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Succubus Tales III – Bianca and Tera, A Night of Catching Up

Tera loves, there’s no mystery to that point about her. A promise is, after all a promise no matter how long it takes… and so, a story about a queen named Bianca, a queen called Tera, and one singularly important word.


Succubus Tales III: Bianca and Tera, A Night of Catching Up
By TeraS and her Adored Brother


It was finally over. The long, terrible conflict with Lilith came to an end last night. Nathan, my love, my mate … was badly hurt. I wish Lilith could suffer for what she did to him. I wanted her to suffer everything that he feels, everything he endures. I don’t know how long it would take until Nathan recovered, if ever.

I was close to Nathan as he slept, keeping watch over him, but if I was to be honest, my fear of losing him, after all we’d been through, held me in a cold shiver. I could see, through the night around us, that some of his injures were healing, but … so terribly slowly.

I looked into the darkness above us, thinking about all we’d been through together: the pain, the loss, the battles both human and supernatural; so many moments to think about and wonder, if only a little, if it was all worth it.

A little snort of derision came. Of course it was … every bit of it. All of this had to be worth something. I believed it was; Nathan did, too. My thoughts returned, again, to wishing that he hadn’t been the target of so much of the pain and suffering that greeted us both. But I couldn’t afford to dwell too long on my own self-incrimination. There was a lot of work still to be done to repair the mess that Lilith caused. We couldn’t live as we did in the past. We could do better, needed to do better than just live in the shadows. It was what we—the vampires as a whole, myself and Nathan—were striving towards.

I couldn’t help the sigh when I thought about human politics and how asinine they were. The state of New York’s proposed laws that would require all of us to be registered with them. Oh they were so short-sighted. We have to be known to everyone, for ‘public safety’, but as for protecting us? Not that law, possibly not any law … ever. They wanted to know who we were, where we lived, who was important to us. So much information to be shared and then … what happened if that all got into the wrong hands? No database was completely secure.

This stupid law would only result in humans being protected, such as it might be for them; but then, no human was really that safe if we put our minds to it. Ah, but then, of course, we’d be targets, it would be inevitable. I shuddered at the thought of some kind of ‘Vampire Season’ opening in the state—a total disaster in the waiting. How many humans, mistaken for us, would be killed? And then, of course, we’d be blamed for it … Wonderful.

Drawing in a deep breath, I blew the tension out of myself. This wasn’t the time for this. There was nothing to be done in this moment; I was only working myself up more than I needed to. After all, it was Saturday night, and even the most arrogant of politicians was smart enough to drop out of my sight for the weekend. Plans had been made, and I would be visiting the capital on Monday to make my presence known once more. They were using fear to push their agenda, though, as humans were wont to do so often.

Still, there were options to be explored. The groundwork was in place, thanks to the press conference with Mayor Michaels, a decent woman who wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. There was hope for a solution—assuming, of course, we were given half a chance. It just couldn’t be that easy, of course. The media loves a shit storm, and so they had to start one in the midst of things, trying to anger me, to make me lose my mind so they’d have good video for the nightly news. Sadly, for them, all they got was a calm woman of power giving her answer and smiling sweetly for the cameras. Would we be taking over? Hell no. I have no interest in trying to corral a million or more humans, let alone the several billion that existed around us. To hell with that, and to hell with you, Lilith, for making this much more complicated than it needed to be.

My eyes trailed over Nathan once more. At least he was sleeping. I couldn’t manage that miracle; I was far too wound up to sleep. Rising from my comfortable chair, I looked towards the city I knew was hidden behind the heavy, drawn curtains. The night called to me, singing a song in my blood: I needed to live, to escape … to find myself once more. I smiled wanly at the memories of the past, of how things used to be and how much it meant to me now, enjoying pleasure, feeling part of the world of night. The ache inside tugged, whispering that Nathan would be alright, he’d want me to live a little and be happy. He’d tell me: “You deserve it. Go.”

I crept out of our room, careful not to wake Nathan. It took a bit of time to find what I wanted. My favorite red leather dress with black caressing over the knee-high stiletto-heel boots that I loved. It hugged my curves wonderfully, and I licked my lips as the light of the room spilled over the leather, making it gleam deliciously.

After touching up my lips, fussing with my hair and picking out the right bangles for my look, I wrote a note to Nathan: “I’m going out, my love. If you’re hungry, there are blood packets in the fridge. Don’t fret, I’ll be fine. Love you. Bianca.”

Quietly returning, I placed the note on the night table before kissing him lightly upon his lips. My love, my rock in the stormy seas, my world, and the one that holds my humanity through his love: I owe him … more than I can ever truly repay. Before I left, I took one more look at him from the doorway of our bedroom and then departed, closing the door behind me.

Our home was silent, save for the sound of my heels in the hallways as I passed through. The thought of being out having fun made me smile. So many places I could go … but where? I wondered about going to see that new club that had opened recently. The name escaped me, I thought it was called Pleasures or something like that. It sounded like a good place to check out.

As I came to the landing of the staircase that led downwards to our foyer, I thought I heard something … or someone. Pausing at the top of the stairs I looked into the darkness to see who had come into my domain. A human would never know I was there, but I certainly would be able to see who was intruding. My first thought was: “Friend or foe … Who are you?”

I couldn’t tell.

It was a woman, there was no question of that, but I could only see her from behind—and, to be honest, it was a delicious behind, and I could see that a red dress was seemingly painted on it. No, that wasn’t quite right: that dress wasn’t painted on; it was making love to her curves in a way that I found myself licking my lips over. Her back was bare, at least the little of it that I could see peeking out from beneath a mane of exquisitely wild, dark ebony hair.

She was wandering about the foyer quietly, looking at the little bits of our lives that had been collected on display. She paused at one of my very old pictures, standing there a long time, her hips cocked to the left. When she moved again, there was an elegance and grace that her heels made an art form. My stomach clenched as she stopped at another part of the room, regarding another picture. I could see her outstretched hand, one long red-nailed finger being drawn over the top of the gilded frame. No one understood what that picture meant to me, and I promised myself that, if she damaged it, she would pay.

Then … she spoke. Her voice seemed as if she was standing right beside me, whispering: “Oh my dear sweet Amoureux …”

I couldn’t breathe. That one word: “Amoureux.”

The lump in my throat caught my voice as my eyes began to water. There was only one that knew … only one. But it was impossible. Not after so many centuries … it couldn’t be.

She started to look around again as my hands gripped the railing to watch her. I needed to hear her voice again. I had to be sure that what I thought I heard was real. It couldn’t be, not after so long … but … The railing bent under my hands as the tension inside of me built. She gave me that boon I craved when she paused in the midst of her explorations and looked at the painting of myself and Nathan over the fireplace that dominated the room.

Je suis si chèrement fier de toi, mon Amoureux.”

My lips mouthed the words in shock as my mind translated them: “I’m so dearly proud of you, my love.”

The accent, the tone of her voice, the lilting playfulness of it all; it was her. My lips parted, my voice trying to call out her name.

Then, she turned towards me, her so-green eyes piercing my own as she had done so long ago, in that first moment and every moment. Before I was turned, before things changed, when I was human, she held me against the world, stood with me, loved me.

I loved her.

“Hello, Bianca, my love.”

My answer was a single word, spoken with the breath I didn’t realize I had been holding: “Tera.”

She walked to the bottom of the stairs, her eyes not leaving mine as she did. It was her, there was no question in my mind. Her voice, how she walked, the sensual air about her all matched my memories. But it was the so-achingly-familiar thing she did next that made the tears flow.

She opened her arms and offered herself freely: “Mon amour est le vôtre … pour toujours.”

Her promise I returned: “My love is yours … forever.”

I flew down the stairs, my only thought one of being in her arms, breathing in her scent, my fingers entwined in her hair. All that mattered was being with her in that moment. To be held again, to cry in her arms, to hear her whispers of love and understanding. To know, completely, that Tera loved me no matter what.

The stairs rushed by. I found myself standing in front of her, looking into her eyes. The moment held, my body trembling, and then I wrapped my arms around her, drawing her to me. It had been so long, and it was better than I remembered. Her cherry scent, how her body melded against my own, her kiss—so open, so complete, she didn’t leave anything from it—she put all she was into that kiss. Tera was the one that I loved, so long ago, when I was human, my cherished lover from another life, another world. I sobbed quietly in her arms, listening to her soft coos of love, the whispers of the secret words of love that we only knew.

She drew back slightly, just enough that we could look into each other’s eyes once more. Her eyes were wet with tears, but she looked as radiant as ever. Tera was, always, the epitome of love, lust, seduction, and pleasure. Her lips curled in a delightfully bemused smile: “Someone missed me.”

I gave her shoulder a light swat: “You’re damn right someone missed you.” Then I crushed my lips to hers again before breaking away and gasping: “I can’t believe you’re alive.”

She shrugged, looking to the side in what seemed to be embarrassment. I caught a bit of a blush on her cheeks: “Yes … Well …”

It was odd to see Tera like that: she was embarrassed about something. But I didn’t care. I just let the vision of her fill my senses and reveled in the moment. My eyes travelled over her perfect curves, but then I noticed something different about her. I never would have been able to see it as a human, but, as a vampire, it was plain as day. She didn’t just love with all of her being. She wasn’t just beautiful and seductive. She wasn’t just an amazing lover. She was something more. The waves of pure power rippled around her like an ocean, and I was just bobbing in the waves. It was like nothing I had ever felt, the power that was wrapped around her little finger alone was enough to make a city of humans drop to their knees and obey her.

It … reminded me of … Sophia.

She saw my eyes grow wide in surprise and nodded. Her eyes were clear, unafraid as that lovely smile of hers wrapped around her words: “Go on, say it.”

I didn’t let go of her. I didn’t fear her—she was Tera after all, no matter what. There was too much between us for me to be worried about her. But I closed my eyes as I replied: “You … You’re a succubus.”

I felt her hand cup my cheek; even with my eyes closed I knew the expression she had. It was the one I knew intimately. She was worried about me: “I’m … oh, my sweet Amoureux … there’s so much to explain.”

I still couldn’t look into her eyes. But I needed to know: “Tera … who are you … really?”

“I am your Tera. I am the Tera that loved you then and the Tera that loves you now. That has never changed. I promised.”

I managed to smile: “I … know. You’ve always kept your promise to me. But … you aren’t … like the other succubi I’ve met.”

She laughed and the goosebumps I felt were delicious: “No, I’m not. I’m …”

The hesitation bothered me. It was like she was trying to find a way to tell me something she’d been wanting to for centuries. Come to think about it, it had been centuries since I’d last seen her.

Her answer brought me up short: “I’m … their queen, my Amoureux. All of them … every succubi and incubi … they all … are mine.”

I opened my eyes in shock and I found she’d changed. In her ebony hair a pair of small, cute red horns peeked out from her bangs and a long red sinuous tail was arced over her right shoulder, the tip pointing at me. Somehow—and I’m not sure why exactly—seeing her like that made Tera all the more hot. My hands found her cheeks: “I don’t care. You’re here. That’s all that matters.”

As her lips played against mine, her answer made me wet: “A promise is … a promise.”

The moon was the only witness to the heat of our kiss, the gasping of our need and the love that, for us, was now truly eternal.

We both had to come up for air eventually, but neither of us let go of the other. I had so many questions to ask her, so many thoughts racing in my mind. Where was she? Why didn’t she come when I was turned? What kept her away? Why would she appear now?

Tera, of course, had other things on her mind, and those questions didn’t matter when she looked around my home: “Sorry about not knocking on the door or ringing the bell. For that matter, I’m sorry for not being here sooner.”

I shook my head: “Recriminations? Really?”

She smiled. I melted: “I’m not perfect.”

“You’ll have to prove that to me. I think you are.”

Tera’s eyes showed her concern: “You have quite the mess to clean up, my beautiful Bianca.”

A small nod: “I know. We’re managing.”

How she knew about it all bothered me, but, knowing Tera, she’d explain soon enough.

“I’ve been watching you and what you have been doing in Bridgeport for a while now.”

There it was. I sighed softly: “Yeah, well, I have a lot of work to do now thanks to a spoiled and vindictive vampire.”

Her eyes narrowed: “She did not deserve the name “Lilith.” She did not honour that name. What you did needed to be done. She’s a memory now and soon will be forgotten, as she should be.”

My mind spun knowing that Tera knew who Lilith was. How did she know all of this? “That’s going to take a while.”

She tapped my nose with a finger: “You have all of the time in the world.”

Oh, how I had missed her, not just as a lover, but for her wisdom, her thoughts. Tera stepped back a little and ran her eyes over my dress: “Were you planning on making some new memories tonight?”

I laughed. Tera always could change my mood in a heartbeat: “This little thing? I was going to check out a nightclub or two and …”

“Get some takeout?” She always had the most interesting ways of putting things.

“More like eat-in.” I raked my own eyes over her delicious body: “What about you?”

Her smile made my pussy tremble: “I did want to look my best for the Queen of the City. It wouldn’t be proper to appear in a potato sack.”

“Tera, you could make anything look sexy.”

“True. Still doesn’t mean I’m not going to be sure to give my Amoureux the proper respect.”

I was about to protest, but she brought me up short with a wink: “At least until I don’t have to. Then what I’m wearing isn’t going to be as important as what I’m going to do to her in bed.”

Fuck—I hoped she would. But then again my thoughts turned to the questions I needed to have answers for. Was this all a dream? There were more questions than answers, and she saw the look in my eyes. Her teasing stopped, her voice clear: “Amoureux … ask your questions, but remember our rules.”

They came back in a flash: We will never lie. We will answer honestly. This was a promise forever. Now I truly understood what that meant to her.

But standing at the bottom of a flight of stairs was no place to talk. My hand holding hers, I guided Tera to a pair of leather chairs off to one side of the foyer. She, being the proper woman of etiquette she was, waited for me to settle into a chair before doing the same across from me, a vision of red wrapped in the night, her hand flicking an errant lock of her hair back into place. I ached at the sight; it had been too long. She waited patiently as I marshalled my thoughts before asking my first question: “How long have you been a succubus?”

She tapped a finger against her lips, then explained: “I’ve been … me … for a very long time. Long before the first bits of rock came together to form this world, I existed.”

I laughed, I couldn’t help it. The expression that Tera gave me, a calm measured pause and expectant wait for me to finish made me remember our rules.

We will never lie.


“Yes, Love. Completely.”

I had to look at her in a different light now. She was immortal. She had been for a very long time, probably longer than I could ever understand. She said she was the Queen of the Succubi. She might be a Goddess … one that loved me when I was human.

That realization brought with it a question.

I needed to know. My heart cried out that I was being foolish, that she had told me, over and over again, she loved me. But I needed an answer.

“Do I love you because … you made me?”

The force of her words shocked me: “NO! NEVER!”

I was riveted to my chair as she crossed the short distance between us and kneeled before me. She held my hand, looking into my eyes: “I never once, not once, used my powers to make you love me. I never once fed on you. I never looked into your soul, never did anything to you except one thing.” Her fingers rubbed gently over my hand, her eyes still not leaving mine, the hurt within them so achingly clear to me that my heart cursed me for asking the question in the first place: “I gave you my heart, forever. I didn’t want you because of what I am. I wanted you to love me freely because you did; purely for that and nothing else. I was not going to sully your love. I was not going to hold you beside me if you did not wish to be.”

She gave me her heart, but then she had mine at our first hello. My thoughts went back to the past, the first day we’d met.

It was the time of the French Renaissance, a time when not all was sweetness and light, especially for an unmarried woman … or, rather, to be more clear, a woman seen to be cursed for the passing of her intended husband. Isolated—shunned, really—my days spent alone. It was a solitary existence. My family were the only ones that were close, if not completely so. I had resigned myself to a life of being known as cursed by those that knew, set aside by the society of the time. I never expected anything more than that.

I had cared for my husband-to-be, if not perhaps loving him as completely as he might have liked. My tastes were not with those of the masculine persuasion, though I tolerated them and made appearances otherwise. No, I had learned, long ago, that my core melted at the sight of a woman that caught my fancy, making me raise a fan to my cheeks to hide the inevitable blush that would come to them.

His passing was both freeing and a trap. None wanted me, but then none that I encountered could be with me. It was not proper for two ladies to be in love, to be intimate, to know each other fully. The social mores of the time, such as they were, simply didn’t allow it. One needed to have the stature, the wealth, and the power to even consider it. I didn’t have any of that.

I had given up on the hope of finding love. Spinsterhood was my fate, perhaps to be a guide for the younger generations in the future, to make them the proper women that society expected them to be; a sad fate, but one still far in the future, thankfully, at that time.

Fate however, had its own plans for me.

I had taken an interest in art, finding it a way to escape from the bonds of my wretched everyday life. Being invited, through acquaintances, I came to attend at the Château de Cloux, to see a marvelous artist late from Florence. He was especially proud of one piece of art he had created, an image of a woman, seated, with the most captivating smile upon her lips.

That, then, was where I first saw Tera.

She was speaking with the artist, a vision of red in her petticoat, laced up corset, and complex mane of embroidered hair that cascaded down her back. She held a red (of course) fan in her hand, snapped open to gather a breeze to cool her underneath the layers of clothing that encircled her. Fashion was—come to think of it, still is—a rather painful thing at times to deal with.

I must have looked like I was in a stupor from across the hall. My dress was nothing as elaborate as hers, though I had been sure to look the best I could. I was a candle next to a raging fire, hoping to be burned by her heat. There were others there, far more stunning than I, but still my cleavage was held invitingly, my look was attractive. I hoped she would grace me with at least a glance.

The artist turned away, called by another for his attention, and she glanced about. I could have looked away, I could have turned and left and she’d never be the wiser. Instead I found myself pierced by her deeply emerald eyes, the soft gentleness of her smile. Her fan was positioned as to be sure none but I would see as she licked her lips and my sex became slick.

Turning away, I snapped my own fan open, frantically waving air to sooth the heat within and keep me from fainting. Make a scene here? I would never hear the end of it! I rushed from the room, leaving her behind me and seeking a cooler place to recover from the encounter. I found a marble bench in an alcove that looked out into the gardens of the estate. I was out of the limelight, none were about, thank goodness, for my thoughts were anything but good and proper now. I wondered about her name, what she looked like, tasted like. Those were the more innocent thoughts, the more needy ones I was keeping at bay until I was alone in my own home to tend to my needs.

“Are you alright? You left in such a rush!”

Dear God, someone found me! I turned away from the lush gardens to reply to whomever it was: “I’m … quite fine, thank you. I …”

It was her: the woman of mystery, of grace and presence. My breath caught, my hand clutching at my corseted waist, trying to find a way to breathe once more. She rushed to my side, and I just couldn’t breathe. The attraction to her was … everything. All else around us vanished from my sight. I only had eyes for her look of concern, the curling of her lips as she spoke to me, trying to tell me something, but the blood rushing in my ears made it impossible to understand her.

She settled onto the bench beside me, her arms wrapped daintily about my waist to comfort me. I didn’t understand her words at first, but in time the roaring in my ears lessened and I could hear her. “Shhh … All is well, lovely one. Breathe now … In … Out … Be calm … All is well …” She … purred. No, perhaps it was more that she mewled her concern for me. I found myself leaning against her, quite an unladylike thing to do, and, in the time, quite a scandal if someone found us that way, I can tell you! Her corset pushed her cleavage into a delightful shape and she guided me to rest against her.

I found my breath and took in with it a scent I’d never forget: the aroma of cherries—delicious and sweet, somehow exactly like the dear woman that held me in her arms.

“I think I should introduce myself … My name is Tera.”

In spite of the warmth and joy in being in her arms, I found myself wondering about her name: Tera. It was … exotic … different … almost spellbinding. “Bianca … my lady.”

She purred and my sex weeped: “Lovely … Bianca.”

She said my name like a lover would, putting her heart and soul into those three syllables that identified me. The tremble that passed through me hid, though I doubt she didn’t notice, the little orgasm I had. What was more amazing was the shiver I felt from her. In that moment, I decided I needed to know her better. I wanted to know the taste of her skin, lap at her sex, suckle and be with her.

“Are you alone?”

“Yes … my lady.”

“Might … would you care to attend my boudoir?”

I stifled the moan: “I would.”

She stood, offering her hand as I gazed upon her: “My carriage awaits, if you’d please, my lady.”

As I took her hand, my thoughts were anything but lady-like, I promise you.

The memory washed away and I found myself looking at Tera holding my hand: “I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you.”

“I know. I …”

I squeezed her hand: “You felt the same. You don’t need to tell me.”

“Then why ask that question?”

It was a long, deep breath before I answered: “Because … my foolish insecurities pushed me to. I know of the succubi, how they can seduce others, use them, then throw them away.”

“Did I?”

“No, my love, you didn’t. But where have you been? Why are you here now?”

“Someone needed help, she was lost. I couldn’t leave her alone.”

I smiled: “I’m not lost, my love.”

Tera stood up and kissed my fingers before she let go: “I know you aren’t. I came here because Sophia needed me.”

The shock in my voice was clear: “Sophia? What’s wrong! Is she in some kind of trouble?”

Tera’s smile was soothing: “It’s her nature, my Amoureux. She needs … to learn.”

I thought about this for a moment, then it came to me: “To control her powers? To control her… feedings? Is that possible?”

Tera smiled and pointed at her horns as they faded away. Which was a bit of a shame as I found myself lusting after them, and that tail of hers as well: “I think I can. At least I’m going to try.”

“I know your idea of trying.”

She nodded as she reclined on her chair once more: “I never give up on those I love.”

I could attest to that. “Can I help?”

The familiarity of her twirling a lock of her hair around a finger was delightful: “Teaching sweet Sophia will take some time. She should have been taught sooner by the elders here, but she wasn’t. That is something I will have to deal with myself.”

Being on the wrong side of Tera in a bad mood wasn’t something I wanted to experience. I felt sorry for those that had failed in their role in her society: “I see.”

Tera pulled slightly on her hair: “When Sophia came to be, she wasn’t taught how to take what she needs and avoid killing. Her lack of control is an issue I need to deal with. Every killing brings her closer and closer to exposing herself and then … us. Especially as she seems to have decided that she wants to live here, with her dear and loving friend Bianca and her Nathan.” I was in the middle of a nod when she completed her thought: “That’s an … interesting threesome, you know.”

My nod was choked off by my laughter. If Tera only knew. She probably did, of course, which made me squirm just like I did so long ago.

In the time we met, there were such things as Mistresses, those women taken by men when their own wives were … insufficient for them. They sought out playthings to make their own and, when they were no longer interesting, or had been abused to being not quite so lovely, they were cast aside.

Tera … was different. There was no question, based on the deference that every man that she passed by on the way to her carriage gave her, that she held all of the cards. She held power, there was no question of that, and woe be to those that thought they could hold her or control her.

Her footman guided us both into the cherry wood compartment, positioned our finery and then left us to ourselves as he drove the carriage onwards. I tried to look out the window, to see the landscape as we traveled, but it was so difficult to do so. Tera was across from me, her eyes only for me, her expression of deep concern. My heat continued to build and I snapped my fan open once more, trying to hide my own need and scent from her.

“Did you like the art?”

The question seemed irrelevant, but, being polite, I replied: “Some of the paintings, yes. That one of the smiling woman was especially well done.”

She nodded: “I understand, from the artist, that her smile was the hardest thing to create and he seemed crestfallen that it wasn’t perfect.”

“It seemed… very well done.”

She smiled. No, that’s not quite right: Tera favoured me with a look that offered herself, all of her, to me, an expression that said, “I know something … see if you can guess what it is.”

My lips were dry and I licked them: “I think … he did the best he could.”

I so wanted to kiss that smile as she answered: “I suppose history will have the last word on that.”

My eyes lowered to the floor, seeing the red and black patterns there and concentrating on them: “My lady… may I ask what is your place?”

I felt her hand touching my knee through the layers of clothing: “I am … an independent woman with my own thoughts and desires.”

“What … are your desires?” I asked, praying that she might desire me.

Her hand moved, now cupping my chin and bringing my eyes to her own: “If I can be so bold … Would you consider kissing me?”

The idea of submitting to her thrilled me: “Of course, my lady.”

Her fingers shifted to draw her thumb over my lips, caressing them lightly: “Why do you say ‘my lady?’”

“You are a lady; your status is well above me. It is only proper.”

Her thumb pressed between my lips and I suckled on her thumb, my own need and heat pressing on me to please her.

“You are, my sweet, equal to me in every way …”

My eyes showed my confusion.

Then, Tera said the word that would sear itself into my soul for eternity: “… Amoureux.”

Oh, dear God. Me? I was nothing.

“Je sus amoureux de toi.”

The shiver that passed through me was wonderful. To be wanted, needed by another woman in a world where it was forbidden. More, to be loved by another who had no fear of the world itself and only cared about me. Five words, said like none other had said before: “I’m in love with you.”… words that I never believed that someone would say and mean. There was no question she meant it; the expression in her eyes, the depth of her concern, the feeling that she needed me, loved me, I could taste all of it around me.

I kissed her thumb and smiled: “Amoureux.”

I pushed my finery aside to press closer to her: “Amoureux.”

My fingers entwined into her hair, our cleavage rubbing delightfully: “Amoureux.”

Her fingers finding their way to drip and tease my clit as my lips caused against her own: “Amoureux!”

The passage of our carriage through the forests punctuated by our joined cries of passion: “Amoureux!”

My memories gave way to seeing Tera smiling: “Penny for your thoughts?”

I blushed, a rare thing for vampires: “I was thinking of our first carriage ride.”

Tera had the most tempting look: “Before or after we tore off each other’s clothes?”

I giggled: “Both?”

She winked: “The first time, Amoureux … I never thanked you properly, did I?”

“I think the … what was it? … ten orgasms in a row did that!”

“Should have tried for eleven.”

I was hoping for that, and a little more if she was willing. No, that wasn’t true. I wanted her to stay here, to be nearby: “We could try?”

She wagged a finger at me and my innocent look didn’t work, but then it never did with her. Perhaps another tack: “Sophia’s found a really nice place to live here. Do you need a place to stay or something?”

“I would never want to impose on you, Amoureux … that would not be proper.”

I snorted and rolled my eyes: “I am the Queen of the City, Tera. What good is that to be if I can’t do something for you?”

Tera shrugged: “I’ll be fine.”

She always did this: never one to impose, to ask for anything. I’d had to draw it out of her and so, with a little bit of an edge to my voice I declared: “If you are looking for permission to live here, then by all means you are welcome here in Bridgeport. Stay as long as you like. You will always be welcomed here as long as I am the Queen of the City.”

Tera smiled and nodded. “Thank you. But I’m going to be fine, I promise. I’ll get myself settled, find something … respectable … to do … I rather like the idea of a nightclub, actually. You have many other responsibilities, I’ll manage to get my affairs in order soon enough.”

I chuckled and shook my head. “You never were going to ask, were you?”

“Well, I wanted to.” Tera said innocently. “But you were busy with that war of yours. I didn’t want to interrupt or get into the middle of it. I am a lover, not a fighter.”

Oh, yes … Tera was a lover. But she was a force when she put her mind to it. Still, this was all being formal with each other, as things needed to be for my sake. Tera wouldn’t knowingly step on my toes and she would be there for me and Nathan; that I was absolutely certain of.

“Seriously, Tera, it’s me. Why didn’t you appear sooner?”

She steepled her fingers over her nose and lips: “A Queen needs to rule. You needed to be in control, to do what you had to, make the choices you needed to. I would be a distraction to that.”

Well, that was true, but the thought of her ‘distractions’ made me squirm again: “So going to take you up on that, you know.”

A click of her tongue against her cheek was Tera’s only answer to that, her expression turning a bit more concerned: “Not before you get something in you. I can see you’re fading out … I’ll be right back.”

I watched Tera leave the room and I felt the tiredness seeping into me. She was right, I was tired, I needed some blood and soon. My fangs came out a little with the thought of nibbling on Tera and that squirm turned into my pussy dripping in need. My thoughts were interrupted by Tera’s hand holding a wine glass, the scent of blood calling to me.

“You vampires and your blood,” Tera teased.

I accepted the glass without question, but teased her: “And you succubi and your souls.”

With a shrug she returned to her leather chair and watched me sip my blood. A thought crossed my mind: “Did you want something to drink?”

“I don’t need anything to drink, sweetheart, but you do.” Tera teased, waving a hand in my direction.

The blood helped, and my thoughts focused once more: “And speaking of you needing souls: I do have to ask, when you and I were a thing, when I was human, why didn’t you fully devour me?”

Tera smiled: “You were, and are, my Amoureux. I would never take from someone I loved. Had I when you were human, I would have harmed you, made your soul less. That had no attraction to me.”

“So it wasn’t about my soul.”

She purred: “It was about so much more.”

I thought as much, it made complete sense with the promise Tera made to me then: “My love is yours … forever.”

Another five words that brought my thoughts back in time once more.

Night had fallen during our travel to Tera’s estate, the time passing in delicious wonder as she graced me with her touch, breath and desire. She gave freely to me, spoke of her desire for me, my needful whimpers of submission and love for her total and utterly so. She could have demanded anything from me and I would have given without a thought.

But she never did. From the first lick against my skin, her words were clear: “You are my equal. You are Amoureux. For me, please, never forget you are.”

A kiss was returned with a kiss. A suckle was returned with the same. Folds parted, tongues entwined, sex weeping against sex. She didn’t take or command from me, she just … was. The carriage passing through a series of hedgerows caught our attention: “Welcome to my home dearest Amoureux.”

I still can’t quite manage to put into words, ones that fully describe the grounds, the mansion itself. I had seen such places before, ones that offered a glimpse of power or wealth. Her lands were vast, green spaces that surrounded the most exquisite estate one could imagine. The coach arrived at the main doors, they opening soon afterwards. Tera strode from the carriage completely nude, her garments forgotten within the coach about me. I watched, a bit taken aback, as her servants bowed to her, offering their deference to her. Not one of them was dressed. The light of the candles and fires lighting the foyer played off their skin, shimmering, revealing them. I hesitated, unsure, wanting to gather myself.

She turned away from the assembled mass and returned to me. Pausing at the doorway she offered her hand: “There is nothing to fear, I promise. All is well. Please, be with me?”

I was unsure, but accepted Tera’s hand and was guided to stand outside of the carriage, as nude as all others there. My ingrained status in society made me pause as she began to walk away, intending to be a few steps behind as was my proper place.

That didn’t last long as Tera stopped after taking three steps. She turned slightly, her lovely eyes upon me: “Amoureux … I love you, forever. I know you are frightened, unsure, but your place is with me, beside me.”

She offered her hand again: “I beg of you. Please stand with me.”

Blushing, a little ashamed, my hand found hers. As we walked past the throngs, my eyes took in the vast pleasure of what she’d made here. A place unlike any other I had seen before, societal rules be damned.

So many questions came to me, but she promised: “We’ll talk … later. For this moment …”

Her lips kissed my own: “Our bed awaits, Amoureux.”

Our bed: two words that made me melt once more, my legs becoming a little wobbly again, needing help to manage the wide ornate staircase to her boudoir.

There I saw red, so much red: silk sheets, smooth and delicious against my skin as she watched my fingers toy with them, sliding over them, finding a pillow to raise my head to look towards her. My eyes found the red of her lips and nails as she crawled over the sheets to me, the feel of her nails leaving their marks against my thighs, followed by her lips to soothe the burn, kissing softly, slowly moving towards my need. My back arched as her lips found my folds, my clit, my heat. Screaming in pleasure unlike anything I had felt before, I found my hands entwined in her hair, crying out for more and more and still more.

Tera never stopped giving me all that I desired until I couldn’t take anymore and fell into a wonderfully fulfilled sleep. She spooned against me, still nibbling my neck and marking me with her lips, sucking on my skin.

I awoke in the middle of the night, seeing her sleeping with me, needing to pleasure her for all that she’d given me. The taste of her skin was delicious, as was that cherry aroma wafting from her, as was the thrilling hum within my clit as she moaned in pleasure as my lips worshipped her, needing her. It was a night of discovering I was wanted … for me … loved … for me. She’d given me the one thing I needed: being loved … for me.

The memory just made me need her more and sipping blood didn’t help at all with that. The memories of being with Tera, part of her life, started to flood my mind. From the time I felt and enjoyed love to the day I was forced into being a vampire to save my life.

I used to hold this against my sire, for stripping away what Tera offered and I couldn’t have. I hated him for that, feared what Tera would have thought of me at the time. I didn’t try to find her, assuming she was human and she’d never understand.

But then, he made me into the vampire I am today. He still regrets what he did, having no choice because of dire need for blood just so he could survive.

Bits of the memory came back again: the uprising, the death and destruction; looking for my parents who got caught up within the riots, and then finding them dead.

My thoughts betrayed me. “Where were you when … it happened?”

Tera’s eyes had a faraway stare now: “I knew something was wrong. You didn’t return when you said you would. You’d never done that before. I heard of the uprising, I took the chance to find you in spite of the humans that were all around, fighting and killing.”

I nodded. It had been terrible, violent. The memories of seeing my parents … hurt. It still hurt more than I would ever admit to anyone.

Tera’s hand stroked lightly against her lovely shapely neck, revealing something I had seen, but not realized what it was. Seeing it made me gasp: a gold necklace with a heart shaped pendant. “I gave you this … remember?”

I did. The pendant was the one that she’d given me after our first night. She’d said it was a mark of her love for me, that I was her equal.

“The pendant holds a little part of me. I could follow you, know where you were. It led me to find you with … him.”

She cupped the heart in her hand as she remembered: “I rarely use my powers fully. I moved in the blink of an eye from our home to your side … but it was far too late.”

I didn’t know about this, he’d never told me. Why?

“I found you in his arms, moaning in pleasure. I didn’t know what to think. He was at your throat and you were limp in his arms. I saw him release you and then cry out in despair. I saw his fangs, pushing his blood back into you. He was trying to save you after he nearly killed you.”

I smiled and nodded, but I didn’t know where this was going: “I know” was all I could say.

Tera’s hand remained about the heart: “I … kept this. There was nothing I could do.” She sighed: “What you don’t know is that, when you came back to me, as you had promised, I was going to tell you everything about who I really was and offer to make you immortal. I wanted to give you my gift, transform you into a succubi.”

I could see the tears. This hurt her more than she was telling me: “You loved me with all of your heart. I wanted you with me, beside me, part of me … forever. I held a place for you as Amoureux. The only one I have.”

It was my turn to weep at what he’d taken from both of us. The tears flowed unbidden as Tera showed me her right hand, revealing something that I thought lost forever: my wedding band. “Tera …”

“I’ve worn this since that day. We couldn’t be together, but I wasn’t going to forget you.”

My voice was a whisper: “My love is yours … forever.”

She smiled: “Yes. I have no other Amoureux. There will never be one other than you.”

That admission made me sad: “Tera … Do you have … another to love?”

She smiled warmly: “Yes … I have an Eternal.”

“Tell me about this Eternal, please.”

“Keith is my Eternal, the King of the Incubi, my soulmate, my love and … he knows.”

“What does he know?”

“He knows you are my Amoureux, he knows that I love you. He would love to meet you someday. He’d welcome you into our family. He’s told me that often. He reminds me that, just like everyone else in our family, you are part of us.”

That made me feel better. Someone like Tera needed love: “I’m glad you have someone.”

“As am I, Amoureux. You need Nathan as much as I need Keith. There’s no shame in that.”

I managed a smile: “I know.”

There was a long silence then. She’d answered my questions and not asked her own. Again, that was Tera. It wasn’t a concern for her. It didn’t matter, because she loved me. All else paled to that point in her mind. Something that little voice in the back of my mind finally accepted as being real.

The glass was empty. I felt stronger now, and the time for talking was over.

I wanted … her.

My wine glass found itself forgotten on the carpet as I crossed the space between us. It was my turn now. She’d offered herself to me, now I wanted her. I could feel Tera’s power swirling, building in anticipation, and that thrilled me. Knowing that she’d become aroused just because I came close to her was a thrill. Being a vampire, I could resist it, or I could let it wash over me and be carried away.

I touched the chair on either side of her, looking into Tera’s eyes, and then leaned in closer. My own desire raged as the love I had … still have for her… made me wetter still. She told me how she would honor me and I allowed that to overwhelm me. I allowed Tera’s seductive powers to wash over me as my lips came close to her own.

Tera put her index finger to my lips and smiled. “I want you, Bianca. I always will. But … I want to be with you, not to be served by you.”

I let out a disappointed sigh, but I understood. My Lady was always about being equal and her sitting in a chair wouldn’t make us equal. While in the past I didn’t feel like I was, now we were both Queens: equals that none could argue against.

“I have a guest room.” I said with a smile.

“Then let’s go.” Tera said with a purr.

From the sitting room, up the stairs and down the hallway we went, my hand in hers, occasionally stealing a kiss that made us both smile. Feeling her fingers playing against my thigh and tugging at my dress was a thrill. The master bedroom wasn’t our destination. Nathan needed his rest, after all. A short walk further and we arrived, the guest room’s door opening as we passed inside.

I flicked on the light once inside, Tera following closely behind me, her touch against my bare shoulder making me shiver in need. It was a simple room, windows covered by heavy curtains, not quite as opulent as my own. Oddly, the blue satin sheets seemed a bit out of place with Tera loving her red, and I pouted: “I wish I’d known you were coming. I’d have made it all red for you.”

I heard the door close with a click, then Tera was standing behind me, her hands on my hips, nuzzling her lips into my hair: “It’s lovely … almost as lovely as you are.” I moaned; I couldn’t help it as her fingers toyed with the hem of my dress, rolling it slowly upwards: “And now… I can do what I have always wanted to do with you.”

“Gawd, Tera … What’s that?”

There was no resisting her. There wasn’t any point. Being licked and kissed while her fingernails scraped close to my sex made it impossible. She pushed me across the room, pressing my legs against the edge of the bed. Tera was, in this moment, fully the apex sexual predator she was. The heat of her voice, the power she poured into me left me nowhere to run … not that I wanted to. My legs gave out as I fell into the bed: “I’ve always really wanted to make you cum.”

I giggled as I felt backward onto the bed with a smile. Over four hundred years of lust and love boiled within me: “What stopped you?”

Her horns shimmered into view as did her tail: “You were human.”

My eyes opened wide in understanding. Tera didn’t have to hold back now: “Oh dear God, yesssss …”

I reached up and wrapped my arms around Tera’s neck as my left leg curled around her hip. Our lips met and the sweet cherry taste of her kiss flooded me. Memories of our love making, the pleasures we’d shared, rushed into me just as Tera’s fingers explored my … naked body? I felt flesh on flesh and wondered where my dress went to, then where Tera’s did. The answer was obvious even for my lust-addled brain. Tera was the Queen of the Succubi.

Shut up and enjoy this, brain.

My pussy agreed with that, and soon after my mind took a back seat to my needs. I felt her fingers exploring all of the places that she knew so well. When Tera withdrew from the kiss, she lapped, then took the nipple of my right breast into her mouth and began to suck. My back arched reflexively, my hands twined into her hair as her fingers toyed with my clit at last. Shockwaves of pleasure overwhelmed me, more than anything she’d given to me before. I wanted more and she knew this as I felt her fingers teasing at my womanhood, slipping over and then pushing inside but I didn’t care. I clung to her tightly, humping her fingers and whining in need for her as my heat pressed past just needing sex, needing something more.

My fangs ached to find her flesh. They lengthened, longer and sharper than I could ever remember them being. My tongue danced over the points and I shivered feeling how sharp they were. One bite. Just one. To mark her with a love bite.

“You mustn’t bite me, Amoureux.” She said.

“But I want to.” I moaned out, my fangs shining in the light of the room.

Tera explained as she continued to play with my body, pulling back the pleasure slightly: “You mustn’t, because my power could do things to you. I don’t want to lose you again. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I purred as the pleasure continued to wash over me. “But I want to … Please, Tera … please let me give you my loving mark.”

Tera moved back up my body, her so-green eyes holding my own, not being able to look away from her: “I know … but on my terms, my sweet one. You’ll be …unnnnnnh … more than happy, I promise you.”

My needful whines came between my gasps of delight: “What … ooooooo … What are they? I’ll do anything, I promise!”

Tera licked my lips as her tail wrapped itself around my leg: “First … that promise to make you cum.”

“Oh, fuck.”

We lost ourselves in love for hours and at the end of it, we were wrapped up in each other’s arms. Tera wasn’t kidding.

I’d never cum that hard before, and it was amazing. I was exhausted, running on how amazing the orgasms were and how wonderful it was to be in her arms again. Tera nestled with me, her index finger tracing lazy circles over my navel.

“Let me see your fangs.” Tera said.

I didn’t resist, my lips parting and my fangs fully visible. They hadn’t become any smaller throughout her pleasuring of me, but I think she knew exactly what she was doing and why she was waiting so long for this moment.

What I so dearly wanted.

Tera brushed the finger that had been playing with my navel against one of my razor sharp fangs and pricked it. My eyes widened as I smelt blood, my pupils dilating at the scent. Tera teased me by keeping her finger right above my mouth.

I wanted to lock my lips and suck upon her finger.

The scent called to me, urged me to wrap my lips around her finger and suck … and suck and suck. I started to move closer, but Tera took her hand away, a single drop of blood shimmering on the tip of her pricked finger. She chided me: “No, my Amoureux, you must only take a taste, a drop, nothing more.”

I nodded, accepting her words but not understanding why. She drew her hand back, holding her finger above my tongue. She waited and then just allowed that one drop to fall. The blood fell upon my tongue and my mind shattered from the power. Visions of kneeling at Tera’s feet, of worshipping her, overwhelmed me. My pussy clenched as I imagined all vampires being her slaves, her will overcoming all we were. My mind screamed as the vision showed Tera on a throne, the entire planet her playthings. It was too much power, and just from a single drop. My mind was open to her; she could have done anything to me. Anything she said I’d do without a thought.

I screamed, begging her to.

Her voice was soft, being all that mattered: “Come back to me, Amoureux. You are my equal. You are my love. You are everything to me … The visions are false. You know the truth.”

The change in the vision was another shattering experience. The dark vision vanished, Tera’s love for me washed through me, comforting me. I knew the truth. I knew Tera.

We were equals in love.

That new orgasm was far more mind-shattering than the first one by far. When my mind came back together, I struggled to keep a hold of my senses because of the power that now flowed within me.

I knew Sophia as a succubus and wondered if this would have the same effect on me, what it all meant. Then it all surged once more as Tera licked my clit and I screamed with pleasure beyond that of sex or drinking blood. My body felt as strong as if I had fed … deeply.

No; it was something far more than that. There something deeper inside of me, a ball of power that churned inside, making me gasp and then scream once more. It wanted release, but I just couldn’t quite make it happen. I came down from that high sprawled out on the bed.

“Wha … What the hell was that?” I asked.

Tera smiled softly: “The promise I gave. A taste of me, what I am, the power I am … and something more than that.”

“Confused. Amazingly horny, but confused.”

Tera kissed my cheek: “I’ve missed you so much.”

Nuzzling into her hair I moaned: “Me too.”

Tera was about to explain something when the door opened and I sat up with Tera in surprise. There standing at the door was my mate, my love, Nathan.

The concern in his eyes didn’t mask the pain he was in: “I heard screaming, is everything alright?”

I looked at Tera, she simply smiling as she looked at Nathan: “Well I hope so. Good sex isn’t good without amazing orgasms.”

The answer confused Nathan: “Did I miss something?”

As I regained my senses, still horny as anything, I replied: “No, you didn’t.” That hot ball of power inside of me thrummed and my voice turned sultry: “mmmm … Nooooo … you didn’t.”

“Why do I feel so … ah I can’t find the words for it?” Nathan asked as he stood at the door.

I just smiled, looking at Tera, who waved her hand teasingly and continued to smile at Nathan. My fingers toyed with her hair as I explained: “Nathan, this is Tera. She was my first … everything … when I was human. And before you ask, no she isn’t a vampire. She’s … a succubi: a very powerful succubus.”

Nathan just blinked as Tera rose from the bed, her horns clearly visible in her raven hair and her long red tail arched over her left shoulder. The view I had of her heart-shaped ass was every bit as delicious as the view Nathan was getting, I was sure.

Tera’s walk was mesmerizing as she approached Nathan with a warm smile: “You are the one who makes Bianca happy.” When she was close enough, she cupped his cheek: “Thank you for loving her.”

Nathan replied as he closed his eyes and I watched his facial expression change, the pain and worry seeping away: “She makes me happy.”

She kissed his lips, then licked them with her tongue: “I know.”

A wanton smile was my reward as Tera turned to face me. “Remember I said I gave you something a little bit more?”

I could only nod. My voice was lost; only that need inside mattered.

The succubi’s eyes glowed: “Nathan … please go and lay down on the bed.”

I didn’t move as Nathan found his place there with me. Tera crawled onto the bed with us, then spoke to me: “Amoureux … make him hard for you. I want his cock vibrating in need for you.”

What came over me was an intense need to suck, lick, and stroke Nathan until he was harder than I’d ever seen him before. Tera watched me, occasionally telling me how to toy with him, make his hands clench into the sheets and the needful growl from my love made me ache for him. When our guest told me to mount him, that was the only thing that I cared about. I needed him: my sex sucked him deeper than he’d ever been before. My hands found his shoulders and I started to ride him, screaming in the pleasure, his voice mirroring my own.

Tera purred as we fucked with abandon: “Harder … deeper … more … more …” Her words brought the two of us to fuck harder, more wantonly. My hair thrashed around as I screamed seeking release. One single word from her pushed us both over the edge: “Cum.”

The ball of power within me exploded, washing over both of us as we came, screaming, the windows rattling in their frames. Nathan arched as he came, his seed exploding into me as my sex flooded the sheets at the same time.

Blacking out was a mercy.

I awoke to find Nathan still buried deeply in me, and I smiled. Then I shrieked in realization. He was far too injured for what we did! What had Tera done? I scrambled to free myself of him, needing to look into his eyes.

Nathan, the love of my life … was sleeping. I quickly looked to see what harm I’d done, how many wounds had been opened by me, my hands running over his skin in terror.

But … there weren’t any; not one cut, bruise, blemish; nothing.

“I promised you a gift, Amoureux.”

I turned to see Tera sitting in a chair, completely nude, to the side of the bed. “Tera? What happened?”

Her tail moved slowly behind her: “I’ve given you … a gift: your mate, your love, whole again.”

I started crying, I didn’t know what to say.

Tera traced a finger over her cheek: “I need you to understand this, Bianca. This is truth. Only I can do this. None of the succubi or incubi, save for my Eternal Keith, can do what I did.”

Nathan stirred beside me and I wrapped my arms around him, weeping. My first lover watched us, her eyes sparkling: “I’ve done this exactly twice. I promised you I’d be there if you needed me. You needed me now.”

I didn’t think about what Tera said, exactly, as I hugged my love and crushed my lips to his as he woke up.

Tera watched us, from her chair, and her thoughts fell back to that terrible day so long ago when everything changed. “He was crouched over my sweet Amoureux: a vampire, the bastard. Of all of the humans, he had to claim her. Take her from me. He thought he’d saved himself, but all he did was shift his death to my hands.

My hands took hold of his shoulders and ripped him from her. Spinning, he snarled, lashing out a hand at me before he realized who I was. His strength was nothing compared to my rage. My voice was icy: How dare you.

Realization of who I was came quickly, the horns and tail tended to do that: You!

Why her?

It’s a mistake! I didn’t mean to!

I gathered up his vest in my hands and pulled him to me. I’m sure my black eyes and the legends of what that meant scared the hell out of him. It scares the hell out of me.

I struck him across the face with each word that came, his neck snapping from side to side: She is my Amoureux! My love! Do you understand?

He could only nod when I stopped striking him. He didn’t say a word as I growled in anger: I should kill you. Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t tear you limb from limb and end you.

Most would have pleaded, begged, looked for mercy. I was expecting that.

He surprised me.

The hurt in his eyes was real, the emotion was true: I’m sorry. I …’

Disgusted, I threw him away from me, leaving him in a crumpled mess in the middle of the death around us.

Turning my attention to my sweet dear Bianca I knelt beside her, brushing hair from her eyes, looking at what I’d lost for being foolish. I should have told her everything so much sooner. This never would have happened.

I stroked Bianca’s cheek lightly: You will teach her. She will not be forgotten. You will, I promise you, treat her well.

His answer held truth as well: You have my promise.

I gathered my Amoureux’s broken body in my arms: She has mine.

I looked at him harshly with eyes of black: As do you. I keep my promises. I suggest you do the same.

We left then. No human lived there anymore. None saw what happened.

But I would always remember.

No matter how many centuries passed, she’d never be forgotten.

She watched as I cooed and fussed over Nathan, his expression of confusion clear as he realized that, somehow, he’d been healed, and, putting two and two together, turned to Tera. “Thank you.”

She, as she always did, waved a hand idly: “Just don’t go thinking that this is something I’ll do for a hangnail or something.”

We laughed, still holding each other tightly.

Tera rose from her chair, her tail darting behind her. A moment passed and she kissed Nathan lightly before doing the same with me.

Tera’s wan smile made me ache: “I love you both dearly, but …”

As Tera turned to leave, my hand flew out to take hold of her right wrist and Nathan did the same with her left. I needed to know: “Why are you leaving?”

She spoke plainly: “You have your love whole. That’s what matters.”

I looked at Nathan, but spoke to her: “We owe you.”

“You owe me nothing.”

He shook his head: “Are you always like this?”

Her tail touched his chest: “Yes, as a matter of fact, I am.”

She slipped out of our grasp and walked towards the door. Being vampires, we moved from the bed to the door and blocked her way faster than any human could.

Nathan stood in front of her, his chest pressed against her own, I wrapped my arms around her, spooned against her ass. I kissed into her mane of hair: “Tera … my lady … you give and give and give. Please, just once, let someone give back for all you do.”

Nathan’s hands rested on Tera’s hips: “I’d love to.”

My hands curled around her waist: “We’d love to.”

I could see the look in Nathan’s eyes: that he wanted to kiss her. He looked at me and I nodded with a smile before his lips found Tera’s.

Tera moaned as his lips met hers and my fingers slipped between her legs and toyed lightly here. She didn’t resist as we made our way back across the room, soon entwined there together.

The Queen of the Succubi found herself at the “mercy” of two vampires that had one thing in mind and purred, a gleam in her delightful green eyes: “If … you insist …”

We did and we’d see to it that this succubi knew pleasure until the crack of dawn … maybe longer.