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Lost Girl character
Bo, Unaligned Succubus
Bo, Unaligned Succubus
First appearance

It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World
Last appearance

Portrayed by

Anna Silk
Nickname(s) Bo
Ysabeau McCorrigan
(Birth Name)
Beth Dennis (Adoptive Name)
Aliases Bo Jones, Bo Thornwood,
Bo McCorrigan,
The Dark Queen, The One
Species Succubus
Gender Female
Spouse(s) Rainer[1] (Deceased)[2]
Children None
Relatives Aife (Mother)
Hades (Father)
Trick (Maternal Grandfather)
Mary Dennis (Adopted Mother)
Persephone (Stepmother)
Zee - Aunt[3]
Dagny (Half-Sister)
Deceased Relatives
(Maternal Grandmother)
Sam Dennis (Adopted Father)
Appeared In 77 Episodes
Aligned Unaligned
(Originally and Currently)
Dark Fae (Renounced)[4]
Fate Active
Last seen in Rise with Dyson and Lauren at the Dal Riata

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

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Bo, formally known as Ysabeau McCorrigan, and previously being named Beth Dennis, was the name of the lead character that appeared in the Lost Girl television series. The role was played by the actress Anna Silk, appearing in all episodes of the series. Bo was Fae, specifically a Succubus, but was unaligned with either the Light or Dark Fae until the Fourth Season when she chose to join the Dark Fae as a result of her meeting Rainer, also known as The Wanderer in order to break the curse he was under. This change to being Dark Fae was temporary and Bo soon reverted back to being unaligned.

She first appeared in the premiere episode of the series It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where she came into contact with Kenzi and through saving her, was drawn into the hidden world of the Fae through the actions of Dyson and Hale in bringing Bo to The Ash.

This event changed Bo's life in that she found a close friend in Kenzi, a lover in both Dyson and Lauren, and friendships with Hale and Trick, though her relationship with Trick would be discovered to be more that it first appeared. She would come to odds with The Morrigan and The Ash. though because of her relationship with Trick and the others, Bo would tend to act in concert with the Light Fae in their goals even as she claimed to be unaligned. Through Kenzi's encouragement, Bo would find a home with Kenzi, start a private investigations business, and begin to explore the world of the Fae that was now opened to her.

As the series progressed, Bo's background was revealed, including that she was the daughter of Hades in the Lost Girl universe. Eventually Bo confronted her father in battle, she banishing him from the Earth before the series concluded.

Bo was listed as being thirty-fifth in the AfterEllen list of Top 50 Favorite Female TV Characters;[5] and in 2013, number ten in its Top 65 Kick-Ass Female Fantasy Characters.[6] In 2014, Bo Dennis was named as being the ninety-second character in the British Film Institute list of the top 100 Best Sci-Fi Characters of All Time.[7]

Character History

First Season

Bo made her first appearance in the series premiere It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World where her relationship with Dyson and Lauren started, her first meeting with Kenzi, whom she saved from an attacker, her first meeting with Hale, Bo's first meeting with The Ash, and the start of Bo's adversarial relationship with The Morrigan. Bo found out she is a Succubus from Lauren in the episode, and used her powers in an attempt to escape from Lauren but Dyson interfered in the attempt and it failed. Bo went through a test, which she passed with the help of Dyson and Kenzi, and afterwards chose to be unaligned with the Fae. While little detail was given about Bo herself, it was clear she had been on the run for some time, of late working as a bartender. The episode showed Bo feeding for the first time in the series as well. At the end of the episode, Bo and Kenzi had become fast friends and were looking for a place to live.

In Where There's a Will, There's a Fae, Bo was contacted by a Fae who needed help in recovering his treasure, in exchange the Fae offered information on her past. During the episode, Bo met Trick for the first time, learned more about the Fae and began to learn how to control her powers thanks to Lauren who provided Bo with drug which controlled her need to feed to an extent. At the end of the episode, Bo was feeding on Dyson, the two of them being intimate together. Bo's first piece of information about her past that she received from the Fae she helped described that they saw a Fae midwife running through the forest with a baby in her arms, that being Bo, and that the midwife was very frightened, but no other information was given.

Oh Kappa, My Kappa marked the beginning of Bo acting as a private eye at the urging of Kenzi. The episode also showed that Bo and Dyson were intimate as well. Bo's first investigation was to find a missing student at a local college. Bo and Dyson's relationship went on the rocks later in the episode through Trick's interference.

During Faetal Attraction, Bo and Dyson were dealing with their breakup. Bo was in a sexual encounter with a Fury and her husband, becoming deeply involved in their marital problems. Relationships were strengthened between Bo and Kenzi and Bo and Dyson while The Ash reappeared to warn Bo of her actions and their implications.

In Dead Lucky, Bo was hired by a Dark Fae to find out how a human managed to win a bet with him. After solving the case, Bo met with an Oracle who did not tells Bo what she wanted to know, but did warn her that Bo's mother was alive and seeking her.

Food for Thought found Bo trying to save Kenzi's life with the help of Lauren when Kenzi ate some soup that an Aswang made which made Kenzi gravely ill. During the episode, Bo's relationship with Lauren was strengthened as Dyson's weakened as a result of Trick's orders to him about Bo. Bo also claimed that her control of her feeding was better and she believed she could have intimate connections with human without killing them.

As part of ArachnoFaebia, a Djieiene, an Under Fae creature that is similar to a giant spider, bit Kenzi, Bo and Hale, which caused paranoia and they tried to kill each other. Lauren and Dyson managed to save them before The Ash carried out a death order on them. Bo used her powers on a pizza delivery man at one point to receive a free pizza.

Vexed marked the beginning of the complex, sometimes adversarial, relationship between Bo and Vex. During the episode, Bo's freelance work led her to a Fae that might have known something about her mother. When this did not pan out, Bo turned to trying to prove the Fae's innocence which brought her into conflict with Vex for the first time. The two came to blows, Bo nearly killing Vex, but Dyson restrained Bo from doing so. During the episode, Bo's relationships were strained as a result of her actions, however Trick did provide Bo with a weapon to use against Vex and Dyson came to Bo's aid.

In Fae Day, Bo attempted to reconcile two Fae brothers when she called for a Agallamh which forced them to attempt to reconcile their differences. As well during the episode, the name of Bo's mother, Aife, was revealed for the first time. When the brother died, Bo comforted Kenzi who had become somewhat involved with him during the crisis.

During The Mourning After, Bo was hired to investigate the suicide of a woman by her sister. In the process of doing so, she encountered a Dark Fae succubus named Saskia, who eventually was revealed to be Aife, Bo's mother later in the season. Bo also battled an Albaster, who was the natural enemy of the succubi, managing to overcome him with the help of Saskia.

Faetal Justice had Bo attempt to prove that Dyson was innocent of a Dark Fae's death which put her at odds with The Morrigan and Vex once more. This continued to increase the strife between Bo, The Morrigan and Vex through her actions. By the end of the episode, Bo's relationship with Dyson was, once more, intimate and close.

In (Dis)Members Only, Bo and Dyson posed as a married couple to investigate a country club. Dyson and Bo come to an understanding about their relationship as well. Saskia returned and tried to kill Dyson, however Bo saved Dyson at the last moment by using her power to return Chi to him.

In the season finale Blood Lines, Dyson and Trick finally told Bo what they knew about her past and Saskia was revealed to be Bo's mother Aife. Life attempted to start a war between the Light and Dark Fae which drew Bo into an attempt to stop her. Bo, upset with her friends not telling her the truth, turned her back on them except for Kenzi who helped Bo find a way to stop her mother from completing her plans. Bo battles her mother and wins, but Aife vanished before her death could be confirmed.

At the end of the first season, Bo had come into contact with the Fae, found her best friend Kenzi, the two being inseparably tied together. Bo met Dyson and Lauren, who were to become Bo's lovers over the series. She gained a friendship with Hale, ties to Trick but also came to odds with The Ash, The Morrigan and Vex, which would have implications in the future for her. Bo discovered she was a Succubus, learned to control her powers and found some answers about her life and her family though much was still hidden from her. Bo declared herself to be unaligned within the Fae, but her actions tended to indicate that she was, if not aligned with the Light Fae, then at least willing to work with them and not the Dark Fae. Bo finally met her mother, Aife, and winning that battle, but the cost to Bo and her friends were yet to be revealed.

Second Season

Bo's first appearance in the Second Season was in the season premiere Something Wicked This Fae Comes where in the aftermath of Aife's attack, Bo along with Kenzi and Hale are helping Trick keep things under control. When Dyson returns after an absence, his personality had changed and the relationship Bo had suffered. Bo, with the help of Dyson, Hale and Kenzi, managed to stop the plans of a cursed group of Fae from succeeding. Dyson admitted to Bo that The Norn took his love for her and that they could not be together. At the end of the episode, a strange young Fae warned Bo that something old and evil was coming for her, but gave no specific information.

In I Fought the Fae (And the Fae Won) Bo became involved in the choosing of a New Ash through her involvement with a Fae who would be used as one of the tests in that decision. During these events, Bo came into contact with a Fae named Lachian who seemed to be immune to her powers. Following the test, Bo saved the Fae's life thanks to the efforts of Dyson and Lauren. Lachian was crowned as the New Ash which began a series of struggles between he and Bo. Bo attempted to talk to Dyson to mend their relationship, but failed and resigned herself to him never loving her again which then strengthened her relationship with Lauren. It was also shown that Bo could see the auras of Fae that turned themselves invisible if they had some kind of sexual energy in them. Bo also learned that Hale was part of Clan Zamora which was a powerful Fae family.

During Scream a Little Dream Bo found herself the target of a Mare that caused Bo to suffer though nightmares that sapped her strength. The new Ash came between Lauren and Bo, severed their relationship, and forbade them from seeing each other again without his permission. After stopping the the Mare, The Ash asked Bo to work for him, but Bo refused.

Mirror, Mirror forced Bo to make a deal with with The Ash in order to save Kenzi who was held by Baba Yaga. Bo met Kenzi's Aunt Ludmila in the episode and enlisted the help of a water nymph in an attempt to free Kenzi. This failed and Bo nearly drowned, but Dyson revived her. It was revealed that when Bo was six, Bo nearly drowned in Lake Miniwappo.

In BrotherFae of the Wolves Bo helped Dyson when an old pack mate of Dyson, Cayden, arrived in town and asked for help in tracking down a stolen Mongolian Death Worm which was to be sold at a Fae auction. Bo won, but afterwards she and Dyson discovered that the person running the auction was the partner of Cayden and were betrayed by him. Dyson and Cayden battled at the end of the episode, Cayden escaped and the worm was recovered along with Ciara who Dyson had been led to believe had died. Lauren escaped the Ash and took sanctuary in Bo's home when she was told that the Ash would be forcing all humans he owned to be locked in their quarters when not serving him. At the end of the episode, Lauren was with Bo, and Dyson was with Ciara. Bo also stood up to The Ash in order to force him to respect a deal he had with her over the recovery of the worm and its host.

It's Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away had The Morrigan hire Bo to locate an artist that had been painting murals of the Dark Fae, specifically her, Vex, and a vampire that Vex killed earlier in the series all over town. In doing so, Bo became involved in what appeared to be a power struggle between the Morrigan and Vex. Bo found the artist and returned him to the Morrigan, but things did not add up and Bo discovered that one of the Morrigan's assistants was attempting to kill both the Morrigan and Vex, to take power for herself. The Ash arrived at Bo's home and after threatening Kenzi, commanded Lauren to return to him. When Bo returned, she and Lauren became intimate. As a reward for her assistance, the Morrigan gave Bo a means to free Lauren, but in doing so, Bo discovered that Lauren had a girlfriend. Bo also commented in the episode that Dyson was with Ciara and that he had not been seen since she appeared.

In Fae Gone Wild Bo investigated a group of strippers that took a prisoner out of Dyson's police station. When Dyson reappeared, Bo found herself at odds with him over the case they both were working on from different angles. The clues took Bo and Kenzi to a strip club and Bo discovered that all of the dancers there were Fae. Bo managed to get a job at the club tending bar and learned that the group, who were Selkie, were trying to steal their pelts back from the owner of the club. With Bo's help, they managed that, and with Dyson's help they brought the owner of the club to justice. Bo learned that Lauren's girlfriend Nadia had been in a coma for the past five years and together they discover what the Morrigan gave to Bo as the solution to save Nadia, but had no idea what it was.

Death Didn't Become Him marked an important event in Bo's storyline. At the request of Trick, Bo investigated the theft of the body of an old friend's husband. Bo discovered that a Lich was responsible and was captured by him. Bo was forced by the Lich to make a choice, to die or to feed on Lauren so that he could experience what Bo feels when she feds. Bo refuses and seemed to die, but came back to life, took the Chi from everyone in the room save for Lauren, and killed the Lich and all those he had kept under his power. At this point, Bo spoke in a strange voice and declared that she could make everyone obey her, but then collapsed and returned to normal. Lauren saw what Bo did, but did not tell Bo what she saw. Bo gave the Chi she took from the husband back to him, and allowed him return home for one last moment with his love before he died once more. Before the Lich dies, he reveals to Bo and Lauren that Nadia, Lauren's girlfriend, was not suffering from a disease, but that she had been cursed and they needed to find the copy of the nail they now possessed in order to remove the curse.

During Original Skin Bo switched bodies with a bounty hunter because of the actions of a deranged Fae. The Nain Rouge appeared to Bo when she was in Limbo and was told that the Fae will come to an end and her destiny was to kill Trick. Bo told Trick at the end of the episode that the Nain Rouge told her something terrible was coming and that Bo's real name was Isabeau.

In Raging Fae Bo attempted to deal with an illegal fighting ring, but was distracted by the arrival of Mel, the sister of the first person Bo killed who wished to seek revenge on Bo. Bo told Kenzi of what happened in the past, what happened when her parents told her the truth, and why she needed to run again, and why she would be running all of her life. Bo was severely beaten in the boxing ring and refused Dyson's help in recovering. Bo uncovered the mystery and she helped a human father and his Fae son, taking them to The Ash. Bo came to realize that she was wrong to turn her friends away and gained them back. Bo came to the decision that she needed talk to Mel and tell her the truth, but Hale covered for Bo and Bo found herself forgiven through the cover story that Hale told Mel which was that Bo saw a murderer that actually killed her brother. When Bo confronted Hale about this, it was revealed that Trick asked him to do so and Bo revealed to Trick the vision from the Nain Rouge of her killing him.

Can't See the Fae-Rest found Bo and Dyson undercover as a couple as they investigated a strange series of human deaths. Bo eventually discovered that a homeless Batibat was responsible for the deaths which were caused by her tree being felled and made into trinkets and souvenirs. During the episode, Bo and Ciara come to an understanding about Bo's relationship with Dyson and they began a tentative friendship.

Masks marked a turning point in Bo's relationship with Lauren. Kenzi planned a surprise birthday party for Bo, but the Ash called Bo to a meeting and sent Bo away to lift the curse which was placed on Nadia, Lauren's girlfriend. Bo was transported to a Shaman who revealed that the former Ash paid him to place the curse on Nadia, but will only remove the nail if Bo completed a quest for him. He sent Bo on a search for a healing mask that he required to save his life. Bo asked a favour of Trick, and he gave her something valuable to trade for the mask the Shaman wanted, and Dyson left with Bo to find the mask. They meet with the Fae that held the mask, and after making the trade and completing a test, they left with the mask. Bo then returned to the Shaman and saved his life, removed the nail, and released Nadia from the curse. Bo also destroyed the means for the Shaman to curse others as well. When Bo returned to Lauren, she found her and Nadia together. Bo returns home to the surprise birthday party Kenzi had been planning and received gifts from her friends, but also one that came from someone that no one knew at the party. At the end of the episode, Bo was alone, neither Dyson or Lauren being with her, but with others.

In Barometz. Trick. Pressure. Bo's anger and personal issues with The Ash came to a head. Lauren and Nadia left on a trip, but before Lauren did so, she told Bo that the Ash saved Nadia and that she had given herself back to the Ash as a result. Bo obtained a ring that had been stolen from Trick and in doing so faced a shifter Fae that looked exactly like her. Bo overcame the shifter and took the ring to Trick. Bo confronted the Ash about what he had done to Lauren, and discovered a series of his own severed heads that he kept in his chambers. The Ash attacked Bo and they battled each other. Bo eventually had the chance to kill him, but she refused to do so and discovered that the Ash had been testing her. The Ash then revealed to Bo that he was a Nāga and he told Bo about the Garuda, its threat, and asked her to battle the Garuda for the Fae, telling her that she was the only one who could possibly destroy it and save the world.

During Midnight Lamp The Ash asked Bo to locate a Djinn named Sadie for him so that he could obtain more information on the Garuda. Bo met the mysterious man from the previous episode that gave her an odd bracelet. His name was Ryan and he provided various items to The Ash. Bo attended a party where Sadie was and with the help of Ryan and one of his devices, managed to capture Sadie, but they both wound up trapped in the same trap with Sadie. It was revealed that the bracelet Bo was given was proof against Sadie's powers as they tried to escape the trap. Ryan revealed that he was a Loki, one of a family that created the myth of Loki. Sadie seemingly killed Ryan and then in order to stall for time, Bo convinced Sadie that she was her biggest fan, which began to slowly kill Bo. Bo then placed a kiss on Sadie marking her and making Bo her Mistress for a time. Ryan returned and soon after the three escaped the trap. Bo sees The Ash and told him that she would not be his champion, but would be his partner to which The Ash agreed. Afterwards, Ryan and Bo became intimate and Ryan revealed that he was Dark Fae to Bo's shock, but Bo remained with him.

In Table for Fae, Kenzi and Nate returned from their trip and discovered Bo in bed with Ryan. They all spend time together at a restaurant, but it doesn't go well. Ryan attempted to do something good for Nate’s career by contacting The Morrigan, but this only made things worse. Bo looked into a strange case of humans suddenly becoming older than they should be at the request of Trick. Bo finds a pair of Serket Fae are responsible who take some life from Bo, but Ryan intervened. In the end, Bo convinced the younger sister to rebel against the older and the scheme is ended. Kenzi told Bo what she had to do to save Nate, and that Ryan was to blame. Bo attempted to end her relationship with Ryan but he managed to persuade Bo to stay with him over her objections to his actions.

During School's Out, Bo was still in a relationship with Ryan at the beginning of the episode and tried to hide that fact from Kenzi. Dyson drew Bo and Kenzi into his investigation of a school were a student suffered an odd attack. Bo takes the role of a teacher, Kenzi as a student, and Dyson as a student counsellor. Nadia suspected that Lauren was keeping secrets from her and tried to figure out what they might be. She also became very possessive of Lauren when near Bo. At the end of the episode, Bo told Ryan that she didn't want to see him again but Ryan convinced her to remain with him by pretending to take her to the school prom that she never went to when she was in high school in the distant past.

In The Girl Who Fae'd With Fire, Bo confronted Nadia and told her that she had nothing to worry about, but Nadia didn't seem to believe Bo. Bo discovered that the Fae families were being attacked by a Cherufe which the Noble Fae families had double crossed, Hale's father being one of them. Bo stopped the attack and announced the coming of the Garuda to the assembled families, but none of them wanted to help her. Bo told them all that it was obvious to her that the Garuda was making them all more violent towards each other than they normally were and they needed to band together to fight it, but they were too frightened to do so. This left the fate of the Fae in the hands of Bo and her friends.

In Fae-nted Love, Bo was still with Ryan as the episode began. Bo fed from Ryan after she was injured and then afterwards tried once more to leave him. However, Ryan sent her gifts, singing telegrams and other things to sway her which Kenzi took notice of. At the urging of one of Kenzi's friends, Bo investigated a strange church and as a result of an attack by an Addonc, Bo lost all of her memories. Ryan then told her that they were madly in love with each other and asked Bo to marry him, and she agreed. Ryan pushed Bo into a marriage ceremony as Kenzi and Trick tried to get a cure to her. They succeeded in doing so, Bo took the cure and regained her memories. Trick also discovered why Ryan was infatuated with Bo and removed Bo's hold over him. Ryan and Bo finally ended their relationship after the Addonc was stopped, each going on their own way. Kenzi confronted Bo about lying to her about Ryan and they reconciled their friendship. Bo confronted Trick about what he knew and demanded that when the battle with The Garuda was over, she wanted real answers from him about her past and about Trick, who seems to know everything about her.

During Truth and Consequences, The Ash informed Bo that one of the most powerful Fae, The Glaive, might be making an alliance with The Garuda and he asked Bo to remove that threat, dead or alive. Bo attends a speech by The Glaive and discovered her to be a powerful charismatic telepathic Fae that Bo initially admired. However, Trick placed doubt in Bo's mind. Bo met with The Glaive, and tried to find out where she stood, but The Glaive sensed that Bo was hiding something. The Glaive attempted to imprison Bo, but she escaped, captured The Glaive, and brought her to The Ash. Kenzi told Bo that as a result of all of the threats that they face, she could not continue to lie to Nate or have him come to harm because of Bo's life. Bo told Kenzi that she did not want her to remain with her and told Kenzi to leave with Nate, but instead Kenzi broke up with Nate and remained with Bo which is where Kenzi told Bo she belonged. After Nadia attacked Kenzi, Bo confronted Nadia and discovered that Nadia was possessed by The Garuda. When Nadia attacked Lauren, Bo was forced to kill Nadia.

In Lachlan's Gambit Trick was attacked by a gang of Berserkers sent by The Garuda, but they were repelled by Bo, Hale and Ciara. After Dyson returned from seeing the Wolf Spirit, he told Bo that he must kill The Garuda, but not how. If Dyson manages this, then his love will be returned. After The Ash attempted to force Trick into using his blood to change fate, Bo and Dyson rescued Trick. Bo returned to Lauren in the aftermath of killing Nadia and found Lauren was very cold to her as a result of what happened. Bo and Lauren talked finally, Lauren told Bo that she wanted to leave the Fae forever, and Bo told Lauren that she would support her. Bo, Dyson, Hale, Kenzi and Ciara confronted The Garuda, but were captured instead. The Garuda then taunted them before striking Ciara down. Dyson sacrificed himself to allow the others to escape, falling to The Garuda's Beserkers. The Garuda attacked The Ash and killed him while Trick watched, but Trick manages to force him away when The Garuda attempts to kill Trick. When Bo and Hale arrived, they learned that although The Ash was dead, his venom was taken by Lauren and they have a slim chance to win. Kenzi rescued Dyson and Bo finally accepted that she was the one to face The Garuda to save the lives of her friends and everyone else.

During Into the Dark Bo attended a wake for Ciara at the Dal Riata. Trick then revealed that he isn't Bo's father, but rather her grandfather and that Aife was his daughter. Trick also told her he doesn't know who Bo's father was. Trick explained that Bo's blood had the power to enslave others, like her mother did, and that using that power might turn Bo to the dark side. Bo asked that Trick call the Nain Rouge to get some answers, but he could not. Bo cried out in anger and the Nain Rouge then appeared to her. The Nain Rouge told Bo that Dyson misunderstood what the Wolf Spirit told him and the way to defeat the Garuda was to join the Light and Dark Fae into a single force. Bo and Lauren attend the funeral of Lachlan, and find The Morrigan there. Bo asked for Vex's help, but was told that Vex would remain in the dungeons forever because he took control of The Morrigan's body and humiliated her. However if Bo retrieves an item for The Morrigan she would give Vex to Bo. Bo located the item and brought it to The Morrigan. After Vex was placed in Bo's care, a group of Red Caps attack and take Vex with them. After Bo confronted them, she was forced to steal the item from The Morrigan and bring it to them. Bo seduced The Morrigan and used her powers to control her long enough to steal the item back. Bo gave the item to the Red Caps, but The Morrigan stopped the transaction and moved to kill everyone. Vex helped Bo to overcome her, and Vex agreed to help Bo in the coming battle with The Garuda. Bo then gathered her friends and offers a plan that might win them the battle.

During Flesh and Blood, the Second Season finale, Bo met with Trick and he told her of his concerns about her plan to fight The Garuda. He gave Bo a vial of life essence to protect herself in the event she felt herself slipping towards the dark side. Lauren gave Bo the remaining venom she had saved from Lachlan, enough for one dose, and told Bo that she was what they needed, a leader, and Bo took that to heart in her plan against The Garuda. Bo explained that her solution to The Garuda's power was for her to enslave her friends with her blood in order to remove all strife between them. Lauren injected Bo's blood into everyone, but Vex managed to avoid being injected. Bo and the others then find The Garuda and after several battles, find The Garuda and Trick. Dyson and Bo arrived as Trick was about to rewrite the Laws under the sway of The Garuda's powers. Dyson attacked The Garuda, but was severely injured. Bo then confronted it and the two battled. Vex's trickery was revealed and he was injected which added to Bo's powers. The Garuda then entered Trick's body and attempted to use Trick's body to rewrite reality, but Vex delayed this with his powers. Bo used the venom on Trick's body and killed The Garuda, but in doing so, also killed Trick. Bo began to slip away into darkness and insanity, but not before she gave the life essence to Trick which saves him. Bo continued to turn dark, but Kenzi unbound everyone from Bo and stops it from continuing. In the aftermath, Bo seemed to still be under the effects of the dark that was growing within her.

At the end of the Second Season, more of Bo's history was revealed, including that Trick was Bo's Grandfather. Bo defeated several threats to the Fae, including The Garuda, but at a high cost which included the deaths of Nadia and Ciara. As a result of Bo's decision to save Trick's life, there seemed to be some kind of darkness growing within Bo that would become an ongoing theme during the following seasons.

Third Season

Bo's first appearance in the Third Season was in the premiere episode Caged Fae, which was set three weeks after the defeat of The Garuda. Bo was seen to be out of control, breaking many Fae laws and going on a rampage through the city. She was arrested by Dyson and sent to jail for her actions. However, this was a ruse to investigate a Fae prison where she discovered that the Warden was forcing rare Fae to have children unwillingly. Following the ending of that plot, Bo asked Lauren to be with her, as a couple. In the aftermath, Bo attacked another Fae, taking his Chi, leaving him unconscious as she walked away.

In SubterrFaenean, Kenzi's friend Aussie is taken by a group of mysterious Fae, leading Bo to become involved with an ongoing dispute with their leader and a Fae politician. Lauren and Bo's relationship continued to grow, the two becoming more and more intimate. Bo experienced dreams of her attacking others and taking their Chi which led to Trick to try and help Bo with her dreams. The episode also marked the first appearance of Tamsin which began with she and Bo being at odds with each other.

ConFaegion found Vex trying to make amends with the Morrigan but failed to do so, she planting a parasite on Vex which entered Bo, Dyson, and Tamsin which changed their personalities and regressed them so their Fae powers no longer existed. Eventually Lauren and Kenzi solved the crisis and everyone returned to normal.

In Fae-de To Black, Dyson asked Bo to go undercover as a therapist at a New Age clinic to investigate a rash of human suicides. As this unfolds, Bo being monogamous to Lauren was causing problems in that Lauren was becoming weaker and Bo’s hunger was growing. This came to a head when Bo was injured severely and was forced to feed from Dyson. This choice resulted in a conflict between Bo and Lauren in which Lauren demanded that Bo would feed on others, but never Dyson again.

During Faes Wide Shut, Bo and Lauren attempted to find a way to satisfy Bo's needs at the Dal Riata while Dyson and Tamsin investigated a Fae murder which seemed to suggest that Bo was responsible for at an adult club. At one point at that club, Bo lost control, but Lauren managed to bring her back with some difficulty. As the episode closed, Bo became convinced that Kenzi wasn't Kenzi, as she wasn't acting like herself.

In The Kenzi Scale Bo was imprisoned in the Dal Riata when no one believed that Kenzi wasn't who she claimed to be. Tamsin uncovered the fake Kenzi and helped Bo to escape and rescue Kenzi. Forced by The Morrigan, Tamsin woke the Fae who was attacked, identifying Bo as the attacker. Lauren discovered that something was changing Bo’s body and Trick revealed that Bo was facing The Dawning, which if Bo failed she would become an UnderFae.

There's Bo Place Like Home found Bo returning home to her human parents to settle her past with them. Bo learned her father passed away and her mother was suffering from dementia. Bo spoke with her mother, apologized to her, forgave her and managed to come to terms with her past.

In Fae-ge Against The Machine, Bo accidentally activated a game that was part of her tests for The Dawning. As Bo and Tamsin search for a missing Fae, Trick is forced to play the game for Bo. Each choice Trick made affected Bo at some point in her search. Bo passed her test and receives an invitation to attend The Dawning while Tamsin had a disturbing revelation about Bo. Bo disappointed Lauren when she won an award for her work, wanting Bo to go with her, but when Bo does not, Lauren goes out with a fellow scientist.

During The Ceremony, Bo’s Dawning arrived and she takes the test with Dyson. Bo's reality was bent and twisted during this until Dyson realized that Bo must kill him to escape the test. Bo did so, and they returned to the real world. Bo then transformed to her Dark self, pulling the Chi from everyone around her and used it to revive Dyson. In the end Bo passed the Dawning, but a new threat was hinted at.

In Delinquents, Bo, Kenzi and Dyson were undercover in a troubled youth camp to investigate a series of deaths. Tamsin planted doubt in Lauren about Bo and as a result of this and an attack on Lauren, she tells Bo that they needed a break in their relationship which Bo agreed to. As this happened, Tamsin prepared to capture Bo and take her to the one that wanted Bo.

Adventures In Fae-bysitting found Bo being approached by a babysitter who claimed that something happened to her employer. Bo discovered the babysitter was Fae and a coven of witches have took control of her. Bo stopped them with some mysterious help, but then, at the behest of the babysitter, killed her so she could not be used again. Tamsin and Dyson investigated the kills that were assumed to be Bo’s and find that someone was killing mass numbers of Fae while Lauren decides to leave the Fae, breaking off all of her relationships including Bo's.

In Hail, Hale, Hale’s inauguration arrives but he is discredited by The Morrigan and does not become the new Ash. As a result of a Fae vote, all humans held by the Fae, or connected to the Fae, were declared terrorists. As everything falls apart, Tamsin was shot as she and Bo tried to locate Lauren.

In the season three finale Those Who Wander, Bo comes into conflict with Dr. Isaac Taft who had been killing Fae and experimenting on them. Bo and Tamsin were imprisoned and Bo learned that Aife was still alive. However, During an escape, Aife was stabbed by Taft when she tried to protect Bo. Bo and Tamsin came to blows when Tamsin revealed she was to take Bo to The Wander, but eventually sided with Bo against The Wanderer. Bo arrived at the Dal Riata and encountered The Wanderer who spirited her away to places unknown, the only evidence left behind was a single Wanderer card, with two silhouettes on it, one being Bo's.

At the end of the Third Season, Bo's whereabouts were unknown, her fate a mystery. It was unclear as to who The Wander was, their relationship with Bo and what Bo's continuing changes following her Dawning would result in. Bo and Lauren's relationship was uncertain as was Bo's relationships with Dyson and Tamsin.

Fourth Season

Bo's first appearance in the Fourth Season was in the premiere episode In Memoriam where she appeared for only an instant at the very end of the episode. She seemed to be waking up, gasping for breath, and her eyes were glowing a bright blue. No other details of her location or situation where given.

She next appeared in Sleeping Beauty School where she found herself on a old train that seemed to be traveling through an infinite darkness, her memories seemingly unclear though she did remember Kenzi's name. Freeing herself from her captivity, she opened a door which led out of the train and jumped into the darkness, her fate unknown at that time.

She next appeared in Lovers. Apart. finding herself after escaping the train in a cottage deep in the woods. She was discovered there by a family who were the victims of an ongoing curse where each generation of the family were possessed by what they called a ghost and forced to kill the other members of their family. Bo came into contact with the ghost, which turned out to be an Elemental, absorbing her into her body to protect the family. In doing so, Bo learned that the Elemental was seeking revenge for the death of her love and taking out that revenge on the family. With the help of Dyson the Elemental was reunited with her love and the curse was ended. Cleo, who arrived with Dyson in search of Bo, attempted to take her to Vex as part of a deal Cleo made with him. Bo overcame Cleo and then left with Dyson to be reunited with her friends and family.

After returning home in Turn to Stone, Bo was shocked to discover that Kenzi had been hiding secrets from her and Lauren was using a false name and was a fugitive. She also had to deal with Tamsin coming into her full power, the threat of Massimo and as well, having to face being told she was Dark Fae by the Una Mens.

During Let the Dark Times Roll, Bo went to find answers for what the Una Mens had revealed to her from Vex, but found that The Morrigan had taken back control. Bo attempted to find a means of getting out of the agreement she had apparently made, declaring herself as Dark Fae, but with little success. Following her being reunited with Lauren through the actions of The Morrigan, she searched for Vex and found him. However he did not have any answers for her and Bo was unable to stop Vex from cutting off one of his hands in order to escape the Una Mens. Confronting The Morrigan again, Bo was shown a pledge she signed with another Dark Fae named Rainer, who likely was Bo's father The Wanderer. Unable to locate him at the time, Bo was forced into being under the control of The Morrigan, though she did not accept that. Following this, Lauren revealed that she had joined the Dark Fae which harmed Bo's relationship with her. Bo also learned that Trick had been named The New Acting Ash by the Una Mens which officially put her at odds with Trick, but unofficially she remained close to him as family was more important than Fae politics.

During Of All the Gin Joints, Bo was contacted by a singer that claimed she knew Bo even though Bo did not know her. When Bo heard her sing, blocked memories that Bo had surfaced about her time on the Death Train, but they were vague and unclear. As well, Bo's sexual needs seemed to become more dominant and violent as was seen when she was with Dyson. Bo tells Dyson that she has been forced to join the Dark. Trick warns Bo and Dyson that they cannot be together as Light and Dark are forbidden to do so. Bo discovers that she is marked by The Wanderer for unknown purposes as well. Bo and Dyson are then found together by the Una Mens who proclaim that Dyson has broken the laws and move to attack him as this episode ends, but the reason is unknown.

In La Fae Époque, Bo entered Dyson's memories with Lauren monitoring her and Cassie, an Oracle Fae whom Bo encountered in Dead Lucky, making this possible. Bo experiences Dyson's memories of Paris in the 1890s, placing herself within Dyson's actions there. She feels and acts as Dyson did, having little control over what happens to her there. In doing so, Bo experiences Dyson's first encounter with Trick, Dyson coming into possession of what are called Helskór or hell shoes, the death of Flora, a Fae that Dyson knew at that time, and Dyson's first encounter with the Una Mens. Upon Lauren's actions in helping Bo to escape Dyson's memories, Bo then recovered one of the Helskór and used it as a bargaining chip with the Una Mens to force them to release Dyson. Kenzi and Hale. At the end of the episode, Bo decides to take events into her own hands, recover the missing Helskór and use it to confront The Wanderer with the help of her friends.

During Groundhog Fae, Bo found herself trapped within a time loop were she experienced the same evening over and over again. Eventually she discovered that she was trapped along with Tamsin and Hale in the loop who were aware of its existence. During the course of the loop. Bo was intimate with Tamsin at one point. She also confronted Trick over why he was not helping her to find The Wanderer and he revealed to Bo that he was frightened. Bo and the others escaped the loop, but in order to save Tamsin and Bruce, Bo was forced to confront Krampus who forced Bo to admit her fears to him. Bo revealed that her greatest fears were that she would lose her family and friends again, but also that she feared what she could become at the hands of The Wanderer. At the end of the episode, Kenzi gave Bo a package which was addressed to Bo in Bo's own handwriting. The package contained a sealed container of the black smoke which previously had been used to take Bo to The Wanderer.

Destiny's Child marked an important moment in the Wanderer arc for Bo. During this episode Bo came to the conclusion that she needed to confront The Wanderer and find the answers she was seeking. Opening the container of black smoke, Bo discovered that it was a servant of The Wanderer who was willing to take Bo to The Wanderer for a price. Bo agreed to this and left with him, but soon found that it was a trap. Bo managed to escape by falling into Irkalla, otherwise known as Hell. To escape from Irkalla, Bo answered a riddle from Leviathan, the ruler of Irkalla and asked her a riddle which could not be answered. Before she was freed, Leviathan told Bo that they would meet again as soon someone that Bo loved would die. Upon returning, Bo overcame the servants of The Wanderer with the help of Dyson and Lauren and then left with them to confront The Wanderer. Bo returned to the Death Train and battled with The Wanderer, now known as Rainer, for a short time. Rainer then touched Bo over the mark he placed on her and she touched him which caused Bo to seemingly come under Rainer's control. Bo then returned to the Dal Riata where Trick, Dyson and Lauren were waiting for her. She explained that becoming Dark was her idea so that she would return to the train willingly and break the curse that held Rainer on the train. Rainer then appeared and stood next to Bo, the two holding hands as Bo declared that Rainer was not her father, nor her enemy but was, in fact, her "destiny".

During Waves the events which occurred on the Death Train when Bo first met Rainer, The Wanderer were revealed. At their first meeting, Bo and Rainer were at odds, but over time Bo seemed to become smitten with him. Eventually Bo came up with a plan which would result in her returning to the Train and freeing Rainer, placing clues with Rainer's help which she would find. As a final means to force Bo to return to the Train, she also had Rainer witness her pledging herself to the Dark Fae. It was also shown in this episode that Bo had severed her ties with her friends and had Rainer move in with her. Bo also confronted the Una Mens with Rainer at her side and with his ability to foretell the attacks of the Una Mens, Bo was able to defeat them easily. At the end of the episode, Trick approached Bo and begged her not to kill the Una Mens, but was too late to prevent this from happening.

In End of a Line, Bo was attacked by a zombie and all evidence indicated that The Wanderer had sent it after Bo. With Dyson, Tamsin and her mentor Acacia's help, this was proven to be incorrect. Bo did come to blows with Acacia and was forced to drink the blood of the head zombie in order to stop their attacks. In the aftermath, Dyson confronted Bo over her relationship with Rainer, but when Bo could got answer his questions, Dyson seemed to end their personal relationship. When Tamsin saw an image of Rainer, she told Bo that Rainer was not the one that had hired her to find Bo. Kenzi revealed to Bo that Hale had given her a ring and they intended to marry, but upon her return Bo found Kenzi injured and Hale murdered by Massimo. Kenzi demanded that Bo revive Hale as she had previously done for Dyson[8] but Bo refused as it would have killed Kenzi. Bo was forced to use her powers to calm Kenzi, but not before Kenzi told Bo she would never forgive her for not saving Hale. At the end of the episode, Bo was kneeling beside Kenzi and Hale unable to do anything.

Origin marked major changes in Bo's life. She attended the burial of Hale with Kenzi, Dyson and Tamsin and could not bring any resolution to Kenzi's pain in losing Hale. Having promised Kenzi that Massimo would pay for killing Hale, Bo was unable to do so which would have consequences. Bo was approached by a knight who called her "Queen" and when Rainer appeared, called him "King." Bo then learned that Rainer would live for only seven days upon returning to the Earth as per prophecy, six days having passed by this episode's timeframe. The knight assisted Bo and Rainer in an attempt to find a solution in order to save Rainer and in the end, the only means to do so was for Bo to marry Rainer. Bo asked Dyson for his advice, but he refused to do so. Tamsin revealed to Bo the meaning of a crest that was found with items that Hale had bequeathed to Dyson and in doing so, Dyson told Bo that prophecy said that she was "The One" but not what that meant exactly. Bo met with Lauren who attempted to reveal to Bo what she had learned about Rainer, but Bo would not accept that information, instead believing that Lauren was trying to break Bo's relationship with Rainer. As a result, Bo's relationship with Lauren seemed to come to an end or at least was part of the reason why Lauren soon after attacked The Morrigan. Bo was confronted by Kenzi over her not helping Kenzi in her quest to find revenge. Kenzi then demanded that Bo unclaim her, and Bo did so, which severed their relationship, Kenzi leaving soon after. Bo then married Rainer with the goal of saving his life and braking his curse. It was then revealed that in doing so, both Bo and Rainer had completed a prophecy that the knight was secretly trying to make unfold. This meant that with their marriage that a being called The Priapus was released. At the end of this episode, the mark which both Bo and Rainer shared began to glow brightly, the meaning of this not being made clear other than it was connected to the release of The Priapus.

In the season finale Dark Horse, Dyson expressed his love to Bo and formally gave fealty to her, saying that he was meant to serve a Queen, not a King. When the portal that Bo's Father was intending to use to arrive on Earth was found, Bo attempted to defeat a group of Remnants, but in doing so was turned towards her dark side. She declared that her father intended that she become the Dark Queen and threatened Dyson, but he was able to break the change and save Bo from changing fully. Bo then asked Dyson, along with Tamsin and Trick, to defend against the oncoming hordes of Remnants. Bo then left to confront Massimo and killed him, saving Lauren and in the process almost causing the death of The Morrigan when Bo used her to gain the upper hand on Massimo. When Bo returned to join in the battle against her father, she was witness to Kenzi sacrificing herself in order to close the portal, Kenzi figuring out that the prophecy about Bo's heart referred to her and she needed to sacrifice herself to save the world. Following Kenzi's death, Bo was seen at Kenzi's grave promising that she would find a way to bring Kenzi back. Bo also declared that she was not going to be afraid of anyone, or anything, ever again.

At the end of the Fourth Season, Bo was facing a future without Kenzi and how that would change her going forwards was unclear. Bo appeared to be determined to bring Kenzi back at any cost. The question of what her father wanted with her was still not revealed, but it was told in passing that Bo's "destiny" was to be the Dark Queen as part of that plan.

Fifth Season

Bo made her first appearance in the Fifth Season premiere episode Like Hell, Part I where she recovered the Helskor and traveled to Valhalla in an effort to find Kenzi and return her home. After meeting Freyja, Bo located Kenzi and reunited with her. When Kenzi found out that Hale was coming to marry her, Bo became Kenzi's Maid of Honor for the ceremony. However, it was revealed that this was all part of Bo's Father's plan to bring Bo to him and Bo was sent to her Father's realm by Freyja.

In Like Hell, Part II, Bo arrived in her Father’s realm and encountered her Stepmother, Persephone, who was the wife of Hades. Through her Bo found out that she was born in Hel, and some of the truths about her mother Aife. Bo confronted her Father, but after a brief shadowy encounter, escaped to the Gates where Dyson helped her return to Earth. At the end of the episode, Kenzi told Bo that she needed to leave, and a gift from Hale allowed her to leave for Spain, leaving Bo and the Fae behind. Bo then lit Persephone’s candle which she brought to Earth with her, which seemed to draw to Earth a dark spirit that possessed someone elsewhere.

During Big in Japan, Bo and Tamsin encountered a Fae hero who asked for their help as he was being targeted for assassination before he could ascend to the head of his family, becoming a God. After some effort, Bo discovers that his sister was trying to stop his ascension because he held a lie about his past which would doom him. Bo and Tamsin stopped the event and the truth was revealed that the real hero was his sister all along. Bo attempted to feed from Dyson, Tamsin and Lauren at several points in the episode, but found she could not, being repelled each time she tried and her sex drive doesn’t exist. After meeting with Trick, Bo found out that her mother, Aife suffered a similar problem for a year before her sex drive returned. Bo was attacked by the now disgraced hero and suffered a severe wound. Lauren operated on Bo, but she still needed to feed to heal, but remained unable to do so. Bo then revealed that she didn't want to live because she believed that she would be alone eventually as one by one everyone would leave her just like Kenzi and so many others have done. Tamsin, Dyson and Lauren told Bo she would never be alone, and she regained her ability to feed once more, feeding from Dyson, and healing herself. Confronting the once hero afterwards, when he tells Bo that she has no idea what being the Chosen One means, she replies: "It's bullshit." as she walks away. At the end of the episode, Bo, Lauren, Tamsin and Dyson were together for a movie night, their relationships strengthened once more.

In When God Opens a Window..., A runaway asked Bo for help at first, but stole from Bo. When he was confronted, the runaway revealed that he was being hunted, and the hunter held the runaway responsible for the death of his wife and child. Bo was struck by an arrow which contained something Lauren called "Fae Kryptonite" which interfered with Bo's ability to heal and she could not do so until all of the substance was removed from her wound, Tamsin then allowed Bo to feed from her and heal. From the beginning, Bo felt that there was something about the runaway, named Mark, that was familiar, and by the end of the episode it was revealed that Mark was in fact Dyson's son through a previous relationship. However, before this was revealed, Bo became intimate with Mark at least once during the episode, though this apparently never was realized by Dyson. Bo's relationship with Tamsin was strained at several points during the episode, the two arguing over methods and actions, but eventually came to terms with working together. Bo also made Tamsin swear she would never reveal to Dyson that she had been intimate with Mark, his son. Dyson did reconfirm his love for Bo at the end of the episode and she told him that she would be there for him if he wanted her.

During It's Your Lucky Fae, Cassie the Oracle turned up missing as Bo received a gift from her father on her birthday and needed help in understanding what it was. To find out what happened to Cassie, Bo joined a Fae dating site and met the last person that Cassie went out with. Tamsin and Lauren bought Bo a stuffed cat for a birthday present which possessed Bo with the powers of a cat and began to turn her into one. Using her new found powers, Bo found Cassie and two other Oracles who had been imprisoned and their eyes taken from them, eventually revealed that the Oracles took their own eyes out to stop being forced to see all of time. Dyson discovered that during her investigation Bo went on a date with one of the dead from the elevator crash which gave the first clue that something was happening and at the end of the episode, one of the possessed elevator bodies had Trick’s ledger of Fae names and found out who Bo was. Bo did not uncover what her father’s gift was, but at the end of the episode, Bo and Tamsin have an intimate moment together which seems to draw them closer in their relationship than simply roommates.

In Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts, Dyson asked Bo and Tamsin to go undercover at a High School to help investigate the Fae cult he has been tracking which seemed to be connected to the death of a football player, Bo as a cheerleading coach and Tamsin as a cheerleader. Bo discovered that the three possessed humans were found to be behind the death and fed upon the emotions of the crowd at the football game for an unknown purpose, but Bo failed to stop their plan and suffered an injury that did not heal when she fed on Tamsin. Trick came to the conclusion that the three humans were possessed by Ancients, who Trick described as being the most powerful of Fae during a meeting he held with Dyson, Bo, Lauren and Tamsin.

During Here Comes the Night, a tornado created by the Ancients, smashed through the city, doing massive damage and destruction, Bo helping as she was able to. Evony’s doomsday device ran out of power and a creature was released which was invisible. Bo and Lauren confronted Evony who revealed that at one time she dated the god Eros, who she trapped in the device with Vex’s help. Evony, Bo and Lauren confronted Eros and he was killed by lightning, seemingly by Zeus. After giving visions to all those that had Bo's blood in them, the Oracles gave Bo visions of those she loved trying to find Bo’s truth, but Trick interrupted them. Bo revealed her father was Hades to Trick and that she was born in Hel. Tamsin confessed her love to Bo, but Bo told Tamsin she did not love her the same way. At the end of the episode, Bo blew out Persephone’s candle, but it relit afterwards.

In End of Faes, Bo was invited to a party being held by the Ancients in her honour. Bo confronted Zee who offered Bo freedom from her father and to stop Hades from using her to end the world. Zee had Bo take a sip of the drink of prophesy and Bo sees s future which seems to show her father destroying the world and Bo agreed to help Zee stop Hades. Later Bo realized that the vision was Iris ending life and not her father. Bo searched for a way to stop Iris and Trick told Bo of a mysterious box that could contain evil which Bo realized was the birthday gift her father sent her. Zee and Bo fought over the box until Bo gained control of it. Zee warned Bo not to open the Box but Bo recalled this vision of her father, who gave Vo riddles, and then Bo decided to open the box which opened with a flash of light as the episode ended.

In 44 Minutes to Save the World, Hades was released from his prison and walked the Earth and when he visits Lauren’s clinic is revealed to be Bo’s Father to both Dyson and Lauren by Bo. He also reveals that his mark is on both Bo and Mark, protecting them from harm. Nix goes to Dyson’s gym where Alicia is, but before she can be harmed, Hades and Bo manage to stop Nix by trapping her in the jack-in-the-box. Afterwards, Hades is imprisoned, and Bo confronts Hades for forcing Kenzi to close the portal, the two arguing over Bo’s past. Hades claims that all that Aife told Bo was false but Bo refuses to believe him. Bo and Lauren express their love for each other, but Lauren is stuck by a car, seemingly fatally. When Bo approaches Lauren to help, Lauren seems to feed like a succubus on Bo.

During Like Father, Like Daughter, it was revealed that Lauren survived her accident, Bo assuming that she saved Lauren while Lauren was not so sure. Kenzi returned, asking for Bo’s help to find a special painting from her estate which might be capable of removing the Ancients. Kenzi joined up with Bo to investigate an art house auction where the painting was being held. Bo stole the painting and encountered Persephone as a result. Bo confronted her, but Bo released Persephone in exchange for her knowledge about the painting. Bo, Kenzi and Trick then discovered that the painting held a song which could banish the Ancients. Bo then asked Persephone to help banish Zee but Persephone double crossed Bo. However, Lauren took the powers of a Siren, sang the song and seemed to banish Zee from Earth which revealed what Lauren was capable of. Lauren and Bo then discussed their future, Lauren unsure of what her changes meant. Kenzi warns Bo not to trust her father and this leaves Bo to consider her next moves with regards to her father, even as she is unsure why she did not use the painting to banish Hades as well.

In Sweet Valkyrie High, Bo was present when Evony demanded that Lauren make her Fae once again. Later, when it was revealed that Evony was suffering from a fatal medical condition, Bo attempted to comfort her, then joined Lauren to take Evony to see Hades in an attempt to save her, but he refused to do so. Evony eventually puts her faith in Lauren, who promises not to give up on her, and Bo, Lauren and Evony’s relationship became more of a friendship. After finding out the truth about what Hades’ plans were, Tamsin met with Bo, the two mending their relationship and Tamsin settling for being friends. Tamsin then warned Bo that her father is building an army and the two then attempted to come to a plan to deal with Hades.

During Judgement Fae, Lauren revealed to Bo that Hades helped her become a Conduit which brought stress to their relationship. Bo then discovered that Zee had not been banished and then confronted Hades who revealed what he did. Bo then encountered Zee, but discovers it was actually Elizabeth, her human host, and she did not know where Zee had gone. To discover what Zee was doing, Bo was forced to act as a lawyer in a courtroom in order to see Hephaestus and eventually passed the test when she answered her own truth. While in Hephaestus’ armoury, she encountered Zee who had possessed Lauren’s body and with her Hera as well. Zee left Lauren’s body after sending a message to Bo, returning to Elizabeth’s and after warning Bo about Hades, banished herself and Hera from Earth. Bo receives a weapon, a horseshoe, to be used against Hades but does not know what to do with it. Lauren then takes an antidote, ending her being a Conduit, and admitted to Bo that she lost herself in what she became. Lauren then breaks off their relationship, claiming that her being human and Bo being Fae made it impossible and she wouldn't allow Bo to suffer when she passed on. Bo confronted Hades, blaming him for all that had transpired, but he claimed that he only wanted Bo to be happy, which she does not believe, Hades then claiming to step back from their relationship and Bo warning that she would never follow him. Bo then encounters Dyson, the two talking about love and Bo wondering if she is meant to have love. Bo then is seen becoming intimate with Tamsin, but as they kissed, Bo’s hair turned white, her features shifted and her appearance became similar to that of Hades.

In Family Portrait, Bo learned that Aife, her mother, had been held in a Fae institution since attacking Trick at the beginning of Season Four, which enraged Bo as that was not revealed to her. After Hades left his isolation cell, Bo discovered that Aife and Hades were at Zee’s condominium, seemly together again as a couple. They explained that everything Bo had been told was a lie and they tell Bo her past from their perspective. Hades tells Bo that like her, they want justice and want Bo to join them, but she refuses. Afterwards, Aife encountered Bo and claimed to be lying to Hades and when Aife claimed that Bo had a plan to overcome Hades, and Bo told her this is wasn't true, Aife lost her mind once more. Bo confronted Trick over Aife’s being imprisoned and he told Bo that Hades used Aife for his own ends, Trick giving Bo all of the information on her mother, telling her to make up her own mind about what her life’s story really was. Tamsin and Lauren joined Bo in reviewing Aife’s past, and the tapes revealed an video of Bo seeing her mother. This revealed that Hades had been impersonating Bo, explaining what happened between Bo and Tamsin in the previous episode. Bo, Tamsin and Dyson attacked Hades at the condominium, but had no effect on him. Bo then attempted to remove Hades’ mark from her chest, but it remained. Bo then returned to the condominium where she finds Aife dead and Trick close to death, Trick dying moments after Bo arrives. When Dyson finds Bo soon after, he finds her catatonic, kneeling beside Trick and Aife’s bodies, and not responsive.

During Follow the Yellow Trick Road, Bo found herself in a world of grey, she being the only colour while in the real world, Bo was actually in a coma. Bo follows a path, like Dorthy from the Wizard of Oz in which she encountered all of her friends, one by one, as she looked to see the Maestro. Bo encountered Tamsin, Dyson, Lauren and Vex before finding the Maestro which turned out to be herself and she told herself that she must be the master of herself. Bo was in her coma because of a Fae moth that fed on suffering. Bo encounters Kenzi in her dreamworld who was the moth in disguise and after overcoming her fear, was told by the moth that she has the key to overcome her father, that being the horseshoe that Bo possessed. Bo was then brought out of her coma by Lauren who had found the answer by reading books that Mark and Vex brought from Trick’s library. Bo came out of her coma to find all of her friends with her, Bo crying that Trick was gone. Bo then read Trick’s will and finds that he left gifts to all of his friends, Dyson and Mark received ownership of the Dal Riata, while Trick's gift to Bo was telling of his joy and love for her.

In Let Them Burn, Kenzi and Bo found Vex critically injured and Tamsin missing. Vex survived, but could not speak as his vocal cords were damaged, but Vex gives them a message that Bo’s midwife is alive and they need to see Evony to learn more. Bo and Kenzi learned that Evony had Bo’s midwife and she was at a Fae horse ranch. Bo and Kenzi went to the horse ranch and Lou Ann confirmed that Trick was the one that rescued her. When Bo asks about the Pyrippus, Lou Ann took Bo and Kenzi to a stallion on the ranch. Bo calmed the stallion, then discovered that the horseshoe did not fit. Bo then realized that Hades was trying to control and make her submit in the same way that Lou Ann was trying to control the stallion. When Bo realized this, she made the connection that she was the Pyrippus. Bo then decided to face Hades, to give him what he wanted from her, that of Bo surrendering to him, submitting to him, in an attempt to stop him. Bo goes to Hades, and finds Tamsin there, imprisoned. Bo tells Hades she came to him because she wanted to and that he should release Tamsin, however Hades will not and reveals that Valkyrie die in childbirth and that is the fate of Tamsin. Bo then told Hades she will side with him, but Hades demands that Bo kill her remaining friends to prove that she is his. Bo then poured gasoline over her home, called Kenzi, Lauren, Dyson and Mark there who were then trapped in the fire that Bo set to the approval of Hades. Hades then shows Bo a throne, having her take her place there before activating his mark on Bo's chest, seeming to cement his control over her by doing so and thus turning Bo fully into the Pyrippus.

In the series finale Rise, Hades revealed he wanted Bo to feed off all Chi in the world. Hades then used the Hellskor shoes to trap Bo and forced her to do so, telling Bo that the bringer of death was what she was meant to be. Bo feel to his attack as Hades used all of the things that had gone wrong for Bo in her life to break her. He also told Bo that she could not love, which pushed Bo over the edge. Bo then fed on the city’s Chi, killing all those she fed on, Hades then turning them into the army that he desired. None of Bo’s friends were effected because of the horseshoe which Bo left in their care when she set the clubhouse on fire which protects them from harm. Hades demands Bo retrieve the horseshoe in order to end their threat and complete his plan. Bo confronted her friends, their attempt to bring her back failing, Bo destroyed the horseshoe, then began to feed on her friends. Bo relived her life through the memories of them through their Chi and this broke Hades’ control over her. Bo confronted Hades, she overcoming him with the love of her family, banishing him and then returned the Chi she took from the city, ending Hades’ threat. During the battle, Tamsin gave birth to a baby girl, named Dagny, asking Bo to look after her daughter. Bo promised to do so before Tamsin passed away, Tamsin turning into white light and vanishing into the sky. Bo then gave Tamsin’s baby to Kenzi who leaves, promising to look after Dagny and be there for Bo always. Bo and Lauren renewed their relationship for as long as Lauren would live. Dyson decides to wait to continue his relationship with Bo otherwise. Time passes and Dagny was brought to the Dal Riata, meeting her Family, and her sister Bo. The series concludes with Bo promising that they will be ready for the day Hades returns seeking Dagny.

Powers and Abilities

Bo is a Succubus and has the power to absorb the life force, or Chi, of humans or Fae by drawing it out through their mouths and also through sexual encounters. Through this feeding she sustains her life and in addition can use the absorbed Chi to heal wounds she may have suffered. Bo needs to feed at regular intervals, which can be extended by her will power, but at some point she will have to find prey and feed or she will die.[9] It is possible through the use of drugs, as shown in the series, to help control that need, but it is not a complete cure for it.[10] It is important for Bo to keep control of her needs when feeding because it is easy to take too much energy from her prey and kill them.[11] Over time Bo gained the control needed to not constantly kill her prey, but in the event of her need overcoming her, Bo's control can be easily lost. It has been shown that Bo can feed from Fae without fear of killing them. However, the Fae is drained to the point of near exhaustion when this occurs.[12]

Closeup image of Bo and Lauren holding hands in the episode It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World with the telltale glow of control being attempted by Bo
Closeup image of Bo saving Dyson by transferring energy from her to him in the episode (Dis)Members Only

Bo has displayed several powers in the series. First is the ability to control others emotionally and mentally by touching their skin at any point on their body. The outward appearance of this power is the washing of a bright glow of light over the victim’s skin.[13] That is accompanied by the victim being enthralled to accept suggestions by Bo. The second is when Bo is feeding on her prey, the energy taken from them by her appears in a form similar to a white vapor that leaves the mouth of the prey and is then consumed by Bo through her mouth.[14]

Connected to Bo's feeding is an associated ability to transform those she feeds upon into thralls who are completely devoted to her.[15] It Is also possible for Bo to transfer energy back to her prey, or, if needed, to pass their energy into someone on the verge of death to help them to recover.[16]

Bo has demonstrated that she can see the auras of invisible Fae if they have a sexual attraction to someone. [17]

There have been two examples of Bo feeding on the Chi of several people without actually being in contact with them. In the second season episode Death Didn't Become Him, she had been shot and seemed to die or become unconscious. In this case, there was a reddish glow throughout her body and somehow she was able to draw the Chi she needed from a great distance away. She was also able to differentiate enough to not draw the Chi from Lauren who was in the same room.[18] Bo also used this ability to revive Dyson in The Ceremony when she returned with his lifeless body and used the Chi of all of the people in the room with her to save Dyson's life, though in doing so she drained many of them severely.

Bo has displayed skill in using various bladed weapons over the series, but tends to prefer to use a small knife that she carries strapped to her right thigh. She has never been seen using any sort of gun or similar weapon and her skill in doing so is uncertain. Bo appears to have some expertise in hand-to-hand combat which she likely learned from Dyson and from her own experiences after leaving home when she was young.

Appearances in the Lost Girl Series

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Second Season

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Information revealed in the series

  • The first character Bo meets in the series is Kenzi whom Bo saved from an attacker.
  • Bo, when she was first encountered in the series, was working as a bartender.
  • Bo saved Kenzi from an attacker by feeding on, and killing, them.
  • Bo has noted that she has killed many in the past due to not understanding how to control her powers.
  • Bo has used her powers of persuasion on Lauren at least once.
  • The first Fae feed seen in the series by Bo was from Dyson.
  • At the beginning of the series, Bo was seen holding some identification that read Bo Jones, which, later in the series was revealed to be her adopted human name, but not her full Fae name.
  • Bo and Kenzi moved into a run-down shack of a home together, jokingly referred to as The Club House on occasion.
  • Bo's main focus in the series has been to find out about her past with various levels of success.
  • Dyson seems to be Bo's main feed, this happening the most often through the series, though other Fae and humans are fed on.
  • The first piece of information Bo learned about her past was that she was seen as a baby in the arms of a Fae midwife running through the forest, and that the midwife was very frightened.
  • From the beginning of the series, Dyson and Trick have been hiding information from Bo about her past.
  • Bo started acting as a private eye at the urging of Kenzi who made flyers advertising "their" business.
  • Bo fought a Kappa early in the series, the result of which was Bo being badly injured by it.
  • Bo had intimate relations with a Fury and her husband.
  • Bo has fought a Hsien.
  • An Oracle was the first to reveal to Bo that her Fae mother was still alive, but did not reveal her name or any other information.
  • Bo had an IOU from the Dark Fae named Mayer.
  • Bo can "see" the energy flows around individuals. This generally means she can "see" how sexually charged they are.
  • Bo has used her feeding to disable humans and Fae rather than fight them.
  • Bo has used her abilities to persuade, or alter, the attitude or emotional state of mind of others.
  • Bo has been bitten by a Djieiene, which made her grasp on reality change.
  • Bo has used her powers to convince a pizza delivery man to give her a pizza for free.
  • Bo has been controlled by Vex several times in the series.
  • Bo's relationship with Vex started out as enemies, but over time a grudging respect built up between them.
  • Bo was described by Lou Ann as The Foundling.
  • Bo apparently claimed the favor she was owed by Mayer from the episode Dead Lucky in Vexed.
  • At one time Bo had the Siracon, a weapon from the old times of the Fae that had the power to destroy any Fae and protect the owner from corruption.
  • Bo has been attacked by a Morragh.
  • Bo's mother was revealed as being named Aife in Fae Day.
  • Bo has called for a Agallamh once in an attempt to save a Fae's life.
  • Bo first Aife, her mother, when Aife called herself Saskia.
  • Bo has battled with an Albaster, the natural Fae enemy of the Succubi.
  • After meeting Saskia, Bo's control of her powers were increased so that she could return Chi to others as well as take it from them.
  • Bo and Dyson have posed as a married couple several times in the series.
  • Bo has saved Dyson's life twice by giving her Chi to him in order to revive him.
  • Bo had possession of an amulet called the Koushang which is proof against Succubi.
  • Bo battled with Aife in order to stop her from starting a war within the Fae and succeeded, but with help that she was not aware of from Trick and Dyson's actions.
  • Bo has never declared herself to be aligned with the Light Fae, though she tends to act in their interests as a whole, whether she is aware of this or not.
  • Bo has been attacked by a Piwichen.
  • Bo has been contacted by the Nain Rouge several times.
  • Bo is effected by large amounts of sexual energy that seem to make her act almost drunk. At a rave she was overcome at least once by that energy and needed to be shaken from its grasp.
  • Lachian was immune to Bo's powers.
  • Bo can see the auras of Fae that can turn themselves invisible.
  • Bo has been the feed of a Mare.
  • When Bo was six, she nearly drowned in Lake Miniwappo.
  • Bo has been in Baba Yaga's home when she was trying to free Kenzi.
  • Bo has given sanctuary to others in her home to varying levels of success.
  • Bo has worked for The Morrigan on several occasions, some not as voluntary as others.
  • Bo apparently can resist the powers of the Selkie.
  • Bo fought a Lich, and appeared to die from wounds she suffered.
  • Bo came back to life by taking the Chi from everyone present, save for Lauren.
  • Bo appears to be more powerful that she originally seemed to be by the middle of the Second Season. She had the ability to draw Chi from others without being in contact with them physically.
  • Bo's ability to transfer Chi to others by the middle of the Second Season was almost second nature to her.
  • The episode Death Didn't Become Him marked the first time Bo had been directly responsible for the death of a Fae.
  • The Nain Rouge was the one to reveal that Bo's real name is Isabeau.
  • Bo's real human name is Beth Dennis and she is the adopted daughter of Sam and Mary Dennis.
  • Bo was not allowed to date by her parents who taught her that sex was evil. As a result, when she killed for the first time, she saw herself as a Devil due to her parents' teachings and ran away from home.
  • The first person that Bo killed due to her Succubus nature was named Kyle Williams and this happened just after she hit puberty.
  • Since Kyle's death, his younger sister Mel Williams has been tracking Bo and found her through what Bo did in the events of the premiere episode of the series when she killed a man that was threatening Kenzi's life.
  • Bo did manage to have a tentative relationship with Ciara before her death.
  • Bo broke the curse that Lauren's girlfriend Nadia was placed under by the original Ash.
  • Bo had the power to remove Shaman's curse nails which seemed to be an impossible thing.
  • Bo has travelled by teleportation at least once.
  • Bo fought the New Ash, and defeated him, but when she had the chance to kill him, she refused to do so.
  • The Ash, revealed to be a Naga, asked Bo to the his champion against The Garuda, but Bo initially declined to do so until events overcame her refusal and Bo had no other choice but to agree.
  • Bo was romantically involved with Ryan, a Loki Dark Fae.
  • Bo was once trapped with Ryan and fought a Djinn who Bo defeated by becoming the Djinn's Mistress for a time.
  • When Bo and Ryan had sex, it seemed that Bo's inhibitions were no longer there.
  • Bo had some life force taken from her by a Serket.
  • Ryan claimed that there were no rules with him, but he sided with the Dark Fae Serket sisters over Bo.
  • Bo, as part of an investigation, masqueraded as an English Literature teacher.
  • Bo never went to her High School Prom.
  • Bo fought a Cherufe once.
  • Bo met Hale's family and was not impressed by any of them, though at a later point Hale's sister Val joined Bo's plan to attack The Garuda.
  • At one point, Kenzi and Bo regularly sparred against each other to improve their sword skills.
  • Bo did meet Nadia several times, but in each case Nadia was likely under the control of The Garuda.
  • It appears that Bo can heal major injuries to herself by feeding, including loss of blood and severe cuts and lacerations. It can be assumed that broken bones and other more serious injures will heal as quickly if she feeds.
  • Bo lost her memories to an Addonc once.
  • Bo can create thralls similar in nature to those her mother Aife can create, but it is not known what Aife's method of doing so is.
  • Ryan was once turned into a thrall of Bo's when her blood mixed with his while they were being intimate together.
  • Trick knew of a means to break Bo's control, but the exact meaning and reasons behind it are unknown.
  • Bo has admitted to Kenzi that she loves her and Kenzi told Bo the same.
  • Bo was forced to kill Nadia, Lauren's girlfriend, when Nadia was possessed by The Garuda.
  • Bo attempted to kill The Garuda twice, failing the first time when her plans where overwhelmed by The Garuda.
  • It was revealed late in the Second Season that Trick was Bo's Grandfather, Aife was Trick's Daughter and that Bo was, in a way, a Blood Princess as Trick was once the Blood King.
  • It would appear that Bo remembers something of what she did in the episode Death Didn't Become Him, when she took the Chi from an entire room of Fae, but did not harm Lauren who was there. The only thing that Bo clearly remembers is her rage.
  • Bo at one point used her powers to control The Morrigan.
  • At one point Bo had images of The Morrigan that she used for blackmail.
  • Bo's blood has been used as a means of defence against the powers of The Garuda.
  • Trick gave Bo a cane sword for her birthday in the episode Masks. The cane was once owned by Trick's wife Isabeau and in the hilt it contained a vial of "life essence" that was Isabeau's.
  • Bo's healing abilities are provided through the powers of her Grandmother. If this was given naturally or by consuming some life essence in the past is not made clear.
  • Lauren's opinion is that Bo is stronger than Trick is.
  • Bo killed The Garuda by injecting the venom taken from Lachlan while it was within Trick's body. This killed both it and Trick, but she was able to use the vial of life essence she had been given to return Trick back to life afterwards.
  • Bo made the decision to save Trick's life, but this had unforeseen consequences in the future, including the appearance of Bo's father beginning in the Fourth Season.
  • When Bo was checked into prison, her name was stated as being Bo Dennis.
  • One of the ongoing gags in the series is about toothbrushes. Bo uses them, or is seen with them often.
  • According to Dyson, Bo had been feeding cleanly and safely by the beginning of the Third Season.
  • Bo showed the ability to use a semblance of mind control to alter the thoughts of others towards sexual actions. It seems that she could control more than one person at a time.
  • Bo never graduated from high school.
  • Eventually the shots that Bo had been receiving in order to control her needs were no longer working.
  • Lauren allowed Bo to feed on others, but demanded that Bo not feed from Dyson at one point in the series.
  • Bo seems to almost become drunk when there is a massive amount of sexual energy or Chi around her.
  • Bo hates coconut ice cream.
  • Bo's childhood home was in Grimley County which is famous for its cherries and has a festival celebrating them annually.
  • Bo's name as given to her by her adoptive human parents was Beth Dennis.
  • Bo left home about ten years ago at the time of Third Season of the series.
  • Mary Dennis, Bo's mother, suffers from dementia and Bo's father has passed away.
  • Bo's least favourite drink is Elderberry cocktail with nectar of gnome. Bo calls it Elderberry Smash.
  • Based on Bo's comments about Dyson when she was drunk, it appears that Kenzi must have told Bo that she went to The Norn to get Dyson's love back, but she is not aware if Dyson loves her or not. However, there is no clear evidence of this.
  • Bo promised Kenzi that if anything happened to her, Kenzi would be looked after.
  • After the Dawning, Bo claims to understand how to control her powers like never before. She also indicates that she feels different.
  • Bo was voted Camp Chipewa's most popular counsellor three years in a row in the past.
  • Apparently, Bo and Kenzi have not done any private human investigations for some time, probably since the end of the first season.
  • Apparently Bo does not wear underwear.
  • Aife claims that Bo is the strongest Fae there is.
  • Aife confirmed that Bo was named for Aife's mother, Isabeau.
  • According to the Una Mens, Bo's blood marked her as Dark Fae in spite of her not choosing a side.
  • Apparently eunuchs are not effected by Bo's Succubus powers.
  • Bo has admitted her greatest fears are of losing her friends and family and what The Wanderer might change her into.
  • With Rainer's help in telegraphing the moves of the Una Mens and also telling Bo how and when to strike, Bo was able to overcome the Una Mens and kill all of them.
  • Bo represents The Dark Queen whom her father wishes to come into full force so he can return to the Earth from Hel. It is possible that if Bo turned completely into the Dark Queen, she would then become the Queen of Hel.
  • Bo stated that she was on a "feeding spree" for ten years before she was helped by her friends to control her powers.
  • Bo had possession of the Helskor.
  • Bo had only one focus it seems in the time after Kenzi's death and that was getting her back no matter the cost in doing so.
  • Apparently, Bo's dream mother would be Tina Turner.
  • Apparently, Bo does not have a middle name.
  • According to Persephone, when Bo gets angry she looks like her father.
  • Apparently, Bo and Tamsin shared not just food but playtoys as well.
  • Bo's truth was that she loves both Dyson and Lauren.
  • Bo's Father is Hades.
  • Bo believes that she is the reason why Aife is insane, that the memory of her is the trigger for Aife losing her sanity at times.
  • Bo has the power, apparently, to cause Fae who are mentally isolating themselves to become responsive for a short time.
  • Bo was the firs to discover that Hades had killed both Trick and Aife.
  • Bo did not receive physical gifts from Trick's will, but rather the knowledge that Trick loved her dearly and completely.
  • At one point in the series, Bo fell under the control of her father and created havoc in his name, but she did, eventually, break free.
  • When Bo fought Hades, her inner Chi and power had turned a different colour than it had been before. Instead of being blue, as it had been through the series, it turned a purplish colour.
  • Bo's battle with Hades came down to one difference between them. Hades did not have a good side to him, but Bo did. Bo's good side was given through the love of Trick and in having that, Bo was able to overcome Hades.
  • At the end of the series, Bo and Lauren were a couple with Dyson supporting their choice.
  • The final words of the series are Bo's promise of: "We'll be ready."

-The final image of the series is Bo smiling confidently.


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