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Burning: An Erotic Horror Novella (eBook)

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Burning: An Erotic Horror Novella
Burning: An Erotic Horror Novella eBook Cover, written by Joan De La Haye
Burning: An Erotic Horror Novella eBook Cover, written by Joan De La Haye
Author(s) Joan De La Haye
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date August 31, 2016
Media type eBook
Length 69 Pages
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Burning: An Erotic Horror Novella is an eBook written by Joan De La Haye. In this work the character Brigit is a Succubus and the characters Gregorathan and Gabriel are Incubi.


  • Title: Burning: An Erotic Horror Novella
  • Author: Joan De La Haye
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services
  • Length: 69 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: August 31, 2016

Plot Summary

Marcie Grove is a lonely witch. After a full moon ritual she decides to do something about the abysmal state of her love life. Making use of a powerful spell to cure her sad state of affairs, she puts her own life, as well as her coven, in danger when her apparent success brings forth a dark power with explosive and deadly results.

Book Review

The following review was originally published by Tera on her Blog, A Succubi's Tale on March 10, 2017

There has been very little joy in Marcie’s life. Little has gone right and a spell book found with her covers offers something to make one night go right it seems. But once unleashed, the devil has his own plans and Macie will be the one to suffer through them, over and over again.

The work is described as being erotic horror. but overall there very little heat, passion, or erotic moments in the story. There are some attempts at heat, but the core story tends to push them aside for something that’s more akin to being a flash of heat followed by the next bit of shock that comes along. What remains is a story of horror, with all of the trappings, and the story does well to convey that tone to the story.

What happens to Marcie, her coven, and others, is very much horror, tending to be, in a lot of ways, almost 70s horror movie moments at times. That’s not a bad thing, actually it brings the horror more out in the work by far. Marcie is drawn into things in a way where she’s taken down a path she cannot escape from and those that are connected with her seem to do a lot of things that are, overall, very much the sort of things that go wrong in those sort of movies.

The main incubus character of the work, Gregorathan, is very bit the evil incubus from start to end. He’s very stereotypical in that, really having this personality that warns, from the first moment, that he’s not good in anyway. He’s manipulative, only really thinking about himself and his plans. When his thought come out, the level to which he has tricked Marcie is quite shocking, more so that Marie didn’t see it all as it unfolded.

There are two other characters, Gabriel, an incubus that appears for but a moment and isn’t developed as a character. Brigit is the Succubus of the story and she’s very much stereotypical to the point where her evil and manipulation a are far beyond that of Gregorathan. In all of the cases, really none of them are likeable, but that’s the point of the work afree all.

The work ends on a note which is very much a 70s horror movie ending, which made sense all things considered. Again, this is a story of horror, not erotica, and the work does well with that. But for me the issue comes in not finding one character to care about as things progressed. That comes to the overwhelming sense of hope and light being crushed throughout and that is something that I don’t particularly enjoy. For those that like horror, I think they will like this. Though looking for erotica will be, I think, disappointed.

Two and a half out of five pitchforks.

As a work of suspense and horror, the story is quite good. I can’t really see much, if any, erotica in the work, but that I think is a reflection of the characters themselves. Heat does not equal passion and lust does not equal erotica. In this work at least, that is clearly shown. I think this might make a good movie, assuming of course that the movie stays close to the book and not stray from it. But otherwise the amount of loss, unfeeling, and, at times, tragic choices made didn’t connect with me. That’s my personal preference of course, I want to care about the characters. It was just go hard to do so.

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