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Domino Succubi (Felarya)

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Domino Succubi (Felarya)
Home world Felarya
Physical Aspects Very rare ivory coloured female demons with a tail, bat-like wings and horns

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Domino Succubi in the Felarya universe are very rare ivory coloured female demons with the appearance of women adorned with various demonic features such as a tail, bat-like wings and horns. This concept was created by gwadahunter2222 on the Felarya Forums.


Domino succubi are a very rare species of Succubi. Their skin is ivory with black spots all over their bodies and a large horizontal black line on their stomach. They are physically stronger and have more endurance than their other succubi cousins. The domino succubi have the ability to duplicate themselves by a manipulation of time and space which allow them to be in different spaces at the same time. Each succubi is still the original entity but can preform different actions at the same time, sharing the same physical state. That's why they are called domino succubi. If one falls, the others follow suit like dominos. Their power of multiplication can be total (a complete complete body) or partial (many limbs for the same body). They can also temporarily use their ability on things and living beings, but they need to touch their target first.

The domino succubi are experts in manipulation of space and time, also known as bilocation. When they use their powers on themselves, they can multiply themselves allow them to perform different actions at the same time. They can also make another complete version of themselves appear in an open space, or make another set of arms appear sticking out of a wall behind someone. When they use their power on themselves, the domino are very vulnerable to surprise attack, in spite of their physical strength and how powerfull they can be. If one of their doubles are hurt or is killed, the or the more they use their power, the more dangerous the situation becomes for them.

The abilities of the domino succubi are a double edge sword, it can be easily turned against them. They are very vulnerable to surprise attack, even though they have great physical strength and how powerfull they can be. They always need the protection of someone else, which explains why most of them labour as servants of many powerful demon lords to seek protection from them.

They are very efficient in teleportation and summoning magic if they are in danger they can call their master's minions as bodyguard or their master.

Domino succubi offer many advantage to their master with their power and loyality, they are very valuable and have been the reason for many wars between demon lords. Domino succubi are very efficient in teleportation and summoning magic, so if they are attacked, they can call use the powers coming from the realm of their master or send their opponents to face their master. In general it's very harsh to defeat a demon in his realm. The domino succubi are highly desired, for they are normally in charge of the management of the realm of their master, and they serve loyally their current master. To become the master of a domino succubi you would have to kill her current master, that's why domino succubi can have different masters in their lifetime.

Their power changes when they use it on another target than themselves. When they touch something or someone they can split into different copy for a limited time, each copy experiences everything either of their selves experiences. Unlike when they use their power on themselves, however, for whom all of themselves share the same "real" existence, only one can be considered the "real" one. The others are merely clones, that share the physical, mental, and magical traits of the original. All of the clones are still linked, so they all experience the same thing, as long as the "real" one is not destroyed. its existence won't end, no matter what happen to the clones. Unfortunately the original remains linked to any of the clones the Domino Succubi "splits" from it, even if she splits a clone into a clone into a clone.

The Hell of the Dominos

If a domino succubi makes just one copy of her victim, and swallows the copy and she can split the copy to fill up her stomach, the "real" victim is going to experience being digested many times over. However, a copy maintains the state the original (or clone it was copied from) was in at the moment it was copied so a Domino Succubi can't "split" a half-digested person into a fully healthy clone to digest all over again. She would have to copy the original person again, and then swallow the copy to digest it. However, if she swallows the original, and leaves a copy running around outside her stomach, that copy will vanish after the normal duration has expired, or the original dies from being digested; whichever comes first.

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