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Fae (Lost Girl)

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Trick, Also known as The Blood King
Trick, Also known as The Blood King
Affiliation Light Fae or Dark Fae
Current leader The Ash or The Morrigan
Powers Many Various Powers
Represented By Bo
First Appeared It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

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The following is a general discussion of Fae in the Lost Girl television series universe. It is not complete and will change from time to time as new information is revealed in the series about them.

Fae in the Lost Girl universe are creatures that appear, generally, to resemble humanity but are in fact a different kind of species to humans. As such, the species is defined as being above humanity in the food chain and therefore preys upon humans to survive. Unlike humanity, which is a single species, Fae are a myriad of species within an overall group known as Fae. Generally, Fae look physically like and are of the same intelligence level as humanity. This allows them to blend into the world in general so long as they do not use their powers in public.

Feeding varies throughout the Fae, with most not actually devouring human beings, but rather taking from them what is called Chi. Otherwise, Fae will digest the same food that humans would, but it will not necessarily sustain them by itself. The need for feeding in the Fae varies and can be as little as a few hours to several days, weeks, or months between feeds. Not all feeds result in the Fae killing a human being. In some cases, humans are left temporarily or permanently weak, ill, or mentally or physically damaged. It is also possible for Fae to feed on other Fae, but this is not acceptable within their culture and is seen as a crime punishable by death.

For most of their existence, the Fae have hid themselves from humanity. By using various myths, legends and stories they have created over time, the Fae have receded from the general knowledge of humanity and are known only in these legends, myths, and fairy tales. While some Fae are not completely human in appearance, the majority are. This has allowed them to infiltrate the human world and live among humanity. While Fae have their own language, over time this has fallen into disuse and they generally use the dominant human language of the region their are found. Additionally, most Fae understand and speak English as well. Those Fae who are incapable of passing as human are kept hidden and are generally called UnderFae. While some of these UnderFae have intelligence, many devolve into animal-like beings. This notably occurring after a Fae passes through a test called The Dawning at 200 years of age.

It was common for the Fae to be at war with each other throughout most of their existence. However at one point a Blood Sage called the Blood King, used his powers to create a truce between the two opposing sides of the Fae, Light Fae and Dark Fae. In the time period of the Lost Girl series, the uneasy peace has lasted for centuries but there are still minor conflicts between the sides to this day.

Fae Biology

The Fae share the same taxonomic kingdom, phylum, class, and order as humans with the difference being their genus, which is simply referred to as Fae. All Fae share this same genus regardless of other distinctions. For example, a succubus would be categorized as a Fae succubi.

All Fae appear to be extremely long-lived compared to humans. According to Trick, Fae do not allow divorce for the first thousand years of a marriage in order to "give it a chance."[1] Trick himself is in fact centuries old despite his appearance as are Dyson, Ciara, Aife, The Norn and many others. The appears to be the case because young Fae age and develop at nearly the same rate as humans until they reach puberty. Once this occurs, physically, they have matured and then no longer age as humans would. It is unclear whether or not they stop aging all together or whether they simply begin to age much more slowly, though some Fae have been known to die of old age. How their Fae abilities affect their aging is unclear.

Although different Fae species can apparently interbreed with each other, it is unclear how Fae children powers are inherited. While Bo is a succubus, her father could have been an incubus, but this is not necessarily true. Her mother was a succubus, but also was the daughter of Trick. As a result it appears that Bo has received the powers of several different kinds of Fae, but the Succubus genome appears to be the strongest and is used to define her. Hale and his sister Val are two different species. Hale is a siren like his mother, while Val is a Pombero[2] Hybrids of both Fae parents are possible, such as The Glaive possessing the power of telepathy from her father who was a telepath and control of some aspects of nature from her mother, a Wood Nymph. Bo and her mother Aife are part blood sage and their blood can enthrall Fae and humans.

Fae do not appear to be very prolific compared to humans.[3] A human a century old would likely have several generations of descendents. Their immortality may simply mean that they have less incentive to breed where humans are encouraged to do so.

Fae and humans can also cross-breed, but the resulting children will not inherit Fae powers, and Fae are discouraged from having contact with their human children.[4]

Based on information which was revealed in Origin when Lauren transformed The Morrigan into being human, Fae do not sweat or itch. In general most normal body functions that humans have are apparently not present in Fae. If Massimo's comments can be believed, they do not have a heartbeat either.[5]

Politics of the Fae

The Fae are separated into two sides, the Light Fae and the Dark Fae. The Light Fae's ruler is called The Ash and the Dark Fae's ruler is called The Morrigan. Once a young Fae chooses an allegiance, they remain on that side for their entire lives without the possiblity of switching sides. The two sides, or factions, are opposed to each other, but generally operate on a policy of guarded truce, and live by certain rules such as neither side crossing into the other's territory without permission and ensuring that knowledge of the Fae is kept secret from humanity. There is one single case which does not adhere to rule of choosing sides. Bo is the only known unaligned Fae which allows her to operate freely with either side, although it also means that she lacks the protection of either faction.[6]

UnderFae, many of whom are non-sentient, or have lower intelligence, are used by the Fae in various roles such as guard dogs and other such brute force positions. Sentient UnderFae are not referred to as being either Light or Dark but must have had a side before their Dawning. Whether or not this is respected afterwards is not clear but they seem to be generally exempt from some of the rules of Fae society as a result of what they are.

Relationships between Light and Dark are considered "treasonous" by the Light and punishable by death.[7] It is not clear if Dark Fae are quite as harsh in this regard. As Bo is Unaligned, a relationship with her falls outside the rules and therefore would not cause an issue for either side, though they could try to sway her to one side or the other. Fae also have certain territorial rules that neither side can cross without permission from the other, such as Dyson requiring explicit permission from a Dark Fae who owned a betting shop to enter his territory[8]; when two brothers chose separate sides, they specifically requested that their mother's grave be relocated to neutral territory so that the Dark Fae son could visit it as well as his Light Fae father and brother.[9]

Human/Fae Interaction

Humans are generally ignored by Fae except as a means to feed. However the two sides of the Fae treat their feeding differently: Light Fae generally feed only enough to sustain themselves and take care not to waste their feeds. Dark Fae feed out of need, but also will kill for pleasure, or the thrill as well. Generally both sides ignore their actions against humanity for the most part, unless an event occurs that could bring about the possibility of the Fae being discovered.

To help their offspring interact and understand humanity, Fae parents send their children to human schools to ensure that they can interact with humanity.[10] There does not seem to be a separate education system from humans for young Fae, though it may exist for Fae families of higher standing.

Relationships between humans and Fae are rare but not explicitly forbid in the short term. Although Fae/Human offspring are possible, and are human without any Fae abilities. In this case, Fae parents are discouraged from making contact with the children. On at least two occasions in the series, one being Bo herself, and a young male Fae child, Fae infants have been adopted by humans without the humans knowing about their true nature. Although Bo reached puberty before her powers appeared, the young boy learned about his powers while trying to help his father, with the boy and his father being taken in by the Ash after the boy was discovered to preserve Fae secrets.[11]

Some prominent Fae have been seen in the series owning humans. Lauren is officially the property of the Ash, along with various other humans under his control. Lachlan, The New Ash, adhered to a rule that allowed Fae to keep their human property locked away when they were not needed or working, although some Fae such as the previous Ash, allowed them more freedom.[12] Humans who are owned may interact with Fae society and are not to be harmed by other Fae. Trick declared that Kenzi was Bo's property to allow her such interaction and to protect her from any retribution over Bo's actions. It is unclear how Fae decide what humans to own. While Lauren offered obvious skills, the Ash accepted Dyson's suggestion that he take custody of one man just because the man had adopted a Fae child, and there has been no reference to the Ash's other human servants.[13] Over the series itself, the only Fae shown to own humans are the Light Fae, with Dark Fae servants appearing to be simply human employees without any sign that they are aware of the Fae's true natures.

The Dawning

The Dawning is a rite of passage that all Fae must go through when they reach 200 years of age.[14] Bo, as far as has been revealed in the series, is the only Fae to face the Dawning before that time. It is a test which ends in two possible results. In one, the Fae evolves to their ultimate level of power and ability if they pass. Should they fail however, the Fae will apparently, though this is unclear, immediately devolve to become one of the UnderFae, losing their intelligence and forgetting all they were.[15]

The Dawning consists of three basic stages. The first is a change in the senses of the Fae, the most common one being a change in the sensitivity of their sense of smell.[16] This warms the Fae that the Dawning is approaching and they need to prepare. Some Fae obtain assistance in doing so, many using the services of a Load Star.[17]

The second involves the Fae passing a first test in stepping through an archway. Upon doing so, the Fae then must play a game in order to receive their invitation to the Dawning and be allowed to enter the Temple.[18]

The final stage is the actual Dawning where the Fae enters the Template normally alone through a portal. Some Fae take one person with them called their Hand, but only one of them is allowed to leave the Dawning. In the case of Bo, she took Dyson with her, broke the rules, and managed to return with him and pass her Dawning.[19]

Upon passing the Dawning, the Fae is changed, becoming more aware of their powers and abilities if they have passed the test. Should they fail, it is unclear if they return immediately transformed into an UnderFae or if that transformation takes some time to happen.


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