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Curse of the Nocturnal Seductress

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Curse of the Nocturnal Seductress
Curse of the Nocturnal Seductress Book Cover, written by R. Jay Leonard
Curse of the Nocturnal Seductress Book Cover, written by R. Jay Leonard
Author(s) R. Jay Leonard
Publisher Createspace
Amazon Digital Services
Publication date June 7, 2010
Media type eBook
Length 336 Pages
ISBN 978-1452859828
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Curse of the Nocturnal Seductress is a novel written by R. Jay Leonard. The work revolves around the story of Princess Azizi Wamuiru, whom is transformed into a Succubus, passes through time into the 20th Century and then reemerges to wreak havoc.


  • Title: Curse of the Nocturnal Seductress
  • Author: R. Jay Leonard
  • Published By: Createspace & Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 336 Pages
  • Format: eBook & Paperback
  • ISBN-10: 1452859825
  • ISBN-13: 978-1452859828
  • Publishing Date: June 7, 2010

Plot Summary

In the 19th Century, Princess Azizi Wamuiru, the sole heir to the throne of an African nation, seeks the help of a voodoo priestess, Lady Mwamba, in aiding her to make her husband love her. Lady Mwamba who along with her other horrific tribulations is revealed as a demon worshipper, not only refuses to help Princess Azizi Wamuiru in her quest, but also transforms Princess Azizi Wamuiru into a Succubus and imprisons her in a sealed vase to suffer the un-ending thirst of the damned.

Azizi's husband Basha is slain in the process as she loses everything. In 1993, the vase has been acquisitioned as part of an estate by two lesbian museum collectors, and shipped to Kansas City. The women unlocked the vase not realizing what they have done, releasing Azizi's essence into present-day, allowing her obnoxious essence to roam the streets as she then travels around the city and soon encounters Keith Waters, who appears to be a reincarnation of her deceased husband. Detective Sergeant Traci Oliver who is his current love interest solicits the help of Dr. James Richards an expert on Supernatural Activities, is also aiding her with the investigation of the series of strange murders that are occurring around town.

The story continues as the Succubus continues to slaughter several more victims as it slowly closes in on Keith, mesmerizing him into falling in love with her. Meanwhile Dr. Richards and Detective Sergeant Oliver follow the trail of the victims which leads them to believe that a Succubus is responsible for the malicious acts. In their quest to save Keith as well as the city from further destruction, they set out to track down this demonic specter and try to bring to an end the seductive bloodbath. Will the expertise and stratagem of Dr. Richards and Sergeant Oliver be stalwart enough to send this dominant immortal back into the darkest plateaus of a nightmare or will the malicious seductive supremacy of this immoral creature take them out?

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