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Lost Girl character
The Light Fae Ciara, Paramour of Dyson
The Light Fae Ciara, Paramour of Dyson
First appearance

BrotherFae of the Wolves
Last appearance

Actual Last Appearance
Lachlan's Gambit[1]
Photograph Only
Into the Dark[1]
Portrayed by

Lina Roessler
Aliases Caira O'Breen
Species Fairy/Scuffock(Scathach) Hybrid
Gender Female
Spouse(s) Stefan (Deceased)
King of Ailech (Deceased)
Children None
Relatives Unrevealed
Appeared In 9 Episodes[1]
Aligned Light Fae
Fate Deceased
Killed by The Garuda defending Bo in Lachlan's Gambit

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Ciara, proper name Caira O'Breen, was the name of a character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series who was at one time Dyson's paramour. She was Light Fae in nature and specifically a Fairy/Scuffock or Scathach hybrid. The role was played by the actress Lina Roessler. She first appeared in the second season episode BrotherFae of the Wolves where her history as a teacher to Dyson and his pack of the art of war was told in flashback before she appeared in the current time of the series.

Her final actual physical appearance in the series was in the twentieth episode of the second season, Lachlan's Gambit. The Garuda was attacking Bo and Ciara sacrificed herself taking a killing blow meant for Bo. She made a final appearance in the following episode Into the Dark where she appeared as a photograph placed on top of a casket holding her remains over which Dyson grieved. The death of Ciara marked the end of her appearances in the series, but the after effects of this event still haunt Dyson. There is no evidence that she will appear in the third or future seasons in flashbacks or other forms.

Character History

Second Season

Ciara's first appearance was in the episode BrotherFae of the Wolves in which Dyson's time with his original shifter pack was told. She was, at that time, the wife of Stefan, a pack-mate of Dyson's. While she was not a shifter, she was a teacher to the pack of the art of war and as well acted as a doctor. Although she was Stefan's wife, she attracted the notice of many in the pack, including Dyson and another shifter named Cayden. She was also prized by the King of Ailech, whom the shifters served and planned to have Ciara for himself.

Stefan was sent on a suicide mission by the King which would then mean Ciara would be a widow. Dyson attempted to have The Born save Stefan, but the cost would be his wolf, which Dyson refused to give up. Dyson then tried to save Stefan himself, but arrived too late and could only watch him perish. The King then ordered the pack to bring Ciara to him and he married her, Ciara becoming his Queen. When this happened, Dyson found himself at odds with his pack and also not willing to follow such a king with no honor and left the pack forever.

Time passed and then, during the time of Lost Girl, Cayden arrives and asks Dyson for his help finding a weapon that was going to be sold at a Fae auction. Dyson helps to find the weapon, but then discovers that Cayden was in fact trying to claim the weapon for himself and the two come to battle. This then leads both Bo and Dyson to find Cayden in a van seemingly dying. In the van they discover Ciara, who Cayden had told Dyson was no longer alive. Cayden escapes and Ciara is reunited with Dyson as Bo watches on.

Ciara appears next in the episode Fae Gone Wild where it is revealed that since her husband, the King, has perished, she is now the owner of the security company that her late husband, the King owned meaning that she is a billionaire. During this episode, Dyson and Ciara are seen being intimate together and she makes the comment to Dyson that she might as well make herself at home since she seems to be there most of the time. But Dyson is troubled by her words since he knows he can never truly love her.

In the episode Original Skin, Bo, Dyson, Kenzi, Hale, Trick, Ciara, and Lauren are all drawn to the Dal Riata. When Ciara arrives, she sees Bo and Dyson together there and accuses Dyson of lying to her. Ciara wants to know what happened between Dyson and Bo, Dyson saying that nothing happened to Bo's surprise. Dyson tries to apologize to Bo, which makes things worse with Ciara who then asks Bo what she did to Dyson to make him the way he is. A Dark Fae hunter then traps all of them there explaining that he is hunting an escaped prisoner hiding there who causes them all to switch bodies. During this, the hunter in Bo's body feeds on Ciara's body until it falls to the floor. Bo tries to talk to Ciara in the aftermath, who is in Hale's body, and attempts to reassure her. Ciara tells Bo to look after Dyson when this is over, but Bo tries to explain to Ciara that what they had is long gone. Ciara tells Bo that she had found a picture of her and Dyson together and it was clear that they were happy. Bo admits that they were once. At the end of the episode, Bo returns to her own body and she returns the Chi that had been taken from Ciara and revives her. Ciara thanks Bo for saving her and as a result Ciara's relationship with Bo and Dyson starts to change.

In Can't See the Fae-Rest, Ciara tries to befriend both Bo and Kenzi, but they are uncomfortable about this and decline at first. However, Bo and Kenzi then need to go undercover in order to seek out a killer and to do so they ask Ciara help to bring them into the world of the rich and famous. Ciara meets Bo in an upper class fashion store and goes about trying to give Bo all of the information she will need such as a complete guest list for the party Bo needs to attend with background on every person attending. Ciara also offers Bo a dress that will, she thinks, be perfect for Bo to wear to the party. Ciara tries to explain to Bo that she wants to help because she can't understand the world that Bo and Dyson are involved in and she wants to know more about her and Dyson and what has happened to him. Bo's answer is that she can't understand Ciara. During the case, Ciara becomes involved in solving the mystery and her relationship with Bo and Dyson begins to change. Finally Bo comes to a resolution with Ciara over her relationship with Dyson, and also comes to call Ciara a friend, hoping to find a way for both of them to move forward with their lives. Afterwards, Ciara and Dyson talk about their relationship and she reveals to him that she loves him and he promises to make her happy, but never promises her that he will love her.

Ciara makes an appearance in Masks where she is in search for a home for herself and Dyson. Eventually she closes a deal on a house and hopes that Dyson will love the place as much as she does, but Dyson is not sure what he wants in truth. Ciara attends Bo's birthday party with Dyson, embracing Bo and wishing her the best, but then the two of them leave Bo alone and go off on their own.

She next appears in Barometz. Trick. Pressure. where Dyson and Ciara pack up their belongings to move to their new home. There are some light moments between the two: Ciara questions why Dyson spends so much of his time running errands for a bartender. Dyson's answer is that she hasn't seen his bar tab. Ciara also finds a T-shirt which reads "10th Annual Metro Police Darts Tournament - Take You Best Shot" and makes fun of it. Dyson tells her that it is his favorite shirt. Her answer is that the shirt will not be coming to their new home. Dyson tells her, with a smile, that if the shirt doesn't come, then he isn't coming either which results in a mock fight between them for a moment before Ciara dumps the shirt into a trash can and Dyson tells Ciara that she's in trouble. Later in the episode, Dyson is forced to admit that he cannot ever love Ciara when a truth is forced from him.

In Midnight Lamp, Ciara confronts Dyson and demands to know what exactly is going on with their relationship or she will leave for Zurich and never return. Faced with this ultimatum, Dyson explains to Ciara that he learned that something was broken inside of him and that it can't be fixed. He then explains to her that he saw a Norn, but Caira claims to understand, that she heard the rumours about his doing so and that she does not blame him for her husband Stefan's death. Dyson explains that he did deal with a Norn, but not at that time, but recently to save Bo's life. Dyson tells Ciara that he offered his wolf, but his love was taken instead. He tells her that he can't love her, but if he could, he would. Ciara lashes out at him that he couldn't give up his wolf for his best friend that he knew for one hundred years, but could for a woman that he only knew for a few months. She asks him if he was willing to give up everything for Bo and Dyson admits he was. She then tells him that he is not the man she thought he was and then leaves, seemingly ending their relationship.

Ciara's final actual appearance was in the second season episode Lachlan's Gambit. She assists Bo and Hale in defending Trick when a group of beserkers attack him in the Dal Raita. During this fight her power to teleport is first seen and she also shows her skill with a blade as well. When asked why she has returned, her answer is that she heard that a war was brewing and she wasn't one to pass up a good fight. Ciara brings some comfort to Bo when she reveals that she was forced to kill Nadia when The Garuda had possessed her. When Dyson returns and sees her, Dyson says that he is glad she is there. Her answer is: "that sentiment is a bit late don't you think?" Dyson is taken aback by this for a moment before Ciara tells Dyson that she: "is joking you dumb wolf. I had to come back. You know that." before the two embrace, seemingly making amends between them. The two share an intimate moment together the night before the battle with The Garuda and Ciara's spirit seems to be at peace with Dyson and all that revolves around him.

The battle is short, with The Garuda using the fears and angers of all those aligned with Bo against themselves. The group argues among themselves until Kenzi strikes The Garuda. He then creates a sword of flame, and as Bo tries to protect Kenzi, moves to strike her. However, Ciara shifts around between The Garuda and his target, taking the death blow instead. Dyson screams, Bo and Kenzi rush over to Ciara, and The Garuda roars in anger and then vanishes to confront Lachlan. Ciara's final scene has her in Dyson's arms as she tells him to: "Be true to yourself Dyson. You'll never truly love anyone if you don't." Ciara then dies in his arms moments later.

While this was her last actual appearance in the series, she appeared in the episode Into the Dark only in a photograph that was placed on her casket at the Dal Riata during her wake.

Ciara's death brought an end to the character appearing in the series.

Powers and Abilities

The full extent of Ciara's powers were never explained clearly in the series. During the battle with The Garuda and in flashbacks, the following were noted:

  • Warrior Skills: Her mother was a Scuffock who passed her warrior skills onto her. It is unclear how much of her skill is Fae ability or was learned over time.
  • Teleportation: It is unclear if this is a Fairy or Scuffock ability or neither. It appeared that Ciara needed to flex her right arm to activate her power. It may be significant that she flexed the arm upon which she wore a bracelet, which was an object of great power according to The Norn. It is not clear what exactly the bracelet did, if the ability to teleport came from the bracelet, if the bracelet enhanced an existing power, or if it was unrelated to Ciara's abilities.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

Second Season

Information revealed in the series

  • Ciara is part Fairy and part Scuffock. What a Scuffock is, was not made clear, but she taught Dyson, and the shifter pack he was with, the art of war.
  • Dyson had two pack mates he was close to, Cayden and Stefan. Stefan's wife was Ciara and Dyson was attracted to her but did nothing out of his respect for Stefan.
  • Stefan was killed on a suicide mission in order for the King to marry Ciara.
  • Ciara apparently was worth several billion dollars at the time of Lost Girl and previously ran the security company that her late husband, the King mentioned in the episode BrotherFae of the Wolves owned. She owned the entire company until her death, but little else was told about it.
  • Ciara was with Dyson for approximately one year according to her comments in Midnight Lamp.
  • She was at odds with Bo over Dyson's refusal to talk about his relationship with her. Ciara was also unaware that Dyson could never love her because The Norn had taken his love away from him.
  • Ciara returned to join in battle with The Garuda in Lachlan's Gambit because she sensed that a war was about to start and she wanted to be part of it. Whether it was part of her abilities as a Fae, or simply a means to an excuse to return, is unknown.
  • Ciara was killed in Lachlan's Gambit by The Garuda. She took a sword slash to her chest and died almost instantly. She did this to take a killing blow meant for Bo.
  • Upon her death, a wake is held at the Dal Riata. Her casket is closed, and a portrait of Ciara lays upon it.


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