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Series Dungeons and Dragons
First appearance Spawn of Sehan
Dungeon #146 - Page 33
Created by Tom Ganz
Game information
Gender Female
Race Succubus
Class Medium Outsider
(Chaotic, Demon,
Evil, Extraplanar)
Alignment Chaotic Evil

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Beldien is a Succubus NPC character created by Tom Ganz who appeared in the Spawn of Sehan adventure published in Dungeon magazine issue 146. As her role in this adventure was very limited, little character information or statistics were provided for her. Her role was explained as being summoned as defense against intruders.

Character Information

Beldien appears when the player characters enter a room during the adventure. Beldien was summoned to the room recently to guard against possible intrusions. Her services were paid for with the willing sacrifice of a cultist. She remains in the room, for the purposes of the adventure, for only one more day before she will return to the Abyss. Beldien uses her morphing ability to appear as a comely Flan girl from Exag when the characters encounter her.

Beldien will be found in an open sarcophagus moaning and pleading for help when the player characters enter the room. She claims cultists captured her and covered her with a powdered drug that made her too weak to even sit up. She attempts to get one of the player characters to help her out of the sarcophagus and carry her, using a charm monster spell if necessary. She "feebly" puts her arms around this player character and attempts to kiss them as a thank you. If the player character resists, she bestows a negative level while embracing the character, claiming that the poison powder must still be on her when the character reacts. When her ruse is blown, Beldien casts suggestion spells meant to divide the party. She then grapples a weak player character and bestows as many negative levels as possible, before defending herself physically. If reduced to below half her total hit points or otherwise incapacitated, she considers her duties fulfilled and escapes using greater teleport.


As per the standard Succubus statistics found in the Monster Manual, page 46. She has 35 Hit Points.


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