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By TeraS


New Year’s Eve in the Realm is much like you would expect just about anywhere. There are the crowds milling about, scattered among the plazas to be found. Of course, some of those gatherings involve the use of tails in a most interesting fashion, or the occasional orgy of succubi, incubi, or both—along with assorted others in multiple combinations—having their last, and then, their first, pleasures of the year.

For Tera, the night is about dancing. One very special dance which begins one minute before the clock strikes twelve. But we are getting ahead of ourselves a bit.

As the last year faded, in the hours before the clock struck twelve, she was in the midst of putting together her outfit for this year’s dance. It was about the time when her hand was just brushing against the material of the one she had chosen when there was a knock at the door: “Your Majes- … ummm …. I mean, Tera? I have an invitation for you.”

Leaving her decision behind for the moment, the red-tailed brunette looked over her shoulder, a quizzical expression her lips as she did so: “Hello, Miriam … You look rather fetching … I’m rather pleased.”

The strawberry blonde, the brightest yellow tail in countless generations, fidgeted about in her red dress, blushing at the compliment: “Well … I mean …”

Tera took the invitation as Miriam stumbled about with her answer. After reading, her tail moved slowly behind her, the card finding a place between her red lips as she considered. Then those lips smiled a slightly wicked smile, which caused a shiver to run up Miriam’s tail.

“Would you mind looking after this, please?”

“I can’t do that. I’m just a …”

“No, You aren’t. There is no such thing as ‘just’ a librarian, and, in any event, you are much more than a librarian, my dear. You and Irving are a lovely couple, and you are the ones to call the New Year into being by helping the ball drop. It will be wonderful for you both.”

“But, it’s for you.” There were times when, try as she might to respect the Head Librarian’s desire for informality, one could tell that Miriam yearned to say, “Your Majesty.”

Oddly enough, the Queen didn’t seem to notice—there wasn’t even a sign of the polite smirk she often had when Miriam attempted familiarity—but was idly humming to herself until she said, “Actually, the note asks for someone special, someone … What was it? … Oh yes, someone with an exceptionally bright tail. Were you trying to get out of doing something, Miriam?”

The answer was the nibbling of a lip and a tail that drooped slightly.

Tera crossed over to Miriam and gave her a hug, which, for Miriam was slightly unforgettable, as Tera hadn’t bothered to put anything on. The strawberry blonde bloomed into a full-blown blush as her Sovereign pulled her, close, their forms meshing and their tails entwining as she whispered warmly into the yellow-tail’s ear: “I have a tradition on this night. I know you and Irving don’t have one as yet. Think of this as the start of something new for both of you.”

“But …”

The special-collections librarian was rendered speechless as the red-tail nibbled the ear into which she had just whispered. There was a pair of freckled knees getting very weak and a red dress pooled on the floor as the whispers resumed: “‘But’ nothing. You are perfect. That tail of yours will sparkle under the fireworks, and you’ll have a wonderful time.”

The young yellow-tail was breathless, and her head was spinning as she found herself being sensuously danced around the Royal bedchamber: “Really, I … I just … just wanted to … to do n-n-n-nothing. I mean, we’d both be …,” there was a sigh, “ … okay with just being at home.”

Tera dipped her companion deeply: “I know you won’t believe it, but I didn’t want to go out on New Year’s Eve either, not for a very long time. Now it kind of puts me in a … mood.”

The yellow-tail took the invitation back, catching her breath enough to say, “Y-Yes. That much is … obvious. What changed your mind?“

The answer, as the dance ended, was a smile, a kiss on Miriam’s lips, and a tap on her nose: “You’ll see. Go on, have fun, and make sure you hug Irving tight, please?”

After Miriam dressed herself and left, Tera returned to slipping on her own slinky silver dress, the back very low to accommodate her tail, and to framing her mane of ebon hair in just the right way. A pair of strappy silver heels found their way to where they belonged for this night. She needed to look just right, for this night, this moment, was one that was always special.

A short time later, there was the sound of heels clicking in the Great Hall of the Realm. There were no other sounds: not one voice in celebration, not one yell of excitement to be heard. The hall was shrouded in shadow, save for the light of a full moon that cast a spotlight in the middle of the space.

From the shadows came two Eternals, one in silver, the other in black, both with red horns and tails. They crossed the moonlit space, coming towards each other, entering into a quiet embrace. An observer would think there was no music to be heard, for their music was that which they had heard within themselves … eternally.

“Wasn’t there just a full moon last week?” the incubi inquired.

“What can I say? I’m in a mood,” the succubi winked.

“Excellent …”

As the clocks came closer to midnight, these two did not pay them any heed. Elsewhere, a bright yellow-tail and her blue-tailed Eternal were counting down the moments to the beginning of the year, shuffling about in each other’s arms.

As the moment came, and the clocks struck twelve, the dances paused, the kisses came … but the ball, instead of dropping down the pole into the plaza, burst into a cascade of multi-colored sparkles. Everyone was quite surprised, but also delighted … and then the moment passed on.

Two lovers briefly paused in their shuffling and kissing as the blue-tailed incubi inquired, “Was that supposed to happen?”

“What can I say? I’m in a mood,” the yellow-tailed succubi winked.

“Ummmm … excellent!” Maybe this needed to become a tradition.

One might think that the dance might end one minute afterwards, but they would be wrong.

For Eternals, the dance is ever more.