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What makes a good Succubus?

Some time ago, someone who shall remain nameless, at least for the moment, contacted me and asked a question …


What makes a good succubus?

I thought about that for a while, and I realized something: that I really have never shared what I think is fairly obvious in the stories about the Succubi, and one particular Queen …

First of all, those of the Realm—succubi and incubi both—are more than most give them credit for. They are seductive, not crass, not aloof, not anything that takes away from what they are. They are the stuff of dreams, passions, and desires. Each and every one of them can make those dreams … real … so very much so.

A Collective Succubi is in control of her situation. She isn’t “evil”; she is what she wishes to be to make the most of those whom she is with. She can be the feather touches against another’s body that brings her partner to orgasm in a moment. She can be the harsh Mistress who is desired at the same moment. She can exist in the wishes and dreams of those that seek her, and in a moment become those dreams …

She sees into her partners’ dreams, hopes, and desires and changes herself to reflect them perfectly. She knows the precise words that draw others to her, senses how to bring them pleasure, and then in return she becomes more alive from those pleasures that they have offered.

I don’t subscribe to the stereotypical image of Succubi as evil beings who care only for destruction and the taking of others lives and souls. Those who think they are not angels because they have horns and tails do not see their halos and wings, which means they cannot see their own dreams and desires, either. The evil image came about because of societal beliefs about sex in the past. It has been seen as being … if not evil, then something that is frowned upon. This is wrong; sex is part of human nature, and if that is embraced through the Succubi, then they are not evil for giving fantasy in return …

… After all, it isn’t wrong to have a moment of pleasure, is it?

That brings me to hooves. Succubi, at least the ones in my stories and in the Realm, do not have them. Those are the marks of creatures that are darkness, loss, and evil, creatures that are less then human. That is not who Succubi are, not truly so, because being evil, being destructive, only means having to, over and over again, start anew … to find someone else and then destroy that one, leaving a trail behind which can only end in the succubi’s own eventual end.

A poor succubus is one who cannot think, cannot feel, cannot understand that being “evil” is a choice. Choice is what makes anything possible and, if they think they have no choice, they cannot come to see that they are more than they are. Perhaps that is the one aspect of many Succubi that hinders them: they cannot see that they have choice; they assume that they are “stuck” are “unworthy” or “unclean” because that is what the legends say they are … But they aren’t, and, when they realize that, then and only then can they see what they really are capable of.

Succubi are, at least to me, so much more than all of this. They are … possibilities … both Light and Dark … and that makes them more than either side can understand. It is that idea of choice, of choosing to be both/and, the in-between and beyond the two, that makes Realm succubi … more. Choosing to be more than they are expected to be makes them so. And in the becoming there is delight and wonder and joy, for every succubi and for every life she touches.

This I know. This is what I try to share in my stories …

But the question of choice means that not every being in the Realm is enlightened—some choose not to be, and some are afraid to choose. Some still follow the old ways, some toy with them, some are trying to find their ways. Some will, some will not, but, in the end, the choice is theirs to make and so they do, each in her or his own time.

Perhaps that is a side of the Realm that I will have to explore sometime … But then there are many stories in the Realm, many moments to wonder about, and I hope that I’ll manage to share many of them …

We shall see … together.





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    • Zilphia on May 22, 2022 at 8:28 am

    Dear Tera!
    It is nice to see, that other people are interested into Succubi too.
    I read some of of your postings and i like them all. You got a nice Blog, where i can get some new Ideas for my Succubus. Your Blog is very inspiring.

    This Post (What makes a good Succubus?) animates me to tell you something about my Zilphia.

    I created her in 2009 for a RP Plattform (modern Settings) in Germany, but I asked myself – Why must a Succubus be always an evil being? So I started at the beginning, how can I Break this (common)rule. It was not so easy, but I tried some Ideas, to get a Version of a good Succubus. For her Backstory I tried the Idea – What if… – She is a Hybrid of a Succubus and an Angel, but she’s grown up among Mortals. In her first 32 years she lived as an normal human, but at her 33th ‘Birthday’ she changed into a Succubus. Well in the first Weeks she was very sad and depressed about this fact, but she tried to be the same person before. After this hard time, she learned to control her new abilities. But she was not like the common Succubi, because she have white feathered Wings. She was not only a simple Succubus, she was an Angel too. Zilphia is in her true Form a red skinned Succubus, with a pair of Horns and a long Tail, but with white feathered Wings, white/golden Hair and purple Eyes. In her mind she never changes, she’s a helpful, friendly and mild mannered Person like before, but she’s always Horny.
    I call her Form – (special) ascended Succubus.

    BTW it is not so easy for me, to explain her in your language. Sorry, when the Sentences makes no Sense, but I hope You undertsand what I mean.

    Here’s a Image of my Succubus (if it works)

    In all the Years, I played many Roleplays, to expand her Story and I never would change her, because it is a lot of fun to play her and my RP-Partners like her too.

    So, that was a small summary of my Zilphia.

    I wish you the best for your Blog and your future and I look forward to new postings!

    Greetings from germany, Zilphia

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    • TeraS on June 18, 2022 at 4:39 pm

    This is a lovely story, thank you so much for sharing her! There’s a few aspects that I feel are delightful and very close to my own ideas of Succubi… Love and Huggles


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