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44 Minutes to Save the World

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"44 Minutes to Save the World"
Lost Girl episode
A fleeting moment of joy for Bo and Lauren before disaster strikes
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 9
Overall Episode 70
Directed by Gail Harvey
Written by Sandra Chwialkowska
Produced by Wendy Grean
Featured Music See Section Below
Cinematography by Craig Wright
Editing by Ben Wilkinson
Production Code 509
Original Air Date September 6, 2015 (2015-09-06)
Length 60 minutes (runtime)
Guest Actors

Rachel Skarsten - Tamsin
Eric Roberts - Hades
Luke Bilyk - Mark
Amanda Walsh - Zee
Noam Jenkins - Hera
Shanice Banton - Iris
Lisa Marcos - Alycia Welles

Episode Chronology
← Previous
"End of Faes"
Next →
"Like Father, Like Daughter"

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Hades walks the Earth while Bo attempts to stop Iris from destroying it as secrets of the past are revealed and the future is uncertain

SuccuWiki Rating: 3.5 (3.5)

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Lost Girl is a Canadian developed and produced television series which premiered in the 2010 season on the television channel Showcase.

For further on Bo, the succubus of the series, see her article in the SuccuWiki here. For the series itself, see that article here. For a general discussion of Succubi and their mythos in the series, see that article here.

44 Minutes to Save the World was the ninth episode of the fifth season of the series, and the seventieth overall episode of the Canadian television series Lost Girl. It also was the mid-season premiere for the fifth season. It was first shown on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada on September 6, 2015 at 9 PM Eastern time. The episode was released prior to its airdate on both iTunes and Showcase.ca on August 21, 2015.

Production Data

  • Series: Lost Girl
  • Season: 5
  • Episode Number: 9 (70th Overall)
  • Episode Title: 44 Minutes to Save the World
  • Directed by: Gail Harvey
  • Writing credits: Sandra Chwialkowska
  • Production Company: Prodigy Pictures
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes (Including Commercials)
  • Country of Origin: Canada
  • Originally Aired on: September 6, 2015[1] on the Showcase Television Channel in Canada (Pre-released on iTunes and Showcase.ca on August 21, 2015)
  • Number of Canadian Viewers: Not Released
  • Number of American Viewers: 458,000[2]


A promotional Image of the Season Five cast of Lost Girl from the official website at showcase.ca/lostgirl From left to right: Anna Silk as Bo, Zoie Palmer as Lauren, Kristen Holden-Reid as Dyson and Rachel Skarsten as Tamsin
Actor / Actress Role
Anna Silk Bo
Kristen Holden-Ried Dyson
Richard Howland Trick
Zoie Palmer Lauren
Rachel Skarsten Tamsin
Eric Roberts Hades
Luke Bilyk Mark
Amanda Walsh Zee
Noam Jenkins Hera
Shanice Banton Iris
Lisa Marcos Alycia Welles
Robert Clarke John
Sebestian Maclean Bouncer
Alan C. Peterson Unnamed Fae Council Member

Music in this Episode

Song Title Artist Notes
’’Feel It Coming On’’ Life Bitter Soul Written by Life Bitter Soul
’’Best In The West’’ Central Park featuring Thomas D’Arcy Written by Thomas D’Arcy
’’Run Cried The Crawling’’ Agnes Obel Written by Agnes Obel


Short Summary

Hades is released from his prison and walks the Earth after which he helps Lauren to save Mark’s life. Tamsin is held by Zee and Hera as a hostage, but Tamsin turns Hera against Zee by placing doubts. The two come to blows and Hera falls into a coma. Hades visits Lauren’s clinic and while there is revealed to be Bo’s Father to both Dyson and Lauren by Bo. Hades reveals that the jack-in-the-box can send either Nix or himself to Hell, but not both. He also reveals that his mark is on both Bo and Mark, protecting them from harm. Trick decides to use his blood to save the world, but he finds his blood does not work. Zee demands a shield that Trick possesses or she will kill Trick’s friends, starting with Tamsin. Nix goes to Dyson’s gym where Alicia is, but before she can be harmed, Hades and Bo manage to stop Nix by trapping her in the jack-in-the-box. Afterwards, Hades is imprisoned, and Bo confronts Hades for forcing Kenzi to close the portal, the two arguing over Bo’s past. Hades claims that all that Aife told Bo was false but Bo refuses to believe him. Bo and Lauren express their love for each other, but Lauren is stuck by a car, seemingly fatally. When Bo approaches Lauren to help, Lauren seems to feed like a succubus on Bo.

Detailed Summary

The episode opens with a flashback to the previous episode including: Bo confronting Zee and then being given a vision of the world being plunged into darkness, Zee warning Bo that her father intends to use her to end the world. Iris looking at her human host's father laying dead at her feet and trying to justify her actions to Mark before Mark is stabbed. Zee striking Tamsin with lightning, she seemingly being either killed or badly injured as a result. Trick explaining to Bo what the Nix is as Bo's hand turns black as a result of touching Iris, then Trick explaining to Bo that the jack-in-the-box her father gave her could be used to stop the Nix. Bo is then seen opening the box, Zee warning Bo that doing so will release her father upon the Earth. Hades telling Bo that their combined powers will decide the fate of the Earth, adding the answers are within Bo herself as the box opens with a flash of light.

The episode begins with the final scene of the previous episode in which Bo (Anna Silk) comments: "The answer is in a gift" and looking at the box her Father gave her while Zee (Amanda Walsh) continues to admonish Bo not to open it. Bo then turns the crank on the box, causing Zee to depart shortly before the box pops open and a flash of light escapes from it.

Bo seems to be stunned for a moment, then calls out: "Dad?" After a moment there is a knock on the door and when Bo opens it, she finds a man calling himself John (Robert Clarke) standing outside, holding a bible and telling Bo that "The End is Neigh. Do you want to be saved?" When Bo asks why John is there, he explains that he would like to invite Bo to prayer circle on Sunday as the end of the world is coming. Bo closes the door and then comments to herself: "No kidding."

The scene moves to the park where Dyson (Kristen Holden-Ried) and Lauren (Zoie Palmer) are seen trying to give aid to Mark (Luke Bilyk) who is bleeding profusely. As Lauren and Dyson attempt to render aid, a crowd of people has surrounded them and Dyson warns them all to move away in a harsh tone. Lauren tells Dyson that Mark is losing a lot of blood, Dyson, on the verge of panic begging Lauren to tell him that Mark will be alright. Lauren explains that they need to get Mark to her clinic or he will bleed to death, but before the conversation can continue Hades (Eric Roberts) appears, declares himself to be a doctor and asks if they need help. When Lauren explains that Mark has been stabbed, Hades replies: "My kit's in the car, I'll be right back." Dyson asks Lauren if she really needs Hade's help and she explains that she has nothing to help Mark, and Hades does. The crowd moves in closer again, Dyson pushing one member of the crowd back before Hades returns and hands Lauren a medical bag. Hades points out: "His abdominal aorta has been lacerated. He needs surgery fast." When Dyson insists that Mark can make it to Lauren's clinic, Hades replies that Mark will never make it there in the condition he is in. Lauren explains to Dyson that Hades is correct, the surgery cannot wait and she needs Hades assistance to save Mark. Dyson then reluctantly moves away as Hades assists Lauren in attempting to save Mark's life, Hades commenting: "Okay Doll, stick him" as Lauren injects something into Mark.

The scene then shifts to the Dal Riata where Trick (Richard Howland) is seen discussing the current situation with another Fae. Trick explains that: "With the Nix unleashed, it could mean the end of all existence. Legend states that the Nix's darkness will sink to the Earth's core by midnight." The Fae (Alan C. Peterson), who appears to be an Elder, tells Trick to use his powers to write the Nix out of existence. Trick explains that using his blood means that something worse would replace the Nix, but the Elder points out: "What could be worse than the end? Open your veins." Trick refuses noting: "My blood will only write the future. I'm afraid the Nix is the end of time itself." Trick then suggests that the Fae Council be assembled and all of their resources brought to bear against the threat of the Nix. The Fae Elder then offers the Staff of Pestilence to help in the battle, noting that he had used it to fight the Black Death and proclaiming that it will "stave off this new plague." Trick then reveals that he possesses a shield, the same one that was displayed at Zee's party which the Fae Elder identifies as the Aegis Shield. Trick explains that the shield is made of Adamantine and notes it is the only metal that can "hold off the Ancients." Trick is warned that what his believes is "only legend" just as Iris (Shanice Banton) arrives. Trick warns the Elder that Iris is the Nix, but the Elder does not believe him. Iris asks if Mark is at the Dal Riata while Trick warns the Elder not to allow Iris to touch him. The Elder then attempts to use the Staff to stop Iris, but it has no effect on her. Iris then touches the Staff and it crumbles into dust before she touches the Elder, killing him while Trick protects himself with the Shield. When Trick looks out from behind the Shield a moment later, Iris is gone.

After the opening credits we return to find Lauren, Dyson and Mark at Lauren's Clinic, Mark recovering from his surgery. Lauren notes that Mark is stable and he seems to be healing much faster than she expected him to be. Dyson thanks Lauren for saving Mark's life, Lauren brushing it off saying that Dyson has "done your share of rescuing." Dyson then berates himself for Mark being harmed, believing that he pushed Mark into a situation he was not prepared for. Lauren tells Dyson that he could not have known and they need to focus on what they need to do in order to deal with the threat of the Ancients. This pushes Dyson into action, commenting that they need to find Bo and Tamsin, Dyson then making a phone call in an attempt to contact one of them.

The scene moves to Zee's condominium, where Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) is seen tied to a chair as her cellphone rings as Dyson attempts to contact her. Tamsin awakes, struggles to free herself from her bonds, but then pauses as Hera (Noam Jenkins) comments: "You're actually pretty when you sleep." Tamsin replies: "You're actually creepy when you stare." Hera retorts: "You also talk in your sleep. I considered a ball gag but to be honest I found your mutterings sort of charming." Tamsin's reply is: "What? This isn't S&M enough for you?" as she pulls at her bonds again. Hera then explains that Tamsin is being held "as an insurance policy" adding that Tamsin should be familiar with that concept as Hera had been used in the same way before. Zee then enters, ranting that Bo has released Hades. When Hera asks what Hades wants, Zee replies: "What do you think he wants?" Zee then comments to Tamsin: "I thought you were dead? Guess you have a little more fight in you after all." Tamsin then attempts to use her Valkyrie powers against Zee, but Zee brushes them off, telling Tamsin that she is immune to them. Zee then comments to Hera that they have: "Front row seats to the end of the world." Zee adds that they will be safe in their condominium, but then is shocked to see that the Aegis Shield is no longer present in their home. Zee then berates Hera for being useless and having lost the Shield. Zee places all of the blame upon Hera, ranting and raving before she departs in search of her shield and regaining its protection. Before Zee leaves, Hera asks what they should do with Tamsin and Zee replies: "Get rid of her" but then pauses, approaches Tamsin and then tears out a lock of her hair before storming off again, changing her mind and telling Hera to "hold onto her. Maybe she's worthy of a trade."

Back at Lauren's Clinic, Hades is seen waiting by a nursing station as Lauren approaches him. Hades asks how Mark is doing and Lauren replies that "He's healing rather quickly actually." After Lauren thanks Hades for his help, Hades asks if he might have his medical bag back, and Lauren leaves to retrieve it for him. After Lauren enters Mark's room, Hades enters a moment afterwards, asking to see Mark. Lauren comments that Hades is not supposed to be where he is, but before this can continue, Hades comments: "I see you do R&D. Lauren explains that it is "something I do in my spare time" as a whiteboard is shown with some molecular structures and notes about them shown. Hades considers it a moment before commenting: "My organic chemistry is a bit rusty but this looks like stem cell research. Ambitious for a hobby." Lauren explains that she is trying to isolate a specific group of cells and Hades comments: "If you can crack that code, that's the Holy Grail, the Fountain of Youth. Everlasting life." Lauren replies with a laugh: "A girl can dream." Hades continues to examine the diagrams and then points out where Lauren seems to be stuck in her research. Lauren comments that she doesn't want to bore him, but Hades replies: "I'm retired. This is the most fascinating stuff I have read in years. Humour me." Lauren explains her problem is that the cells she is interested in "lack markers which makes them difficult to isolate." When Hades asks if she has tried injecting a virus, Lauren replies that the cells "just destroy the virus." Hades then comments: "A pathogenic virus yes, but what about a TTV?" Lauren is surprised, replying: "You mean a benign virus?" Hades explains that the stem cells will not attack, and also adds: "Sometimes the catalyst that appears the most innocuous can do the most damage. Think of it as a Trojan Horse." Lauren thanks Hades for the idea as Dyson enters the room. Dyson approaches Hades and thanks him for his help. When asked for his name, Hades gives it as: "Jack." Bo then enters the room, carrying the box her father had given her, and comments: "Actually. It's Hades. My father." Hades smiles as he replies: "Hi Bo."

After a commercial break, Lauren is confused that Hades is Bo's father, while Dyson demands to know what Hades wants. Hades replies they they should ask Bo as "she's the one that summoned me here." Lauren then notices Bo's hand is black in colour and moves to examine it, but Bo warns her away. Bo then explains that Iris is Nix and that Bo has seen it, explaining that "everything she touches dies and turns into nothing." Lauren is confused and asks how Bo survived, but Bo's answer is that she has no idea, but regardless they have to stop Nix. Hades comments that they will all be "burnt toast" if Nix succeeds and Bo tells Hades that she released him in order to stop Nix. Hades asks if Bo means by using the box he gave her and Bo replies: "If it contained you, it can contain her too." Hades smiles and comments: "Smart girl. That's my daughter." Bo is not amused and tells Hades: "Let's hold off on the father/daughter bonding for the moment shall we?" Hades then explains that the box can "contain a force and sent it to Tartarus. But only one. So, if you use it to contain her, then..." Bo completes the sentence with: "Then you have to stay here." Hades also explains that to get rid of Nix, Iris will have to be killed in order to do so. Dyson's phone then rings and he leaves the room to answer the call which is from Alycia Welles (Lisa Marcos) who tells Dyson that she bought some groceries and also notes that Dyson "has no milk, but you have five different kinds of mustard." Dyson explains that he cannot talk to Alycia as Mark has been injured. Alycia then asked if she can help, offering to come to the clinic, but Dyson refuses, asking her to remain at Dyson's gym, adding that he "might send someone over to get some clothes for him." In the middle of the phone call, Mark begins to wake up, gasping in pain. Dyson ends the phone call and rushes over to Mark with Lauren and Bo. Mark asks about Iris and attempts to get up, but his injuries force him to lay down again. Bo asks Mark if he has any idea of where Iris could be and Mark explains that they had been at Iris' human host's home, explaining that Iris and her host where "talking to each other." Hades explains that "they keep them alive to get information." Lauren muses: "All of the humans could be alive inside the Ancients." Mark continues to explain Iris killed her human host's father and that he had sex with Iris. This confuses Lauren as Mark should have been killed like Bo had explained, but Mark tries to express that Iris had changed afterwards. Mark then asks for his pants and then hands over the bracelet that Iris had been wearing before which Hades explains "is made of Adamantine" but also adds: "Contain? No. Control? Yes. If it is on her wrist. If it is not on her wrist we're all in trouble." Bo replies they need to put the bracelet back on Iris again which then leads Dyson to ask Mark where Iris might be. Mark lists off a number of locations including a cafe, a park, and that they went clubbing as well, naming a specific club called The Garrett." Dyson tells Bo he will check the park and the cafe. As Dyson leaves, Mark begs him not to hurt Iris, explaining that "it's not her fault." Bo promises Mark "We'll do everything to keep her safe. I know what it's like to be used by your parents." Bo then turns away to leave, but Lauren stops her, explaining that they need to "make sure you are safe too." Lauren then asks Bo to come with her and they leave Hades and Mark alone.

Meanwhile, Tamsin is still being held as a hostage by Hera. Hera has been continuing to drink and seems to be almost drunk as they begin a conversation. Hera comments that he would offer Tamsin a drink but she is "indisposed" and when Tamsin suggests they Hera could release her, Hera refuses, and Tamsin comments: "You're just following orders. Right?" Hera tells Tamsin: "They are not orders." But Tamsin laughs at this, commenting that: "From here it looks like you are Zee's little bitch." Hera tells Tamsin: "We're partners. There's a difference." Tamsin then begins to seed discord in Hera, commenting about Hera giving Zee's shield to Athena, which Hera tells Tamsin she knows nothing about. Tamsin continues to press on, taunting Hera about sacrificing his daughter as well, asking if it was his idea. Hera replies that he loves Iris and "We're a family and we all have a part to play to make this world a better place." Tamsin then exclaims: "You don't love Iris! You used her!" Hera can only reply: "We did what had to be done." Tamsin then asks if Iris knew what her part would be in the plan, asking if Iris knew that Hera would be the one to doom her. Hera gravely warns Tamsin, but she replies: "You can't touch me. Zee's orders remember?" Hera then approaches Tamsin and growls: "I don't know if it is the drink, but Zee's orders are feeling a bit foggy right now." Tamsin then asks Hera: "If Zee had plans for you, would you even know? What happens when she no longer needs you?" This strikes a cord in Hera and he walks away, thinking about what they had been discussing while Tamsin chuckles to herself.

The scene then returns to Bo and Lauren, as Lauren suggests to Bo that she might feel better if she fed on her. Bo refuses, telling Lauren that she doesn't want to take that risk with her. Lauren tells Bo that what Iris did is killing her, but Bo replies: "It's not all that bad, it turns out it's the perfect shield." Lauren asks: "Are you being serious?" and Bo replies: "I guess that means no 'talk to the hand jokes.'" Lauren tells Bo: "It's a good thing we got back together just in time for the end of the world." Bo smiles as she replies: "At least we got back together." Lauren then moves to apply a cream to Bo to slow down the effects of the darkness on her hand, but Bo refuses to allow Lauren to touch her. Hades then approaches and comments: "I can." Lauren then gives the cream to Hades, who thanks her, and then tells Bo: "Your smart friend is right. This will slow the spread, but you don't have much time." As Hades works, Lauren asks Bo how she intends to get Iris to put the bracelet back on, but Bo's answer is: "If anyone can do it, it's me. She's scared and alone and doesn't know how to control her powers. I was that girl." Lauren asks Bo to be careful and Bo promises to be. Bo then picks up the box and turns to Hades who she tells: "Plan B. I won't be needing this box. So it's time for you to be heading back to Tartarus." Hades then reveals that he has been using his powers to protect Bo through the mark he placed on her chest, from Iris and as well, he is keeping Mark alive. Hades warns Bo that if he goes back to Tartarus, then his mark will fade and Mark will die. Bo refutes this, telling Hades her mark never fades so why should Mark's and Hades replies: "He isn't my child, and my mark on you will never fade." Bo replies: "We'll see about that." Bo then tells Hade he is coming with her "until I can figure out what to do with you." Bo then tells Lauren she will call if she needs her and then leaves with Hades in tow, who pauses and tells Lauren: "I'm just here to help" before he leaves.

Elsewhere, Iris approaches a club and tries to enter, bypassing the line and trying to get by the security guard there. When she is refused, she tells the guard: "I don't want to wait anymore. It's all going to happen now." She then touches the guard, killing them and turning them to dust before turning to the club goers in line as the episode goes to commercial.

Back from commercial, Trick is seen in his lair gathers his instruments in order to write with his blood in an attempt to end the coming of the Nix and the threat of the end of the world. Opening one of his veins Trick states: "To vanquish the Nixm it's the only way. Come what may." However, before Trick can begin to write in his blood, Zee appears. Trick tells Zee she is not welcome in his home, but Zee seems not to care and begins to taunt Trick about his home and also notes that she welcomed Trick into her home and, as such, he should welcome her into his. When Trick tells Zee she has "no idea of the darkness you have unleashed", Zee replies: "I know exactly what I have done. It's the end, but it's also the beginning. I'm going to destroy this world and start a new one. The way it used to be, The days of sacrifice and human worship. It's time now for us to be seen as the Gods we are." Trick angrily replies: "Not if I can help it. It's the only way." and then begins to write in his book using his blood to do so as Zee watches. However, as Trick writes, his words vanish immediately afterward, meaning that his powers cannot overcome the Nix. Zee then taunts: "A for effort. You know what they say, optimism is a form of courage. Now give me my shield back." Trick takes hold of the Aegis Shield to protect himself from Zee. Zee reminds Trick that the shield may protect him, but it will not protect any of his "people." Zee warns Trick that if he wants to see them again, he must give up the shield, but when he refuses and demands that Zee leave his lair, Zee replies: "How about a trade then. Hand over the shield or I'll hunt your people down and kill them." Zee then shows Trick a lock of Tamsin's hair, warning that she will be the first to die.

The scene then moves to Bo and Hades who approach the club where Iris had been earlier in the episode. After a moment, Bo asks why Hades keeps looking at her and he replies: "I haven't seen you for a long time and I'm proud to see the woman you've become." Bo replies: "Well, don't get too excited. Soon as I contain Nix and save Iris, I'm going to figure out a way to send you back where you came from." Hades then tells Bo: "You are the only one who can" then continues to explain that: "That box was made for you. And only you. Specifically you could bring me back." A long moment passes, then Hades continues: "I'm glad you're confident that you'll rescue Iris." Bo replies: "I promised a friend a long time ago that I would always look out for the little guy." Hades answers: "You mean Kenzi?" Bo then turns on Hades and warns him: "You don't get to say her name." Hades claims to be sorry, adding that Bo never should have made that promise, but Bo presses on: "Well, you're not me. And I'm not you. I will never be you. I'm in the business of helping people, not killing them." Hades tries to explain to Bo that she "misunderstands" him, explaining that he would do anything to rescue Iris as she is his niece and Bo's cousin, adding "and there is nothing more important than family." Bo turns cold at this, telling Hades: "You know what? Don't." Turning away, Bo then approaches the club where she finds the remains of the club goers that Iris has killed. Bo then calls Dyson, who is with Mark, and tells him of what she has found. Dyson only tells Mark that Iris was at the club, but she isn't there now, and that she has killed others. Bo asks Dyson if he has any idea of where Iris might be and after Dyson asks Mark if he has an idea, he mentions the Dal Riata and then Dyson's gym. Dyson tells Bo that Iris might be going there, adding that Alycia is there at the moment and soon after Bo and Hades make their way towards Dyson's gym as Dyson leaves Mark to do the same. The scene then moves to Dyson's gym where Alycia is putting things away as Iris enters, calling out to gain Alycia's attention.

After still another commercial break, Alycia asks Iris who she is, and Iris explains that she is Mark's friend. Alycia assumes that Iris the the person that Dyson had mentioned earlier in the episode that might be coming to get some things for Mark. After giving Iris a bag, Alycia asks how Mark is, Iris replying that she has no idea. Alycia is confused, asking if Dyson had sent Iris, the answer from Iris being a simple no. Iris then asks if Alycia is Kevin's wife, who is the host body for Hera, adding as well that Alycia is "very pretty." Alycia attempts to get information about her husband from Iris, which results in a series of back and forth questions between the two, the tension between them rising sharply as this unfolds. Dyson, Bo and Hades burst into the room with Dyson warning Alycia to move away from Iris as she is "sick." This angers Iris who becomes upset and begins to lose control of herself. Bo then talks to Iris in the place of Dyson, attempting to calm Iris down and in doing so have Iris put the bracelet back on again. As this unfolds, Dyson rushes over to Alycia and takes her to safety in another room.

After Dyson secures the door they entered through, Alycia demands to know what is happening, screaming at Dyson that Iris knows Kevin, her husband, and she wants to know why and why Dyson will not tell her what is happening. Alycia thrusts a finger into Dyson's chest, telling him: "I am not crazy!" and after a moment, Dyson embraces Alycia, telling her: "You are not."

Elsewhere, Zee gleefully returns to her condominium with the Aegis Shield in her possession. When Hera asks if Zee had found Iris, Zee brushes the question off with the comment: "No, but if she comes back, we'll be ready. It's time to hunker down and wait for the show." Zee then asks Hera if he is drunk, to which Hera replies: "This was a mistake. We shouldn't have done this." Zee tells Hera it is too late for second thoughts and when Hera tells Zee that Iris is their daughter, Zee replies: "She's the harbinger of darkness." Hera then screams: "Because you put Nix in her!" Hera expresses his love for Iris, Zee does as well, but in an unconvincing way which causes Hera to reply: "You love nobody but yourself." Zee then realizes that Tamsin has something to do with Hera's attitude and asks what she has done. Tamsin replies with only a smile, saying nothing. This only pushes Zee over the edge and she tells Hera: "You are an idiot. She played you and you let her." Hera answers: "You used Iris and then you threw her away." Zee then returns to her usual ranting and belittling of Hera which only serves to increase the tension between them until Hera attempts to strike Zee. When Hera tells Zee that she is "worse than Nix. You are nothing." Zee loses control and strikes Hera down with lighting from her body, causing Hera to fall to the floor, ranting as she does so: "How dare you defy Zeus?" Zee then turns her wrath onto Tamsin, demanding to know what Tamsin said to him. Zee then continues to rant, telling Tamsin: "You think you stopped something? You think he matters? I'm the one you should be afraid of." Tamsin tells Zee: "If you are going to kill me, then do it already. Stop dragging it out, it's super tacky." Zee then frees Tamsin from her bindings and taunts Tamsin that it is almost midnight and there's no way for Nix to be stopped. Before Tamsin can leave, Zee orders Tamsin to drag Hera's body to the elevator and leave with it, which Tamsin does, but as she does so, Tamsin asks: "This is what you want? To destroy everything?" Zee answers: "Everybody likes a fresh start." Tamsin asks: "So you can sit in this monolith by yourself? What's the point? I hope you enjoy your own company." Zee stares at Tamsin, who comments: "At least I won't die alone." Zee then presses the elevator button and says: "Going down."

Returning to Bo, Hades and Iris in Dyson's gym, Hades tries talking to Iris, which seems to calm Iris down as she is confused that Hades is on Earth. When Hades claims to be there to see her, Iris replies: "I thought you forgot about me." Hades tells Iris she is his "favourite niece" as Bo explains that they are there to take her home. This angers Iris, who tells Bo that she does not want to go home, saying that that she left to get away from her parents. Bo tries to explain that she understands how Iris feels, but this only serves to make Iris angrier even as Hades tries to calm Iris down. Iris becomes more confused and angry as both Hades and Bo continue to speak to her, each with their own idea of the best way to make Iris cooperate. When Bo gives Iris the bracelet that had been used to control her in the past, Iris tells Bo: "It's far too late for that. Nix is who I was meant to be. It's who I am." and throws the bracelet away. Iris then tells Bo that her powers have almost reached the core of the Earth and: "Any minute now the clock strikes Nix. It's going to be beautiful." while the darkness that Bo had on her hand begins to spread slowly up her arm.

Following a commercial break, Hades tells Bo that she must use the box to save the world, but Bo refuses, saying that she will not kill Iris to do so. Bo begins to suffer from the effects of Nix's infection, but no matter how much Hades asks her to use the box, Bo continues to refuse to do so. At one point Iris comments to Hades: "The darkness inside of you? It's inside of me too. We're the same." Hades continues to talk to Bo, telling her to use the box, but Bo tells him: "It's evil!" Hades replies: "Sometimes the greatest evil is the greatest mercy. Use the box." Hades then turns to Iris and asks her to come close. iris replies: "I carry darkness." Hades touches Iris' hair and comments: "Maybe so. But I am darkness" then he clutches Iris by the throat and lifts her into the air. Bo screams at Hades to let Iris go, but he refuses, telling Bo: "Turn the crank Bo. Do it! You're the only one that can." Bon finally relents and starts turning the crank, which makes the box play its music. As this happens, the darkness inside of Iris, the Nix, is drawn out of her and passes from her mouth, through the air, and into the box. When the last of the darkness is within the box, it snaps closed, sealing Nix within it. Once this happens, the darkness on Bo's body vanishes and she seems to return to normal. Hades tells Bo: "You are my child. My blood. I would never do anything to hurt you." Bo says nothing, only looking to where Iris lays dead. The scene moves to Zee who is counting down the seconds to the end of the world, but when midnight sounds, and passes with nothing happening, she has an insane look in her eyes as she looks out over the city.

Lauren, Dyson and Bo are seen at the Clinic with Mark still recovering in the room. Bo explains that Nix is gone and that Iris and her human host are both dead. Bo tells Dyson that she tried to save them, but she couldn't. Dyson tells Bo: "You did what you had to do." When Bo asks to tell Mark what happened, Dyson refuses, telling Bo that he will do so. Dyson then walks away from Bo and Lauren, approaches Mark, and after a short word, Mark cries out in pain and Dyson tries to comfort him. Lauren sees that Bo is suffering for her choice and asks if Bo is alright. Bo replies: "No matter what I do. Someone always gets hurt." Lauren tells Bo that she has saved so many people so many times, naming herself, Dyson, Kenzi and Tamsin. Bo tells Lauren: "One day I'm going to lose you too." Lauren replies cryptically: "Well, maybe you don't have to."

Bo is then seen talking to her father, who seems to be in some kind of isolation ward elsewhere in Lauren's clinic. She asks: "Are you comfy dad?" to which Hades replies with a chuckle: "You know, when I suggested we talk privately, this wasn't exactly what I had in mind." Bo replies: "You seem to have a thing for boxes. I figured you could use a new one." When Hades suggests that they "catch up" at the Dal Riata over a drink, Bo warns Hades: "I don't want you at my bar. And I don't want you near my friends." When Hades asks: "If this is about Kenzi..." Bo strikes the glass panel between them with her hand and warns him: "I said, you don't get to say her name." Bo then continues: "You made her close the portal. You killed my best friend. Just to get to me. You know, growing up I imagined all of the things I wanted to say to you. You know what I realized? You don't deserve it. You weren't in my life then and I don't want you in my life now." Hades replies: "I think it's good that I stayed out of your life. You turned out better than if I had raised you." Bo stammers: "You're glad that I was abducted?" Hades tells Bo that he didn't say that, and when Bo asks how he could keep Aife, Bo's mother, imprisoned, and that Aife had the courage to get Bo out, Hades asks: "She had the courage to get you out? Is that what she told you?" Bo claims this to be the truth, but Hades explains: "I thought you'd know by now that the truth is open to interpretation. Your mother was sick." Bo tells Hades that if Aife was crazy it was his fault, but Hades insists: "The Dark Dungeons drove her crazy. I saved her. I brought her to Tartarus, but she was too sick. They tortured her you understand." Bo answers: "No. That's what you did. For years." Hades tells Bo: "You want to blame somebody? Blame your dear grandfather. He's the one that sent her to the Dark Dungeons in the first place." Bo presses on with: "You kept her in a cage!" Hades answers: "To protect you from her! She wanted to take you away from me, I couldn't let that happen. Sending you away was the only way to keep you safe." Bo does not believe a word that Hades has spoken, and Hades tells Bo that she's never heard his side of what happened, adding: "And now you don't want to." Bo exclaims: "Why would I? You choked me in an elevator!" Hades claims: "I didn't mean to Bo, I just wanted to talk." Bo tells him: "Well it's hard to talk with a hand around your neck." Hades can only answer: "I invited you in, I didn't want you to go." Bo pauses for a moment, then tells Hades: "I'm going to find a way to get rid of you. Until then, you're not going anywhere." Hades replies: "If this is where you want me, this is where I will stay." Bo pauses, then answers: "We both know this cell can't hold you." Hades asks: "Has it occurred to you, that I might want to stay here. With you?"

After the final commercial break, we return to find Tamsin arriving at Lauren's clinic and encountering Lauren and Dyson. When asked where she was, Tamsin replies: "You actually noticed I was gone?" Lauren comments: "Sorry, it's been a bit of a day" to which Tamsin replies: "Tell me about it." Dyson tells Tamsin that Nix is gone and Iris is dead. He also notes they still have Zee and Hera to deal with, while Lauren adds that Bo's father is there as well. Tamsin seems not to be surprised about this and also adds that Hera won't be a problem anymore before ushering Dyson and Lauren into another room where they find Hera's unconscious body, seemingly in a coma. Tamsin asks: "Can we kill him?" but Lauren reminds Tamsin that if they kill Hera they also kill the human host as well. Tamsin then declares she needs a drink, but Dyson refuses, saying he needs to be with Mark and Lauren declines, saying that she is meeting Bo. Tamsin then asks Dyson if they should tell Alycia they have found her husband, but Dyson replies: "I think I'll wait until after he wakes up." Lauren adds: "Question is if he wakes up, who will he wake up as?"

The final scene of the episode begins with Bo and Lauren walking along a sidewalk, at night, holding hands and talking. Lauren asks Bo what her father said and Bo replies: "More lies. He's trying to brainwash me but I won't let him." Lauren asks: "I know that him being here changes everything, but you can try to look on the bright side a little bit." Bo comments: "Mark got stabbed, Iris and CC are dead and my dad is at your clinic. Please tell me the bright side because I'm all tapped out for my gratitude journal." Lauren then runs away from Bo, standing a short distance away in the middle of the street as she calls out: "I can think of three reasons! One! We're alive! Two! We just saved the entire world! And Three? I love you Bo Dennis." Bo smiles: "I love you too, now get off the street, you're making me nervous." Lauren asks what they are going to have for dinner, her hands waving about wildly before, in the next moment, a car approaches from behind Bo and strikes Lauren head on where she stood in the road a moment before.

Bo rushes over to Lauren, who is laying in a pool of her blood, barely breathing as the car that struck Lauren races away into the night. Bo cannot speak, has no idea what to do, and for a long moment she and Lauren look into each other's eyes. Lauren then raises one hand to touch Bo's neck before puling herself up slightly. In the next moment, Lauren's eyes turn blue and she begins to feed from Bo in a way that is eerily similar to that of how Bo feeds.

The final image of the episode is Bo's Chi being drawn from her, Bo in shock as Lauren does so, before the camera switches to Lauren's bloodied face, a pool of blood on the ground around her, her eyes glowing and the Chi entering her mouth as she continues to feed.

Questions in this Episode

  • Who was the Fae Elder that Trick met with in the beginning of the episode? Other than being a means for an information dump for the audience, was there really anything that the Fae Elders could do anyway considering the threat and who the threat was. Clearly Trick knew that the Ancients wouldn't be stopped by the Fae, so why the meeting in the first place?
  • How exactly did Hades come up with a medical bag so quickly to assist Lauren in saving Mark? Did he make it appear out of thin air? Was it a mirage to cover the use of his powers to save Mark? Does he have the power to make objects appear?
  • Why didn't Lauren or Dyson question how Hades was able to get to a car, retrieve a medical bag, and return in under thirty seconds?
  • The Staff of Pestilence is a very well known item in various role playing games, such as Dungeons and Dragons, which can be used by its user to unleash a horrible plague upon others.
  • The Aegis Shield in mythology is a shield carried by Athena and Zeus, but its nature is uncertain. It has been interpreted as an animal skin or a shield, sometimes bearing the head of a Gorgon. You can find out more about this myth here.
  • Is Dyson going to be second guessing himself throughout the rest of the series? While he may have pushed Mark to become involved, and while he may be involved with Alicia, this all seems to be taking him away from focusing on the problems at hand.
  • Zee possesses a lock of Tamsin's hair. What is the purpose of doing so, and when, or will, this come into play?
  • Assuming that Lauren has been working on the question of making humans Fae, how far along in her research is she, would she actually return Evony back to being Fae again, and more importantly, what is the end game for this line of research?
  • Assuming that there is some truth in what Hades says, he comments to Lauren that he is "retired." Does this mean he is no longer in control of Hell or is that simply a reference to his time being locked away?
  • Considering who Hades is, and represents, it is entirely possible that he speaks half-truths, or just enough truth to make his lies seem to be the truth. If so, just how much of what he reveals should be accepted as the truth?
  • There are a lot of black smudges left all over the city after Iris' rampage. How are they explained, or, for that matter, how are they gotten rid of? Are they as dangerous as Iris herself, as Nix, is?
  • Hades mentioned that the box was made for Bo. This could be taken in several different ways, including that the box might have been intended to hold Bo at first. Was it?
  • Did Zee do anything to Trick after she regained the Aegis Shield?
  • Can Nix be freed from the box in the future?
  • With Hades now back on Earth, what are his intentions?
  • As Zee's plans have, it seems, come to an end, what happens next to her, Hera, and the other Ancients that may be on Earth?
  • Hades told Bo he would never do anything to hurt her. The truth or a lie wrapped in a truth?
  • Why does Hades need reading glasses and where did he get them?
  • Why did Hades agree to place himself in isolation? How long will he remain there, or is he even there in reality?
  • Who is telling the truth about Bo's past? Hades or Aife? Or neither?
  • How does Tamsin know that Hades is back on Earth? When did she find this out?
  • When did Lauren become Fae? Is she a succubus? Did she use Bo's own genetic code to do so? What does that mean exactly? Is Lauren, in a way, now Bo's twin sister?
  • Considering the damage that Lauren took when the car hit her, how much feeding on Bo will be needed? Will this endanger Bo?
  • As this accident seemed to happen in the middle of a busy street, with witnesses no less, how is this going to be covered up?
  • As Lauren was facing the oncoming traffic, and had been for some time, why didn't she move out of the way before the car hit her? She had to have seen the car coming. Was this on purpose? Some kind of test to see what her abilities as a Fae would be like?

Answers in this Episode

  • Hades has been freed from his imprisonment and walks the Earth.
  • Mark has been injured, but is recovering from his injuries.
  • Tamsin survived Zee's attack on her, to Zee's surprise.
  • The Fae Elders seem to be at least aware of the threat that the Ancients represent.
  • Trick was of the opinion, when asked to use his blood to end the threat of the Nix, that it would not work. This was proven during the episode to be true when he finally attempted to do so. This may well be the only time in Trick's life where his Blood Sage powers did not work. It is likely that, as the result of the Nix's actions would be the end of the world, there wasn't something worse that could happen as a result of Trick using his powers and so they were nullified.
  • Lauren has been continuing her research on turning humans into Fae genetically, some of her work being out in the open in her lab on a whiteboard.
  • Both Dyson and Lauren are aware of whom Hades is because of Bo confronting him in Lauren's Clinic when all were present.
  • Hades gave Lauren a hint with regards to her research on making humans Fae and vice versa.
  • According to Hades, the jack-in-the-box that Bo possessed could contain any force and then send it to Tartarus.
  • Apparently, Dyson likes mustard as his fridge has five different kinds in it.
  • The mark that Bo has been carrying from her father was the reason she survived being touched by Iris and her powers as the Nix.
  • Hades revealed that the mark Bo has will never fade.
  • Hades seems to smile... a lot.
  • According to Hades, the box was made specifically for Bo to use.
  • It seems that, at least in the case of Zee, Hera and Iris, they have unstable personalities, bordering on insanity at times. Being so, it seems that there is always a sense of discord around them and it is possible to tug on that personality flaw and drive them to make unwise decisions.
  • Zee struck Hera down with lightning, which put him into a coma.
  • Hades killed Iris, while Bo used the box to draw the Nix out of Iris and imprison it.
  • Hades remains on Earth as a result.
  • Trick's situation is unknown at the end of this episode.
  • Tamsin proved in this episode that she can play on anyone's self doubts, including that of an Ancient.
  • Hades told Iris "I am Darkness." which allowed him to take hold of Iris and kill her, as iris was carrying darkness.
  • Hades claimed to Bo: "You are my child. My blood. I would never do anything to hurt you."
  • Mark is aware that Iris is dead as Dyson told him.
  • Hades is being held in what seems to be an isolation ward in Lauren's clinic.
  • Bo has warned Hades not to speak Kenzi's name at least twice.
  • Bo has warned Hades not to go to the Dal Riata, or to be near any of her friends.
  • Hades claims that he saved Aife from the Dark Dungeons, taking her to Tartarus to do so, but could not heal her.
  • Hades blames all of the suffering that Aife went through on Trick's actions.
  • Hades claims that he was the one that sent Bo to Earth so that she would be safe from Aife.
  • Tamsin seems to be aware that Hades is Bo's Father and he has returned to the Earth.
  • It appears that Lauren is now Fae, most likely a succubus like Bo.
  • When Lauren feeds, her eyes turn a similar blue as Bo's do.


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