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Fae-de To Black

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"Fae-de To Black"
Lost Girl episode
Lauren requests Bo never feed from Dyson
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 4
Overall Episode 39
Directed by Ron Murphy
Written by Alexandra Zarowny
Produced by Wanda Chaffey
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by David Greene
Editing by Ben Wilkinson
Production Code 304
Original Air Date January 27, 2013 (2013-01-27)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Rachel Skarsten - Tamsin
Derek McGrath - Doctor Palmer
Meghan Heffern - Tabitha

Episode Chronology
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"Faes Wide Shut"

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Bo and Dyson investigate why the patients of a New Age clinic are committing suicide while Lauren sets ground rules for Bo's feeds

SuccuWiki Rating: 3.8 (3.8)

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Fae-de To Black was the fourth episode of the third season of the series, and the thirty-ninth overall episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on January 27th, 2013 at 9 PM Eastern time.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 3
  • Episode Number: 4 (39th Overall)
  • Episode Title: Fae-de To Black
  • Directed by: Ron Murphy
  • Writing credits: Alexandra Zarowny
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: January 27th, 2013 on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 840,000[1]


A promotional Image of the Season Three cast of Lost Girl from the official website at lostgirlseries.com From left to right: Richard Howland as Trick, Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, Rachel Skarsten as Tamsin, Anna Silk as Bo, Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson, Zoie Palmer as Lauren and K.C. Collins as Hale.

Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Ksenia Solo Kenzi
Richard Howland Trick
K.C. Collins Hale / The Ash
Zoie Palmer Lauren
Rachel Skarsten Tamsin
Derek McGrath Doctor Palmer
Meghan Heffern Tabitha
Stephan Sparks Lloyd
Gordon S. Miller Connor
Jamaal Grant Manny
Chris Ratz Rolly
Sonya Cote Tina
Mary Pitt Ambassador Begga Brynhildr

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
Keep Me HIgh Adaline Written by Shawna Beesley
Hand Print in Wet Cement FemBots Written by Dave MacKinnon, Brian Poiner, Nathan Lawr & Iner Souster
Deep Blue Calm Written by Sean Nimmons-Paterson
Emerald Beauty Written by Sean Nimmons-Paterson
Karma Breeze Written by Christopher George Bilton
Meditation Clouds Written by Christopher George Bilton
Ladies Of The Storm Samantha Robichaud Written by Samantha Robichaud
Here I Am Courtesy of APM Music
Steeple Jack Courtesy of APM Music
They Clip The Wings Of Birds Lioness Written by Vanessa Fischer, Ronald Morris & Jeff Scheven


Short Summary

Dyson asks Bo to go undercover as a therapist at a New Age clinic to investigate a rash of human suicides. Bo believes at first that a Suicide Fae working at the clinic is feeding on the victims, but after that Fae dies, Dyson goes undercover as a patient and falls victim to what is happening. It turns out that a Rakshasa in the form of a cat is responsible for the deaths. Bo being monogamous to Lauren is causing problems. Lauren is becoming weaker and Bo’s hunger is growing as she becomes unable to heal herself not having enough Chi to feed on until, after being injured severely, she is forced to feed from Dyson. Bo tells Lauren what happened, and Lauren tells Bo she can feed on others, but Bo cannot feed on Dyson. Kenzi tries to talk to the others about the rash she has and that it is getting worse, but no one listens and at the end of the episode she is pulled screaming by a force into darkness.

Detailed Summary

The episode begins with a long erotic scene between Bo (Anna Silk) and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) in Bo's bedroom which ends with both Bo and Lauren collapsing onto the bed together gasping for breath, Bo telling Lauren that it was "epic." Lauren comments that after the night before she didn't think that she and Bo would do so again so soon. Bo promises Lauren that they can be together as often as she wants, but Lauren makes the comment that she "hasn't organized my swabs in a week and I have cultures growing out of control, and my control cultures have mutated and I have a delivery of formaldehyde arriving in thirty minutes." Bo's answer is that Lauren should say "formaldehyde" again as she kisses her. Lauren whines that she has a million things on her to do list, but Bo teasingly tells Lauren that she thought she was Lauren's to do list. Bo relents and tells Lauren that she "is released" before getting out of bed and starting her day. As Bo walks away, Lauren sits up, in obvious pain and extremely tired looking before she collapses back onto the bed again. Bo in the meantime is in the bathroom and finds a chocolate bar there which she begins to unwrap. However, she stumbles and almost falls to the floor knocking things over as she does which makes Lauren call out to Bo asking if everything it alright. Bo tells her everything is "amazing" as she opens the chocolate bar wrapping and devours it, a look of exhaustion and weariness upon her.

Elsewhere, on the roof of a building, a man wearing a Lloyd the Magnificent t-shirt (Stephan Sparks) is finishing tying a rope between two buildings as Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) and Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) arrive and ask what he is trying to do. Lloyd explains that his hero was a tight-rope walker and that his dream, since he was six, was to be a tight-rope walker as well. Tamsin is uninterested and pats Dyson on the back as she says: "Well, there you go, a man living his dream, can we go now?" before trying to walk away. Dyson asks Tamsin if she can "at least pretend to try" before he starts to try to talk Lloyd out of trying the stunt by asking if he can take some photos of him, which delays Lloyd for a time. As he takes the pictures, Dyson tells Tamsin that she is terrible at dealing with suicidal people to which Tamsin's answer is: "He wants to live out a crazy circus fantasy, let him." Dyson tells her that it is: "So typically dark of you" and then goes on to explain that there have been four previous "crazy human stunts pulled in the past week." When he asks if she can remember how the first three ended, Tamsin's answer is: "Crush, splat, Ka-boom." Dyson continues to take pictures and also reveals that at each of the deaths he smelled Fae which likely meant that a Fae was somehow involved or responsible of what happened to the humans. Tamsin is less than thrilled and tells Dyson she has a date in less than an hour and she'd like them to wrap things up as quickly as possible. She then tells Lloyd that what he is doing is stupid which makes Dyson tell Tamsin to step back and let him handle this. Dyson attempts to do so, but Lloyd tells Dyson that: "It is not the time for questions, it is the time to dream! It is the time to live!" Tamsin cheers this, which surprises Dyson. As a result he is unable to stop Lloyd from stepping onto the tight-rope and then falling to his death, falling into a car below which sets off the car alarm. Dyson looks at the scene from above as Tamsin walks over, pats him on the shoulder and tells him: "Yeah. You got this."

After the opening credits, we return to Bo's place as she scrambles around the kitchen looking for something to eat as Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) tries to talk to her about something important, Bo complaining that there is no chocolate to be found and Kenzi finally having to throw a pillow at Bo to get her attention. Bo is not pleased with Kenzi, but Kenzi pushes on saying that she needs to have a "heart-to-heart" with Bo. When Bo tries to brush her off, Kenzi tells Bo that she has chocolate in her purse which gets Bo's attention and she says: "What's on your mind?" Kenzi seems unsure how to start and says that it is a delicate subject and Kenzi can't keep it from Bo any longer. Bo assumes that Kenzi is talking about Lauren, but Kenzi says that it is something that has been "a big bug up my butt for months now." Bo goes on the defensive saying that Kenzi has never liked Lauren, but Kenzi refutes this saying that she: "Louves me some Lauren" since the previous episode. Bo tells Kenzi that Lauren is very "louverable" to which Kenzi replies that from what she can hear, Lauren is "super bangable" too. Bo cries out in frustration: "Why is everything about sex?" Kenzi is surprised and replies: "Umm... Wondersnatch? Have we met?" Bo realizes that Kenzi has no chocolate and then throws the pillow back at Kenzi before leaving for the store. Kenzi watches Bo leave and then begins to scratch at her arm, which is turning colour and mumbles to herself: "Wicked, Wicked Norn, what have you done to me?"

Elsewhere, Tamsin arrives at the police station where Dyson is going over case files. When Dyson asks what happened to Mr. Six Pack, Tamsin's date, her answer is: "Girl only needed ten minutes." Dyson's only comment is: "Too much information." Dyson shows her the file for Lloyd and Tamsin's comment is that since they couldn't find anything on him, that it was a suicide and the case is closed. Tamsin continues to look through the file and then tells Dyson that all of the cases have been patients at a clinic called "The Better Way." Tamsin wants to go and question the therapists there, but Dyson reminds her that because of doctor-patient confidentiality agreements, they will not say anything to them. She then suggests they go undercover, telling Dyson that she could be a great therapist, but Dyson is not impressed and has another idea.

The scene switches to Bo drinking an espresso at the Dal Riata and agreeing to help Dyson with his case without even hearing what it is about. As they continue to talk, Bo is repeatedly attracted to several people that pass by and she tells Dyson, in a distracted tone, that she could use the distraction. Dyson tells Bo that he needs her to be a therapist at a New Age clinic and when Bo asks how she can convince the clinic of that, he shows her a diploma for Doctor Helen Green of the Sedona Centre for Psychological and Spiritual Healing which Bo scoffs about asking why she couldn't have gone to Harvard. Dyson shakes his head and tells Bo that she hasn't seen the Clinic. Dyson then explains that he needs Bo to access the patient files and help figure out why so many patients of that clinic are committing suicide. Bo is yet again distracted by another person walking by and tells Dyson that it: Sounds delicious." He then tells Bo that she looks like she needs a feeding, and also asks from Bo and Lauren have broken up. Bo tells Dyson that her sex life is amazing while drinking yet more espresso. Dyson then tells Bo that she's cut off from coffee for the day and she relents asking what kind of therapist she will be. The scene then switches to Bo in a doctor's office looking at a book on Couples Therapy in disbelief.

After a commercial break, Bo walks into reception and meets Tabitha (Meghan Heffern) who assumes she is a patient and begins to use various scents on Bo. Bo explains that she is the new therapist and then Tabitha takes Bo on a tour of the clinic, talking very quickly and seeming somewhat hyperactive. Bo learns about some of the reactions of the other doctors and their personal issues as well. After Tabitha finishes talking about the doctors, Bo asks about Doctor Nemo and Doctor Bo which Tabitha explains are the office fish and cat. When Bo tells Tabitha that she should let her get back to work, Tabitha hands Bo a file folder and tells her that her eleven o'clock is waiting for her. Bo then has a session with Conner (Gordon S. Miller) and Manny (Jamaal Grant) about their relationship, and how things are not working out as it once had. Conner claiming that he does not use his job as an excuse to avoid sex and Manny does not believe him saying that Conner didn't have to run off to the hospital to check on blood work late in the evening, considering he is a dermatologist. Then the discussion goes into their sex life, Conner saying it is fine, Manny saying that three times a week is not enough for him. Bo is shocked by this and asks how Manny can survive, which makes Conner ask if Bo is taking Manny's side in the dispute. Then Manny attempts to read an impact statement which neither Bo or Conner want to hear about. Bo interrupts them both, touches their hands and pushes thoughts of sex into both of their minds which quickly pushes the pair into a compromising situation there in the office. Bo realizes what she did and tells them both: "Guys! Not here!" The two figure out that they can be home in five minutes, ten if they stop for whipped cream and the pair bolt from the office as Bo tells Tabitha that she is going out for lunch.

We next kind Bo and Lauren together, Bo trying to convince Lauren to have a "nooner" with her. When Lauren says she is too busy, Bo asks if Lauren is using work as an avoidance technique. Lauren is puzzled by Bo and asks her about this which then devolves into Lauren being very upset with Bo pretending to be a doctor and even more so about how much damage Bo could do to others as a result. Bo tries to brush Lauren's concerns off, but Lauren presses on, becoming more and more angry with Bo and how flippant she is about acting like a doctor ending with Lauren telling Bo that she guesses that acting like a doctor must be easy for someone that never graduated from high school. The two look at each other in anger before Bo storms off leaving Lauren alone. Bo returns to her office and listens to a woman talking about her dreams, one of them involving submarines and sailors, with an obvious sexual tone to the entire conversation. When the conversation ends, Bo is obviously frustrated and eats a chocolate bar in an attempt to curb her need to feed. As this goes on, outside in the reception area, a young man, named Rolly (Chris Ratz) is acting up by lifting various pieces of furniture. Bo walks through the room and Rolly tells Bo that people call him Captain Humongous and that he can stop a moving car with a single hand. Bo then goes into the office of Doctor Palmer to look around but finds only Doctor Bob, the cat there. She looks through some files and rifles the desk when Doctor Palmer (Derek McGrath) arrives and asks what she is doing there. Bo manages to convince him that she wanted to talk to gim about regression therapy and he is flattered by this.

Meanwhile, Kenzi is in the Dal Riata talking to Hale (K.C. Collins) about her problems saying that she has "buttloads of stuff going on." She tries to get Hale's attention saying that she has something coming towards her in a "big yucky way" but Hale is distracted by his duties as the Ash. She gets his attention for an instant and begins to explain about using a chainsaw on The Norn, but Hale takes a phone call instead, dealing with an apology letter about looking at another Fae's feet, blocking Kenzi out. When the call is over, Kenzi tries again to talk to Hale, but he brushes her off saying that he is "up to my moonshine in Ash stuff" telling Kenzi that he can have lunch with her on Friday. Hale then attempts to leave for an important meeting, but Kenzi stops him saying that the way he looks isn't right. She convinces Hale that he needs a stylist and Hale gives in to Kenzi, giving her a credit card that Kenzi swoons over. Hale tells Kenzi that: "The black platinum has nothing on that" as he leaves and Kenzi ponders ascots.

Bo and Doctor Palmer are walking through the office talking about regression therapy when they enter the reception area to discover both Rolly and Tabitha are not there. Bo goes in search of Rolly and finds him in an underground parking garage trying to lift an SUV off the ground and failing to do so. Bo tries to calm him down and help him, but Rolly will have nothing of this, which eventually places him in front of a moving car trying to stop it with one hand. Bo manages to push him out of the way and goes over the hood of the car, being injured by it. Bo tells the driver to leave and then feeds from Rolly in an attempt to stop him from trying to kill himself in another way. Bo then sees Tabitha watching from the shadows and confronts her. Tabitha reveals that she is a Mayan Ixtab, also known as a Suicide Fae, and that she has been attracted to the death, but is not responsible for them. She and Bo wrestle for a time before Tabitha breaks free and runs off leaving Bo with Rolly close to death. Having no choice, calls for help, Bo pushes her own Chi back into Rolly to save him, and then collapses unconscious.

After another commercial, Dyson and Tamsin have found Bo and Rolly, Bo managing to save him. An argument between Bo, Dyson and Tamsin follows with both Dyson and Tamsin pointing the finger for the crimes at Tabitha while Bo doesn't believe Tabitha is responsible. Bo comments to Dyson that she isn't sure what she likes about Tamsin more, "her warmth or her charm." Dyson tells Bo that she needs to "refuel" and Bo tells him that she will take care of that, Bo goes to see Lauren and feeds on her as much as she can, Bo having an huge bruise on her abdomen. The two apologize to each other about their fight earlier, trying to mend their relationship again. However, Bo does not completely heal herself. Afterwards, Lauren agrees that Tabitha isn't likely responsible for the deaths saying that the evidence in the medical reports are not consistent with an Ixtab feeding, Lauren noting that each victim has a mark on their neck. As Lauren talks about this, Bo is in obvious pain, but tries to hide this from Lauren, not quite managing to hide the pain she is in.

Bo meets with Tamsin and Dyson and tries to convince them that Tabitha isn't the one responsible, but Tamsin belittles Bo's theories saying that they have all the evidence they need. After a long argument, Bo manages to convince Dyson to go into Doctor Palmer's office as a patient and see if he is, in fact Fae and hypnotizing his patients to commit the suicides. Tamsin leaves in disgust with the plan soon after and Bo tries to leave as well, but Dyson stops her. Taking Bo to a private room he discovers that Bo has severe internal injuries and demands to know how she is feeding. When Bo reveals she is being monogamous and only feeding with Lauren, Dyson tries to get Bo to understand that she is a Succubus and cannot sustain herself on a single human being alone. Bo cries that she cannot feed on anyone else, but Dyson tells her that there are no strings attached to feeding on him and she either feeds on him or she leaves in an ambulance. Bo finally relents taking Chi from Dyson to heal herself and regain the energy she needs to survive.

Meanwhile Kenzi barges in on Hale in the middle of a meeting, which disrupts it completely. Hale tells Kenzi that he was in talks with Ambassador Begga Brynhildr (Mary Pitt) which needed to be done in silence and Kenzi ruined everything. Kenzi seems to take little notice of what Hale is talking about, being more concerned with fashion than anything else. Hale angrily tells Kenzi that: "This isn't spring break in Cancun!" Kenzi, close to tears, tries to explain to Hale what is going on, but Hale turns his back on Kenzi saying that he needs to fix the mess that she has made with the Ambassador.

Elsewhere, Dyson is in session with Doctor Palmer, the Doctor trying to move the session along while Dyson continually sniffs the air around him trying to pick out the scents in the room. Doctor Bob, the cat. comes close to Dyson and hisses at him before running off, Doctor Palmer apologizes for the cat doing so, but Dyson brushes it off saying that he owns a dog. Eventually Doctor Palmer beings to try to hypnotize Dyson, and nothing seems to happen until the room becomes very brightly lit and Dyson's expression changes to one of wonder and some confusion.

Dyson then goes to the Dal Riata and tells Bo and Trick (Richard Howland) about what happened to him, his personality changed slightly becoming more animated that he usually would be. Bo notices a nick on Dyson's neck which he dismisses as happening when he was shaving. Trick presses Dyson on what he smelled in the room, but Dyson says that he thought he smelled something, but the various scents in the room confused him. Bo is shocked, commenting that: "Your Kryptonite is kitty litter?" When Trick suggests that Doctor Palmer could have convinced Dyson that he was not Fae, Dyson tells Trick that he remembers everything and that he was regressed to his earliest childhood memories. Dyson's phone then rings and he receives a message from Tamsin saying that they have another victim which points the finger back at Tabitha since Doctor Palmer was with Dyson. Bo, Dyson and Tamsin arrive at the scene of the new death, still arguing over who the killer is until Dyson lifts off the sheet covering the body and discovers Tabitha's body there dressed in a mermaid costume. Bo's comment is: "Told you so."

Back from commercial we find Bo, Dyson and Tamsin back at the Dal Riata still arguing over who the murderer is. Bo points the finger directly at Doctor Palmer, but Dyson insists that he is not Fae. From the far side of the room, Trick taps a page in a book and calls out "Rakshasa" which confuses them all. He explains that they are illusionists and shape-shifter Fae who can only be killed with lead. They infect others and make them try to fulfill dangerous dreams. Dyson interrputs saying that people should be allowed to fulfil their dreams which makes Bo and Tamsin look at him in concern. Trick then answers a phone call and disappears elsewhere in the Dal Riata. Bo and Tamsin decide to interrogate Doctor Palmer, but Dyson says that doing so will not get anything out of him. Dyson asks to be allowed to "sniff something out" alone and he leaves to do so. Bo then receives a call from Lauren who asks Bo to come over and Bo agrees saying that she needs to talk to her about something as well.

Meanwhile, Trick is confronting Hale over what happened in the meeting with Ambassador Brynhildr and that they much have this meeting now or they will have to wait four months for the next opportunity. Trick explains that they must have her ancestor's approval for the Dyson/Tamsin program at all costs. Trick demands to know what happened and Hale tries to explain that they were interrupted. When asked who it was, Trick puts the blame on Kenzi and Trick places an ultimatum at Hale's feet. He tells Hale that he is the Ash now, but "not the horse everyone is betting on." Hale tells Trick that he is "tired of taking it in the nads everytime something goes wrong." Trick reminds Hale that he was the one that wanted to make a difference. Trick tells Hale that he must protect the Ash's office, but Hale tries to brush things off as it only "being Kenzi." Trick then says, coldly, that: "We all love Kenzi, but make no mistake, she is not one of us." He also tells Hale to "Step up, you do what you have to do, even if it is more than you can bear."

Bo goes to see Lauren and she tries to tell Lauren that she fed on Dyson and broke her promise to Lauren, but Lauren interrupts her to show Bo the files she has on the case Bo is involved with. She shows Bo cuts on each of their necks that continue to bleed after their death which is impossible. Lauren explains that the cut must be how the Fae feeds on them. Bo then realizes that Dyson has the same mark on his neck meaning that he is being fed on as well. Tamsin then calls to tell Bo that Dyson never returned to the police station and the two rush off to the clinic in pursuit of Dyson. Dyson in the meantime is confronting Doctor Palmer, telling him that somehow he has freed his childhood fantasies and shown him that he has been living a lie for hundreds of years which only confuses Doctor Palmer more and more as Dyson threatens him with a knife.

Another commercial break and Doctor Palmer is at the mercy of Bo and Tamsin, with Tamsin holding a knife to his throat as Bo questions him. When he explains that he really doesn't know what he is doing, Bo then uses her powers on him and discovers that Doctor Palmer is human and is not the Rakshasa. When Doctor Palmer is asked what Dyson talked about, he tells them that Dyson talked about flying which sends Bo and Tamsin to the roof in search for Dyson, but before Bo leaves, Doctor Palmer asks if they left the door open as Doctor Bob, the cat likes to escape which Bo then realizes is, in fact the Rakshasa. Tamsin is the first to arrive on the roof and finds Dyson standing on the edge. She tries to convince Dyson to leave with her and go to the Dal Riata, but he refuses saying that he never wants to go back there. He tells her that he is happier than he has ever been and he had a dream once and will now make that dream come true. As Dyson removes his shirt, Tamsin manages to tell him that if he wanted to sleep with her, he didn't have to get on a ledge to do that. Dyson declares that he was born into a family of shape-shifters, but he was meant to be a Griffin. As Dyson pulls off his belt, Tamsin warns Dyson: "Don't unwrap the wang." As Dyson cries out that he wants to fly, Bo rushes onto the roof asking where Doctor Bob is, Tamsin tells Bo that: "I'm lousy at this shit." Bo asks again if she has seen the cat, Tamsin has not, and Bo explains to her what is going on which sends Tamsin on a search for the cat. Bo gets Dyson's attention and thanks her for being there to witness his transformation into a Griffin, a creature of magnificence he claims. Bo tells Dyson that he is "strong and magnificent. You are a wolf. Loved by so many people." Dyson looks at Bo sadly and answers, "But not by you." Tamsin then calls out she has found the cat and asks how to kill it, Bo yells out: "With lead!" The cat transforms into the Rakshasa, a huge creature that towers above Tamsin which makes her ask, "How much lead are we talking about here?" Bo continues to talk to Dyson telling him that he is the wolf, but he lingers on his dream still. Bo tells him that he is remembering the dream of a child and his wolf is the dream of a man. Dyson takes Bo's hand and moves off the ledge where Bo then heals Dyson's wound from the Rakshasa returning him to normal once more. Dyson then calls out to Tamsin to watch out, but she is nonplussed, unzips her jacket and casually takes a bladed weapon out and kills the Rakshasa with is single strike. As the Rakshasa turns to dust she shrugs and calls out: "Okay, let's get tanked" before leaving the roof with Bo and Dyson following behind.

Bo and Dyson are then seen at the Dal Riata, Dyson telling Bo that he's alright, but he will be avoiding rooftops for a while. Dyson then tells Bo that the entire experience has made him realize that he has been "neglecting my wolf" which means more howling at the moon and more of everything. Dyson asks Bo how she is, and Bo claims to be "good as new" before telling Dyson that what happened between them can never happen again. Dyson reminds Bo that she cannot survive on Lauren alone and Bo tells him that she will talk to Lauren about that, but with the history between she and Dyson, and he cannot feel anything for her anymore, but it is hurtful for Lauren so they cannot do this again. Bo touches Dyson on the arm asking if he understands and Dyson manages to hide his feelings and agree with Bo. Bo finishes her drink and then leaves, Dyson remains at the table and looks at his arm where Bo had last touched him. Tamsin and Bo pass each other in the room before Tamsin slides up to Dyson and says: "Damn, that girl gets to you huh?" Sitting down at the table beside him, Tamsin offers to buy him a beer and he can tell her all about it, but Dyson refuses to do so. She then asks him if he is going to sit there brooding, but Dyson also says no to that idea, telling Tamsin that they are going out to tear the town up. She tells him that she knows a place but it might be a little rough for him. When he asks if she is buying, her answer is: "Only if you are a good little boy." Dyson's answer is: "No, I'm a very very bad wolf." Tamsin smiles and tells Dyson: "Good answer" before the two leave the Dal Riata together.

The scene then shifts to Hale's office in the Dal Riata which is now guarded. Kenzi is stopped at the door and tries to get past the guard but cannot. She tells the guard to: "Stop Ash blocking the Kenz" but still does not get any further. The door then opens and a Fae leaves the room allowing Kenzi to see Hale and their eyes meet. The guard looks at Hale for permission to allow Kenzi to enter, but Hale refuses her and the door begins to close again as Kenzi screams to Hale that she needs to see him desperately.

After the final commercial break, Bo and Lauren are together at Lauren's place. She tells Bo that Dyson needs to see her as soon as possible to make sure he is free of the effects of the Rakshasa. Bo tells her there is no need and Lauren realizes that there are only a few things that can hea; that kind of wound, a Succubus being one of them. Bo then tries to explain that she was bleeding internally and that she had no choice. Lauren is hurt and comments that she thought that Bo was "only playing at being a doctor." Bo continues to try and explain that she wasn't healing, that Dyson was there and she had no choice. Lauren says nothing through Bo's explanation which only serves to draw Bo into a panic over what Lauren is thinking until Lauren, on the edge of crying, finally kisses Bo. Bo tells Lauren that if this is her mad, then she needs to tell her about losing one of Lauren's favorite earrings. Lauren tells Bo that she loves her, that being a doctor she understands Bo's needs as a Succubus as well and that she isn't enough for Bo to live on. Bo tries to comfort Lauren, but the two are coming apart over what all of this means to their relationship. Lauren also reveals that the shots she has been giving Bo to control her hunger are no longer working either. Lauren tells Bo that she has to start feeding again, but sets one ground rule about that to Bo. She cannot, ever, feed from Dyson again and Bo agrees to this rule saying twice: "I promise."

The final scene of the episode begins with Kenzi walking away from the Dal Riata and trying to call Bo on her phone. Bo does not answer and Kenzi leaves a message saying that she needs to talk to Bo as soon as possible. Kenzi then looks at the rash on her arm which is now covered by a bandage and is bleeding tremendously. She covers up the wound again and begins to walk down the alleyway from the Dal Riata, but then stumbles to the ground. The last image of the episode is of Kenzi screaming as some dark force pulls her away into the shadows.

Questions in this Episode

  • If Bo does not feed enough, besides the change in her personality and healing abilities, what else happens to her?
  • How sensitive to other people's sexual needs does Bo become when she is in dire need of feeding?
  • Is there any long term damage from feeding only on Lauren?
  • Has Lauren been injured in some way because of Bo feeding on her so much?
  • Why won't anyone listen to Kenzi throughout this episode?
  • What is happening to Kenzi? The rash is obviously extremely bad and the blood and injury should have been seen by someone.
  • Why does Trick turn so nasty towards Kenzi when speaking with Hale about her? What happened to Trick's compassion with her?
  • What dragged Kenzi away at the end of the episode?
  • How did Bo get her cell phone back? Did Vex return it to her?

Answers in this Episode

  • When a Succubus does not feed enough, two obvious consequences of this are that their personality changes, becoming irritable and somewhat irrational. The other is that they seek out other sources of energy including chocolate and caffeine, which have little effect in controlling their hunger to feed.
  • Eventually the Succubus will find a means to feed or it may mean their eventual death through being unable to heal themselves or replenish the Chi they have been using to live on.
  • Bo showed the ability in this episode to use a semblance of mind control to alter the thoughts of others towards sexual actions which has been shown before in the series, but to one person at a time. This time she controlled two people at once.
  • Bo never graduated from high school.
  • Ixtab or Rope Woman was the Yucatec Mayan goddess of suicide according to Diego de Landa. You can find more about this myth here. In the Lost Girl universe, there are Mayan Ixtab, better known as Suicide Fae who feed on the emotions of those that commit the act of suicide.
  • According to Lauren's comments, the shots that Bo had been receiving in order to control her needs are no longer working.
  • As the need for feeding grows within a Succubus, their emotional drives become more and more sexually focused pushing rational thought aside in the search for a means to satisfy their need to feed.
  • Kenzi's rash appears to be either altering her in some way or killing her. The damage is severe and getting worse in this episode.
  • According to Kenzi's talk with Bo at the beginning of the episode, she has had the rash for several months at the time of this episode.
  • Dyson cannot smell as well as normal when there are massive numbers of scents in a room, the most powerful block being kitty litter.
  • A Rakshasa or alternatively rakshas, is a race of mythological humanoid beings or unrighteous spirits in Hindu and Buddhist religion. Rakshasas are notorious for disturbing sacrifices, desecrating graves, harassing priests, possessing human beings, and so on. Their fingernails are venomous, and they feed on human flesh and spoiled food. They are shapechangers, illusionists, and magicians. You can find out more about this myth here. In the Lost Girl universe, Rakshasa are illusionists and shape-shifter Fae who can only be killed with lead. They infect others and make them try to fulfill dangerous dreams.
  • Lauren has allowed Bo to feed on others, but she cannot feed from Dyson again.


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