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Death Didn't Become Him

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"Death Didn't Become Him"
Lost Girl episode
Bo's true powers are hinted at
Episode no. Season 2
Episode 8
Overall Episode 21
Directed by Steve DiMarco
Written by Steve Cochrane
Produced by Wanda Chaffey
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by David Greene
Editing by Paul G. Day
Production Code 208
Original Air Date November 13, 2011 (2011-11-13)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Athena Karkanis - Nadia
Von Flores - Donovan
Chad Connell - Christoph
Courtney White - Tori
Zachary Bennett - The Lich

Episode Chronology
← Previous
"Fae Gone Wild"
Next →
"Original Skin"

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A friend of Trick's asks for his help when his deceased husband's body is stolen while Hale and Kenzi deal with a teenage Fae during a night on the town.

SuccuWiki Rating: 4 (4)

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Death Didn't Become Him was the eighth episode of the second season of the series, and the twenty-first overall episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on November 13th, 2011 at 9 PM Eastern time.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 2
  • Episode Number: 8 (21st Overall)
  • Episode Title: Death Didn't Become Him
  • Directed by: Steve DiMarco
  • Writing credits: Steve Cochrane
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: November 13th, 2011 on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 0.91 million[1]


A promotional image of the Season Two cast of Lost Girl from the official website at lostgirlseries.com From left to right: Richard Howland as Trick, K.C. Collins as Detective Hale, Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson, Anna Silk as Bo, Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, and Zoie Palmer as Lauren

Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Ksenia Solo Kenzi
Richard Howland Trick
K.C. Collins Detective Hale
Zoie Palmer Lauren
Athena Karkanis Nadia
Salvatore Antonio Gary
Von Flores Donovan
Chad Connell Christoph
Courtney White Tori
Vanessa Burns Cow Girl
Zachary Bennett The Lich
Russell Ferrier Groundskeeper
Chris Gillett The General
Dave Kiner Musician
Cory Grant Boxer
A. Frank Ruffo Italian Chef
Glen Gaston Scientist

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
Realpolitik The Wilderness Written by Lee Piazza, Nate Lyons-Fisher,
Jay Organek, Chris Mason
I Caught Holden Smiling Ronley Teper Written by Ronley Teper
Air & Variations Kristian Southhouse Written by Handel
Boom Written by MC Magico, Alex Wilson
Courtesy of APM Music
Romeo And Juliet Fantasy Overture Kristian Southhouse Written by Tchailkovsky
Monster Dome Misteur Valaire Written by Francois-Simon Deziel, Johnathan Drouin,
Julien Harbec, Thomas Herbert, Louis-Pierre Phaneuf
When I Get Home Wildlife Written by Dean Povinsky
Romeo And Juliet Fantasy Overture Courtesy of APM Music
The Crazy Baby Raquel Reed Written by Raquel Reed, Chris Pinset
Jig from the Suite in E minor for Harpischord Kristian Southhouse Written by Handel
Passacaile from the Suite in G minor Kristian Southhouse Written by Handel
Killing It The Hundred In The Hands Written by Elanore Earls Everdell,
Adam Menachem Friedman, Adam Grant Friedman
Brother July Talk Written by Josh Warburton, Peter Dreimanis,
Leah Goldstein, Daniel Miles, Eamon McGrath


Short Summary

An old friend of Trick's asks for his help when his recently deceased husband's body is stolen from his grave. Bo and Dyson investigate and discover that a Lich has taken the body, reanimated it, and is controlling the man for the Lich's own purposes. Bo with the help of Lauren, confront him and Bo is forced by the Lich to make a choice, to die or to feed on Lauren so that he can experience what Bo feels when she does. Bo refuses and seems to die, but comes back to life, takes the Chi from everyone in the room save for Lauren, thus killing the Lich and all those he had kept under his power. Bo speaks in a strange voice and declares that she can make everyone obey her as she does so, but then collapses and returns to normal. Lauren saw what Bo did, but does not tell Bo exactly what she saw. Bo gives the Chi she took from the husband back to him, letting him return home for one last moment with his love before he dies once more. Hale and Kenzi have to deal with a precocious teenage Fae who complicates their lives while Hale has been placed in charge of looking after her on a night on the town. Before the Lich dies, he reveals that Nadia, Lauren's girlfriend, is not suffering from a disease, but that she has been cursed and they need to find the copy of the nail they now possess in order to remove the curse.

Detailed Summary

The episode begins with Lauren (Zoie Palmer) with the help of a guard rolling a stretcher with a body bag on it into a part of the Fae laboratory. After the guard leaves, she opens the bag to reveal Bo laying inside of it. Bo complains about the smell inside and then tells Lauren that maybe it isn't such a good idea that she see Nadia, (Athena Karkanis) Lauren's old girlfriend. Lauren explains that if she was told by someone that she slept with that they had a girlfriend in a high security facility run by the Fae, that she would think it was a blow off and Lauren explains that she really needs Bo to meet her. Bo agrees finally and then Lauren takes her to see Nadia in her pod. Bo comments that Nadia looks very pretty and Lauren talks about Nadia having a beautiful smile. Throughout this Bo is obviously uncomfortable being there, but she sticks it out. Then she shows Lauren the naii the Morrigan gave them which Lauren places in a sample bag for safe keeping. Lauren asks again if the Morrigan told Bo anything about it, Bo again tells her no, and then Bo thanks her for letting her see Nadia. The scene then changes to a cemetery where the groundskeeper (Russell Ferrier) is stumbling along in the dark half-drunk. He hears a noise and discovers a man dressed like a General (Chris Gillett) digging into a grave. He confronts the man, but is then suddenly lassoed by a Cow Girl (Vanessa Burns) and falls to the ground.

Returning from the opening credits, we return to find Bo talking to Trick and another Fae named Donovan (Von Flores) with Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) listening as well, the group at The Dal Riata. Trick explains that Donovan's husband Christoph (Chad Connell) had passed away recently and when he went to visit the grave it had been opened and Christoph's body had been removed. Donovan is in shock over the events. Trick explains that Donovan is Trick's oldest friend and that he needs both Bo and Dyson to investigate what happened and find Christoph's body. Bo agrees and Dyson does as well with the caveat that he must get out of a security detail he would otherwise be on. Trick gives them a photograph of Christoph and Donovan embracing each other, obviously in love. Dyson asks what Christoph had been buried in and is told that as Christoph was one of the world's greatest dancers, he had been buried in his leotard and other dancing items. Donovan then reveals that Christoph died in a car accident and that he feels responsible for that happening because he told Christoph to drive himself to a performance.

Hale (K.C. Collins) meanwhile is playing pool with a pair of female Fae and telling them about his adventures with Dyson, the story being about a Behemoth that they had captured. Dyson arrives and takes Hale aside, he then reveals that he has been placed in charge of security for The Glaive, who is described as being the Attorney General for all Faekind. Dyson then manages to convince Hale to take over the security detail for him, which will last 12 hours, by flattering Hale to the point where he begs to be able to do the detail. Moments after agreeing to handle the detail, a young Fae woman enters the bar with a pair of security guards. It turns out that the detail is not guarding The Glaive, but her daughter. Dyson hands Hale a sheet of instructions, then greets the girl, Tori (Courtney White) before walking away leaving Hale to his fate. Hale reads the instructions which are: "No booze, no boys, no rap music, no coffee" before Tori asks him if he is as boring as Dyson is.

Bo and Dyson arrive in the cemetery where Christoph had been buried finding an open empty grave there where his body should have been. Dyson smells something and moments later the pair discover the groundskeeper laying on the ground dead. Examining the body, Dyson explains that it is a hunting kill by a Fae, the body drained of blood to preserve the body. Dyson also notes that whomever did the deed only too the most valuable parts of the body, leaving the rest behind. Dyson then tells Bo that they need to a Fae called a Cheeno but more specifically the butcher for that Fae that might have an idea of who did the deed.

Hale meanwhile tries to keep Tori's attention by telling her of his adventures, but she is not impressed with him. Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) then arrives and chats with Hale before she takes notice of Tori and asks who she is. Hale tries to impress Kenzi with the "high security detail" he is on, but Tori interrupts telling Kenzi that "he's babysitting me for my Mom and won't let me do anything fun." Tori also reveals that she is telepathic and that her mother demands that she wear a tracking bracelet all the time. Tori asks if Kenzi is Light or Dark Fae, Kenzi tells her she is human, but her friend Bo technically claimed her, but she comes and goes as she pleases. Tori seems to be impressed and tells Kenzi that she's cool. Hale again tells Kenzi that he has a set of rules for Tori, but Kenzi nudges and cajoles him until he allows her to have a little fun with Tori in spite of his best judgement.

We then move to a theater house where several beings in different dress sit at a table with a musician (Dave Kiner) playing a piano on a stage nearby. Sitting at the table are the Cow Girl, the General, an Italian Chef (A. Frank Ruffo) and a scientist (Glen Gaston). Also resting at the table is Christoph's body. A man enters the room and places his hand over Christoph's heart. He suddenly jerks back to life with a shout and looks around in confusion. The man attempts to tell Christoph that he is in exalted company, but all that Christoph cares about is seeing his husband Donovan. The man touches Christoph again and suddenly he acts like a puppet, his strings being controlled by the strange man that brought him back to life, and he begins to dance without another word.

Returning from commercial, Bo and Dyson are confronting Gary (Salvatore Antonio) in his butcher shop. He is combative and refuses to do anything to help Dyson or Bo. He tries to make Bo leave by eating some human remains in front of her and as well talk about eating her as well as humans in general. This continues for a while until Bo attempts to use her Succubus mind control powers on him, but all that does is make Grey want to eat her body more. Bo then threatens to have Dyson take him to jail and make sure that all he gets to eat there will be vegetarian and Tofu, which finally breaks Gary's will and he begins to give them information that they can use. He admits that he butchered the grounds keeper for a Lich. Dyson describes them as an ancient Egyptian royal family that found a means to keep themselves alive forever as part of their unending search for knowledge. In short, the Lich eats flesh to feed his body and knowledge to feed his mind. In the end Gary gives Bo and Dyson the address of where the Lich can be found.

Meanwhile, back at the The Dal Riata, Hale looks on concerned as Kenzi and Tori start to party. The pair are dancing to rap music, Tori telling Kenzi about herself and her life as they do so. Hale then interrupts trying to get the woman to leave the dance floor and let the bar return to normal. Tori plays the "my mom is powerful remember" card on Hale and everyone else in the room. Hale again tries to control the situation, but Tori tells him that he has to call her mother every three hours or he will be in trouble. Hearing this, Hale races off to make the phone call.

Back at the theater, Christoph is dancing wildly, prompted to more and more dangerous moves as he continues to dance around the theater. Dyson and Bo arrive interrupting the performance and ask why the man controlling all of the others there, who is the Lich (Zachary Bennett), had not checked in with Trick who is the Waystation Keeper for all Fae to which he expresses his apologies, but then claims to be leaving in the morning so there is no need to do so. He then tries to flatter Dyson by saying that he is gorgeous, but then his attention focuses on Bo and calls her divine.

Back at The Dal Riata, Hale attempts to talk to Tori's mother on the phone and tell her that everything is fine with her daughter, but is confused with some of the questions and answers he is getting from her. He finally finishes the phone call and looks around the bar to see where Tori and Kenzi are, but they have disappeared, Hale wishing that working homicide meant that he could do the killing.

Returning to Bo and Dyson again, the Lich wonders what made a Light Fae police detective and an undeclared Succubus do errands for a retired King. The Lich then tells Bo that he had always wanted to meet a Succubus, to understand the hunger within and the lusts that she, according to him, must have within her. He also expresses that he knows almost everything there is to know, but he doesn't understand what Bo feels when she takes a life when she feeds. Dyson then interrupts him and asks for the return of Christoph immediately. The Lich refuses using the excuse that since Christoph is dead, his marriage no longer is valid. Bo calls out to Christoph to come with them, but all he does is to continue to dance silently in a balcony above the main stage of the theater. The Lich then invites Bo to return with a guest to an exhibit and wine and cheese gathering. Dyson agrees to come with Bo, but the Lich refuses him. Bo agrees and says she will return with a date for the show, and then leaves with Dyson telling him that they need to before her "uncontrollable passion makes me forget my manners."

Back from commercial, Bo has explained to Donovan and Trick what is happening with Christoph, but Donovan becomes more and more upset with what has happened until he finally just tells them to get his husband back and leaves the room. After Donovan leaves, Trick tells Bo that rumour has it that the Lich place their Chi into a container to keep it safe and if that container is destroyed then the Lich would die. Bo then tells Trick of a painting she saw of the Lich when he was younger and in that painting the Lich had an amulet around his neck similar to a beetle in shape. Trick suggests that like the story of Dorian Grey, the Lich's Chi might be contained in the painting. Trick also explains that those under the Lich's power cannot pass over after death and live a tortured existence under his control. Trick asks Bo to bring Christoph back alive so that Donovan can say a proper goodbye and Bo promises to do so.

Hale in the meantime is elsewhere in The Dal Riata in near panic. He attempts to put out an all points bulletin on Kenzi and Tori and as he finishes doing so Dyson comes up to him. Hale attempts to convince Dyson that everything is going okay, but Dyson sees through that and asks Hale if Tori pulled the "you have to call my mom" trick on him. He also tells Hale that she pulled the same trick on him once, so he put a tracking device into Tori's bracelet which he gives to Hale. Hale is instantly relieved and gives Dyson a huge hug saying, "my man".

Lauren arrives and meets with Bo, Bo explains that she has been invited to an event with the Lich and she thinks that since he knows almost everything in the world, that he might know what the nail they possess is for. Lauren then tells Bo that the last few years have been bleak for her and that Bo's friendship means the world to her. She then asks Bo directly if she is okay with helping her to save Nadia. Bo does not answer that question, but instead just helps Lauren with her lipstick.

Bo and Lauren arrive at the theater and are greeted by the Lich. He seats them in front of the stage and he makes some small talk with Bo. He explains that the people that he has brought back from the dead are his dolls and through them he experiences everything that they do. He then opens the show with Christoph dancing for him while Bo and Lauren watch in horror.

Meanwhile Kenzi and Tori are at Bo's home drinking and dancing when Hale finds them there. He interrupts them and then Tori becomes sick throwing up on Hale. After Kenzi helps Tori to lay down she strips the top that Hale is wearing off him and then stares at Hale's well built physique for a few moments seemingly mesmerized by his looks. Hale then tells Kenzi to sober up Tori and leaves to get cleaned up.

Back at the theater, the musician is playing on the stage, the Lich mesmerized by his art. Bo attempts to use her seductive powers on him, but she seems to have no real effect on him. When she notices the Cow Girl watching her, Bo stops the attempt. Lauren then tells the Lich about her time in the Congo and what happened there. The Lich seems to recognize the event and also realizes who Lauren is with some surprise. When Lauren asks him if he has any idea about the nail that the Morrigan gave her and Bo, the Lich is evasive and insists on watching the show instead.

Donovan at the same time is rifling through Trick's office looking for something and eventually discovers an odd dagger. He starts to leave with it, but Trick appears and tells him that he can't take the weapon and use it on the Lich. Trick takes the weapon from Donovan and he tells Trick of how wrecked he is knowing that Christoph is alive after he watched him die. Trick tells him that he knows what it is like to lose a loved one as Trick lost his wife so long ago. Trick tells Donovan that he knows what Trick has been through and how he wound up in the Dal and that he can't go through something similar. Bo tells him to have some faith in Bo as she is special and will manage to bring Christoph back.

Returning to the theater again, the musician is still playing on stage as Bo notices the painting of the Lich once again nearby. She strikes up a conversation with him trying to flatter him into turning Christoph over to her. The Lich seems to agree, but actually is only toying with Bo. Bo then takes a knife away from the Cow Girl and threatens to use it on the painting of the Lich. Bo warns him that she will destroy the painting and free all of his puppets to which the Lich seems to be on the verge of panic over noting that he holds so many of the world's secrets in his mind that killing him would be a crime. Bo then takes the knife to the painting destroying it and the Lich falls to seemingly dying as a result of what Bo did. But in fact the Lich was pretending to die and gets up off the floor once more. Lauren and Bo have a short conversation in which Lauren tells Bo that the vessel that holds the Lich's Chi isn't a vessel but in fact is several vessels, that being the puppets that he controls. Bo then tells Lauren that she'll just take the Chi from every one of them if she has to. The Lich then has the Cow Girl and the General aim their guns at Bo and Lauren making Bo drop her knife with the comment: "Leave it to me to bring a knife to a gunfight."

Returning from another commercial break, the curtains on the stage pull back to reveal both Bo and Lauren on the stage with collars around their necks and chains running from them trapping them. The Lich is also on the stage and speaks to his puppets. He tells them that the one show that he had been waiting his entire existence for is at hand, he will, he claims, finally see a Succubus feed. His puppets then chant "Feed" over and over again as Bo tells Lauren that when she suggested that they spend more time together, this isn't what she had in mind.

At Bo's home, Tori is suffering from a hangover and apologizes to Hale for throwing up on him. Kenzi hands her a mug of something to drink and Tori goes into a panic when she realizes that it is coffee. Moment later, she collapses to the floor, seemingly dead.

Returning to the theater, the Lich commands Bo to feed on Lauren and she refuses. When Lauren suggests that Bo feed only a little on her, the Lich refuses that revealing that the one thing that he has never experienced is "pure, unbridled passion." He commands Bo again to take all of the life from Lauren and she tells him that she has left enough innocents dead in her wake and she would rather die. The Lich then has the Cow Girl shoot Bo in the stomach fatally and she falls to the floor slowly bleeding to death.

Kenzi in the meantime has realized that she has killed Tori and is in a complete panic. Hale is just as stunned as Kenzi and bemoans the fact the Dyson trusted him and he let Dyson down. Kenzi makes the comment that: "it's coffee. You have it with breakfast or in a cafe when you are pretending to write a novel. It's not a drink, it's a hug!" Kenzi then slaps Hale across the cheek and demands to know why he didn't tell her that Tori couldn't drink coffee. The two have a short fight over what happened, Hale telling Kenzi that all that was wrong with Tori's life is that her mother was a controlling jerk. Kenzi then admits that she screwed up and breaks down, and Hale tries to comfort her. Hale tells her that he's sorry that he was mean to her and Kenzi tells him that she is sorry that she ruined his life. When Kenzi asks him what he's going to do, his answer is "move."

The Lich tells Bo that if she does't feed on Lauren he will kill her and then bring her back and feel for himself what she does when she does feed. Bo tells the Lich that she knows that her Chi is her power and that if she dies he can't use her for his own ends as he will not have her Chi to control. In an attempt to force Bo into doing what he wants her to do, the Lich then has Lauren taken from Bo's side and placed on a nearby table, telling Bo that her "petulance has made me hungry" intending to eat Lauren. As Lauren struggles on the table, the Lich tells Bo that she has one final chance to obey him or he will kill Lauren. Bo does not answer him, but she and Lauren share a long look before the Lich takes a long knife to Lauren's throat. Bo then seems to take one last gasp of breath and then stops moving as she crouches on the floor, the chain holding her head in the air. In the next moment, Bo stands up, a look of defiance on her face mixed with anger. Her body begins to glow red and she licks her lips before smiling evilly. The red glow appears from her mouth and then she draws the Chi from the Lich and all of his puppets from around the table where Lauren is being held. The Chi travels to Bo without her making physical contact with any of them and she consumes it making the Lich and all of his puppets fall to the floor, but leaving Lauren unscathed by her power. Then in a strange echoing voice, her eyes now a gleaming green colour, Bo declares to Lauren and the Lich who is dying; "I can be more powerful than all other Fae. Everyone would kneel at my feet. There would be no more Dark and no more Light. There would be only me." and then snaps the collar she is wearing in half before falling to the floor unconscious.

Back from the final commercial again, Lauren has rushed to the stage to help Bo, who has seemingly returned to normal. Bo awakens with no memory of what had happened and Lauren tells her that she had no idea what happened either except that somehow Bo managed to take the Chi from all of the others in the room all at once. Bo is shocked by this and cries out no several times before running over to Christoph and returning Chi to him bringing him back to life once more. Bo then attempts to save the Cow Girl, but Bo is told by her that she can't understand the torture that they have been through and just to let her die. Before Bo can answer, the Cow Girl passes on.

Kenzi and Hale are talking about what they are going to do. Kenzi suggests that they go to Buenos Aires, but Hale refuses as he has a cousin there that is a tone deaf Siren. The next place Kenzi suggests is Egypt, which reminds Hale that Dyson told him there is a Lich in town and Hale tells Kenzi that it could be their only hope.

The Lich is close to dying and attempts to eat a piece of a human body, but Bo steps on his wrist preventing him from doing so. Bo demands that he tell her what the nail the Morrigan gave them means and what the connection is to Nadia. The lich explains that Nadia is cursed and not sick because of a disease. The nail is an African Shaman's cursing nail. Somewhere there is a piece of wood with another nail in it. They need to find that other nail and remove it from the piece of wood. When that is done, Nadia will likely awaken. The Lich begs Bo to let him feed, but she kicks the food away from him. The Lich then rolls over onto his back and tells Bo of some of the many things he has seen in his life before he finally dies at Bo's feet.

The next scenes begin with Donovan and Christoph embracing in Trick's office, Bo and Trick watching from a short distance away. A short time later, all of them are in the Dal and Trick asks Donovan what he will do with the little time that he and Christoph have left together. Donovan tells Trick that they are going to their cottage, which is their favourite place on Earth. Trick tells Donovan that they might have three days or Christoph might pass on that night. Donovan tells Trick that he is okay with that time. He begged for five more minutes when he watched Christoph die, anything now is a blessing and he is thankful for it. Hale and Kenzi then run into the Dal, Hale carrying Tori in his arms and he asks Trick where the Lich is. Hale goes into a panic saying that he needed the Lich to bring Tori back to life. After a few moments of panic between Hale and Kenzi, Dyson appears. Hale attempts to explain but Dyson slams his fist into Tori's waist and she comes back to life. Kenzi tells all of them that Tori had no pulse, but Tori explains that she is allergic to coffee and that when she goes into shock someone needs to start her second heart to the relief of Hale and Kenzi.

Back from the final commercial, Hale and Tori are talking with Kenzi sitting nearby. Hale asks Tori not to tell her mother what happened and Tori says that if her mother found out she would be grounded for half a century. Tori then tells Kenzi that she really does like her and then, to Kenzi's shock, Tori asks Hale how much he wants for Kenzi. Hale replies that he would take $50 and a promise never to see Kenzi again and Tori offers her hand in agreement, but Hale declines the deal saying that Kenzi holds a special place in his heart. Tori's security guards then appear to take her back home. but before she leaves, Tori admits that she did have fun and thanks both of them. After Tori leaves, Kenzi thanks Hale for not selling her, to which Hale says "Silence human" with a smile and Kenzi slaps him on the arm.

The last scene of the episode begins with Lauren and Bo once again in the lab that contains Nadia. Lauren talks about her frustration in looking for a disease that doesn't exist, and she cannot understand why anyone would curse Nadia. Bo tells Lauren that they are one step closer to getting Nadia back to her and that is a good thing. Lauren doesn't answer her, but instead turns around and kisses Bo for a long time before breaking the kiss, the last image of the episode the two looking at each other and not speaking.

Questions in this Episode

  • Can all Succubi in the Lost Girl universe draw Chi away from others like Bo did when she consumed the Chi to save herself and Lauren?
  • Is Bo more than she seems? Is it possible, as has been suggested in the SuccuWiki and Tera's Blog, that she is in fact a Succubus Queen?
  • Is Saskia really Bo's mother or is Bo something else in truth? Possibly she is older than she looks? Could she be someone else and forgotten her memories? Or had them removed?
  • So where is the second African Shaman's cursing nail?
  • Why was Nadia cursed?
  • Who cursed her?

Answers in this Episode

  • The Glaive is a Fae that is described as the Attorney General for all Faekind. There is no direct myth to this Fae, but there is a weapon called the Glaive. You can find out more about this weapon here.
  • Lich in the Lost Girl universe are poorly understood but most Fae want nothing to do with them. There is a legend about the Lich, which describes them as a type of undead creature. Often such a creature is the result of a transformation, as a powerful magician or king striving for eternal life uses spells or rituals to bind his intellect to his animated corpse and thereby achieve a form of immortality. Liches are depicted as being clearly cadaverous, their bodies desiccated or even completely skeletal. Liches are often depicted as holding power over hordes of lesser undead creatures, using them as their soldiers and servants. You can find out more about this legend here.
  • Dyson describes them as an ancient Egyptian royal family that found a means to keep themselves alive forever as part of their unending search for knowledge. The Lich eats flesh to feed his body and knowledge to feed his mind.
  • Nadia is not sick. She has been cursed.
  • The gift from the Morrigan is an African Shaman's cursing nail. There are two identical nails created, one is by itself, the other is embedded into a piece of wood. That nail in the wood must be removed in order to remove the curse from whomever it has been placed on. Somewhere there is a piece of wood with another nail in it. They need to find that other nail and remove it from the piece of wood. When that is done, Nadia will likely awaken.
  • Bo appears to be more powerful that she seemed to be. She has the ability to draw Chi from others without being in contact with them physically. Whether this is a normal Succubus power or is specific to Bo is not clear.
  • Bo seems to be able to transfer Chi to others much more easily in this episode than any time in the past that she has attempted to do so.
  • This episode marks the first time Bo has been directly responsible for the death of a Fae.
  • Hale has a cousin in Buenos Aires that is a tone deaf Siren.


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Episode Review on Succubus.Net

Tera, the owner of this website, posted a review of this episode on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on Friday, November 18th, 2011. You can find that review here. She gave it 4 pitchforks out of 5.

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