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Encounters Series 5: Succubus Seduction

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Encounters Series 5: Succubus Seduction
Encounters Series 5: Succubus Seduction Module Cover by Corvus Lunaris Ltd.
Code CL-E-005
Rules required Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition
Character levels Any
Campaign setting Dungeons and Dragons and similar
Authors James Coleman
John Steele
Dawn Hazle
Richard Lewis
First published February 2, 2009
Pages 31
Linked modules
Encounters Series

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Encounters Series 5: Succubus Seduction is an role playing module for the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 edition role playing game. It is written by James Coleman, John Steele, Dawn Hazle, Richard Lewis and illustrated by John Steele.


  • Title: Encounters Series 5: Succubus Seduction
  • Authors: James Coleman, John Steele, Dawn Hazle, Richard Lewis
  • Illustrated by: John Steele
  • Format: PDF
  • Publisher: Corvus Lunaris Ltd
  • Length: 31 Pages
  • Release Date: February 2, 2009

Module Summary

A hub of many roads, the small town of Guildthorp has long been an important waypoint for trade. But the working classes have been growing restless, and the Merchants' Guild are using them ever harder and harsher. In this potent mix has appeared a succubus intent on subtly sowing as much chaos as possible - can our intrepid adventurers uncover her secret before it is too late?

Module Details

A single session combat and roleplaying encounter suitable for four characters of 5th-7th level using the d20 v3.5 ruleset.

It happens to every GM sooner or later - the players pick up on an irrelevant detail and follow it like a plot hook, or unexpectedly reveal the villain's secret identity too early, or get a hostage killed that they really should have rescued; suddenly, the plot is up in the air, and even the best GM needs some breathing space to work out where to go next.

When you need something to fill in a session; add a little extra, dangerous flavour to spice up the game; or just want to relax for a while and leave the next session's preparations to someone else, look to the ‘Encounters' series. Designed to take up around 3-5 hours of gaming, with options to draw it our longer if required, these encounters are fully comprehensive - complete with tactics for combat, suggestions for inserting them into your campaign, a breakdown of the aftermath of the encounter including notes on possible plot hooks if you, as GM, want them, and a ready-to-print scale battlegrid for miniatures combat!

Succubus Character Notes

She was called originally by a wizard who wanted her to seduce and kill a rival of his. She did so, but the left, free on the mortal place, sending souls back to the Abyss to strengthen her position. She hopes, eventually, to become a Demoness Lady of her layer of the Abyss.

To of this, she casts down Law and Order when possible, and corrupts Good beings into horrific acts, slowly but surely. She's been on the plane only a few months, but already has corrupted three Paladins and killed hundreds.

She has taken up residence in this moderately-sized trading town, placed on a major trade route. She has dreams of turning the place insular and hostile to the outside, severing the trade routes that run through it, sowing dissent and discord in the region. The Games Master (GM) is encouraged to use a town of his or her own creation; failing that, the town presented here is named Guildthorp.

To do this, under an alias, she has started manipulating local workers into beginning to believe that the noble classes and the merchants from far away are exploiting their labours and giving them nothing in return. The situation is only at the sour grumbling stage, but her fomenting of discord proceeds apace.

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