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Lost Girl character
The Light Fae Hale, Ex-Ash, Police partner of Dyson
The Light Fae Hale, Ex-Ash, Police Partner of Dyson
First appearance

It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World
Last appearance

End of a Line
Portrayed by

K.C. Collins
Nickname(s) Detective Hale, The Ash
Aliases William Haley François Santiago
Species Siren
Gender Male
Spouse(s) None
Kenzi (Wife To Be)[1]
Children None
Relatives Sturgis Santiago (Father)
Mrs. Santiago (Mother, Deceased)
Val Santiago (Sister)
Heathcliff Santiago (Grandfather)
Appeared In 44 Episodes
Aligned Light Fae
Fate Deceased
Murdered by Massimo in End of a Line while attempting to defend Kenzi

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Hale, proper name William Haley François Santiago, also known as Detective Hale, was the name of a character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series who was Dyson's partner and also was acting as The Ash during the Third Season of the series. Hale has appeared in a total of ten First Season episodes, twenty-one Second Season episodes, seven Third Season episodes and six Fourth Season episodes. He was Light Fae in nature and specifically a Siren. The role was played by the actor K.C. Collins. He first appeared in the premiere episode of the series It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where he acted as Detective Hale, the partner of Dyson, who were in search of Bo, who had killed a human in public which brought her to the attention of the Fae leadership. With Hale's help, Dyson was able to bring both Bo and Kenzi into the world of the Fae.

Through the first two seasons of the series, Hale was Dyson's partner on the police force at the 39th Division but held a secret that he did not reveal for some time. Hale had a title in Fae society of a Baronet of noble blood as he was of Clan Zamora, which was his family's clan name. Hale ignored his political connections for the most part through the series until the Third Season when he was placed into the role of the The Acting Ash upon the death of Lachlan, the previous Ash. He became friends with Kenzi as the series progressed, the two of them seeing themselves as "sidekicks" to Bo and Dyson initially, but over time a strong relationship emerged between them.

Hale believed that Fae should live with humanity as equals, but his family, notably his father Sturgis and his sister Val, did not agree with him. According to Lachlan, Hale had a centuries old obligation to serve The Ash, but since becoming The Ash for a period of time it is unclear if this obligation still exists. Hale's family was one of the noble Fae families and had significant political importance in the Fae community at large. According to the past that Hale has spoken of in the series, there had been friction between himself and his father for many years. Some of this tension might have existed because his Father and sister were Pombero, which were apparently the natural enemy of Sirens. His sister, Val, in the past used her ability to mute sound to rob Hale of his voice during many of their arguments.[2] Hale's mother was a Siren, but died sometime in the past before the series began. His final appearance in the third season finale Those Who Wander during which he lost his position as The Ash, saved Kenzi’s life, and helped Trick to escape from danger. He also made a deal with Vex to remove The Morrigan from her position with the Dark Fae in order to remove her as a threat to Fae peace.

He returned in the Fourth Season, no longer in the position of The Ash, but still working with Trick, Dyson and Kenzi. It was not clear if he had returned to his human role with the police force or not until the episode La Fae Époque when he was seen working in the 39th Division once more. During this season he expressed his feeling for Kenzi at last and the pair became intimate during the season as well, eventually leading to Hale proposing to Kenzi.

Hale's final appearance in the series was in the Fourth Season episode End of a Line. He arranged for Kenzi's mother and cousin to see Kenzi and then be present when he proposed to Kenzi. This did not go well, but eventually Kenzi did take Hale's ring, but did not say yes to Hale's marriage proposal. Before Kenzi could do so, Massimo attacked her and Hale came to Kenzi's rescue. After seemingly killing Massimo, Hale turned his back on him and Massimo then thrust a long blade through Hale's back which was a fatal blow. Hale died in Kenzi's arms soon after, Bo refusing to use Kenzi's Chi to revive Hale as it would have killed Kenzi.

As of the end of the Fourth Season, Hale had died and it was unclear if he would return in some form, or would appear in flashbacks or other means.

Character History

First Season

Hale's history before the time of the series according to him, was a series of arguments with his father and family. However, his mother told him that he could be more than others expected of him and through her support he became involved with the human Police Force, eventually meeting Dyson and becoming his partner for many years.

Hale's first appearance was in the series premiere It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where he was introduced as Dyson's partner in the police force. In this episode, Hale was first seen to use his powers to render Bo and Kenzi unconscious. Little other information was given about him however. The following episode Where There's a Will, There's a Fae revealed that Hale was somewhat adventurous sexually and seemed to admit to Dyson that he had used his powers to have his way with women in the past. Hale encouraged Dyson to see a psychiatrist during Faetal Attraction when he admitted that he was overwhelmed with the Fae, humanity and as well his new relationship with Bo. It is also in this episode that it is confirmed that Hale is a Siren.

During Dead Lucky Hale and Kenzi had their first real talk together over a game of pool, which Hale won because he used his Siren powers to "shark" Kenzi. During this, Hale tells Kenzi she needs to be less of a sidekick, but she turns on him. Later in the episode as the two try to ignore Bo and Dyson having loud sex in another room, a grudging respect starts to form between them. ArachnoFaebia found Hale coming under the influence of a Djieiene, a large spider-like UnderFae, and attempts to kill both Bo and Kenzi but fails to do so. Eventually with the help of Lauren the effects are removed and he returns to normal.

In The Mourning After Hale helped in the search for a coin that Trick needed to pay off a debt. Faetal Justice found Hale trying to clear Dyson's name from the killing of a Dark Fae and gave some insight on his relationship with Dyson and their friendship. The episode also showed his abilities as an investigator of crimes and his ability to deduce conclusions from available information. (Dis)Members Only showed that Hale gambles on occasion, placing a bet with Kenzi with regards to the outcome of Bo and Dyson's relationship. Hale and Kenzi also worked together to gather evidence which gave Hale a good deal of respect for Kenzi's abilities as a thief and she of his own. This cemented their ongoing relationship going forwards in the series. During the First Season finale Blood Lines, Hale was seen organizing the movement of important Fae to safe houses when Aife attacked the Light Fae Elders. During this event, Kenzi also expressed her concerns to Hale about his safety.

Second Season

The Second Season provided a number of reveals about Hale, his past, his family and as well his relationship with Kenzi continued to evolve. In Something Wicked This Fae Comes it was revealed that Hale along with Bo and Kenzi were trying to control the aftermath of Aife's attack on the Light Fae. He was also the source of some information with regards to what had happened in the time since the end of the first season. Hale also confronted Dyson in this episode about his disappearance and getting into trouble for starting fights with humans. Dyson also tells Hale what The Norn did to him and that his love for Bo was gone but Hale provided some hope for Dyson to cling onto. Hale returned to the world of Fae politics in I Fought the Fae (And the Fae Won) when he joined in the contest to choose the new Ash. Hale managed to become one of the final three choices and participated in a Stag Hunt to claim the position, but did not succeed and Lachlan became the new Ash. Hale's real name was revealed to be William Haley François Santiago and he is part of Clan Zamora, of which Hale's father was the leader of. Hale made it very clear during the episode that he disliked Fae politics and would rather not be involved in them. The future however would find him becoming The Ash in the Third Season.

In Mirror, Mirror Hale was caught in the middle when a curse that Kenzi placed on Dyson caused all kinds of problems for them both professionally at the police station and personally for Dyson when women attacked him. BrotherFae of the Wolves found Hale helping to solve the theft of a Mongolian death worm. It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away Hale showed the ability to cure a hangover by using his Siren powers on Kenzi who begs him to marry her, but his answer is that she drinks too much. Hale also covers for Dyson being with Ciara in the episode, lying to Bo about where he was.

During Fae Gone Wild. Hale's detective skills were shown during an investigation of a jail break from the police station. Death Didn't Become Him found Hale and Kenzi having to deal with a teenage Fae who complicated their lives while Hale was in charge of looking after her during a night on the town with Kenzi's help. Although this didn't turn out as well as they had hoped, in the end, everything worked out well for them. Original Skin had Hale swapping bodies with Ciara when a renegade Fae caused problems at the Dal Riata. Raging Fae Hale covered for Bo when the sister of Bo's deceased boyfriend came to town, protecting her when Bo intended to reveal what really happened. Can't See the Fae-Rest had Dyson and Hale are called in to investigate a series of wealthy humans being killed. During this episode he comforts Kenzi when she is interrogated for the murders by another officer.

In Masks Hale helped Kenzi set up a birthday party for Bo and became closer friends with Kenzi through his help. Hale was shocked to learn that Trick was the Blood King when this fact was revealed to him during Barometz. Trick. Pressure., he not being aware of this fact before this point in the series. This would change the relationship he had with Trick going forwards. At the end of this episode, Trick, Hale and Dyson were injured when Trick attempted to see the future and encountered The Garuda instead.

Hale and the others returned in Midnight Lamp the attack overcome where Hale showed that he could recognize any note or series of notes and then reproduce them exactly using his voice. It was clearly stated by Hale that he had perfect pitch as well. As well, when Ciara confronted Dyson about what he lost to The Norn, Hale indicated that he did not know exactly what had happened, but this was a lie as he had been told by Dyson what happened during Something Wicked This Fae Comes. in Table for Fae, Hale put his job on the line for Dyson to have him reinstated to the police force, but Dyson has little gratitude for what Hale did for him. Hale also begins to investigate a case in which backpackers turn up years older than they once were, and die soon afterwards, but at Trick's insistence he turns the case over to Bo instead.

The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire was the first Hale-centric episode of the series in which Hale asked Kenzi to pretend to be his girlfriend in order to impress his father. Hale's background was explored in depth including revealing his father Sturgess and his sister Val. Through the episode, some Fae politics are encountered, Hale's strained relationship with his family is explored, and Hale confronts Val and Dyson when he discovers the two being intimate together. All of this combined with the lack of support from his father, his father's racist attitude towards humans and Fae not of the same standing as himself, brings Hale to the point of turning his back on his family once and for all. His father attempted to make amends, if barely so, but Hale was not impressed by his actions or that of his sister deciding that his own friends were more family than his family were. Hale also reveals that someday he could become the head of his family and as such he wants to set an example of being better in spite of what his father and sister believe in.

Truth and Consequences had Trick asking Hale to help gather information by spying on The Ash to find out what he knew. Hale is then told by The Ash to spy on Trick as well. Hale instead brings Trick and The Ash together and they begin to share information between them against the threat of The Garuda. When Hale does this, he learns that Lachlan is a Naga and the mortal enemy of The Garuda, but he also makes a mistake and reveals to Lachlan that Trick is the Blood King. During Lachlan's Gambit Hale joins with his friends in an attempt to stop The Garuda which fails when their own anger is turned back upon themselves. At one point Hale uses his Siren powers on his friends before they manage to escape, but not before Ciara is killed. Hale attended Ciara's funeral in Into the Dark, came to terms with Dyson over what happened with Val, and managed to accept that Vex was needed to defeat The Garuda grudgingly.

The Second Season finale Flesh and Blood found Hale having to deal with his sister Val joining in the battle with The Garuda against his wishes. During the battle that followed, Kenzi was severely injured and bleeding to death. Lauren was unable to close her wounds and it was Hale who using his voice sealed the wound by cauterizing it. Hale was present when Bo finally defeated The Garuda and in the aftermath was aware that something was wrong with Kenzi but did not reveal that information to his friends.

Third Season

Season Three was a turning point in Hale's arc as he was given the position of The Ash after the death of Lachlan. This was revealed in the first episode Caged Fae when Kenzi confronted him over Bo's mission in Fae prison. Hale also made part of the Dal Riata his home as The Ash and held many meetings there. Hale used Bo's success as a means to show that he was capable of being The Ash as he was acting as The Ash in name only with little support from the Fae Elders. It was not explained how it was that Hale came to be in the position he was in, but it is entirely possible that Trick had much to do with it and as well Hale's role in defeating The Garuda would also have added to his being given the position. At the end of the episode, Hale shut down the prison that Bo investigated.

During SubterrFaenean, Hale revealed that his cover story for leaving the police was that he won the powerball lottery and did not need to work anymore. During this episode it is clear that Hale is isolated from much of what others do in his name, at least one Fae during what they said was in Hale's name but was not. It is also shown that Hale was trying to make amends with lesser Fae in poor conditions as part of trying to show Fae in general that they could be better than they were. It is also in this episode where it is revealed that Hale was part of the plan which had Dyson gain a new partner, Tamsin who was Dark Fae.

ConFaegion brought Hale to odds with The Morrigan when she attempted to kill Bo, Dyson and Tamsin by using Vex to infect them with a parasite. When her plan fails and The Morrigan sees Hale, he warns her not to attempt something similar in the future or he would kill her. This event placed them at odds with each other if not publicly, then privately and eventually positioned The Morrigan to remove Hale as The Ash. Fae-de To Black found Kenzi trying to have Hale understand that she had a problem, but the office of The Ash was overwhelming him and he did not give Kenzi much attention. He did allow her to become his "stylist" however and use the credit card of The Ash. Eventually at the urging of Trick, Hale was forced to isolate himself from Kenzi and focus on being The Ash which resulted in Kenzi being kidnapped though she was saved. During Adventures In Fae-bysitting, Hale explains his absence from the series in that he had been busy being The Ash and preparing for his inauguration. His style, attitude and personality changes dramatically in this episode which drives a wedge between himself and Lauren, pushing her towards Dr. Taft and his insane plans.

Hail, Hale was a turning point in the series and as well a fateful moment in Hale's life. He was forced into holding a vote by The Morrigan on his ability to lead as The Ash and was unable to stop the declaration of all humans associated with The Fae as terrorists. Hale found himself isolated as his friends were unable to help him and could do only one thing. Finding Kenzi still nearby when she should not have been, he revealed how much Kenzi meant to him and managed to give her a measure of protection that had been given to him by his father from harm. In the Third Season finale Those Who Wander, Hale lost his position as The Ash, saved Kenzi’s life, and helped Trick to escape from danger. He also made a deal with Vex to remove The Morrigan from her position with the Dark Fae in order to remove her as a threat to Fae peace.

Fourth Season

Between the Third and Fourth Seasons, according to the webisode Prophecy, Hale had been removed as The Ash and was not in any specific role at that time. He visited Trick upon his return to the Dal Riata and found himself possessed by a Fae divining board through which Trick came to the realization that the Una Mens were coming.

Hale's first appearance in the Fourth Season was in the premiere episode In Memoriam where he suffered from memory loss of Bo which altered his relationship with Dyson, Kenzi and to an extend Trick. Hale seemed to be in a closer relationship with Kenzi but also saw Dyson as a competitor for Kenzi's attentions. He, Kenzi and Dyson tangoed together during the episode as well. Hale was forced to confront Vex when he attempted to stop Kenzi from returning everyone's memories to normal and fought him, eventually winning the fight before their memories were returned. Following the return of his memories, Hale appeared to recall everything lost and his personality returned to normal.

In Sleeping Beauty School, Hale accompanied [Dyson]] as he searched for a means to find Bo who had been taken to another dimension by The Wanderer. After doing so, and with the urging of Dyson, Hale met with Kenzi to express his true feelings for her. However this did not go as planned because of the interference of Tamsin who had been reborn and was a child needing help from Kenzi at that time.

During Of All the Gin Joints, Hale came into contact with Ianka, a childhood friend. The most important point in the episode was when Hale expressed his love for Kenzi and she did the same. However, immediately afterwards, Hale was seen touching his ears and they were bleeding which was caused it seemed by Ianka singing a death note which killed her and her supposed lover who had been lying to her about his goals.

In La Fae Époque, Hale had returned to his former role in the police force, likely as well returning to being Dyson's partner there. However it was not revealed how that return was explained as the reasoning for his departure was that he had won the lottery. Hale also confronted the Una Mens in an attempt to free Dyson who had been imprisoned by them, facing execution for his breaking of Fae law in the distant past. His attempts failed and he responded in anger to them which insulted the Una Mens.This became worse when it was revealed that Kenzi was also there and as a result, Hale was imprisoned as was Kenzi. However Bo freed them and Dyson in the end, all being reunited at the end of this episode.

During Groundhog Fae, Hale was trapped in a time loop with Kenzi with the intention of making their first intimate moment together perfect. They went through multiple loops but eventually were freed from the loop, Hale's attempt at a perfect moment being unfulfilled. However, Kenzi made it clear to Hale that she understood they would never have a perfect moment together and she was alright with that. Soon after the pair had their first intimate moment together during which, according to Kenzi's description to Bo, they did 'everything'.

Hale's final appearance in the series was in End of a Line where he arranged for Kenzi's mother and cousin to see Kenzi and then be present when he proposed to Kenzi. This did not go well, but eventually Kenzi did take Hale's ring, but did not say yes to Hale's marriage proposal. Before Kenzi could do so, Massimo attacked her and Hale came to Kenzi's rescue. After seemingly killing Massimo, Hale turned his back on him and Massimo then thrust a long blade through Hale's back which was a fatal blow. Hale died in Kenzi's arms soon after, Bo refusing to use Kenzi's Chi to revive Hale as it would have killed Kenzi.

Fifth Season

During the Fifth Season episodes Like Hell, Part I and Like Hell, Part II, Kenzi received a message from Hale which suggested that they were to be married in the afterlife. The ceremony was about to begin, Kenzi and Bo approaching what seemed to be Hale waiting for Kenzi at the altar, but the wedding was stopped at the last moment by Frejya. Hale was not actually seen in the episode, though Kenzi insisted to Bo and Dyson that Hale had been there, she had felt that he was happy, and was sure that the message she received was really from him. After Kenzi returned to Earth, Dyson gave Kenzi a deed to Santiago land which Hale had bequeathed Kenzi in his will that was located off the coast of Spain. Kenzi departed soon afterwards to resettle there, seeking to start a new life away from the Fae, but continuing to mourn Hale's death.

In Like Father, Like Daughter, Kenzi returned with Heathcliff Santiago, who was introduced as being Hale's grandfather. It was also revealed during the episode that Kenzi's estate was a castle, and that she spent time with Hale's grandfather telling stories to each other about Hale.

Powers and Abilities

Hale is a Siren and his powers are based on his voice. He can, as was shown in the episode Faetal Attraction use a simple whistle to control others. How this is done seems to be a combination of attraction to the sound he makes and possibly interfering with the ability of the person to think clearly when the sounds he makes overwhelms their senses. It has also been shown that he can duplicate musical notes exactly,[3] cure hangovers,[4] and cauterize a wound.[5] It is unclear what exactly Hale's powers are as a whole, but they are all sound based in some way, shape or form. This includes having perfect pitch and the ability to recognize any note or sound. Besides his Siren abilities, Hale is an expert detective, is highly intelligent, and has experience with Fae politics through his family's position in Fae society.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

First Season

Second Season

Third Season

Fourth Season

Information revealed in the series

  • Hale is Light Fae and a Siren. His mother was a Siren as well and encouraged him to be more than others expected him to be.
  • Hale became a police officer at the encouragement of his mother. who told him he could be more than he was.
  • Hale has perfect pitch and can reproduce any note simply by hearing it and then using his voice to reproduce it.
  • His voice can also be used to cauterize a wound.
  • He is scared of cemeteries.
  • Hale's full name is William Haley François Santiago and he is part of Clan Zamora.
  • Hale dislikes Fae politics and has avoided being involved in them for most of his life.
  • He became The Ash during the Third Season, but how this happened and why was never revealed.
  • Apparently Sirens like Hale have the ability to alter human minds in certain ways including making headaches disappear.
  • Hale is extremely loyal to Dyson no matter what the circumstances are.
  • In Fae nobility, the only Clans that matter are: Zamora, Bukharin and Fin Arvin.
  • Hale's sister Val is a Pombero. In the Lost Girl universe, these Fae can take the voice from another person rending them mute. There is a myth in the real world of the Pombero. It is a mythical humanoid creature of small stature being from Guaraní mythology. The legend, along with other mythological figures from the Guaraní, is an important part of the culture in the region spanning from northeast Argentina northward through the whole of Paraguay and southern Brazil. This creature can imitate the sounds of various forest creatures and is seen as somewhat of a mischievous being. You can find out more about this myth here.
  • Hale's mother was a Siren.
  • Hale's father is terribly disappointed in his son and lets him know that often.
  • Hale's sister also treats him very badly in spite of everything that he has done for her.
  • Hale's father and sister are bigots towards anyone of a lower class than themselves unless they want something from them.
  • Hale has a cousin in Buenos Aires that is a tone deaf Siren.
  • After Lachlan's death, Hale was made Acting Ash.
  • When he became The Ash, Hale left the police force.
  • Hale's reason for leaving the police force was that he won the lottery and did not need to work any longer.
  • As Hale became more involved with Fae politics, he seemed to become more isolated from his friends and saw them more as working for him than friends.
  • Most of this attitude change was due to Trick telling Hale that he needed to "be" The Ash and not everyone's friend. In doing so, Kenzi came to harm that Hale might not have been aware of.
  • Hale refused Lauren's request to leave the Fae for a time which drove her towards William Taft and his insane goals.
  • At Hale's inauguration, The Morrigan turned the tables on him, had him disposed as The Ash and drove chaos into the Fae.
  • Hale managed to save Trick from The Morrigan, sending him away with Stella to Scotland and safety.
  • Hale made a deal with Vex to remove The Morrigan from her position and possibly have Vex take her place.
  • While Hale did not seem to be The Ash at the end of the Third Season, it is possible that he still may retain some power or position being of Clan Zamora.
  • Hale was a childhood friend of Ianka.
  • Hale and Kenzi have finally told each other how they feel about one another.
  • Hale appears to have been injured by Ianka's singing, or by Marcus using his whistle. Whichever the cause, Hale is seen to be bleeding from his ears at the end of the episode.
  • In La Fae Époque, it appeared that the bleeding from Hale's ears had not harmed him or the effects were not visible.
  • In La Fae Époque, Hale has taken his role in the human world of being a police officer again. The background of that return is unknown.
  • Hale confronted the Una Mens about their methods, apparently insulting them and when it was revealed that Kenzi was there as well, he was imprisoned by them. However both he and Kenzi were released when Bo gave the Una Mens one of the Helskór they were seeking in trade for them.
  • During Groundhog Fae, Hale was intimate with Kenzi.
  • Hale felt that he needed Kenzi's mother's blessing to ask for Kenzi's hand in marriage and that is why he contacted her.
  • Hale proposed to Kenzi in front of Kenzi's mother and cousin, but then her cousin ruined the moment and she did not accept Hale's marriage proposal at that moment.
  • Kenzi accepted Hale's engagement ring, but never actually said yes to marrying him, though it was a certainty.
  • After attacking Massimo, Hale's ears began to bleed again.
  • Massimo was protected from harm by the Twig of Zamora which Kenzi traded to him in part payment for the powers he gave her. The Twig saved Massimo from dying when he jumped into the furnace when Bo confronted him and it also saved him from Hale's attack as well.
  • Massimo killed Hale with a sword strike that went through Hale's back and exited the centre of his chest.
  • Hale died in Kenzi's arms.
  • Kenzi offered her life to Bo in order for Hale to live.
  • Bo could not save Hale because doing so would kill Kenzi and Bo could not bring herself to do so. Bo told Kenzi that she would always choose Kenzi over all else.
  • Being unable to save Hale devastated Bo and she was grieving with Kenzi as Hale died.
  • After Hale's death, the Twig of Zamora began to turn into dust as its power was connected to Hale's life as the last heir to the Zamora clan.
  • It was revealed in the Fifth Season episode Like Hell, Part II that Hale had bequeathed property in Spain to Kenzi as part of his will, Dyson delivering the deed to Kenzi. The property was described as some Santiago land off the coast of Spain, meaning likely an island of some sort, but this was unclear.
  • Kenzi referred to Hale's handwriting as "chicken scratching".
  • Heathcliff Santiago is Hale's grandfather
  • Kenzi's estate is described as a castle of some kind.


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