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Esculentus Caries

Far back in the past of the Tale, May 15th, 2009 to be exact, I had a thought about a story concept… It hasn’t gone anywhere as yet, but it is a thought to be held onto I think for the future…


Esculentus Caries

By TeraS



I have little doubt that those that know Latin will be able to translate that, but here’s where those words led me to….

Esculentus Caries was a rare flower that became extinct during the late 1800s. The flower was generally red in colour, had six petals, two of which at the top of the flower were black and the lowest pedal which points to the ground, also in black. The central stalk of the flower was green which ended at the hub of the flower, which was the same green in colour.

According to verbal history, the scent of the flower was similar to that of a woman in arousal, but this cannot be confirmed. The flower produced pollen in mass quantities, which would result in a field of these flowers in a short period of time. The flowers themselves did not live for longer than seven sunsets on average before dying out, also according to verbal history.

Myths of the flower indicate that the flower’s pollen and scent had an effect on women that came in contact with it. These myths range from uncontrollable sexual urges, to being extremely suggestable, to, and this is of course impossible, in rare instances, a complete physical and mental change to a mythical creature known as a Succubus.

Or is it?

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