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The Fence

Something that matters… Always has… Always will.


The Fence
By TeraS


She lives on one side.
He lives just beyond.
They see each other.
They wave, they smile,
words aren’t always spoken, but are always said.

Some see a barrier, a boundary, something that divides.
They see a place shared, something that joins,
where things are shared, offered, given—
Not just the words … the hopes and dreams and …

Some cannot understand why this is,
why things are, how they came to be.
They understand … they just know inside
why things are, how they came to be.

Fences can make good neighbours,
can bring families together.
Fences offer a place to be.
They give thoughts a space.

Some fences reveal more:
telling of the distance between,
speaking of the moments shared,
listening to the secrets told.

This fence is a cherished place
where two souls meet,
two lives touch,
two friends wave.
This fence matters.

It matters for the light there,
for the hope there,
for the moments there,
for the healing there.

It is called just “the fence,”
but it isn’t just a fence:
It is … just … more.
It just is.



Thank you my heart…



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