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Flesh and Blood

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"Flesh and Blood"
Lost Girl episode
The Garuda possesses Trick
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 22
Overall Episode 35
Directed by Steve DiMarco
Written by Alan McCullough
Produced by Wanda Chaffey
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by David Greene
Editing by Mike Lee
Production Code 222
Original Air Date April 1, 2012 (2012-04-01)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Paul Amos - Vex
Raoul Trujillo - The Garuda
Erica Luttrell - Val
Alisen Down - Isabeau
Martin Julien - Alastor

Episode Chronology
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"Lost Girl Finale Pre-Show‎"
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"Lost Girl ConFAEdential"

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Bo must bring the Light and Dark Fae together in the final battle with The Garuda while Trick suffers in its hands.

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Flesh and Blood was the twenty-second episode of the second season of the series, and the thirty-fifth overall episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It was also the season finale for the second season of the series. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on April 1st, 2012 at 9 PM Eastern time.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 2
  • Episode Number: 22 (35th Overall)
  • Episode Title: Flesh and Blood
  • Directed by: Steve DiMarco
  • Writing credits: Alan McCullough
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: April 1st, 2012 on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 1.45 million[1]


A promotional image of the Season Two cast of Lost Girl from the official website at lostgirlseries.com From left to right: Richard Howland as Trick, K.C. Collins as Detective Hale, Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson, Anna Silk as Bo, Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, and Zoie Palmer as Lauren

Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Ksenia Solo Kenzi
Richard Howland Trick
K.C. Collins Detective Hale
Zoie Palmer Lauren
Paul Amos Vex
Raoul Trujillo The Garuda
Erica Luttrell Val
Alisen Down Isabeau
Martin Julien Alastor

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
Turkey Pulse Courtesy of APM Music
Serpents Sharon Van Etten Written by Sharon Van Etten, Aaron Desner


Short Summary

Bo meets with Trick and he tells her of his concerns about her plan. He gives her a vial of life essence to protect herself that was given to him by Bo's grandmother, to be used in the event she feels herself slipping towards the dark side. A dark force enters and transports Trick away, Bo unable to stop it. Trick is taken to The Garuda and is shown his past which reveals that Trick was losing the war between the Fae and that Trick's wife went to try and broker a peace between Trick and the attacking armies. However, she was killed by a traitor in Trick's midst who sent an order in his name to have her and the opposing leader killed. This turned both the Light and Dark Fae against him and to save his life, Trick wrote the Fae Laws. Lauren gives Bo the remaining venom she has saved, enough for one dose only, and tells Bo that she is what they need, a leader, and Bo takes that to heart in her plan against The Garuda. Bo tells her friends that her solution to The Garuda's power is for her to enslave her friends with her blood in order to remove all strife between them. Lauren injects Bo's blood into everyone, but Vex manages to avoid being injected by diverting everyone's attention. Bo tells Kenzi that if anything goes wrong, she must release her hold on the others, even if that means killing her and Kenzi promises that she will do so if need be. Kenzi attempts to decipher Trick's notes and eventually figures out the location of The Garuda, and Hale's sister Val arrives to join the group in their fight. They confront The Garuda, who is holding Trick in an insane asylum. The group splits up to search for Trick and in the course of doing so, Vex is injured which causes both he and Lauren to be left behind as the others continue. Kenzi is severely injured in another confrontation, Hale and Val unable to stop it from happening and taking the three of them out of the fight as well. Dyson and Bo arrive as Trick is about to rewrite the Laws under the sway of The Garuda's powers. Dyson attacks but is severely injured. Bo then confronts it and the two battle. Vex's trickery is revealed and he is injected which adds to Bo's powers. Hale manages to use his powers to stop Kenzi bleeding to death. Kenzi demands to be taken to Bo and the others go to join her. The Garuda then enters Trick's body and attempts to use his body to rewrite the laws, but Vex delays this using his powers. Bo uses the venom on Trick's body and kills The Garuda, but in doing so, also kills Trick. Bo begins to slip away into darkness and insanity, but she gives the life essence to Trick which saves him instead of herself. She then continues to turn dark, but Kenzi performs the ceremony to unbind everyone from Bo and stops it from continuing. In the aftermath, something is effecting Kenzi causing her arm to glow with power, Trick is unsure of himself, Lauren is considering leaving since there is no Ash thanks to a comment by Dyson, and Bo seems to still be under the effects of the dark that is growing within her.

Detailed Summary

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) watching Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) taking inventory of a collection of weapons, and a lucky stuffed teddy bear named Ziggy that Kenzi owns. Bo watches this but seems despondent and eventually tells Kenzi that they have all kinds of weapons, but none of them will work against The Garuda. Bo also tells Kenzi that she isn't sure that Lauren can save Lachlan's venom, and even if she does, Bo has no idea how she will be able to get close enough to use it on The Garuda. Kenzi tells Bo that she wants to help her, but she has no idea how to do that. The pair are silent for a moment and then Kenzi strikes Bo across the cheek, a surprised look on her face. A moment later and Bo strikes Kenzi back, Kenzi then crying out in pain. Bo turns away from Kenzi and calls out Vex's name. Vex (Paul Amos) appears from behind Bo's sofa and asks if he is disturbing them, then tells the pair it is the other way around. Bo asks what his problem is, and Vex tells Bo that the problem is that he isn't able to get a decent night's sleep for all of the whining that Bo and Kenzi are going on about. When Vex mentions that the whining is enough to make him want to cut his own ears off, Kenzi takes a knife and moves towards Vex. Vex takes control of Kenzi's body, turns her around, and then makes her stab the teddy bear with the knife she is holding. Bo suggests that Vex might sleep better back in The Morrigan's prison and Vex gives in telling Bo that: "it's your party and you can whine if you want to. I'll be here trying not to think about what's left behind on a Succubus' couch." Bo's cell phone rings and she finds that Trick is calling, asking her to meet him at the Dal Riata as he wants to talk to her as soon as possible. Bo agrees and leave to meet with Trick, but before he hangs up, Trick asks Bo to bring the cane sword he gave her for her birthday in the episode Masks as well.

Bo arrives in Trick's home at the Dal Riata, and sees Trick with maps, drawings and other pieces of information on their enemy throughout the room. Trick explains that some of the items are dispatches that reveal The Garuda has resurfaced in the city and is attacking, or making Fae attack Fae. Bo comments: "Let me guess. A trail of dead and a lingering smell of burnt chicken?" Trick tells Bo that he is getting close to pinpointing the location of their enemy, and that is why he calls Bo to this meeting. Trick tells Bo that he is concerned about her plan, that the extra power she is going to add to herself will be dangerous, that she could lose herself to the darkness that is within herself. Bo tells Trick that it is a risk she is willing to take if it means a chance for them to win the coming battle. Trick then asks for the cane sword and tells Bo that it once belonged to Isabeau, Trick's long dead wife. Bo smiles and is happy that she inherited her Grandmother's name. Trick tells Bo that she received much more than a name alone. Trick then unscrews the handle of the sword to reveal a small vial of liquid hidden within. Trick explains that what it contains is Isabeau's life essence. Trick explains that the liquid can cure illness, neutralize poison and "can stave off the darkness from within." Trick explains that it has amazing healing powers and is the source of Bo's own healing abilities. Trick tells Bo that he had hid the vial for a long time, waiting for the right moment to use it, and he believes that now is the right time for its powers to be revealed. Bo asks Trick for a promise that if they survive the coming battle, he will tell her all about her Grandmother, and Trick agrees after telling Bo to keep the vial safe. Trick tells Bo that if she feels the darkness overcoming her, she should drink it and it will restore her "to the Bo we love." Bo embraces Trick and tells him that she doesn't know what she would do without him and Trick answers "me too." A noise from upstairs in the bar gains their attention and they go to see what it was. The pair move through the bar for a few moments, seeing nothing but then a mass of black smoke, previously seen at the end of the last episode moves to attack Bo. She slices through it with her sword, stunning it for a moment, but then it moves over to Trick, surrounds him, and then both the black smoke and Trick vanish into thin air, Bo unable to stop this from happening.

Returning from the opening credits, Kenzi and Hale (K.C. Collins) have arrived at the bar. Hale tells Bo that he thinks the creatures that took Trick were UnderFae called Rabisu, creatures that hide in the shadows. Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) arrives and reports that there is nothing at the place where they battled The Garuda previously. Bo then turns to Kenzi and tells her that in Trick's home there are stacks of maps and papers which if she can figure them out, might tell them were Trick has been taken to. Kenzi tells Bo that she: "Got a D in geography babe" but Bo insists and Kenzi goes to see what she can figure out with Hale's help. Vex then asks what is so important about Trick other than he lets them drink for free as he opens a bottle and begins to drink from it. Bo bluntly tells Vex: "Trick is the architect of the peace" which makes him spit out the liquor he had been drinking in disbelief. He laughs: "You are trying to tell me that Imp is the Blood King?" Seeing the completely serious looks on Bo and Dyson, Vex re-closes the bottle, places it gently on the bar and then says: "I never touched this" followed by: "Blimey... We really are buggered." Bo then tells Dyson she is going to talk to Lauren and will return. As she leaves Vex is in shock and says nothing as he looks at Dyson.

Kenzi in the meantime is looking through Trick's notes, commenting that they are a cross between hieroglyphics and a doctor's prescription pad. She gathers herself together and makes a plan to look for patterns in the symbols, assuming that it is a code of some kind and she should be able to break it. Hale asks if this is the best way to do it and Kenzi tells him that she created her own code to pass cheat notes in school and she will break this code given time.

Bo arrives in Lauren's (Zoie Palmer) laboratory, where she receives all of the venom from Lachlan that Lauren was able to save, but it consists of one single dose and nothing more. Bo is disheartened and apologizes to Lauren for this, but Lauren tells Bo to make her a promise that she will make The Garuda suffer for what it did to Nadia. Bo answers that her grandfather is being held and asks if she knows how powerful Trick is. Lauren's answer is that Trick is almost as powerful as Bo which shocks Bo. Lauren explains that Bo has faith in herself in her heart. Bo tells Lauren that she isn't worried about her heart because she: "loves you... all... so much." Lauren then tells Bo that what they need is a leader as she touches Bo's cheek softly.

Meanwhile at the Dal Riata, Kenzi walks into the bar and Hale asks how things are going. Kenzi moans that things are fine and asks if Hale knows any Siren tricks for a sore neck. Hale tells her that he doesn't but then gives her a neck massage which gives Kenzi some relief. Vex watches this for a moment and then asks: "Oh go and merge naughty bits will you already? Am I the only one seeing this?" Both Hale and Kenzi just look at him for a long moment and then Bo enters the room, telling them that she wants to talk to them about her plan. Bo explains that they lost the last battle with The Garuda because they were manipulated into fighting with each other. Her solution to overcoming this problem is to inject all of them with her blood, thus making them all single-minded in their support of her. Hale is confused and asks Bo if she wants to enslave all of them, but Bo tells him that by using her blood she can unite them in one common goal, eliminate individual conflicts and doubts, and that she sees it as their only hope. Vex is against this idea saying that he doesn't know where Bo has been. Dyson tells Vex that he isn't happy about it either, and when Dyson is called a dog, the two begin to fight. Bo stops them and points to what just happened as the reason why her plan is the only means to get close enough to use Lachlan's venom.

Elsewhere, Trick is delivered into the custody of The Garuda. Trick tells him that he will not rewrite the laws no matter what is done to him and The Garuda replies that he isn't planning to force Trick into doing anything because Trick will do so freely. The Garuda then casts a vision around himself and Trick which seems to transport them both elsewhere. Trick is shocked to realize that he knows where he is, the place being his castle at Edenderry, which The Garuda describes as being where Trick made his last stand during the Great Fae War. Trick then watches as his history begins to be played out again in front of his eyes, his past self appearing and acting as he did in the past, a reminder of what he did and what happened.

Returning from commercial. Trick asks what is the point of what he is seeing and is told that his claim of using his blood in the best interests of the Fae is a lie and The Garuda will prove that to him. If Trick is so sure he acted nobly, then there is no harm in seeing what he did in the past. Trick watches as his past self is advised by Alastor (Martin Julien) that the war is going badly for him, that the armies of his opponent, the Lady Almaith have defeats his army at Roscrea. Trick is enraged by this, but Alastor tells him that their armies are gathering at Port Laoise to attack once more. Trick agrees to this plan and sends Alastor on his way. Trick comments that Alastor was his war chancellor in the past and also was a spy against him as well. Trick also reveals that Alastor was banished to the underworld as a result of his actions, and Trick curses himself for being blind to what Alastor had been doing. The Garuda tells Trick that the true blindness is still to be revealed.

Bo checks on Kenzi who is still working at Trick's note trying to decipher them. Bo asks to talk to Kenzi about something important and Kenzi stops working to listen to her. Bo tells Kenzi that Lauren is injecting the others with her blood to which Kenzi brushes it off as being good. Bo continues to tell Kenzi that Trick told her that binding so many people to her will might cause Bo to change and turn like her mother did. Kenzi brushes this off as well, but Bo demands that she listen to her. When Kenzi does so, Bo tells her that if Kenzi sees her changing that she must so whatever is necessary to unbind the others. Kenzi again brushes this off saying that Trick told her how to do so and it won't be a problem. Bo becomes very serious and tells Kenzi that if that plan does not work, Kenzi must do whatever has to be done to stop her. Kenzi tries to brush this off as well, but Bo tells her that if she has to, Kenzi must kill her. Kenzi laughs at this in disbelief and turns away from Bo, but Bo's look stops her and she realizes that Bo is completely serious about this. Bo tells Kenzi that they both know what could happen if she went too far and Bo does not want to live like that. Kenzi tells Bo that it will not happen, but Bo demands to know what if it does happen. Kenzi asks Bo not to ask her to, but Bo tells Kenzi that she is the only one she trusts to back her up. She tells Kenzi she is her best friend and asks Kenzi to promise her that she will do as Bo asks. Kenzi is torn and does not want to agree, but finally in a whisper promises Bo that she will do as Bo asks.

Up in the bar, Lauren prepares to inject Dyson with Bo's blood, and Dyson is told that he will have strong feelings for Bo, including protecting her at all costs. Lauren asks if that will be a problem for him, and Dyson replies that it will not be. Lauren injects Dyson with Bo's blood and then welcomes him to "Team Bo.. again." Then Lauren turns to Vex and comments that he is the last one in line. Vex is obviously uneasy about the idea, but sits beside Lauren and rolls up her sleeve. Bo then enters the room and asks Lauren how things are going. After Lauren tells Bo that everything is fine, Vex knocks over a tray of needles and blood samples which diverts Lauren's attention. As she leans down to collect them, Vex grabs a syringe, pretends to thrust it into his arm and then throws the syringe away, shattering it on the floor some distance away before walking off angrily, everyone assuming that he did inject Bo's blood into himself.

The Trick of the past greets his wife Isabeau (Alisen Down) as the present Trick watches in obvious pain and loss. Isabeau tries to comfort Trick in his loss at Roscrea and Trick tells her that the war will be the death of him before turning away. Trick suggests ending the war by using his blood, but she tells him that is not an option for doing so would have unforetold consequences. She then gives Trick another option to consider. She tells Trick that she has communicated with the leader of the Dark Fae army Horvis who has a history with their family and believes she can have him arrive and broker a peace between the warring factions. Trick forbids this happening with some anger as Trick believes that Horvis cannot be trusted. The Garuda looks at Trick and comments: "But she went anyway didn't she?" Trick is crying as he admits that Isabeau went against his wishes anyway.

Bo is at home, strapping on her knife when there is a knock at her door. She opens it to find Dyson standing there, when he enters Dyson tells Bo that the wants her to sleep with him so that she can be stronger for the coming battle. Bo refuses telling him that she will not take advantage of him while he is under her sway. She tells him that it will confuse things, but Dyson claims that his mind is clearer than it has been in a long time. Kenzi then bursts in and tells them both that she has cracked Trick's codes and she knows where Trick and The Garuda are.

After another commercial, Bo and the others are looking at a map and Kenzi tells them that The Garuda is using an old asylum for the criminally insane as a base. Bo shows the others a point on the map and believes that Trick is being held at that spot. Vex comments that it is a death trap. Dyson replies that if The Garuda wins, Vex will be lucky to die early. Bo explains that they will split up into teams and then try to get as close to The Garuda as they can before the alarm is raised. Vex asks if they seriously think they can take over the entire place with the six of them alone. Then Val (Erica Luttrell), Hale's sister appears and tells Vex the team is seven. Kenzi looks at Hale and asks: "Baba Yaga wasn't available?" Val places a bag of weapons on the table and tells the group that they are from the Santiago family vault and they have served their family well in times past. Bo thanks her and then Hale takes Val aside to ask her what she is doing there. As Hale gets more upset with her, Val finally takes Hale's voice form him, which leaves Hale trying to talk, but only looking at Val with anger in his eyes. Eventually he calms down and Val gives Hale his voice back. She tells Hale that she can be very useful in the fight to come, Hale asking if she means about her power to remove voices, but Val reminds him that she is very good with a sword, being a three time finalist at the Light Fae Invitational. Hale relents and then takes Val to Lauren to be injected with Bo's blood. Bo then addresses the team and thanks them all for agreeing to fight at her side and they might not make it out alive. Vex mumbles: "and this is supposed to be motivating?" Bo continues to tell them that she knows it is dangerous, but they have no choice but to fight and win. Dyson tells Bo that they are all behind her and then Hale shouts: "Bo's the best!" Everyone looks at him and he sheepishly says: "The blood seems to be working..." Bo smiles: "Let's go kick some eagle ass."

The next scene has the team in a corridor of the asylum, the building run down and obviously abandoned for some time. As they walk the corridors Vex becomes more and more agitated, taunting Dyson and others with their oncoming doom. Bo tells them all to focus and the splits the group up. Dyson with Vex, Hale with Val, Bo with Kenzi and Lauren. Vex continues to taunt Dyson as the move further into the building, Dyson becoming more and more frustrated with him as time passes. Bo, Kenzi and Lauren pass through several hallways, Bo commenting that she isn't surprised that The Garuda picked this place as the pain, anger and hurt is a "Garuda Buffet." Lauren asks Bo how she is feeling, the answer is that she feels fine and also tells Lauren to stop asking every five minutes. Lauren tells Bo that she has to, but Bo says she doesn't feel any different than she normally does and it doesn't make any sense to her. Then one of The Garuda's henchmen attacks the women. Bo goes to confront him and uses her power to take some of his Chi. When another attacker comes from behind her, Bo throws the first attacker into the sword of the second before thrusting her sword through the body of the second. Lauren is frozen in fear as a third attacker runs up from behind her, sword drawn to attack. Just before he can however, Kenzi uses a crossbow pistol she is carrying that Val provided to shoot an arrow through the attacker's neck. Kenzi is shocked that she took a life and Lauren manages a shaky "Thanks."

Dyson and Vex are confronted by another group of henchmen elsewhere. Vex takes out one by making another stab him, Dyson throws two others against a wall, knocking them out, and Vex then kills the third by cutting their throat with a knife. He taunts Dyson again, but then Vex is attacked from behind by another henchman, his arm being broken before Dyson can remove the threat. Dyson helps Vex to his feet, Vex screaming in pain, and the two move on before more attackers arrive.

Bo leads Kenzi and Lauren down a hallway and hears something ahead. A moment later and Dyson appears from a side hallway surprising Bo. He tells the three women that they ran into some trouble and leads them to Vex who is in obvious pain. Lauren examines Vex and declares that he has several broken bones in his arm. She also tells Bo that Vex could go into shock and she will stay with him. Bo refuses to leave Lauren behind, but Lauren insists telling Bo that Trick is still in danger and she must save him. Bo shares a long passionate kiss with Lauren and then leaves with Dyson, Kenzi remaining with Lauren and Vex.

Isabeau prepares to leave on her mission to save her husband, Alastor with her asking her not to go. She tells Alastor that she is losing Trick to the war and: "the man I love is becoming a man I fear." Present-day Trick is shocked by her words and cannot believe that Isabeau feared him. The Garuda tells Trick that everyone by the end of the war feared him. Isabeau commands Alastor to tell Trick nothing of her plans and then leaves on her mission. Trick is close to tears as he whispers how brave his wife was. Trick refuses to see any more, but The Garuda directs Trick to watch Alastor as he writes on some parchment and then seals it with the mark of the Blood King before leaving the room with it. Trick demands to know what was in the dispatch and The Garuda is surprised that Trick isn't aware of what they are.

Kenzi has teamed up with Val and the pair are in the middle of searching for The Garuda when they fine Hale. Trick asks if everything is okay and Kenzi tells him: "It's better than Call of Duty 3!" which make Hale laugh. But in the next moment, one of the henchmen that had fought the group before attacks Kenzi with a sword, cutting into her waist and wounding her severely. Val knocks the henchman out, but too late and Hale is in a panic as Kenzi falls to the floor. Kenzi asks Hale if it is bad, which it is, but Hale cannot bring himself to answer. Hale looks at Val, but she says nothing as Kenzi begins to convulse on the floor from the loss of blood and injuries she has suffered.

Back from yet another commercial, the Trick of the past is pacing as The Garuda asks the current day Trick if he knows how his wife died. Trick answers that she was killed by Lady Almaith's men after Horvus was assassinated. The Garuda reveals to Trick that his wife was killed through his false sealed ordered that Alastor created. The Garuda taunts Trick with the thought of what his wife must have thought and felt knowing that he had betrayed her. Trick then hears Isabeau's voice screaming as she dies, Trick calling out her name. The Garuda calls this a "watershed" moment in the war and the past Trick opens his writing devices to use his blood to write the Fae Laws. Trick is told that because of what was seen as his actions, the Light and Dark Fae turned against him and in order to "save your own hide" Trick wrote the laws. Trick tries to justify his actions saying that Horvous would have been responsible for centuries of conflict, but The Garuda tells Trick that the Light and Dark were united and he destroyed that unity for his own gains. Trick breaks down and cries out that he didn't know, The Garuda pushes him further telling him that he can rewrite the Laws again, reset reality, and make things "right." The pair then return to the asylum, The Garuda giving Trick his writing instruments as Trick sits stunned at a desk. The Garuda gives Trick a blade and tells Trick to fix things before it is too late in the name of Isabeau and Bo.

Elsewhere, Lauren is trying to break into a room where she hopes to find some equipment to help Vex. She asks him how he is and Vex answers sarcastically: "Oh peachy, yeah... Lying down has relieved the pain in my shattered arm completely." Val arrives with Hale carrying Kenzi, who is slowly bleeding to death. Lauren tells them that she needs to get into the room and Val uses her swords on the lock opening it allowing them all to enter.

The Garuda continues to push Trick to do his bidding until Trick gives in and moves to cut his hand and begin to write in his blood. As he is about to cut himself, Bo and Dyson arrive, Bo calling out to Trick to stop. The Garuda growls and demands that Trick continue, but he hesitates as Dyson tells Trick that The Garuda is telling him lies and influencing him. Trick answers that he doesn't know what is the truth anymore. Bo talks to Trick telling him that he knows what is the right thing to do. Trick seems to consider for a moment and then says: "I made a mistake then, but I won't make another one now." The Garuda then roars in anger before he moves towards Bo and Dyson. Bo tells him: "Buddy, you need to stop talking about yourself in the third person" and then attacks with her sword. The Garuda then makes its firebird form appear and throws both Bo and Dyson to the floor. The Garuda tells Bo that she cannot stop him without Lachlan's venom before turning back to Trick and beginning to alter his perceptions again. Dyson tells Bo that the Wolf Spirit told him that The Garuda would be most vulnerable when he thought he already won. Bo begs Dyson not to attack, but he does so, striking The Garuda repeatedly across the face, but to no effect. The Garuda then takes hold of Dyson by his throat and starts to choke him before throwing him across the room and knocking him unconscious. The Garuda then approaches Bo and tells her that she cannot harm him, only fools have sacrificed themselves for her and that she is no champion, more than she is: "just a girl too scared to pick a team." The Garuda then produces his sword of fire, tells Bo that he will have her join her friends in the "team of death" before attacking Bo.

Back from still another commercial, Lauren, Hale, Val and Vex are in a room with Kenzi who is bleeding to death. Val tells them that a group of berserkers is closing in on them and they must leave. Lauren tells them they cannot leave and Hale, holding Kenzi's hand, refuses to leave as well.

Bo and The Garuda continue to battle, The Garuda slowly gaining the upper hand as the fight goes on. Bo falls to her knees at one point and her eyes turn completely black for an instant. Vex turns on the others with him and tells them they should leave Bo to her fate as all of what has happened is her fault. Hale grabs Vex and asks how he could say what he did and then Lauren realizes that Vex should not have been able to say it, if he had injected himself with Bo's blood. Lauren then demands Vex allow her to inject him. When Vex refuses, Lauren tells him that: "I'm going to shove your arm so far down your throat that you will be mesmerizing your bowl movements." Vex then relents and Lauren injects him with Bo's blood. Vex then looks at his hand as he says: "Now that's power..." Val then clutches her stomach and starts to sway as if she is going to faint.

Bo at that moment feels the effects of Vex being added to her enslavement and her eyes turn from black to a bright glowing green colour, her hair starting to move as if a wind is blowing it around. The Garuda tells Bo that she is clever in removing the turmoil that he feeds on, but tells Bo it will not help her. Bo then begins to fight back, forcing the The Garuda back on his heels as Bo's strength has increased dramatically.

Lauren, Hale, Vex and Val are still with Kenzi. Hale tells Kenzi to fight for her life. Kenzi just manages to say to Hale: "Your voice." Lauren has an idea and asks Hale if he can use his voice to cause Kenzi's wound to cauterize. Hale tells Lauren that he doesn't think that what she is suggesting is a good idea, but Lauren tells Hale there is no other choice. Hale looks towards Val and she nods, not saying a word. Lauren removes the bandages she had been holding over Kenzi's wound and Hale uses his voice to seal Kenzi's wound, stopping the bleeding.

Bo and The Garuda continue to battle, the pair seemingly at a stalemate. The Garuda tells Bo that he has starved for too long and then turning to Trick, tells him that the visions Trick has seen have made him weak enough that he can enter Trick's body, just like he did with Nadia. The Garuda then turns into a pillar of flame which then enters Trick's body as Bo screams.

Hale completes healing Kenzi's wound, collapsing to the floor beside Kenzi as he does so. Lauren asks Kenzi if she is okay, and Kenzi asks what happened and if: "I got Ruffied again?" Hale laughs and tells Kenzi that she is going to be fine. Kenzi thanks Hale for saving her life, but then Vex interrupts them saying that they have to leave. Kenzi then tells them all that she must get to Bo. When Lauren attempts to change Kenzi's mind, Kenzi tells her: "It's important. I promised." Lauren relents and they all leave to find Bo.

Bo approaches Trick and is greeted by The Garuda who now controls Trick's body. Bo drops her sword in shock as The Garuda tells Bo that Trick had strong feelings for her. Dyson comes to as the others enter the room, Dyson asking where The Garuda has vanished to. Bo tells them all that The Garuda is inside Trick, Vex telling Bo to stab Trick, but Lauren tells Vex that doing so will only kill Trick and not The Garuda. The Garuda tells them all that Lauren is correct and then takes hold of the blade to cut into Trick's hand, release his blood, and write new laws. Vex then uses his power to stop Trick's body from moving, but The Garuda fights against Vex drawing the blade slowly closer to cutting Trick. Bo then asks Lauren about what she discovered when Nadia was possessed by The Garuda. Bo guesses that using the venom now might kill The Garuda, but Lauren tells Bo that it may also kill Trick as well. Bo's answer is that the Nain Rouge's prophecy showed her killing Trick, and that is what she must do. Bo then draws out the injector with Lachlan's venom and thrusts it into Trick's neck. The Garuda screams at Bo what she is doing, Bo's answer is: "A gift from Lachlan. Left over Naga venom." Trick then begins to convulse and stumbles around before taking hold of Bo and in a moment very similar to the Nain Rouge's vision asks Bo: "What have you done?" Trick then falls to the floor, The Garuda leaving his body and swirling in a mass of flame before the venom takes its life.

After The Garuda is gone, Bo rushes over to Trick and begs Trick to return to her as she holds him. Lauren then checks Trick's vital signs and just shakes her head and tells Bo that she is so sorry. Hale cries out no as Bo weeps for the loss of her Grandfather. Bo then cries out that she should have killed The Garuda sooner. As she does so, her eyes begin to glow bright green again as her expression changes to one of anger and insanity. Kenzi takes hold of Bo and tells her that she is losing control and she: "needs to take your meds." Bo opens the vial and looks at it for one long moment before pouring the life essence into Trick's mouth. Lauren tries to stop her, but Bo's eyes return to normal for an instant and she tells Lauren that she knows what she is doing. Bo holds Trick and sobs over and over again: "Work... Please work..." Nothing happens for a few moments and then Trick takes an long deep gasp of air and returns to life once more. Dyson and Hale embrace in joy at this while Bo, Lauren and Kenzi stare at Trick in shock. Trick asks about The Garuda and Bo just manages to tell Trick that The Garuda is dead before the darkness within her starts to take hold once more. Trick asks Bo what she has done, and Bo's answer is that she couldn't lose him. Trick calls out to Kenzi to unbind Bo from the others immediately and Kenzi grabs one of Hale's hands as she draws a knife to use on him to perform the unbinding ceremony. Bo loses herself into the madness of her darkness, her hair moving without a breeze and her eyes glowing the brightest green they ever have as she proclaims to everyone that: "My strength is unmatched. I will reign as Queen. And you all will tremble before my power." Trick yells for Kenzi to unbind Bo before the darkness overwhelms her and Kenzi quickly does so saying: "With harm to none, thy will be done, thou cannot harm them Bo." As Kenzi completes the words, Bo's eyes return to normal and she collapses to the floor, Lauren rushing over to Bo along with Dyson. Trick tells them all that what happened is a good sign and that everything is okay.

Returning from the final commercial of the episode, Trick is in his lair once more. Bo enters and asks why Trick is cleaning up when there is a party upstairs that he should be a part of. Trick tells Bo that he doesn't feel like celebrating. Bo asks Trick if he really believes what The Garuda told him. Trick tells Bo that The Garuda might have been right, that the Light and Dark would have united over his death. Bo reminds Trick that: "A wise man once told me you cannot put any stock in visions. I believe it was you." Trick replies: "And yet the Nain Rouge's vision came true." Bo replies: "Not entirely, you are still here aren't you?" Trick tells Bo that he needs to make amends as he traces his fingers over a portrait of his wife Isabeau. Bo takes one of Trick's hands and tells him that she will help him to do so as that is what family is for. Bo tells Trick that Isabeau was beautiful and Trick tells Bo that he misses her so very much. Bo then leads Trick upstairs telling him: "Let me buy you a beer Grandpa."

Kenzi is sitting at the bar as Hale approaches her. Hale asks how she is, and Kenzi answers: "Stabbed, stitched up with a Siren whistle... The use..." Hale smiles and then Kenzi tells Hale that she wishes she could get rid of the pain in her arm. Kenzi then rolls up her sleeve to reveal her arm glowing with some kind of power from within. Hale suggests that Kenzi let Lauren look at it, but Kenzi refuses and tells Hale that she is going to go out for some air and leaves the bar. Bo and Trick enter and Val calls out: "All hail the champion" and offers a toast to Bo. Bo tells them that it was a "team effort", Hale telling Bo that: "it was a team lead by you." Vex then wraps an arm around Bo and tells her that he was very impressed by her and that she didn't: "let me down half as much as I thought you would." Bo tells Vex: "Well, it turns out you were the right man for the job Vex." Lauren and Dyson talk for a moment, Dyson telling Lauren that since it will take some time for a new Ash to be chosen, this would be a good time for her to escape the Fae. Lauren thanks Dyson for his concern, but then just looks in the direction of Bo who looks back at her. Vex appears from behind Bo and tells her: "You are going to have a lot of fun with that", gaining a look of distain from Bo in response. Bo asks Hale if he has seen Kenzi and he tells her that Kenzi went outside. When Bo asks if Kenzi is okay, Hale avoids answering the question and Bo goes after Kenzi.

The final scene of the episode, and the season, begins with Bo putting her jacket on and looking into a mirror where she sees her eyes start to glow bright green once more. She moves closer to the mirror and then her eyes flash a brighter green, an arc of lightning passing through them. Bo is taken aback for a moment and looks towards the others in the room before moving closer to the mirror and looking into her own eyes once more. As she does so, her eye colour fluctuates between her normal colour and the bright glowing green over and over again, Bo's expression changing eventually towards a slightly evil expression as the episode ends.

Questions in this Episode

  • How long has Kenzi had Ziggy the bear?
  • Just how many weapons do Bo and Kenzi have lying around?
  • How is it that Bo's blood can be injected into other people and it does not cause health problems? Mixing of blood types is normally a very bad idea.
  • There appears to be no direct real world connection to Lady Almaith who was battling Trick during the Great Fae War. Is there?
  • All of the battles in the past seem to have happened in Ireland. Does this mean that the majority of the Fae immediately around Bo are from that part of the world? Why is this?
  • Horvis was the leader of the Dark Fae army during the Great Fae War. There appears to be no direct real world connection to this name.
  • Was everything The Garuda showed Trick the truth or a complete lie?
  • Since Kenzi used the ceremony to unbind everyone from Bo, does that mean she cannot use her powers on them again?
  • Has Bo given into the darkness or is she still fighting it?
  • What power, if any, has Kenzi been given?
  • Is Vex now smitten with Bo as he now knows what power she has?
  • Will Lauren leave before a new Ash is chosen?
  • How will Trick redeem himself?

Answers in this Episode

  • Trick gave Bo a cane sword for her birthday in the episode Masks. The cane was once owned by Trick's wife Isabeau and in the hilt it contained a vial of "life essence" that was Isabeau's.
  • Bo's real name is, apparently, Isabeau. This is the same name as Bo's grandmother, who was Trick's wife.
  • There is an Isabeau in history. She was Isabeau of Bavaria, also known as Elisabeth of Bavaria-Ingolstadtand was the Queen consort of France from 1385 to 1422 as spouse of King Charles VI of France. She assumed a prominent role in public affairs during the disastrous later years of her husband's reign. You can learn more about her here.
  • Bo's healing abilities are provided through the powers of her Grandmother. If this was given naturally or by consuming some life essence in the past is not made clear.
  • Rabisu in Akkadian mythology are evil vampiric spirits or demons that are always menacing the entrance to houses and hiding in dark corners, waiting to attack people. You can find out more about this myth here. In the Lost Girl universe, they are UnderFae creatures made of what appears to be smoke that can shift in and out of existence, taking people with them and transporting them elsewhere that hide in the shadows.
  • Lauren's opinion is that Bo is stronger than Trick is.
  • During the Great Fae War, Trick made his last stand at his castle in Edenderry. There are several Edenderries in the real world and it is not known which of them this might refer to. The most likely possibility is the town of Edenderry, County Offaly, in the Republic of Ireland as it has a castle that was placed under siege during the 1599 Earl of Tyrone's rebellion.
  • Roscrea is a small town in North Tipperary, Ireland. You can find out more about this town's history here.
  • Port Laoise is the county town of County Laois in the Midlands region of Ireland. You can find out more about this town's history here.
  • Alastor was Trick's war chancellor in the past and also was a spy. Alastor was banished to the underworld as a result of his actions.
  • Isabeau attempted to negotiate a peace in spite of Trick forbidding it. However, Alastor falsified orders in Trick's name and had both her and Horvus put to death. Trick did not seem to be aware of these events.
  • The Garuda had the ability to possess the bodies of others and did so with Trick in this episode and, apparently, with Nadia previously.
  • Bo killed The Garuda by injecting the venom taken from Lachlan while it was within Trick's body. This killed both it and Trick, but she was able to use the vial of life essence she had been given to return Trick back to life afterwards.
  • While Kenzi fainted when she freed Ryan, she did not when she freed everyone from Bo's powers in this episode, Bo fainting instead.
  • Bo's darkness has not been conquered, but is lurking beneath the surface.


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