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It's Your Lucky Fae

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"It's Your Lucky Fae"
Lost Girl episode
Tamsin reveals her true feelings to Bo
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 5
Overall Episode 66
Directed by Paolo Barzman
Written by Ley Lukins
Produced by Wendy Grean
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by Craig Wright
Editing by Ben Wilkinson
Production Code 505
Original Air Date January 4, 2015 (2015-01-04)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Rachel Skarsten - Tamsin
Paul Amos - Vex
Vanessa Matsui - Cassie
Luke Bilyk - Mark
Noam Jenkins - Heratio
Shanice Banton - Iris
Dax Ravina - Seymour

Episode Chronology
← Previous
"When God Opens a Window..."
Next →
"Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts"

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Bo becomes cursed by a birthday present as she tries to discover why Oracles are vanishing without a trace

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

It's Your Lucky Fae was the fifth episode of the fifth season of the series, and the sixty-sixth overall episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on January 4, 2015 at 9 PM Eastern time.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 5
  • Episode Number: 5 (66th Overall)
  • Episode Title: It's Your Lucky Fae
  • Directed by: Paolo Barzman
  • Writing credits: Ley Lukins
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: January 4, 2015 on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 463,000[1]


A promotional Image of the Season Five cast of Lost Girl from the official website at showcase.ca/lostgirl From left to right: Anna Silk as Bo, Zoie Palmer as Lauren, Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson and Rachel Skarsten as Tamsin
Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Richard Howland Trick
Zoie Palmer Lauren
Rachel Skarsten Tamsin
Paul Amos Vex
Vanessa Matsui Cassie
Luke Bilyk Mark
Noam Jenkins Heratio
Shanice Banton Iris
Dax Ravina Seymour
Michael Dufays Angry Fae
Milton Barnes Jed
Jack Newman Delivery Fae
Sofia Troop Kat
Aldrin Bundoc Fire Fae Waiter
Aniela Kurylo Pythia
Sagine Semajuste Dedona

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
Beautiful Sunrise Courtesy of APM Music
Ghillies Courtesy of APM Music
Happy Folks Courtesy of APM Music
Spin (Underscore) Courtesy of APM Music
Metal Man Courtesy of APM Music
I Can See A Train A Comin Courtesy of APM Music
Song For Mpho Courtesy of APM Music
Close Slow Skies Written by Karen Sheridan


Short Summary

Cassie the Oracle turns up missing as Bo receives a gift from her father on her birthday and needs help in understanding what it is. To find out what happened to Cassie, Bo joins a Fae dating site and meets the last person that Cassie went out with. Tamsin and Lauren buy Bo a stuffed cat for a birthday present which possesses Bo with the powers of a cat and begins to turn her into one. Using her new found powers, Bo finds Cassie and two other Oracles who have been imprisoned and their eyes taken from them, eventually it is revealed that the Oracles took their own eyes out to stop being forced to see all of time. Mark has a job at the Dal Riata but makes quite a number of mistakes and when he confronts Vex there, things only get worse. When Persephone appears there, things only get worse still when Trick’s ledger is stolen. Dyson discovers that during her investigation Bo went on a date with one of the dead from the elevator crash which gives the first clue that something is happening and at the end of the episode, one of the possessed elevator bodies has Trick’s ledger of Fae names and has found out who Bo is. Bo does not uncover what her father’s gift is, but she learns a secret from Tamsin that she never expected.

Detailed Summary

The episode begins with a recap of the previous episode which includes: Trick asking Dyson to look into the deaths of three humans with Vex's help, Dyson coming to the understanding that a Fae cult is involved and Lauren telling Dyson that the three bodies from the elevator crash had been taking from her clinic. Bo and Tamsin encountering Mark and asking him what he was running away from, Bo being struck by the Hunter's arrow and then kissing Mark as she whispers "What is it about you?" Mark then holding a knife to the Hunter's throat, Dyson telling Mark he is a Shifter, Bo realizing that Mark is Dyson's son, Mark telling Dyson he is trouble and Dyson telling Mark that he does not see things that way because he is Mark's father.

The episode opens with an image of a parcel that has been opened, Bo (Anna Silk) sitting nearby and holding a card in her hands. Bo picks up her cellphone and makes a call while looking at the card which reads: "Happy Birthday Precious. Love Daddy."

Elsewhere, Cassie the Oracle (Vanessa Matsui) is on a date with a gentleman when her cellphone rings. Cassie, being bored from her date comments as she picks up the phone: "Oh thank god. But... um... Keep talking. Super interested in your journey." Cassie answers the phone and Bo asking Cassie for her insight about a "Fae gift from Hell. Literally." Cassie replies: "And you want me to tell you what it is. That's all I'm good for right? Look I'm on a date so whatever's going on with you, tomorrow, pints at the Dal, your treat." Bo agrees and then Cassie hangs up on Bo. Bo then removes a large ornate box from the wrapping paper and tissue paper, commenting to herself: "Here's hoping there is one." Back on her date, Cassie asks her date about being new in town and he replies that he is "boring" but calls Cassie "fascinating" and then asks about her siblings, Cassie replying: "I have a douchebag cousin named Seymour, does that count?" He replies: "I have a sister who is a party girl that only wants to have a good time. Personality out the wazzu." Cassie comments that she "sounds fun" and asks if she is single. After a pause, the man continues: "Hardly. But she was thrilled when I told her you were an Oracle." Cassie rolls her eyes in disgust: "So she's looking for a reading. And let me guess, and you do too. Fine. Let's just get it over with." He replies: "Actually, I'd like to order are you ready?" Cassie is confused and asks if he is serious that he doesn't want a reading from her as "that's all that anyone ever wants." He replies that he is sorry that she is offended, but Cassie explains that she is surprised as "Oracle doesn't exactly spell lucky in love" and Cassie's date insists that her luck is about to change, adding that: "Life is about anticipation. That's the fun part."

Cassie and her date are then seen arriving at Cassie's apartment, she telling him about her dreams and he telling Cassie some of his own before kissing Cassie and then saying goodnight to Cassie and asking her to call him tomorrow as he leaves. Cassie closes her apartment door and seems very happy for the first time in the episode for a moment, but then, suddenly she clutches at her head and begins to cry out in pain and stumble around her apartment in agony.

Following the brief opening title sequence, Trick (Richard Howland) and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) are talking at the Dal Riata while Mark (Luke Bilyk) is cleaning tables. Trick explains that: "He's working here. He's new to our colony, exposure to Faekind will do him some good." Tamsin comments: "Yeah it's not the first person that he's exposed himself to." When Trick asks what Tamsin means by this she brushes her comment off as Bo arrives who asks if either Trick or Tamsin have seen Cassis as they were supposed to be meeting at the Dal. After both say that Cassie hasn't arrived, Trick gives Bo a present and wishes her a happy birthday. When Bo opens the present, it is revealed to be a finger from Alexander the Fay which Trick notes "has been handed down through our family for generations." After a short pause, Bo replies jokingly: "You totally gave me the finger" as everyone laughs a bit uneasily, Tamsin then leaving with the explanation that she has "something to do."

Lauren (Zoie Palmer) and Tamsin are seen walking along a sidewalk, Lauren in disbelief that they had forgotten that it was Bo's birthday, Tamsin commenting that he forgot because "It's me" and when Lauren's reason for forgetting is "I've had a lot on the go! I've been busy with things..." Tamsin comments: "Like sucking up to Evony?" Lauren rolls her eyes and replies: "I call it working." Tamsin then suggests that for Bo's birthday they have a surprise party at the Dal Riata and hire some Yeti strippers and "drink until we vom." Lauren comments "Always with the class" but then adds that Tamsin needs to keep Bo away from home so Lauren can bake a cake and get some balloons. The pair pause in front of a Curio Shop where a stuffed cat catches Tamsin's eye. Tamsin comments: "You've been replaced, I've found Bo's..." Lauren gasps out "No!" and then Tamsin finishes with: "I was going to say new companion." Lauren looks at the stuffed cat and says "it's awful" and suggesting a "nicknack" in the window, but Tamsin says no one loves nicknacks, and the owner of the shop (Milton Barnes) adds: "Because they don't bring you luck." He explains: "That kitty is from the Emperor Kang dynasty. Legend says Kang was a poor warrior until he came upon that magic kitty." Lauren is unconvinced, but the shop owner continues: "That cat brings luck to its owner and people around them." Tamsin asks how much, and at first the shop owner plays hard to get, but when Lauren suggests the nicknack, he asks for $75 and Tamsin agrees to the price, then asks Lauren for the money to pay for it.

Bo is then seen at the Dal Riata, still waiting for Cassie to appear. Calling Cassie's cellphone, Bo only hears Cassie's voicemail message and leaves a message for her, adding to Trick that Cassie has not responded to any of her phone calls. Trick suggests that Cassie might be sick and also adds that "it isn't like you to worry" and to ask if something is going on. Bo diverts Trick's attention by insisting that nothing is wrong and that she is simply worried about Cassie and begins to leave to visit Cassie at her apartment but before she can leave, Tamsin and Lauren arrive, Tamsin giving Bo the stuffed cat and Lauren attempts to give Bo a nicknack from the story, but drops it on the floor as she hands it to Bo. Lauren then tells Bo that the cat is also from her and Tamsin comments: "Oh, now suddenly the cat's good enough for you." Tamsin then hands the cat to Bo and tells her: "That man said it would bring you lots of happiness and good luck" while Lauren refuses to believe that luck exists or that the cat could provide such a thing. Bo thanks them both, saying that she loves the cat and calls it: "Very roadkill sheik." When Tamsin asks where Bo is going, Bo explains that she needs to see Cassie as she has a bad feeling. Tamsin tells Bo that she will go with her and when Lauren also suggests she will go, Tamsin comments: "You forgot that thing we talked about?" Lauren replies: "I'm not looking at your mole again" and then suddenly understands what Tamsin is getting at, bids Bo and Tamsin goodbye adding that: "I'll be on my cell if anybody needs me" and as she picks up the pieces of the broken nicknack continues "which, apparently, you don't."

Bo and Tamsin are then seen outside of Cassie's apartment, Bo knocking on the door and calling out Cassie's name. When Tamsin suggests breaking down the door, Bo tries to open the door and finds it unlocked, Tamsin giving credit to "the lucky cat...Boom!" Once inside, Bo and Tamsin see that Cassie's apartment is wrecked and there is blood on the walls and on the furniture. Tamsin tells Bo they need to secure the scene, get blood samples to Lauren and call Dyson in for help. Bo then kneels down and picks up an ice cream baller which is covered in blood and comments: "If this isn't, it's the worst dinner party in history."

Following a commercial break, Mark is seen sweeping the floors at the Dal Riata before sitting down behind a set of drums, fantasizing about being a famous drummer and then playing badly for a few moments before Trick puts an end to things and Mark attempts to make excuses. Trick then tells Mark that he needs to sign in and explains that all Fae when they pass through "our colony" sign a ledger which Trick maintains and keeps safe in his lair. Trick also explains that "our signature also contain our true power." Mark then turns a few pages of the ledger before ripping a corner of one of the pages and holding that piece in his hand. Trick then takes the ledger away, commenting: "And this is why keep it in my lair" before thanking Mark and walking away. Elsewhere in the Dal, Bo picks up an earring that she lost while Tamsin is on the phone. Tamsin then tells Bo that Dyson is at Cassie's apartment and Lauren is checking the blood for clues. Bo tells Tamsin that she called the other Oracles, but none of them have called her back as yet. Tamsin is concerned about Cassie being missing as "the powers of an Oracle in the wrong hands can be deadly." When Bo asks about Cassie's family she tells Bo that Cassie's cousin is "coming in for questioning" which makes Bo pause and ask: "Wait. Seymour?" Seymour (Dax Ravina) walks into the Dal Riata and greets Bo with: "You remember SuccuBabe. I'm touched." When Bo asks if Mayer, Seymour's uncle, knows that he is out of jail, Seymour tells Bo that the "Una Mens cut his throat. Punishment. Stole luck from the wrong Fae." He then asks what is going on with Cassie, but when he it told that she is missing replies: "Cassie is special. People don't like that." When Bo asks if that mean him as well, Seymour replies: "I'm a soul eater. I suck people's spirits. Not exactly beloved." Seymour explains to Bo that he took over Meyer's business but it is failing noting that: "What's a bookie without the ability to steal luck? Instead of helping out, Cassie emancipated herself from the family." Bo replies: "Well, maybe she thought you were trying to use her." Seymour then suggests that Bo check into Cassie's computer dates on Fae Date before excusing himself to "save a business." After Seymour leaves, Tamsin asks Bo what she thinks and after picking up a coin Bo replies: "I think it's time we start pricing dating memberships."

Lauren is at Bo's place, calling Dyson and telling him that all of the blood they had collected from Cassie's apartment was of the same type. After finishing with Dyson, Lauren comments to herself: "Here at the clubhouse. Baking a cake. You know, the important stuff." Lauren looks at the stuffed cat a moment, then tries what she thinks is sugar by the coffee maker, but it turns out to be salt. There is a knock at the door and a delivery Fae (Jack Newman) arrives with a bunch of balloons which upsets Lauren as they were to be taken to the Dal Riata. She asks for them to be delivered there, but when she is told there is an extra charge for that, Lauren takes it upon herself to deliver the balloons herself. Then, as Lauren is dealing with this problem, the delivery Fae smells something burning and Lauren turns to find her cake is burning in the oven. Lauren looks at the stuffed cat and comments: "Well they said it would bring luck, they didn't say what kind."

Back at the Dal Raita, Mark is seen sneaking a drink while on the job. Vex (Paul Amos) is nearby finishing his own drink and then begins to leave but Mark stops him saying: "Hey! Don't you think I know a Dine and Dash when I see one?" Vex laughs at this and replies: "Yeah, well Trick's a mate of mine and that means I don't pay." Vex then starts to leave again but Mark insists that Vex pay for his drink. Turning back, Vex replies: "All right. Have it your way then" before jumping on the bar and calling out to the crowd in the Dal Riata if any of them have gotten weak drinks from Mark as he has been tending bar. Mark asks Vex what he is doing and Vex tells him: "I saw you underpouring three customers. Planning on lifting a snifter later are we?" Mark sneers and then calls out to the crowd in the Dal that their next drinks are "on me" as Trick watches in disbelief. Seated on the other side of the Dal are Kat (Sofia Troop), Iris (Shanice Banton) and a man. Mark asks if Vex is happy, and Vex replies he will be more happy when he gets to know the two women that are looking at both Vex and Mark. Mark and Vex then play "Rock, Paper, Guillotine" to see who "distracts the boyfriend" and Vex loses and then he draws Heratio's attention.

Mark is then seen with Kat and Iris in Trick's lair, he and Persephone making out while Iris looks around Trick's lair as if searching for something. Kat then teases Mark by kissing Iris before pushing Mark onto a couch and then going down on him while Iris watches, smiles and then continues to look around Trick's lair until she comes to find Trick's ledger of Fae names and then puts the book away into a large courier bag she is carrying. Then Kat is shown with a long forked tongue dragging it over Mark's bare chest before he suddenly realizes that Iris is sitting and watching he and Kat being intimate. Iris tells Mark she wants to "look at you" as Kat continues to have her way with Mark.

Meanwhile, back at Bo's place, Tamsin is taking pictures of Bo for her false profile on the Fae dating site, Bo telling Tamsin that: "They are profile pictures, not art" and Tamsin replying: "Not with that attitude. Would it kill you to arch your back?" Bo then rolls onto her hands and knees before striking a pose and purring. Tamsin pauses, then tells Bo she is purring which contuses Bo as she replies: "I guess I was seized by the moment." Tamsin just shrugs, says "okay" and then starts to set up Bo's profile on the website but not before looking at the profile of a Selkie and "needing a moment." Bo comments: "You've had thirty moments with BradPittsTroll, we need to finish my profile." Tamsin then sends a wink to the Selkie before telling Bo that the last person that messaged Cassie was Heratio55. When Bo asks if Tamsin thinks he would "buy me as an Oracle" Bo is told "with a face like yours he'll buy anything we say." Tamsin then fills in Bo's profile on the site and uploads it. While Tamsin does so Bo checks for messages and finds that the mother of one of the other Oracles has not heard from her daughter. Bo then tells Tamsin that she needs to start looking for Cassie and the other missing Oracles. When Tamsin suggests that they match Cassie's goal they find it to be: "To find people I can trust." Tamsin comments that finding such a thing isn't easy to do. Moments later the last person to date Cassie sends a date request to Bo and at the same moment Bo's cellphone rings, the call being from Cassie. Bo cannot understand anything from the call and Bo comments to Tamsin that she thinks that Cassie's phone died. When Tamsin asks if Cassie said she was okay, Bo answers: "No." Cassie is then seen in a dark place with shackles binding her and trying to pick up her phone. As this happens, a spike connected to the chains is seen being driven into the ground. A glimpse of Cassie is seen with her head covered in bandages, her eyes and forehead under the bandages covered in blood. An unseen person takes Cassie's phone from her and then smashes it underneath the hammer that had been used to drive the spike into the ground earlier.

Following another commercial break, Mark returns to the bar and puts on a new shirt which confuses Trick. Mark then makes a snide comment to him as Kat and her boyfriend storm towards Mark. Vex attempts to defuse the situation, but the boyfriend tells Vex: "That kid had a threesome with my Kittykat." which makes Vex comment: "Okay, so you do know what happened." Mark then spins a tale that Kat needed "mouth to mouth or she was going to die" which only makes the situation worse and the boyfriend moves to attack Mark. However, Vex intervenes, uses his powers to make the boyfriend hit himself in the head with a beer bottle and then Mark begins to jump around the bar trying to avoid the boyfriend's punches. Lauren enters carrying a cakebox and sets it in front of Trick, her back to the two men that are fighting. After Lauren opens the box to show Trick the birthday cake she has for Bo, she begins to yell at Trick. Trick asks why Lauren is yelling at him and she answers: "Three dozen balloons popped simultaneously in a car. It's loud. Very loud." Mark is then thrown backwards into Lauren which puts her face into the birthday cake, destroying it. Vex then jumps back into the fight, takes control of the boyfriend, and makes him knock himself out. Lauren pulls herself out of the cake and comments: "That was supposed to be chocolate."

Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) is then seen with Vex and Mark in Trick's lair, demanding to know why he is "breaking up bar fights instead of locating missing Oracles?" Mark jokes to Vex: "Who called McGruff the Crime Dog?" which Vex chuckles to for a moment. Dyson then reveals that Trick's ledger of Fae names is missing which gets Vex's attention, but Vex insists that he knows nothing of it being missing. When Vex tells Dyson "I barely know the kid" Dyson warns Vex: "Good. Keep it that way. Stay away from my son." Vex is shocked by this revelation, though Mark does not seem to care about his relationship with Dyson. Dyson looks at Mark and reminds him that he is his son which dampens Mark's attitude immediately. Dyson tells Vex: "Mark is a Shifter. A warrior. I won't let you ruin that for him Vex." Mark comments: "The only one doing that is you. You enjoy chasing your tail for other people. Guess what? I don't." Dyson explains to Mark that he has a birthright and he will need to choose who to serve soon as Vex watches. Mark replies: "That's easy. Me." Dyson answers: "You have a lot to learn." Mark disregards this warning from Dyson and then taunts Dyson, making fun of his role in the Fae world. Dyson warns: "Big words from a Shifter that hasn't shifted yet." Mark tells Dyson: "I don't want your life" and then leaves as Vex watches.

Bo and Tamsin are then seen at a cafe, Bo waiting for her date to arrive and Tamsin acting as a waitress. Bringing a drink to Bo, she tells Tamsin she didn't order a drink, Tamsin tells Bo the drink is from a guy at the bar, and Bo complains: "This luck this is getting old." Bo then picks up the drink and then starts to lap from the glass like a cat while Tamsin looks at Bo in confusion. When Bo tells Tamsin "I'm thristy" Tamsin replies: "I get it, you don't want to mess up your lipstick." Bo's date Heratio then arrives and they greet each other, flatter each other's looks and Heratio tells Bo that she being forward "makes my job easier." When Bo asks what he means by that, he replies: "Getting you to kiss me before this is over." Bo flirts with Heratio, telling him: "I have a magic 8-ball and the outlook is positive." When Heratio glances to look behind him for a moment, Bo grooms herself similarly to a cat which Tamsin cannot help but notice and be confused by. Heratio then suggests that they leave together as Bo begins to toy with one of the items on the table in front of her, making catty remarks at the same time to him. Heratio stops Bo from doing so, commenting that Bo has "reflexes like a cat." At this point, Bo realizes something is wrong, excuses herself for a moment and goes to see Tamsin, telling her that "something is wrong, like big wrong" and then Bo starts panting. Tamsin asks: "Are you stress panting?" Tamsin suggests they need to leave, but Bo refuses, telling Tamsin this might be their only chance to get some information from Heratio. When Heratio gets up to leave, asking if Bo is ready as well, Bo uses her powers on Heratio and asks him: "I know you were the last one to see Cassie before she went missing. What did you do with her?" Heratio answer: "I kissed her goodbye and left." When Bo insists that he attacked her, Heratio elaborates: "I kissed her goodnight like a gentleman and then left. But you... I could never leave you." Bo is confused by Heratio's answers and then Bo sees her hand begin to change colour and turn black. Bo then begs off, saying "something's come up" and rushes to Tamsin. Bo then shows Tamsin her hands which are now covered in hair and look more like cat paws. Tamsin comments: "Holy hand hair" and Bo replies: "Cat scratch fever anyone?" as Tamsin puts a napkin over Bo's hands to cover them up.

After another commercial break, Bo is at the Dal Riata with Tamsin, Lauren and Trick. After putting on a pair of long gloves to hide her transformed hands, Bo is suddenly attracted to a mirror and looks into it, her eyes becoming cat-like as she does so. Bo is mesmerized by her reflection, bats the mirror and then snaps out of her trance. Turning to the others she sighs: "So I am turning into a cat." Tamsin tells Bo: "It's so sorry I feel like this is my fault." Lauren wonders if Bo is a Shifter, but Trick explains: "Not exactly. The cat you gave her is an Aitvaras. By bringing good luck to its owner, it steals it from those that do not give it reverence." Lauren sighs: "All this because I didn't give the stuffed corpse of a dead cat?" but then suffers a hand cramp in the next moment. Trick explains it is only a matter of time before the spirit takes over permanently. When Tamsin suggests "blowing this thing to hell" Lauren coos to the statue: "Are you going to let her talk to you like that?" Trick continues that the cat cannot be destroyed while it is feeding Bo luck as it would "instantly devour her spirit and she will die." Lauren mulls over the possibility of there being a way to stop the transformation as Tamsin rushes over to Bo, hugs her and exclaims: "I should have just gotten you a Yeti stripper" before embracing Bo which makes Bo purr before she snaps out of it and tells everyone to calm down. Bo then muses that they know the cat does bring her luck and suggests they use it to find Cassie. Lauren is against the idea noting that: "Embracing the luck means embracing transforming into a cat. I don't approve." Both Trick and Tamsin are also against Bo's idea as well. Bo reminds them all that "A missing Oracle is a dangerous thing and as annoying as she has been, she is a friend. She helped us save Dyson." Lauren then asks Bo what she has in mind.

Lauren and Tamsin are then seen standing by Bo's car in an alleyway, Tamsin commenting: "You can't be serious" as Bo sit behind the wheel with a blindfold on. Bo tells them she intends "to have blind luck lead me to Cassie" which does not fill either Tamsin or Lauren with confidence, Tamsin telling Bo: "This is a little kamikaze of you. This is even a little kamikaze for me." When Lauren agrees, Bo asks both of them to trust and believe that she can "do this" to make it work as she thinks it will. Tamsin then jumps into the car which makes Lauren comment: "Oh... Oh I get it. Old stick in the mud Lewis won't join the suicide party. Well you know what? I'm in too." Lauren then tries to make the same move as Tamsin but winds up falling into the car instead, swearing as she does so. Bo asks: "Are we good?" Tamsin holds up both middle fingers and asks: "How many fingers am I holding up?" Lauren asks: "How old are you?" And Bo adds: "Gives a new meaning to the term 'blind spot' huh guys? Luck, be my lady tonight." Tamsin then asks: "What if her bad luck cancels out your good luck?" Bo does not answer, starts her car, and the trio speed out of the alleyway onto the street beyond.

The next scene has Bo's car arrive in a field, Bo getting out of it and then taking off her blindfold and telling Lauren and Tamsin: "This is the place." Tamsin asks if Bo is sure, but then adds: "Of course you are. You're leading this Gong Show." Lauren then begins to cough and Tamsin asks: "What's the matter Lauren? You totally swallowed a bug didn't you?" Lauren looks at the cat statue and asks: "Oh come on seriously?" Bo then flips a coin saying: "Heads we go west, tails we go east" and the coin comes up tails. Bo then rushes off while Tamsin and Lauren get out of Bo's car. Tamsin and Lauren pause as Bo rushes off and see that she has a long black cat's tail behind her, Tamsin commenting: "You're not kidding." and Lauren looking on in concern.

Back at the Dal Riata, Iris appears and greets Mark. then comments: "Oh. You aren't happy to see me." Mark asks Iris: "You brought it back?" but she seems not to understand what Mark is talking about. When he tells Iris that he knows she took Trick's ledger, Iris replies: "What book?" Mark turns away, noting that he is: "In the middle of a self-made crap storm." Iris answers: "After a storm." Mark asks what she means by that and she continues: "After a storm is the best part." Iris closes her eyes and then gestures over the bar, creating a rainbow like shimmer in the air for a moment before it vanishes, commenting to herself: "My god... It worked. It doesn't always work." Iris asks what Mark can do and he answers: "I'm a Shifter." Iris tells Mark that she knows that, but asks what kind he is, adding "I like pandas." When Mark tells Iris that he doesn't know she asks him if he might talk to someone about that, but Mark dismisses that noting: "He's an opinionated jerk who only talks about serving other people." Iris fingers a bracelet on her wrist and tells Mark: "I serve my keepers." When Mark asks what she means, Iris continues: "I mean my parents. Doesn't mean I am subservient. Means I'm important. Maybe that's what you're really afraid of. Being counted on." Mark's answer is a snort of derision and nothing more.

Bo is walking though a forest with Tamsin and Lauren, still looking for Cassie. Lauren comments: "We should be at home looking after Bo." Tamsin answers: "You don't think I know that?" Lauren asks what they are still doing out in the middle of nowhere and Tamsin tells her: "I trust her." Lauren rolls her eyes and Tamsin tells Lauren: "You think you are the only one in the race. Well guess what? There's a new pony on the green." Lauren asks Tamsin: "Racing or golf. Pick a metaphor." Tamsin continues: "Like it or not, Bo and I are getting closer. Not just because we are living together, there's something... amazing happening." Lauren sighs: "I'm very happy for you. Still worried about Bo." The two then look around and realize that Bo has vanished into thin air and Lauren calls out Bo's name but there is no answer.

Bo is seen walking through the forest, then falling through a hidden trapdoor into a cave below, landing on her feet like a cat. She looks up and comments: "Glad I wasn't a dog" before moving off into the darkness. There is the sound of crying and then Bo sees Cassis and the two other missing Oracles chained up and staked to the ground, imprisoned. As Bo approaches them, it is clear that all of their eyes have been damaged in someway, streams of blood running from where their eyes would be. Bo tries to comfort the trio as Lauren's voice calls from where Bo fell through the trap door, Bo telling the Oracles that they are "safe now."

After yet another commercial, Tamsin is seen kneeling beside a cardboard box inside of which Bo is curled up, acting more and more cat-like and not speaking. She paws at Tamsin's hands a few times before Tamsin frustatingly asks: "Where is Dyson!" Dyson then enters the room and throws Seymour to the floor as Tamsin covers up Bo in her box with a blanket. Dyson reveals: "I checked out Seymour's bank accounts. Seems that Heratio55 paid him off for information on Cassie." Tamsin tells Dyson that she and Bo cleared Heratio, but Dyson comments: "Maybe she didn't ask the right questions." Tamsin looks at Seymour and asks: "You sold out your own flesh and blood?" Seymour explains: "It was business. What was I supposed to do? I had to get paid somehow. I don't get paid to suck spirits." When Tamsin tells Seymour he "just sucks", Dyson comments: "You know Tamsin, maybe you are being a bit harsh." Tamsin looks at Dyson oddly as he continues: "You know, it seems like Seymour here is just a bit down on his luck. That's all." Tamsin smirks: "Oh. Yeah. My heart really bleeds for him." Dyson continues: "I'm just saying that not everyone has the same kind of luck that Bo has." When Seymour asks what Dyson is talking about, Tamsin replies: "Oh, you know, some silly superstition. Only bought into by idiots." as she walks over to the stuffed cat and stands beside it. Seymour tells Tamsin he's listening and she continues: "It's Bo's lucky cat. See? Dumb." Dyson comments: "What Tamsin is saying is the cat is imbued with an ancient spirit, brings luck to its owner." Seymour asks if it works and Tamsin replies: "Not for you, it's Bo's." Seymour then walks up to the cat, comments "Not anymore it isn't" and then inhales deeply through his nose and pulls the cat, and the Aitvaras inside of himself. Seymour then grins, says: "I needed that!" and then rushes off saying: "I hate to snort and run but I'm off to Reno. Going to win me some kitty." Tamsin smiles with her teeth clenched and comments quietly: "You have no idea." as Seymour leaves. Tamsin then removes the blanket from the box where Bo is hidden which reveals Bo who is back to her normal self and asks: "Why am I in a box?" Dyson looks at Bo and comments: "I've said it before and I'll say it again. I hate cats."

Cassie is then seen in Lauren's clinic, her eyes bandaged and laying on a bed quietly. Dyson enters the room and asks Lauren how Cassie is doing, Lauren explains: "She woke up when the medics came to remove her from the cave, I had to give her a sedative." When Dyson asks about her eyesight, Lauren sighs: "Well... We'll do our best to repair the tissue damage but without the oculus our field is limited." Lauren then tells Dyson that all three of the Oracles had their eyes removed and she cannot understand why this happened. Dyson then shows Lauren a file he is carrying which shows images of the man Bo met that called himself Heratio. Lauren recognizes the man as being Kevin Brown, who was one of the bodies from the elevator crash that Lauren once had in her clinic.

Bo is then seen in bed at home resting and staring at the box that her Father sent as a birthday present. Tamsin then enters the room wearing a dressing gown. Tamsin tells Bo: "I'm bad at birthdays" and then offers Bo a cupcake. Tamsin reveals that Lauren did try to make a cake and Bo replies: "So that's what happened in the kitchen." As Bo unwraps the cupcake, Tamsin tells Bo: "You were amazing today." Bo takes a bite of the cupcake and comments: "If there is something better than this, I have not encountered it." Tamsin then loosens her sash and reveals that underneath the dressing gown she is wearing a red ribbon and nothing more. Tamsin tells Bo: "Don't be so sure. You still feeling lucky?" Bo stands up, the two share a long look at each other and then Bo takes hold of one of the ends of the ribbon, twining it around her hand and drawing Tamsin closer to her as she does so. Bo tosses the cupcake over her shoulder, then as she pulls the ribbon loose from Tamsin, says: "Happy birthday to me" the two embracing and dropping out of sight as the scene ends.

Returning from the last commercial break, Tamsin and Bo are in bed together, Tamsin asking: "Girls must have hated you. You're beautiful even like this." Bo smiles and asks: "Like what?" Tamsin explains: "Sad. I know that something's been bugging you. I've tried to ignore it but... just tell me what it is." Bo considers for a long moment, then explains: "I was born in Hel. I found out when I was in Tartarus. My dad is Hades." Bo then jokes: "Family Christmas cards are going to be awkward this year huh?" Tamsin tells Bo: "That was him. Who I sat across from when I made the deal." Tamsin then repeats the words she has spoken many times before: "Eyes both brown and blue." Then she whispers: "That was Hades." Tamsin asks if Bo talked with her father, Bo says she did not and it would not have made any difference if she did so. Bo then explains: "No matter how hard I try to get away from him. No matter how much good I try to do. He'll always be part of me." Bo then looks towards her father's gift and adds: "And he'll always find me." Tamsin looks at the box, comments: "A gift from daddy." then tells Bo: "When I was younger I used to think that Freya controlled me. Controlled how I felt, what I did, everything." Bo asks what changed for Tamsin and she replies: "Me." Bo asks if Tamsin "got empowered" but Tamsin smiles: "I got angry." Bo confides that: "I need to find a way to separate myself from him for good. So he can never hurt my real family again. He's trying to use me for something. Something terrible." Tamsin's answer is: "Then we won't let him."

Back at Lauren's clinic, Lauren is watching over Cassie as she wakes up and cries out. After calming Cassie down, Lauren tells Cassie she is safe and is in Lauren's clinic. Lauren then asks Cassie what she remembers so they can find the one responsible for what has happened. Lauren asks Cassie what she saw and Cassie's answer is: "Everything. All of it. The universe, every single moment since the beginning of time. It was too much. The beginning. The end." Lauren asks: "The end of what?" and "Who did this to you?" Cassie answers: "Me. I did. We did it to ourselves." Lauren asks Cassie "Why would you remove your own eyes?" and she answers: "It was the only way to make it stop."

The final scene of the episode shows Trick's ledger being read, page by page, a finger tracing over the names in it until it stops on Bo's name. Heratio's voice says Bo's name, then he is shown in a room with the ledger and a container which holds the missing eyes of the Oracles. Heratio then says: "Nice try succubus" as the episode comes to a close.

Questions in this Episode

  • How is it that Bo's Father cannot leave Hell, but he can have items sent to Bo from there it seems? It is unlikely he sent the gift directly, so who did? And if it was one of the "three" that did, wouldn't Heratio have known Bo in the first place?
  • What is the "gift" that Bo's Father has sent her?
  • Is the gift what changes Bo into the Dark Queen on Earth?
  • In mythology, Persephone did not have any actual siblings, so when Heratio refers to her as his "Sister" this likely isn't more than a half-sister assuming that the known myths are adhered to. This does leave the question as to how exactly Bo's Father is supposed to be returning to Earth by this current plan and if this was his plan from the beginning. It also leaves open the question of the relationship between the three spirits.
  • When Heratio kissed Cassie, that seemed the trigger to cause the events that unfolded from that point forwards. The question then becomes, what is Heratio and what does his kiss do exactly?
  • Who is Alexander The Fay?
  • What, exactly, does a Yeti stripper look like?
  • So Mark tore one of the pages of Trick's ledger which means that one part of a page is not, or might not, be with it. If it isn't with the book is it possible for Trick to locate the ledger? More to the point, the ledger that was stolen from Trick, was it the same ledger or a decoy? Trick would be unlikely to just leave such a thing laying around and it could be a trick.
  • If the Una Mens killed Mayer, the question is why? The reason given is very vague.
  • How long has it been since the Fae Date website had a makeover? 1990? The site looks very retro-ugly in a lot of ways.
  • Who was driving the spike into the ground to secure the Oracles?
  • Why was that particular location chosen to imprison them?
  • Why blind the Oracles and why would their eyes be kept? Can they be restored somehow like Vex's hand was in the previous season?
  • What kind of Fae is Kat? This is never stated in the episode.
  • What kind of Fae is Kat's boyfriend? This is never stated in the episode.
  • Were Kath and her boyfriend part of Iris' plans to get Trick's ledger? Are they both connected to Bo's Father somehow? Are they part of this "Fae cult" that Dyson speaks of?
  • So if Bo could not be separated from the cat statue while it was giving her luck, how did it work that Seymour took the luck from Bo and she didn't die?
  • Iris talks about serving her keepers, then calls them her parents. Does this mean that Iris is one of Bo's Father's children as well?"
  • So does Seymour now become catman since he took the curse from Bo?
  • So is the Bo love triangle now a square? Has Tamsin taken the lead role over Lauren and Dyson?
  • As Heratio knows that Bo tries to fool him and knows who he is, will Heratio then try to kill Bo?
  • What did Cassie and the other Oracles see? Does she remember any of it?
  • Are there any clues to be shared with Bo about what her Father wants from her or his plans?

Answers in this Episode

  • The card that accompanied the present from Bo's Father read: "Happy Birthday Precious. Love Daddy."
  • The strange box that was the gift Bo's Father sent her for her birthday has appeared before but not in the Lost Girl series proper. The box appeared in a television promo back in 2012 where Bo was in a white room, turning a hand crank on the side of the box, which seemed to be acting in a similar fashion to a Jack-in-the-box. You can see that promo video here.
  • Of the three bodies that were in the elevator crash, the stockbroker (Elizabeth Helm) was possessed by Persephone, the vice-president (Kevin Brown) was possessed by Heratio. Who possessed the bike courier is not clear in this episode but according to the enhanced episode at the Showcase website, her name is Iris.
  • Iris in Greek mythology is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. You can find out more about this myth here.
  • Heratio may possibly refer to this story in Roman history.
  • Mark got a job at the Dal Riata through Trick cleaning tables and doing general labour.
  • This episode, in the series timeline, occurs on Bo's birthday.
  • Trick gave Bo for her birthday a finger from Alexander The Fay which he claimed had been handed down through their family for generations.
  • The Tamsin/Lauren Curio Shop scene was filmed at 85 Ossington Avenue in Toronto. The location is not a shop of any kind.
  • Seymour last appeared in Dead Lucky where he was responsible for the events in that episode and was sent to jail as a result.
  • Seymour revealed that the Una Mens, while they were in power, killed his uncle Mayer who was last seen in the episode Vexed.
  • Cassie left her family soon after Seymour took over Mayer's bookie business, feeling that Seymour was using her.
  • Seymour is a soul eater. A soul eater is a folklore figure in the traditional belief systems of some African peoples, notably the Hausa people of Nigeria and Niger who is supposedly able to consume an individual's spirit, causing a wasting disease that can be fatal. You can find out more about this myth here.
  • Apparently there is a Fae dating website called Fae Date.
  • Trick's ledger of Fae names was stolen by Iris using Mark as a means to gain access to Trick's lair.
  • Mark has had sex in Trick's lair at least once.
  • Mark has been under pouring drinks while tending bar in order to have his own free drinks, but Vex caught him at his game.
  • Apparently Vex doesn't play 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'. He plays 'Rock, Paper, Guillotine'.
  • Lauren suffered having three dozen balloons pop at the same time in her car.
  • Dyson believes that Mark can live up to his heritage, but Mark does not want anything to do with it.
  • Vex became aware that Dyson has a son in this episode.
  • Bo has been, at least partially, transformed into a cat-like being.
  • An Aitvaras is a household spirit in Lithuanian mythology which looks white or black rooster with a fiery tail and brings both good and bad luck to its home. You can find out more about this legend here.
  • The 'Dukes of Hazzard' scene with Bo, Lauren and Tamsin getting into Bo's car was filmed at 53 Carson Street in Toronto. The building is the home of a tile company and is beside a motorcycle shop. The location is less than a five minute drive from the Lost Girl sets that were located at 62 Akron Road. You can see an image taken on the day of filming here.
  • The first tail that Bo has in the series is a black cat's tail.
  • According to Iris, she "Serves my keepers."
  • Tamsin has told Lauren directly that she intends to be part of Bo's life as well, if not taking Lauren's place with Bo.
  • All of the Oracles were imprisoned, their eyes removed, and seemingly left abandoned and trapped in a dark cave until Bo found them and rescued them with Lauren and Tamsin's help.
  • Tamsin and Dyson tricked Seymour into absorbing the Aitvaras which removed the curse from Bo and transferred it to Seymour.
  • Dyson hates cats.
  • Bo and Tamsin have an intimate moment this episode and Tamsin reveals her feelings to Bo about her.
  • Bo revealed to Tamsin that she was born in Hell and her father is Hades.
  • Tamsin now knows that the person that had her search for Bo was Hades.
  • Bo has told Tamsin that she needs to find a way to get away from her father before she is used in her father's plan to do something "terrible."
  • Cassie and the other Oracles took their own eyes out to end their suffering.
  • Heratio possesses the missing eyes of the Oracles and as well has possession of Trick's missing ledger.
  • Cassie is being treated at Lauren's clinic, but the location of the other two Oracles was not revealed.
  • Lauren and Dyson are both aware that Heratio is using one of the bodies from the elevator crash, but not the reason why.


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