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Bo's Father

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Bo's Father
Lost Girl character
Hades, also known as Bo's Father
Hades, also known as Bo's Father
First appearance

Caged Fae
Last appearance

Portrayed by

Eric Roberts[1]
Nickname(s) The Dark King
Aliases Lord of Darkness
Bo's Father
Species Unknown
Gender Male
Spouse(s) Persephone (Wife)
Aife (Concubine)
Children Bo (Daughter)
Relatives Zee
Appeared In 5 Episodes Referenced
12 Episode Appearances
Aligned Ancient
Fate Banished
Last seen in Rise being banished by Bo to Hel

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Bo's Father, also known as The Dark King, Lord of Darkness and Hades, was the name of a character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series. As of the end of the fourth season, the actor playing the role was not revealed but the character was referenced repeatedly. During the fifth season episode End of Faes, the actor was revealed to be Eric Roberts.

During the latter half of the Third Season, the character was referenced many times. He made only one actual appearance in that season which occurred in The Ceremony. In that episode, Bo experienced a vision where he appeared, his voice was heard, but what he looked like was not shown.

In the Fourth Season, there was some confusion over whether he was The Wanderer who played a pivotal role during the season. But, by the end of the season, it was clear that the two were different beings. As the season unfolded, his plans to transform Bo into his Dark Queen were revealed, and his plans to escape his imprisonment in Hel were made clear.

As of the end of the Fourth Season, Bo's Father remained trapped in Hel, his plans stopped at least for the moment, but he remained a threat to Bo and her friends. His intentions were unclear eave that he intended to rule over the Fae as their Dark King with Bo serving as his Dark Queen. Though referred to as the Pyripuss at one more, this was later proven to be incorrect when Bo's nature was fully revealed.

The character actually appeared onscreen for the first time in the fifth season episode End of Faes and has made seven other appearances since that episode. It was also when his name was made known. Hades schemed to isolate Bo, his daughter, and then use her to take over Earth and making it "Hell on Earth" over which he would rule, Bo as his puppet to maintain control. By using various subtle means of influencing Bo and her family, he attempted to gain Bo's trust initially, then attempted to push Bo towards madness by killing Trick and Aife. In the end, Hades used Bo's own nature and past to break her will to the point where she feel to his control for a period of time. Bo did escape Hades' control and then fought Hades in a final battle where Bo either banished Hades back to Hel, or destroyed him. It is more likely that Hades was banished as it was shown that Hades' mark was on Dagny, Tamsin's daughter and was active, meaning that Hades was most likely still alive.

Character History

Third Season

Prior to the third season, Bo's Father had been mentioned only in passing and Bo herself had no recollection of him. However in Caged Fae Bo spoke with Trick over her concerns about what her mother Aife experienced at the hands of her father, noting that he was most certainly Dark Fae in nature and was concerned about what that fact might mean to her.

Bo's Father made his first series appearance in The Ceremony though it was limited and did not reveal what he actually looked like. While Bo was undergoing her Dawning, she experiences a vision of what might be her past. In this vision, Bo enters a room where a large bassinet sits empty and a man rocks a baby in his arms. He speaks to the girl in his arms saying that she has "so much ahead of you. I've waited so long to have you in my arms." He then sings a song to the baby which Bo hums along to. The song is: "Gang awa' peerie faeries... Gang awa' peerie faeries... Gang awa' peerie faeries... Frae oor ben noo." As the song ends, Bo is quiet for a moment and then whispers "Dad?" The man, who can be assumed to be Bo's Father, though we never see his face, places the baby Bo back into her crib and then speaks to a female guardian, telling her "If Isabeau needs anything. Doesn't matter when. Doesn't matter what. You let me know." Bo's Father then disappears and Aife is seen killing the guardian and then stealing Bo away. This event marks the only time that Bo's Father is heard or seen in person in the Third and Fourth Seasons. At the end of this episode, Trick reveals an image in his collection which seems to be connected to Bo's Father in some way.

He was referred to again in Those Who Wander when Bo found Aife alive and imprisoned. Aife told Bo that her father would be able to kill those that imprisoned them and then resurrect them before killing them again. This was the first indication that Bo's Father had a specific power and hinted at the abilities that Bo had as well.

At the end of the Third Season, Bo's Father was still a mystery, his purpose and plans unknown and unclear though it appeared he was alive, but his location was not known.

Fourth Season

The Fourth Season of the series caused a great deal of confusion about who exactly Bo's Father was. At the beginning of the season Bo was captured by The Wanderer, known as Rainer, who initially appeared to possibly be Bo's Father. However, as the season progressed, it became clear that The Wanderer was not Bo's Father, but was in fact "Bo's Destiny." In the last two episodes of the season, Bo's Father finally appeared to confront Bo and Rainer towards the latter half of the season where some of his plans were made clear.

In Origin, Bo and Rainer attempted to stop Bo's Father from returning from Hel, but were tricked into completing a prophecy which rather than sealing him in Hel, opens a portal for him to return.

In Dark Horse, Trick swore that the true identity of Bo's Father was not known by him. Bo discovered that she was being transformed by her father into The Dark Queen and when she arrived at the portal where her father would appear to confront him, she began to change into the Dark Queen, but Dyson saved her. When this failed, Bo's Father sent an army of Remnants to the portal in a bid to escape Hel, but his advance was held at bay by Dyson, Trick and Tamsin. Kenzi figured out the prophecy to close the portal, and to do so she sacrificed herself. With Kenzi's action, Bo's Father could not escape Hel and remained trapped there.

At the end of the Fourth Season, Bo's Father had not revealed himself to Bo, though some facts were known about him. It was clear that he intended to have Bo serve as his Dark Queen to his Dark King and bring all Fae under his control. He was apparently trapped in Hel and while his first attempt to escape was thwarted by Kenzi's actions, another attempt was almost certain. What his involvement going forward in the series with Bo's life and any possibly plans he might have, including the possible entrapment of Kenzi to draw Bo to him were not known.

Fifth Season

Bo's Father first made his presence known in the premiere episode of the Fifth Season Like Hell, Part I where it was shown that he used old style rotary telephones who's dials glowed blue when he wanted to communicate. At one point, Kenzi was seen yelling into the phone, calling him a "heavy breather stalker" but he never spoke. He also communicated with Tamsin, turning her personality as a result, and making her seek out Bo. He spoke with one of the Valkyrie, Stacey as well. It was also made clear that Freyja, the ruler of Valhalla was not pleased with having to do business with him. At the end of the episode, Bo pressed a glowing blue floor button in an elevator and was sent on her way to see him.

During Like Hell, Part II, Bo went to confront him and after taking an Artemis Moon Candle from him, at the moment of Bo's escape to the elevator between realms in Hel, he attacked her. The only physical evidence of Bo's Father was his outstretched hand which gripped Bo by her throat for a time before she broke free. No sign of his actual physical form otherwise occurred in the episode, though Bo could hear his breathing while she searched for the candle she needed. Persephone, who revealed herself to be Bo's stepmother and as well the wife of Hades, told Bo that: "Hades used to gloat over what his daughter would become. A Queen capable of dominion over life and death. There were guards then. A midwife, lots of people. But they fled when Hades began to lose his power." Persephone's revelations about Bo's Father seemed to indicate that his name is Hades, but whether this is true or not was not clear or certain by the end of the episode.

During It's Your Lucky Fae, Bo received a birthday gift from her father of a strange Jack-in-the-box with unknown powers.

In End of Faes, Hades made his first actual on-screen appearance in a vision to Bo. Hades spoke riddles to Bo as she tried to decide whether to open the Jack-in-the-box her father had sent her in order to stop the plans of the Ancients on Earth.

in 44 Minutes to Save the World, Bo released Hades from his imprisonment and he quickly placed himself into the lives of Bo and her friends. During the episode Hades helped to save Mark's life, advised Lauren in her research and met Dyson. He also was present when Bo confronted Iris, in the end, Hades killed her while Bo trapped Nix, who had been inside of Iris, in the box that had once held Hades. In doing so, Hades remained on Earth, but was being held in isolation in Lauren's clinic. Hades had a conversation with Bo in which he explained his side of the story with regards to what Bo had learned from her mother Aife in the past. By the end of the episode, Hades had a strained relationship with Bo, she not trusting him.

During Like Father, Like Daughter, Hades discussed with Lauren her situation as a Conduit, what that meant, and offered his assistance to her. Hades also touched Lauren at one point, which gave Lauren some amount of his power for an instant. This manifested as a dark glow around one of Lauren's hands. Hades also spoke with Bo and Kenzi when they had possession of a painting called "The Vanishing" which, according to Hades, could be used to banish the Ancients from Earth. He also warned Bo that it could be used against her as well. At the end of the episode, Zee confronted Hades, demanding to know what his plans were, but Hades did not reveal them. Hades then was seen in possession of the painting, which he then revealed was a false painting over the true one, then gloating over his plans which he warned Zee where already begun.

In Sweet Valkyrie High, Hades had a conversation with [[The Morrigan}Evony]] who was seeking his help to overcome her health issue, but he refused explaining that his powers had no effect on humans. After a spirited conversation with her, Evony seemed to change her attitude and strengthen her resolve. Hades also encountered Tamsin, in the beginning of the episode paying her for finding Bo and bringing her to him, and in the latter part of the episode, having a discussion with Tamsin over her possibly being the General of his army, but then rebuffing her. At the end of the episode, Hades revealed that he was able to leave his cell at any time and did so, leaving no trace of his escape, his destination and intent unknown.

During Judgement Fae, Hades had returned to his cell and then had a conversation with Bo in which he explained why the painting that Bo had used did not, in fact, banish Zee from the Earth. Following the events of the episode where Lauren returned herself to human and then broke off her relationship with Bo, he was confronted by Bo again. During this, Hades claimed that his intentions were not to harm Lauren, or to cause her to break off her relationship with Bo. He again claimed that he only wanted the best for Bo and to make her happy. He also mentioned that he: "...can only lead you to water, I cannot force you to drink." Hades then claimed he would step away from Bo, to give her time to figure out her life, adding that he would remain where he was waiting for her return. At the end of the episode, Bo was seen kissing Tamsin, and her features shifted to be similar to that of Hades.

In Family Portrait, Hades escaped his cell, leaving a thank you note for Lauren and a drawing of Bo behind. Bo located Hades in Zee's condominium where she also found her mother Aife present. The three had a conversation over dinner during which Hades planted more doubt in Bo's mind about Trick and the rest of those that Bo called her family. Hades attempted to have Bo join him, as seemingly Aife had done so. It was also learned in the episode that Hades had impersonated Bo at least twice, once to gain Aife's trust, the other in the previous episode where he was intimate with Tamsin in Bo's form. Hades revealed that he was able to mimic others, so long as they were of his blood, but if he also gained their abilities was not made clear. Bo, Tamsin and Dyson later confronted Hades, the result of which was that Hades was struck by Tamsin, Bo plunged a knife into his chest, and neither had any effect. Hades then threw the knife at Dyson, injuring him and causing the attack to end when Bo and the other retreated. Hades then sought out Aife, who had been returned to the hospital where she had been incarcerated. Finding both Trick and Aife there, Hades, by means not revealed, overpowered them both and took them back to what was now his condominium. Bo arrived soon after to find that Hades had killed both Aife and Trick by slitting their throats and placing them in a large diorama called "Family Portrait." Hades' location was not made clear at the end of the episode, but the aftermath of his actions, both in killing Trick and Aife, but also in causing Tamsin to be pregnant, was clear.

Hades appeared at the end of Follow the Yellow Trick Road where he confronted Vex. The two spoke about Vex's decision to change sides, to join Bo, before Hades slit Vex's throat with a knife before walking away, leaving Vex on the floor, clutching his neck and convulsing.

During Let Them Burn, it was revealed that Hades' attempt to kill Vex failed, Kenzi having found Vex still alive, but also that Hades had kidnapped Tamsin from Bo's home. It was then shown that Hades had placed Tamsin in a cage similar to that which Aife was imprisoned in. Over the course of the episode, Hades was seen to play psychological games with Tamsin, pushing her into despair. Hades also, at one point when Tamsin was asleep, had removed Tamsin's wings leaving only stumps behind. Later in the episode, Bo faced Hades, after discovering that she was the Pyrippus and attempted to convince Hades that she was willing to do as he asked. After a long conversation, Hades demanded that Bo kill her remaining friends: Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson and Mark. Hades was not aware however that Vex was still alive however. After Bo set a fire in the clubhouse and called her friends there, Hades looked on in approval as Bo lit the house on fire and then did not attempt to save them. Following this, Hades took Bo to his condominium where he guided Bo to a throne meant for her. Hades then touched the mark he had placed on Bo's chest, intending to solidify his control over her. Upon believing he had control over Bo, he asked Bo to do something for her, the effects of that not being revealed in the episode.

Hades made his final appearance in the series finale Rise where Hades intended to have Bo feed off the entire city, starting with the local Fae colony, then the continent, then the world. Bo was to feed from all humans and Fae, drawing their Chi into herself and through her, Hades would also have access to the power. When Bo refused to feed, Hades used mainly psychological means to break down Bo's will until her dark side came out fully. After this happened, Bo followed Hades' instructions and fed on the city around them. Hades needed an army on Earth and by using Bo to take the Chi from the city, he was able to animate the bodies he wished to. This meant he did not have to being an army from Tartarus to complete his plan. Following Bo feeding on the city, Hades was aware that something was wrong as he "felt" there was some free will left and when Bo admitted that was her Family, Hades set Bo to kill them. When Bo freed herself from Hades' control, Hades then reanimated the Elder Fae and attempted to use them to take Tamsin's baby from her. However, Bo confronted Hades directly and her family defended Tamsin as she gave birth to Dagny, her daughter. When Bo fought Hades, her inner Chi and power had turned a different colour than it had been before. Instead of being blue, as it had been through the series, it turned a purplish colour. Bo's battle with Hades came down to one difference between them. Hades did not have a good side to him, but Bo did. Bo's good side was given through the love of Trick and in having that, Bo was able to overcome Hades. Bo breathed fire Chi towards Hades, causing his body to burn before he vanished into nothingness. It was unclear if Hades was dead or simply banished, but he did suffer some kind of injury from Bo's attack. While Hades was banished by Bo, his influence remained after he was gone through his hand-print which was seen on Tamsin's daughter Dagny. What this meant was never revealed in the series and is a matter of speculation.

Powers and Abilities

The actual powers that the Dark King possesses are unclear. There have been inferences made that he is a being of great power, but specifics are very few. His wife Aife did claim that he had the power of Resurrection at one point in the series. It is possible, though again not clear, that he may have the power of telepathy. He also may possess powers similar to that of an Incubus as well. All of this is conjecture as of the fourth season, no clear evidence had appeared.

Hades stated that he "was darkness"[2] and was able to touch Iris, who was possessed by the Nix, when all others that had touched her, save for Bo, had died in doing so.

It is unclear, but Hades seems to have a great deal of medical knowledge, the source and level being unclear, but of a high level.[3] He is also a master manipulator, schemer, and uses psychological attacks to confuse, misdirect and otherwise mislead his opponents.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

Third Season

Fourth Season

Fifth Season

Information revealed in the series

  • It appears from Aife's claims that she was forced by Bo's Father to give birth to Bo.
  • Rainer claims that all of the visions Bo has seen of horses and things connected to them are a sign that her father wants to see her.
  • The mark that both Rainer and Bo have on their chest is that of Bo's father.
  • Bo represents The Dark Queen whom her father wishes to come into full force so he can return to the Earth from Hel. It is possible that if Bo turned completely into the Dark Queen, she would then become the Queen of Hel.
  • According to the Showcase site, Bo's Father is called Per Apice (dragon; trans: The Apex).
  • Bo's Father is imprisoned in Hel and intends to use Bo as his means to escape.
  • Bo's Father intends to have Bo rule over the Fae at his side as the Dark Queen to his Dark King.
  • He seems to have the powers of resurrection according to Aife
  • When the phone rings in Valhalla, and there is a blue glow around the rotary dial, the call seems to be from Bo's father.
  • According to Freyja, Kenzi had promised her soul to Bo's Father and because of that she could not be allowed to marry Hale.
  • Bo was sent to her Father by Frejya who told Bo that all that had happened to that point had been through the plans of Bo's Father.
  • His step-wife is named Persephone and she remained trapped in Hel with him.
  • Persephone called him: "A Fae that is perceived as a god."
  • According to Persephone, Bo's father is very angry with her.
  • Persephone declares herself to be the wife of Hades and as well Bo's Stepmother. By this admission this means that Bo's Father is Hades himself.
  • Persephone explained: "Hades used to gloat over what his daughter would become. A Queen capable of dominion over life and death. There were guards then. A midwife, lots of people. But they fled when Hades began to lose his power."
  • Bo has a flashback to the vision the Oracles gave her in End of Faes, which was not fully revealed when it happened previously. It begins with her father Hades telling Bo not to be afraid, adding they have little time to talk. He then tells Bo that she must stop the Ancients as only family can destroy them, and also adds that their power will decide the fate of the world. He also tells Bo that she will do things you don't want to do. When he tells Bo that she will lead their victory over night, Bo refuses. Hades tells Bo: "Sometimes the greatest evil is the greatest mercy." and his last words are: "The answer lies with you. A gift."
  • End of Faes marks the first time Hades, Bo's father, is seen.
  • Hades has been freed from his imprisonment and walks the Earth as of 44 Minutes to Save the World.
  • Hades gave Lauren a hint with regards to her research on making humans Fae and vice versa.
  • According to Hades, the jack-in-the-box that Bo possessed could contain any force and then send it to Tartarus.
  • The mark that Bo has been carrying from her father was the reason she survived being touched by Iris and her powers as the Nix.
  • Hades revealed that the mark Bo has will never fade.
  • Hades seems to smile... a lot.
  • According to Hades, the box was made specifically for Bo to use.
  • Hades killed Iris, while Bo used the box to draw the Nix out of Iris and imprison it. Hades remains on Earth as a result.
  • Hades told Iris "I am Darkness." which allowed him to take hold of Iris and kill her, as iris was carrying darkness.
  • Hades claimed to Bo: "You are my child. My blood. I would never do anything to hurt you."
  • Hades is being held in what seems to be an isolation ward in Lauren's clinic.
  • Bo has warned Hades not to speak Kenzi's name at least twice.
  • Bo has warned Hades not to go to the Dal Riata, or to be near any of her friends.
  • Hades claims that he saved Aife from the Dark Dungeons, taking her to Tartarus to do so, but could not heal her.
  • Hades blames all of the suffering that Aife went through on Trick's actions.
  • Hades claims that he was the one that sent Bo to Earth so that she would be safe from Aife.
  • Bo listed the nicknames: Hades, Jack, BF (Birth Father) and Lauren's Lab Rat for her father. It is notable that at the end of Like Father, Like Daughter. Zee calls Hades 'Jack.'
  • Because Bo imprisoned Hades, Persephone claims that she is then also imprisoned by Bo. Bo however releases her.
  • Persephone tells Bo that the painting called "The Vanishing": "contains the first song" but Hades would know more about it.
  • Hades plays upon Lauren's thoughts, telling Lauren that she could be "more than all of us put together."
  • Hades commented to Kenzi: "And you're funny. That's your gift."
  • Bo seems to believe she has no middle name, but Hades suggests that she might.
  • Hades reveals that a Siren must sing the song in the painting at the person they wish to banish.
  • Hades also warned Bo that the song would also banish her, if she was caught in it.
  • Zee was never banished, her disappearance was a "magic trick" by Hades by rewriting the first song by placing a false painting over the real one.
  • Hades possesses the painting and has it with him.
  • Hades claims to have a plan to make sure that Bo agrees with him.
  • Zee called Hades, Jack, even though she never heard him referred to as such.
  • Hades seems to be unconcerned about Zee being a threat to him, making a comment about the body that Zee possesses.
  • Tamsin received payment from Hades for her finding Bo and bringing her to him, but Tamsin tore up the payment and refused it after confronting Hades about it.
  • Trick tells of what happened after the Battle of Titans where Zeus and Poseidon split the spoils of the Earth with Hades. Zeus got the sky, Poseidon the water, and Hades drew the shortest straw, leaving him to preside over the underworld.
  • According to Trick, Hades was enticed to take command of the underworld by a woman wearing a necklace of seduction called the Brisingamen Necklace which is the torc or necklace of the goddess Freyja.
  • When Evony met Hades, she flirted with him for a time.
  • Hades is aware that Evony is not aware of Lauren being a Conduit.
  • According to Hades, his powers of healing, which he used on Mark and Bo, only work on Fae.
  • Hades told Evony: "Now you've got two choices. You either give up, or fight like hell."
  • Freyja claimed that Hades took rule of Tartarus on purpose, using Freyja as a convenient excuse for doing so and thus hiding his true intent.
  • Tamsin confronted Hades in an attempt to convince him that she was willing to be the General of his army, but Hades was not convinced.
  • Tamsin warned Hades that if he went after her friends, he would have to go through Tamsin first.
  • Hades revealed that he was able to leave his cell at any time and did so at the end of Sweet Valkyrie High by touching the glass of his cell with his hand and making it vanish long enough for him to walk out of his cell.
  • Bo seems to have realized that Hades is gathering information on her, much more than she is about him.
  • At the beginning of Judgement Fae, Hades had returned to his cell, and at the beginning of the episode was making a sketch of Bo.
  • Hades claimed that he only gave Lauren the clue she was looking for and did not make her use what she created on herself.
  • Hades claimed that he changed the painting to protect Bo in case Zee used the painting against her.
  • Hades claims that he did not want Lauren to break up with Bo, or hurt her.
  • Hades also claimed that "people like us" are not allowed to love.
  • Hades has told Bo that he is "stepping" away from her, but will be there if she wants him.
  • Hades told Bo: "Gods no. You haven't heard a word I've said. Without family we are nothing. But I can only lead you to water, I cannot force you to drink."
  • Bo has told Hades that he will never make her do as he wants.
  • Tamsin found herself being intimate with Bo again at the end of Judgement Fae, but it might not have been Bo she encountered as it seemed as if Hades might have been impersonating Bo.
  • Hades leaves his cell at the beginning of Family Portrait, seemingly through the door which, it appears, Dyson was examining.
  • Bo finds Aife and Hades together at the condominium that Zee and Hera once owned.
  • For all appearances, when Bo arrives, it appears that Aife is standing with Hades as husband and wife.
  • Aife claims that Hades saved her from the Dark Dungeons
  • Hades claims that Aife is with him by her own free will and can leave him any time she wishes to.
  • Bo cannot clearly say if Hades has lied to her, only that he as been "creative" with the truth.
  • Apparently, Hades has at least two humans that serve him "willingly".
  • When Bo mentions that Hades did not tell her he was leaving his cell, he deflected the question, only commenting that she knew it could not hold him.
  • Both Aife and Hades conspire to place doubt in Bo's mind about Trick and the rest of her friends in an attempt to turn her to their side.
  • Hades claimed: "They did terrible things to your mother. Unspeakable."
  • Hades told Bo: "You mother understands struggle. I understand struggle and like you, we crave justice. It is time for us to rise, together, as a family."
  • Hades asked Bo to think about: "Perhaps, all of this time, you're chosen the wrong side of the family."
  • Aife describes Hades as: "the ultimate bad boy. Handsome. Charming. A cunning linguist."
  • Bo, Tamsin and Dyson attacked Hades at his condominium, but to no effect. Tamsin struck him, Bo plunged the Amethusto Dagger in his chest, and when Dyson moved to attack, Hades threw the dagger at Dyson, wounding him severely.
  • Hades revealed that his ability to impersonate others was learned from Zeus, but Hades has the limitation that he can only impersonate those he shares blood with.
  • Bo attempted to cut out her father's mark on her chest with the Amethusto Dagger, but it is not clear if she managed to do so. However, Hades did seem to notice the attempt, his hand glowing and he commenting about it.
  • Trick stood up to Hades, telling him: "I'm taking my daughter home. This ends tonight." Hades replied: "Yes. It does."
  • When Bo enters the condominium, she is greeted by a posed diorama called Family Portrait in which Trick is sitting on a throne and Aife is kneeling beside him, their throats cut and bleeding out, the result of Hades' actions.
  • Vex encountered Hades in Bo's attic at the end of Follow the Yellow Trick Road. Vex attempted to use his powers again Hades, but they had no effect. Hades told Vex: "The dark Mesmer. Trick gives you a compass and suddenly you are on the straight and narrow. Shame. You might have been useful, still could." When being held by Hades, Vex told him: "I don't play that way anymore. I finally found a team that will accept me." Hades reblied: "Then I'd like you to give your team a message for me." Vex answered: "Lemme just get my memo pad." Hades then told Vex: "I think this one's pretty self explanatory." Hades then took a blade to Vex's neck, slit his throat, blood seeping out of the cut and Hades walked away as Vex fell to the floor.
  • At the end of Follow the Yellow Trick Road, Hades had spirited Tamsin out of Bo's home, this only being discovered in Let Them Burn when Kenzi found Vex when she was looking for Tamsin.
  • Vex survived Hades' attack, having lost a lot of blood, but not enough to kill him. However, Vex's vocal cords were cut which, according to Lauren, saved Vex's life.
  • Tamsin was taken by Hades to his condominium where she was placed in a cage similar to that used by Hades when he was holding Aife prisoner.
  • Hades told Tamsin he chose her because he wanted "Someone that can better serve my needs."
  • Hades' attitude towards Tamsin is cool, almost clinical, having no real concern about her in spite of what he says. His only interest is that Tamsin's child will be something that he can use in his plans.
  • Hades clipped Tamsin's wings when she was asleep at some point prior to the episode.
  • Tamsin told Hades she would keep her baby from serving him. Hades laughingly told Tamsin to try.
  • When Bo went to see Hades, she claimed that she was there to see him and wasn't there for Tamsin.
  • Hades told Bo that: "It is a little known fact, but Valkyries die in childbirth and Tamsin is no exception."
  • When Hades did not believe Bo was going to help him, she explained: "For a long time I've been trying to figure out who I really am,where I really came from, what I'm really meant to do and the people I've called my family have been lying to me from day one. But you've been honest with me from the moment I released you from Tartarus. I know that now, I know why you did what you did to Trick and Aife. You had to. It was the only way I could see the truth. And the truth is, dad, we have a greater purpose. You're the only one that I can trust. You're my family."
  • Hades tells Bo: "I'm glad to see that I have earned your trust, but if you want to work with me, there's something I need you to do."
  • Hades did not quite believe Bo's claim to want to help in his plans and demanded Bo prove herself by killing her remaining friends.
  • Bo then set her home as a trap for Dyson, Kenzi, Lauren and Mark, setting it on fire to Hades' approval when they were all inside.
  • Hades tells Bo: "I know that was very hard for you, but you can still save your friends if you want to. What do you want to do?" Bo replies: "Let them burn."
  • Throughout all of this, Hades did not seem aware that Vex was still alive, nor did he seem to care that Tamsin was still alive if all of Bo's other friends and family were dead.
  • After setting the fire, Bo and Hades returned to Hades' condominium where Hades revealed a throne for Bo.
  • Bo took her place there, Hades touched his mark that Bo carries on her chest, and then Bo's eyes turned bright blue.
  • At the end of Let Them Burn, Bo was seen sitting upon her throne, Hades standing behind and to Bo's right, and gloating.
  • Hades used the Hellskor to trap Bo and force her to listen as he spoke of all of Bo's life mistakes and, according to him, the proof that she wasn't meant to have love.
  • Hades noted: "The hell shoes that took you to Valhalla serve me. I made them to keep you where I want you until you feed."
  • Hades intended to have Bo feed off the entire city, starting with the local Fae colony, then the continent, then the world. Bo was to feed from all humans and Fae, drawing their Chi into herself and through her, Hades would also have access to the power.
  • When Bo refused to feed, Hades told Bo: "It's in your nature Succubus. You can't avoid what you were made for."
  • Hades noted that although he was not present in Bo's life, she found death on her own and it is part of who she is.
  • Hades used mainly psychological means to break down Bo's will until her dark side came out fully. After this happened, Bo followed Hades' instructions and fed on the city around them.
  • When asked by Hades, Bo admitted that her Family was still alive and the horseshoe was protecting them.
  • After sending Bo to claim the horseshoe and kill her Family, Hades then reanimated the police force, sending them against Bo's family. However, when the police fired on them, the horseshoe protected Bo's Family with a forcefield.
  • Hades needed an army on Earth and by using Bo to take the Chi from the city, he was able to animate the bodies he wished to. This meant he did not have to being an army from Tartarus to complete his plan.
  • What Hades did not expect in Bo feeding on her family so was that she would be intimately aware of her Family's Chi, the memories that came with them and this would prove to be the turning point which broke Hades' hold on Bo.
  • When Bo fought Hades, her inner Chi and power had turned a different colour than it had been before. Instead of being blue, as it had been through the series, it turned a purplish colour.
  • When seeing Bo and Hades in battle, Kenzi called it: "It just got Sailor Moon out there!" When Lauren asks what was going on, Kenzi added: "Bo's giving the best HJ of her life!"
  • Bo's battle with Hades came down to one difference between them. Hades did not have a good side to him, but Bo did. Bo's good side was given through the love of Trick and in having that, Bo was able to overcome Hades.
  • Hades tells Bo: "You're dying Bo. I'm killing you. You forced my hand. All because you wouldn't accept what you truly are... evil."
  • Bo replies: "You're right. I am evil, but I am also good, everyone has both... Except for you. That is why you chose Tartarus. It's empty. It's hollow."
  • Hades answers: "You were created in the image of Hades. We are the same."
  • Bo tells Hades, pointedly: "You may have created me. But you never gave a shit about me and that's where we differ. See, unlike you, I care. I am Trick's blood too and his love makes me stronger than the evil that consumes you! You will never use me. You will never control me. I will live the life that I choose! I love you Dad and I'm going to give it all to you, until the day you die."
  • Bo breathed fire Chi towards Hades, causing his body to burn before he vanished into nothingness.
  • It is unclear if Hades is dead or simply banished, but he did suffer some kind of injury from Bo's attack.
  • Dagny has a handprint from Hades on her chest, but opposite to the position where Bo had her own.
  • When Dagny asks what it means, Bo replies: "Evil. I don't know how, and I don't know when, but it's coming for you."


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