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By TeraS


There are times when the Realm reflects the mood of the Queen herself. Most of the time, really almost all of the time, there is sun above, fine weather, the sort of day when all is right with the world. It seems to offer a hint, in some way, that Tera’s joy in being with others, helping them, sharing herself with them, is being reflected in the warm embrace that the weather gives to those within its lands.

The summer is, as a whole, quite long, and that allows for the joys of being on the beach, the twining of sundry tails, and, of course, all of the fun and games that those of the Realm, and those that know the way in, are able to enjoy. The entire season is warm and pleasant, and the evenings are even more so when even more intimate moments come in the heat of the night.

Then comes the fall. A time of fuzzy sweaters—red, of course, for Tera herself. Perhaps a bit more seductive than the bare skin of the summer, the fall brings enticing teases of what awaits when couples finish with the day, of leaves turning a most particular shade of red that seems to be an echo of the Queen’s own tail, and of retiring to cuddle with some hot chocolate. Autumn also brings the part of the year when the Queen’s powers are at their peak: her hair a bit more ebony, her tail and horns a bit more red, the glimmer in her so-green eyes just that much more captivating. And then comes the Grand Ball of the Realm, where all are welcome to share in the moment when the worlds are closest together, when the joys of a touch, a caress, a kiss, a moan, and a cry of ecstasy are at their peak. It is a time where the Queen joyfully gives of her all, wishing only that there is the joy of the moment for all around her to be shared and captured, bringing inspiration for all.

Following the heat of that moment within the cooler weather of the fall comes the winter, the time of year when the life of the Realm rests. A blanket of snow covers everything, allowing for the Realm to gather the energies of life which sustain. For those of the Realm, there is much time spent being bundled up as they go from place to place, of course. Eventually, all the succubi and incubi are lucky enough to have a certain knitter make them a special tail cozy, there are moans, followed by a race to their Eternals, beloveds, lovers, and so on to have that most needed of itches scratched in just the right way. Besides this, there are evenings spent by the fire, sipping hot chocolate—almost always in the nude, of course. The homes are warm and, as the evening is long, and something simply must be done to pass the time, the windows tend to get fogged over quite quickly, though no one really seems to mind that very much.

For the Queen herself, the winter brings time to consider, to mull over things as she is wont to do. However, as she was gifted with a rather special tail cozy and an attentive Eternal, she rarely finds herself not being occupied in the most passionate and captivating ways. While her Realm sleeps soundly throughout her passions shared, Tera herself rests in-between the moments which serve to rekindle her joys and love to be shared as always with all.

Then spring comes, the Realm waking up once more from the sleep of winter: the first shoots of new life springing from the ground and the sun peeking out from the clouds as they thin away, slowly, over time. As the cold gives way to the warmth returning, there also come the rains. The rain falls here and there, as it does, not caring for where exactly it does so. It brings with it the waters that quench thirst, make the life of the Realm blossom, and more. For some, the rains are seen as being a bother sometimes: a picnic brought to a close too soon, a dash for cover at the last moment. They look out from underneath an umbrella, or an awning, or from indoors to see the rain fall and await the time when the sun returns once more.

For the Queen, the rains reflect two sides of her. Sometimes, when the rains are fiercely falling, the thunder sounds, and the lightning flashes, it is the reflection of her mood at that moment, perhaps a reflection of her remembering something from her past that makes her wistful, or sad. Another time it might be some pain in the tail she is dealing with that is getting to her. Most of the time this tends to be some bureaucrat or other duty that she doesn’t particularly care for, but accepts … in her own way. Though some of these visitors remember to bring an umbrella with them, as it always seems to rain just as they leave her presence, and Tera always seems to softly giggle in amusement as the clouds open on them.

But there are other times, when the rain is falling in a soft mist, drifting from the skies above, when things are different. In these moments, the rain is pleasant, almost soothing as it drifts upon the Realm and those there. Somewhere in the Realm, on these days, someone looking at the right time can find the Queen out in the rain, watching it fall from above. She stands there, holding a red umbrella, waiting. That in itself wouldn’t be odd, almost normal: red jacket, black top, and so on; all quite normal. At least until she lowers the umbrella and, in the split second between being protected by it and her clothing being dampened, she stands there bare to the rains which continue to fall. The mists coat her skin, adding a sheen to her body, the light making that glow a bit more than what one might expect.

Her hair dampens slightly, draping against the skin of her back, over her curves, hiding her form—just slightly, but not too much so. Her horns glint as the rain continues, as does her tail. As her skin gains just a bit more sheen and slickness from the rains, the occasional rivulet of rain collects into a stream that travels down her chest, over her curves. That stream might dip into her navel, tickle over a hip, and then cascade along her thighs. If there is a bit of wind, her body cools, just slightly, goosebumps sparkling over her skin, and, as they do, she licks the moisture from her lips leaving the most interesting smile behind as she enjoys the moment.

In this moment, it is more obvious to those who look that she is connected to the life around her. She feels the joys, the anticipation of the summer to come with its heat, the fall with its power, the winter with its contentment. But over all of this comes the spring and the promise it brings. She tilts her head back, to feel the rains caressing her cheeks, a soft kiss to remind her that she is the promise of her Realm in all things. She embodies and ignites the joy, passion, love, desire, seduction and ecstasy.

The rain may fall at other times, certainly. But, in this moment, she knows that the rain does not simply fall. It uplifts her. It gives her hope for all.

And her hope, like rainfall, sustains all of the souls that she has touched, will touch, and has been touched by, and all the souls those souls touch. Her hope gives life to all creation.