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Daughters of the Night - The Complete Story

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Daughters of the Night - The Complete Story
Daughters of the Night - The Complete Story eBook Cover, written by Carl East
Daughters of the Night - The Complete Story eBook Cover, written by Carl East
Author(s) Carl East
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date December 3, 2012
Media type eBook
Length 109 Pages

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Daughters of the Night - The Complete Story is an eBook written by Carl East. This work is a collection of several stories by this author about a group of vampires. One of these, named Rebecca, gains the powers of a Succubus, the character Brandy is a Succubus and other characters that are Succubi appear in the series as well.


  • Title: Daughters of the Night - The Complete Story
  • Author: Carl East
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 109 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • ASIN: B010J8A8FO
  • Publishing Date: December 3, 2012

Plot Summary

Daughters of the Night the Complete Story

  • Story 1 - A straight-laced Accountant meets his match when he goes to the Count’s home and discovers the hidden assets of the three vampire women who live there. Their clothes come off and their mouths go down as they swallow every deposit he makes into their willing mouths. What do a few bites matter, when he can pump their nubile bodies and balance the books, to his complete satisfaction.
  • Story 2 and 3 - The girls are at it again, this time they take the innocence from a young electrician. A young man, who is so naïve, he finds it hard to interact with these vixens of seduction. They also have a gang of thieves to deal with, and deal with them they do, in their usual seductive manner.
  • Story 4 and 5 - When a travelling sales representative arrives on the scene, the girls show him a good time. They like what he has to sell and everyone is satisfied with the outcome. The second story revolves around Rebecca, who volunteers to give blood to the succubae. She can’t bear to see her friends suffer and receives a lot of attention from these strange but powerful spawns of Satan.
  • Story 6 - When the girls reminisce about past conquests, the revelations that are brought to light shock the others. Samantha tells of a night never to be forgotten, with more than one partner. Rebecca tells of a seduction that occurs in a store and Jessica scares them with her tale of self-defense.
  • Story 7 - When Satan appears on the scene, the reason why he needed the blood from one of the vampires becomes clear. What happens next could very well change Rebecca’s life forever.
  • Story 8 and 9 - The first story finds Rebecca’s powers of seduction evolving into new succubae abilities. The first of two new gifts will be put to the test when a beautiful woman is compelled to visit the house. The second tale unravels the mystery of the lusty doorknocker and the Count’s close connection with how it came to grace the entrance to his home.
  • Story 10 - When Rebecca gets a little carried away with all the testing, something both amazing and scary happens to the girls. The Count is worried that this could change things and that they might have to move on. In the meantime, Shirley calls again, only this time she’s not expected. Just, what is going on here?
  • Story 11 - When the Count suspects that someone is spying on them, Rebecca suggests that they spring a trap, to find out with whom they are dealing. The Count agrees but when it's all over, he wants to take the girls on a trip back to his ancestral home, the birthplace of Count Dracula.

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on January 22, 2016

The story of a coven of vampires who find their world changes as they come into contact with the Succubi. A sharing of blood brings about changes unexpected and with them the one thing they thought was impossible to see again returns.

The main Succubus of this work is Brandy, and she’s really not stereotypically presented in the story. She’s intelligent, she has a heart, and she cares very much about Rebecca and the rest of her coven. Brandy as most of the normal Succubus abilities, and a few more, one of which is that she can shift her gender as well. The most interesting part is when she teaches Rebecca about her powers and how to use them. There is almost a mother’s attention to her daughter learning and I thought that worked well overall.

Rebecca, the main focus of the work, is a vampire, but again she isn’t stereotypical, is told in a way that makes her more than she might be expected to be and I liked that. As she comes into her own succubus-like powers, there is moment when she realizes that she can do something that no other vampire can do as a result of her changes and that moment is possibly the most emotionally telling in the work.

However, the writing is a bit rough around the edges, some of the minor characters speak in a monotone, almost sleepwalking through the work. Part of this may well be the fault of this work being told in a series of short stories that aren’t quite linked together well. Perhaps connecting them together more fully would have helped in that.

There are quite a lot of little hot flashes of erotica in the work, and as a whole I think that was a bit overdone really. Some of them seemed to happen for the sake of having some erotica to get past a dull part of the story, and that didn’t quite work well.

I think that the author might want to go back and have another look at this work, rewrite things as this really is I think one of the weaker works they have written and it need not be. A better flow to the story, to the words is needed. Adding more emotion, more connections to the characters would be nice as well.

I’ll give this work two and a half out of five pitchforks.

A well told story, some interesting concepts, and I liked the characters overall. I just couldn’t quite get past the concept of mixing up Succubi and vampires as a whole.

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