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Dark Fae

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Dark Fae
The Dark Fae Mesmer Vex
The Dark Fae Mesmer Vex
Affiliation Dark Fae
Current leader The Morrigan
Powers Many Various Powers
Represented By The Morrigan
First Appeared It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World

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The following is a general discussion of Dark Fae in the Lost Girl television series universe. It is not complete and will change from time to time as new information is revealed in the series about them.

Dark Fae are one of two factions which Fae in the Lost Girl universe are divided. Light Fae are the other faction and are generally described as being the opposite to the Dark Fae in beliefs and actions. Generally Dark Fae are described as free spirited and at their worst pure evil. According to the history of the series, a Great War took place between the two groups of Fae which was started by the effects of a being called The Garuda.[1] The war progressed for a long period of time until the Blood King, later known as Trick, used his powers to bring an end to the war and create a time of uneasy peace between the two sides. Apparently, each side took a overall name based on their beliefs and traditions. In one case that was the Light Fae and in the other the Dark Fae.


The history of the Dark Fae before the actions of the Blood King have not seem explained in the series. What families founded the Dark Fae, when this occured, or any other solid information on their past has not appeared. However it can be assumed that the Dark Fae have a similar class structure and organization to that of the Light Fae.

Over time, as humanity grew, the existence of the Fae was threatened with discovery. However, they began to place themselves within human society to cover their tracks, hide their kills, and discount any evidence that was collected about them. In doing so, many of the Fae were able to collect large amounts of wealth, position, and influence, this especially true of the Dar kFae who strove for such things. Overall, those with more wealth held more power both in the human and Fae worlds, but they also needed to have more power than other Dark Fae to hold their position in Dark Fae society.

Members of the Dark Fae may eat humans out of need, but they also prey on humans as sport. They also are more likely to claim humans as pets or thralls and treat them poorly. The difference between Light Fae and Dark Fae in general is not the same as the difference between Good and Evil, as in many cases this line is blurred on both sides.

In the series time frame, the Light Fae and the Dark Fae co-exist around the world, but keep their existence a secret from humanity. They encourage myths and legends to help hide their existence as well. The Dark Fae have their membership in all levels of human society to assist in this effort, most of which are in positions of power or authority. In the current series time frame, Dark Fae can be found in all levels of human society from the wealthiest to the poorest. As part of this wide stratification, the Dark Fae also created enforcers to maintain order and peace as well as special prisons.

There are certain areas and locales which are designated as being Dark Fae controlled that the Light Fae do not enter or influence and the reverse is true as well. There is conflict between the sides, but this is generally limited to personal grudges and not overarching conflicts that draw all members of the Dark Fae to battle.

Unlike the Light Fae who follow a strict set of rules, the Dark Fae appear to follow no rules but their own. They do respect the Old Fae Laws like Blood Oaths and those governing territory. Despite animosity with the Light, the Dark have no interest in another Great War for the most part.

Dark Fae are portrayed as amoral and corrupt as they are generally involved in activities that would be considered criminal and cruel. Generally Light Fae practice restraint and control and Dark Fae revel in their abilities. They embrace their powers for their own betterment above all. Dark Fae are known for a higher body count than Light Fae and according to a Light Elder, have no qualms with murdering for pleasure as well.[2] What sets the Dark Fae apart from Light Fae is their willingness to use their powers purely for personal gain regardless of the consequences to those around them, especially humans.

It is possible for a Dark Fae to break human laws or vice-versa. It is not impossible for a Dark Fae to do good and being Dark Fae does not mean you are completely evil. It is only an indication of their alliance and nothing more.

Following the events of The Garuda, the peace between the Light Fae and the Dark Fae has become paramount in the eyes of the Elders and the Council. Whether or not this peace continues depends on a level of trust between the two sides that has not truly existed to this point in their history.

Known Positions of Power

There seems to be only one leadership position in the Dark Fae, that being The Morrigan. There has not been any real explanation of their hierarchy in the series proper. However, it can be assumed from various hints and suggestions in the series that the Dark Fae have their own group of leaders and elders, but they have not been seen. It is also apparent that the Dark Fae name their leaders with the names of fallen warriors.

From what has been seen in the series, Dark Fae tend to be involved with mainly criminal elements in the human world and also tend to place themselves in positions where they are able to influence others to their beliefs and opinions. Part of the arrangement made with The Morrigan is that those Dark Fae who are operating in her territory are expected to give her a cut of their business and if they do not there are repercussions.

Known Dark Fae

The list of Dark Fae is very long and incomplete in the series. The following list are those characters who clearly have indicated their being Dark Fae:


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