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There are little short stories that I’d like to tell and so …


by TeraS


There are those in the universe who have a rather warped idea of who Tera is exactly.

They believe she is evil, which she isn’t.

They expect her to do whatever they want her to if they summon her, which she won’t—depending on her mood, more than anything else, she might entertain their request, but never a demand.

Moreover, there are some things that Tera won’t do simply because they aren’t the right thing to do. That does not, however, mean that she cannot teach someone a lesson.

That, more than anything, is something that she does enjoy …

“No. I simply will not.”

“I summoned you! Just do it! It’s what your kind does!”

This exchange of views was, at that moment, being held between a certain Queen of the Succubi—who was standing with her arms crossed over her chest, a thin smile on her lips, and her tail peeking around her side past the long red latex jacket she was wearing—and the other person in the room with her—a blonde, who had all the makings of being a cheerleader, short skirt and all. The latter thought she had the means for her revenge …

Tera raised one eyebrow slightly: “Actually, no; my kind does not. You’ve been played for a fool, just so you know. I will not do as you ask. Deal with it and move on … or I will.”

She watched the blonde, who moments before had given her name as Buffy—and yes, Tera did have to stifle a giggle at that—as she started pulling on her hair in frustration. “Look, I want revenge, you can give it to me. So, what’s it going to cost?”

That eyebrow raised a little higher as Tera replied: “So we’re moving away from the whole ‘suck their souls out’ thing and moving onto something a little more realistic, then?”

“Yes … Fine.”

Tera shifted her stance slightly as she narrowed her eyes: “Have you any idea at all what you would like, or are you leaving that up to me?”

“Do whatever you want. I don’t care. I just want to get even with them.”

Tera looked at the circle below her and then simply crossed over it as she walked up to Buffy: “First things first: the only reason I appeared was because you were quite willing to go summon things that would likely eat you first. Lucky you, you picked me instead. So …” The succubi plucked the book from Buffy’s now shaking hands, putting it into one of her jacket pockets as she did so: “… I’m taking this.”

The look in the cheerleader’s eyes made it quite clear that she was frightened now, and coming to realize that she never actually had the Queen of the Succubi in her control. Still, she tried to put on a brave front as she answered: “Just give me my revenge.”

Tera walked around her, stopping to lean in and whisper in her right ear: “You know … revenge is such a petty thing. Why not do something more … interesting?”

Whether it was the whispering purr, the closeness of having the Queen of the Succubi next to her, or the little flutter in her clit from Tera’s innuendo that sent a shiver through the blonde’s body, she somehow managed to swallow her moan and ask: “Like … what?”

Tera stroked a fingertip over Buffy’s cheek, mulling as she did: “How about changing you, rather than changing them?”

The suggestion should have caused her to startle, to snap out of her focus on her clit—which was at that moment quivering and holding most of her attention—but it didn’t. Instead she managed to reply: “Ummmm … bu-bu-but … n-n-n-not about me … It’s about … them.”

Tapping that finger, Tera purred: “Of course it is. But you are such a delicious morsel that all it would take are a few little nudges here and there and you could be so much hotter than all of them. Wouldn’t it make you so wet if they all wanted you so badly?”

The thought of all of those that she hated needing her did have a certain appeal to it, and if she was the hottest of all of them, then she would have a kind of revenge on them. She imagined being fondled by them all, their hands stroking over her skin, and she moaned out: “Oh gawd yessss ….”

Tera moved behind her, then pressed herself against Buffy’s back, her tail wrapping around Buffy’s legs, and then cupped the blondes’s cleavage in her hands. “You sound like a needy little pet when you get all hot and bothered.”

There was a moment’s pause and then Buffy felt something cool touch the nape of her neck and then, almost like water, circle around before settling in so comfortably. A thought started to form, that something wasn’t right, but that soon went spiralling away, lost as her body started to ache, and her attention went to the red-tail’s light touches on her skin.

“All good pets are obedient. You are a good pet, aren’t you? You want to obey your Mistress in all things, isn’t that right?”

The shift in her thoughts, the loss of her will, the need to listen, to obey, to be whatever Mistress told her to be, was so sudden that what she had been before was dust on the wind, forgotten, immaterial.

Tera’s voice turned slightly insistent, controlling now: “A proper pet has a ponytail. She only needs to wear her collar and her heels. She is wet, needy, willing to obey with all that she is every moment.”

The collar that had formed glowed and a band of magic spread out over pet’s body. Bit by bit, her clothing evaporated, her hair altered, her shoes turning into what could only be described as those worn by porn stars. Now bare to Tera’s ministrations, she gasped in pleasure as Tera’s tongue licked against pet’s ear and she continued: “Isn’t this wonderful, pet? You can serve, await the pleasure on your knees, and obey whoever wishes to have you.”

Pet dropped to her knees, arching her back to thrust out her cleavage for all to see, as a whimpering moan begged for her Mistress to command her, to give her purpose.

The Queen returned to stroking pet’s cheek as she mused: “Now, I should leave you like this, a wanton little pleasure toy to be found and used in all of the ways that you are thinking of right now …”

Pet thought this was wonderful, her thoughts filled with submitting to others, obeying them, being anything and everything they wanted her to be …

… right up until the moment that the collar evaporated and she became herself once more.

Startled, Buffy scrambled away from Tera, frightened of what she had done and how quickly it had happened. She looked at herself, fearing that she would see herself naked, changed, a mindless pet.

But she wasn’t. She looked exactly as she always did. Staring at the brunette from where she was, Buffy watched as Tera walked across the room, her heels clicking as she did so.

“How interesting. In spite of all of your bravado, the front you put up, you are a little submissive thing, aren’t you?”

“No! You’re wrong!”

Stopping a short distance away, Tera tilted her head to the left and smiled sadly: “No, I’m not. See, the thing is you can’t hide your desires from me. I know exactly what you like, what makes you hot, what you dream about and need.”

She didn’t answer. If Tera knew all about her, then she knew the truth: that what she wanted was to get back at the others, all of them, for every single thing they had done when she had given herself to them.

Tera shook her head: “Not every domme is mean, nasty, or worse. There are some, rare as they are, who love, care and protect those that are theirs. You, my dear … your trust was misused, taken, and then you were cast aside.”

Buffy didn’t need to hear this, didn’t want to at all and put her hands over her ears, shaking her head and starting to cry softly. She heard Tera come close, place herself beside her, and then she found herself in Tera’s arms.

Tera just held her for a while, letting Buffy cry herself out. When the sobbing was done, when she could speak again, she whispered: “They said I was worthless.”

Tera sighed: “They do that. It is the only weapon they have. They take out of you your worth, give you nothing and then laugh to themselves over that. It’s wrong, and they are not worthy of you.”

Looking at Tera in surprise, she asked: “They said I wasn’t worthy to be theirs.”

Tera nodded: “Of course they did. But that means you don’t belong to them anymore. You can do anything you want now, be anything you want. They have no say in things.”

“Why … Why did you change me?”

Tera flicked her hand to the side and the collar that had been fastened around Buffy was in her hand. She looked at the silver of it, the light glinting off of it as she explained: “I wanted you to see what might be. It doesn’t have to be.”

Tera tossed the collar into the air and it vanished into a puff of smoke. Giving a light hug, she continued: “You are better than that. You are more than that. You are whatever you choose to be.”

Buffy fidgeted with her hands: “How?”

Tera smiled: “You start by deciding to say ‘no.’”

“What if … I want to say ‘yes’?”

Tera’s smile became warmer: “Then … ‘yes’ it is.”

The following morning, a changed Buffy walked down the hall. Her head held high, her gaze clear and strong. The observant would notice her hair was in a ponytail, she looked confident, and a red collar adorned her.

However, some are not that observant. At one point she was stopped by one of those that had done her wrong. He tried to command her, to belittle her.

She smiled, remembering what Tera had told her: “No.” And then she walked on, leaving them all in her wake, forgotten. They would never know what they had lost, but she knew what she had gained …

… a Mistress that loved her, believed in her, and was with her, always …

The lesson learned?

Free will means you can choose wrong sometimes, but you can always make better choices, too.

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