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Andie Bates

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Andie Bates
The Gates character
The Succubus Andie Bates as seen on the ABC television series The Gates.
The Succubus Andie Bates
First appearance

Pilot Episode
Last appearance

Moving Day
Portrayed by

Skyler Samuels
Species Half-Succubus, Half-Human
Gender Female
Occupation Student
Family Thomas Bates
Mrs. Bates(deceased)

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

Andie Bates is a fictional television character who appeared on the ABC television series The Gates. The role was played by the actress Skyler Samuels for the run of the series.

She was described as a Succubus in the series by several other characters and has some aspects that Succubi have in general in her abilities and powers seen in the series.

This article mainly focuses on Andie's background and the events in the series that occur that involve her character.

For further discussion on the powers and other general aspects of Succubi in this series, see that article in the SuccuWiki here.


  • Name: Andie Bates
  • Gender: Female
  • Known relatives: Thomas Bates (father), Unnamed mother
  • Age: Assumed to be around 16 years old
  • First Appearance: The Gates: Pilot (Episode 1)
  • Played by: Skyler Samuels

Background Story

Andie is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bates in The Gates series. While we know very little about Mrs. Bates, it has been stated that she was a Succubus. Being that Mr. Bates appears, for all intents and purposes to be human, that would make Andie a Half-Succubus it must be assumed.

It is also known that Mrs. Bates gave birth to Andie, but then at some point afterwards, indistinctly described as being around Andie's twelveth birthday, she could not control her needs and almost killed Andie's father. Mr. Bates was forced instead to kill her and hide that fact from Andie claiming that she had passed away in an accident.

Physical Information

Andie Bates appears to be a typical sixteen year old woman with long reddish hair and a fair complexion. Generally there are no visible signs of her being a Succubus, such as horns or a tail.

However, throughout the course of the series, green coloured veins begin to appear on her back. Initially she is told by Doctor Peg that they were caused by stress, but in fact they seem to become more pronounced and visible when Andie is feeding on someone.

When she does feed, the effects of doing so are generally that she takes from them most, if not all, of their energy to replace that which she is missing. In the case of humans, that can result in death. It has however been seen that beings, like werewolves in the series, can recover from her needs as was in the case of the character Brett Crezski.

According to comments made in the series, the effects on humans, assuming that she does not drain them completely, are similar to the condition known as mononucleosis, that being in an extremely tired ans sick state.

Succubus Powers and Effects

There has been only one effect that Andie has exhibited in the series with regards to her Succubus powers.

That effect is her ability to drain others of energy when she either kisses them or is intimate with them. This is manifested when the green veins on her spread out and, at least twice in the series, cross over to the body of the person she is in contact with. One prime example of this are the black veins which formed across Charlie's face during one such event and over Brett's face in another.

It has not been seen that she has the ability, generally seen in Succubi, to make her form appear to be different than her true appearance. She does not have and indication of having horns or a tail either. In addition, there seems to be no ability to control others emotionally or otherwise.

Controlling her Succubus Needs

Generally speaking, abstinence and will power seemed to be the means that Andie attempted to use to control her needs at first. But, eventually, she saw Doctor Peg and was prescribed medication to help her.

That came with the price of side effects and Andie stopped taking them several times. She was also given a mixture containing an extract of something called Devil's Weed by Mia Mueller and Devon Buckley to help her.

It seemed to work well for the time she had been taking it. At least to the point where Brett Crezski, in a fit of anger caused by being rejected by Andie, exchanged the mixture causing a chain of events that eventually resulted Andie taking Charlie's life.

Character events in the series of note

The following focuses on Andie Bates during the series run:

Andie Bates was a student at The Gates Academy, and was the first person that Charlie Monohan met and become friends with when he arrived at the school. She dated Brett Crezski until she realized that she didn't love him like he did her, and that she had strong feelings for Charlie. Meanwhile, Peg Mueller realized that Andie's Succubus side was getting ready to mature, and tells Thomas Bates that he has to tell Andie the truth before she hurts someone.

After a make-out session with Charlie in a unused room, he faints in his class, and while Doctor Peg tells him and his mother that it is mononucleosis, the truth is that his fainting was caused by Andie's developing powers. While talking with Charlie at his house, Andie states that she feels really energized lately. After the Father/Daughter Dance, Andie's father tells her the truth about her mother and her developing abilities. (The Monster Within)

Dr. Mueller tells her that she may be able to suppress her succubus side with medication, but Andie doesn't think much of that because her mother was apparently able to control herself without them. After a talk with her father, she decides to take them. She has a visit from Charlie, but not wanting to hurt him again, she tells him that she wants to take things slow and only kisses him in the cheek. Meanwhile her father reveals a secret to Doctor Peg that Andie doesn't know. He killed her mother. (Repercussions)

She ends her relationship with Charlie for fear of hurting him, and seems to be close to renewing her relationship with Brett after finding out that he is a werewolf and she can absorb his energy without killing him. (Dog Eat Dog)

Mia gives her a medicine made by Devon hoping to cure her succubus urges, it works, apparently, and Andie decides to go back to Charlie. But when she get to his home she sees him kissing Lexie Wade and walks away heartbroken. (Identity Crisis)

The realities of Brett's relationship with Andie surface while Charlie becomes aware that those around him are not human. Andie breaks up with Brett and she tries to reconcile with Charlie. Andie admits what she is to him but is rejected by Charlie. (Little Girl Lost)

Eventually she and Andie get back together thanks to the efforts of Lexie. They know it won't be easy, but they agree to try. (Surfacing)

However, Brett, feeling jealous of Charlie and Andie, removes the potion that she had been taking, replacing it with water. This had the effect of making Andie's condition worse over a short period of time. (Bad Moon Rising)

In the last episode of the first season (Moving Day), Andie and Charlie try to run away when it is revealed that Charlie's parents are leaving The Gates, taking him with them. They travel through a nature park arriving at a cabin in which they reveal their true feelings about each other. The two kiss and become intimate. That leads to Andie's powers, now uncontrolled, taking almost all of Charlie's energy.

The pair are found by Lexis and Brett and taken to Charlie's father who has Andie's father with him, the pair both aware of what Andie is. Returning to the Monohan's home, Doctor Peg attempted to revive him using the same method that was used on Mr. Bates. That failed.

Andie in the meantime was told to leave with her father, apologizing as she did. In the end, Devon used black magic to save Charlie, but with other effects that were not explained in that episode.

At the end of this episode, Andie left a voice mail on Charlie's phone telling him that she would always love him, but could not stay with him and was last seen taking a taxi from The Gates and disappearing from sight.

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