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To-Do List

Everyone has a To-Do List; even the Queen of the Succubi has one. A dear friend sent me such a list for Tera, the Queen of the Succubi, and I have to admit that I laughed over it … But then the thought came … What really is her …


To-Do List
By TeraS


Everyone has one, or two, or sometimes more than that. They know it as “The List”: that long, rambling thing that reminds them of all of the things they need to do. No matter who they are, that list is there, somewhere, tugging at their minds and telling them what’s next on the agenda. Some manage to focus that list down to a shorter length, somehow managing to put into focus what they really have to do and nothing more.

Then there’s Tera and her own list. She keeps it folded into a small square in the pocket of her long, red jacket, and she looks at it every day. The paper has turned yellow with time, the folded edges being torn slightly when she retrieves it from that pocket every morning right before kissing her Eternal and before she steps outside into the Realm. Depending on the day, the things on her list happen, one way or the other, and, as such, the list isn’t really in any particular order.

And one particular item on that list happens every moment.

On this morning, after looking at the list and putting it away, Tera spent the morning with her Eternal. This wasn’t anything really special or needed to be. She simply shared a mug of hot chocolate with him, shared a kiss and a snuggle now and then. Here and there she would tease him a bit, whispering what she intended to do with him later that evening with a can of Redi-Whip. A little touching up of her lipstick, a brush of fingers through her hair came with a sultry look and then, after one more hug and a bit of tail twining, she made her way into the Realm.

As she walked through the Realm, she encountered her sister, Rachel, the two hugging each other tightly. Rachel seemed to be concerned about something, and Tera held her hand lightly, offering her time, her love, and more to her sister. The pair talked, giggled, and by the time Rachel needed to be off on her way elsewhere, there was a glow about them both, Rachel a little more bubbly and happy, Tera a little more the sultry, passionate Queen that she was.

She walked a bit further along, and Song came into view, ponytail swaying behind her, a need in her eyes for her lover to hold her, touch her, let her melt into her arms. Tera’s smile was simmering with heat, love, and desire for her Song as they drew close to each other. The kiss was long and soulful, the moan from Song in her desire enflaming her passions. Tera held her Song closely, a lick of her tongue over Song’s lips, a caress of fingers over Song’s hip, Song’s need to submit to Tera becoming a lovely wet heat in her core. The breathless purr from Tera was met with a giggle of surprise when Tera suggested they needed to go … shopping, for heels … among other things.

That led to Song being drawn away in Tera’s wake, being the victim of Tera’s sense of fashion in a number of shops in the Realm. By the time the pair had finally found something suitable—which wasn’t all that simple considering Tera’s constant teasing and, for Song, achingly wonderful seduction. Song was awash in her love, warmed by the knowledge of her lover’s need for her. Tera watched her Song glow as she left to sing to the Realm of her bliss, her love, her wonder in the soul that was Tera. Tera’s own glow became a bit brighter, a little more encompassing.

Entering the Palace, Tera passed an alcove and then stopped, peering inside. A hooded and cloaked man stood there watching her, his features covered in shadow save for his chin and warm smile.

Her glow washed the shadows away, her arms drawing him to her, her tail wrapping around the waist of her Legion. He smiled at her words, nodded at her thoughts, and, at least once, chuckled when she promised she’d get him for something he had done before. This was their way, how it had always been. There was nothing but love and respect between them both, it was how they were. A telling game of wits, of being teased and not fearing in what the other thought, for they both knew already.

When Legion bid her well, there was a bit of fire in his eyes, a strength in knowing that she cared, held him in her thoughts, and always would, and he the same. That glow about Tera remained, and, even in the shadows where Legion dwelled, there was light within him, enflamed and with him always.

This was how her day was. Every soul she encountered parted a little better, a little more than they were before: some teased, some taught, some wrapped in passion. In every case, the glow around them, in their souls, was a little more than it was before.

Upon the falling of night, she returned home after what was, all in all, a good day. A fuzzy red sweater found itself hugging her curves, a pair of blue jeans hugging her hips. A kettle was put on, the waiting for the steam coming soon after. Tea was poured into two mugs and then she looked out the window towards the fence. The warmest smile of the day graced her lips as she picked up the tray and made her way there to meet her heart.

Her glow was there with her, warming the air, shining upon her heart, waiting at the fence as she approached. The tray balanced on the fence, a warm hug was shared, and then the tea was offered, as her heart offered some cookies of his own. The two spent their time, as was their way, talking about family, about theology, about the worlds they shared, about the lives they led. Tea was sipped, the cookies were nibbled on … or used to express a particular point and give it emphasis.

The glow surrounded them both, that of her heart mixing with Tera’s own, of a simple understanding being more than it was—the finding of light within two souls, that light being doubled and doubled again in the acceptance, in the understanding they shared. The time came, as it always did, when the two hugged, promised to see one another tomorrow, and parted once more. As they did so, the glow remained with them both, keeping with them, the light brighter than it had been, a reflection of what each gave to the other and what was returned tenfold.

Later, when Tera was curled in bed with her Eternal, a small light shone in a pocket of her red jacket as it hung nearby. Within that pocket was her list, but not as it was at the start of the day. The paper was pure white. The paper was whole. The writing was clear, as if the words had been written moments ago. The list had been with Tera since she had been given the paper by her mother and asked to write her list upon it.


Brighten The World Around Me
Learn From Those That Love Me
Tease Those Around Me
Look Super Hot
Buy New Shoes


Beside each one there was a little checkmark noting that she had done so, and did so every day. From the first to the last it reflected her life and what she had learned throughout.

It wasn’t so much a To-Do List as it was an Always-Do List, after all …