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Fire Succubi (Felarya)

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Fire Succubi (Felarya)
The Fire Succubus Queen Faldhatée
The Fire Succubus Queen Faldhatée
Character in Series Faldhatée
Physical Aspects Female demons with a tail, bat-like wings and horns who have an affinity for fire

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Fire Succubi in the Felarya universe are female demons with the appearance of women adorned with various demonic features such as a tail, bat-like wings and horns. They have an affinity for fire and tend to spend their time among fire pits, lava flows and other very hot areas.


Contrary to what people may think, all succubi don't have an affinity for fire. Since they live in Hell most of them are used to high temperature, but fire is as damaging to them as it is to any other being. The major exception to this are fire succubi. For a fire succubus, walking through flames is as natural and as harmless as breathing. It is hard to understand how immune to fire and heat these succubi are. For example, Faldhatée, a fire succubus queen, lives deep in the fire realm of Antarioch, in the Everburning Palace, situated on top of the fiery mountains of Erebus, enveloped by eternal flames of tremendous size. The mountains themselves stand in the middle of an endless ocean of lava, and the temperature of the air there is hot enough to liquefy iron. The combination of hellish heat and a remote, difficult to reach location makes this an excellent spot for a fortress. However, this palace was not built here because it would be a unassailable fortress. The palace was placed there because the queen merely liked the spot for its "beautiful view" and the pleasant air... the so called "everburning palace" is actually a vacation residence!

A limit actually does exist to that supposed immunity to heat, though. If the temperature increase to frighteningly high levels, fire succubi will start to feel a state of either drowsiness, giddiness or hyper-activity, their organisms becoming overwhelmed by the unimaginable amount of energy coursing through their body. That tolerance level varies widely from one specimen to another but a fire succubus could die if exposed for too long past her breaking point, although not from her body body being consumed but more by an overload of energy. We're talking about tremendously huge amount of heat here though and, as long as a fire succubus don't try to dive into a sun, she should be perfectly fine.

Obviously, the temperature of a fire succubi's body is very high, though not to the point of being painful for others to touch. They love fire and heat but can also live without it for a while. Fire succubi are prone to anger and sudden fits of rage, though they are also less chaotic than most other demons and hold honor and courage in high esteem. A fire succubus will also always try to keep her word. Another remarkable trait of fire succubi is their very, very long tongue. They can literally wrap it around their prey, or use it for very sensual kisses...

Powers and Abilities

Fire succubi are born fire spellcasters. A newborn fire succubus already knows most of the fire spells that a human mage would know only after studying fire magic for many long years.

Known Fire Succubi

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