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Wholesome. Addicted.

I wrote this for the boys at the Wholesome Addiction podcast in 2012. It is the story of their Succubus mascot known as Laila…

She’s wholesome… and an addiction…




Some know that one of my favourite podcasts is called Wholesome Addiction and you can find the link to their site in the sidebar to the right of this post or you can click this link. A long time ago, Sean, one of the hosts, and I had a little email conversation about the cast, the music and other things about it.

That led to a discussion over the succubus that they have as their mascot on their site and their feed for the shows. Eventually he was kind enough to send me an image of her and also tell me that her name is Laila.

I promised Sean that I would have a story about her and so, here, you will find the story that I came up with about her.

I hope that Sean, Beef and the Operator like the story. Sorry guys, but the hotness comes a little later in the story… But there is the hotness I promise…


Wholesome. Addicted.

Part One

By TeraS


My name is Laila and I am one of the succubi.

It’s a long, long story of how I became one, what made me who I am now, and what the future has in store for me. But all stories have to start somewhere …

Have you ever seen an angel? Oh, sorry, of course you haven’t. You are mortal, like I was so long ago so you haven’t had the chance to see one.

Some don’t believe in the idea of angels, even though they find it quite easy to believe in beings like me, with red horns and a heart-tipped tail. Perhaps it is the thought of the power succubi like I have … to make fantasies real … to become … anyone … to create the one orgasm that you’ll never, ever forget.

And I can. Anything is possible for me. I can see your fantasies. Not quite vanilla, are they? That’s all right: vanilla, chocolate, or rocky road … all are delicious and I can make them all so tempting for you. If I want to.

Personally, I like strawberry, though …

Why? Well, if you must know, I—the real me, the one that I see in the mirror when I awake in our Realm—have strawberry blonde hair, ever so green eyes, and … well the rest of it you might discover if you want me enough to allow me to appear in your dreams.

Oh … and if you dream of me, I promise that I’ll be very good. Always. I am very talented with my tongue and lips … especially when I lick slowly along the ridge of a straining cock before slipping my lips around the head and …

Anyway, you are probably wondering when I’ll get past all of this introspective and start with something hotter.

Patience pet. I’ll get there. Anticipation makes the orgasm so much … sweeter.

So, the first thing that I suppose I need to answer is; just how did I … become?

In our Realm, there is a Queen. Her name is Tera. No, wait … that’s getting a little ahead of myself, isn’t it?

“Get … out.”

Those words were followed about ten seconds later by me stumbling out the apartment door as it slammed behind me. The stupid thing was, it was my apartment, and he was another in a long line of idiots that I had been stupid enough to go out with. There wasn’t anything I could really do about it just then. He’d leave at some point, and then I’d get back inside, clean up the mess, and have the locks changed. Chances were that he wouldn’t come back, but there was always the chance he would. I shrugged my jacket on and left for the coffee place around the corner, where I would grab a cruller and a black coffee, read the paper, and wait him out.

I was on the sixth page of the newspaper, when she caught my attention.

“Hello! Would you mind if I took the other chair?”

When I looked up, I saw a pair of amazingly green eyes framed by long, wild, raven hair. God, she was sexy, and I mean that. I wasn’t attracted to women—at least not then—but there was something about her that made me squirm.

It struck me that she was very secure in herself, much more than I was, honestly. She looked … hot. There was a hint of mischief in just those few, short words she had said to me so far, and yet, on the other hand, I didn’t fear her, either.

“If you want. I’m not waiting for anyone.”

She set a cup of what I thought was tea on the table and then brushed her long, red jacket behind her before sitting across from me. I realized then that, while she wasn’t underdressed, and the fuzzy black sweater and stylish pants weren’t over the top, she had this magnetism around her. I’d discover, eventually, why that was.

“Perhaps you just do not know who you are waiting for, exactly.”

I rolled my eyes at that; if it was a pickup line, it had to be the lousiest one ever.

“None of your business …”


I still have no idea why that name fits her so well, even after knowing her as long as I have.


“Nice to meet you.”

The conversation ended there for a time. I read my paper, or at least tried to, as she sipped her tea and watched me, idly. Finally, I folded the paper and started to get up to leave.

“Enjoy the table.”

“No point in you leaving yet. He is still there.”

I stopped in my tracks. What the hell was going on? “What are you talking about?”

She calmly answered—and, darn it all, even when she is calm, Tera can make anyone cum if she says the right thing to them … Trust me, I know. “The man who tossed you out of your place. He’s still in there, drunk. You are better off not going back right now.”

“How do you know?”

“Me? Oh, I’m a good judge of the human condition. You are obviously here for a reason, the state you are in tells me that you left your place in a hurry for some reason. The looks you have been giving that building across the street mean that you are waiting for someone to leave for some reason. The fact you are looking at the places-for-rent part of the paper seven times over means that something there is a problem, so …”

I sighed, but managed to keep a small amount of my humour with me, “You’re sure your name isn’t ‘Holmes’?”

She laughed—and damn if that wasn’t sexy, too. “Oh, it isn’t. I just use Tera … It’s always seemed to be enough.”

I found myself intrigued enough to set the paper back down and myself with it. “Are you a model or something?”

“Oh, nothing like that. At least not recently; the internet and all make that sort of thing a problem sometimes.”

Okay, now I really wanted to know more about this strange woman who seemed so sure of herself. “I’ve never heard of you.”

Again came that laugh that told you she had all of the cards, but you needed to find the right one to get anywhere with her. Never play poker with Tera. I think that’s rule number 42 or something in the Succubi Manual … “Just the people that need to know me do … Like you.”


“Yes … Do you know what is the most special thing about you?”

“There’s nothing special about me.”

She actually started ticking off fingers … and those were sexy, too. “You inspire people to write with passion. You help others to see what they could be. You’ve done so without asking for anything in return …”

“You’re full of shit.”

Even her smirk was squirm worthy: “Tisk tisk. Such language!”

I suddenly realized that whatever it was about her, she wasn’t someone whom I wanted to disappoint. The reason for that came later. “I’m … sorry, but none of that is true. I have never done anything like that.”

She opened the paper and turned it so that I could read it. One long red nail tapped a story in the paper about an artist opening a show and how the critics were raving over it.

“Oh, that’s just Sam. He just needed a kick in the balls to get going.”

“Well I hope he didn’t scream too much when you did.”

I couldn’t help the laughing fit that came over me when she said that. There were tears in my eyes and the world went blurry for a time. I finally got myself under control and blinked them.

And for a moment, just one, I thought I saw a long red heart-tipped tail in the air behind her, the tip looking at me, and a pair of small red sexy horns in her hair. I would come to know them very well …

In the next that vision was gone and she was there, as I first saw her, sipping her tea and waiting for me to get things together. “Are we done?”

“Sorry. I meant that he just needed a push to get going. I knew he had the talent, he just never went anywhere with it. After hearing him moan and gripe about the cubicle job over and over again I gave him hell and …”

It was then when my brain caught up with my eyes: “How do you know?”

“It’s in the paper. He gives you credit for everything. Don’t be surprised if your phone starts ringing like mad.”

I read the article. She kept sipping at her tea—which should have been finished long ago, and then I looked at her again.

“So, are you a reporter then?”

“No. But you seem to be sort of a muse, aren’t you?”

“I’m not sexy enough to be one.”

“I don’t know. The horn rimmed glasses are cute, the clothing is a bit second hand, but I’ll bet … if I cleaned you up …”

“Looks aren’t everything.”

“Looks don’t matter when people see your soul.”

“You are a weird person, Tera.”

“Not weird, just trying to get you to see what good you do and why it matters.”

I sat back in my chair and really looked at her. “There is more to you than you are saying, isn’t there?”

“True. But I won’t tell you, at least not yet.”


“That would be telling.”

I would come to know that phrase was one of Tera’s favorites.

She finished her tea, finally, and then stood up. “Come on, your so-called friend has left. I’ll give you a hand cleaning up.”

I followed her back to my apartment and, sure enough, he was gone. Oddly, a note was stuck to the door saying he wouldn’t be back, and the place … wasn’t as messy as I thought it would be.

“I’m shocked. Normally they leave a mess … and they come back.”

“Maybe he couldn’t.”

“Couldn’t what?”


It had sounded like “cum,” but it couldn’t have been.

I invited her in and, for the next few hours, we talked about my life, my wants, my goals … it was all about me and really not that much about her. It felt right just talking to her about whatever came to my mind, whatever it was. She didn’t judge me, which was something new for me.

Finally, as the sunset turned the city dark, I asked her the one thing that had been bothering me: “Who are you, really, Tera?”

She laced her fingers together, which, I have learned, meant that what she had to say was important. “I am the Queen of my people, and I have a proposition for you. I would like to offer you a gift, and it is a gift that few ever are given: to become one of us.”

“One of you?”

“Yes. One of us.”

And then things got weird. A long red tail, the same as I had thought I had seen in the coffee shop, rose into the air behind her. A pair of small red horns peeked out of the that sea of black raven hair she had.

“I am the Queen of the Succubi.”

Now I know what you are thinking: I should be screaming and running away in panic, right? But here’s the thing: I knew her. I suddenly recognized the hair, the eyes, and the face. In my dreams, she wore a lot less, but I was sure that, if she was nude, I would recognize that little beauty mark on the inside of her right thigh.

And I can tell you that the dreams were very squirm worthy …

“You are the woman in my dreams, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I was attracted to you, and you to me. I’ve always found that people are their real selves in dreams and … well, I like you and I think you would enjoy being part of my Realm.

“And that only costs my soul, right?”

She tapped her lips with her laced fingers and smiled. “Oh, not really. You would become like me—horns and tail and all. You would learn things that you have been wondering about all of your life. But, in the end, the choice is yours, and if you say ‘no,’ then you won’t remember this except as a dream. If you say ‘yes,’ your soul is still yours. You just get a few optional extras.”

“Electric windows?”

Again with that laugh that said in its own way not to worry about things, that she wasn’t hiding anything, she assured me that there was a new world open to me … one that promised much more than what this one did.

“So, what do I do now?”

“You go and take your life back, if you want it. Otherwise, you can pack your things and come with me. It’s your choice.”


“Sure. Why not?”

“Tell me something. If you are the Queen, aren’t I supposed to do whatever you tell me to?”

Her long red tail swished behind her in what I came to recognize as amusement.

“All right. Do the right thing. Always. All else is up to you. Will that work for you?”

I honestly had to think about that for a while and there was only one place that I could, the one place in my little slice of the world where I could try and figure out the big picture in what passed for peace and quiet in the big city.

“I’ll think about it.”

She handed me a silver card with a phone number printed on it in red: “Call me one way or the other.”

After she left, I found myself on the edge of the roof of my building, looking out over the stars, wondering what I was going to do next. Tera had told me to do the right thing, but the problem was trying to figure out what that was.

The answer, when it arrived, was something I didn’t expect.

You know, something just struck me … Almost all succubi have names that end with an ‘a’. I wonder why that is?

Something to think about for the next time I visit your dreams … and I will.

But, for right now, I’ve got you, pet. All you have to do is give yourself to me … just your body for now … I’ll cum and get the rest in due time …

You are all but addicted … and, in the morning, you’ll cum to see why …


Wholesome. Addicted.

Part Two

By TeraS


Welcome back, pet … No, don’t try to … I said not to try to do that … Don’t look at me; you were the one with the dream about being tied to your bed … helpless … at my complete and utter mercy …

Although why you have this particular fetish, I have no idea. No, not the one about being tied up; that’s pretty vanilla, really. What I meant was the other one, the one with me dressed in a latex schoolmistress outfit and carrying a cattle prod. And why exactly do I have to give you a spelling test?

No, never mind; it isn’t important just this moment, is it? You’ll be cumming your brains out soon enough and I’ll get my answer … assuming that your tongue isn’t busy doing other, more … interesting … things. But I’ll teach you those … slowly … so verrrrrrrrry slowly …

Now … where was I? Oh, yes …

The following morning, I still hadn’t made up my mind. I called Sam, mostly to find out how the show went and to soothe the panic in his voice. When I got off the phone with him—and yes, the show was a stunning success; yes, he had a show in New York next; and yes, had all kinds of other offers—I was out of sorts.

I was happy for him—no, really, I was—but the thing was that, in spite of being happy for him, I didn’t have my thoughts on Tera’s offer straight in my mind. I needed to get that done, and so I did what I usually did first thing in the morning when my brain was fried … I got coffee.

And that’s where my life changed.

I had just paid for my coffee and was turning to leave when I ran headlong into him. I was so concerned with the hot liquid running over my hand that I didn’t look at him when he said, “Watch where you’re going. You’ll get run over in traffic like that.”

I grabbed some napkins and dabbed at the mess, unhappy that my coffee was now coloring the floor. “Sorry.”

I realized that he hadn’t moved and looked up at him, to apologize once more, but instead I knelt there, dumbfounded, at a complete loss for words.

And, god, was I suddenly wet. No, not my hand; I mean my pussy. I was dripping.

He was … well … perfect: male model material with blond hair … and the Armani suit didn’t do anything but bring attention to the fact he was built like a ton of bricks. Which was appropriate, since that also described how I fell for him. But I couldn’t see his eyes for the pair of mirrored sunglasses that hid them. There was an odd glint that I noticed from them, but that thought fled me in the next moment.

“So you must be the Laila that everyone is talking about.”


He didn’t offer his hand, but that didn’t matter. He smiled at me and my pussy drooled.

“I’m Gabe.”

I couldn’t put two words together and just knelt there, waiting for him to do something, say something … command something. I wasn’t sure why I was so taken by him, but the coffee didn’t matter anymore, everyone in the coffee shop didn’t matter, either. All that mattered was to listen to him and look at him.

“Why don’t we take a seat and talk?” And again, that smile.

That made sense to me: he was in control and of course I had to do what he told me to. There was something about that bothering me, but that thought vanished into the ether along with my ability to think straight. That always was my biggest problem: I would be overwhelmed by a strong man with a hard attitude and he’d get whatever he wanted from me. Always.

I scrambled off the floor and into a booth, then sat there and listened to him as he talked about himself, what he wanted, what I could do for him, and … I just nodded in agreement. When he suggested that we go back to my place, I saw no reason not to, and followed him like I was on a leash, just like I did with any other man that had been part of my life before, but ever so much more so. The entire thing felt so incredibly familiar and yet I couldn’t, or didn’t want to, make it stop.

He took my keys and opened the door, going inside and looking around. I shuffled in and shut the door, still dazed and confused as he looked around my apartment. Or at least he did until he found a silver card sitting by the telephone. Taking a pen out of his pocket, he pushed it off the table and then kicked it under the couch as I watched. I knew I should say something, but I just couldn’t find the words. My pussy was aching, and that overcame any concerns that I had.

His next words should have concerned me—“You’ll call her after”—but I just stupidly nodded. I knew that wasn’t right, but I didn’t care, couldn’t care, didn’t want to care.

Gabe walked up to me and then took off his glasses, revealing a sparkling pair of blue eyes, the bluest I had seen to that point in my life: “You don’t need her. You need to be with me. You need to be mine.”

At those words, my mind truly became fuzzy and he was my world.

I didn’t need her.

I needed to be with him.

I needed to be his.

Whatever he wanted was right and nothing else mattered …

…even when he grabbed my hand and dragged me to my bedroom …

… and even when he told me to strip and get on the bed.

Even as I did so, my pussy aching, he snarled things at me: “You are a bad girl, you know, such a hussy, giving yourself to anyone, anytime. I’ll break you of that, slut.”

One part of my mind, the small part that I wasn’t quite understanding, tried to get through to me that something was very wrong and that I should do something. But that small part was no match for the huge part that wanted to be fucked, for my whole body burning for him.

I heard the last of his clothing fall to the floor and then felt my legs being pulled towards him. “You’ll have no other than me. You will not be with anyone else but me. I am your all and …”

And the phone rang.

I found that I could look behind me, in the direction of the ring, and saw him staring at the phone before reaching and grabbing it off the side table and throwing it out of the room. “Too late. You’re mine.”

Then that didn’t matter again once he smiled. There was that flash in his eyes and I turned back and raised my ass into the air and waited for him to claim me. This was better, after all. He would run my life, tell me what to think and what to say, and that was perfectly fine. All I had to do was spread my legs and let him… fuck… me …

I felt his hands on my calves as he moved behind me, the tip of his cock pressing against my folds, and I moaned in need … and then … and then …

… he said “meep” … and stopped moving.

I looked over my shoulder to see what Gabe was waiting for and … and he had a problem.

Her name was Tera.

She looked exactly as I had seen her the day before, and she had his balls in one hand, squeezing them tightly. With her other hand she was raking her nails over his chest and leaving white scratches against his skin. At least I knew what made him say “meep” a moment before, but not why.

My throat was dry as I managed in a confused voice, “Tera?”

“Hello again, Laila. Gabriel, let her go.”

“You have no power here, Tera.”

“Interesting … I have your balls in my hand, and if I want to I can see to it that you’ll never, ever cum again. I would have thought you would have learned by now: when you intrude in things … it is a mistake.”

“I am doing what’s best.”

He winced as she tightened her grasp a little more, purring, “Really? As I understand it, all mortals are allowed the gift of free will; to choose, to decide.”

“You interfered with her.”

“No, you started that a long time ago, didn’t you? Tell me, just how many of those ex-boyfriends were like you, or were you, or were working for you, hmmm?”

When she said that, all of the heat and desire I had for Gabe just melted away. I remembered all of the guys that were nice at first, and then how everything fell apart for me. It never worked, ever. And Tera was saying that Gabe was responsible? When that realization came, It felt like a fog was being blown away from my thoughts, and I fell onto the bed and rolled over to look at him, tears in my eyes and disbelief in my voice.

“Gabe, what is she talking about?”

“Nothing. I’ll get rid of her, and then I’ll give you the fucking you so desperately need.”

I caught a flash of light from his eyes, almost like the glint I had seen from his sunglasses earlier that morning, when my pussy ached and I fell for him … hard. But then he let out another yelp and … and I didn’t feel anything for him. My voice was shaky as I looked at the two of them, “What the hell is going on?”

Tera’s tail shifted behind her, “My, my, my, so it isn’t for love then … is it? Do you want to explain to her what you did and who you are, or shall I do the honours?”

“Go to Hell, Tera.”

She laughed, and that was the laugh of a woman held all the cards, or balls, in her hand: “They don’t want me there, but they are looking forward to seeing you.”

“Laila, you know him as Gabe, I know him as Gabriel—not the famous one, but a cousin—and he’s one of a very few self-righteous angels who thinks that mortals are sheep to be tamed and herded.”

His growl was dangerous and I shimmied back on the bed trying to put some space between the two of them and me: “Don’t listen to her. She’s a soulless bitch and …”

… and he screamed.

You’ve never heard a scream, not a real, soul-wrenching one, until the Queen of the Succubi gives someone she doesn’t like a reason to scream. I had to put my hands over my ears to try and block out some of it … it didn’t help much.

The alarming thing was, Tera looked almost … bored. Like this was something she did every day. The next part of their conversation explained that.

The screaming finally stopped and Gabe panted and tears streamed from his eyes. But Tera didn’t release him. “Now then, there are certain rules that most beings like me adhere to. For example, if we have interest in a mortal, we give her a clear, unbiased chance to make up her mind. The worst thing to do is to mess with her emotions and thoughts … in other words, make her choose, the way we want her to.” The tip of her tail tussled Gabe’s hair, “Gabriel … dear Gabriel … doesn’t believe in that, and he, along with certain beings in Hell that shall remain nameless, feels that giving choice, especially a choice as I give to the rare soul, is a danger to them, and so they do … poor things.”

It was all too much to process, “What did you do to me, Gabe?”

He didn’t answer me, and his eyes flashed again, but I didn’t feel anything for him now. I sort of had a clue what that meant, and Tera confirmed it, to my regret: “I’ll tell you, Laila, since he won’t. One of his powers is to tap into the emotions of mortals and bend them to his will. In other words, he messed with your heart, then with your mind, and, lastly, he was going to bend your soul to what he wanted it to be.” Tera’s nails dug in again and she turned Gabe’s head to look at her. “So, what were you planning to do with her after you changed her, Gabriel?”

He winced and wined, but he did answer her. I think he knew that if he didn’t she would make good on her promise to him, “Make her do my bidding. She’s an inspiration to others; she would inspire them for us.”

“You mean for yourself, don’t you?”

“Fuck you, Tera.”

“mmm … No thank you, you never were my type Gabriel. You … NEVER … were.”

Gabe didn’t answer, and so Tera continued. “Here’s the bottom line. He messed with your entire life. He’s made sure that all of it led to this moment where you would give yourself to him and he would have you. He’s very good with making puppets to do his bidding. Quite proud of it, actually, and really self-absorbed over it.”

Gabe managed anther growl, “Tera, if you leave now …”

He didn’t finish the sentence because I slapped him across the face and drew his attention back to me. “Is she telling the truth? Is she?”

The smile wasn’t nice anymore, “Yes, but you won’t remember any of this when I get rid of her and take care of you, bitch.”

Remember I said something about-soul wrenching screams? I was wrong. A true soul-wrenching scream is one that comes from within yourself when you find out that your life—all of it, every terrifying moment—was caused by a being that looked at you like you were a bug and was going to step on you.

And I screamed as I beat my fists against his chest … again …

… and again.

I finally stopped screaming and looked at his face to see total indifference there waiting for me. But I also saw Tera’s face, and that made my choice for me. She just looked … heartbroken for me.

“Tera …”

Gabe’s voice broke my words like the sound of thunder: “She lies! She will damn you! I am your only …”

My own voice, as small and calm as it was, was enough to silence him: “No, she hasn’t lied to me. She hasn’t asked for anything. You did, from the moment I met you. She revealed herself without condition. You hid yourself from me. She didn’t make up my mind for me. You tried to. She isn’t … you. You said you wanted my soul, Gabe. She told me it would still be mine. My choice. My decision. Mine.”

Tera’s hand moved from Gabe’s balls to his cock and she pulled him away from me. “She’s rejected you, Gabriel. You have no more power over her.”

“Fuck you, Tera.”

Tera sighed. “Not with what I am feeling down here, you poor thing.”

Gabe gasped in surprise and then Tera … just let go of him.

“What are you doing, Tera?”

“Well, he won’t be having any fun and games for a while … oh, and I have given him something to think about.”

He didn’t say a word, but the daggers from his eyes that flew at me, at both of us, told me that I had made an enemy.

Then, he changed. It was still the Gabe I thought I knew, but a golden halo appeared above his head and large wide white wings spread out from behind him: my first angel, one that hated me now. In the next moment he was gone, all of his things as well, and I was left alone with Tera.

“I’m sorry, Laila.”

“Tera … what does this all mean … really?”

“It means the choice is still yours. If you say no, he can’t hurt you anymore. If you say yes … Well, you’ll see why it isn’t all as bad as it seems right now.”

“It seems really bad now. Pissing off an angel.”

“Oh, I don’t know. The ones that matter see us for the joys we bring. Some of them have even shared themselves with some very lucky succubi and incubi.”

“What do you mean, Tera?”

That was something that I was going to have the answers for. I had made my choice, I just hadn’t spoken the words to her… but I would.

“There are pleasures that matter. Perhaps the greatest one is knowing the difference between sex, lust, and love.”

I couldn’t help the smile, “I accept your offer, Tera.”

“Are you sure? Because there is no turning back once you have decided.”

“Oh, I’m sure. I’m not in this for the sex, or the lust, or, for that matter, the love. I’m going into this because I believe in choice, too.”

Tera closed the distance between us and opened her arms to me, “Come here … You need a shoulder to cry on and I’m not going anywhere without you.”

I didn’t think I needed to cry, but I did need a friend, and she was there. She accepted me with all of my faults … and then the dam broke and I cried for hours. I can tell you that spending the night with the Queen does open your eyes … and … it’s wonderful …

… just wonderful.

So, pet, I can see that you are straining at the bit, and I don’t mean the one that I am going to use on you later, either. Now then, we are going to begin the oral spelling exam, and this is how it’s going to work. If you spell the word correctly, then you will be lucky enough to try to make me cum with your tongue. If you manage that … well, then you’ll find out just how talented I can be with my pussy when I envelope your cock with it … and ride you … over and over until your cock is vibrating in need.

If not … well, then, we’ll find out just what you want me to do with the cattle prod, won’t we?

The first word? Oh, it’s an easy one …





Wholesome. Addicted.

Part Three

By TeraS


Heel, pet … now. Don’t look so shocked, will you? You do have some rather darker fantasies. Of course, being a wanton toy for a harsh Mistress would be one of them. I promise you that I do know exactly how to use a crop on pets that don’t behave. Collaring pets like you and breaking them to my will is delicious fun and I am quite sure that breaking you will be … sweet.

Now, get on your knees, pet, otherwise, I will use this on you … mmmm … Interesting how the mention of teaching you some discipline makes you so hard and at the same time so very weak. Now, while you are there, as you should be, you can worship my boots and beg for my forgiveness, but you won’t cum, pet. No, no, you won’t, because, if you do, then you will be disobeying me … and you know what happens to pets that disobey me, don’t you? In the end, they beg for my permission. Cry for it.

That will be … fun, won’t it?

Now, while you worship, I do have a story to continue … Where was—that was for looking up, pet. Keep your mind and tongue where it should be. Better. If you do well, I might allow you to worship higher still …

Again . . . where was I?

So, you probably think that I just became one of the succubi, don’t you? Well … it doesn’t quite work that way—not that I really had anything to complain about when it happened, mind you.

The night passed in a blur, for which I was thankful, to be honest. After the crying fits had passed, I just laid there beside Tera. You would think that being with a succubi Queen would drive all rational thought from you. You would think that, but, in truth, and as she said before, Tera didn’t touch my thoughts, my feelings, or anything else. All she did was talk about … me. The only time she didn’t was when I asked her questions about being one of the succubi, and those moments … well … they were …

“What’s it like?”


“What’s it like to … well … to be you?”

I bit my lip at her soft giggle.

“Wellll … let’s say that I am quite sure of who I am, what my purpose is, and why things are as they are.”

“Do you write clues for crosswords on the side?”

“Oh, probably … I’m sure there are many that wonder why sixty-nine across always seems to be answered with a sexual innuendo”

“Are you really evil? I mean, the stories about … well … succubi, they don’t seem to be close to what you are.”

She looked thoughtful. “Sexuality for humans is … odd. It is quite natural, each person, each soul, has her own idea of the perfect partner, perfect position or act, the perfect moment when that one perfect orgasm comes and … it’s perfect.”

“Nothing is ever perfect, Tera.”

She sighed. “True, and that’s where society’s norms or religious views or any number of things driven by those that are uncomfortable with who they are and what they like get in the way. Laws are made or edicts are handed down, and that’s how things get changed for the worse … most of the time, anyway.”

“Some rules are needed, Tera.”

“True. One should be of an age where one can make an informed choice; one should not be forced into something, regardless of what it is; but—and this is the point where succubi like me, and the incubi, as well, come into play—there needs to be room for exploration. When you have the ability to choose, then dreams are a good place to begin a journey, aren’t they?”

“So … you are kind of like free samples at the supermarket?”

The giggle was perfect, but then her tail appeared wrapped around a can of Redi-Whip. “Careful, Sweetness … I do happen to know you have a weakness for whipped cream on your clit and nipples.”

“You wouldn’t”

“Oh darn right I would … or will.”

I admit that I squirmed. You would, too.

“See, that’s one of the reasons why I think you are the right soul to offer the gift to. You are open to new ideas, new experiences, and …”

“… and I’m not afraid to be seen running around naked?”

“See? I was right. Clean you up, lose the glasses, and you are …”

“I’m me.”

“And that’s the point. You know who you are, in spite of everything that has happened to you. You have accepted that sex isn’t evil, that sexuality is part of you, but it doesn’t control you.”


She smiled, “Yes. The choice is yours, as it should be.”

“Please, Tera? Make me yours?”

Her tail dropped to the sheets again as she turned to look at me. Tera was … she was sexy, there was no doubt of that, but she was in control of herself and what she wanted to do. And she wanted to give me the freedom to do the same. We looked into each other’s eyes and then she asked, one final time: “Are you sure?”


“Then, let’s go.”

As she said that, a cloud of cherry-scented smoke surrounded the bed, I found out later that each succubi has her own scent when she teleports, and Tera’s is cherries. The humor in that wasn’t lost on her, trust me.

When the smoke cleared my apartment was gone, and, in it’s place, I found myself standing in the middle of what seemed like a grand outdoor theatre. Tera was so very naked, as I was, and she offered her hand to me.

“Welcome to my home, my Realm. This is what we call the Place of Becoming.”

It was old, so very, very old. I could have spent a lifetime looking at the art carved on the stones, the colors of the murals that I could see, the stories that were held within them all.

“What … what happens now?”

“Now? Now I share our gift with you.”

Tera’s body shimmered, and then she didn’t just have a pair of red horns on her forehead and that long red sinuous tail behind her. A pair of large angel wings appeared, but not like Gabe’s. Tera’s were the deepest darkest black, with three white feathers on each wingtip. Her eyes glowed bright green and, to my surprise, a golden halo appeared above her horns.

“I am the first. I am the beginning and the end. I was long ago and I will always be. I am fantasy and I am reality. I am the Queen … Pledge yourself to me, Laila, and my gifts are yours.”

I shivered as her voice became my focus, my world, my everything. I wet my lips and then answered her, “I pledge myself to you, My Queen..”

Tera touched her left hand to my forehead and then began to stroke her fingers there.

The moan that escaped me was deep and aching, the wetness trickling down the inside of my thighs.

And then she tapped … my horns?

The shock of that discovery caused my own hands to reach up and feel them, and the look on my face made Tera giggle a bit before her right hand traced a circle over the top of my head. The ache within me was joined with an attraction to Tera unlike anything that I had felt for anyone before. My gasp of air was met with Tera’s flicking of her fingers against my halo, and I reached up to touch it.

Tera held me close, her sex rubbing against my right thigh as she whispered and comforted me gently. “That was the easy part …”

It didn’t hurt; in fact, I felt wonderfully hot and sensual. “Keep going.”

Her tail moved around behind me and I felt a little bit of heat at the base of my spine and then two quick brushes of her tail’s tip before she wrapped it around the two of us, binding us together. “You have the light and the dark already, Laila. Now you receive the passion, then the love …”

It didn’t hurt, not exactly. Tera’s hands touched behind me, touching where her tail had been, and she began to massage there … and I came. I thought I was wet before, but now I drooled and I sooo wanted her. I started to shake and shiver in Tera’s arms, and she cooed softly to comfort me: “It’s happening … Almost ready … It won’t be long … Your body is changing to accept it … Every fibre of your body is becoming attuned to it … It will pleasure you and you will love it … I promise …”

My breath shortened as my eyes opened wide and changed from the brown I had known all of my life to a sparkling deep green, just like Tera’s own, and I heard her giggle in my mind.

Then an odd sensation came. It was pleasant at first, then the pleasure rippled through me, binding itself to me. I whimpered, arched, and pressed tightly to Tera, shaking, crying for breath. My scream of pleasure echoed off the stones around us as my tail exploded from me. Long, thin, sleek, and the same color as Tera’s own.

The tip moved in front of my eyes and I looked at it in confusion—but then … then I realized that it was almost looking at me as well. Tera would tell me later that tails have minds of their own (and I can tell you that some of those tails are very, very talented at making me cum, scream, and whimper in need). Then it wrapped itself, like Tera’s tail did, around both of us, holding us together.

“You have the passion now, just one last thing Laila… the love…”

I was warm now, so very warm, even though a wind blew around us both. I felt something shifting under my shoulders and then, on either side of me, large angel wings like Tera’s appeared. But they weren’t exactly like Tera’s own; mine were as white as mortals expect an angel’s to be. They fluttered behind me and then folded themselves to hug the two of us. The overwhelming feeling of love and acceptance flooded me and I knew, truly, that I was one of Tera’s, now and forever more.

The very first thing I did as one of Tera’s was to cup her cheeks in my hands and draw her lips to my own. Her lips were so soft, just so plush and pillowy soft. Her tongue pressed against my own lips and my own brushed against hers.

I had heard of the perfect kiss, the one in which you share the soul, the all of another, and the other shares yours. I didn’t understand what that meant until I had touched Tera’s soul and discovered a truth that was my first lesson: she loved me, and I loved her.

I don’t remember how long the kiss lasted. I know there was some tail involved, and, from the slickness on her fingers, I was pretty sure that she had stroked me into a dozen or more orgasms …

… and I only wanted more.

My voice was husky and needful. “Thank you for taking me, my Queen … Thank you … I will make you proud of me.”

Tera tapped the tip of my nose with her fingertip. “You are welcome, my Succubi … I know that we both made the right choice.”

Tera’s hand then pointed into the air beside us and, with a flash of green light, an ancient tome appeared floating in midair. She nodded towards it as it floated towards me. I reluctantly let go of her and caught the book in my hands.

“This is your book, Laila … It always has been yours, waiting for you to appear and claim it. Every Succubi has her own book …”

“What do you mean, Tera?”

She smiled, and I caught a little bit of mischief in that smile. “Well, think of it as your study guide.”

“Study guide?”

“Sure! Now you get to take Succubus 101, then the graduate courses, the practicum, the …”

My tail dropped behind me.

“There’s always a catch, isn’t there?”

“Laila, I promise you, when you have been with every one of us—and you will—you won’t mind any of it …”

“Every one?”

“Oh, yes! Every one. It shouldn’t take longer than … oh … a century or so …”

The shock in my voice was something. “A century?”

“Well, that’s assuming that you manage to pass every test without fail.”

“A … century?”

I did learn, eventually, that time didn’t mean anything … that I would look the same, unless I decided otherwise … that I would be part of time, but outside of it, as well. But I was still thinking like a mortal, and not like one of Tera’s …

… but I would.

“Come on. We have a long walk ahead to talk, and then I have a couple I want you to meet. They are a lovely pair of incubi …”

I thought my legs were weak after what Tera did … the thought of two beings like Tera having their way with me was … something.

Tera’s tail twined itself with mine and we left, walking towards what was to be my home, my real, forever home. In spite of knowing that the path was a long one, both the one we walked on, and the one I would have to pass over to become truly one of the succubi …

… I was happy.

So, finally, after I passed—and let me tell you that, when you get a tongue lashing from Tera, you really find it hard to decide whether you would rather keep failing or not. She is the Queen after all, and when she sets her mind to using her tongue … ummm … Sorry… zoned out there for a moment—I finally proved to her that I was one of the Succubi, and … I came home.

I stepped through the portal and found myself in my apartment again. It looked exactly like I had left it so long ago. Nothing had changed, though I had. The paper shoved under the front door said that it was only two days since I left with Tera. Two days that,  to me, were years upon years.

Getting my brain wrapped about the fact that I could pop in and out of time just gave me a headache that was almost as bad as the ones I got when Tera got in one of her moods and I needed to answer riddles to get the answer I was looking for.

But I found this one: I had thought that coming back would be a bad idea, that remembering what had almost happened, and did happen, would make this place somewhere I never wanted to be. But I discovered that, while I had seen the bad here, I had also seen the good, and it was all part of who I was.

I’m Laila. I know right from wrong, and I know … everything that matters.

That was, finally, the revelation that Tera had talked about: to understand that, regardless of what had happened, would happen, or could happen now, I was still me. The horns, tail, wings, and halo were just … well … optional extras. It was what I did with them that really mattered. I could be loving, cruel, passionate, demanding … all of the things that the moments of being with another being could be would be me.

I had to think about all of this—if this was where I wanted to be, how I wanted to present myself—and so I went back onto the roof again to think. The skies were dark, cloudless, and not one star sparkled above me. Once again I looked into the sky and asked for the reason why things were, why my life was, and what the future held. But now I rested on the ledge with my halo above me, my wings behind. My tail swishing as I pondered things I had never before thought about as I rubbed a finger against one of my horns.

No one would see me like I truly was, of course, not unless I wanted them to, but the universe could and did. And that was when something happened in the skies above. If I was human, I would have never seen it for what it was. A human would have seen a falling star and made a wish … but I knew better now.

I saw an angel. Falling from above towards the Earth below. A trail behind him marking his path until, finally, I watched as he crashed to the ground on the outskirts of the city I called home.

And I couldn’t help but curse to myself.

Tera’s words came back to haunt me, the ones she said when I asked her what she would want from me: “Do the right thing. Always. All else is up to you.”

The right thing was to go and see if he needed help, to comfort him.

The right thing was to ignore him and give pleasure and passion to those who called to me now.

The right thing was to do the right thing … wasn’t it?

I spent the next ten minutes with my tail wrapped around my waist, hugging me as I made my choice. I could go or not. Either would be my choice, but which was the right one?

My decision was in a puff of chocolate-scented smoke around me as I vanished from the rooftop to appear in the next moment where the angel had fallen. I found him in a pile of branches and leaves in the middle of a crop of trees. His wings were torn, his robes shredded. Bloody and bruised, covered in earth and smoke and ash that was falling from him. He was alive: it was so very hard to hurt one of them and even harder to destroy them. But he had suffered greatly when he fell.

I came close and laid a hand on his shoulder, for a fleeting moment I actually had the thought about trying to do that when I felt who he was.

“Hello, Gabe.”

The answer was exactly what I expected as he turned his head to look at me in disgust and loathing: “Come to gloat, Laila? Are you happy? Does it please you?”

My tail swished like a cat’s as I thought about that … and what it meant. Was I happy that he had suffered? Was I gloating? Was I pleased that some measure of flesh was taken from him?

Was I?

Now then, pet…


Wholesome. Addicted.

Part Four

By TeraS


Hello again my dearest pet. It’s come to my attention that you haven’t … cum, as yet. That I have been stroking you, teasing you, and bringing you to the edge of cumming for … it has been hours now, hasn’t it?

That little spell has made sure you can’t, and you won’t, you know. Perhaps what I need to do is wrap a ring around that cock of yours and parade you in front of all of the other succubi?

You’d like that … Oh yessss … I can see that … you groveling at my boots and whimpering in submission. Just let me attach my leash to your collar and …

Oh, but I have a story to continue, don’t I?

My reply was somewhere between a sneer and sympathy: “Please me? You wish you could, Gabe. I’ve learned a lot about you, and none of it is flattering.”

It might not have been the best of things to say, and the look he shot at me didn’t leave room for doubt. I wasn’t on his Christmas card list … not that it mattered, anyway.

“My name is Gabriel, bitch.”

I couldn’t help my smirk. “Well, calling you “Gabriel Bitch” would be weird. I’ll stay with “Gabe,” if you don’t mind.”

I couldn’t tell if the groan was from what I said to him or if he was in real pain. That was the thing about angels: you couldn’t be exactly sure about them because they always seemed to be aloof, to cover their faults, to … hide.

That could get you in trouble, and Gabe was up to his neck in it. “If Tera hadn’t interfered, you would be worshipping me instead of her.”

“Worship? Really? Just what do you know about succubi, anyway?”

“All that I need to. Go away.”

“No. As much leaving you wallowing in your self pity would be fun to watch, I can’t do that.” I took two steps and then took hold of one of his wings, giving it a tug. His scream of pain answered the question, but left me with another choice to make. “So, you are hurt. Who did you piss off, anyway?”

“Fuck off, Laila. Because of you and your Queen, I am cast down.”

I have to admit that I felt a bit sorry for him. But then I remembered his attitude and that faded … a little, anyway. I gritted my teeth and tried, really tried, not to let him goad me. “No, you did this to yourself. You broke the rules, you were discovered, and you get the consequences.”

When he turned away, it was a bit too much. I grabbed his chin and turned him to look at me and for the briefest moment, I thought I saw a look of fear in his eyes …

… but it couldn’t be.

“Gabe, if you want to end yourself here, if you really want to, that’s your choice. But, as much as that would please me after everything that you did to me, it’s not going to happen.”


“Because, damn you, I know what’s the right thing to do.”

Before he could say anything more or strike out against me in anger, I shifted us back to my apartment, appearing in my living room in a puff of my chocolate-scented smoke. He laid there on my good rug, the ash and dirt staining it, and I growled at him. “You owe me a new rug, Gabe.”

“Buy one yourself.”

He was trying to bait me—that was obvious enough—but I wasn’t going to bite. Getting him to his feet, I first pulled and then shoved him into the bathroom.

“What is your problem, anyway? You don’t like people who have a will of their own? Or is it that you can’t understand why vanilla sex isn’t good enough? Sexually impotent, maybe?”

That sparked a look that I recognized as the pissed off Gabe from when Tera had him by the balls—somewhere that I planned to have him by soon enough … in my own way.

“Let me go before …

The sound of his robes being ripped into pieces by my own hands at least shut him up. I didn’t focus on him as I tore the clothing away. I had a pretty good idea of what he looked like, anyway, and the main thing was to take him down a peg or three. He thought he still had all the cards, but as the last piece of cloth dropped to the floor he discovered otherwise.

I stood there looking him over with a critical eye and then I just had to say, “You know, if I cleaned you up a little and got rid of that attitude of yours …”

He tried to be aloof, but, in spite of what he said next, I could tell he was getting hard … and that started to open him up to his desires … and that’s where I came in.

“Are you threatening me?”

“Me? Whatever could I do?”

He opened his mouth to reply but then stopped as he realized that I had real power now and, if he wasn’t careful, I could, if I wanted to, do things to him just like he tried on me.

“Ah! Is your brain working now?”

He didn’t answer. Of course he wouldn’t; he was too proud to admit anything.

While he stewed over that, I reached into the shower, turned it on, and then shimmied out of my dress. I could feel his emotions, desires, and the one secret that he was holding inside. He held it tightly, so very much so that I couldn’t read it. But I had a place to start and I pushed him into the shower. The water poured over him and bits of ash and dirt started to swirl around the drain.

He tried—God knows he tried—to keep his dignity, but that wasn’t going to stay for long. It started to leave when I lathered up a sponge and started caressing him between his wings. I remembered how they looked before and seeing them like this, feathers missing, some turned black, some worse, really did tug at me. They fluttered a little bit as he grunted … or moaned … it was hard to say, exactly.

I played over his shoulders, along his arms, the dirt leaving and revealing the angel beneath. I knew beauty was only skin deep; it was one’s soul that mattered, and I intended to see his … for my own piece of mind.

My shower wasn’t that large, but it was enough to let me move around to stand in front of him. I couldn’t help the smile that teased at my lips as the soap dripped from his face and body, but he had his eyes closed … so …

… The touch of my hands over his chest and along his flanks did cause a gasp. Kneeling down to clutch his ass and then soap his legs sent a tremor through him. Soon all that was left was his cock … and that was hard … so desperately hard now.

I didn’t do anything for a time after I stood up again. I waited and didn’t say anything until he finally opened his eyes to look at me. I didn’t say a word to him, I just began to rub the sponge over my breasts, the soap coating them… trailing between them… down my body and dripping over my smooth sex.

He couldn’t look away, but he tried to stroke himself.

I slapped his hand away.

“No. I’m not done with you.”

I soaped my hands with the sponge and then stroked him, soap squirting out from between my fingers, making him harder still but oh-so-slick beneath my hold of him. My eyes never left his. I wanted to see his expression, the need in him to cum … to discover what his secret was.

It took less time than I expected. I was genuinely surprised at what he wanted, what he really wanted from me, at least. “That’s it. That’s what your whole problem is.”

For the first time, he tried to be nice. “Laila, please.”

I squeezed his shaft a little bit tighter and stroked it … slowly …

“‘Please’ what, Gabe? You will be more specific … or else.”

What surprised me was that he actually was … nice.

“Please, Laila … I … I don’t want you to stop.”

I knew what he wanted, even if he wasn’t going to say it himself yet. I stopped pleasuring him, washed the rest of him off and then lead him out of the shower by his cock, pressing him against the bathroom wall.

It wouldn’t be good to have him slip in the shower, would it now?

Kneeling before him, my hand started to stroke him once more and I knew that he was getting close to cumming. But being one of the succubi, that was something I could control. A flick of my free hand against his sack and there was no possible way he was going to unless I let him …

… and he knew it.

My lips joined my hand on his cock, just around the head … to tease … to promise more … if he deserved it. His hands tried to touch my head, to control me, but I released him and growled, “Touch me, and you’ll never touch me again.”

He let loose a whine, a needful, quaking whine, and his hands gripped the wall behind him.

Satisfied that he understood who was in control, I once more sucked and tongued him. He was hot … so hot. Up to the tip, my lips cupping him as my tongue stroked the sensitive skin underneath there before sliding down his length and sucking deeper and longer each time.

His hips bucked, wanting so much to fuck me … but again, I pulled away and said one single word: “No.”

He tried to move, but a slap of my hand against his shaft made him reconsider it.

“Are you disobeying me, Gabe?”

“No … No, Mistress.”

Well, that was surprising … and I almost lost my grip on him. “So you are mine, then?”

The conflict within him passed over his face … it was so plain to see … and then he decided. “Yes, Mistress.”

The thing about immortals is that, when one gives one’s self to another, it isn’t words. It isn’t a game. It is very, very real and permanent.

I owned an angel. I could hear Tera’s voice in my mind laughing softly … “Oh, Sweetness … remember? I did say that some were lucky enough to have angels …”

Gabe was mine? Then I was going to make damn sure he was never going to do to anyone else what he did to me. Moments later, and he was sitting on the only good leather chair I owned, looking at me in need, his cock long, thick and vibrating in need from the spell I had on him.

I straddled him easily, my tail swishing as I hunted him, my wings wide and bright behind me. I cupped his cheeks in my hands and purred, “When you cum—and you will, Gabe—all that self-righteous attitude will be no more. You will be a better angel, you will be a better lover … and you will be mine …”

There was no fear in his eyes, only… relief? I figured out that later.

I was wet, wet enough that as I leaned over him, I dripped onto his cock, making it so much more slick than it was before. I didn’t just take him; oh no, that was something that his ego wouldn’t have accepted.

I teased him by slipping him just into my folds and stopped.

“Whose are you?”

“Yours, Mistress.”

A little deeper now, the tip well inside now, the ridge just beginning to part my folds. It wasn’t heavenly, not just yet, but the moans and pleading said that I was on the right track.

“What are you?”

“Whatever you wish, Mistress.”

Slowly, so achingly slowly, I slid him into my sex, gripping him tightly, telling him that I had him now and that he was not going to escape me … if he ever could.

“I have you now, Gabe …”

“Yes, Mistress … Please …”

I drove myself down suddenly, his hot cock filling me, the sensation of my muscles stroking against him making him buck beneath me.

“You may fondle my breasts, Gabe.”

He didn’t waste a moment and then his lips sucked and licked at one nipple while his hands kneaded my breasts as I held him tight and rocked back and forth and up and down over and over again, my clit rubbing against him as he moved in and out of me. I felt the moment when my powers began to truly come to life, then. I started to glow and, when he saw that I was, he knew that he was close, so very close, to cumming … but not until I was.

I began to go wild, I wanted to just let go, to drain him, to turn him into the plaything that he wanted me to be. It was so tempting … so much so as I lifted myself off of him before driving him within me again so deeply. To possess him, to own him, to leave nothing behind but a willing sex puppet to play with. I screamed in time with him in pleasure as I came closer and closer to finally cumming and claiming him.

His hands were on my waist, my hands in his hair as I pressed my lips against his and began to draw his essence out and consume it. It wouldn’t be long. He was weak, I was young and powerful and …

… and Tera’s words came to me.

“Do the right thing. Always.”

I broke the kiss, but the power wanted out of me. If not to take him, then what?

I felt the flutter of my orgasm, I screamed in time with his as the spell broke and he finally came with me and then …

… I blacked out.

When I came to, I found myself still with Gabe’s cock driven into me and sitting on top of him. He looked … better. Not just physically so, but there was an aura around him that felt … different. He gently pushed up beneath me and I moaned, which brought a smile to him.

“Hello, Laila.”

The hate wasn’t there. There didn’t seem to be anything like that or any self-absorbed emotions within him, and I worried that I had gone over the edge.



“What happened?”

“You taught me what being an angel is about.”

That didn’t answer my question. My agitated tail must have been a clue, because he continued: “In spite of what I did, what I said, you did something that no one else would do. You gave me my fantasy. It was all about you, Laila; it wasn’t about me. I have … I have to show others a side of me that I’m not. You pushed that aside to make me be myself.”

The confusion was beginning to turn into a migraine.

He touched my chin with a hand and then drew me to him, and for the first time I felt an angel’s kiss of love …

… and all was right with the universe.

“I never understood why angels would be with succubi or incubi or both. They never explained it to me; they only said that I needed to know. I didn’t want to. To give you control, to let you do whatever you wanted to me, that’s … so hard.”

I gave his cock a squeeze: “mmm … seems to be very hard right now, Gabe.”

He smiled, and I discovered that I could forgive him, and that was the right thing to do. Tera’s words made sense now, and that sense gave me two things I didn’t have before: a reason to do the right thing, and a means to do it.

I did the right thing. What I didn’t expect was finding that I liked Gabe’s new attitude and that he needed me … at least enough that I was invited to an angel Christmas orgy … and I learned things there that made me wet for months afterwards.

It only got stranger the next day when … Ah, but that’s for another time isn’t it, pet?

For now, I have plans to show you off, don’t I? If you behave, I might even let you cum …


Wholesome. Addicted.

Part Five

By TeraS


Hello again, pet. Sorry to have worn you out so much last time. I trust that you didn’t mind? Ah … yes … of course you didn’t. How silly of me. Of course I have promised you relief and … well … it will be something you will never forget, will you?

You wanted this so badly in your dreams, your thoughts, and your soul that, now that you have it, you worry that it will never be again … Trust me, it will be again, I am quite sure.

Oh, don’t strain yourself trying to figure out what I mean … You’ll be having a workout in a moment … though I do have to decide where to begin with you.

But first, there is the last of the story to tell isn’t there?

Gabe left the next morning.

No, not like that, and he actually came back with a new rug to replace the one he ruined. We christened it with … ummm … Let’s just say that I had rug burns on my tail for a couple of days afterwards and leave it there, okay?

Then he did leave, but with the promise that I would see him again, explaining that he had a lot of beings to see and apologize to for being an ass. I did manage not to make fun of that admission, however–and I was rather proud of myself for that small miracle.

After he left, there was one person whom I needed to see, too.

It was Sam.

I found him at his apartment furiously packing things for his grand adventure. Before I knocked on the door I tasted his fantasies and discovered that he had one—just one—and it was one that I was more than willing to give him.

When he opened the door, he found me there—not the frumpy mess I usually was, but instead just as he believed that I should see myself, how I always would from that moment on … all because of him. I was the cute strawberry blonde he always knew; that didn’t change. What did change was how I looked otherwise. I was … hot: thigh-high boots, a leather miniskirt that left a finger’s width of skin between the hem and the tops of the boots and that was slit up the right side, and a tight fitting black sweater that was one with every curve.

He was at a loss for words.

I wasn’t: “Hi, Sam. Mind if I come in?” And yes, I had learned that trick from Tera, so it sounded like I said “cum.”

When I got inside, I did try to act surprised as I looked around, “Are you moving away?”

And I had to give him points for getting his brain into gear again, “I … have to, Laila. The show’s moving on, and I need to be there with it. I have …”

I moved close to him and then touched his lips, “Shhh … It’s okay. I want you to be a success. I’ve told you that for how long?”

“Years too long.”

“Exactly. You have what I’ve told you was possible, which makes me happy.”

“What made you come here?”


“Laila I … I have to tell you something.”

“I know. I’ve always known about her.”

The voice came from the other room, “How long?”

I took Sam’s hand and led him towards the other room, where we found the woman who I had always suspected was the elephant in the room between us: Tracy. I realized now just how sexy she was, especially with some sweat making her chocolate skin shine in the light just a bit. She was sitting on the floor behind a couple of boxes, looking worried.

“Oh, the day after you took him home after that drinking binge at the bar three years ago.”

“We didn’t mean to hurt you.”

I smiled because I knew that they didn’t. They had been trying to get the courage to ask if I would be with the two of them; not asking was their loss. But now? Now I had the means to make up for lost time. “You didn’t.

Just tell me one thing, Tracy. Are you going with him?”

She nodded, “Yes. I want to.”

My eyes flashed a bright green and the two of them gasped in surprise. Sam was so very hard now and Tracy so achingly wet as I purred, “Then there is a fantasy you both want, isn’t there?”

Magic is a wonderful thing. It can take you from clothed to naked in a split second, bubble wrap and boxes to sheepskin rug in another. But the passions, the love, the moments that fantasy can give? That … that takes as long as you want it to.

As my tail and horns appeared, I knew that this was something they thought was impossible for them to have. But they were going to and they were going to remember this.

“Tracy, you’ll do whatever I tell you.”

The glazed look in her eyes and her wet cunt really were enough that I really didn’t need her to moan, “Yessssss …” but it was very hot and made me squirm …

“Sam? Go sit over there and start stroking your cock for us. I know what you want, too.”

His focus on me as I fingered Tracy’s sex was so very satisfying.

Licking my tongue over Tracy’s body took … well, let’s say that it took a few spells to keep Sam from cumming and then a few more while he was sliding his cock into her as she tongued my cunt. And then the other way around … and then over on the couch, with our mouths between each other’s legs … and on the kitchen table, finding all sorts of uses for chocolate syrup … and in the shower, where we brought each other to a nice lather before we got around to the soap … and …

… and …

… We all came together, screamingly, finally, achingly, wonderfully so. And again … And yet again, in ways that I never would have thought the two of them would have been up for—you never really know what a couple is like until you are so very intimate with them. And trust me, I knew every inch of their bodies by the time they couldn’t take anymore. We found ourselves in a tangled mess of hot, sweaty all-fucked-out bodies hours later.

To be honest with myself, it was the first moment when I really understood what I could really do. I could be anyone. I understood that, but being me made everything so much better, hotter, more powerful … Tera had told me that being myself was the point. I got that now, and, when someone called for me, when I was myself, that’s was when it was wonderful. Now I knew why Tera didn’t change herself … ever. She always was the hot raven-haired woman that I first met so long ago …

I left the two of them lying there on that sheepskin, in each other’s arms, as I made my clothes appear and my horns and tail vanish. Before I left, I made sure that neither of them felt guilty about what happened. They didn’t anyway, not really, but that little push in their thoughts would make certain that we would be friends, that their future wouldn’t be hurt, and most of all, that they wouldn’t resist their fantasies, so their own passions would now inspire the two of them.

Five years later and they were famous. I own three works of theirs: “Passion,” “Discovery,” and “Acceptance.” I have been asked to sell them, but, to me, they are priceless … in more ways than anyone can ever understand.

After all of that, as the sun set again, I walked into the cafe where I first met Tera, thinking that I would get some coffee before going out into the world. But, to my surprise, I found Tera there, sitting at the same table and sipping her tea. I couldn’t help myself.

“Hello! Would you mind if I took the other chair?”

She laughed and gave me a wave, “Come here, silly …”

I took the same chair as before and found that a cup of coffee was waiting for me there.


“I’m the Queen, remember? I know things.”

My answer made her smile broadly, “Just as long as you don’t sell video of me and Gabe.”

“How is he?”

“He’s … better. I like him. I shouldn’t, but I do.”

“To forgive is divine.”

“Tera, don’t tell me you own a fortune cookie factory …”

She smiled bemusedly. That was a warning that I should have heeded. “Someone has to make people think about themselves and other things. Cookies of all kinds do that, you know.”

I sipped some of the coffee and asked something that had been bothering me, “Tera, be honest with me. How did you know that I was in trouble?”

She arched an eyebrow and I managed not to squirm, but it was close. “Trouble?”


“Ah. That.”

She took another sip of her tea and was about to answer when I heard a chuckle behind me, “Cute outfit, Laila. I like the look. ”

I recognized the voice and turned to see that it was the old man who owned the cafe. And I realized that I didn’t know his name.

“Um … hi.”

I should have had a clue when Tera said, “Why don’t you take a break with us?” He pulled a chair from another table over and I had a good look at him. He had a sort of kind grandfatherly look, with white hair and lines on his face that said he had seen a lot in this world and you could learn a lot from talking to him. I found that my heart ached when I realized that I never really talked to him. Oh, I always said hello and asked how he was, but I didn’t really talk to him. He was, quite simply always there. As he seemed to know Tera, I hoped that wasn’t a mistake.

I started when I realized that Tera’s horns and tail were visible. The panic in my eyes was very evident as I tried not to scream, “Um … Tera?”

She was maddeningly calm. “Yes?”

“Your tail is showing.”

“So’s yours.”

Stupidly, I reached behind me and, sure enough, there was my tail, and I pulled the end of it around to look at it, and I had the oddest feeling that it was looking at me with a “what?” expression on it before I let go of it.

“I do know about your kind, Laila.”

I looked at Tera as she shrugged, “He’s been around for a while.”

My next question was stupid, I know. “How long, exactly?”

She looked at him and then he chuckled, “Been around for … forever it seems. Or is.”

I pushed my coffee to the side and then laid my head on the table. “God save me from enigmatic beings, please.”

“Can’t help you with that, darling.”

I didn’t raise my head as Tera spoke. “You asked about how I knew about Gabe? He called me, told me what Gabe was doing and … well, I was going to put an end to it one way or the other.”

I knew that Tera would always tell the truth, but you needed to ask the question the right way. So after being quiet for a minute … I did: “Why didn’t you stop him when he started?”

“Laila, I didn’t know that he was after you, not until I got that call. Everything that happened was your choice. You chose, and, in the end, it worked out for you, didn’t it?”

I thought about it. Really thought about it. “Okay, I accept that.”

Then I turned my head to look at him, “Why didn’t you stop him when he came in here?”

“I am allowed rest, you know. Even more, I like to trust all of you.”

When he said that, I put two and two together and my head shot off the table as if I had been shocked: “You?”

He nodded, but didn’t say anything more.


Tera’s calm voice drifted over me, “Remember what I told you about choice, Laila? Gabe made the choice to do what he did, he paid for it, and then you turned him around. I dare say that you’ll be having a lot of admirers because of it.”

Our host chimed in, “And I’m grateful for that, as well.”

The implications of that were mind-boggling.

Before I could ask him more, he stood, took Tera’s hand and kissed it, “You are always welcome, Tera.”

She smiled.

Then he took my hand and kissed it as well. “And you … You are someone I will be watching …”

I thought that dealing with Tera’s riddles was bad, but, trust me, this was a million times worse. I sat there stupidly until Tera snapped me out of it: “Try not to get a complex over this, Laila. The ones that like you aren’t the ones to worry about. Having someone like him liking you …” She shook her head and smiled that enigmatic smile of hers and finished her tea.

My hands gripped the coffee again as I fought to calm myself. “Okay, so what do I do next?”

“Well, you won’t have to part the Red Sea, but you will have to inspire …”

She snapped her fingers and a folded-up piece of paper appeared on the table in front of me. Curiosity overcame me, and I unfolded it to discover a drawing … of me …

… my smile …

… my horns …

… my halo.


“You’ve already inspired many, Laila. Now it’s time to do a bit more than that. Now you are going to inspire some very special souls.”

“But … but how?”

She waved her right hand idly, “Don’t try to figure out time and space, Laila … As I recall it, you just barely passed that in your classes, didn’t you? Wasn’t it those four succubi who kept you from …”

I cut her off far too quickly: “Yes, fine, yes …”

Tera’s smile told me she knew exactly what happened. I blushed for days afterwards.

“Now then … I suggest that you look these three up and then visit them in their dreams … I think you’ll find that they are all very interesting souls to meet …”

“How interesting?”

She pushed herself back from the table, her horns and tail still there. “You might … just might … say they are kind of an addiction.”

I shook my head, “Sounds really wholesome …”

As she vanished in a puff of cherry scented smoke she giggled, “Oh it is … it always is …”

So this is not goodbye, but see you soon, pet. I’ll be in your dreams, waiting, always waiting for you to return and learn about yourself a little more each time. Your tastes will change, and I’ll be here to soothe your needs … one way or the other …

Sleep well … Dream of me …

For your own addiction is well and truly complete.

Oh … yes … You may cum …




… now.



And so ends the beginning of Laila’s story. I wanted to thank Sean, Beef and The Operator one more time for letting me play with Laila and, I hope, create someone that reflects well for them, that they liked reading about, and that, in some small way, was who they thought she might be.

I think I need to also explain why I saw her as being interesting. See, the thing of it is that in my and my hubby’s view of things, succubi like Laila, and the Queen of the Succubi, me, aren’t beings of evil. They think of themselves, for lack of a better explanation, grey… in the middle… between two opposing views, although they are learning that they are a bit more than they could believe.

As such, the Realm in which they live is about choices. You choose to be good; you choose to be not so much so. You choose to help or not to. It is all about the choice that you make, who you make it with, or for, and where that takes you.

Now, long ago, before Sean created that image of Laila, the mythos that we created had … that those in the Realm had horns and tails, but also angel-like wings … oh, and no hooves. Don’t like hooves at all. Sean’s art of Laila gave her everything that is in the Realm, but also added the halo. That made me smile as I recalled the little skit I do sometimes which was to put a cardboard halo on a stick into my hair and then watch it burst into flames before I take it out of my hair and shake it to put the fire out.

And from there, the thoughts came to me about how the halo connected into things, what it meant, and how to explain it being part of succubi or incubi. Thinking about that for a while, as it was explained in Laila’s transformation, each part meant something about what sexuality is. In the end, it is the combining of all of the things that make that concept up that, if you think about it, makes beings like Laila possible.

After all, wouldn’t it be a lesser universe if we couldn’t accept that we are, really, sexual beings? It is part of being human, and if a little supernatural push is needed to see ourselves for what we are, then that’s not an awful thing, is it? Exploring our own nature helps us to discover that each of us is, truly, in our own way, special. It’s just that some of us have a better understanding of that and, we hope, give others the means to see it in themselves …

Perhaps that is the greatest gift that one soul can give to another …

Thank you for reading the story of Laila, please do visit, and in all things be true …

Love … Huggles … Always …




October 2012


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