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Betrayal of the Succubi (eBook)

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Betrayal of the Succubi
Betrayal of the Succubi eBook Cover, written by Clare de Luna
Betrayal of the Succubi eBook Cover,
written by Clare de Luna
Author(s) Clare de Luna
Publisher Amazon Digital Services
Publication date January 4, 2014
Media type eBook
Length 71 Pages

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Betrayal of the Succubi is an eBook written by Clare de Luna. In this work the characters Calyndi and Linki are Succubi.


  • Title: Betrayal of the Succubi
  • Author: Clare de Luna
  • Published By: Amazon Digital Services & Smashwords
  • Length: 71 Pages
  • Format: eBook
  • Publishing Date: January 4, 2014

Plot Summary

Calyndi is a succubus. Calyndi is bored. Years of feasting on the emotions of humans has left her unsatisfied in that one special way that succubi crave the most. There are only two beings capable of satisfying her erotic needs, but both come with complications - Devin is a powerful vampire whose desire to enslave Calyndi is as powerful as his sexual prowess, and Linki, a fellow succubus whose infatuation with Calyndi would make sex too complicated. But when Linki finds an ancient artifact that can protect them from Devin's power, Calyndi seizes the opportunity and allows herself to fall into a love triangle as full of lies and deception as it is of lust and desire.

Book Review

At the time of this article's entry in the SuccuWiki, no review was available. Tera has this work on her reading list and will review it shortly.

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