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Fae Day

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"Fae Day"
Lost Girl episode
Kenzi and Shawn together but for a short time
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 9
Overall Episode 9
Directed by Steve DiMarco
Written by Michelle Lovretta
Produced by Wanda Chaffey
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by David Greene
Editing by Teresa Hannigan
Production Code 109
Original Air Date November 14, 2010 (2010-11-14)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Randal Edwards - Shawn Kavanaugh
Ben Lewis - Liam Kavanaugh

Episode Chronology
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"The Mourning After"

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The Fae are celebrating their holiest day La Shoshain. In the middle of the celebration at Trick's bar, a Banshee calls out the impending death of one of the people there.

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Fae Day was the ninth episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on November 14th, 2010 at 9 PM Eastern time.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 1
  • Episode Number: 9
  • Episode Title: Fae Day
  • Directed by: Steve Di’Marco
  • Writing credits: Jeremy Boxen
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: November 14th, 2010 on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 1.19 million[1]


A promotional image of the cast of Lost Girl from the official website at lostgirlseries.com From left to right: Richard Howland as Trick, Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, K.C. Collins as Detective Hale, Anna Silk as Bo, Zoie Palmer as Lauren, and Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson

Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Ksenia Solo Kenzi
Richard Howland Trick
Randal Edwards Shawn
Ben Lewis Liam
Sarah Power Siobhan The Banshee
Jonathan Whittaker Patrick
Naomi Snieckus Talent Agent
Jack Jessop Craggy Old Man
Bjanka Murgel Mylene
P. Rodney Barnes Investor

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
Celtic Stew The Music People From The Celtic Collection Disc 2
Jig Medley No. 1 The Music People From Celtic Journeys
Kerry Reel The Music People From Voyages 4 Disc 1
Dingle Regatta The Music People From Celtic Folk
The Jig The Music People From Celtic Heritage
The Hooley The Music People From Contemporary Folk
Liffeyside The Music People From The Celtic Collection Disc 2
Galway Bay The Music People From World Expressions
Gambling With God Magneta Lane Written by Magneta Lane
Nice Day No Affiliation Written by Marco DiFelice
All That Is Thirst Pati Yang Written by Pati Yang, Stephen Hilton


Short Summary

The Fae are celebrating their holiest day called La Shoshain. In the middle of the partying at Trick's bar, a Banshee calls out the impending death of one of the people there. Bo becomes involved with solving a long held family fight from one of the Noble Fae families and Kenzi becomes romantically involved with the brother marked for death. Bo calls for a Agallamh which forces the two brothers of the family to attempt to reconcile their differences. Through the story we also learn about Fae history and that Trick is a being known as the Blood King who set out the rules of the Fae in the past.

Detailed Summary

The episode begins with Bo (Anna Silk) in her apartment practising her swordplay. This continues for a time and then, in the middle of a move, Bo finds herself almost thrusting her weapon through Kenzi (Ksenia Solo). Kenzi make light of this for a time, trying to make fun of the fact that Bo couldn’t save Lou Ann the episode before and that the information that she was looking for about her mother she couldn’t get. Kenzi then reveals that Trick had been leaving messages on her phone that he would like Bo and Kenzi to appear at the Fae Bar. Reluctantly, Bo agrees to this and she and Kenzi leave the apartment, Bo noting that she needs a break from the Fae, and, she says, “their shit.”

However, arriving at the bar, Bo and Kenzi find that a huge party is going on and Fae, both Light and Dark, are there together. Kenzi comments looking at two Fae dancing with a large snake, “Cue the Fae and their shit.” The pair make their way through the crowds and meet with Trick (Richard Howland). Trick attempts to get Bo to talk to him about what happened with Lou Ann, but she declines and simply thanks him for what he did for her. He then welcomes them to the celebration which he calls La Shoshain. He explains that this day is the most sacred day of the year for Fae. The day is when Dark and Light Fae can get close to each other, it is also an excuse for partying, drinking, and the occasional moments of sex between the two sides. Kenzi makes a bit of fun about it calling it Fae Day which seems to take Trick aback a little bit, as he explains that the day is supposed to be spiritual in nature.

While this has been going on, a woman has been playing a harp in the background. She suddenly stops playing and then seems to go into a trance. Moments later, she stands up, lets out a long shriek which shocks everyone in the room and then snaps out of the trance before running away. Trick announces to all that the celebration is over in the next moment. Bo asks what happened and Trick tells her that the woman was a Banshee and that her shriek is predicting that someone in the bar is going to die shortly.

When we return from the main title sequence, Trick is sending everyone out of the bar except for anyone he says is part of the five families. He then explains that the Banshees only wail for the five Noble families, which consist of five old family names, five are Fae and five are Human. Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) arrives then asking Trick if he has an idea how to find the Banshee. Trick says he does and vanishes while Dyson mentions that he hasn’t seen Bo for a while. Bo replies that she needed some space. Trick returns and give Dyson a card to the booking agent that he hired the Banshee from.

Dyson then explains that he needs Bo to help him get the information about who the wail was for because on La Shoshain, Far are not allowed to feed, fight, or use their gifts. Bo asks Dyson to say please, but instead he comments that she might have Noble blood in her and it would be good to know if she was the person that the Banshee wailed for. Trick in the meantime tries to get Kenzi to leave, she refuses, and storms out, obviously very agitated over everything that has happened so far. Dyson asks Bo to wait in the car for him and tries to talk to Trick about what’s going on.

Dyson finds Trick stuffing items into a cloth bag and asks him who’s they are. He explains that the things are owned by Lou Ann and that he intervened in her execution and saved her, putting her into hiding. Dyson is confused since Trick has never helped a Dark Fae before. He then reveals that Lou Ann was in fact Bo’s midwife. Dyson confronts him and asks how long they will continue to keep Bo in the dark about who her mother is. Trick replies as long as they can. After a comment that Dyson is doing well at it, to which he say he hates lying to Bo and Trick tells him that he shouldn’t have gotten personally involved, Dyson tells him that he should be more involved with Bo. Dyson then asks what they do when Aife (Or is it Eve? Assuming that this is Bo’s Mother they are talking about) shows up? Trick’s answer is a simple “When.’” Trick then sends Dyson on his way to find the Benshee.

The next scene finds Bo and Dyson in an office building going to the talent agency the Banshee came from. As they travel in an elevator, Dyson explains more of what La Shoshain is. The day commemorates the Blood King who sacrificed on this day for the Fae. Fae are not allowed to use their powers, feed on humans or have Fae on Fae violence occur. Dyson also explains that the events are shrouded in myth and legend and occurred well over a thousand years ago in the past. The only things that remain are the written laws and nothing else. Bo asks him to tell her some of the stories, but Dyson replies with some irritation that she should read a book.

They arrive in the talent agency and are told that the Banshee has vanished by the person working there. However a noise from another room reveals the Banshee and they take her aside to question her. While this goes on, Kenzi meets a Fae in the bar and they talk about making a Deal Pool on the people in the bar. We find out that the Benshee’s name is Siobhan (Sarah Power), but that the information they need can only be taken when she is unconscious. Bo uses a drink that is made with liver and forces it down her throat, using a funnel, making her go into a trance, her eyes turn white and an otherworldly voice tells them what they want to know. The Fae marked for death is named Shawn Kavanagh.

Meanwhile, Kenzi and her new Fae friend are playing a game and talking about various things. They talk about gambling, money and so on and seem to be getting along well. That is until Dyson and Bo arrive and announce the name of the one that the Banshee cried for. And that person turns out to be the person that Kenzi was getting to know, that being Shawn Kavanagh (Randal Edwards). She tries to get him to not take it so seriously and make a bucket list and get that done. Shawn tells her that there is only one thing that he regrets.

Bo in the meanwhile talks to Trick, trying to get more information on Benshees among other things. Bo sees that Trick is in a bad mood, but Trick replies that he has a lot on his mind. He then gives Bo an ancient scroll that was written by the Blood King in the past. She cannot read it and he also gives her a book which translates it into something she can understand. Bo leaves with the book in hand and runs into Kenzi and Shaun. Shaun explains that he would like to reconcile with his brother who is a Dark Fae while he is a Light one. Bo agrees to try and make that happen. His brother is named Liam and feeds on human greed and Shawn seems to know where Liam might be. Bo gets Dyson to agree to back her up on the search and they leave the bar.

We then find them entering an office which seems to be in the process of being taken away. In the middle of this, a man rants that everyone there is a crook and is taken away by security with Liam (Ben Lewis) taunting the man as he is taken away. Bo then attempts to get Liam to understand that his brother will die by the end of the day, to which he seems not to care for what Shawn did to him in the past.

Shawn in the meantime is driving Kenzi crazy by having the same song played over and over again in the bar among other, seemingly to her, lame things. She finally gets him to try something different and he tells her that he has never kissed a human to which Kenzi slaps him playfully. Bo then returns and tells Shawn about what his brother said about him. Shawn explains that just before a ceremony called The Gathering, which a Fae chooses the side of light or dark, he discovered that $30,000 was missing from the family business and told his father about it. They figured out that Liam must have taken the money and had him arrested. Upon getting out of jail, Liam joined the Dark Fae, the only one in their family to do so and the family disowned him. After explaining this, a chandler falls from the ceiling and almost kills Shawn. Bo tells him that she will make Liam understand. Following that, Kenzi takes Shawn out of the bar, steals a car with him, and keeps trying to get him out of his shell.

Dyson and Bo meanwhile stake out Liam’s office in Bo’s car. Bo tells him that she is sorry that this isn’t what he wanted to do for La Shoshain. Dyson tells her that there is no where else he would rather be. Bo laughs at that a bit. Dyson tells her that he is doing everything that he can to protect her and Bo tells him that she trusts him without reservations. The conversation fades away and Bo occupies herself with the book that Trick gave her.

Kenzi and Shawn arrive at the Kavanagh home. We learn that Shawn’s mother passed away recently and that only their Father, Patrick, remains. Their conversation is stiff and formal with little emotion being shared between the two. Shawn’s frustrations make him storm away from his father. Kenzi in the meantime has been looking at the papers on the table Shawn’s father had been looking at and comments that the person he is betting on will likely lose.

Bo and Dyson are still in the car waiting for Liam to appear, Bo comments from the book that the Blood King personally wrote all of the rules of Fae society, that French and German Fae soldiers put down their weapons on La Shoshain during World War I to celebrate it together. After getting a text from Kenzi that she and Shawn were going back to Bo’s apartment, Liam appears and Bo goes to talk to him. She uses her powers on him and discovers that Liam took out a hit on his brother using a Goblin to do the dirty work for him.

Kenzi and Shawn are back at the apartment eating and talking when the Goblin arrives and attacks the pair. Bo and Dyson arrive moments later and Dyson is attacked by the Goblin and is injured. Bo manages to slow him off, at least temporarily, until Dyson can use his gun to stop the Goblin finally. Bo then tells Shawn that his brother put the hit on him. Shawn is furious and disappears from the room. Dyson explains to Bo that Laim’s killing on La Shoshain is against the rules and that the Fae Elders will stop it. Moments later Kenzi tells Bo that she thinks that Shawn went to kill his brother.

Shawn goes to Liam’s office and using one of Bo’s crossbows, attempts to kill him. He fails with his first shot and the two of them argue with each other for a time until Bo, Kenzi and Dyson arrive. Bo stops the pair from fighting by declaring Agallamh. That being a rule that any Fae can force warring parties to have peace talks, and that must be obeyed on La Shoshain. The only thing is that Bo didn’t read all of the details in full. If the talks fail, then the caller of the talks forfeits their life as a sacrifice.

Bo then sees Trick about Agallamh, and he lectures her about using it and how sacred a ceremony it is. Bo pleads with him to tell her how to do it right and he agrees. Shawn and Liam are then seen at the Agallamh in the Dal. Several rituals are then taken, including the scattering of what looks to be gunpowder on the floor and a sharing of a drink by the two brothers and Bo lighting the gunpowder setting it afire. Trick then tells Bo she needs to have someone chosen to kill her if the Agallamh fails, a person called a Claymore. Dyson takes that duty.

The two brothers tell of what happened in the past and argue over it. They fail to come to an agreement and Liam summons a Goblin to the scene. He then tells Bo that Dyson will kill her and the Goblin will kill his brother because the Agallamh has failed. Trick forbids any violence in the Dal, to which Liam coldly replies, "Take him outside, then." Kenzi then whispers something to Bo and leaves. Bo asks for a pause in the Agallamh and gains some time for Kenzi to return. Dyson takes Trick aside for a moment and tells him that Trick could save Bo. Trick just walks away.

Kenzi in the meanwhile races to get Liam and Shawn’s father and return him to the Agallamh. Trick is seen looking at a series of tools held in a pouch that we saw earlier in the series. Dyson arrives to tell him that it is time to continue, to which he says that he will be there shortly. Liam forces the Agallamh to continue. He calls for closure, gets one of the Fae to second it and Bo is forced to begin to close the ceremony. She stalls for time, talking in a roundabout way until Kenzi barges in with Patrick father in tow. He enters the Agallamh and is asked by Bo why he took the money. After a time he admits to taking $30,000 from the safe to cover his gambling losses. Shawn and Liam are shocked at this. Patrick had Liam bailed the next day, but he didn't expect his son to run off and join the Dark. He also didn't expect Shawn to look in the safe, to which Shawn replied that his father depended on him to be responsible. Patrick didn't want to tell anyone because his family reputation would've been tarnished and his wife might've left him. Bo denounces Patrick for putting his own reputation before his sons' happiness. In the end, Shawn apologizes to Liam for his accusations and offers him the family pendant. Liam accepts and calls off the hit on his brother. He also promises to pay back the people he ripped off if his father would moved his mother's grave to neutral ground so Liam could visit her. Patrick accepts these terms. Bo sees that they have a peace and moves for closure. Dyson seconds it, and the Aggalamh ends with a peaceful resolution. Kenzi and Shawn embrace happy that it is all over.

But it isn’t. Afterwards, Shawn, Liam, Kenzi, Bo and Dyson leave the Fae Bar and talk for a while around Shawn’s car. The investor that had been thrown out of Liam’s office tries to shoot him, but instead Shawn takes the bullet for him and dies in Kenzi’s arms.

The episode ends first in Bo’s apartment, Bo trying to comfort Kenzi for losing Shawn and the game that Shawn and Kenzi had been playing sitting in front of them on a table. We leave them behind as we look in on Dyson and Trick at the Fae Bar. Dyson is proud of Bo not crumbling in the face of death, Trick asks if he would have killed her. Dyson asks if he would have used his blood to save her. Dyson tries to convince Trick that Bo is strong and deserves to know more. Trick says he is not ready for that. Dyson insists that Bo is and that Trick needs to believe in her and that she will amount to something. Trick says that for her sake he hopes not. He comments that persons that rise to prominence bring pain upon themselves. Dyson raises a glass to Trick and says, “I know. To the Blood King and all that you have sacrificed.” Trick looked embarrassed and replies, “Please don’t ever call me that.” The last image of the episode is Trick and Dyson sharing a drink without another word being spoken.

Questions in this Episode

  • Trick is the Blood King. That means that he is at least 1,000 years old. It also means that he created the rules of the Fae. But why is he no longer the Blood King?
  • What exactly does it mean to be the Blood King?
  • It was said that Trick's blood could save Bo. How?
  • Where is Lou Ann, who is confirmed as Bo's Mid-wife this episode from Vexed hiding and will she return?
  • He saw little of the celebration called La Shoshain We know that it is supposed to be spiritual in nature, but the modern day Fae use it an excuse for partying, drinking, and the occasional moments of sex between the two sides, Light and Dark. What is is really supposed to be like?
  • On this day, the Fae are not allowed to feed, fight, or use their gifts. Why is this? It was quickly explained as being to remember the Blood King's sacrifice. What was that?
  • Banshees are somewhat different from their traditional forms. It would seem that the Banshee's subconscious is where their Fae power lies. While the method of getting information from them is somewhat sickening, was the call not just for Shawn, but for others in the bar?
  • There are five Noble families. Five Fae, Five Human. One of these are the Kavanaghs. That leaves a total of nine other families in the Nobles. Who are they? Is Bo in one of them?
  • What is Bo's mother's name? According to the closed captioning of the episode her name is Aife. But Dyson pronounced it Eve. Which is it? And if it is Eve, does that mean what that name seems to mean?
  • We learn that for most Fae, at age 16, they attend a ceremony called The Gathering where they must choose between the Light and the Dark, and it is described as sort of a Fae bar mitzvah. Will we ever see one?
  • Bo reads from the book that Trick gave her that French and German Fae soldiers put down their weapons on La Shoshain during World War I to celebrate La Shoshain together. Is that the same real world Christmas truce event in World War I?
  • If that is correct, then that would mean that La Shoshain is held on either of Christmas or Christmas Eve? Is that correct?
  • Goblins appear for the first time. They appear to function like motorcycle gangs if the appearance of them in this episode is correct. While not exactly like their classical myth, they are oddly formed and seem not to follow most rules of the Fae. But the ceremony of Agallamh appears to be respected. Their powers are not clear however and need better explanation.
  • Agallamh is a rule that any Fae can force warring parties to have peace talks, and that must be obeyed on La Shoshain. The ceremony is very involved and the caller of the talks has their life in the balance. The one that would take that life is called the Claymore. That generally refers to a sword. But in this case it almost should be taken to mean something like the definition of Claymore meaning a landmine. It should be defined better than "the one to kill the sacrifice if the talks fail."
  • Seeing that all of these terms are Celtic in nature and origin, can we assume that Trick is from that Realm?
  • Shawn could not avoid his fate. Does this mean that Fate is more powerful than anything else in this universe?
  • Will Trick ever be publicly revealed as the Blood King? Is there a Blood Queen? Is Bo related to Trick somehow?

Answers in this Episode

  • Trick has been revealed as being the Blood King.
  • Lou Ann from the episode Vexed has been confirmed as Bo's Mid-wife.
  • Bo's Mother's name has been revealed as being either Aife as per the closed captioning of this episode, or as Eve as pronounced by Dyson.


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Episode Review on Succubus.Net

Tera, the owner of this website, posted a review of this episode on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on Friday, November 19th, 2010. You can find that review here. She gave it 4.8 pitchforks out of 5.

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