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On Valentine’s Day 2017 a little quirky story came to mind at the last moment. It may seem to be just something silly, but it also has a little bit of truth within it as well. Many times, once everything is properly heated, we can find what we need in …


By TeraS


Valentine’s Day is, as one might expect, one of the more celebrated days in the Realm, and, of course, it is a day that a certain red tail adores most of all. You might expect that to be Tera—and you’d be very right, of course. One of the things that she loves most about this particular day is going out to purchase something quite special from a very particular establishment in the Realm.

“I’d like the assorted pleasures, please.”

It’s something of a tradition, if you like, which offers a little insight to the Queen of the Realm and her nature. A little glimpse, perhaps, of something that she holds dearly every moment of the day. It is, quite simply, that the Queen happens to adore chocolate.

“Would you like to try a sample?”

The royal chocolatier’s shop is positioned along one of the more quiet avenues of the Realm. One would have to be aware of it and it’s legend or, perhaps, be directed there by someone that happened to appreciate the care, skill, and grace taken in creating the little bits of delicious delights found there.

“Hmmm … Should I?”

A quaint place, the front door protected by a red and white striped awning, the exterior cladding of deeply brown, one might say, almost chocolate-coloured wood, polished to a gleam that showed the pride of the soul that called this oasis of culinary perfection hers.

“You really should … to be … sure.”

It is a place where craft matters, where time taken to stir up a certain texture of chocolate is an art unto itself. These are not the sort of chocolates that one would devour. No, these are the sort of thing were each little morsel is a bit of wondrous ecstasy all its own; something to be delighted in and savoured before passing over one’s tongue.

“Is there something you’d suggest?”

At least that was how Belinda saw things. The bright blond, blue-eyed, purple-tail loved dipping a finger into a bowl of melted chocolate, watching the sinful delight drip off that finger back into the swirling velvety wantonness.

“I’d start with the kisses.”

She delighted in wrapping her lips around her finger, sucking the divine taste away until her finger gleamed like her pots and pans right after they’d had a really good polishing. It was, after all, important that things be well and truly clean after they’d been dirty.

“How many would you suggest?”

While her shop did offer a vast variety of tempting wonders, the most popular of her creations was one in which the purchaser of the chocolatey goods was involved in the creation of them. As such, when the confections were ready, they reflected something of the hands involved in their creation.

“mmmm … I think a baker’s dozen?”

There was a certain shiver that passed through Belinda when she could see how captivated her customer was by the treat that beckoned her or him onwards. The sparkle in one particular pair of so-green eyes was as sinfully delicious as the chocolate that happened to, on occasion, find itself coating more than just a finger.

“… oh … yes … that’s a … wonderful idea.”

While there were many different sorts of chocolate to be considered, the purple-tail’s favourite was a deeply rich and thick syrup that had all sorts of different uses. She sold this wonder in little specialty bottles, just the right size and shape for a hand to dangle temptingly—or a tail, if one was available, could hook itself onto the handle designed for allowing the perfect flow of ebony goodness to be released, to reach those more difficult places.

“Such a … delightful texture … mmmm?”

Watching the concoction flow from the spout, light catching the darkness as it fell through space until meeting the surface upon which it was destined to be deposited, was simply mesmerizing. The shimmer as it pooled in a depression, or slithered ever so slowly along a channel, or arced or found itself teasing over a pair of mounds was more than enough to illicit a moan of passion.

“It’s … oh FUCK … scrumptious.”

The sheer pleasure of a pair of ruby red lips sucking upon the mounds, licking the creamy goodness, took the confectioner’s breath away. Gasping in wonder, whimpering for the delight to be consumed and enjoyed brought goosebumps and shivers in response to the taste, smell, and wonder of the treat made to be enjoyed, yes, but desiring to be devoured as well.

“Simply … mmmmm … sinful …”

From the first lick, the centre of the treat weeped moisture—a creamy goodness surrounding a delicious cherry. The red delight within the core of the treat simmered within the mouth that enclosed it, tonguing the chocolate, burrowing towards the heart of the treat.

“Oh my … Gawd … PLEASE!”

The chocolate melted away, the little dribbles not licked clean, soon being scooped up by a lazy finger before being suckled upon. A hunger satisfied through the sweetness tasted, loved, and cherished it all. But, once a treat was tasted, the appetite for more was never quite satisfied.

“What … mmmmmmm … do you suggest as dessert?”

A hand reached out to the chocolates nearby … considering them … plucking another bit of temptation from the surrounding layers of sinful goodness. The creations of chocolate were displayed by the creator of them, placed to be enjoyed by the patron of the shop, however she wished them to be.

“Anything … please … anything at all …”

A little bon-bon of wonder, held in one hand, dark, rich chocolate with wisps of red in a certain way, of a certain colour, was a mouthwatering thing … but just a beginning.

“Yes … more … more … and … and … oh … GODDESS!”

Chocolate was, after all, merely the appetizer, on this day. Belinda was more than happy to be her Queen’s dessert in all of the ways she, and her chocolates, could be.