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Blood Lines

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"Blood Lines"
Lost Girl episode
Aife shows off to Bo before she reveals her plans for revenge
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 13
Overall Episode 13
Directed by Robert Lieberman
Written by Michelle Lovretta
Produced by Wanda Chaffey
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by David Greene
Editing by Paul G. Day
Production Code 113
Original Air Date December 12, 2010 (2010-12-12)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Clé Bennett - The Ash
Inga Cadranel - Saskia/Aife
Kate Trotter - The Norn

Episode Chronology
← Previous
"(Dis)Members Only"
Next →
"Season 2 - Something Wicked This Fae Comes"

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Dyson and Trick tell Bo what they know about her past and Saskia is revealed to be Bo's mother. Saskia, now known by her true name Aife, plans to cause a war between the Light and Dark Fae.

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

Blood Lines was the thirteenth, and season one ending episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on December 12th, 2010 at 9 PM Eastern time.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 1
  • Episode Number: 13
  • Episode Title: Blood Lines
  • Directed by: Rob Lieberman
  • Writing credits: Michelle Lovretta
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: December 12th, 2010 on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 1.22 million[1]


A promotional image of the cast of Lost Girl from the official website at lostgirlseries.com From left to right: Richard Howland as Trick, Ksenia Solo as Kenzi, K.C. Collins as Detective Hale, Anna Silk as Bo, Zoie Palmer as Lauren, and Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson

Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Ksenia Solo Kenzi
Richard Howland Trick
K.C. Collins Detective Hale
Zoie Palmer Lauren
Clé Bennett The Ash
Inga Cadranel Saskia/Aife
Kate Trotter The Norn
Michael Rhoades Elder
Shakura S'Aida Female Edler
Jason McPherson Head Thrall
Adam Chuckryk Thrall
Gregory Finney Norm's Assistant
Alli Chung Nurse
Adam Chuckryk Mystery Man

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
Slip Into Your Skin Patrick Watson Written by Patrick Watson, Simon Angell,
Robert Kuster, Mikhael Stein
Nova Heart Johnny Hollow Written by Gordon Deppe


Short Summary

Dyson and Trick finally tell Bo what they know about her past and Saskia is revealed to be Bo's mother. Saskia, now known by her true name Aife, begins a plan to cause a war between the Light and Dark Fae. To do so she attacks the Light Fae Elders and kills many of them. Bo, upset with her friends not telling her the truth, turns her back on them one by one except for Kenzi who tries to help Bo find a way to stop her mother from completing her plans. In the end, Bo battles her mother, Trick makes a sacrifice to help Bo and Dyson loses what is most important to him to a Norn in order to save Bo's life.

Detailed Summary

The season one finale begins with Bo (Anna Silk) and Dyson (Kristen Holden-Reid) in bed together. Bo tells him never to scare her like he did when he almost died. Dyson is confused and asks if Bo forgives him for everything. She does not answer and they switch positions, Bo now being on it. Except that it isn’t Bo, she has turned into Saskia (Inga Cadranel) and attacks him with the words “Of course I do lover.” Dyson screams and we find that it was a dream and he is at Bo’s place, in bed, Bo sitting on the edge of the bed watching him. Dyson tries to explain what happened, but Bo comments that she saw Saskia controlling him and trying to kill him. Dyson tries to apologize, but Bo brushes it off saying that she understands, that Saskia is a Succubus and that it really was her fault for not telling him about Saskia in the first place when she had the chance. She then tries to make light of things, noting that she has a new cool power to bring the dead back to life that she used on Dyson, but he insists that he needs to explain something to her. He tells her that Saskia is not who Bo thinks she is, and that she is her Mother and that Dyson has been expecting her to come after Bo for some time. The scene changes to Saskia watching two men attacking a third man. In the course of this scene, Saskia admits to being “mentally unstable”, she head butts the man, the man she is having beaten up we discover is a Light Fae Elder, who we find out later in the episode was named Elder Ellis. Eventually she has one of her man stab the Elder through the back and kill him, Saskia taking the Elder’s hat as he falls to the floor. She then opens a list and checks the Elder off it before walking off with the comment of “One down, let’s go start us a war boys!” in her usual flippant and slightly crazy sounding mannerism.

After the opening credits we return to see Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) reading a romance novel and commenting to herself on the lead male character in it. As Bo and Dyson storm into the room, she drops that book and picks up a comic book, pretending to read it. Seeing that Bo and Dyson are having a fight, she attempts to leave, but when she hears Bo ask how long Dyson has known who her Mother is, she stays and listens to the fight between them. We discover that Dyson knew who that was before he met Bo and that he was trying to tell her the truth the night before all hell broke loose. Bo is devastated by the admission and is even more shocked when Dyson tells her that the story about her past was Trick’s to tell and she goes to see him.

At the bar, Bo confronts him and Trick explains that he let Bo’s Mother down long before she was born. He explains that Saskia was of Trick’s clan, that the Fae had been at war for a long time and he had grow tired of it. Peace was not possible in the normal way so he forced one. Dyson explains that Trick is a Blood Sage and that whatever he writes in his own blood comes to pass. Kenzi thinks this is a great power to have, but Trick tells her that power such as that comes with a terrible price. Trick attempted to make the peace stick, but there are always those that cannot forgive for peace. Saskia, or as she is more accurately known Aife, would not forgive and lead a small rebellion that killed one of the Dark Fae leaders. She was caught, then escaped, asking Trick for help. He refused and handed her over to the Dark Fae for execution. But the Dark Fae did not kill her, Trick did not find out about that for some time after that happened, and Aife has been plotting to get her revenge against Trick since that time. Bo asks the questions why Aife would befriend her and attack Dyson to which Trick has no idea. Trick then explains that he has prepared for this and attempts to get Bo to agree to leave the city and be hidden away, but she refuses. She needs to hear her Mother’s side of the story and about her own past from her as this is the one thing that still matters to her.

We then move to Bo’s place where she and Kenzi arrive, Bo taking a drink and Kenzi trying to recap what information she has heard. She summaries that into “Saskia is Aife and Aife is your Mom and Dyson banged your Mom.” Bo then comments that she cannot trust her friends anymore and she is alone. Kenzi looks hurt at this and asks if she is included in what Bo just said. Bo telsl her that they are “always good.” The discussion then turns to Bo’s feelings about her Mom, which are a mixed bag of emotions, though she admits that her mother is a “kind of a big crazy bitch.” Bo then comments that this time she is making the decisions about what to do next. Kenzi asks her how they can find Aife. Bo tells her that they begin with seeing Lauren because Bo hopes that she will learn how to defend herself against her Mother.

Dyson is still with Trick at the same time and asks why he has judged himself so harshly for so long. The answer Trick gives is that he has his reasons. Dyson tells him that he was a King and he did what he had to do. Dyson also tells Trick that it was a relief to no longer have secrets to hold in him. Trick then tells Dyson that he must get to Bo and make her understand that Aife has only ill intentions to her, but Dyson tells him that Bo will not listen any longer to him.

We then see Bo at Lauren’s lab. Lauren (Zoie Palmer) is dealing with the murder of the Light Fae Elder from the beginning of the episode and tries to brush Bo off. When Bo sees the body she asks if the Elder was killed by a Succubus, but Lauren tells her that it was something sharp and pointy that did the deed. Lauren asks why Bo needs to understand how to protect herself from Succubi, but Bo refuses to tell her why. Lauren then suggests she talk to The Ash, but Bo dismisses that possibility as well. In the end, Lauren agrees to find out what she can, but makes Bo promise that she will take the time after wards to talk to her so that Lauren can explain herself and why she did what she did to Bo in the past. Bo reluctantly agrees to this. Kenzi then says she needs to see someone and will see Bo back at their place.

We then see Hale (K.C. Collins) waiting for Kenzi on a street somewhere in the city. He tries to make small talk with her, but Kenzi realizes that something is going on as Dyson appears as well. Kenzi tells Hale off and starts to storm off, but Dyson tries to make her listen. Kenzi tells Dyson that they trusted him and he betrayed them both and neither of them want anything to do with him. She storms off again, but Dyson admits that he loves Bo and that stops Kenzi in her tracks. She goes back to him and tells Dyson that if he makes her regret helping him she will sell him for parts.

Bo has returned home and finds Aife waiting for her there, dressed in a kitchen apron and baking cookies. trying to seem like the Mother that Bo never knew. Bo asks “what’s going on with the Berry Crocker?” Aife shrugs and offers “Symbolic?” Bo moves closer as Aife claims that it is never too late to be a good Mom, to which Bo comments that trying to wreck her life and kill her boyfriend is a really good way to do that sarcastically. Bo then takes a cookie, nibbling on it as they talk. Aife explains that she was trying to turn Dyson into one of her thralls in order to get closer to Bo, she also tells her that Dyson isn’t good enough for her. Bo then asks if when they first met if it was an accident. Aife admits that it wasn’t and that she had been watching Bo for a long time but hadn’t found the right time to see her until then. Bo asks what to call Aife, she suggests Mom, but Bo tells her that she has a Mom, that her name is Mary, she knits “wicked Afghans”, helped Bo with her homework and never once abandoned her. Then Bo begins to faint and as she falls unconscious she asks what Aife put into the cookies. Aife catches her and tells her that "the secret ingredient is love."

We return to see Kenzi leading Dyson into Bo’s place waving a white handkerchief. They look for Bo, who is no longer there, and Dyson tells Kenzi that they are too late. The pair go to Trick and tell him that Aife has Bo. Trick tells them that he has no choice and has to go to the council and tell them that Aife has returned and they need to defend against her. Trick then leaves telling Dyson and Kenzi to pray and that he has no idea what hell Aife is putting Bo through.

Bo is seen then laying in a large ornate bed and then suddenly wakes up. Surrounding her are three bare-chested men, one of which greets her with a glass of orange juice. Bo just asks “Is my Mom around?” The scene shifts to a garden where Aife is being tended to by her thralls in comfort. Bo arrives moments later and comments on how Aife lives to which the answer is that Aife thinks this is how everyone should live. She offers Bo a glass of something to drink, which Bo dumps on the ground. Bo then tells Saskia that she didn’t need to drug her, that she had been looking for her and wants to her Aife’s side of the story. Aife asks what Bo knows about her, Bo tells her what little that Trick had told her and then Aife tells her side of what happened. The Dark King felt that it was wrong to “waste a perfectly good Succubus” and so Aife spent centuries being tortured and imprisoned by him. Aife admits that she hates Trick and then tells Bo she is free to leave, however, Bo tells her that she wants to stay for the moment with Aife.

Trick in the meantime has gone to The Ash (Clé Bennett), at his home and tells him of Aife’s return and what Trick has done to hide what he knows from the Fae Elders. The Ash laughs off Trick’s warnings about Saskia and seems more concerned with what the council should do to punish Trick instead when they meet in a short time to discuss the death of Elder Ellis from the beginning of the episode. The Ash comments that "they can handle one bitter Succubus, or if need be, two of them."

Aife and Bo are sitting together talking. Bo asks how Aife can control the thralls she has for so long. The answer is that it is an acquired skill as “siphoning Chi is an art” according to Aife. Bo then asks why she didn’t enthrall the one that imprisoned her. The answer to that question is that the Dark King had an amulet that stops Succubi from being able to feed on the one that is wearing it. It binds the wearer’s Chi to their body and as such, Succubi cannot effect them. Bo tries to find out if the Dark King is her father, and if he is alive to which Aife refuses to answer. Bo then asks why Aife did not reveal herself when they first met, the answer being that she wanted to know if Bo was under the influence of Trick first. Then Aife reveals what she intends to do. She plans to destroy the Fae as they are at that moment by making the Light and Dark Light go to war with each other. Bo asks how that is possible and Aife replies that her thralls do more than mix drinks.

We then see the Light Fae council in session talking about what has occurred. They are in the middle of an argument when one of Aife’s thralls enters, opens his jacket and reveals that he is carrying a bomb, which he then detonates causing an explosion which causes massive damage to the building the council was meeting in and killing or injuring the council members.

Bo is then seen pleading with Aife to call off the attack, but she is told has happened already. Aife then attempts to play on Bo’s desire to stop the need for choice to be made by the Fae to pick sides, but Bo refuses to do so in the manner that Aife is undertaking. Aife then tells her that in the end, when her plan is done, that she will reign over all with Bo at her side and command everyone. Bo suddenly realizes that what Aife wants is to be “the new religion” of the world and she tells her that Trick was right, Aife is crazy. Aife then turns on Bo, telling her that she will not be allowed to leave and has her thralls attempt to hold Bo. Bo jumps out a window and runs off leaving Aife behind, commenting that she knows that Bo will be back because “a girl needs her Mama.”

The next scene is Bo in Dyson’s arms. She tells him that she needs as much energy as she can gain in order to defeat Aife to which Dyson tells her to take whatever she needs. Afterwards, Dyson tries again to reconcile with Bo. She tells him that she understands why he did what he did to her, but she doesn’t know how to forgive him for it. He tries to get her to accept his help in the battle to come, but she tells him that she can only have people she trusts with her. Then she also adds that she needs to fight this fight on her own and after that they will talk. Bo then sees Kenzi, gets her weapons, and the pair leave to see Lauren.

Lauren is dealing with the disaster at the council meeting, the injured and dead in her lab being tended to as best as they can. Lauren is fighting to save The Ash’s life who is obviously gravely injured and is on life support. Lauren tells Bo that they are moving the survivors and the Noble Families to a secure place until they figure out what is going on. She tells Bo that an attack like this is a declaration of war and if she is protecting the Succubus responsible she has to stop. Bo then tells her that it is her Mother that is doing all of this. Hale rushes in and grabs a list of Fae from Lauren. Kenzi asks where and what he is doing, Hale tells her that he has to get important people underground. Kenzi tells him to watch his back and she expects to see him again in one piece. Hale then leaves on his mission. Bo tells Lauren that she will stop her Mother, and that she has a plan involving an amulet that her Mother told her about. Lauren shows Bo an image of the amulet she is looking for on her computer. The amulet is called a Koushang and it happens that the Light Fae have a trophy room that The Ash hand down from generation to generation and they have one. Lauren gives Bo a map and a key to get into the place, the two share a kiss and a promise that Bo will return before Bo leaves with Kenzi to get the amulet.

Dyson sees Trick and tells him that there is an evacuation order in effect and he should go as well. Trick tells him that he cannot go for he is helping with making that happen. He asks where Bo is, Dyson tells Trick that she is going to stop Aife. Trick asks how they can help her and Dyson tells Trick that he is going to see The Norn. Trick tells him that the ancients love trickery and anything he asks for will come at a high price. Dyson says that is his choice and when Trick offers to arrange an audience he is told that Dyson and The Norn have a history before he leaves Trick behind.

Bo and Kenzi enter The Ash’s trophy room and search for the Koushang. They talk about how they will deal with Aife, Bo wants to talk to her at least once, Kenzi would rather knock her out and drag her in by her hair. Kenzi also mentions that Aife is a “Grade 10 Succubus” and when Bo asks what she is, Kenzi admits that Bo is “a Kindergarten Succubus with pigtails and a Muppets lunchbox.” When Bo asks why she is coming, Kenzi says “because I always have your back.” As she says this, Bo sees a pair of ancient handcuffs and takes them. Kenzi finds the Koushang and while holding it, Bo tries to feed on her and fails in doing so. Bo then handcuffs Kenzi to a shelf and tells her that she loves her and that’s why she can’t let her come to face Aife and leaves. After Bo leaves, Kenzi makes a phone call to Hale asking for help and telling him that Bo has gone rogue.

Bo arrives at Aife’s home and announces herself. Aife appears and comments that the right way to do things would have been to attack unannounced, Bo tries one more time to reason with her, which fails and so the pair begin to fight, Bo using a sword and Aife using a pike to attack in turn.

Kenzi confronts Trick and tells him that he must use his power to save Bo. He tells her that he has tried for centuries to fix what happened with his blood and writing what he wanted to have happen in his books. But every time something horrible happened as a result of doing so. Kenzi takes a knife and cuts her own hand telling him that he can use her blood then instead. Trick tries to bandage Kenzi’s wounds, but she tells Trick that he is a coward and that if he truly cared for Bo he would do anything to help her and then storms out leaving Trick behind.

Aife and Bo in the meantime are fighting, and eventually Aife disarms Bo and then takes hold of her. She tells Bo that she would have rather had Bo join her willingly, but she will just have to be happy with Bo as one of her thralls. She attempts to feed on Bo, but fails as Bo possesses the Koushang. Then Aife says that she will just have to kill Bo instead and Bo runs off with Aife in pursuit.

Dyson has arrived at a small home elsewhere in the city. He approaches the door and it is opened by a man who is The Norn’s Assistant (Gregory Finney). He guides Dyson to The Norn (Kate Trotter). In her presence they talk about the last time he had approached her for a favor and what that means. In order to have his favor granted, Dyson would have to give up something that he valued above all else. He did not make that bargain at that time, but now agrees. Dyson tells her that he is willing now and she tells him to kneel and make his bargain with her.

Bo is running away from Aife, trying to find a way to defeat her in the meantime. Aife corners her and asks why she is resisting, Bo tells her that she believes there is some good left in her. Aife does not answer that, but instead grips Bo by the throat and begins to choke her. At the same time, Trick violently throws things from his desk and brings out the pouch we saw in Food for Thought. He opens it, revealing the knifes and writing tools we have seen before and then begins the act of writing in his blood saying the words “May the Gods forgive me.”

The Norn in the meantime has Dyson on his knees and asks him what she requested the last time they met. The last time the price was his “wolf”, or his essence. She asks him why he would give up his wolf for Bo to which Dyson answers that the reason is none of her business. He then tells her that if she gives his strength to Bo, she can take whatever she wants from him. She agrees to the trade and instead of taking Dyson’s wolf from him, she takes his love of Bo from him, telling him that he will remember what he has lost, but he will never love her again as Dyson screams in agony from her touch on his chest.

As Dyson suffers for Bo, she is being held on the edge of a railing by Aife and is about to be thrown over it by her. Bo’s eyes suddenly change colour, turning almost black, and she breaks free of Aife’s grip before pushing her through the railing and over the edge into empty space. At the last moment, Bo grabs Aife’s hand and holds her there on the edge of falling several stories to her death. Bo tells her not to let go, to which Aife says that she won’t because she can take Bo with her went she falls. Kenzi then arrives on the scene and tries to tell Bo to let go. Bo tells her that she will not give up on Aife like everyone else did. Trick is then seen cutting his hand and drawing blood. He then writes with his blood in one of his books and we return to Aife hanging in midair. The images shift between the words of blood being written and Aife’s enraged face. Then a symbol appears on Aife’s forehead and vanishes. Her face changes from a look of insane rage to sudden peace and she speaks to Bo in a way that she never did before. In a calm, almost loving voice she tells Bo that Kenzi is right and she has to let go of her. Bo refuses and Aife tells her that there is so much she wants to tell her. To see Trick as he knows it all. To tell Trick that she forgives him and that if she can, that Bo forgive her. Then she forces Bo to let go and plummets to her death. Bo and Kenzi see her at the bottom of the open staircase, blood around her body and obviously dead. They run for the stairs to go to her, but when they arrive they find her body gone and only a puddle of blood remaining and they leave moments later.

The last scene is of Bo and Kenzi back at their home talking about what has happened to them in the past season. Then their talk turns to Trick and Bo comments that Aife told her that Trick knows everything, but that also means that Trick is still hiding something. We then see Trick’s arm fall limply to his side, blood coating it and he is on the verge of death from blood loss. Then Kenzi asks if she will forgive Dyson, to which Bo tells her that somehow Dyson helped her win the fight. She tells Kenzi that there are no secrets between them and they deserve a fresh start. We see Dyson in pain somewhere in the darkness shift into his wolf form and race off into the forest. Kenzi then asks what Bo will do when her Mother returns because, like cockroaches, evil never dies. Bo tells Kenzi that when Aife sacrificed herself for her, that was her real Mother and she still has hopes for her. We see Aife being carried in a tunnel by a man into darkness.

The last image is of Bo holding the Koushang in her hand and telling Kenzi that she believes that they do not have to be afraid of her Mother any longer. Kenzi tells her that she hopes Bo is right to which Bo’s answer is “I am. I am.”

And so the first season, and the season finale ends…

Questions in this Episode

  • What is Bo's real name? Aife never called her anything but Bo, so is that her name or not?
  • Bo's human mother is named Mary.
  • The Norn in this episode was not exactly as the original myth. She took Dyson's love for Bo away from him. Was that simply out of spite or does she have something planned for it?
  • Why is it that a Succubus cannot simply remove the Koushang from the one that possesses it and then feed on them? Bo was able to touch it and use it, so what keeps a Succubus from taking it?
  • Aife mixed something into the cookies she made for Bo. What was in it that made collapse?
  • The battle between Bo and Aife was a physical one, but since they were Succubi, shouldn't there be a more "Succubus" way of fighting?
  • Just before Aife dropped to her seeming death, a symbol appeared on her forehead based on what Trick wrote in his blood. What did that do? What part of Aife's reality was changed?
  • What made Aife go seemingly insane?
  • The Ash has an extensive collection of items in his trophy case. Will any of those be seen? Is that where the Siracon is? If it was there, why didn't Bo take that as well?
  • How was it possible for a single thrall to break through the security around the Light Fae elders and attack them?
  • The Morrigan most likely knows what has happened to The Ash and as well the rest of the Light Fae leadership. What is the result of that? Will there still be a war in spite of Aife's seeming death as least as far are they know?
  • What punishment, if any, will Lauren face for giving Bo access to The Ash's trophies?
  • Where were the Noble Families and the Light Fae leadership taken during the evacuation?

Answers in this Episode

  • Saskia's real name is Aife.
  • Aife is Bo's mother.
  • Trick attempted to make a peace in the past between the Light and Dark Fae, but Aife would not allow it and led a small rebellion that killed one of the Dark Fae leaders. She was caught, then escaped, asking Trick for help. He refused and handed her over to the Dark Fae for execution. But the Dark Fae did not kill her, Trick did not find out about that for some time after that happened, and Aife has been plotting to get her revenge against Trick since that time.
  • Saskia was held as a plaything by a Dark King for centuries until she escaped.
  • Succubi can force thralls to do things that can threaten their lives.
  • Trick is what is called a Blood Sage. By writing in a book with his own blood, whatever he writes becomes reality. The cost is that something within the words will go terribly wrong as the price for using his power. It also appears the larger the entry, the more blood is required.
  • There is an amulet called the Koushang which is proof against Succubi. The person that wears it has their Chi bound to their body and Succubi cannot remove it from them.
  • Saskia is several centuries old as is Trick.
  • It is possible for the Elder Fae to be hurt or otherwise killed by explosions or any manner of methods including knifes.
  • Kenzi seems to like romance novels. Especially ones with pirates in them.


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