, Kenzi came into contact with the Staff of Righteousness, which gave Kenzi Fae-like abilities, but Trick provided Kenzi a means to be free of it. Kenzi also managed to turn Vex against The Morrigan during the episode, befriending Vex and receiving pointers about makeup from him. Kenzi also spent time with Lauren, the two eventually coming to terms and gaining new respect for one other.

Fae-de To Black found Kenzi trying to talk to the others about the rash she had and that it was getting worse, but no one listened. Kenzi also found herself blocked from seeing Hale through the actions of Trick as she was interfering with Hale's duties as The Ash. At the end of the episode she was pulled screaming by a force into darkness.

Faes Wide Shut was an odd point in the series with regards to Kenzi. A Kitsune had kidnapped Kenzi in the previous episode and was impersonating her, though this was not fully revealed until the following episode. During this episode, Faux Kenzi as she came to be known, acted oddly and eventually by the end of the episode made a critical mistake when she ate a dish which had peanuts in it, something that the real Kenzi was allergic to.

The Kenzi Scale overall was a Kenzi-centric episode in that it focused on Bo attempting to prove that Kenzi had been replaced by someone impersonating her. Bo discovered, with the help of Tamsin, that Kenzi had been replaced by a Kitsune named Inari and eventually found Kenzi trapped in a cave and rescued her. Dyson killed Inari when she was impersonating Kenzi and attacked him. He believed that he had killed Kenzi until Lauren proved that it was not Kenzi which proved Bo's assertion that Kenzi was a fake to be correct. During the episode. Inari told Kenzi that she had gained the glamor powers of a Kitsune through her exposure to the liquid that fell on her when Kenzi confronted The Norn.

In There's Bo Place Like Home, Kenzi accompanied Bo when she returned to her home town to confront her mother as part of her Dawning. Kenzi also injects Bo several times during the episode with a drug that Lauren created to her Bo with the effects of the Dawning. Kenzi also discovers that Bo's human name was Beth through the friends Bo once had in high school. Kenzi also discovered that there is a threat from an UnderFae in the community and helps Bo to overcome that threat. At the end of the episode, Bo confronts Kenzi about hiding behind jokes, but Kenzi brushed that off before Bo pointedly asked Kenzi about her seeing The Norn, but the results of that question were not revealed.

During The Ceremony, Kenzi was present when Stella attempted to have Bo feed on humans in order to prepare her for what was to come. Kenzi at one point confronted Stella, telling her that Bo would: "surprise the shit out of you" before leaving with Bo. Kenzi also spoke with Bo before the Dawning and promised her that she would be there for Bo regardless of what happened, even if it was the worst case possible. Stella spoke with Kenzi before the Dawning as well, attempting to make her leave, but Kenzi refused. As well during their conversation Stella said to Kenzi that "Your scars are so deep." Kenzi later confided in Trick about the rash she had and that the Kitsune told her that she could be Fae. She also told Trick that Stella told her what happened to humans that were abandoned by the Fae that claimed them. Trick revealed to Kenzi that he felt like Kenzi was family to him and promised to look after her if something happened to Bo. Within the Dawning, Kenzi appeared as a caricature of herself, demanding that Bo allow her to return to her old life. Kenzi was also present when Bo returned from her Dawning with the body of Dyson and saw Bo take the Chi from everyone in the room, including herself, in order to save Dyson's life. This was, according to Kenzi, the first time that Bo had taken Chi from her.

Kenzi went undercover again in Delinquents when she, Bo and Dyson went undercover in a troubled youth camp to investigate a series of deaths. Kenzi befriended the other youth by proving her abilities in being able to fence merchandise and jimmy open doors with a credit card. Kenzi also spoke with Dyson about the events of the Dawning and his relationship with Bo, but she was unconvinced when he said things were fine. At a later point, Kenzi asked who around her could make pipe bombs. All of the teens and Kenzi raised their hands, and a moment later Lauren did as well which provided another clue to Kenzi's talents as well as that of Lauren.

During Adventures In Fae-bysitting, Kenzi accompanied Bo in an investigation of an odd babysitter. Kenzi posed as Bo's sister who, according to Bo, had just left rehab. She also helped Trick to solve the mystery of the babysitter but opened new questions that Bo needed to have answered. At one point Kenzi substituted for the babysitter and looked after a precocious young boy who she managed to make like her by telling him a story about a superhero named Super Kenz. At the end of the episode, after Bo took the babysitter's life at her request, Kenzi comforted Bo and helped her to come to terms with what she had done. While doing so, Kenzi learned that Bo believed that she had seen her father during the Dawning and felt like she needed to find him.

Hail, Hale marked the beginning of a turning point for Kenzi in several ways. At first she helped Trick prepare the Dal Riata for Hale's inauguration, but the events of the episode turned the Fae world and Kenzi's relationship with it to a new direction. Kenzi found herself being confronted by Massimo, a Druid who over the course of the episode placed doubts within Kenzi about her relationships with Bo and her other friends and placing the idea in her that he could make her Fae which would begin to haunt her more and more. After the Dal Riata was attacked and Dyson was kidnapped, Kenzi found herself making a deal with Massimo for information which Bo needed, the price of that information being a kiss from her. It was revealed that Massimo needed that kiss to complete a spell which was to control Bo and allow her to be captured. After The Morrigan overthrew Hale as being The Ash, Kenzi found herself declared an enemy to the Fae and was imprisoned by The Morrigan. Hale also revealed to Kenzi his feelings for her and secretly gave Kenzi an item without The Morrigan knowing of him doing so.

The season finale Those Who Wander found Kenzi held against her will by The Morrigan who attempted to force Kenzi to give her information about Bo. During this, Kenzi was made to believe that Trick was dead and Dyson] was likely dead as well, which was a lie told by The Morrigan. Kenzi was threatened with torture and death by The Morrigan, but when she attempted to shock Kenzi with a teaser, it had no effect on her. Afterwards Bruce revealed to Kenzi that Hale had sacrificed an item which had been protecting Hale from harm to protect her. Kenzi then escaped with the assistance of Bruce, The Morrigan's henchman who had a crush on her, and went in search of the Druid Massimo, intending to become Fae so that she could help Bo and her friends.

At the end of the Third Deason, Kenzi did not fully understand the implications of what had happened to her at The Norn's home. She had a closer relationship with Hale but also had found herself threatened by The Morrigan whom Kenzi still owed a favour to. Kenzi also had a promise from Trick that she was seen by him as part of his family and would look after her.As a result of the events of the season finale and a belief that she needed to be stronger to help her friends who she believed were in danger, she made the choice to locate a Druid with the help of Bruce, one of The Morrigan's henchman that had a crush on her. With the deterioration of the world of the Fae, Kenzi's future was uncertain as the season came to a close.

Fourth Season

Between the Third and Fourth Seasons, according to the webisode UPYURS6, Kenzi and Bruce were making their way to see Massimo, a Druid, for the purpose of Kenzi becoming Fae. They encountered a Troll who would not allow them to pass over his bridge unless Kenzi agreed to guard it for him for two weeks. Bruce did not allow that to happen and took over the guarding of the bridge so Kenzi could continue. However this meant that when Kenzi met Massimo, she was alone and without any help.

Kenzi's first appearance in the Fourth Season was in the season premiere In Memoriam, which could be considered a Kenzicentric episode overall. As a result of the actions of persons unknown, the memories of Bo were wiped from existence which resulted in a change in the memories of everyone, including Kenzi. Kenzi continued to live in the same place as she did previously with Bo, but did so by herself. She also took on the role of a private investigator similar to that which she and Bo had done previously. Kenzi also had a more intimate relationship with both Hale and Dyson, seemed also to have a relationship with Lauren, but her friendship with Trick seemed to be significantly changed. Kenzi also appeared to have made a deal with the Druid Massimo to obtain the powers of a Fae, assuming in doing so it would make her Fae. However she was tricked by Massimo who only used spark extract, taken from the genitals of a Sprite, to give Kenzi the ability to shoot sparks from her fingertips, but did not make her Fae. Kenzi was hired by Aife to locate her missing daughter, Bo, but had no proof of Bo's existence. However she did reveal evidence of memory tampering which led Kenzi and Dyson to finding the source of the memory loss. After a confrontation with Vex and obtaining a device from a rare Fae item collector, Kenzi with the help of Dyson were able to restore the missing memories. This had several consequences, including that Kenzi now was on a search for Bo.

In Sleeping Beauty School, Kenzi was devastated by Bo being missing and this began to overcome her, pushing all other concerns from her thoughts. Dyson then asked her to look after Tamsin who Dyson had found, but she had been reborn and was a child once more. Hale, at the urging of Dyson, revealed his feelings for Kenzi and she did as well, though the ongoing changes in Tamsin made any resolution of their relationship impossible. As a result of Tamsin flushing Massimo's portion down the toilet, Kenzi was forced to use an item she stole from Trick in order to pay off her debts and went to see Massimo to do so.

During Turn to Stone, Kenzi was overjoyed to have Bo back home, but she was still responsible for Tamsin until Tamsin had a final growth spurt and became an adult. At one point Kenzi revealed her relationship with the Druid Massimo, explaining to Bo that she left her alone and there was no one for Kenzi to turn to for protection when she needed it the most. Kenzi also revealed to Bo many secrets she had and some of the lies that she had told Bo in the past came out. This stressed their relationship to the point that it almost broke, but they did reconcile, Bo explaining that she and Kenzi are family and that comes first. Kenzi also lost the source of her Fae abilities when Massimo was killed when he jumped into a furnace in an attempt to retrieve a lock of Tamsin's hair which Bo threw in to place it out of his reach. However, in the aftermath, Dyson promised to give Kenzi a means to be "equal" to the Fae when the time was right.

In Let the Dark Times Roll Kenzi was present when Bo confronted The Morrigan over her being declared by the Una Mens as Dark Fae. She attended a Dark Fae party with Bo and Tamsin where she encountered Bruce who was suffering a punishment given by The Morrigan when Bruce defied her. With Tamsin's help, Bruce was freed and was last seen with Kenzi and Tamsin, Kenzi telling Bruce that he could do whatever he wanted now that The Morrigan could not control him.

During Of All the Gin Joints, Kenzi was present when The Morrigan and Lauren met. The more critical part of the episode for Kenzi however was that in this episode she and Hale expressed their love for each other finally. Hale is seen to be bleeding from his ears at the end of this episode but Kenzi is not aware of this fact.

In La Fae Époque, Kenzi used her skills as a thief to infiltrate the lair of the Una Mens and make it possible for Bo and Lauren to enter his memories in an attempt to prove his innocence. She was discovered moments after Hale attempted to convince the Una Mens to release Dyson when her cell phone rang. She was then imprisoned with Dyson, her seeming fate to be executed with him. While speaking with Dyson, he offered to train Kenzi as a Shadow Thief, saying the time was right for him to do so when they were freed. Bo managed to do so, and the promise Dyson made was yet to be fulfilled.

During Groundhog Fae, Kenzi was trapped in a time loop with Hale during a celebration of Yule and repeated the same moment over and over again with him, Hale trying to make the moment perfect for her. Eventually she discovered what Hale did, but did forgive him, explaining that she understood that for them things would never be perfect and she was okay with that. She and Hale had their first intimate moment in this episode as well. At the end of the episode, Kenzi gave Bo a parcel which was addressed to Bo in her own handwriting which Lauren and Dyson had been arguing over whether to give the package to Bo or not. Following this, Kenzi returned to Hale for the rest of the Yule celebrations.

In Destiny's Child, Kenzi and Tamsin confronted Trick in an attempt to discover why he had not been helping Bo in the time after she had been taken by The Wanderer and then returned. Trick refused to answer Kenzi's questions, becoming very angry with them before he left them behind in his lair. Kenzi and Tamsin then searched for clues, eventually locating Trick's book of blood and Kenzi deciding to use some of Trick's blood in an attempt to fine the answers they were looking for. After opening a box with Tamsin's help and obtaining some of Trick's blood, Kenzi wrote Bo's name with her finger in the book, but nothing happened. Tamsin then touched the book and had a revelation of her past which involved Trick. Kenzi was forced to use a hammer to free Tamsin of the book and when Tamsin awoke, was warned by Tamsin not to trust Trick, but the reasons for this were not revealed.

During Waves, Kenzi revealed for the first time that she had been training with Dyson to become a Shadow Thief, showing off her abilities by revealing she had stolen Lauren panties without her knowing. Dyson claimed that he did not teach Kenzi how to do this however. As a result of Bo severing her ties with her friends, including Kenzi, Kenzi took it upon herself to accept a case from a Fae who had lost her legs under mysterious circumstances. Through this case it was learned that Kenzi adored mermaids and that she also was a Tahiti sunrise girl when it came to her manicure colour. Kenzi also mentions another of her cousins named Dimitri during the episode.

End of a Line saw the highest and lowest points of Kenzi's life unfold. Through Hale's actions, Kenzi came face to face with her mother Galina and her cousin Dimitri. Hale did so as he felt it would not be right to ask for Kenzi's hand in marriage without her mother's permission. Kenzi and her mother attempted to reconcile, but in the end this did not happen. Hale's proposal to Kenzi was interrupted by her cousin and Kenzi did not actually accept Hale's hand in marriage. However, she did take Hale's engagement ring with the plan to accept in the near future. Before Kenzi could do so, Massimo attacked her and Hale came to Kenzi's rescue. After seemingly killing Massimo, Hale turned his back on him and Massimo killed Hale by driving a long blade through Hale's back. It was revealed that Massimo had survived plunging into a furnace earlier in the series and Hale's attack because Kenzi had given Massimo Hale's gift to her of the Twig of Zamora, which protected the bearer from all harm. In the aftermath, Massimo told Kenzi her debt was paid in full before leaving her holding Hale as he died in her arms. Hale told Kenzi before he died that he loved her, and Kenzi wailed that she wanted to say yes to marriage, but never did. When Bo found Kenzi with Hale, Kenzi demanded that Bo use her powers to bring Hale back to life as she did for Dyson in The Ceremony. Bo refused to do so as if would kill Kenzi and Bo told Kenzi that she would always choose Kenzi over anyone else. Kenzi was devastated by this and swore she would never forgive Bo for this decision. Bo used her powers to calm Kenzi before they both mourned Hale's death as they huddled by his body.

In Origin, Kenzi attended Hale's funeral with Bo, Dyson and Tamsin, Kenzi being unconsolable. She demanded revenge and the death of Massimo for what he did, Bo promising that Massimo would pay for his crime. Kenzi, Bo and Dyson confronted Massimo, but when Massimo whispered to Dyson something that neither Kenzi or Bo could hear, Dyson refused to allow Massimo to die and locked him away in Trick's lair. Kenzi saw this as another betrayal and then asked Vex to help her kill Massimo. Vex then also betrayed Kenzi when it was revealed that he swore a Blood Oath to protect Massimo. Eventually, Kenzi found a book with a prophecy in it that described everyone in Bo's life except for her and it was the final straw for her. Kenzi demanded that Bo unclaim her and after an argument, Bo did unclaim Kenzi. Kenzi then stormed off, destination and goal unknown with Bo telling her that they were not finished. However, Kenzi replied, angrily, that as far as she was concerned she was finished with the Fae and everyone connected to them.

In the season finale Dark Horse, Kenzi was present with Dyson when he learned that The Morrigan had been made human by Lauren. When she learned this, Kenzi punched The Morrigan in the jaw, saying that she had been waiting three years to do so. Later in the episode, Kenzi found a passage in Rosette's book which indicated that "The Daughter's Heart" would have to be sacrificed in order to stop Bo's Father from arriving on Earth. Before Bo went to confront Massimo and rescue Lauren who he had imprisoned, Kenzi gave Bo the sword Massimo had used to kill Hale, knowing that Bo would somehow succeed in doing so. Before Bo could return to the site of the portal, Kenzi came to the conclusion that she would have to sacrifice herself as he was, in fact, Bo's Heart. Dyson attempted to dissuade her, but Kenzi explained that Rainer must have foreseen what would happen and as Tamsin would still have to take Rainer's soul to Valhalla, she would "hitch a ride." She also told Dyson that she knew that Bo would never give up on trying to find her and she would wait in Valhalla for Bo to rescue her. Bo arrived in time to see Kenzi approach the portal and then be killed by the release of energies which happened when she entered it. Immediately afterwards, Tamsin claimed Kenzi's body and soul and disappeared with them to Valhalla. At the end of the episode, Tamsin said Kenzi was "gone" but was not clear what that meant exactly. Soon after, Bo went to Kenzi's grave where it was revealed that Kenzi's full name was MacKenzie'Kenzi' Malikov, that she was born in 1991 and her epitaph read 'Friend. Warrior. Heart." When Bo was there mourning over her loss, she promised that somehow she would bring Kenzi back.

At the end of the Fourth Season, Kenzi had perished, sacrificing her life in order to stop Bo's Father. For all intents and purposes, her soul was likely in Valhalla, taken there by Tamsin, her future uncertain and unknown at that time.

Fifth Season

Kenzi's first appearance in the Fifth Season was in the season premiere Like Hell, Part I where she was found in Valhalla by Bo. Kenzi had not been hurt in anyway, in fact she was being pampered and well looked after. Upon her reunion with Bo, Kenzi was sent a message from Hale which foretold their coming marriage ceremony. After some soul searching with Bo, Kenzi prepared for her wedding, managing to survive an attack by Tamsin who, under the influence of Bo's Father was searching for Bo. At the moment of the ceremony, Freyja stopped the event and claimed that Kenzi was promised to another Realm, as such she could not marry Hale. Bo offered herself in Kenzi's place, which saved Kenzi. When Tamsin revealed that Bo could have taken Kenzi to Earth because of the Helskor, and saved them both, that was rejected by Freyja as Kenzi had demanded the Bo unclaim her during the Fourth Season. Upon Bo being sent to her Father, Kenzi was returned to Earth by Freyja, sent back to her body, which was buried in her grave.

Like Hell, Part II marked Kenzi's final appearance in the series. She was returned to Earth, trapped in her grave, but after a short time was rescued by Dyson and Lauren who dug up her grave, Lauren giving Kenzi medical attention that Kenzi wasn't thrilled about, but was thrilled when Lauren provided some "medical vodka." Following this, both Lauren and Kenzi were haunted by a spirit which they thought was Bo's. After returning home, Kenzi gathered items to preform a seance in an attempt to contact Bo, including a Ouija board that Trick provided. After Lauren had what Kenzi called "ghost sex" they performed the ritual and then discovered that the spirit they were being haunted by was not Bo's. Kenzi destroyed the Ouija board with an improvised flame thrower shortly thereafter in an attempt to stop the haunting. At the end of the episode, after Bo had returned from Hel, Kenzi was part of a celebration at the Dal Riata where Dyson gave Kenzi the deed to some Santiago property off the coast of Spain which Hale had bequeathed her in his will. Kenzi told Dyson that she felt Hale was close by in the afterlife and that he seemed to be happy which was a small comfort to her. Shortly afterwards Kenzi saved Lauren's life when the spirit they thought was destroyed had become corporal and attacked Lauren, Kenzi ending the threat. At the end of the episode, Kenzi met with Bo alone in their home and revealed that she was leaving Bo and the Fae world, telling Bo that: "I can't keep being a lost human in the Fae world trying to be Fae. I'm not Fae." Kenzi explained about the land that Hale had left her and that she intended to being a new life, one that she called "Human" there. Bo's last words to Kenzi were: "I love you Kenzi. Sometimes I think it's the only thing I am completely sure about." Kenzi's last words to Bo were: "Goodbye Bo." as she left Bo's life. The final image of Kenzi was of her walking away from Bo's front door carrying her bag and two suitcases as she disappeared from view.

Kenzi returned in Like Father, Like Daughter where she teamed up with Bo to locate a painting that could banish the Ancients from Earth. During the episode it was revealed that Kenzi's estate in Spain was a castle, that she was regularly being visited by Heathcliff Santiago, Hale's grandfather, and the two shared stories about Hale regularly. It seemed that Kenzi has been well looked after through what Hale left for her and, one assumes, by the Santiago family as well. Kenzi's look changed significantly, she having more of a worldly outlook through her new experiences. During the episode, Kenzi became aware of Dyson having a son, Bo's father being on Earth, and the overall situation they found themselves in. Kenzi went undercover as a tour guide at an art gallery as part of a plan by Bo to recover the painting, at one point offering to use her Shadow Thief skills to do so, but Bo refused. Kenzi was present along with Trick when Bo discovered the secret of the painting. She was also present when an attempt was made to banish Zee by using the painting to do so. At that point, Kenzi became aware of Lauren's hew abilities as a "Conduit" along with several others. At the end of the episode, Kenzi announced that she would be remaining for a time, but staying elsewhere and not, it seemed, at Bo's home. Before she departed, Kenzi warned Bo not to trust Hades, her father.

During Follow the Yellow Trick Road, Kenzi returned in response to a letter she received that called her back from overseas in response to Trick and Aife's deaths. Initially she assumed it was from Lauren, but it was revealed that the letter had been sent by Hades instead. Tamsin hit Kenzi on her shoulder to capture a moth that had been the source of Bo being in a coma as well. Following the cure being given to Bo, Kenzi pleaded with Bo to come out of her coma, Bo eventually doing so. Following this, Kenzi was present when Trick's will was read. The will stated: "To Kenzi - the ring of Yggdrasil. This ring will grant you freedom from claiming, allowing you constant passage between the Fae and human worlds." When Bo could not finish reading Trick's will out loud, Kenzi completed doing so. Kenzi then held Bo's right hand as part of the Family's remembrance of Trick, they sitting in a circle with joined hands.

In Let Them Burn, it was seen that Kenzi had returned to Bo's home once more, at one point telling Bo: "This crack shack will always be home." It was Kenzi that discovered Vex had been attacked and that Tamsin was missing. Kenzi was present when Vex was taken to Lauren's clinic for medical help and learned from Vex that Bo's midwife was still alive and that they needed to see Evony to find out more. Kenzi when with Bo to see Evony, finding Evony holding a charity event to raise money to find a cure for the Fae curse she was suffering. Kenzi then went with Bo to a Far horse ranch that Evony owned to find Lou Ann, Bo's midwife. During this, Kenzi rode a unicorn named Otis who was described as the last of his kind, fulfilling, in a way, one of Kenzi's wishes. Kenzi was present when Bo came to the conclusion she was the Pyrippus, and learned of Bo's intentions to surrender herself to Hades in an attempt to stop him. Later, after Bo called Kenzi, she, Dyson, Lauren and Mark were trapped by a fire which Bo had set in the Clubhouse at Hades' urging. The last seen of Kenzi was she and the others surrounded by fire, the clubhouse collapsing around them, and time running out.

In the series finale Rise, Bruce saved Kenzi and everyone else that had been trapped in the fire that Bo had set at Hades' direction. Kenzi found herself having to defend Bo at several points in the episode when there were suggestions that Bo was lost, but Kenzi never accepted that. While traveling in Vex's motorhome, Kenzi discovered Vex collected German Weimar porcelain, which she commented might be Vex's weirdest fetish. When Bo fell to Hades' influence and took the Chi from everyone in the city, the horseshoe that Kenzi possessed protected her and everyone with her, Kenzi keeping possession of it until Bo appeared. Kenzi attempted to bring Bo back, but this failed, the horseshoe was broken, and Kenzi was thrown from the roof of the motorhome where she had been talking to Bo. After Bo tried to feed on her friends, she was returned to normal, if despondent, Kenzi and the others trying to help Bo overcome this. When Tamsin appeared and began to give birth, Kenzi remained to help alongside Lauren while Bo confronted her father. Kenzi was present when Tamsin gave birth to Dagny, her daughter and was also present when Bo overcame Hades. Following this, Kenzi watched as Tamsin ascended to a new form and left the Earth behind. Bo gave Dagny to Kenzi who left with Dagny to hide her in the world of humans until she became of age, Kenzi therefore became Dagny's adoptive human mother. Kenzi tells Bo: "You know, I never lost faith in you. Even when I almost did... I didn't. I love you." Bo replies: "You're my heart Kenzi." After they embrace there is a long silence, then Kenzi smiles and her last words in the series are: "Tearful goodbyes are so last season." Kenzi then kisses Bo on the cheek before getting into a car with Dagny, driving away as Bo watches.

Powers and Abilities

Kenzi was human and had no Fae-like abilities at the beginning of the series. This statement however did not remain completely true through the end of the Third Season of the series. Her inherent human abilities included: She was a professional thief, having many abilities such as lock picking, hot-wiring cars, card-sharking and similar abilities. She was a very persuasive speaker, able to con others into believing her stories and claims when she was masquerading in other roles. Through her time with Bo and other Fae, Kenzi learned basic swordsmanship and other self-protection abilities. She gained a good deal of information about the Fae in general through her connection with Trick and what she gleaned through her contact with the Fae. Kenzi was highly intelligent, her personality hiding a very agile mind and personality.

There were several events through the series where Kenzi either gained Fae-like abilities or was effected by a Fae substance. Two of these were the most significant. The first of these occurred during the Second Season episode Into the Dark where she forced The Norn to give Dyson back his love for Bo. During this event, a liquid was splashed onto Kenzi which caused skin on her arm to be damaged over time. It was revealed that she had some into contact with the powers of a Kitsune in the episode The Kenzi Scale through this liquid spilling on her.

The other event was during the Third Season episode ConFaegion where Kenzi came into the possession of the Staff of Righteousness which was an unassuming piece of wood that appeared to be about five feet in length. When it was picked up by a suitable being in their bare hands, it transformed into a staff than the bearer could not let go of. Trick explained at the time that the lore stated that: "The one that touches the Staff of Righteousness shall take up the noble cause, accept the mantle of sacred ruler of Forest Nymphs and Sprites and fight for truth and justice throughout the land until the end of their natural days." While in possession of the Staff, Kenzi gained Fae-like speed and was able to hold off several attackers including Vex. She did not retain possession of the Staff however, refusing it and thus being released from its power.

At the end of the Third Season, Kenzi had come to the decision that she needed to become Fae somehow in order to help Bo and her other friends. What that decision meant to Kenzi in the future was unclear at that time.

In the Fourth Season it was revealed that Kenzi had made a deal with the Druid Massimo to obtain the powers of a Fae, assuming in doing so it would make her Fae. However she was tricked by Massimo who only used spark extract, taken from the genitals of a Sprite, to give Kenzi the ability to shoot sparks from her fingertips, but did not make her Fae. She did not appear to have any other powers nor did it seem that she retained the powers of a Kitsune which she had before in the Third Season. Massimo eventually killed himself in an attempt to retrieve a lock of Tamsin's hair which Bo threw into a furnace. At that point, Kenzi no longer had the ability to appear to be Fae. Following these events, Dyson took it upon himself to train Kenzi to be a Shadow Thief which melded well with her own abilities.

As a Shadow Thief, Kenzi's abilities as a thief were greatly enhanced. She was able to remove items from others without their knowing and as well had great skill in lock picking, freeing herself from imprisonment and stealth. Her specific abilities were never clearly stated, though at one point she did steal Lauren's panties without her being aware of it happening to her.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

First Season

Second Season

Third Season

Fourth Season

Fifth Season

Information revealed in the series

  • Kenzi's known cousins are: Sima,[13] Yura (Diminutive form of Yuriy, George),[14] Pavel (Paul)[15] and Dima (Diminutive form of Dmitri).[16]
  • During Original Skin, Dyson mentioned that Kenzi was nearsighted and needed glasses. Although this could be because Dyson was used to his heightened wolf-shifter abilities compared to the limitations of Kenzi's human body, it is unclear if this is accurate or not.
  • Kenzi was deathly allergic to peanuts as revealed by Kenzi in Original Skin and by Bo in Faes Wide Shut.
  • Kenzi owes The Morrigan a favour, which has not been collected on as of the end of the Third Season because she struck a deal to save Nate's life during the Second Season episode Table for Fae.
  • At one point Kenzi fell in love with Nate but was forced to push him away in order to protect him from the Fae.
  • Kenzi's streetname in her past was Meow Meow.
  • Kenzi's first love was someone named Tim.
  • She likes Honey Berry Crunch cereal.
  • Kenzi has an Aunt named Ludmila who is a fortune teller.
  • Kenzi is Aunt Ludmila's youngest cousin
  • When Kenzi was a child she had blonde hair and danced.
  • Kenzi's step-father was very strict and if she laughed too loud he would lock her in a closet.
  • Kenzi can apparently speak Russian.
  • The reason that Kenzi left her home was that she asked her mother to choose between her and her step-father.
  • Kenzi has a thing for romantic comedies.
  • Kenzi has either a shoe or foot fetish.
  • Kenzi has used the names Kenzi Williams, Kenzi McAdams, Kenzi Rogers, Rhino Levine, Ninotchka Alexandrovitch and Toni Soprano as assumed names in the past according to her rap sheet.
  • Kenzi posed at Hale's girlfriend once before their relationship become more serious.
  • Bo has admitted to Kenzi that she loves her and Kenzi has told Bo the same.
  • Kenzi was present when Bo fought her mother Aife.
  • Trick used Kenzi's blood to break Bo's hold over Ryan and as well over the rest of the group who were battling The Garuda.
  • When Kenzi left home, she lived underground until she met Bo. At one point she lived in an underground tent city that was hidden in an abandoned subway line.
  • Kenzi hates casinos.
  • When Kenzi attacked The Norn to retrieve Dyson's love, the liquid that spilled on her was the essence of the power of a Kitsune and that was causing the rash she had. It was turning Kenzi into a Kitsune apparently, but it is not clear if in fact Kenzi is one now or not.
  • Kenzi can construct smoke bombs and jimmy doors with a credit card. She is also adapt at fencing stolen merchandise.
  • Kenzi named her favourite sword Geraldine.
  • Kenzi faught a Cherufe during the episode The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire.
  • Hale gave Kenzi at the end of the episode Hail, Hale the Twig of Zamora which give protection from all harm and evil to whomever had possession of it. This was the gift that Hale's father gave to Dyson to pass onto Hale which protected Hale from The Morrigan's attack on him.
  • Kenzi used spark extract, taken from the genitals of a Sprite, to give herself the ability to shoot sparks from her fingertips, but it did not make her Fae.
  • Kenzi taught Lauren lock-piking skills.
  • Kenzi felt that everyone around her was treating her as a liability.
  • Kenzi admitted to Bo her deal with Massimo and all of the things that she had not told Bo about to that point in the series which strained their relationship. However, they did reconcile.
  • Upon Massimo's death, Kenzi's ability to seem Fae appeared to be no longer possible.
  • Kenzi was made a promise by Dyson that he would give her a means to be "equal" with the Fae around her.
  • Kenzi encouraged Tamsin to help her rescue Bruce from a punishment that The Morrigan had placed him under.
  • Hale and Kenzi have finally told each other how they feel about one another.
  • Hale appears to have been injured by Ianka's singing, or by Marcus using his whistle. Whichever the cause, Hale is seen to be bleeding from his ears at the end of Of All the Gin Joints, but Kenzi is not aware of this fact.
  • In La Fae Époque, Dyson promised Kenzi to teach her how to be a Shadow Thief.
  • Kenzi had been imprisoned by the Una Mens with Dyson, but they were rescued by Bo and Lauren.
  • Kenzi gave Bo a box that had been addressed to her in her own hand which contained a container of the black smoke that The Wanderer had used to abduct Bo previously.
  • At some point in the Fourth Season, Kenzi and Tamsin snuck into the Fae veteran's hospital and switched charts because Kenzi was having period cramps
  • Kenzi used some of Trick's blood to finger-paint in his book of blood in an attempt to find answers about him, but did not succeed. However her actions did cause Tamsin to see her true past.
  • Apparently, Kenzi was the one to find Trick after the events of the first season finale Blood Lines passed out in his lair after using his blood to help Bo defeat Aife.
  • Tamsin warned Kenzi not to trust Trick.
  • When Rainer moved in with Bo, Kenzi packed a weekend bag and left Bo's place.
  • Kenzi claims to be "a Tahiti sunrise girl" when it comes to manicures.
  • Apparently Dyson has been training Kenzi as a Shadow Thief, which is not explained, but Kenzi seems to be at least able to remove Lauren's panties without her knowing so.
  • Dyson claims that he did not teach Kenzi how to steal panties.
  • Kenzi mentions another of her cousins: Dimitri. He gave her a camera that doubles as a projector.
  • Kenzi has an infatuation with mermaids.
  • Dimitri once tried to help Kenzi and as a result Kenzi's identity was stolen.
  • Kenzi's mother is named Galina and her boyfriend, the one that her mother chose over Kenzi was named Bodgen.
  • Kenzi's mother drank heavily when Kenzi was a child.
  • Kenzi, according to her mother, liked a specific set of earrings which she offered to Kenzi. In the aftermath of their meeting, Kenzi returned the earrings to her mother.
  • Kenzi's mother claimed that she left her boyfriend six months ago, but did not know how to find Kenzi until Hale contacted her and she decided to see Kenzi. This turned out to be a lie.
  • Hale proposed to Kenzi in front of Kenzi's mother and cousin, but then her cousin ruined the moment and she did not accept Hale's marriage proposal.
  • Kenzi threw out her mother and cousin afterwards, telling her mother that she no longer felt sorry for her.
  • Kenzi accepted Hale's engagement ring, but never actually said yes to marrying him, though it was a certainty.
  • Massimo attacked Kenzi, with the intent to kill her, but Hale tried to save Kenzi, seeming to kill Massimo in order to do so.
  • Massimo was protected from harm by the Twig of Zamora which Kenzi traded to him in part payment for the powers he gave her.
  • After killing Hale, Massimo told Kenzi that her debt was paid in full for giving him the Twig of Zamora which saved his life twice.
  • Hale died in Kenzi's arms.
  • Kenzi offered her life to Bo in order for Hale to live. Bo could not save Hale because doing so would kill Kenzi and Bo could not bring herself to do so.
  • Bo told Kenzi that she would always choose her over all else.
  • Bo had to use her powers to calm Kenzi after Hale's passing.
  • Being unable to save Hale devastated Kenzi and she was grieving with Bo as Hale died.
  • Kenzi, Dyson, Bo and Tamsin were present at Hale's ceremony.
  • Kenzi wears Hale's engagement ring.
  • Kenzi was unconsolable and seeks revenge on Massimo for killing Hale.
  • Kenzi told Bo she wanted revenge and Bo promised that Massimo would pay.
  • Kenzi attempted to have revenge on Massimo, but Dyson stopped her from doing so.
  • Kenzi demanded to know where the Twig of Zamora was, but Massimo would not tell her.
  • Kenzi attempted to get her revenge with Vex's help, but she was again betrayed and was not able to do so.
  • As a result of being unable to kill Massimo, Kenzi came to the decision that she wanted nothing more to do with Bo or any of the Fae.
  • The passage that Kenzi read to Bo was: "One with eyes both brown and blue. One who shifts, a Valkyrie too. One with blood that rules the world. One who sings his life unfurled. A warrior to be her guide. A healer always by her side." Kenzi herself is not mentioned.
  • Kenzi demanded that Bo "unclaim" her, Bo having done so to protect Kenzi in the first season. At the end of this episode, Kenzi was no longer claimed by Bo and seemed to be no longer part of Bo's life having left, destination unknown, and purpose unrevealed.
  • When Kenzi found out that The Morrigan was human, she punched her in the jaw, saying that she had been wanting to do so for three years.
  • Kenzi learned that Massimo was The Morrigan's son.
  • Kenzi found a passage in Rosette's book which indicated that "The Daughter's heart" could close the portal Bo's Father was opening.
  • Kenzi works out that the "Daughter's heart" refers to her, as Bo has always called Kenzi that.
  • Kenzi notes that Bo loves Lauren and Dyson, but they are not her heart as she is.
  • Kenzi also tells Dyson that: "Rainer had the gift of foresight, he knew this would happen. Had to happen. Now Tamsin has his soul and will take it to Valhalla. That's where she will take me when this is all over. That's where I'll wait."
  • Kenzi's grave marker reads: "MacKenzie, Kenzi, Malikov. 1991-2014. Friend. Warrior. Heart."
  • Kenzi, at the time of her passing, appears to be 23 years of age.
  • Kenzi's last name is revealed for the first time as being Malikov.
  • At the end of the episode, Bo visits Kenzi's grave, leaving flowers there and promising Kenzi that she will do whatever it takes to bring her back.
  • Apparently, Kenzi's favourite wing sauce is: Half extra hot, half honey garlic, all blue cheese dipped.
  • Apparently, Kenzi's favourite alias is: Toni Soprano.
  • Apparently, at some point in the past, Kenzi saw Tamsin eating an entire box of Vector cereal at one time.
  • According to Freyja, Kenzi had promised her soul to Bo's Father and because of that she could not be allowed to marry Hale.
  • As Kenzi was no longer claimed by Bo, having been unclaimed by her, Bo could not return her to Earth.
  • Having offered herself in the place of Kenzi to go to her father, Bo's attempt at reclaiming Kenzi was refused.
  • Kenzi was returned to Earth, to her body, which was still buried in her grave.
  • Lauren and Dyson dug up Kenzi's grave to free her.
  • Kenzi does not medical examinations... at all.
  • Kenzi is. apparently by her own exclamation, Russian.
  • Kenzi used Trick's Ouija Board, which was last seen in the Season 3.5 webisode Prophecy where Trick and Hale used it, in an attempt to contact Bo in the afterlife which didn't work out as planned.
  • According to Bo, Tremors is Kenzi's second favorite Kevin Bacon movie.
  • Kenzi likes Chardonnay and Liquorice.
  • Kenzi's all time favourite movie is Footloose.
  • Kenzi received from Hale property in Spain as part of his will, Dyson delivering the deed to Kenzi.
  • Kenzi decided to leave the Fae as she had enough of their world.
  • Kenzi told Bo: "I can't keep being a lost human in the Fae world trying to be Fae. I'm not Fae."
  • Bo's last words to Kenzi are: "I love you Kenzi. Sometimes I think it's the only thing I am completely sure about."
  • Kenzi's last words to Bo are: "Goodbye Bo." as she leaves Bo's life.
  • Kenzi returned in Like Father, Like Daughter with a new look and seemingly to be managing with the loss of Hale.
  • Kenzi has been well looked after through what Hale left for her and, one assumes, by the Santiago family as well.
  • Apparently Kenzi lives in a castle in Spain and "castillo" was Kenzi's word of the week.
  • Kenzi is regularly visited by Hale's grandfather, Heathcliff Santiago. During their visits, they share stories about Hale.
  • Kenzi went undercover as a tour guide, but didn't quite manage it well. To cover up her lack of art knowledge when challenged, Kenzi pushed one of the art lovers into a painting which set off alarms and allowed Kenzi to warn Bo that the gallery used lasers to protect the paintings.
  • Kenzi, at one point, was chewing Big Red gum.
  • Bo tells Kenzi that they are calling Hades, Jack.
  • According to Kenzi, Nate taught her how to read music.
  • Hades commented to Kenzi: "And you're funny. That's your gift."
  • Bo, Kenzi, Heathcliff, and one presumes, Zee and Persephone, are aware of Lauren's abilities as well as Hades.
  • Kenzi tells Bo that she will be around for a while and Kenzi warns Bo not to trust Hades.
  • Kenzi's mother told her once: "Don't try and be too smart darling. It might get you killed."
  • Kenzi broke into Bo's home in Follow the Yellow Trick Road, after she returned from Europe, explaining at first that she wanted to be with Bo in her time of need and adding that she was aware of what happened to Trick and Aife.
  • Kenzi explained further that she received a letter in the mail from what she thought was Lauren, but Lauren did not send the letter and assumed that Hades had sent it to Kenzi to draw her back.
  • Kenzi was present when Trick's will was read.
  • Trick's will was read, initially by Bo and then Kenzi.
  • The will stated: "To Kenzi - the ring of Yggdrasil. This ring will grant you freedom from claiming, allowing you constant passage between the Fae and human worlds."
  • Following the reading of the will, Kenzi was at Bo's right side, holding Bo's right hand, as the Family paused to remember Trick.
  • Kenzi told Bo: "I came back for a very good reason. I went to Spain to get away from the Fae, not from my bestie." Kenzi also said: "This crack shack will always be home."
  • Kenzi was the first to find Vex bleeding out after Hades left when she went looking for Tamsin. Bo was the second one to arrive and Bo noticed that the window in Tamsin's room was open and Tamsin was missing.
  • Bo and Kenzi found Lou Ann at Evony's Fae horse ranch. Initially when Bo arrived, no one seemed to be present, but Bo and Kenzi then encountered six white horses, then Lou Ann, and then a fire breathing stallion.
  • Kenzi tells Bo: "He (Trick) always had your back."
  • Kenzi rode: ""... Otis. He never had a master, but he's definitely one of a kind. Otis is a unicorn. He is a rescue from Scotland. His horn was cut off by poachers. He's the last one of his kind."
  • Kenzi received in this episode, one of her wishes, to see a unicorn.
  • Kenzi states in this episode that she has known Bo for five years. As such, this means that the series can be thought to have run in almost real time throughout.
  • Bo and Kenzi wonder about the Pyrippus: "What if when I chi-sucked all of those people to save Lauren from the Lich..." Kenzi continues: "... and super sucked us to save Dyson during your Dawning..." Bo adds: "What if that was the Pyrippus taking over? What if it's been inside of me all of this time?" Kenzi sighs: "Then Jack has been playing the long game for a long time." Bo admits: "But I can't control it Kenzi. I mean, when it happens... I lose myself."
  • Kenzi told Bo: "Scary voice, crazy eyes, yeah, I know."
  • Bo tells Kenzi: "I felt my father taking control of the Pyrippus when the cinvat opened." Bo came to the decision that: "If he is trying to break my spirit like I'm some kind of wild horse, then I have to help him with the next step." Bo then made up her mind to surrender herself to Hades in the hope that she would be able to stop him.
  • Bo set the Clubhouse as a trap for Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren and Mark, setting it on fire to Hades' approval when they were all inside.
  • Bruce rescued Kenzi, Dyson, Lauren and Mark from the burning clubhouse.
  • Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson and Mark were protected by Bo's horseshoe which set up an apparent forcefield between them and the fire as it did when Bo had confronted the fire breathing stallion.
  • After escaping the clubhouse fire, Vex used his motorhome to help Dyson, Lauren, Kenzi, Mark and himself move without being noticed.
  • Vex collects German Weimar porcelain, which Kenzi thinks might be Vex's weirdest fetish.
  • Vex's motorhome contains many things, notably heels and mascara, according to Kenzi, but it does not seem to have any weapons.
  • Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson, Vex and Mark were not affected by Bo's taking of all Chi around her because of the influence of the horseshoe that Kenzi possessed. The horseshoe was proof against fire, Bo's powers, bullets and other threats. When Mark called it a lucky charm, Kenzi called it: "magically delicious."
  • When Bo appeared and confronted her family, Kenzi told Dyson: "I'll handle this. I'm the only one that can bring her back. I'm her heart remember?"
  • Kenzi's attempt to bring Bo back did not succeed, Bo taking the horseshoe from Kenzi and then, after throwing Kenzi from the roof of the motorhome and breaking the horseshoe in half, fed on her Family.
  • What Hades did not expect in Bo doing so was that she would be intimately aware of her Family's Chi, including Kenzi'a, the memories that came with them and this would prove to be the turning point which broke Hades' hold on Bo.
  • Tamsin was assisted in giving birth by Lauren and Kenzi.
  • At some point, Kenzi and Tamsin took a Yoga class at the YWCA.
  • In the midst of giving birth Tamsin tells Kenzi: "I should be out there fighting! I'm a warrior!" Lauren tells Tamsin: "Listen to me! What you are about to do is brave Tamsin, possibly the bravest." Kenzi tells Tamsin: "This, right here, is what it means to be a warrior okay?"
  • When seeing Bo and Hades in battle, Kenzi called it: "It just got Sailor Moon out there!" When Lauren asks what was going on, Kenzi added: "Bo's giving the best HJ of her life!"
  • Dyson, Mark, Vex Lauren and Kenzi were present when Tamsin first held her newborn child.
  • Following the events of the battle with Hades, Bo gave Dagny to Kenzi who left with Dagny to hide her in the world of humans until she became of age.
  • Kenzi therefore became Dagny's adoptive human mother.
  • Bo's last conversation with Kenzi was: Bo asks: "Take care of her. And take care of yourself." Kenzi tells Bo: "You know, I never lost faith in you. Even when I almost did... I didn't. I love you." Bo takes Kenzi's hands and replies: "You're my heart Kenzi." Kenzi whispers: "Yeah." and then they embrace. After a long silence, Kenzi smiles and comments: "Tearful goodbyes are so last season." Kenzi then kisses Bo on the cheek before getting into the car and driving away as Bo watches.
  • Kenzi's final words in the series are: "Tearful goodbyes are so last season."


  1. Kenzi was to marry Hale, but did not as a result of Massimo's actions in End of a Line
  2. During Faes Wide Shut Kenzi had been kidnapped by a Kitsune who impersonated her in that episode. The following episode The Kenzi Scale, had both the impostor and Kenzi appear.
  3. During Faes Wide Shut Kenzi had been kidnapped by a Kitsune who impersonated her in that episode. The following episode The Kenzi Scale, had both the impostor and Kenzi appear.
  4. In Original Skin
  5. In Lachlan's Gambit
  6. In Into the Dark
  7. In The Kenzi Scale
  8. In The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire
  9. During Barometz. Trick. Pressure.
  10. In Truth and Consequences
  11. During Table for Fae
  12. In ConFaegion
  13. Can locate a car by its license number. Mentioned in It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World
  14. A mortician's apprentice who has been dying to meet Bo. Mentioned in Masks
  15. Recently ended a prison sentence. Mentioned in Masks
  16. Believed that Don Corleone was his real father. Mentioned in Masks and Truth and Consequences

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