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Curse of the Succubus

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Curse of the Succubus 
by Aaron Wilson
Written 2001
Language English
Publisher Self-Published
Publication date 2001
Media type Webpage
Lines 32

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Curse of the Succubus is a poem written by Aaron Wilson.

Curse of the Succubus

Curse of the Succubus
Soft, white flesh
I long to caress
I smell the life within her
An unnatural fire ignites my veins
Ruby red lips form my name
Seductively and with passion
The sound of her heart throbs in my mind
Deep down I am sickened, but the urge is so strong
Damn me sweet whore
Take me to the depths from whence you came
How I can live with death?
How can I live without?
I hold your lithe form in trembling arms
You writhe like a goddess of love
And invite me to partake
In lust, condemned and damned
In your eyes I see promise
In your curves I feel promise
I am spellbound and moonstruck
I go in for the feast
A cry of both pain and pleasure
Rents the night air
Blood, sweet lifeblood I drink greedily
Draining your beauteous form, darkening my soul
I indulge like a glutton
Until a pale corpse lies before me
Though sated, my spirit shrivels
And I cry undead tears
Through the wracking sobs I hear
The laughing…
The taunting…
The Succubus forever delighting in her game

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