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Holly and Ivy

Holly and Ivy
By TeraS


Christmas comes but once a year, but, in the case of one particular green-tail member of the succubi, it came about as often as she did. Being that she was a succubi, of course, that meant it did, at least for her, come—and cum—quite often.

Her name was Holly, and because she was a green tail, for one, and because she happened to love Christmas, for another, and most of all because her name happened to be rather tightly connected to that special time of the year, she was a little bit … odd.

It wasn’t that she happened to own a shop in the Realm that was Christmas-themed year ‘round. It wasn’t that she happened to like dressing up in red and white, either. No, what was rather odd about her was that she had tied a bit of holly and mistletoe to her tail and walked about with it dangling over her head … for obvious reasons, of course.

Or they were to Holly, at least.

For most of the year, the hint was missed by everyone she encountered. And that first year was difficult. It seemed that, when Christmas was not in the minds of others, they just forgot entirely the point of being under the mistletoe. When Holly was prancing about the Realm in the midst of Spring, dressed up such that she was a candy cane from her red and white heels to the striped thigh-high socks to the alternating colours of her just-that-side-of-cute dress, most didn’t quite understand why she was doing so.

Still, sometimes … just sometimes, mind you … the occasional visitor to the Realm would encounter Holly and ask her out, but they never really noticed the mistletoe for their desire. What usually happened thereafter was Holly wondering where her dress went the following morning and arriving to open her little shop of Christmas in her stocking feet, her mistletoe still attached to her tail. When summer arrived, Holly’s usual outfit was a pair of red stripper heels, a white bikini and a pair of red tinted glasses. The mistletoe was still there, but few really noticed it for the distraction of her curves. Holly found herself going through a lot of glasses and bikinis during the summer, but the mistletoe remained.

As much as Holly liked the summer, it was a time where her little shop was rather quiet, giving her time to plot and plan the coming Christmas season. She mused and mulled over the special gifts that she would have for sale, the little surprises that awaited those that happened to pick a gift from the “Grab Box,” as she called it. She considered and connived over where every tree needed to be in her store, how her helpers would be dressed up, and more.

But as for the mistletoe on the tail, she was to be the only one.

The fall came, the weather turning a bit cold, Halloween approaching, and with that Holly’s outfit changed again. The mistletoe was still there—perhaps a bit worn, but still it remained. As it was the time of Halloween, and in the Realm that meant a month, if not longer, of Halloween fun, Holly dressed up like an elf, ears and all. The red of her outfit not matching her tail as things happened to be, but still a hint of the season that she loved. Thing was, it was the ears they noticed, not the mistletoe, being that many thought that Holly was being an elf but not a Christmas elf. In spite of this, Holly kept having to replace her slippers and too-cute outfit almost every night. Still, while the mistletoe dangled, suggested, those that wanted Holly still didn’t want her for what she thought were the right reasons. And what was happening to her clothing?

The answer came on that particular Halloween night when, at exactly midnight, the moon was full over the Realm. As Holly returned to the apartment where she lived over her shop, looking for another elf suit, the moonbeam reflected into her special mirror—the special mirror every succubi owned—in just the right way. There, standing before our naked protagonist, was a red-tailed, green-haired version of herself, dressed in a somewhat tighter, lower-cut . . . oh, yes, and vinyl . . . version of the elf suit. A sprig of mistletoe was wrapped around her horns, entwined in her hair.

The green-tail gasped: “Are you . . . ?”

“Yes, sweet cheeks, I am Ivy, your tail-self. You get so focused on wanting our . . . encounters to get the mistletoe bit that you forget to enjoy them. And I am wearing the stuff 24-7-365; it just drives me wild. So I take over for you, and I just don’t worry too much about getting us dressed again.”

“But I don’t remember . . . “

“Um . . . yeah. Again, you are too wrapped up in what they don’t get, so you are missing a lot of passion and pleasure.” Ivy grinned as she glanced about. “But we have a few more minutes with the moonlight just right, so let me repay you.” As Holly let out a squeal, a red tail wrapped around her waist and pulled her close.

Squeals were supplanted by moans as Holly and Ivy indulged in a Christmas miracle enabled by a Halloween moon.

As the first snows of the season arrived in the Realm, Holly was still smiling contentedly. As her time of year arrived, the anticipation that had simmered in her for the last twelve months came to a boil. Of course, it being the time where one was to be naughty or nice, it was something that she pondered every year as the first flakes fell: Was she to be nice? Was she to be naughty?

The answer, she now knew, was to be both at the same time. What one would find would be the Mistress of Christmas holding court.

They would find her waiting for them with a smile. Her outfit wasn’t exactly Christmas-themed, however, for the Santa hats and fur were what her assistants would be wearing …other than their collars, of course.

Holly herself would be beckoning her clientele with an outstretched hand, a red-tipped fingernail suggesting they come closer. A bright red drape would surround her, the gleaming white dress hugging her curves reflecting the light of her store. Her red thigh-high boots were wrapped with white ribbons, a swirl of colour to draw every eye to her.

And, amidst all of this, her tail held a piece of mistletoe over her head in invitation. The glow of Holly’s love for this moment, the thrill she had in giving … and receiving … remade the mistletoe fresh and new, a bright beacon of green with a hint of red that demanded that one make a choice. And, if they didn’t know the legend, Holly trained them.

And so, if you happen to visit Holly over the holidays, you have two choices. You can kiss her, under the mistletoe, and she will treat you very nice. Or you can make her kiss you, and then she will be so very naughty to you.

Either way, that mistletoe will be there, for it isn’t odd: it simply is Holly and Ivy …