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Feminized by the Succubus (eBook)

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Feminized by the Succubus
Feminized by the Succubus eBook Cover, written by Natalia Dire
Feminized by the Succubus eBook Cover,
written by Natalia Dire
Author(s) Natalia Dire
Series Anything for My Dark Mistress
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date February 22, 2015
Media type eBook
Length 23 Pages
Preceded by Seduced by the Succubus
Followed by Gender Swapped by the

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Feminized by the Succubus is an eBook written by Natalia Dire. It is the second work in the Anything for My Dark Mistress series by this author. In this work the character Seshinu is a Succubus.


  • Title: Feminized by the Succubus
  • Author: Natalia Dire
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 23 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: February 22, 2015

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Plot Summary

After a wild night with a seductive demoness, college sophomore Seth wakes up to a shocking discovery: he’s been transformed into a sexy young woman. While waiting for his dark mistress to return, he explores his new body and reaches new heights of ecstasy. After following his goddess’s instructions to the letter—donning a sexy cocktail dress and stockings, learning how to apply make-up, and practicing his sexy strut in front of the mirror—she commands him to seduce and absorb the sexual energy of a spunky, lesbian, late night pizza delivery girl. Now that Seth is now “Beth,” will the succubus’ newest pet be able to fully embrace her twin roles as irresistible seductress and infernal servant?

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on November 22, 2015

Seth awakens to find himself alone, waiting for his mistress to return. He also discovers that he is now a she, taking the name Beth. A need for pizza is turned into a command by Seshinu to seduce the pizza girl, Amy, for her, which turns into an experience neither Beth, nor Amy will soon forget.

Seshinu’s gift to Seth is that she has transformed him into her servant, and sets Beth on her first task which is to seduce the pizza delivery girl that is arriving soon. After her transformation and playing with her new form, Beth muses about her Mistress and finds out a bit more about her. But before that can really go anywhere, Amy appears, the two start off talking and then Beth seduces Amy as her Mistress commanded.

The transformation isn’t played out in the story, having occurred between the first and second works, but the aftermath is told through Beth’s eyes. There is some self-exporation that takes up a lot of the story, but when Seshinu makes her appearance, then things settle into the erotica of the work. The scene between Amy and Beth is lovely and hot, and seemed to fit into Beth discovering herself and Amy’s needs as well.

I felt that the beginning of the work spent too much time telling all of the things that happened in the first work. There was a lot of time spent dwelling on the past by Seth and it didn’t really add anything to this part of the series. I do understand that some readers might come into this work and series here, and as such some background is needed. But spending about one quarter of this work recapping I think was too much and didn’t need to be. It felt very much like an info dump and that hurt the story as a whole. It might have been better to have the flashback as a memory that Seth thinks of when he talks to Seshinu during the work.

The work is, however, a good bridge between the first and third books and helps to connect them together well. It also provides some more hints about what is coming in the future with respect to Seshinu’s true purpose. But that hint tends to reveal I think a bit too much and perhaps some of the surprise might have been better not told in this work.

Three and a half out of five pitchforks.

A bit weaker than the first work and I think that’s mainly to the editing mistakes in this work that took some of the heat out of things. Again, it reveals more about Seshinu and in doing so sets up the final work in the series.

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