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Lesson Plans

Sometimes there is a comment made that, for me, tickles a story that needs to come out and play. A short time ago, such a comment was made and it nurtured the idea of Tera being a teacher to a new member of the succubi … But that, of course, means there has to be …


Lesson Plans
Part One
By TeraS
For Adelle


In the Realm, there are, on occasion, some succubi and incubi that need a bit of … let’s call it extra tutoring in becoming who they are becoming. One does not simply snap one’s fingers and become, after all. While they will have horns and tails upon their “becoming,” not all of them have the self-control needed within themselves. Or they might need a little encouragement to be all they can possibly be.

Or, sometimes, the problem isn’t what they can’t do, but rather what they could.

One of these was Adelle. She had, quite a short time before, accepted Tera’s offer to enter the Realm. She was a black tail, which meant she was quite dominant in her personality and appearance, but it meant more than that. Adelle loved to wear black, usually preferring leather corsets and skirts. High heels were her favourite, though she did, on occasion, wear a particular pair of thigh high leather boots that did wonders for her legs. Amongst all of the black, her blue hair was a river that cascaded over her shoulders and back, a striking contrast to the dominant black she presented. Piercing blue eyes, almost the same shade as her hair, were quite captivating to those that, whether knowing or unknowing, fell into her clutches and became intimate with her. The corsets she loved hugged her curves, drawing attention to her ample shape. She was, in every way, as the saying goes, “stacked.” Her pale skin, awash in the black, meant her cleavage was amplified well beyond her natural D-cups.

She had everything going for her, to be quite an impressive Mistress of the Succubi… except for one thing she couldn’t manage. Having not been able to work things out on her own, Adelle found herself needing some tutoring. There was only one person that could possibly help: Tera, the Queen herself.

And that was the first problem. Adelle really didn’t want to ask for help at all, being as proud as she was, being an imposing personality, being that she was strong, capable, and willful, she especially didn’t want to appear to Tera admitting: “I need some help.” Asking for help, even if it was the best thing to do, and would be the answer to her problems, would mean admitting she was weak and admitting that to Tera … well … that bothered her a lot.

Tera wasn’t weak. She was the Queen. More importantly, in Adelle’s eyes, Tera was everything that she aspired to be. Tera was, if Adelle was being honest to herself, the only person that she would even think of submitting to. Because Tera was … well … Tera.

And that was the second problem. Adelle knew that she would have to submit to Tera’s wishes, whiles, and more to learn what she needed to. While she was part of the Realm, she also knew that Tera didn’t push Adelle one way or the other. She had allowed Adelle to discover herself, to learn as she wanted to, mistakes and all. Now she would have to ask Tera to take her by the hand and guide her though this minefield she found herself in.

Adelle was mulling all of this over when she quite literally bumped into Tera …

… carrying a takeout cup of hot chocolate …

… and spilling it all over the sidewalk when Adelle walked straight into her.

Adelle found herself looking into Tera’s so-green eyes and not being able to look away. The emerald depths called out to her, making her ache to be held by them. Her breath caught as Tera’s particular scent—that of cherries—tickled her nose and made her sex flutter as she remembered an earlier encounter …

“Adelle … look over here, sweetheart.”

It was mere moments after Adelle had surfaced from the Lake of Fire, the waters clinging to her curves, dripping from her bosom and hair. She caught Tera’s voice calling out to her and looked towards the shoreline where Tera awaited her. She had been attracted to Tera before; really, that first chaste kiss they had shared when they had met sealed Adelle’s fate. Now, transformed by the ceremony she had freely accepted, her connection to Tera’s power made her ache. She felt her tail moving in the waters behind her, felt her horns throbbing to each of Tera’s words. She drew her tongue over her lips, a needful little whine escaping her lips.

“Adelle … come to me …”

For an instant, her confused mind thought that Tera said ‘cum,’ and the heat in her core flared at the thought … of being entwined with Tera, curve to curve, lips touching, tongues entwined… skin hot against skin. Rational thought was the last thing on her mind. The only thing that mattered was to draw closer to Tera’s lovely, sensual voice—to walk, crawl, run, whatever. Just to be able to touch her would be bliss. To feel Tera’s fingers raking over her skin in passion. To give herself … anything …

Her vision cleared as the waters of the lake dripped away from her eyes and that heat burned even brighter now.

There are very few things more alluring than Tera in the nude, her arms open in love, waiting, offering her devotion and passion. Adelle wept at the emotions she could feel now, never knowing before how much Tera loved her, accepted her, would do anything for her. When Tera crooked a finger to attract Adelle, she started to walk through the surf to the red-tailed brunette, hands playing over her curves, toying with her navel, tracing patterns over her thighs. She was biting her lips, the need within growing more and more with every step she took. The waters could not dampen her heat and, as Adelle made her way out of the Lake, she paused on the edge of the shoreline, looking at her Queen.

“Welcome home, Adelle … I’ve been waiting for you.”

The tears came now with the heat, Adelle falling weakly into Tera’s arms. Sobbing at the love, the acceptance that resonated within her, Her Majesty’s body pressed against her own, the Queen’s own heat warming Adelle, calming her aching need within, changing it from a rolling boil to a steady simmer, one that would never quite fade away within her. There were hot little butterfly kisses against her cheek as Tera whispered everything was fine, there was nothing to fear, she was safe now in her arms: “Shhhh … It’s okay … I’ll look after you.”

That was the first lesson Adelle learned: Tera would never leave her, never judge her, always love her … forever …

Adelle came out of her memories as Tera asked: “Are you alright?”

Of course, her Queen was there, as she always was: long red jacket, ankle boots, black pants and bandeau top, the singular thing that could always be counted on. Tera was always there when she was needed.

Adelle’s whisper, to her, was almost a shout: “I need you, Tera, please. Help me!”

Tera’s embrace, with the stroking of fingers against Adelle’s cheek, brought something that Adelle hadn’t been able to find herself: calm acceptance of herself and her needs.

“Of course, sweetheart … Tell me: how can I help?”

Lesson one: Tera loved you.


Lesson Plans
Part Two
By TeraS
For Adelle


Sexuality is. Passions are. For those of the Realm, the concept of being sexual is as much of who they are as it is the need to breathe. But sexuality by itself is only part of the equation. The other part comes from the passions brought to each encounter. It isn’t simply a matter of ‘doing,’ as one might think. Sex by itself is … a bit bland, really. It is a means to an end, the base need within every succubi or incubi. They could, and some do, ensnare souls, have—or take—what they need, and then move on to the next soul and start the process all over again.

But that isn’t living. That is existing … which is where Adelle found herself. The first lesson Tera taught was that she loved—period; full stop. There were no conditions on that point, there was no need to offer something in return. Tera didn’t love in the hope of gaining something from that love. She loved … because. There was no need to have a reason.

Again Tera asked Adelle: “What’s wrong, sweetheart? Talk to me, please.”

She couldn’t put into words what she needed, exactly, because Adelle couldn’t quite put her finger on what her problem was. No, that wasn’t exactly true: she knew what the problem was, she just didn’t want to admit to it.

Tera’s wan smile as she waited for Adelle to marshal her thoughts rekindled another memory in the novice succubi.

There is a place in the Realm where new succubi and incubi come to learn of their needs. Much of the time, elder succubi or incubi are there to help them to gain control, to find what pleases them most, what they require to fill the aching need they have within. Sometimes, however, they cannot help in the search for fulfillment among some of those seeking it.

At the time, Adelle was confused as to why she couldn’t find her way. She had been with, at least she thought, every single succubi or incubi that had matured, found their ways and learned their paths. She had lapped, sucked, rode, and played with so many of them they had become somewhat of a blur in her thoughts.

On one particular morning, she had found a silver card by her beside: a request that she attend to the place, as she had every morning before. But there was a special note added this time, and it made Adelle raise her eyebrows, and then rush off to the mall to do some shopping.

The walk from the mall was possibly the hottest thing that Adelle had done. It wasn’t the walk itself that made her nethers flutter and dampen with lust. No, it was all of the looks she was getting from everyone she was passing. After all, a well-endowed, black-tailed succubi, her blue hair done up in two long pigtails that swished around her as she walked, was an attention getter, to say the least. The horn-rimmed glasses, addong a bit of a nerdy look, was another. But it was the over-sexualized schoolgirl outfit that really turned a lot of heads, making a few of their owners walk into walls and lamp poles.

Adelle was trying to keep things together as best she could, but that wasn’t the simplest thing. She didn’t have a choice about what she was wearing, after all. The note was very specific. She wore a short-sleeve, button-down white shirt, tied in a knot in the front, exposing her tummy. The lace, black bra underneath was the same colour as her tail and horns; she had made sure that the one she picked was going to make her cleavage look more than delicious—it was going to simply be temptation itself. Every so often, her hands found their way to the hem of her far-too-short-to-be-legal plaid skirt, trying to tug it down a little bit, so that not quite so much of her lovely ass showed, or so too much of a step wouldn’t flash her black panties to everyone that was staring … not that her drooling pussy minded very much, thank you. Her thigh-high white stockings and black kitten heels gave little doubt that she was a very naughty schoolgirl, and the thought of that made Adelle lick her lips and smile. Being naughty made her hot, and Adelle knew that she looked yummy enough to eat. If she was honest with herself, she hoped that whomever she was going to see would … teach her.

Arriving at the place the card summoned her to, Adelle opened the door and found herself in a classroom; perhaps a bit expected, perhaps a bit stereotypical. The room was quite small, really, there being only one desk for a student, one for the teacher, a blackboard at the front of the room, and then, of course, the little touches that only a classroom that existed in a world of sexual creatures would have. This was, after all, a world of erotic exploration and knowledge, so the collection of various sex toys, bottles of lube, a vast number of books on every sexual position and method one could, or could not, imagine, wasn’t a shock.

Closing the door, Adelle wandered about the room, looking at things and wondering, again, who her teacher would be. She was toying with a particularly interesting vibrator when the door opened and Adelle heard the clicking of heels on the hardwood floor. Still playing with the vibe, Adelle turned towards the sounds, expecting to see just another succubi or incubi. What she saw made her gasp and drop the vibrator to the floor where it clattered, forgotten as Adelle’s sex flared in heat and she moaned.

The teacher was Tera, and Adelle couldn’t help the whimper of lust.

Tera had never, not once, looked imposing. She was all smiles, dressed in a way that just looked right for her, and, if Adelle was truthful to herself, she adored Tera being able to do so.

Then there was this time.

Tera peered at Adelle through her glasses with thin black frames, a wan smile on her lips: “Adelle.”

The black-tail was frozen like a deer caught in headlights. The tone of voice the red-tail used was one that snaked its way deep into Adelle, crooking its finger against her clit and making it thrum.

The image that Adelle faced was Tera, her hair in a ponytail, her horns quite prominent against what was, for Tera, a quite unexpected hairstyle. The headmistress look, in black, made Adelle melt.

Tera looking severe and strict was a turn on.

Tera pointing a finger to the floor made the bluenette’s knees weak.

Adelle’s sex flared in want as she sank to the floor, head bowed, hands clasped right above her needy, wet, throbbing sex.

“You’ve been a naughty girl, Adelle.”

Nibbling her lips almost hard enough to taste blood, Adelle whimpered: “Yes, Ma’am.”

She could only look down as Tera came closer, her sensible shoes belying the reality that just above them were a pair of deep black hose, attached to garters. Adelle couldn’t help but wonder what colour Tera’s panties were.

“Black, just like my lace bra.”

Adelle had forgotten that Tera could read her thoughts, and all that did was make her pussy drip as she realized that she had been daydreaming about this. Her need, her fantasy, her want, her passion … was Tera dominating her. Not in a cruel way, but as a teacher to a student—a student aching for a firm hand to guide her.

A hand that was caressing her cheek, then trailing its way along her chin before drawing its way along the nape of her neck. “Naughty girls like you need to be taught a lesson, Adelle.”

A hand that teased over Adelle’s cleavage, pinching one nipple, making her gasp and arch in delight. “We’ll start with something … simple.”

The hand left, then Tera walked away. Adelle managed to keep looking at the floor as Tera walked to the head of the classroom. She heard a chair being moved, then all was quiet again.

“Look up, Adelle.”

When she did, Adelle’s breath caught. Tera was perched, not on a chair, but a throne. Nothing else had changed, Tera still looked like a schoolmistress, they were still in the classroom. But Adelle knew that Tera was teaching her a needed lesson.

Crooking a finger, Tera motioned Adelle to come to her: “Come here.”

It was one of the hottest things Adelle could remember. That short distance she managed on her hands and knees, her eyes held by her Queen’s finger playing with the hem of her leather skirt. The scent of cherries was … divine. Driven by her passions, the younger succubi was nuzzling unrestrained against her Domme’s hosiery, running her hands along the garters, pausing as she felt the brunette’s black lace panties against her fingertips. Being allowed to kiss and lick, to taste, to swim in the bliss of pleasuring the Queen herself was making her cum. She was whining in pleasure as Tera wound her hands around Adelle’s pigtails to hold her in place, submitting to Tera’s pleasures and, in doing so, finding her own moment of bliss, giving herself up to Tera’s firm hand.

This was the second lesson that Adelle learned. Tera knew you better than you knew yourself. She would, if given the chance, show you ecstasy unimagined. The touch of the Queen was bliss, given for the pleasure you wanted and desired.

In the present, Tera was still smiling wanly: “Penny for your thoughts, sweetheart?”

Adelle’s reply out of her memory was somewhere between a moan and an orgasm.

Lesson Two: Tera was passion.

The next lesson would take a leap of faith, and trust, as well …


Lesson Plans
Part Three
By TeraS
For Adelle


Individuals from the Realm are sexual beings, there is no question about that. But sex alone, no matter how passionate, thrilling or breathtaking, cannot fulfill all they are. Some—like a particular yellow tail, the brightest seen in centuries—happen to love books. Others, like a certain blue tail, love tending to their gardens. Then there’s that one specific red tail with ebony hair who has a thing about learning about one specific thing that she mulls over in her thoughts and discusses with every soul she encounters.

That might sound a bit vague, but, when one realizes that soul happens to be Tera, things become a little bit clearer. The definition of what that thing is, however, probably isn’t what you might ever imagine.

At that moment, Adelle really wasn’t thinking much of anything. Her Queen had asked, several times, how she could help, what was wrong, if there was something she could do to make things better. Being awash in her thoughts, and, if she had the presence of mind to realize, more than slightly overwhelmed by them, not to mention awed in Tera’s presence, Adelle didn’t resist when the red tail wrapped an arm about her. Adelle nibbled her lip at being so close to her idol again. The red tail wrapping about Adelle’s hips brought a blissful little sigh of pleasure.

She didn’t quite catch what Tera was saying, though she did manage to settle into the chair that Her Majesty guided her to. There was a little ache, a tingle that fluttered through her soul as the green-eyed beauty held her hand, gazed into her blue eyes. The fantasies came, the second lesson once more making itself known.

Tera’s passion for those she loved was infinite. Her passion was a many-splendored thing, without limits, without concern. Passion and love simply were. The offer was for always and always would be so.

Adelle felt her Queen’s hand slip away, the touch ebbing away. It took a little while to find her bearings again, and, when she did, Adelle found herself seated at an outdoor patio … alone. She looked about, slightly confused. Tera had been there, hadn’t she? There was a little bit of loss that nibbled at her soul; the thought that maybe Tera hadn’t been there was troubling.

A slim hand, tipped with red nails, appeared from one side, placing a mug on the table, the aroma of hot chocolate with an undercurrent of cherries mixed in filled the air. “Here, you look like you need this.”

As Tera settled into her own chair at the table, Adelle cupped her hands about the mug, her thoughts crashing into her memories. The bluenette beauty loved being one of the succubi. The sex was amazing. The Realm was, if not her playground, then certainly overflowing with a myriad of things to keep her amused and occupied. Her days were filled with excitement and discovery.

But why wasn’t she really happy?

That question had brought her to see Tera. The first place she looked was at the Palace, because, obviously, the Queen would be there.

When she asked to see Tera, however, the two guardians at the gates replied that Her Majesty wasn’t at the Palace that day. They mentioned that she was off on an errand for a dear friend—at least, that’s what Adelle thought they said. It was a bit difficult to think considering how delicious these two specimens of Realm incubi and succubi appeared. The comment that she might have better luck at the Realm Library seemed odd, but Adelle went on her way to investigate. As she approached, she remembered that Tera was the Head Librarian, which she found both perplexing and confusing. Tera was the Queen, so why would she be a librarian as well?

The question swirled in her thoughts right up to the point when she bumped into a yellow-tailed succubi, one with the brightest yellow tail Adelle had ever seen. Her name was Miriam; she was the cutest thing Adelle had seen by far, and she introduced herself as the Assistant Librarian to Her Majesty. Adelle had to admit that she was slightly surprised about that, but brushed the thought aside to ask if Tera was present.

Miriam explained that the Queen had been there, a bit earlier, browsing the library. Sadly, Adelle had just missed her.

Adelle’s thoughts were mulling over where to look next, and she missed Miriam commenting that, when she asked what Tera needed, the answer was: “Something for a friend.”

Seeing that Adelle looked a bit lost, Miriam offered that she might want to have a look for the red tail at home: “Really it’s her favourite place of all, you know.”

And so it was that Adelle found herself standing at the foot of a path that led to a simple red brick home, an odd fence to one side, with the gate open. Sitting there on the front porch was Tera … of course.

A wave of greeting and Adelle soon found herself hugged, then asked how she was. It was one of the things about Tera: she never really talked about herself, it was always the one that came looking for her that mattered most.

Settling her guest into a comfortable chair, the Queen handed her a mug of hot chocolate, which Adelle took gratefully. Then Tera simply … waited.

It was some time before Adelle spoke: “I’m … a bit lost.”

“You’re not lost.”

“Okay, then how about I lack direction?”

“I’ve always thought that taking a right turn at Albuquerque generally gets you where you are going.”

A long sip was followed with: “Tell me something, Tera: is your hobby coming up with catch phrases?”

Tera’s so-green eyes twinkled with mirth: “Oh, that’s my second hobby. My first is helping souls find what they are looking for.”

With that, Tera reached behind her and then offered Adelle a leather-bound book: “Here, you look like you need this.”

The book was old—dearly old—so old that Adelle feared the cover would crack and the pages would fall out if she wasn’t careful. Gingerly putting the book down, she looked at her mentor oddly: “What is it?”

“Let me tell you a story.”

“Do I need more to drink?”

Tera laughed: “Oh, no: you’ll be fine with what you have. You might need a stronger drink after, but that’s your problem, not mine.”

Shaking her head, Adelle continued to sip at her mug, her eyes flickering between Tera and the book.

“The Realm has many different souls. Each one has her own path, his own destiny. They live and learn, love and discover. Not all of the paths are simple. There are some that are dangerous, some covered with mistakes made or chances not taken.”

Adelle reflected on this truth. She could see her own life, her own wants and needs. How things she’d thought impossible for someone like her, were possible if she only tried.

“Once upon a time there was a certain soul that loved magic. She thought the magician shows were captivating, that their feats of magic were real, even if they were mainly just slight-of-hand tricks or very special illusions.”

Adelle had a small smile as Tera continued: “She tried to find magic in her world. To touch the mysteries of magic, to feel them caress over her hands, tickle over her skin. She learned, she became familiar with magic, with what it offered. But magic and this soul didn’t quite get along well.”

The smile waned a bit, just slightly: “Then, one day, this soul met a certain soul with green eyes that offered her something that wasn’t magic … but it was … magical.”

Adelle shook her head, recalling the moment when Tera had walked into her life. Tera did have a way, in a few words, to say more than most could. It was … magical.

“The soul admitted that she wanted to be a sorceress, that it was her dream.” Tera tapped the cover of the book with one finger: “You’ve lost that dream, Adelle. You’ve been sidetracked a little, much of that being my fault, I think.”

Shifting in her chair, Adelle replied with a sly smile: “I think I’ve lost count of the orgasms.”

“Really? I must be losing my touch.”

“Oh, heck no!”

The red-tail smiled, then nodded at the book: “Once, a very long time ago, there was one of the succubi that devoted herself to magic. She became a sorceress, a powerful one. Few could match her power. She melded the power of magic and the power of the succubi. She was … special.

The wistfulness in that single word made Adelle’s tail curl about her calf and squeeze.

“If you want, her book is yours.”

“I thought you were talking about me?”

Tera just smiled: “Who says I wasn’t?”

The memory faded, and Adelle found herself looking at Tera: “Sorry. My mind was wandering.”

The brunette had that bemused smile again: “It happens. Was it a good memory?”

Adelle thought about the book, how it wasn’t old and worn anymore. But then, neither was she. Tera had given her something to strive for, to be more than she was. Her Queen had offered the chance to be more, so much more.

“Yes. They all are.”

Lesson Three: Tera offered possibilities.

The next lesson was the one that Adelle needed to teach herself.


Lesson Plans
Part Four
By TeraS
For Adelle


With all that Tera offers, with all of the moments she gives of herself, there are some things even she cannot do. Every soul has a right to choose what they will do: to make the decision to turn left or right; to pick Jello or RediWhip, latex or leather, tea or cocoa. Some of the choices don’t seem all that important at the moment they happen, but some are clearly very much so. The choice to accept Tera’s love is one. To understand that she will be there always is another. To know that she will support your choices is yet another.

The fourth is somewhat more circumstantial. It is the choice itself.

Adelle was looking into her mug, trying to read the tea leaves. That in itself was a problem as she wasn’t drinking tea. In truth, she was stalling for time, hoping that Tera might have to go somewhere, be with someone else.

Tera wasn’t leaving.

She remained there, waiting patiently for Adelle. She didn’t look at the time, didn’t at any point divert her attention to someone else in the Realm passing by. That’s not to say Tera wasn’t polite, as she was, when someone called out her name in passing.

Adelle listened to Tera, a bit perplexed at how she could be so open, so giving, so able to do so.


Tera’s soft voice shook Adelle from her thoughts and she looked into Tera’s so-green eyes.

“Is that the problem, Adelle?”

Adelle shrugged, knowing that Tera had heard her thoughts: “I … just don’t get it.”

Tera cupped a hand over Adelle’s own as it held onto the mug: “You aren’t me, and I’m not you.”

The words pulled at another memory, one from not so long ago.

The book that Tera had gifted her with was amazing. Adelle understood that, being one of the succubi, she could do quite a lot of magic, though much of it was based on sexual need, fantasies, desires, and so on. Learning that magic wasn’t too bad, even if she needed a lot of extra tutoring. Tera gave her lots and lots of that. Still, the thing that Adelle wanted was to do more, to be more. Having learned that there wasn’t a sorceress in the Realm, certainly not one that was one of the succubi, drove her. That drive meant, on several occasions, the Realm Fire Department were called out to put out various fires and other things which shall remain nameless but are the things of gossip and legend in some of the more naughty parts of the Realm.

Adelle was painting over the wall which had been scorched in her last magic attempt, her hair a mess, her clothes, jeans, and a white tank top covered in blue paint.

Painting was not her strong suit.

She was in the midst of wiping her cheek with the back of her hand, leaving a smear of blue there, when there was a knock at her door. Putting the brush down, she opened the door, assuming it was either a hunky firefighter or a cute sexy one coming to ‘check on her,’ as they were want to do. “Everything’s fine! I …”

She instead found Tera standing there, a warm smile playing on her lips: “… was attacked by a can of blue paint?”

Adelle sighed: “Hi, Tera … Come on in.”

Tera looked around as she did so, noting the organized mess that things were at the moment: “Been busy, I see.”

Adelle nodded, walking back into the room where she had been painting. She didn’t mind that Tera was visiting, she cared more that the place was a mess. Her Queen didn’t like messes.

The red-tail asked: “How are you doing with your magic?”

Adelle blushed, looking away: “I’m … making progress.”


She put her hands together and then opened them revealing that she held a black rubber ball. Holding it in her hands, she shrugged: “Getting somewhere.”

Tera smiled as she displayed her right hand and a red rubber ball appeared there.

The questioning look from the black-tail was met with Her Majesty’s reply: “You aren’t me, and I’m not you.”

Adelle didn’t know what to say, so Tera continued: “Magic is very specific to each of us. It lives within us in its own ways. Yours is black. Mind is red. I can do things you can’t and you can do things I cannot.”

The bluenette snorted at that: “Sure.”

Her mentor tilted her head to the left: “Have I ever not told you the truth?”

Tossing the black ball to Tera, Adelle walked around the room. As she did so, she noted the various things there, some magical, some sexual, some both and neither. She also noted the occasional white mark here and there in the room where things hadn’t quite gone so well. The memory of one particular spell that was clearly out of her league came when she looked at the wall she had been painting before Tera arrived, it needing to be patched up in the wake of the explosion that happened. “No. But you have been upset with me.”

Tera closed the gap between them: “What makes you think that?”

Adelle didn’t exactly look at her idol: “Oh, the look you have sometimes, the expression of frustration. It’s hard to miss, Tera.”

“I have that look because you have one real problem. You have so little confidence in what you can do that you are sabotaging yourself.”

“I’m not.”

Tera then started ticking off points on her fingers: “Picking spells you aren’t prepared for. Biggest problem you have. There’s a reason why the book starts with easy things and moves to harder ones.” Adelle’s expression was neutral, but she still wasn’t looking at Tera as she continued: “You didn’t start out teleporting from here to Earth or creating those amazing corsets of yours out of thin air. You started out by learning about being one of us, then who you are, then what you could do, one thing at a time.”

“I’m …”

“… in a rush. Yes, I know.”

Adelle looked straight at Tera now: “No, Tera, I’m not in a rush. I …”

And then the truth came to Adelle … the one single truth that she needed to admit: “I … just want to make you proud of me.”

The teacher reached out and tucked some of her student’s blue hair back into place: “I’m always proud of you. You’ve never disappointed me.”

Adelle wondered why Tera was so fixated on her hair being perfect when Tera’s own was always so messy and wild.

The Queen had that bemused smile of hers: “You aren’t me, and I’m not you.”

“You keep saying that.”

“It’s something you need to understand. It took me a long time to figure that out myself, for my own reasons.”

The red-tail placed the two rubber balls into the black-tail’s hands: “Be yourself, sweetheart. That’s the only thing that I’ve ever wanted. You can make as many messes as you want to. That’s the point.”

Adelle looked at the balls: “You aren’t me, and I’m not you.”

Tera smiled: “Exactly.”

“Okay, I’ll try.”

Teacher kissed student’s cheek: “All I can ask for.”

Student burst out laughing when she saw that teacher’s lips had been turned blue by the paint.

Touching her lips and seeing the paint on her fingers, Tera giggled: “At least it’s not my tail.”

Adelle wondered about that: “Oh? What happens?”

Tera’s answer was nebulous: “Try and see. But remember: you aren’t me, and I’m not you.”

Later that day, Adelle had found some rouge body paint and a brush. Her screams of self-pleasure could be heard from one side of the Realm to the other. Succubi tails are, after all, quite sensitive things.

The red seeped into her mind, her thoughts changing, shifting. In a moment of clarity, she understood why Tera’s tail was the fiery red it was. It was the red of love—fiery, passionate love; love without concern or hesitation; a complete and total giving of herself.

That realization was shattering to Adelle. It haunted her, deeply so.

Her thoughts returned to the present as she admitted something to Tera: “I … painted my tail.”

Tera arched an eyebrow: “Oh? Any particular colour?”

“Um … Red.”

Her Majesty had a knowing smile now: “Learn anything?”

The novice succubi smiled: “You aren’t me, and I’m not you.”

“That’s true. But I’ll let you in one a secret.”

Adelle perked up, looking at Tera intently: “Yes?”

“Red and Black are one in the same.”

Adelle nodded as she placed a rubber ball on the table: “Yes. They are.”

The ball was both black and red.

Lesson Four: The path to enlightenment is specific to every soul. No two paths are the same.
The path you take is the one you choose.

Tera can offer you love, hope, and understanding, but she cannot lead you there. The choice is, always, your own.

For Adelle, the path led to magic. Tera and the Realm opened the door, but this fiery, passionate, black-tailed succubi would be the one to make it her own.