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Flesh for the Beast (2003 Film)

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Flesh for the Beast
Flesh for the Beast DVD Box Cover
Flesh for the Beast DVD Box Cover
Directed by Carl Morano
Terry M. West
John Carchietta
Produced by Carl Morano
Written by Terry West
Starring Jane Scarlett
Sergio Jones
Clark Beasley Jr.
Jim Coope
David Runco
Aaron Clayton
Michael Sinterniklaas
Caroline Hoermann
Ruby Larocca
Barbara Joyce
Music by Buckethead
Cinematography Richard Siegel
Editing by Andrew Sterling
Studio Fever Dream Productions
Media Blasters
Distributed by IndieFlix
Shriek Show
Release date(s) September 27, 2003
Running time 89 Minutes
Country USA
Language English

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

For the Manga Comic Book based on this movie, see Flesh For The Beast

Flesh for the Beast is a 2003 American horror movie. This horror movie from writer/director Terry West begins as the mysterious Alfred Fischer, a rich man obsessed with the occult, performs an arcane ritual and succeeds at conjuring a bevy of beautiful but deadly demons. These she-devils' beauty is exceeded only by their thirst for human blood, which Fischer tends to until his death. It isn't until almost 100 years later when a team of parapsychologists decide to explore the mansion that Fischer's evil bordello is discovered. Finding themselves besieged by zombies and sexy demons, the parapsychologists must now fight their way out of Fischer's cavernous estate and destroy the evil that lurks within.


  • Title: Flesh for the Beast
  • Release Date: September 27, 2003
  • MPAA Rating: R - Sexual Content, Violence, and Language
  • Runtime: 89 minutes
  • Director: Terry West
  • Writers: Terry West
  • Studio: Fever Dreams, Media Blasters
  • Genre: Horror, Adult
  • Tagline: Open the Gate. Step In. Lose Your Mind.


Jane Scarlett Erin Cooper
Sergio Jones John Stoker
Clark Beasley Jr. Ted Sturgeon
Jim Coope Jack Ketchum (as Jim Coop)
David Runco Joseph Monks (as Victor Flynn)
Aaron Clayton Douglas Clegg
Michael Sinterniklaas Martin Shelly
Caroline Hoermann Pauline (Succubus)
Ruby Larocca Cassandra (as Ruby LaRocca) (Succubus)
Barbara Joyce Irene (Succubus)
Kevin G. Shinnick Jimmy / Zombie
Keith Leopard Zombie #1
Kelly Troy Howard Zombie #2
Zoe Moonshine Zombie #3
Michael Roszhart Zombie #4
Jonathan Lees Zombie #5
Isadora Edison Shower Silhouette
Caroline Munro Carla the Gypsy
Aldo Sambrell Alfred Fischer (as Aldo Sanbrell)

Plot Summary

Turn-of-the-century occultist Alfred Fischer acquires a mystical medallion and conjures up a trio of ravenous demons from the depths of hell. Taking the form of beautiful women, the succubus beasts demand a steady diet of fresh human prey that only a mortal human servant can provide. Almost a century after Fischer meets his mysterious demise, a crack team of six parapsychologists investigate the manor.

A team of parapsychologists is invited by John Stoker to research the evil Fischer Manor, an ancient brothel where the owner Alfred Fischer was a gigolo that practiced black witchcraft. While investigating, the men are attacked by flesh-eater succubus and the psychic Erin Cooper seeks a powerful amulet for John Stoker. When they meet the trio of succubus, John finds a lethal secret.

Critical Review

Review taken from the IMDb link in the External Links below:

  • Into the bowels of Hell
  • Reviewed On: 19 August 2008
  • Reviewed By: lastliberal

Gore Hounds will love this movie. There is more gore in the first two minutes than almost all of the "video nasties" I have seen to date.

A group moves into the house to search for evidence of paranormal activity - or maybe something more. It does get funny at times when four zombies, including scream queen Zoe Moonshine, appear when one of the ghost hunters is stealing some jewelry. But, it was Ketchum (Jim Coope) who got to meet the first succubi - in the flesh - and enjoy some hot sex before he was dispatched rather gruesomely.

Oh, what a fantasy! The young girl with her toys is met by another member. Unfortunately, he must have ate something wrong for dinner as he manages to vomit his entire insides. Didn't Fulci do that in some movie? The real reason this group has been hired is becoming apparent, and it all is in the hands, or visions, of Erin (Jennifer Litsch). It is in one of those visions that scream queen Caroline Munro appears.

We do get to see Litsch in full bloom as one of the succubi takes her form to dispatch quick draw Monks (David Runco). Then all the succubi (Caroline Hoermann, Ruby Larocca, and Barbara Joyce) dance around and chow down. Yum.

There is plenty here for those who love FX, blood and gore and lots of full frontal. A great ending to a story that puts writer/director West in the giallo camp for sure.

Comic Book

There was a comic book released based on this movie's premise. Flesh For The Beast is drawn in a manga style by various artists and you can find further information on this work here in the SuccuWiki.

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