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Something of a rough idea of a poem about being Succubish as a Succubi…

That’s redundant isn’t it?


By TeraS

What ish being Succubish
Ish is the tail?
Ish it the horns?
Ish it something moreish?

A tail alone isn’t Succubish
Part of the allure
Part of the seduction
Part of the image, yes.
But something is missingish.

Horns are needed to be Succubish
To point at
To glisten in the light
To be the sign of what is to come.
But still not allish.

There is the smile
To seduce
To whisper
To tease
Need it to be devilish

The beauty is there too
Not just the outside
Not just the inside
Not only this it is true
All of this is Succubish too.

All that is Succubish
Can’t be placed on a list
Can’t be noted on a tally
Can’t be defined perfectly well
You just are Succubish.

And you do it well.

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