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A Succubus for Halloween and Other Tales of Terrifying Temptresses

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A Succubus for Halloween and Other Tales of Terrifying Temptresses
A Succubus for Halloween and Other Tales of Terrifying Temptresses eBook Cover, written by M. E. Hydra
A Succubus for Halloween and Other Tales of Terrifying Temptresses eBook Cover,
written by M. E. Hydra
Author(s) M. E. Hydra
Publisher eXcessica Publishing
Publication date October 20, 2011
Media type eBook
Length 299 Pages
ISBN 9781609825430
Preceded by A Succubus for Valentine's Day and Other Tales of Perilous Pleasures
Followed by Succubus Summoning 101

For other uses of the word Succubus, see Succubus (disambiguation).

A Succubus for Halloween and Other Tales of Terrifying Temptresses is a collection of short stories by the author known as M. E. Hydra, or more popularly in the erotica field as Many-Eyed Hydra. This collection of thirteen of his works encompasses most of the short stories he has published on such sites as MCStories.com and literotica.com. This is the third book that this author has released.


  • Title: A Succubus for Halloween and Other Tales of Terrifying Temptresses
  • Author: M. E. Hydra
  • Published By: eXcessica Publishing
  • Length: 299 Pages
  • Format: eBook & Paperback
  • ASIN: B005Y1AR8K
  • IBSN: 9781609825430
  • Publishing Date: October 20, 2011

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Plot Summary

Tempting, wanton, enticing, gorgeous…lethal.

Halloween is a time for chills and thrills. A time for femme fatales to sharpen their claws and take to the night in search of fresh prey. Cuddle up in front of an open fire as M. E. Hydra brings you a delectable dirty dozen of tales about ravishing succubi and other sensual predators.

A man uses a succubus as an instrument of revenge in “A Succubus for Halloween”. An unusual treatment for claustrophobia is prescribed in “Naga Special Massage”. In “The Pearls of the Mediterranean”, a group of holidaying lads discover an exotic nudist beach with a secret. Things get wet and slippery while “Oil Wrestling a Succubus”. Against the backdrop of demonic invasion, a soldier is subjected to the fleshy pleasures of “Capramendes, the Milkmaid”. And finally, a doctor finds a sexy companion for “A Halloween Party with a Succubus”.

Sit back and enjoy these and other tales of weird, wanton and wicked temptresses. They'll give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams, and terrors beyond your darkest nightmares...

Book Review

The following book review was first published on Tera's Blog - A Succubi's Tale on May 18th, 2012

Once again, as in previous reviews of this author’s works, I will be reviewing the individual stories and then the work as a whole:

A Succubus for Halloween – Once again the gift that appeared in the story A Succubus for Christmas and A Succubus for Valentine’s Day appears to a mortal. He finds himself the master of a Succubus and he takes her to a Halloween party. And she makes things… different than he expected. It’s an interesting shift from caring, sweet and soft to evil and demonic that this Succubus passes through. What’s more interesting is the back story here and why what happens does make its own kind of sense. It felt very similar to the other two stories in this linked universe, but there were still quite a few surprises to be found in it. One of the top five stories in the collection.

The Orgy of the Pink Flesh – It’s the end of the world, and the only winners are the rich and powerful. One of them collects a group of women to be sex toys for the other rich and wealthy. But one of them seems a bit different. The question is, how much different. Not a Succubus story, but setting aside that, the world is very well defined. The horrors of a world wide catastrophe are palatable and those that control what is left are very easy to dislike. Of course the question them becomes how they are going to be killed and who, or what, is the source of that end. It strays into a mixture of ecological theorem and horror filled terror, but, there are many questions left at the end that I have been pondering over. Not my favorite work in the collection, but it makes you think which is a good thing.

Naga Special Massage – A man arrives at a massage parlor that his therapist recommended as a means to help with his claustrophobia. But once inside, and he meets the masseuse, he finds himself facing his fears in ways he never could have foreseen. This isn’t a Succubus story, but, the thing of it is, that Amanda reminds me very much of the character Nicole, who is a Succubus I adore that this author writes about. There is some misunderstanding and confusion on both sides, but, in the end, its a story that has hope, love, and a promise in it for both Amanda and Ken. Really enjoyed the story, the characters and I think it is my second favorite story in the collection by far.

Pearls of the Mediterranean – A group of friends arrive in a small resort beach in the Mediterranean. They are expecting to find a nudist beach to look at hot women, but are disappointed. They then are lead by a local to another beach where they find the women they are looking for… and more that they never expected. Again, not a Succubus story, but in this case the horror aspect is muted quite a lot. That i think makes this a better story overall. I really didn’t care for the main male characters in the story, but really I don’t think you were meant to as a reader. A good read, some hot scenes before the surprise is sprung.

Halloween Nyte – Two boys. one of which has the barest understanding of magic and summoning, command a Succubus. But, once a Succubus completes a contract, what happens next? To be honest this was one of the hardest stories to read as it is full of pain and suffering to a man that really doesn’t deserve to. Nyte, who is the Succubus of the story, is evil, powerful, and is both a creature of pleasure and pain. In this story, there is no doubt which of the two she prefers for the most part. The twist is a good one, I liked it in many ways, and it was satisfying considering what the two boys did in the story. In spite of the gore and pain, it’s my fourth favorite story.

The Big Black Bed – An official from City Hall visits a pleasure palace, but the pleasure doesn’t quite end the way he had thought. Once again, the Don and his Succubi appear that we saw in the previous two collections. But this Succubus is quite a bit different and I have to say that I find her interesting as another form of Succubi that I hadn’t really considered before. But then latex and Succubi do get along quite well don’t they? The man of the story really isn’t someone to care about and in the end, again, what happens has some poetic justice in it. Well written and hot in the right places, but not quite one of the best stories here.

Cleric vs. Succubus – A Succubus confronts a Cleric who cares not for the work he should do and has her way with him. I think the most interesting part of this story is the discussion of good and evil and the shades therein. Setting aside what happens, the end result of the meeting, and some of the horror that appears, it really was a good story, well told and it held my interest.

Oil Wrestling a Succubus – Another story set in the Don universe. A gang leader is invited to a meeting with the Don and to bring his best fighter with him. But the fight turns out to be an oil wrestling match with a Succubus… and she’s very good at her holds. Oddly hot story, and I don’t really care for boxing or wrestling to be honest. The Succubi that appear are interesting to me, and I found myself wondering more and more about this world as the story went on. Just a little hint of horror, but it is only a little one and that doesn’t distract from the story. Liked this more than I expected at the beginning and worth the read.

Shrimp and the Crab-Centuar Girls – A group of soldiers are in H-space with a researcher and things go off the rails for them all. I really don’t like the H-Space stories all that much. I’m not sure exactly why that is, but generally I just can’t get into this universe. Thus, once again, not really a story I cared about and didn’t make that much of an impression on me. Possibly because it seems like every possible horror creature exists in this universe and it’s never really explained why or what it is. A lot of horror again in this work, and it didn’t appeal to me.

Welcome to the City – A man joins a investment bank and finds himself at the company party. But not everything is as it seems, and neither will he be as well. A Succubus story, kind of odd in the beginning, but the influences of the Succubi in the story play off well. The end result I saw coming from the moment they appeared, there wasn’t really anyway to avoid it honestly. Some good heat in the story, and the corruption within it “felt” right, if the story overall was really very sad in its own way.

Capramendes, The Milkmaid – Another trip into H-Space, Some off duty soldiers find themselves and the town they are in pulled into H-Space, and the Succubi are coming. Well. perhaps not Succubi, all of them, but they have the appearance of Succubi at least. The twist in the story I should have expected, but it was well hidden I think. Not a lot of horror thankfully compared to the rest of the stories in this universe, but it is there. Not a lot of appeal in the story for the themes in it, but written well nonetheless.

Serving the Earth Mother – A young couple visits a new age shop but discover that evil is very old and still very powerful. Just truly a sad story. I was hoping for a twist at the end, a means for the one that caused all of the pain and suffering to suffer as well, but that didn’t happen. Some very horrific moments and that didn’t site all that well with me. Not a bad story overall, but not to my taste really…

A Halloween Party with a Succubus – A doctor goes to a Halloween party dressed as, The Doctor. But his companion is a Succubus. I was so very happy to see another Nicole the Succubus story in this collection. She really does appeal to me in many ways, but in this story, the part that I liked the most was her admission that the past does not have to be the present or the future. That makes her much more in my eyes than she was, and even then, she was, and is, truly a complete personality which comes out in the stories she appears in. I especially liked that she got to be herself, and the person she is in this story. No matter the words or actions around her to try to belittle her, she remained the picture of poise and grace. Gosh she reminds me of me so much it’s scary… By far my favorite story in the collection. Loved it, wanted to read more about Nicole and how I hope to in the future.

I understand that the author tends to lean more to the horror aspects of Succubi and other beings. I know that there is a market for that, and I know that he has an audience for that as well. The thing of it is, Nicole really is someone that I want to see in her own story… badly. Darn it all there is so much hidden story to her that I want to know and we only see little tiny pieces of it.

I want the entire Nicole and not the slivers of her. She is, by far, the most interesting, real, seductive, and soulful character in all of this author’s works…

I’d gladly pay for a book about her.

The writing is excellent as always in the collection, and as always the Succubi are delicious as far as I am concerned… But there is the horror, a lot of it this time, and that tends to make me not want to savor all of the stories as much as I wanted to.

I’ll give this work four out of five pitchforks.

A bit too much horror in this collection for me personally, but the appearance of Nicole made it worth everything.

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