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I know full well that my heart doesn’t particularly like having a fuss made on his birthday. As much as I love him and his Beloved, I just can’t allow this day to pass by without giving him something in return for all that he has done for me…

It might not be much, but it is for him and him alone…


By TeraS



One of the most important, though he would never admit to it, persons in the Realm is the one that Tera calls her Heart. The story of how he came to be known by that name is a story passed into legend and story…

…and stories are, after all, what the Realm is all about.

A long time ago, Tera was at a cross-roads. Now that’s not to say she was considering changing her views on life, love and happiness. Nor was she thinking about the wonders that her Eternal had, and still does, share with her.

No, Tera was trying to solve one important problem that her Realm didn’t quite have figured out within it. You see, all beings, every single one, need something to believe in. That’s not simply words, but a meaning to life and all that it beings.

And Tera, well she was trying to find the one person that could, quite clearly, understand that there was more to them than the horns and tail that everyone saw. But that also was never going to be enough by itself. No, what Tera understood was that the right person had to have the wisdom to know, the knowledge to share, and the will to trust.

For in the end, trust was the hardest thing to have.

The search took some time, and Tera didn’t mind that as she found herself meeting, minus horns and tail of course, those that believed in higher powers and more so had the faith and mind to accept that which was in front of them. But the thing was that not one of them could see past the woman that asked questions of them that challenged their beliefs and values to what was hidden beneath.

It was a damp fall afternoon when she came upon a small town and noticed something different about the people that lived there. It wasn’t that they were special. Not that they were powerful. Not even that they had gifts that others didn’t.

No what caught Tera’s attention was that in each and every one of them their souls burned a little brighter than many she had seen before. And it wasn’t a glow that was caused by powers above. It was the glow of enlightenment and understanding given by one of their own that lived among them.

She stayed in the town for a while, talking to those that would speak to her and answer her seemingly odd questions, and there were many of those. She learned that the people in the town credited their joy in the world to a man that believed himself to be no one special, but did more than any person in the town did for those in need, those wanting to talk, and most of all, those that wanted to believe.

Tera found that she wanted to meet this man and know of him and so she found herself standing in front of a small three story home sitting quietly near the outskirts of the town, just across from a quaint white church that she could see, quite clearly, had the same glow it in that all in the town shared.

She was very sure to not look out of place when she found herself at the door, every lock of hair in place, a modest red dress that wasn’t quite as sexy as she normally wore, but did manage to look flattering nonetheless. In her hands she held a small tin box as a gift to give and then knocked on the door softly.

The door opened to reveal a middle aged man. He looked like the sort of man that you’d like to have as your uncle: a kind face; eyes that held the glimmer of mirth and joy he carried with him; the stature of years of listening, understanding, seeing and helping; a life filled with the joy of doing good work wherever he was needed to be.

And at that moment, he seemed to know that this was were he was meant to be.

The first words spoken were his and, as Tera would tell, the ones that settled everything for her: “Hello Dear One.”

What was more right to her was her reply that received a warm smile in return from him: “Hello my Heart. I… I would like to talk with you if I might… I brought cookies if you’d like to share?”

They spent the afternoon talking about things. Not the questions that Tera had asked before, as it seemed to her that they were not needed. No the questions were ones that they both seemed to have interests in.

“What is a soul?”

“Why does it matter?”

“Why is it that so few can see the value in it?”

Tera shared her cookies and he shared his tea with her. When his Beloved arrived, the glow from her was as bright as that from his soul. She had the look of contentment that all those that had their soulmate with them showed. A smile as warm as his, joy in her eyes that never faded from view. More so the understanding that when the calling came for their good works, she would forever support him and she knew full well that he would never see her work alone. When the two of them were together and their love shared in mind, body and soul, Tera could see how it was that the strength of all in this town came to be.

And it did bring tears to her eyes.

When they saw Tera wiping away her tears, they both asked what was wrong, how they could help, and more. It was when they embraced her and she slipped allowing her horns to appear and for them to see her tail hugging them both that Tera thought for a moment that they would reject her as had been done many a time before.

But that didn’t happen.

The words that came were, and Tera should have known from the beginning: “Your light is bright Dear One and horns and all that comes with them can show who are Angels too.”

Tera asked them to trust her to show them her home, and they came with her to the Realm for the first time. On the first day of their arrival there, it was with open eyes, open hearts and most of all, understanding that although the Realm was a wondrous place, there was something important missing with Tera or her Eternal explaining it to them.

Two cornerstones of the building were laid. One by Tera and her Eternal, the other by her Heart and his Beloved. There was nothing else there that first day, it would take some time Tera had said to build what needed to be created.

But on the next morning, when they all passed by the spot, to return back to the Earth her Heart and his Beloved, they were all surprised to see what had come to be.

There are places of light that are, simply, a means to show devotion to a belief. Walls to protect from the elements, materials made to last for centuries and more, the purpose to mark the place to come, share, and be loved. What had been created was more than that. It was made of the belief of the four of them.

The belief in love, understanding, devotion and trust.

Save for the two stones that stood there, all else was made of light. Shimmering golden light that warmed those both within the golden walls, but also warmed the souls of all of those that lived in the Realm. It seemed right that a place of devotion to doing good should have that belief build it’s structure, walls, windows and more. There was not one stick of wood to support it, not one window to block the light within from the light without. It was large, this was true, but them the Realm had many within it and, truly, all were welcome within. And a place like this should, always, welcome all without hesitation.
Her heart was embarrassed of course, it was too much by far, but the place alone wasn’t the end of what Tera had shared.

Tera gave, to them both, one of the Books of the Realm.

There were but three of those Books, and as much as he did protest and try to return the gift, Tera just smiled and pointed at her horns before explaining, “You are part of us and we of you my heart… both of you mean the world to us and so this world should be yours as well.”

That book remains with Tera’s heart to this day, the pages telling stories and tales of the world that he, with her and those that believe, make each and every day of their lives.

Eventually they did return to the town of light and Tera left a gift there, in the town for eternity. She placed a single stone from the Realm in one place that her Heart and his Beloved told her was the right place for it to be. A spot where light would touch it and it would know the love of her Heart and his Beloved evermore. A precious few would come upon the marker in ages to come and it would be reset again and again in places of light in the world, but none would match that of this first, perfect place.

But the most important reason for it being there was for her Heart and his Beloved to have a means to visit the Realm whenever they wished for as long as they wished to and thankfully, and forever more, they did so and in doing that made the Realm the place of light that it was meant to be.

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