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Succubus (World of Darkness)

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Daeva / Succubi
Daeva Clan Icon
Type Vampire (Celerity, Vigor, Majesty)
Stats White Wolf Wikia
Publication history
Source books World of Darkness
First appearance World of Darkness
Mythological origins Succubus

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Daeva, also known as Succubi are a type of vampire in the World of Darkness role playing game.


The Clan of passionate and seductive Kindred, the Daeva represent everything that is physically desirable in mortal terms. Daeva Sires often look for childer who are charming, attractive and passionate, at least from their point of view. Nicknamed Succubi for their predatory charm and supernatural magnetism, the Daeva often toy with other's feelings to achieve whatever end they have in mind, mainly due to their unique Clan discipline, Majesty. The greatest downside of being a Daeva is the Clan Weakness, which coerces them to commit acts of deeply personal Vice whenever the chance arrive.


  • Name: Daeva
  • Plural: Daeva
  • Pronunciation: Day'-vuh
  • Nickname: Succubi
  • Disciplines: Celerity, Vigor, Majesty

Clan Disciplines

  • Majesty: Clan Daeva's special discipline, Majesty is the key to supernaturally imposed attraction, and the source of the Clan's reputation as Succubi.
  • Celerity: The discipline of enhanced movement embodies the Daeva's swiftness and elegance.
  • Vigor: Granting Kindred superhuman strength, this discipline helps define the Daeva's motif of physical perfection.


Daeva signet

A clan of predatory hedonists and sensualists, the Daeva are emotionally dying, hollow inside. Emotional, sensual and desirable, they are slaves to their chosen vices. Daeva are masters of Majesty, the Kindred Discipline of seduction and persuasion. Daeva are often called Succubi. [1]

Daeva are very diverse as a clan - the only common thread is their consuming passions. Fierce brawlers and social butterflies are found there, as well as everything in between.

Although Daeva are often dismissed as effete, they possess the Disciplines of Vigor and Celerity, thus making them extremely capable in a fight. This, combined with their mercurial tempers and excitable natures make them Kindred with which to tread lightly.

Daeva are most common in the Invictus or Lancea Sanctum, as the former often provides the luxuries that most of them become accustomed to. Daeva who belong to the Lancea Sanctum are often the Covenant's most impassioned firebrands and crusaders. However, there is no Covenant without Daeva members, reflecting their versatile membership - a Succubus can turn their passion to almost any cause.

Daeva are found at all strata of a city's Court. This again is a side-effect of their social natures and martial capabilities. Often they prefer to take up positions that allow them to indulge their vices - Succubus Harpies, Keepers of Elysium and Sheriffs are common.

The clan loves to surround themselves with mortals - to Daeva they are the pretty accessories, the running buffets and punch-bags that they exercise their tastes on. More importantly they serve as a mirror for the joys that, as vampires, the Daeva have lost.

Daeva Bloodlines

Canon Bloodlines

Currently there are twenty-two (22) known Daeva bloodlines listed below:

  • Amara Havana
  • Anvari
  • Asnâm
  • Californian Xiao
  • Carnival
  • Children of Judas
  • Duchagne
  • En
  • Erzsébet
  • Eupraxus
  • Gulikan
  • Kallisti
  • Kinnaree
  • Malintzin
  • Mortifiers of the Flesh
  • Naditu
  • Nelapsi
  • Septemi
  • Spina
  • Tianpàn Xiao
  • Toreador
  • Zelani

Incomplete Bloodlines

These bloodlines are canon, but no official mechanics yet exist for them:

  • Maxtla: Tlacopán-descended governor-priests
  • Murales: Aztec-styled communists and Diego Rivera wannabes who mystically coerce mortals through public art
  • Platina: a small bloodline of wealthy silver barons who draw their members from a tithe of first-born sons from a single mortal family

Fanon Bloodlines

  • Kofune (by Devil of heaven)
  • Lilithian (by Wolfgar83)
  • Paper Dolls (by Tenebras)

Notable Daeva

Those Daeva who have made an impact on the world:

Canon Daeva

  • Anulka, founder of The Carnival bloodline.
  • Sepehr Anvari, founder of the Anvari bloodline.
  • Atiqua Azad, founder of the Asnâm bloodline.
  • Pearl Chastain, councillor of New Orleans.
  • Garcilaso de Castillejo, founder of the Toreador bloodline.
  • Monica Paez de Roa, Prince of Mexico City.
  • Eglatina and Albaric Duchagne, founders of the Duchagne bloodline.
  • Eumathius, founder of the Gulikan bloodline.
  • Janko, founder of the Children of Judas bloodline.
  • Malintzinita, founder of the Malintzin bloodline and Prince of Mexico City.
  • Antoine Savoy, lord of the Quartier Français of New Orleans.
  • Xiao Jun Jie, founder of the California Xiao bloodline.
  • Xiao Tianpàn, founder of the Tianpàn Xiao bloodline.
  • Lorna Zelan, founder of the Zelani bloodline.

Fanon Daeva

  • Kathrina Bellacour
  • Gustavo Caetano Borges
  • Ana Draco
  • Mário Lopes
  • Filipa "Niddles" Pinto


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