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Faes Wide Shut

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"Faes Wide Shut"
Lost Girl episode
Bo loses control as Lauren tries to calm her down
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 5
Overall Episode 40
Directed by George Mihalka
Written by Jeremy Boxen
Produced by Wanda Chaffey
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by Anton Van Rooyen
Editing by Paul Day
Production Code 305
Original Air Date February 3, 2013 (2013-02-03)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Rachel Skarsten - Tamsin
Damon Runyan - Roman
Brittany Grey - Delia

Episode Chronology
← Previous
"Fae-de To Black"
Next →
"The Kenzi Scale"

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Suspicions about Bo's feedings grow as humans turn to goo after going to an adult club

SuccuWiki Rating: 3.4 (3.4)

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Faes Wide Shut was the fifth episode of the third season of the series, and the fortieth overall episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on February 3rd, 2013 at 9 PM Eastern time.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 3
  • Episode Number: 5 (40th Overall)
  • Episode Title: Faes Wide Shut
  • Directed by: George Mihalka
  • Writing credits: Jeremy Boxen
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: February 3rd, 2013 on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 850,000[1]


A promotional Image of the Season Three cast of Lost Girl from the official website at lostgirlseries.com From left to right: Richard Howland as Trick, Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, Rachel Skarsten as Tamsin, Anna Silk as Bo, Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson, Zoie Palmer as Lauren and K.C. Collins as Hale.

Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Ksenia Solo Kenzi
Richard Howland Trick
Zoie Palmer Lauren
Rachel Skarsten Tamsin
Damon Runyan Roman
Brittany Grey Delia
Miriam McDonald Hot Fae[2]
Anna Hardwick Maddy
Sean Clement Graeme
Pedro Miguel Arce Bouncer
Simon Northwood Henchman
Jacob Richter Initiate #1
Luke Bontius Hunky Guy
Starr Domingue Hostess

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
Keep It Low (Radio Edit) Hundred In The Hands Written by Eleanor Everdell and Adam Friedman
Can't Save Her Chantal Claret Written by Chantal Euringer, Robert Kleiner and Jerrod Micheal Bettis
Nymphs Minuit Written by Ruth Carr, Paul Dodge and Ryan Beehre
Imperial Courtesy of APM Music
Silent Song (EarthRise SoundSystem Mix) Eccodek Written by Kiren Ahluwalia and Andrew McPherson
Belly Dancer Courtesy of APM Music
Eastern Bliss Courtesy of APM Music
Marry You Courtesy of APM Music
Orgotica Courtesy of APM Music
Friends And Family Courtesy of APM Music


Short Summary

Bo and Lauren attempt to find a way to satisfy Bo's needs which means looking for sexual partners at the Dal Riata. Kenzi's personality seems to change, becoming cold in how she deals with others and not acting like her normal self and she drives wedges between her friends lying to make them doubt each other. Dyson and Tamsin investigate a Fae murder and discover that Bo may be responsible as she was with that Fae previously. Bo investigates why humans are turning into puddles of goo after visiting an adult club that is owned by a Bacchus, They discover that a Manta, a huge octopus-like underFae is causing the deaths in connection with the Bacchus. Bo loses control, but Lauren manages to bring her back with some difficulty. Dyson decides to take the investigation of Bo further as the evidence seems to be pointing to her killing Fae and Lauren covering for Bo. Bo realizes that Kenzi isn't who she appears to be and demands to know where the real Kenzi is.

Detailed Summary

The episode begins with Lauren (Zoie Palmer) and Bo (Anna Silk) together at the bar of the Dal Riata and watching the Fae go by. Bo asks Lauren, "So, which of these jokers are going down?" Lauren replies, "Poor things, they have no idea what they are getting into." The first Fae Bo considers is, according to Lauren, a Hydra. When Bo says she sees only one head, Lauren's answer is: "Not that kind of head." Bo's reaction is to smile and just say: "Oh." Then Bo asks about a female Fae that enters the room and Lauren explains that: "It'll be a while before she blooms, she's taken a thousand year vow of chastity." Bo smiles and tells Lauren: "I can make her change her mind." Lauren tells Bo that she is an: "irresistible, unstoppable sex machine, and one that I wish I could keep up with." Bo's mood changes and she asks Lauren, very seriously, if what Bo is doing, trolling the Dal Riata for sex partners, is what she really wants. Before Lauren can answer, Trick (Richard Howland) arrives and asks the two what they are up to. Lauren tells Trick that she is working on "some new injections to curb Bo's hunger, she's developed a resistance to the old ones and since I can't keep up with her voracious sexual we're looking for someone who can... satisfy her requirements." Trick is taken somewhat aback by this and mumbles: "So... many... glasses... must... polish..." as he walks away. After Trick leaves, Lauren tries to explain to Bo that she is sure that what they are doing is the right thing. Lauren admits that: "Dating a Succubus is not without it's challenges. But the secret to any relationship is trust and understanding and compromise." Bo is speechless over Lauren's admission and tells Lauren that she is being "so mature about this" but again asks Lauren if she is really sure about what Bo will have to do. Lauren says she is only as long as Bo follows: "The one rule." Bo nods and replies: "No wolf. Got it." The conversation pauses and then a blond Fae enters the room, both Bo and Lauren turning and watching her as she goes by before they look at each other and say: "Her." As Trick walks by looking at the pair and polishing a glass, Bo smiles and says: "Game on." She kisses Lauren on the cheek and then leaves, Lauren looking troubled as Bo does so.

The scene shifts to a man drinking in a kitchen and fretting over a gold key which is attached to a gold necklace. His wife enters the kitchen dressed in lingerie and asks him if everything is okay as he is back earlier than she expected. He makes excuses, saying that the conference he was at finished early and he decided to return home. He then pauses and tells his wife that she looks so nice, which makes her happy and she tells him that she is "trying something different." When she comes closer to him, his body begins to make some odd and troubling noises before he begins to convulse and shake. He attempts to tell her something, but before he can do so his body turns to green goo and collapses to the floor, spraying her with some of his remains as she screams in panic.

After the opening credits, Bo and the blonde Fae from the Dal Riata are in Bo's bedroom making out. As they do so, Bo's eyes turn colour several times as her hunger grows and she feeds on the Fae. At the same time, Lauren and Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) are downstairs, Lauren working on some medical equipment and Kenzi surfing the internet, using several computers to do so, a bored expression on her as she does so. As Bo and her partner upstairs make all kinds of noise, Kenzi asks Lauren in a monotone voice: "Is this going to take long?" When Lauren asks what she means, Kenzi's answer is: "The bed antics. This keeps going like a Greatful Dead jam." Lauren's answer is: "Science takes time, keep calm and carry out experiments." Kenzi looks at Lauren pointedly and asks: "Does this mean you will be underfoot experimenting for quite some time?" Lauren tells her that when Bo is finished upstairs she'll take some samples and compare them with Bo's "baseline." Throughout all of Lauren's explanation, Kenzi frowns and seems to be disinterested in what Lauren is telling her until she finds something on one of her computers that excites her and she runs upstairs, Lauren following behind trying to stop her. Kenzi arrives in Bo's bedroom just as she beings to feed from the female Fae, clutching at her neck as she does so. Kenzi's arrival interrupts Bo and both she and the Fae cover themselves with pillows as Kenzi excitedly tells Bo that she has found a case for them to solve. Bo tells Kenzi that: "This is a conversation for a more non-naked time Kenzi." Lauren attempts to apologize at the same time, asking how the Fae woman is and making small talk. Kenzi presses on telling Bo that humans are turning into slime and "glooping on their loved ones." Kenzi presses Bo that she needs to go and help them, but Bo tells her that she "is kind of in the middle of something." Kenzi shrugs, tells Bo, "of course, you're right. Knocking bits is way more important than saving lives" before leaving a confused Bo and Lauren in her wake. Lauren then leaves Bo and the female Fae looking at each other in Bo's bedroom alone.

When Bo returns downstairs, Kenzi is still at her computers looking at the case she has found. She tells Bo that she has spent hours looking for people that could use their help and when Bo asks when she has started doing this sort of thing, Kenzi's answer is: "One of us has to keep an eye out. Evil never sleeps, even if we're having sleepovers." as she touch types on her keyboard. She then tells Bo that she has been: "IMing with this human lady" about her husband turning into a puddle of goo in front of her. Lauren agrees that it could mean the Fae are involved, but it could also be something else. When Kenzi adds that before the woman could call for help the "authorities" appeared and cleaned the place up which Lauren admits sounds like a group of Fae covering up what they did. When Bo tells Kenzi that she isn't sure what good she would be, Kenzi seems shocked and tells Bo: "What if other humans are in danger, don't you care about my kind?" When Bo attempts to explain that she needs some time, Kenzi turns her back on Bo saying: "Fine. I thought it was something we could do together. Bo and Kenzi to the rescue you know? I haven't seen that much of you lately." When Bo and Lauren look at each other Kenzi waves them off with the words: "Oh never mind. It's stupid" in a dramatic fashion. This makes Bo give in to Kenzi and she tells Kenzi that they will look into what happened. Lauren agrees to help and examine the crime scene for any evidence right away. When Bo asks if Lauren means right now, Lauren tells Bo that she and Kenzi will go on ahead while Bo "finishes up." What follows is Lauren trying to explain to Bo as she rushes upstairs that there is a cup for her to use as a sample, but cannot get the words out and Kenzi interrupts asking if Lauren wants to go and Lauren answers: "So much."

Kenzi and the wife of the dead man are seen next talking about what happened while Lauren looks for clues about what happened. Kenzi seems barely interested in what the woman is saying about her marriage and at one point says to the woman in a monotone voice: "I am so sorry for your loss." When the woman asks what Kenzi's show is called, her answer is: "Paranormal Hot Investigators" which makes Lauren pause and look at Kenzi in disbelief. As the woman asks when the cameras arrive there is the sound of a door opening and a woman rushes in calling out for the husband and asking why he isn't answering his phone. When the wife asks who she is, the woman answers her name is Delia (Brittany Grey) and she is the husband's lover and demands to know where he is. Kenzi answers: "Ah, he kicked the bucket." Delia claims this is impossible as she was just with him. The wife is shattered by this revelation. Delia seems to be proud that her husband was "emotionally attached to me" as she stalks into the room. She then demands to know what the wife did to her husband and Kenzi interrupts saying: "That's what we at Paranormal Hot Investigators are investigating. Delia ignores Kenzi and what follows is the two women blaming each other over what happened and pushing each other around a little bit before hair pulling begins to which Kenzi watches and smiles before Bo enters the room and breaks up the fight by using her powers to control both of the women. She then announces to everyone in the room: "Welcome to Bo's first two for one special." She then starts by forcing Delia to tell her everything about what's going on. Delia claims that they had been: "Together forever. Six months at least. We were soul mates." Bo's answer is an unimpressed: "Of course you were." Delia continues to explain that when the husband was away, he was with her. When Bo asks if there was anyone or any place they had been that was weird, Delia talks about a club they went to the night before and tells Bo where it is. Bo and Kenzi are next seen at what appears to be a greco-roman themed private adult club which has a large number of people milling about, many of them looking at Bo in desire as they go by. Bo purrs to Kenzi: "mmm... smorgasbord..."

Returning from commercial, Bo and Kenzi are looking around the club as various couple entwine themselves together. Bo comments that she: "haven't seen so many tasty buns since the Dal's bake off night." Bo's phone rings and she takes a call from Lauren which makes Kenzi roll her eyes in disappointment. Lauren tells Bo that the dead husband had been liquified by "a Far excretion" once it entered his body. Bo makes the connection that this likely happened through sex and Lauren agrees with this conclusion. Kenzi interrupts Bo's conversation pointing out one man that walks by and asking if Bo wants to nibble on him. Lauren continues explaining that the man could have infected his wife and his lover as well, so she is trying to create an antidote for them. As their conversation continues, Bo is distracted by what is going on around her and tells Lauren that the sexual energy where they are: "goes to eleven." After the call ends, Bo asks Kenzi about the voicemail Kenzi left on her phone the day before (in the previous episode Fae-de To Black). Kenzi makes the excuse that she found a "two for one sausage delio and I wanted to know if you wanted one. But you didn't pick up." Bo seems to take Kenzi's explanation at face value and shrugs it off. A man (Simon Northwood) interrupts and addresses Bo directly telling her that "Roman requests your presence." Bo goes to leave, but Kenzi asks for Bo's phone before she leaves, saying that she needs it because her phone is dead and Bo gives it to her before leaving with the man.

Elsewhere, Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) arrive at a crime scene. Dyson smells the body and tells Tamsin that the woman is Fae and had been dumped where the body had been found within the past few hours. The woman had been strangled. When Dyson moves her hair away from her face, it is apparent that this is the same Fae that had been with Bo earlier in the episode. Dyson catches a second scent, Bo's, on the body when leads Tamsin to believe that Bo is responsible for the Fae woman's death as well before they take the body to Lauren for an autopsy.

Bo is taken to another room where a number of women and men are dancing around a Fae that is resting on some pillows. This is the owner of the club who introduces himself as Roman the Bacchus. He tells Bo that the Bacchi were revered by ancient humans for throwing "the best soirees." Then then directs sexual energy towards Bo using a wand that he carries and Bo falters slightly under the effects calling it "a little bit of Fae ecstasy goes a long way." As Bo moves to sit beside him, Roman brags: "Who do you think helped the humans come up with that little pill?" He then asks Bo what she wants with him and his club, Bo's answer is: "I hear you are the guy to talk to about what else... sex." Roman seems pleased by this, telling Bo that he is honoured that she would seek him out for sex. When Bo has Roman's attention, she asks for "a little privacy" and Roman sends the dancers and others away, leaving Bo alone with him. What follows is Bo and Roman flirting with each other using all sorts of sexual innuendoes until Bo asks: "What is the craziest thing you have ever done in bed?" Roman's answer is: "Sleep."

Meanwhile, Dyson and Tamsin have taken the body of the dead Fae woman to Lauren for an autopsy. When Lauren sees the bosy, she has no outward reaction showing that she had seen the Fae before. Dyson asks Lauren to find out what killed the Fae. Lauren asks where the body was found, Tamsin tells her it was at the tracks near Bo's place. There are no signs of struggle where the body was found, Dyson believing that the body had been moved there. Tamsin flippantly suggests that the death was caused by a Succubus to which Lauren dismisses her theory and points out there is blunt force trauma, severe lacerations that are obvious. Tamsin ignores Lauren's comments and replies that they shouldn't rule out any possibilities as they might have a killer on the streets. Lauren agrees to do a full autopsy. However, as Dyson starts to leave, Tamsin asks if Lauren always does her autopsies so close to her kitchen and if she has ever mistaken liver from a corpse for liver from the store. Then Tamsin asks if Lauren had ever seen the dead Fae before to which Lauren tells Tamsin that she doesn't like being treated like a criminal. The two finally leave and Lauren sends a text message to Bo immediately afterward.

Kenzi is walking around the club as Bo's phone receives the message and she deletes it saying: "See ya wouldn't want to be ya." As she puts the phone away, she notices a couple showing a gold key to a bouncer guarding a doorway and then attempts to follow them inside, but the bouncer blocks her way. At the same time, Bo and Roman are in bed together, Bo trying to use her powers to control Roman to the point where he will give her some useful information. Roman goes give some vague information, but nothing useful and when Bo asks about humans being turned to goo, Roman suddenly ends things saying: "Sorry darling, your cheap Succubus tricks aren't doing it for me" and then moving away from Bo. Bo tells him: "Cheap my ass. I'll have you know that my tricks get a standing ovation. So why the hell are you such a dud?" Roman's answer is only to smile and shrug slightly as Bo gathers her things to leave. As she does, Roman taunts her with: "Anytime Succubus. Come again. I know I will." After Bo leaves, Roman summons one of his servants and tells him that he should visit the dead human's wife and girlfriend. When asked about Bo interfering, Roman's answer is: "If she returns, cut her throat."

Back from another commercial, Dyson is at the police station as Bo arrives to talk to him. Dyson tries to tell Bo that she cannot be there, but she pays little attention to him and tells him about her visit to Roman. Dyson tries to get Bo to leave, but she refuses to do so. Dyson does tell Bo that Roman is Light Fae and if he is leaving a trail of dead humans that it is a problem as he tries to make her leave, but Tamsin blocks their way, hands Bo a folder with images of the dead Fae woman and demanding that Bo explain. When Bo opens the folder she is shocked to see that it is the Fae she was with recently at her place and Tamsin asks if Bo knows her.

The scene switches to the Dal Riata where Kenzi and Lauren are sitting at the bar together, Kenzi blowing bubbles with a straw in her beer as Lauren watches. Lauren is upset as she asked Bo to meet her at the Dal Riata and she isn't answering her texts and she doesn't know where Bo is. Kenzi tells her that Bo went to see Dyson at the "cop shop... alone." When Lauren asks why, Kenzi's answer is "Why not?" Lauren then tells Kenzi that the woman Bo was with the night before was found dead. Kenzi tries to look shocked saying: "The cupcake Bo was eating in bed? So?" Lauren admits that she didn't tell Dyson that she knew the woman, or that Bo knew her. Kenzi is less than interested, playing with her straw and beer throughout all of this, finally commenting: "No biggie." Kenzi then continues: "You have a secret about Bo, Dyson has a secret about Bo, everyone has secrets." Lauren presses Kenzi about what she has said, and Kenzi's first answer is to act silly: "Oops. Foot in mouth again." Then she tells Lauren that obviously something has been going on with Dyson and then asks Lauren if she has seen how he looks at Bo. Lauren tries to rationalize what she has noticed saying that Bo wouldn't keep something from her. Kenzi plants some doubt by reminding Lauren that: "She did nail him behind your back... to... heal." Lauren's doubts rise and Kenzi tells her that she is the best thing that has ever happened to Bo and that she is telling Lauren all of this because if it is true that Dyson still loves Bo, it's best that Lauren knows everything. Trick interrupts asking what they are talking about and Lauren only answers: "The case" before being quiet. Trick asks Kenzi what they have so far and she replies: "Human goo, sexually transmitted Fae gunk, hot sex club, mystery door." Trick asks about the door, Kenzi telling Trick that a special key is needed to enter and Trick admits that he might just have one of those keys in his possession. Trick takes Kenzi to his vaults in search of the key and explains: "What can I say? It was the 70s... the 1870s but back then it was more of a social club." Trick finds a case within the vaults and takes it out as he continues to tell Kenzi about what happened in the clubs of that earlier time, noting that there was nothing dark or dangerous back then of course. He opens the case, which is filled with a number of ancient looking keys and then removes the one that they will need to enter the member's only area of the club. Kenzi attempts to grab the key from Trick, but he pulls it away and wonders if he should go as well as he knew Roman a long time ago and he might be able to talk to Roman. Kenzi asks: "You want to get kinky with your granddaughter at a sex club?" which shocks Trick. Kenzi then belittles Trick "taking on the grandfather role" for Bo. He tells Kenzi that he is Bo's grandfather and Kenzi agrees that technically he is but Trick must have known about her for at least thirty years and never tried to connect with Bo and she needed her family. Trick is confused and asks if Bo told Kenzi this to which Kenzi says nothing but looks towards the floor and then back to Trick again. Trick gives in and hands the key to Kenzi saying that they should go without him. Kenzi hugs Trick and for a moment her eyes glow before returning to normal again and then she takes the key and asks him what she owes him for her beer. Trick can only say: "Very funny." Kenzi seems surprised: "Cool. Free." as she walks away.

Back at the police station, Dyson is questioning Bo as Tamsin watches. Bo is asked what her connection with the woman was, her answer is "social" Dyson tells Bo that they found the body less than a block from her home and they are trying to figure out how she got there. Bo is taken aback asking if Dyson thinks she killed the woman, Dyson notes that Bo admits that she cannot remember how the woman left her place. Bo says she does remember that she left: "In one piece." Bo admits that she did have sex with the woman, but "one body with my scent on it does not make me a murderer. Tamsin interrupts, telling Bo that it is two bodies if you count the Dark Fae in a coma as well. Bo suggests that it is another Succubus or someone trying to frame her, but Tamsin is unimpressed. Kenzi then barges in, telling Bo to say nothing without a lawyer being there. Kenzi also tells Dyson that she saw the dead Fae leave Bo's place, Tamsin calling it an convenient alibi. Kenzi pulls Bo out of her chair saying that she has the key they need and it is:"time for Betty and Veronica to save the world!" Dyson tells Bo that they cannot hold her and also that Lauren is examining the body. Bo then starts to leave, but Tamsin tells her that they will be following Bo from now on to keep an eye on her. Bo looks to Dyson, and he only nods before Bo turns and walks out, Kenzi close behind her.

After another commercial. Bo and Kenzi are at Bo's place getting ready to return to the club. Bo asks Kenzi if she really did see the dead woman leave. Kenzi flippantly says yes and then asks what dress she should wear. Bo confronts Kenzi, demanding to know the truth, which Kenzi brushes off as quickly as possible turning Bo's attention to what she will wear and suggesting that the two of them go to the casino at Niagara after they have been to the club. She then hugs Bo tightly as Bo questions her about the casino saying: "Kenzi, you hate casinos. Or as you call them amateur hour for suckers." Kenzi brushes this off saying that she says a lot of crazy things, but "at least I am loyal." When Bo questions this, Kenzi tells Bo that Lauren told Dyson everything about what happened with the dead Fae at Bo's place, including that Bo had been choking the woman at one point. Bo is shocked and confused by this, not believing that Lauren would do something like that. Bo then hears her phone and Kenzi gives it back to Bo, commenting "speak of the devil" as it is Lauren calling. Bo answers the phone and is on the defensive seemingly not trusting Lauren very much as the two of them talk, but watching Kenzi as she primps and preens in front of a mirror. Lauren tells Bo that she has found an antidote, and Bo tells Lauren that Dyson is going to be at the club with her. Lauren tells Bo to have fun and hangs up while Bo continues to watch Kenzi primping in front of the mirror.

The next scene begins back at the club as Dyson and Tamsin arrive and look around, Tamsin commenting: "Bo didn't tell me to dress for the sex ball." Dyson asks what Tamsin's angle is and she tells him that maybe she wanted to see the Succubus in her natural element. Dyson again tells Tamsin that he does not believe that Bo is responsible, but before their conversation can continue further, Bo and Kenzi appear. Then, to Dyson and everyone else's surprise, Lauren appears dressed to the nines gaining all of their attention before walking up to Bo and asking where they have all been. Tamsin is less than impressed and walks away with Dyson close by. Lauren explains that she is there because she must treat the infected humans as soon as possible. Bo smiles and says: "Time to use what the good Goddess gave me" as she walks away, Lauren and Kenzi following. They all arrive at the locked door, but when the bouncer sees that Bo has the key, he allows them all to enter.

As this happens, Dyson and Tamsin arrive in Roman's chambers and tell him that they are there in the name of the Light and the Dark to get his attention. When they do so, Roman warns the two of them that if this is a raid that there are several high officials on both sides that he can call for assistance. Dyson tells him that they are there to look around and Roman's answer is that there is lots to see.

Elsewhere, Bo, Kenzi and Lauren have changed into a series of red robes and find themselves at the end of a line of people waiting to enter a sealed chamber within a large hall. Kenzi slaps a man in front of her and asks what's in the chamber, and he tells her that it is "pure sexual ecstasy" as two people enter the chamber and what appears to be the limb of some kind of octopus-like creature slaps against the door they entered by. Lauren tells Bo and Kenzi that the sounds in the room and other clues tell her that within the chamber must be an underFae called a Manta which she describes as a tentacled hermaphrodite UnderFae that can only survive in subtropical environments. When Lauren has explained what is going on, Kenzi asks what they will do and Bo's answer is that they are going to stop it. Bo then moves to the front of the line of waiting humans and tells them all that they cannot do into the chamber. When Lauren tells all of them that they will need a shot if they have been in contact with the Manta, the line of humans turns and leaves the hall. Moments later, two of Roman's henchmen arrive, one taking hold of Lauren and Bo warning him as she draws a knife to: "let go of my girlfriend."

Returning back to Dyson and Tamsin, Roman offers them both a "taste of Ambrosia" before whispering to Dyson that the woman he has with him is up for anything. When Dyson moves towards a sealed kettle, Roman sends the dancers out of the room just before Dyson opens the viewport to look inside and discovers that within is held the dead human's wife. Bo is still in a standoff with Roman's henchmen who demand that she drops her weapon, which Bo refuses to do. Kenzi then fakes fainting into the arms of the other henchman who restrains her as she screams to get Bo's attention. Bo it then asked which she will save and her answer is: "Who says that a girl has to choose?"

Back again from commercial, Dyson tells Roman to release the dead man's wife and his lover who are now both visible in the chamber. Roman refuses to do so saying that he is simply cleaning up his messes. When Dyson turns to look at the chamber again, Roman uses his wand to knock Tamsin down and Dyson moves over to help her. Roman then tells Dyson and Tamsin to leave or else. Dyson asks what happened to him to make him go bad and Roman explains that over the centuries he had tried every sexual kink there was and became bored with all of them. He further explains that a Bacchus who cannot feel pleasure cannot live, but then he mated with a Manta and explains that the sexual pleasures from the Manta being with humans was transmitted to "every neuron." As he continues to explain, Dyson eats some fruit from a bowl that is set on a table between himself and Roman and then tells Roman that what he has done is illegal. Roman's answer is that it is all he has before aiming his weapon at Dyson and firing it at him. However, Dyson picks up the bowl holding the fruit and bounces the weapon's energy back into Roman which burns a hole through his chest and kills him instantly. As Roman falls, Tamsin tells Dyson: "Now that gets me hot."

As this happens, Bo warns Roman's henchman to release Lauren as her eyes begin to glow a bright blue as they did when Lauren's life was threatened by the Lich in the previous season. Kenzi then breaks free of her captor and Bo turns around to attack him, slowly losing control of herself as she does so. What follows is Bo raking her nails against one attackers cheek before kicking him to the floor, then clutching the other attacker by the throast and lifting him into the air before slamming him into a stone table and shattering it. Bo then moves to attack the henchman that held Lauren, Kenzi excitedly telling them both that what Bo did was "seven kind of awesome." Lauren steps between Bo and her prey trying to calm her one and help her to control herself. But the look on Bo's face is that of a wild creature and she does not seem to recognize Lauren. Lauren continues to talk to her and for a moment Bo's eyes return to normal and she speaks Lauren's name, but in the next moment, her eyes glow once more, her expression changes and she leans in close to Lauren, growling and telling her to: "Get out of my way." before growling once more loudly at Lauren. Lauren does not give up, telling Bo about the first time they met and touching Bo's shoulder. As this happens, Kenzi is watching from afar and rolls her eyes in disinterest. There is a flashback to the first time that Lauren touched Bo and then the scene returns to Lauren talking to Bo and calming her down, asking for Bo to return to her. Bo finally snaps out of her state, her eyes return to normal and she asks Lauren in a confused voice: "What have I done?" and then falls to the floor unconscious. Kenzi make no move to help either Bo or Lauren and walks out of the hall leaving the two behind saying: "I'm fine. Little bored."

The next scene is of Bo and Lauren together at Lauren's home. She tells Bo that Roman is dead, they shut down the chamber where the Manta was, Lauren treated the infected humans and when the chamber was turned off, the Manta died as well. Bo tells Lauren that she is good at cleaning up message. Lauren tells Bo that she had nothing to do with the dead Fae, but Bo asks how she can be sure. Lauren tells her that she knows Bo, and that while Bo has been exceptionally hungry, but with small meals she will be okay. Bo tells Lauren that she saw what happened and Lauren brushes it off as an emotional response. Bo again asks Lauren to tell her what happened but Lauren cannot explain it. She tells Bo that she is more complex that anyone realizes and Bo asks what if she is a monster. Lauren tells Bo that none of the Fae she hurt died and that she hopes to have a better formula to help Bo's need to feed as well. Lauren makes Bo the promise that they will figure all of this out together and Bo tells Lauren: "You are amazing." Lauren replies: "Yes I am." Lauren then tells Bo that she does not want to be involved in Bo's future search for sexual partners and she will trust Bo. Lauren then offers to make dinner for Bo telling her to go home and get ready and that she expects Bo to pick her up in an hour. Bo then leaves Lauren's place and moments after she does so, Lauren makes a phone call and tells the person on the other end of the line that: "We need to talk. I think something is very wrong with Bo."

Returning from the final commercial break, Dyson and Tamsin are examining the autopsy on the dead Fae woman which Lauren has called "inconclusive." The two discuss what Bo did at the club, Dyson saying that Bo was "worked up." Dyson starts to try to put the pieces together and notes that if Lauren hadn't been there something else could have happened. When Tamsin questions Dyson over Lauren, Dyson also admits that there is nothing that Lauren wouldn't do for Bo, possibly falsify an autopsy. Dyson wonders if Bo did kill the female Fae, but cannot remember that she did so. When Tamsin presses him further, Dyson tells her that he has a job to do and he will take the investigation to the end wherever that takes him.

The final scene of the episode begins at Bo's place with Kenzi lighting candles and having cleaned the place up and prepared a dinner for herself and Bo. When Bo enters, Kenzi greets her with: "The terrible twosome can finally spend some quality time together" and offers Bo a thai food dinner. Bo tells her that it looks wonderful, but she has other dinner plans with Lauren, which makes Kenzi defensive and upset. Kenzi then offers Bo some "spicy noodles." Bo doesn't try any that Kenzi offers and demands to know whether or not she killed the Fae woman or not. Kenzi's answer is only: "Maybe?" as she tries to feed Bo some noodles again. Then Bo asks Kenzi to try some of the noodle first, which she does and then Bo grabs her by the throat and slams Kenzi into a post. Bo then reveals that Kenzi is allergic to peanuts, which the meal is covered with, and therefore whoever this person is, they are not Kenzi. The last image of the episode is of Bo still holding the impostor by the throat and demanding to know where the real Kenzi is.

Questions in this Episode

  • Lauren indicated that Bo has developed a resistance to the injections Lauren had been giving Bo. The problem with this statement is that in a previous episode, Lauren said that Bo didn't need the injections any more. So when did Bo go back on them?
  • A clue that Kenzi is an impostor in this episode are the desktop images that are seen on two of the computers she is using. One shows a forest and the other shows some renaissance artworks. Neither of these are something that Kenzi has shown any interest in.
  • Another is when Kenzi says that she has been instant messaging with "a human lady" which is, again, something that the real Kenzi would never say.
  • Still another is Kenzi talking about "her kind" when referring to humans in general. This is a term that Kenzi has never used.
  • For some reason, the impostor wants to be around Bo all of the time. Why is not made clear.
  • Why is it that Kenzi's impostor is not noticed by the others? She is cold to Lauren, which is the opposite from what has happened recently. She reveals secrets about the others that she would have not done. There are many actions, expressions, and her overall different body language and demeanour that should have been picked up on, especially by Dyson. Which also begs the question of why didn't Dyson catch that Kenzi's scent was not right?
  • Where is Kenzi and what has replaced her? The most likely possibility might be a Chameleon or similar mimicking Fae.
  • Why was Kenzi targeted and for what purpose?
  • Could the Morrigan be behind all of this?
  • Or could it have something to do with the wound Kenzi got after her confrontation with the Norn?
  • Roman did not seem to be under Bo's control. Does this mean that all Bacchi are immune to the powers of a Succubus?
  • Who did Lauren call at the end of the episode?
  • It seems like Dyson was pushed into making the decision to investigate Bo as a murderer by Tamsin. Why?

Answers in this Episode

  • According to Lauren, the injections Bo uses to curb her hunger no longer are effective. She is looking for a replacement.
  • Kenzi seems to have been replaced by a being that sounds like her and attempts to mimic her personalty, but is not perfect at doing so. This creature, the kind unknown at this point in the series, acts to turn Bo's friends against each other and as well plant doubts in their minds about Bo herself. She also tries to turn Bo against her friends, but is found out by Bo when it is not affected by one of Kenzi's allergies, proving to Bo that this being is not the real Kenzi.
  • Bo seems to almost become drunk when there is a massive amount of sexual energy or Chi around her.
  • Roman calls himself a Bacchus.
  • Bacchus, better known as Dionysus, was the god of the grape harvest, winemaking and wine, of ritual madness and ecstasy in Greek mythology. You can find more about this myth here. In the Lost Girl universe Bacchi are a kind of sexual Fae. Bacchi apparently were revered by ancient humans for throwing "the best soirees." Like their mythological counterparts, the Bacchi have a Thyrsus, a wand-like device they carry which directs their powers of sexual ectasy and allows them to direct powerful energy blasts as well.
  • There is confirmation again that the series is set in Ontario at least, as the casino at Niagara Falls is mentioned in this episode.
  • Kenzi hates casinos.
  • Kenzi is allergic to peanuts.
  • A Manta in the Lost Girl universe is a tentacled hermaphrodite UnderFae that can only survive in subtropical environments it can provide extreme sexual pleasure by connecting to the minds of others.
  • Roman was addicted to the pleasures of the Manta because all other stimulation did nothing for him.


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